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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 13  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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as you can see much of caracas is in darkness at this hour president nicolas maduro in a pre-taped address told the news whalen's that the country had again been attacked by what he called saboteurs an electromagnetic attack he called it on friday and on saturday making it impossible for authorities to try to normalize the supply of electricity throughout the country he again did not provide any evidence of these attacks but he did say that they will be a thirty day period at least of power rationing to try to normalize the electrical grid good throughout the country and he also said that public services would only work until two pm every day schools will also continue to be closed one of the worst things about all this of course is that people don't have water you need to have electricity to make water pumps work as well people are getting desperate and this has led to a lot of protests certainly here in the capital on sunday people came out in the afternoon they were shot at by some pro-government supporters called police these
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people were injured but then later in the night all over in many parts at least of the capital people went out onto the streets again blocking roads burning tires putting up different barricades and banging on pots and pans demanding water and electricity so there is growing concern that this is going to raise not just the level of tension but of violence here in venezuela president maduro is in fact calling on his supporters to take to every single street in the country to quote ensure the peace while the opposition is now calling for venezuelans to go out and protest all over the country starting on monday for their political and economic turmoil has forced more than three million venezuelans to look for a better life abroad and for some it's been their final journey. reports in the colombian city of where one woman is ensuring the dead are given a proper burial. sagna been moved this is bearing the body of. who fled venezuela
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but passed away just days after arriving in colombia. she's a retired forensic doctor with a lifelong mission caring for the destitute dead in the area of northern colombia saving them from a communal grave. i think this is god's purpose for my life we're all the same when we die and we all deserve a decent burial. granddaughter says they had left venice search of medicine to treat her grandmother's diabetes the drugs she needed have become hard to find at home they didn't have money to pay for a place to sleep let alone foot the five hundred dollars bill needed once the worst happened but i came out when. i was just hoping my grandmother could live a few more years but it didn't work out that way. sonia started bearing people illegally two decades ago in this unused plot owned by the city in two thousand and
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seven she convinced the tory to recognise it as an official cemetery called people like us for many years most of the bodies sonya recovered were victims of colombia's fifty year long internal civil conflict but that has changed since two thousand and seventeen since then practically all the people barrie is here have been poor venezuelan migrants. given the hardship they suffer more and more arrive looking for a better life many are sick when they get here i just help them when they're gone sonja does most of the work on her own paying out of her own pocket and goes from town to town in a pickup truck wherever there's a body to recover. other times relatives bring the caskets to the cemetery like me. whose son didn't survive childbirth. in which a look at the standard i'm very grateful to give you for. i don't know what we
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would have done without her then. says she needs help with their mission but she will continue regardless so when it only used with this humanitarian crisis underway i feel great satisfaction being able to help it brings me inner peace sometimes we forget that human beings are happier giving than receiving whatever the cost and what she gives is a lasting memory of those who died in some peace of mind for those who are left behind. japan has announced the name of its next imperial era. right translates as order or are suspicious wah-wah means peace or harmony begins in a month when the new emperor takes the throw. contains the meaning that culture is born and nurtured as the people flee care about each other or knew my commitment to pioneer a new era that will be filled with hope with the selection of a new era name i sincerely hope this new era will be widely accepted by people of
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japan and deeply rooted in japanese people's lives. while the name is chosen by the prime minister and his cabinet has great symbolic importance and reflecting aspirations for the years ahead current emperor akihito as rain is in the case a arrow which began in one nine hundred eighty nine and the name means achieving peace a clear separation from the previous era that included world war two he set to step down later this month and the previous reign or in lightened harmony was chosen at a time of rising japanese power and influence on the global stage crown prince naruhito will take the throne on may first which will mark the beginning of the new era. hostilities is a fellow of japan's temple university and he told us more about how the decision is made and what it means. it's actually quite a lengthy detailed process with quite a lot of significance in the name itself the prime minister has indicated if you
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can give a loose translation for what ray would mean that people's hearts coming together in a beautiful way which will give rise to a nurture culture which i think after all is quite a fitting. descriptive of what is happening today in the conservative era. and a liberal democratic party were approaching now the seventy seventh month. tenure as prime minister and what's quite ironic is that he's been averaging about fifty percent approval rating by the japanese voters which is highly unusual on top of that one has to take him to act is conservatism and his ability to hold onto power. it's quite a contrast actually from the past thirty years which was rather a bumpy ride for two last decades
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a declining stock market declining real estate prices and political uncertainty all of which seems to have turned around in the past few years still has in the sports there is another horse dies at santa anita just days after the race track is reopened and we'll have the details coming up.
