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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 52  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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three and a half million dollars in fact one hundred fourteen kilos of this synthetic opioids were discovered under a false floor in a truck carrying vegetables from mexico and the illegal drugs travel from china to mexico and then across into the u.s. in fact fence mills potency means mexican cartels can deal with smaller shipments instead of smuggling fifty kilos of heroin with the risk of getting caught dealers would only need to smuggle in one keano offense will instead to receive the same street value and financial return and while most of it is transported into the u.s. through legal ports of entry or even by post trump has repeatedly cited the opioids including fentanyl a one of his reasons for building a border wall with mexico i'd also like to have you take a look at the event and all that's coming out of china and mexico and whatever you can do from a legal standpoint whether it's litigation lawsuits of people in companies. in
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china you have some pretty big companies sending their garbage and killing our people it's almost a form of warfare and i'd like to do whatever you can do legally to stop it from china and from mexico and if you could look into that appreciate it. china it's disputed u.s. claims that it is responsible for the fence no crisis. move on to the field arts and the accusations from the us leg evidence that contrary to the facts the chinese government has always been committed to empty drug principles and has implemented the international drug and amended befitting a responsible large country the us itself is the main factor in the country's problem of the lube use. and the biggest legal fence on produce and china has actually welcomed the cunt down but insists it has nothing to do with the drugs that end up in the us in fact it's been a minute on illegal produces in the meantime via spencer epidemic has prompted police to carry a lifesaving antidote just in case there are many thanks bryce pato is an
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associate policy research at the rand corporation he joins us now by from washington d.c. so. china then will designate fence until a controlled substance from may. effect of will that be in addressing the opioid cross crisis well it won't be as effective as i think we think it will be what china is proposing to do is essentially a generic control on all fentanyl related structures this may have the effect of essentially blanket banning all fentanyl like substances the many new analogues that we're seeing in seizures here in the united states that said a good portion of what we are seeing is still funded all itself and fentanyl has been controlled in china for some years so it's really a question of how good they're going to enforce the regulations they have on the books and how good they're going to actually enforce the new law that they're proposing how much of the fence will that is causing so much harm in the u.s.
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leaders so many deaths is actually coming illegally from china. legally china does not export to the united states any fentanyl we don't know how much is coming from china but u.s. law enforcement if you look at the seizure data by customs and border protection after adjusting for purity because the packages that are arriving at mail facilities from china are often ninety five percent pure according to federal law enforcement whereas the product coming from the border is often five seven ten percent pure so after adjusting for the fact that packages that arrived by mail from china are highly pure about eighty percent of what federal law enforcement is seizing is arriving by mail likely from china these alarming statistics that the c.d.c. has put out about the the rise of the rate of over to overdose deaths involving fence and will between two thousand and eleven to twenty sixteen right across the
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u.s. more measures than would make. an effective policy in reducing these deaths well there is a lot that can be done obviously expanding access to medication therapies like methadone and cooper nor feen are of utmost importance right now that said the fentanyl crisis is really straining our ability to address this problem law enforcement is having a difficult time detecting it given its potency it can be smuggled in much smaller packages treatment providers this is a much more troubling phenomenon now they have to treat individuals much higher tolerance to opioids and of course drug users themselves are coming into contact with product that they do not know what potency is in that so they are often overdosing so expanding like i said expanding medication therapies to extract individuals from the markets of they can get into some sort of treatment is good we also need to start thinking about innovative harm reduction measures to really reduce the harm that is cause reduce the overdose burden and then start working our
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way to treating the addiction problem because two of the many thanks indeed for being with us. china's president has called on new zealand not to discriminate against chinese companies during prime minister to send a visit to beijing xi jinping spoke of the importance of mutual trust their relationships been somewhat tense since new zealand rejected a bid by chinese telecom giant a way to build its five g. mobile network from beijing adrian brown reports. the international profile of new zealand's prime minister has risen since the christ church mosque killings just over two weeks ago. just cinderalla durned said the fact she'd come to beijing so soon after that was a reflection of the importance she places on her country's relationship with china there are strains in that relationship though especially over the chinese telecoms company while away which is being stopped from supplying five g. equipment to new zealand's mobile phone network on national security grounds that
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has upset china's leaders who regard weiwei as a symbol of all that this country has achieved in the past thirty years and if a place like new zealand refuses to purchase and employ a technology this is going to become a big problem not just in terms of business but in terms of the self image of the chinese leadership it's going to be a big fail before the cameras on monday premier league didn't mention walk away by name but said he wanted improved relations with new zealand he added later insisted there'd be no final decision on war way there is a view for instance that power has been banned it's simply not true so it is an opportunity i think to sit out what has happened and the way that ticks i would say new zealand generally china is new zealand's most important trading partner but new zealand is also an ally of the united states and analysts argue that for new zealand's government juggling the relationship between the two superpowers is
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becoming increasingly difficult. the way. are done promised to raise another sensitive issue in beijing the mass detention of chinese muslims in the western province of shin jang human rights groups say more than a million people are being held in reeducation camps china's leaders dispute that figure calling these facilities vocational training centers in the aftermath of the christ church attacks are done strong defense of muslim rights in her own country impress many there's now pressure on her to be vocal in her defense of muslim and minority rights abroad. with china.
