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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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you transition but i have to say the crisis has hit a tipping point what would expect seeing major decide this issue has to be made in the coming days because the impasse cannot further continue alright tasm how about a thank you a woman accused of murdering the half brother of north korea's leader will be freed from a malaysian prison next month after dawn admitted a lesser charge of causing her thoughts she was sentenced to three years and four months but will be released soon do said time already served the vietnamese woman was accuse a poisoning can dynamic at an airport in kuala lumpur two years ago her lawyer says she should never have been charged. me to get an earlier one we told the court that . one was both naive and gullible. mr y. and mr no money exploited he's been in the service and many would many believe that . before you even just going under the game of lots of green funny videos and redirects florence louie has an update from kuala lumpur.
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then in hearing of her sentence said she was very happy and that she thought it was a very fair sentence she's always maintained her innocence and her lawyers have been saying that it would be unfair to keep her as the only person on trial for this crime especially when her kohak used to have been in the dock with her until last month has been released now and prosecutors told the court that they were offering a lesser charge after receiving a representation from the vietnamese embassy and lawyer is this all sounds very similar to what happened with the indonesian woman accused of the same crime city ayesha in that case prosecutors withdrew the charges against her and she was released last month of course this brings into question whether or not that is political and foreign interference in the decisions made by malaysian authorities but there's also in the sense among many people amongst many people that justice has been done because many people believe that the right people have not been put
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on trial donkey form and city. essentially have the same defense that they were mere scapegoats that they did not know they were taking part in a murder plot that they just thought they were playing harmless pranks for a reality t.v. show the malaysian government has not directly accused north korea of involvement in kim jong un's killing but the indonesian government in a letter it had written to the malaysian authorities pleading for city release had said they believed that city had been used as a tool by north korean intelligence now they're also for the north korean men who have also been charged for the same crime but they are not in police custody having fled the country just hours after kim jong un was killed and many people believe that these are the real masterminds of kim jong nam summit as rescuers are struggling to reach villages in the paul cut off by a severe thunderstorm least twenty five people were killed but that number is expected to rise as emergency workers reach the remote districts of daraa and
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parcel buildings collapsed a bus was blown off the road and cars overturned in the storm helicopters are expected to join the recovery operation once the weather improves. at least twenty four firefighters have died while battling a forest fire in the western mountains of china the blaze broke out in mouli a tibetan autonomous county southwest of china's sichuan province contact was lost with the team on sunday after it was deployed to douse the flames hundreds of people are still working to contain the fire. still ahead on al-jazeera the fake president will now face the real president and a runoff in ukraine. japan's new hero will explain the new name marking a turning point in imperial history.
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hello again and welcome back asia the increase of moisture and rain is on the way and we're seeing that here across parts of the philippines into vietnam cambodia laos as well over the next few days you can see those heavy showers start to make their way in for thailand for particular bangkok we do expect to see here on tuesday a rainy day few attempts of thirty three rains me east slightly as we go towards wednesday but it's not going to be that significant down towards the south singapore a rainy day for you as well with the temperature of thirty degrees there well across parts of australia things have been quite nice now that that funnel boundary is out of the way we're still go a little bit cooler down here across much of the southeast we do have that area of high pressure it's getting the winds calm down as well so tempers are coming up from melbourne at twenty four adelaide at twenty seven over here towards perth though quite warm as well we're going to see that front about to come to stall over you attempt to there twenty seven and that's going to come up to about twenty nine or maybe even thirty degrees by the time we get towards wednesday alice springs