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following on top of the sports news here's andy thank you so much starring on roger federer has moved a step closer to winning the most career titles in history he picks up number one i
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want in miami to move within an ace of the all time record held by jimmy connors thirty seven year old federer of been seen defending champion john isner in straight sets dropped just five games in the final two decades on from his first appearance i think i this is better for was tougher when that's. what sort of a stretch has been played here in ninety nine the very first time and i'm back here in two thousand and nineteen so yeah it's been a scene of transformation to. some unbelievable matches at this event. the wild card back in the day as well so i just told james baker term director and a friend of mine so happy i came here because it was a really worthwhile well ferrari's charles came within a few laps of claiming his first formula one victory the twenty one year old appeared set for a win in bahrain and still an engine problem intervened finding world champion lewis hamilton was the drive it's
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a benefit to stem it reports. the bahrain grand prix would be a race both to remember and forget ferrari's twenty one year old showing the class . to remember for his career his first pole position but which also saw victory slipping from his grass. the man from monaco was aiming to become the youngest winner of an f one grand prix. the clear was on course to do just that with these ferrari teammate sebastian vettel in second. reigning world champion lewis hamilton big battle with basal first the pay had overtaken one another early in the race before hamilton overtook battle for a second time resulting in the gym and spinning. oh. i. later would lose his friend who as hamilton said he cites on leclaire ferrari's misfortune continued. suffering engine
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problems and losing power with less than ten laps to go. hamilton profiting and taking the lead the person would not look back from day and went on to win the race it was a miss eighties one too terry botta ass came in second like len had to settle for the. you know i'm sure is a devastating result for him of sick as he had done the job to win the race so we were definitely lucky today but you have to take it as it comes and ultimately i still gave it everything in the race and i pushed as hard as i could we have been lucky in a very unlucky situation because. hopefully we had the safety car the end otherwise would have finished even more real than also i don't think with the fuel will have been ok so yeah very hard one to take but thanks to the team for the amazing car we can and i'm pretty sure we'll come back stronger i am going to win makes it a win a piece from the opening two races of the season for them a sadie's drive is next up the chinese grand prix who want to be the one thousand
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breaks in formula one. the distended al-jazeera crossing of won the auction on football league title for the first time in five years a one one draw at sega for the one of those things the key for the celebrations to begin for us in securing the super bowl the trophy with a game to spare is the eighteenth league title in the club's history. slots a neighborhood of which was a major goal scoring for the l.a. galaxy on his return from injury a thirty seven year old having played since the start of my weight loss with that overhead kick him a scam against. the sleaze striker did then go on to score a couple handed season to see one way the galaxy sit fifth in the western conference. on a free kick. from former england captain one group that helped the d.c. united to see one win over land by city real estate i used to. live a full left it late against tottenham to secure a suit one win and return to the top of the english premier league on sunday
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reverser from a no handed the reds the first half lead spurs did level in the second half is more than a ninety minute own goal from serbia out of their old want for liverpool you're going clubs men say points ahead now of man city the told the boys after the game the five hundred thousand probably different ways to win a football game and today it was rather ugly no problem you take that without without a bit of luck you cannot be in the position we are on our other horses died at sunset i made said taking the number to twenty three in three months at the california rice track arms runner injured is like during a race and sunday had to be euthanized his death coming two days after the track reopened following a month long investigation into what was causing the high number of kids how to track officials still haven't announced their findings. and kevin has now has one of the biggest title of his golf search career so far the american making up that
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is harder than losing in last year's finally w g c match bite solomon series beating creature three and. there it goes our case all from a lightsaber that is useful for an ok andy thank you for that update thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera more news with adrian finnegan and yes thanks . a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that maintains the can only project that's what we refuse it was one of the founders of the
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settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the twenty first century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know it's very challenging liberally but declared because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mandate is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. the environment doesn't know any boundaries what goes up into the environment goes around the world . pesticides are pushed on trans that it's
