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tv   Up Front 2019 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2019 11:32am-12:02pm +03

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say their goal ultimately is to someday be able to reach the united states and achieve the american dream. but ended up out of. the one. movie saying what the longest war in u.s. history looks like on the frontline u.s. marines in afghanistan hope the documentary of battles against the taliban gives a more realistic view than hollywood since when we as bordeaux from new york. it's billed as the documentary the u.s. military did not want the public to see marines doing drugs making mistakes that's the road building. and potentially making new enemies while deployed in afghanistan you know the film combat obscura offers little in the way of commentary or big picture analysis but provides a rarely seen look at the more from the perspective of american troops on the ground i just hadn't seen. our war like reflected. as brutally honest
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as as i had experienced it miles lego's each shot the footage as a u.s. marine working in a public affairs unit and decided to turn it into a film after returning home to new york here he's found americans quick to praise the military. doing a great service for the country yet uninformed about the eighteen year long war on a killing not anyone's really thinking about it but honestly the gritty realism of the film is not in line with the more sanitized image of the military that most americans are used to seeing nor is it an image that the military wants to promote the marine corps has condemned the behavior on display telling al-jazeera it is not in line with their high standards while the marine corps and says that at least some of the footage is the property of the military but chose not to pursue legal action to halt its release after defenders of the u.s. constitution's first amendment got involved this is not just miles as own free
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speech rights but the rights of the public to get this unique perspective of what it was like to be a soldier on the ground in afghanistan. on the right that perspective includes attempts to save a fellow marine mortally wounded in combat his mother permitted the footage to be used in the film we do want to have an honest discussion about the war that doesn't you know hero worship and kind of sugarcoat the whole experience goes he estimates twenty fellow marines died during his eight month tour of duty. he himself was wounded warrior combat duty good after this there's no discussion of the tens of thousands of afghan civilians killed in the war but the filmmaker hopes to give american viewers a better understanding of what they and the u.s. military are up against kristen salumi al jazeera new york. but there are.
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something far more hip we'll have all favorite poets and it's the grammys boosting the popularity of perjury reading in london just coupled with explained well it's. lonely wanderers which. was wrapped up when open mike poetry night in trendy east london. is just this is this. is love is that. nowhere to be seen a tweed jacket or sheaf of paper that's tripped over she wished her well i carry her. yes but it's time to let go. so many poets not enough time to accommodate them all because i'm in a lot it's ok. to listen to many of the new fans have found poetry right here on their phones instagram poems designed to be read on a single screen canadian poet rupie cor has three point six million followers
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millennial is trying to make sense of a mixed up fast paced world one day they said she was old enough to learn some shame she found it came quite naturally but there was a kind of safety the body finds a place to hide the cost fans out against the skin much less that follows on coffins after they put the dead men imtiaz starkers poems are required reading part of the curriculum for any british teenager studying english literature. i think in this world today there is so much confusion so much noise from the world that poetry is needed more than ever and people are turning in to it more than ever for that kind of still point in an absolutely chaotic world writer ben also believes we seek meaning from poets as distrust grows for political leaders to turn to people who use language to speak to our hearts to speak to our souls to speak to
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a greater sense of of the possibilities of the world and of humanity. he was come peled to write a poem about the grand felt our fire. it was like a matchbox in the sky. it was black. and bound in the sky sometimes it takes an image to wake up a nation from its secret shame if you want to see how the poor die. see the time to let the world change and dream fly jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. forward talking about the new era in japan a little while ago and it's just the country's just revealed the name of its next era as a new emperor gets ready to ascend the throne that calligraphy means real well and that's a new era and it will begin on may the first day when crown prince noor of key to
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replaces and who is abdicating the current era is known as. the era name is still widely used in government and business documents and indeed around the country the announcement comes a month ahead of the switch to allow the governments businesses and other sectors time to adjust to the change. facebook's chief executive is calling for new rules to govern the internet and once governments to share responsibility in policing once we click on it a newspaper. says it's not for companies alone to define and monitor harmful content he's pushing for common the global framework to monitor privacy and day three as well as rules to stop the spread of hate speech facebook is facing a series of scandals including its failure to stop the live streaming of the new zealand mosque attacks in which fifty people were killed this month all right still ahead. pulled will be hit with action from the old rivalry between glasgow rangers
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and celtic.