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though it's going to be a nice clear day for you with a temperature of twenty nine degrees and for the north and south island finally some better weather a few we do have that front that starting to make its way across the north island and by the time we get to wednesday it's going to be much better with no rain in the forecast in christchurch can receive a partly cloudy day with a temperature of fifteen. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. provided glimpse into someone else's world. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers and the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove. witness on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera turkey's opposition has caused major upsets and local elections president tried to avert a once ruling party lost control of the capital ankara for the first time on the election boards as the opposition is also ahead in istanbul protesters have been back on the streets of algeria capital hours after a caretaker government was named local media is reporting that eighty two year old president. is preparing to quit it's. a woman accused of murdering the half brother of north korea's leader will be freed from a malaysian prison next month to auntie huang was sentenced for a lesser charge of causing perth's but she'll be released soon for time served. and
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the early results from ukraine show a comedian has won the first round of the presidential election volodymyr is alinsky says it's a major step towards victory but his numbers are far short for an absolute majority so he'll now face the current president petro poroshenko in a runoff vote on april the twenty first jonah hall has more from kiev. election night at the zelinsky campaign headquarters it's a has a lot of fair a long way from the stuffy formality of the more established parties which is little surprise a load of beers in the near certain winner of the first round of ukraine's presidential election is a comedian turned actor whose only experience of politics is playing the part of president in a popular television series he may soon be playing the part for real that's. great . legs and always a. new life begins a normal life life without the corruption without bribes without anything like this
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life in a new country a country have much of. dylan's he will go into the second round runoff in april against incumbent president the confectionery business owner petro poroshenko who seems to have lost public trust over his broken promises to end the separatist war in the east and wipe away the stain of official corruption he says because you know thank you for not caring very good for the soviet union you know for our fire unfair fight so it was for ukraine the chocolate billionaire versus the comedy king russia will be watching the second round closely as will the european union ukraine is stuck in the middle geographically divided by conflict its economy in the doldrums and anticorruption reforms failing to take hold neither candidate has ready answers. back at h.q. and this man former finance minister alexander downer look could provide the
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experience the candidate lacks something like an act of blind faith though isn't it to support a man with no political background experience whatsoever why should people do. well that's a good question right or just maybe because they trust him more than the alternatives that's it. and they. all line. really bluntly actually saying that we don't want. a continuation of korean forces you know with what we don't want people who don't trust running the country so this is the chinese new look politics in ukraine and younger voters in particular will surely love many hard to like the five of them is an excuse promised to train for everything even if he's so far made only the very few suggestions about how he plans to do that will have to change fosters voters' minds become more focused in the second round turn a whole al-jazeera of israel has lifted its ban on palestinians fishing off the
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coast of gaza the this is a part of a cease fire deal between israel and hamas the agreement which was mediated by egypt includes expanding the fishing zone along the mediterranean coast israel reopened two main crossings on sunday following a weekend of palestinian protests on the border and japan has announced the name of its next imperial era ready ray translates as order or all specialise wah-wah means peace or harmony it begins in a month when the new emperor takes the throw. kanade on iraq this railway contains the meaning that culture is born and nurtured as the people here to flee care about each other or knew my commitment to pioneer a new era that will be filled with hope for the selection of a new era name i sincerely hope this new era will be widely accepted by people of japan and deeply rooted in japanese people's lives hosken these as a nonresident fellow at the instances of contemporary age and studies that japan's
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temple university has told us more about how the decision is made and what it means it's actually quite a lengthy detailed process with quite a lot of significance in the name itself the prime minister has indicated if you can give a loose translation for what radio would mean that people's hearts coming together in a beautiful way which will give rise to a nurture culture which i think after all is quite a fitting. descriptive of what is happening today in the conservative era of russians object and need liberal democratic party were approaching now the seventy seventh month. tenure as prime minister and what's quite ironic is that he's been averaging about fifty percent approval rating by the japanese voters which is highly unusual on top of that one has to take him to act is conservatism and his ability to hold onto power.