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a very modern way to do. and we've made poisons the measure of progress the domestic population has become organized enough an active enough to believe in your . new ideas if you will or more vulnerable circle of poison on al-jazeera. president to test for turkey's president his party suffers local election defeats in the capital and could get lose its biggest prize. hello i'm adrian for again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up algeria
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announces a cabinet reshuffle but it doesn't satisfy protesters promptly return to the streets. while the woman who pleaded guilty to the involvement in the two involvement in the murder of kim jong un's half brother will be freed from jail next month. and the fake president will now face the real president in a run off in ukraine. to his election chief says the opposition is in the lead in istanbul's mayoral race an account that has been described as too close to call but the result in the capital ankara is now under appeal losing to accuse largest city istanbul would be a significant blow to president bush wants ruling ak party which was beaten in most of the ten largest cities the opposition won in ankara for the first time but the secretary general of the ak party says that they will appeal results in every
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district of the city. they saw him said that they were serious voting irregularities and that they expect to make significant progress following the appeal while wasn't on the ballots the vote was widely seen as a referendum on the act party's dominance for the last two decades has already admitted his party lost the haas of some parts of the country let's take you live now to istanbul our correspondent tamara sheil is there so jamal what's the latest on this tight mayoral race in istanbul. well the usual situation a scenario that takes place after elections here is a dream is that preliminary results are announced and then each candidate or each party has a chance to appeal those preliminary results before the final official results are declared several days later as you've mentioned there will be several consist ations made. different voting results that have been preliminary announced notably
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those in istanbul and ankara the most significant of the votes but having said that there there is a lot to be taken from the tone and the messaging that came out from the president's right up to. the fact that he delivered his balcony speech from the act party headquarters in ankara in a much more see some bird told than he would usually when it's a lot more jubilant and victorious is an indication that he has accepted that there are certain results that have not gone the way he would have wished the his reference to the fact that it is the will of the people that has been victorious again a sign or an attempt to see the kind of silver lining around the clouds there that they have lost certain positions the significance here is more symbolic than it is in terms of governance and the fact that this is a presidential system the country and he is the president the council's themselves
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although they have clout in terms of how local development is done on the ground they are still very much in the control of the party across the country but the mayor ality the mayor positions in those cities losing them to the opposition show that there is certain dissatisfaction amongst the large parts of the population in those cities and that's in and of itself is a huge warning to the act party and true and that's in the more significant elections the parliamentary ones and the. the presidential ones in the coming few years unless things change then this could be the start of a month so for the opposition to build upon it because over the past fourteen voting. exercises we're talking about all these different elections that have taken pass by parts in the past seventeen years not just elections but referendum the act party has come out undisputedly the victory this time around even though it has won
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the majority of the vote so more than fifty percent of votes going to them nationally they're lost in places like encore and most likely istanbul shows that they need to reinvent themselves they need to address real concerns that namely the economic stagnation of the country has witnessed as well as other misgivings that the electorates has with regards to the way things have been going in starkey the past couple of years jamal many things of zeros tomorrow shall live in istanbul there's been a reshuffle of the cabinets in algeria it's an attempt by the government to satisfy protesters who are demanding political change in the country of local media are reporting the president of the lizzie's beautifully could resign sometime this week then you can take a cabinet is headed by prime minister noda dean better we who himself was appointed just three weeks ago only six of twenty seven ministers from the outgoing cabinet have kept their jobs they include deputy defense minister and army chief of staff ahmed guide salah who's calling for beautifully could be declared unfit for office
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bus just after the new cabinet was announced protesters were back on the streets again saying they want to complete a radical change in algeria and politics and not just a reshuffle let's take you now to shoot us in neighboring tunisia. is there can tell us more what are the implications of this cabinet reshuffle and is it a prelude to president bush a flicker standing down. well edgier this is widely seen. as just by the government to outmaneuver the pro-democracy movement by taking out the steam from the anti democracy and to government protests that have been going on for quite some time people are saying that they would like to see the president of the whole political elite to step aside and that they are not happy with the to take a government because some of the people there particularly know them but there were