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it's. al-jazeera where ever you. are as we struggle to the sport as pope. thank you very much formula one world champion lewis hamilton has won the bahrain grand prix for his first victory of the
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season and the second for his miss a day's team but it was a tale of misfortune for ferrari after a lot of early promise peter stamets reports. the bahrain grand prix would be a race both to remember and for good for ferrari's twenty one year old sean mclaren . to remember for his career is first position but which also saw victory slipping from his grasp. the man from monaco was aiming to become the youngest winner of an f one grand prix. the clear was on course to do just that with his ferrari teammate sebastian vettel in second. reigning world champion lewis hamilton big battle with basal first the pinhead overtaken one another earlier in the race before hamilton overtook battle for a second time resulting in the gym and spinning.
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later would lose his friend who as hamilton said he cites on leclaire ferrari's misfortune continued claire suffering engine problems and losing power with less than ten laps to go. hamilton profiting and taking the lead the person would not look back from there and went on to win the race it was a mercedes one too terry but ask came in second leg at a settle for. you know i'm sure is a devastating result for him obviously has he done the job to win the race so we were definitely lucky today but you have to take it as it comes and ultimately i still gave it everything in the race and i pushed as hard as i could we have been lucky in a very unlucky situation because. hopefully we had a safety car the end otherwise would have finished even more real than also i don't think with the fuel will have been ok so you. very hard one to take but thanks to the team for the amazing weekend and i'm pretty sure we'll come back stronger. to
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win makes it a win apiece from the opening two races of the season for them as eighty's drivers mixed up the chinese grand prix who want to be the one thousand troops in formula one. team just david al-jazeera. roger federer and not stop career title number one hundred one as he beats home favorite john isner in the miami open file the swiss was an imperious form as he became the first player this season to win more than one title on federal would go on to take it six one six four against the towering american he injured his foot late in the match this is federer's fourth victory in miami. the way he was moving was not well but at the same time you know i got to keep making him work hard i got to. keep doing my thing is i know the crowd is a bit of a letdown so i can let that affect my game and i did well at the end so i'm just really pleased and i hope of course for john i hope it's nothing serious into my
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hands gripping one of syria as champions league places was weakened as they lost time to latch on sunday surrogate milinkevich savage ghosted in at the back post to give the romans a one there when at the san siro it moves what to within three points of ac milan who walk by the fourth champions league spots and remain third ten points behind napoli. liverpool left it late against tottenham to scurry to one win and return to the top of the english premier league roberto for me no headed one hundred the reds the first half lead spurs levelled in the second half through lukas more than a ninetieth minute own goal from toby i'll divide old wanted for liverpool you're going to collapse men are two points out of manchester city in the standings but have played a game more here told the boys after the game the five hundred thousand probably different ways to win a football game for them today it was rather actually no problem if you take that without without a bit of luck you cannot be in the position we are and that's not possible the boys
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who work so hard to read they deserve a bit of luck again today and so i'm obviously very happy about brazil celtic have all but secured a eight straight scottish premiership title after defeating rangers in the old firm darby it was one one until just before full time in glasgow when james forrest secured and two one win for celtic against their city rivals put some thirteen points ahead of rangers in the standings us. david warner has continued his blistering form as he tries to earn a recall with australia for the cricket world cup warner is playing for sunrisers hyderabad after completing a year's ban for cheating in teammate jonny bairstow set a record for the highest opening stand in the indian premier league on sunday with a hundred eighty five runs as they beat royal challengers bangalore five time world champion mark marquez is off the mark for this season after taking victory in the argentine moto g.p. the twenty six year old finished second in the season opener in qatar but on this
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occasion there was no stopping the spaniard to lead the race from start to finish ahead of valentino rossi and hundred zero so. that's always support and i will have more later on. holdings very much that's it from a nightclub in the stars will be here with another hole for use in the government but. up to. the final century.