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it's quite a contrast actually from the past thirty years which was rather a bumpy ride forward to last decades a declining stock market declining real estate prices and political uncertainty all of which seems to have turned around in the past few years new zealand's prime minister is may making her first official visit to china where she's expected to tackle some sensitive issues just in the ardor. government rejected a bid by chinese company y. way to install new zealand's five g. network while way was turned down on national security grounds follow the lead of the u.s. and its western allies but china is new zealand's biggest trading partner so the prime minister has a fine line to treads. on the bus has caught fire in peru killing at least twenty people and injuring others the inferno started at a bus stop which drivers are banned from using because it's next to an illegal fuel
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store emergency services are blaming an engine electrical fault for the blaze near the capital. venezuela's president nicolas maduro has announced a month long electricity rationing plan while the nationwide power cuts continue the announcements was greeted by demonstrations against the regular power cuts protesters say the widespread electricity blackouts are making their lives even worse on top of food and medicine shortages and hyper inflation experts say the national electrical grid is poorly maintained and needs investments are latin america added to the sewer newman the latest from caracas. as you can see much of caracas is in darkness at this hour president nicolas maduro in a pre-taped address told the news whalen's that the country had again been attacked by what he called saboteurs in an electromagnetic attack he called it on friday and on saturday making it impossible for authorities to try to normalize the supply of
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electricity throughout the country he again did not provide any evidence of these attacks but he did say that they will be a thirty day period at least of power rationing to try to normalize the electrical grid good throughout the country and he also said that public services would only work until two pm every day schools will also continue to be closed one of the worst things about all this of course is that people don't have water you need to have electricity to make water pumps work as well people are getting desperate and this has led to a lot of protests certainly here in the capital on sunday people came out in the afternoon they were shot at by some pro-government supporters called police these people were injured but then later in the night all over in many parts at least of the capital people in our under the streets again blocking roads burning tires putting up different barricades and banging on pots and pans demanding water and electricity so there is growing concern that this is going to raise not just the
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level of tension but of violence here in venezuela president maduro is in fact calling on his supporters to take to every single street in the country to quote ensure the peace while the opposition is now calling for venezuelans to go out and protest all over the country starting on monday reaching be united states is the dream of thousands of migrants and mexico they've walked all the way from el salvador honduras and guatemala to the u.s. border there scraping together a living while u.s. immigration agents decide whether they'll be allowed in as many reports from toronto. on the border with california for sure at a boarding house and the one in mexico twenty nine year old son is starting his day he pays about twenty dollars a week for this modest space but it beats staying at one of the several migrant shelters scattered around town. arrived at the us mexico border with the migrant
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caravan that left honduras four months ago. today santo who works as a dishwasher at a popular seafood restaurant near downtown want to. establish now i have a job where i'm happy the truth is i'm glad to be working and things have been going well for me. cynthia who says he has no intention of returning to honduras and plans to stay in mexico at least for the time being it is better but not all central american migrants have the same luck in finding work or a place to live in the city after more than a year in mexico and in good good it is also from honduras says she's no longer trying to cross into the united states. we followed her and her daughter julie around a neighborhood into one of where they're looking for a place to live she's asked us to hide her face out of fear of the same criminal group that drove them from their home might recognize her. i want to be
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stable and i don't want to keep stay in the shelters here and even if it's just so i want to be on my own with my daughter into tells us she's had a hard time settling into life in mexico so we. might be a lot of this a local social worker says that people from central america like ingrid and her daughter face many challenges like discrimination for renters. and i i was even talking right now with. her and she was saying if it's really being hard for us here and if we don't find a house. we're going to feel the pressure just to try and cross the border and maybe we will have more. on the other side. after searching still no luck finding an apartment for rent and julie will have to keep looking another day it's difficult to know how many central american migrants have made you want to their permanent home but the city is still a place where many could find work and the type of stability they may not have had
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in their home countries even if that means barely scraping by. but even those who have found steady jobs like sent the i one through news see their goal ultimately is to someday be able to reach the united states and achieve the american dream. even the one in. india that intelligence gathering satellite into orbit the satellite lifted off along with twenty eight smaller ones from. launch sites critics say india is developing technology is another step towards the militarization of space. headlines on al-jazeera this hour turkey's opposition has caused major upsets in local elections the election board says the opposition is ahead in istanbul president. ruling ak party has also lost control of the capital ankara for the
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first time. today is a big day when justice was served one could have won we deserved what we don't with the legitimate votes of unquote of people but wouldn't. the loser today is shaky the uk party candidate protesters have returned to the streets of algeria as capital hours after a caretaker government was named local media is reporting that eighty two year old president thought that ozzy's beautifully preparing to quit protesters want the entire political elite to go. a woman accused of murdering the half brother of north korea's leader will be freed from a malaysian prison next month. sentence for a lesser charge of causing hurts but she'll be released soon for time served. rescuers are struggling to reach villages in nepal cut off by a severe thunderstorm at least twenty five people were killed but that number is expected to rise as emergency workers reach the remote districts of bar and parse
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up buildings collapse a bus was blown off the road and cars overturned in the storm helicopters are expected to join the recovery operation once the weather improves at least twenty four firefighters have died while battling a forest fire in the western mountains of china the blaze broke out a movie a tibetan autonomous county in china sichuan province contact was lost with the team on sunday after it was deployed to douse the flames. early results from ukraine show a comedian has won the first round of the presidential election well on the lewinsky says it's a major step toward victory but his numbers are far short of an absolute majority can now face the current president petro poroshenko in a runoff vote on april the twenty first. and japan has announced the name of its next imperial era. ray translates as order auspices wait wa means peace or harmony prime minister says it represents a commitment to a new era filled with hope and a begins next month in
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a month that is when the new emperor takes the throne those are the headlines on al-jazeera witness is coming up next they with us. on counting the cost we look at what's holding indonesia back from becoming a two trillion dollar economy as the world's biggest democracy gets ready to vote will ask financing politics in india and mexico's government is axing social programs for the country's poorest literally white counting the cost but i'll just see or.