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for example is a prime minister is one of the acolytes been widely considered one of the acolytes of president did i.z.'s beautifully but i have to say that the political saga in algeria is reaching a tipping point with the power struggle between two key players accommodate the army commander who says that the president with up with one has to go and on the other hand you have a salable to feel it is a brother of president. and why this seen as the most powerful man in algeria since two thousand and thirteen when the president suffered a massive stroke. what happens if beautifully could does step down who takes over as president. there are two scenarios now first scenario. says i'm resigning it turns the chapter and then the political elites to look for a replacement scenario two. sticks to power says i'm still the legitimate president
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of algeria and then i think the army will definitely have to step in by asking all the political elites and particularly the constitutional council to trigger article one of the only problem with that article is that people are saying it would pave the way for the upper set of president to take over and he's not really accepted by the people they say he's been part of the same elite that is responsible for an economy that is in tatters poverty which is skyrocketing in algeria and huge problems of the country face willing to look forward to a new phase someone trusted by the algerians to take over and i think what we're seeing a lot of energy. could be an indication that there might be some sort of negotiations behind closed doors for a consensus candidate who will take over if that does not happen i think the political crisis would further deepen on a serious many thanks i would rather live in tunis. a woman accused of murdering
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the half brother of north korea's leader will be freed from a blaze in prison next month after dawn to hong admitted a lesser charge of causing her that she was sentenced to three years and four months but were released soon due to time already served notice here as florence louis reports from kuala lumpur. i don't in just over a month will be free the vietnamese charged with killing kim jong nam the half brother of north korean leader kim jong un in february two thousand and seventeen has accepted a plea deal she pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of causing harm and has been sentenced to three years and four months in prison she would have faced a mandatory death sentence had she been found guilty of murder. in the i hope that my daughter will be released in a month i'll be very happy or once case is similar to city i shot her indonesian kohak used prosecutors dropped charges against city last month without saying why
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the indonesian government later revealed that its officials had lobbied malaysian authorities believing city had been used as a tool by north korean intelligence for north korean men who fled the country hours after the killing have also been charged but their whereabouts remains a mystery in our mediation of iraq we see that justice must be done. and we also see boys not sure that they're really assistance in fact the former koreans are just playing and they emphasize that they must be brought to justice north korea has denied any involvement in the murder lawyers for the two women have always maintained they was indeed scapegoats it's very likely that no one else will ever stand trial for the murder of kim jong un the four north korean men are still at large despite an interpol red notice equivalent to an international arrest warrant florence louis al-jazeera kuala lumpur a forest fire in the western mountains of china has killed at least twenty four
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five. they went missing on sunday in the tibet autonomous region that stuart the crews were trapped when the wind changed direction which further fanned the flames hundreds of firefighters working to contain the blaze and such one province. early results from ukraine show that a comedian has won the first round of the presidential election a lot of selenski says that it's a major step towards victory but that his numbers are far short of an absolute majority he'll now face current president petro poroshenko in a runoff vote on april twenty first reports from kiev. election night at the zelinsky campaign headquarters it's a casual affair a long way from the stuffy formality of the more established parties which is little surprise a lot of is the linsky the near certain winner of the first round of ukraine's presidential election is a comedian turned actor whose only experience of politics is playing the part of
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president in a popular television series he may soon be playing the part for real that's. great . legs and always a. new life begins a normal life life without. bribes without anything like this life in a new country a country have much. dylan's he will go into the second round runoff in april against incumbent president the confectionery business owner petro poroshenko who seems to have lost public trust over his broken promises to end the separatist war in the east and wipe away the stain of official corruption he says because you know the. kerry side of the soviet union you know. and their fight for ukraine the chocolate billionaire versus the comedy king russia will be watching the second round closely as will the european union ukrainian.


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