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also one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place worth two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in two hours we can get so on jurists in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly is where those two cultures north and south america beats us to teach you great it's a very important place for all to do it's a big stone wall bunch and when they're on line what tina's taught us is to be able to be concise being expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs triggering the trip or if you join us on say israel is an apartheid state engage in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join the colobus conversation. when the news
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breaks and the story below six million children in and outside syria have been affected by war when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told people are telling us that there's no medicine that they're not enough their engine al-jazeera has teams on the ground u.s. air power alone is not enough to bring in more will maintain documentaries and live news on air and online. a new caretaker government is named in algeria but protesters say it still doesn't go far enough. hello i know stasia ten s as al jazeera live from doha also come. a change of
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charges for the woman accused of poisoning and killing the half brother of north korea's leader. lifting restrictions israel agrees to expand a fishing zone in gaza as there are signs of an easing of tension with hamas. gains for takis opposition and local elections as it takes control of ankara but president iran's ruling party has the overall only. well algeria's president has named a caretaker government following six weeks of protests demanding his resignation media reports in algeria are now saying eighty two year old abdel aziz person is preparing to announce his resignation. reports the. if president abdelaziz bouteflika and his backers thought a government reshuffle would be enough to satisfy millions of algerians demanding
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political change these crowds were a first sign they've misjudged the mood of protest is. a statement from the president's office was read out on state television announcing a new can take the government it's the latest in a series of concessions by beautifully which have included a promise not to stand for a fifth term critics say it's another unsuccessful attempt to split the opposition and diffuse the protests to get to this point and then split up or turn around is not really a possibility at least not a possibility that i've been hearing about or seen no matter the differences you know no matter the different orientations of the people whatever the advocate for there the goal is still the same the only thing that we are night on at this point is that the system needs to go away the cabinet is headed by prime minister nuri dean badly who himself was appointed just three weeks ago. only six of twenty seven
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ministers from the outgoing cabinet have kept their jobs they include deputy defense minister and the chief of staff. on saturday he repeated his call for eighty two year old beautifully to be declared unfit for office and wound his opponents not to undermine the military. analysts say there's been confusion and incoherence among algeria's ruling elite about how to respond to the crisis it's pretty clear that the people on the street on don't want to replace tweedledee with tweedle dum they want a complete comprehensive radical transformation of algeria in politics away from authoritarianism and toward a real democracy and how they'll be able to obtain that you know remains to be seen what's clear is the cabinet reshuffle falls far short of what protesters have been demanding and could lead to even larger protests in the days and weeks to come. to
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be al jazeera. a woman originally accused of murdering the half brother of north korea's leader kim jong un has admitted to a lesser charge prosecutors in malaysia changed the count against. two causing hurt the enemies one was accused of poisoning to kuala lumpur airport two years ago earlier this month charges against a second suspect were dropped well al jazeera al-jazeera florence rejoins us now live from kuala lumpur florence what's likely to happen to a now. well she's treated not she's treated guilty to this lesser charge of voluntarily causing her this sent the crime carries a maximum penalty of ten years in prison financial penalty or whipping so what happened in court was she was led away in handcuffs before she was led away she thanked the vietnamese ambassador to malaysia she thanked the governments of malaysia and vietnam we understand that the vietnamese government has been making representation on her behalf and she was to thank her lawyers who have been
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appealing to the attorney general to either drop the charges or as we found out now to reduce the charge now what's going to happen now is the judge is going to decide on her sentence so she could very well be walking away free today now there's no minimum sentence for this crime and also if the judge passes a sentence of say two years while she's already been in custody in prison behind bars for two years the judge could very well decide that the time that she spent behind bars could be used to count for that sentence and she could very well be walking away free today florence this reduced charge do we know why the prosecutor's office. well the prosecutors told the court this morning that it was doing so because after the representation is made by the vietnamese government to the attorney general now this is very similar to what happened in the case of the other kohut choose the indonesian woman city ayesha who had the where prosecutors withdrew the murder charge against her last month this was after the vietnamese i
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beg your pardon the indonesian government has been appealing to the malaysian government on her behalf of protesting her innocence and this has happened now and in the case of dawn the whole although she's not getting away she they haven't really drawn the charges but they are offering her a reduced charge now there's also a sense that these women are just scapegoats and that is the crux of their defense that they didn't know was that they were taking part in a murder plot that they thought they were taking part in a prank for a reality t.v. show don p. hall now is the only suspect in custody but there are also four other north korean men who were charged with the same crime now these four korean men are nowhere to be found but malaysian police have identified them they have charged them but they left the country on the same day that kim jong il was murdered and there is a sense that these people are the real perpetrators of this crime al jazeera as florence you were there live for us in kuala lumpur thank you florence well israel