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elegance i was born is that the thank you so much i didn't know roger federer has moved a step closer to winning the most courageous titles in history a picked up number one on one in miami to move within eights of the old time record that's held by jimmy connors thirty seven year old federer abates in defending champion john isner in straight sets he dropped just five games in the final two
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decades on from his first appearance at the miami open this is federer's fourth title when it's it's. ferrars charles the collector came within a few laps of claiming his first ever formula one victory the twenty one year old appeared set for a win in bahrain and saw an engine problem in surveyed defending world champion lewis hamilton the drive it's a benefits it's a stomach reports. the bahrain grand prix would be a race both to remember and for good for ferrari's twenty one year old sean mclaren . to remember for his career is this position which also saw victory slipping from his grasp. the man from monaco was aiming to become the the youngest winner of an f one grand prix. the clear was on course to do just that with his ferrari teammate sebastian vettel in second. reigning world champion lewis hamilton did battle with basal first the pair head overtaken one another earlier in the race
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before hamilton overtook battle for a second time resulting in the german spinning. later vettel would lose his friend who as hamilton said he cites on leclaire ferrari's misfortune continued claire suffering engine problems and losing power with less than ten laps to go. hamilton profiting and taking the lead the person would not look back from day and went on to win the race it was a mercedes one too terry bought ass came in second like lead to settle for third. you know i'm sure is a devastating result for him of six he had done the job to win the race so we were definitely lucky today but you have to take it as it comes and ultimately i still gave it everything in the race and i pushed as hard as i could we have been lucky in a very unlucky situation because. hopefully we had
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a safety car the end otherwise would have finished even more real and also i don't think with the fuel will have been ok so yeah very hard want to tell. but thanks to the team for the amazing car we can and i'm pretty sure come back stronger. the women makes it a with a piece from the opening two races of the season for them as eighty's drivers mixed up the chinese grand prix who want to be the one thousand breaks in formula one. peter stammered al jazeera. and other horses died at sunset and eight so taking the number to twenty three in three months at the california writes track arms around a injuring is like during a race on sunday and had to be euthanized his death comes just two days after the track reopened following a month long investigation into what was causing the high number of fatalities track officials haven't yet announced their findings pressing of on the argentina football league title for the first time in five years
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a one one draw at seagrave for the one is very sane the cue for the celebrations to begin resting securing the super league trophy with a game to spare it's the eighteenth league title in the club's history. manchester city's manager says his team need to play like a machine if they're to win a quadruple this season they've already clinched the league cup and are still in the hunt for the f.a. cup champions league and premier league titles is nothing to mind in the title is next with next he's going to leave proper world in a machine to do we need to play the in in trade to win in one day and here we're going to up and accept the realities that is worried with you mentally the people is really. may just want to get his hands on a version of this machine this robots has been developed in japan it's called q three it's an iron giants designed not so miss three points is although it does
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occasionally mess other minor drawbacks include an inability to dribble or indeed jump. areas close up personal that is how you sports is looking for now i have anything to do that's where the news comes grinding to a halt i'll be back in just a moment with more of the day's news see that. on counting the cost we'll look at what's holding indonesia back from becoming a two trillion dollar economy as the world's biggest democracy gets ready to vote who's financing politics in india and mexico's government is axing social programs for the country's poorest we'll tell you why counting the cost. around ten million yemenis are on the edge of balun examining the headlines netanyahu is looking at charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust setting the discussions you're denying
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that he was beaten by the police i did not sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of programming designed to inform motivate and inspire and it's all good by the world is watching on al-jazeera. rewinds continues i can bring your people back to life. with updates on the best of all jews use documentary. the struggle continues from. these districts revisiting the suv fans we're going back to a poor south african neighborhood where music and tradition come together in an annual competition. of people who. really want. it's the first day of school in elementary school in mosul. is this a military base firing rocket propelled grenades and mortars. falsus.