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but deep divisions still exist between the haves and the have nots country where smartphones have become a part of everyday life technology help bridge the gap. the series that challenges develop. travels to. and meets the young people tasked with making a difference. on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. you're watching the news hour on live from a headquarters and. coming up in the next sixty minutes an unprecedented test for turkey's president to his party suffers local election defeats in the capital and
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could get lose its biggest prize algeria announces a cabinet reshuffle but it doesn't satisfy protesters who promptly return to the streets mali's government warns of danger if the u.n. scales back its peacekeeping force in the country and in sports roger federer has moved a step closer to winning the most career in history secured number one hundred one in miami to move within eight. hello turkeys election boards as the opposition is in the lead in istanbul's may orel race an account that's been described as too close to call so losing turkey's largest city would be a significant blow to president regift ruling ak party which was beaten and most of
6:50 pm
the ten largest cities the opposition won and ankara for the first time as well as the coastal city of is mere while erdogan wasn't on the ballot the vote was widely seen as a referendum on the act party's dominance for nearly two decades erdogan has already admitted his party has lost the hearts of some parts of the country we have two correspondents covering the story said in kosovo glu is live for us in ankara first we'll cross over to jamal's in istanbul for an update from there jamal and of course istanbul hugely significant so how is the contest there shaping up. well extremely close as you mentioned the difference between the c.h.p. the main opposition parties candidates and the ag party is roughly just over twenty thousand votes there are a number of ballot boxes that haven't been opened that will be recounted in the next couple of days but it would appear most likely that the party has indeed lost
6:51 pm
its stumble not only because it's of the current leader that the opposition holds but if you look at the way in which the parties themselves and main officials have been speaking it is more of the. tone that is one conceding. certain losses obviously the significance as you mention istanbul hugely important because of its size twenty percent of the turkish population lives here the largest city on a grander scale on the political spectrum it is extremely important from a personal perspective from the act party's point of view it is very important that controlled this since one thousand nine hundred ninety four it is the first major position held by. the one which helped him launch his career nationally it has a lot of importance there so losing gets is going to be a significant blow but it's important to differentiate here there in between the mayor ship or the city on the council of the city so the stumble council is still
6:52 pm
dominated by the party in the sense that they have won the most number of seats in the council and similarly that is the case in ankara and other cities as well but it is the mayoral position that directly elected position there that appears to have lost the normal that isn't as important as controlling the councils in terms of decision making how the political process works it is extremely important in terms of the symbolism that represents in terms of losing the faith of certain sections of the electorate and that is a huge wake up call an alarm bell to the president and his party have been in power . for so long but i've struggled to deal with the real issues over the past couple of years the top of which has been the economic problems that the country has been facing ok jim owsley out with an update from istanbul thank you will not cross over to n. korea bring in c.n.n. kosovo glue she's joining us from there so as we're saying the opposition has now declared victory in ankara the capital how significant is that and is that a major setback for the ruling party. well there are
6:53 pm
in of course ankara and istanbul were two main targets for both the ruling party and its ally also the opposition bloc the nation's bloc the poll suggests that party candidate would probably lose in in the turkish capital because the opposition candidate already ran for the elections before and there was a controversy over his results and he was taken in his votes were taken back so and the anchor i can date for the ruling party was not that much welcomed even among our party members either of course. since uncle roy is the capitol it is very important it is one of the biggest cities it is not as big as a stumble and it is not such a commercial and business center opening to the world but it's the heart of
6:54 pm
diplomacy it's the core of the politics and turkey and presence add on seem to have accepted the result in ankara because the polls as i said were also suggesting this result even the margin between the two candidates were almost it's almost similar to what has been suggested by the polls before but of course and this is a disappointment for the ruling party because the heart of the politics is here all the ministries are here even though even though ankara i'm going to spell it is not that big game doesn't have that big importance as a stumble or of course it is important but here we see that the rule is the voters turkish waters have given a message to the ruling party over all across turkey the ruling party maintains that success maintains that stability except from the big city is the stumble on korea and is where you have the most educated people where you have the business