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has lifted its ban on fishing in gaza the decisions part of a cease fire deal mediated by egypt between israel and hamas it includes expanding the fishing zone to fifteen more school miles two main border crossings into gaza were also reopened on sunday following a weekend of mass protests along the fence dividing gaza and israel well let's go to mohammed who is in gaza for us mohammed the fishing zone was just reduced last october and presumably this is a reflection of those easing tensions why is the fishing industry in gaza such an important point of negotiation. when i first let me tell you what's happening where we are because they were already supposed to be gone now you see some of the fishermen here behind me they were already supposed to have gone out this morning but it's been raining heavily it's eased up a little bit right now but the weather has not been conducive for the fishermen to be able to go out in ridgely they want to go out yesterday when the restrictions
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were lifted they were not able to as well because of the weather so we're expecting that in the next couple of hours many of them will be able to finally go out and start fishing again now it's important here because it's really one of the only industries in which people can work fishing is extremely important you have approximately four thousand fishermen in gaza it's one of the only jobs that brings in money right now but it's very difficult for them because one of the problems is the fact that you only have this small zone where they can fish because of that there's overfishing so there's not as much of a variety of fish that they can catch right now it's high season for sardines that's one of the only fish really that they are are able to catch and sell here in the marketplace but it's vital in a place where there is such rampant unemployment to at least have one industry where people can make money in a place where there are so few jobs in which people can actually finally exist and support their families now one of the other problems they face is the fact that because there are all these restrictions israel calls them security issues but they are not able to get the equipment that they so desperately need things like
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fiberglass different types of metals that they need in order to outfit their boats they are not able to get the kind of cabling they need the kind of nets that they need in order to really help them thrive in this industry so it's a very complicated thing now as you mentioned the tensions have really ease in the past few days part of the reason for that is because on saturday it was the anniversary of the first year anniversary rather of the great march of return protests and that they went off being a lot less chaotic than people feared it might be in fact it was so calm relatively by standards that have been said over the past year that the spokesman for the israeli army actually issued a very rare statement and. she praised amounts for showing restraint that day for trying to calm things down so right now we're in a kind of pattern where because there are still these egyptian mediated talks between hamas other palestinian factions in israel that seem to be going on a positive track now you see the fishing zone expanded once more the restrictions lifted and the fisherman's union that we've been speaking with they are hopeful
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that finally today the fishermen will be able to get out again on their boats start catching fish and hopefully bringing in a little bit more money to people families here in gaza massage and monitor what kind of reaction are we seeing on the ground to this broad easing of tensions that . well i can tell you that there's really been a growing sense of cautious optimism here in gaza look just several days ago i mean last week you had really an explosion of tensions between israel and gaza and in the past several days you had many people here we spoke with that were extremely extremely worried that gaza could be on the verge of another all out war with israel and everybody we spoke with here on the ground the last thing they wanted to see was an escalation of tensions the last thing they wanted to deal with was another war with israel so they were really really worried you had that you have the prospect of israeli elections which makes them worry about what's going to happen next but then also you had as i mentioned the anniversary the first year
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anniversary of the great march of return and people were really concerned that because there has been so much violence on some of those days in the past year when those protests have gone off people were very very concerned it was going to be extremely bloody it was going to be extremely violent and it might cause another uptick in violence another escalation of tensions between gaza and israel but because this egyptian delegation had been on the ground here in gaza several days the last few days and because they had been talking with both israel and with the different factions here in gaza that really gave a sense to people here that maybe there was a real effort by all sides involved in this to try to deescalate the situation and so far it seems that's really paid off so today it's relatively calm you know yesterday you did have two rockets that were launched in the afternoon from gaza toward israel they did not get into israel they landed here in gaza there were no injuries there are flare ups but it has been a lot more calm than people feared it might be the past several days. john james on the ground for us in gaza thank you. well turkey's local elections have seen the
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opposition make major gains at the expense of president. and the ruling ak party the vote has been widely seen as a referendum on their near two decade dominance of turkish politics the opposition has won control of the capital ankara meanwhile in istanbul it's still a tight race that still considered too close to call sin and costello has more from ankara. since coming to power seventeen years ago presenter egypt. has won every single ballots contested but sunday's vote wasn't all good news for the ruling party it lost the mayor ship in the capital longer are assigned dr chee months made by air drawn in the past no longer outweigh the misgivings some terms have about him and his party today however uncertain as to remains over istanbul the city where dawn began his political career as its mayor with the majority of
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the votes in the result appears to be too close to call but both candidates have already declared victory. as. i said loud and clear i know we won however i cannot announced it is because of my conscious my sense of ethics my political stance and my understanding of statement. in istanbul is completed with more than thirty one thousand ballot boxes counted according to our official results according to these results we won the election in istanbul. over although it was the fourteenth time air donahue's elyse contested a nationwide poor and. the kurdish d p that supported the opposition candidates in the western cities preserve this position in turkey's southeast going head to head with their party. turkey has a history of how voter turnout and even though there have been seven the elections and five.


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