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most helpful and what it is like to be in school up to three years what war. six year old does hauser survived an ass like home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed house with his father and grandfather . solace for the professor's son for the first day in school he is hopeful making new friends would help is that a company. algeria's constitutional experts consider whether the president put a fleet is fit to run the country. and i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up on the president
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a test for turkey's president this party suffers local election defeat in the capital and could yet lose its biggest prize. a severe storm kills more than thirty people in the remote area of the pole and the damage it caused is making the rescue efforts even more difficult. and the fake president will now face the real president in a runoff in ukraine. millions of algerians been protesting for weeks demanding a new leader and now a constitutional or rather now constitutional experts are considering whether president of lizzie's beautifully could be removed because he's unfit to lead the eighty two year old has rarely been seen since suffering a stroke six years ago it's twenty four hours since a cabinet reshuffle was announced to try to calm nationwide anger the government is led by prime minister burdine better we appointed three weeks ago six of the twenty
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seven outgoing government ministers retain their jobs thanks to the army chief of staff who has called for beautifully gets to be declared to infer to run the country let's take you live now to what judas in neighboring tunisia al-jazeera as imran khan is following developments across the border in algeria what's the significance that iran of the appointment of this new cabinet is it a prelude to president bush of flicka standing down. well it depends on really it really depends on who you speak to a lot of the people that we've been speaking to analysts and constitution at. but say it is exactly that this will expedite the process. which allows for the president to either resign or to be removed from office provided there's a two thirds majority for that in the parliament however others are saying that this is simply cosmetic it's about trying to appease the protesters and the protest
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movement should be going for about six weeks now and almost a million people on the streets of the capital algiers and millions more across the country are coming out every friday so it really depends on who you speak to all we really know right now is that one of the most powerful men in the country the army chief is still in power and he seems to be calling the shots now the army all very worried about instability within the country they are trying to find a way to quell this protest movement and they've tried a number of measures three weeks ago they replaced the prime minister that didn't seem to work and then overnight there was a cabinet reshuffle a major cabinet reshuffle that hasn't worked either the protesters are still calling for their demands for a radical overhaul of the algerian political system that doesn't just include the government it also includes the opposition as well iran many thanks indeed i'm serious imran khan reporting live from tunis to speak to what you said is
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a professor of political science and international relations at castle university he's with me now in the studio what's your take that what is going on right now in algeria this cabinet reshuffle are we like to see article one zero two of the constitution and acted here will president bush a fleet be moved aside or is this all cosmetic as some people are saying it's really very difficult to see what is going on in the. chief of staff called for to go to war no two to remove. the constitution council. and it has been the. government for the. two or three weeks ago the government was formed yesterday. to be confirmed tomorrow that the president might resign. and if he does so that means a constitution is in place and the. fall of the algerian constitution suggests that
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in this period of transition nobody can remove this government that was formed just so if we follow the constitution and the president does in two model that means we will go away in a case from a constitutional point to have some some kind of stability to prepare for a presidential elections he will presumably be asked to resign and it were his choice will as he was was already asked to move it was all of the us and he was given the option to resign to save face the reports unconfirmed reports from algeria suggest but he will resign. and that will give the discover them and these on two laws about three months or four months to prepare for the next president ok but do the algerian people get a say in who that next president might be will it be an election will list be enough to satisfy the people who are protesting on the streets obviously if we