6:55 pm
where you have. to presume. but yesterday after the election after the midnight prisms flight from istanbul where he usually votes to the capital ankara and he delivered a balk on a speech that was planned a few days before. and different to the previous experiences he didn't have anyone with the makes up from his wife so it seems president's recent received what the voters were trying to tell him and his party especially about the economy set in kosovo clear with an update from ankara thank you now there's been a recent fall of the cabinets in algeria so it's an attempt by the government to satisfy protesters who are demanding political change in the country and local media are reporting president of the laws these beautifully could resign sometime this week the new caretaker cabinet is headed by prime minister nuri we who himself was appointed just three weeks ago only six of twenty seven ministers from the
6:56 pm
outgoing cabinet have kept their jobs they include the deputy defense minister and army chief of staff there who's calling for a beautifully to be declared unfit for office but just after the new cabinet was announced take a look. back on the streets again saying they want a complete and radical change of algerian politics not just a reshuffle but speak to. following developments for us from tunis so clearly the protesters are having their say on the streets hashim but was this. cabinet reshuffle pardon me an attempt by the ruling elite to appease the protesters and make some concessions. it is definitely part of the tug of war between the military establishment and with the political elite of the entourage of president of the article was a last ditch town by his entourage to offer some concessions to the people back
6:57 pm
with the protesters saying that this is just an attempt to buy time and we've seen many reactions from the opposition one of the local media should just at. this saying that they believe according to their sources that president is going to resign in the next hours. the presidential council is going to meet as we speak to trigger article one too but we have to wait for an official confirmation from the from the authorities. it's quite obvious that you have two camps here. general. the chief of the army pushing for the article to be triggered and on the one on the other hand you have asserted the most powerful man now in an area of the top advisers of president. trying to resist any push by the army to remove his brother and hashim if with
6:58 pm
a flicker does end up stepping down in a few hours as these reports seem to indicate. what does that mean then for the crisis in algeria so there are two things here two possible scenarios first scenario president issuing a statement saying that resigning. this would pave the way for for a replacement he doesn't say that i'm not resigning sticking to the army will ask the constitutional council to trigger article one hundred two which would pave the way for the senate president. to take over as an interim president the only problem with both scenarios is that people have been saying we don't want any replacement that comes from within the ruling elite that has governed for the last twenty years because they are accused of widely seen as responsible for the massive embezzlement
6:59 pm
of public funds inefficiency and also. for the collapse of the economy of ours you know they want someone new someone a new face the house the trust of the algerians someone who can leave the country for the transition never think what is happening as we speak with this power struggle in a jury or is that the army along with the opposition and many parties are trying to look for a third scenario which is possibly a consensus about a new figure who would lead algeria for the transition and then and a national assembly that would take over draft a new constitution and call for presidential and parliamentary election and i think the bottom line is the army is concerned about anything that would create a power vacuum of this is why they believe that the best and safest bet would be to trigger article one and two because it automatically means that i will have the president of the upper chamber in the parliament will take over for a period of ninety days and then after that we'll see new parliamentary and
7:00 pm
presidential elections ok hashim had better thank you. israel has lifted its ban on palestinians fishing off the coast of gaza this isn't part of a cease fire deal between israel and hamas the agreement which is mediated by egypt includes expanding the fishing zone along the mediterranean coast israel reopen two main crossings on sunday following a weekend of palestinian protests on the border. has more from gaza this was supposed to be a day that would bring a renewed sense of optimism to fishermen here in gaza instead it's been disappointing that's because of the weather it's been raining heavily it's very cloudy it's windy now this was supposed to bring a new sense of hope to gaza fishermen today because today for the first time in years gaza fishermen will be allowed to in some parts of the gaza coast go up to fifteen.


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