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follow the constitution that will be a presidential elections and it's up to the algerian people to choose but given the history of elections they were they will just accept it is to. ensure that whoever is chosen by the powers to be is named president sultan to the algerian street is not happy with what is going on at the moment they just don't want to despoil to get a government they don't want. to be triggered and little the provisions of the current constitute. which suggests that the government and the constitutional institutions will supervise these elections the algerian people want the president to go he would probably go to morrow they will hold for want everybody who is associated with this corrupt regime to go so algerians are not
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puppy demonstrations yesterday and they expect demonstrations on friday to be even bigger that last flight and they will get they will continue to get bigger and angrier soon and that's what the army is trying to head off here is that wants to prevent the anger spilling and yet the army is trying to prevent the angle spreading but the me all the chief of staff put himself in a very delicate situation he called for the war to to be triggered so a lot of people some people some call it was in algeria felt that the disease acquitted but it is not a good it up because the chief of staff called full of tickle you one or two to be triggered and he want to do to be or to to snow i'm now the presidency. but him so do you form a government and if the president is going to resign as expected tomorrow that means they will have to follow the constitution and basically the presidency of won
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the game if the only intervenes then it would be seen as the way to put it up so it's a very very difficult to do surely by the end the week then algeria could have a new president opiate an interim one who would that be. if the president resigns and this is a very big if. the who is the president of the user upper chamber of the algerian parliament which is the council of the nation we'd be the interim president for the beautiful to five days professor always good to talk to you many thanks indeed for being with us thank you. turkey's ruling party says it will appeal the results of local elections in the capital and it's expected to file an obstruction objection from istanbul as well it says that there were irregularities in both cities with hundreds of thousands of votes void or cancelled opposition supporters of celebrated the results which marked the first time the branch of tribe or the ones act party has lost ankara's mayoral race in istanbul both the act party and
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opposition c.h.p. have claimed victory. turkey be happy now let the stumble be happy and get back to normal we had seven elections in five years let's get back to work now and serve the people. just as we start today we will run the city in a transparent fashion at every moment i'm doing this happily and i know that every part of the city belongs to sixteen million people. joins us now live from ankara how significant is the loss of the capital and possibly and we don't know the final result yet istanbul in terms of marrow races for. president rest of tiber ones ak party. well it is very it is a very very important loss for the ruling party especially if it's confirmed that
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they lost in a stumble as well first of all uncle roy is the capital and. you control the bridge over here but more important than you stumble has been the heart of the ruling party because prisons are done also began his political career as the mayor of istanbul he has a his sporty and his predecessors have held helm on these two cities almost a quarter century so also talking about a stumble it is the heart of the business of tourism it is the heart of transportation sixty million people ten point five are voters the most educated people live in the cities but of course these two cities were not the only laws for the ruling party but also cities like on tahlia the top tourism destination madsen. and some other cities had
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a significant importance as well when we add up these cities by the ruling out party they are equal they mean the sentry's is the country's national income when you look from this perspective it is a blow for the ruling party even though they have the majority across the country. overall all cities it is like they look while winning and for their position even though they don't have the majority in all the city is it is like they warm while losing so in the turns it is very important and currently we are waiting for. the firm results of istanbul but according to the low here the technicalities. we have twelve days to have the official at. about this and other places but people here in the people that i speak they expect everything to do resulted in five days
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maybe by the end of the week but. they're holding up parties hopeful that the irregularities they claim. they are candidate former prime minister also the. invalid votes which is at least two hundred seventy thousand they will also contribute to they are. presence in the election but for now it seems the opposition has won. ok so the many thanks indeed. rescuers are struggling to reach villages in the poll cut off by a severe thunderstorm at least thirty one people were killed but the number is expected to rise as emergency workers reach the remote districts of bought a pos buildings collapsed a bus was blown off the road and cars overturned in the storm helicopters are expected to join the recovery operation once the weather improves. it was like a bull.


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