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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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with startling evidence about the disposal of his body. the silencing of a journalist on al-jazeera. algeria's eighty two year old president to quit within weeks but will it be enough to appease protesters. and sammy say this is al jazeera live from coming up. powered by people there as well as opposition leader trumped up supporters he faces call to action. knows have it yet another setback for its recent. plans and
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a new report reveals the arab media targets of an american hacking team used by the u.a.e. . algeria's eighty two year old friends event to stay agreed to step down by the end of the month bowing to weeks of protests and pressure but it's unclear if the move by abdelaziz bouteflika will satisfy protesters who've been demonstrating for six weeks or a gate to be reports. after being abandoned by algeria's military leaders it was perhaps only a matter of time before president abdelaziz bouteflika was forced to name a date for his departure it came in the form of a statement read on state television confirming beautifully will resign before his twenty year rule runs out on april the twenty eight the eighty two year old has
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rarely been seen in public since suffering a stroke six years ago critics say he's become little more than a front man the military and business leaders who really run the country. weeks of growing protests force beautifully and his back is to reverse his decision to stand for a fifth term but neither that nor a cabinet reshuffle the satisfy protesters who are demanding the entire political elite be replaced. almost. taken a long time already he should have resigned a long time ago in two thousand and fourteen he shouldn't even have thought of running again everyone must go nobody should stay to help the people are asking for everyone to leave the government meaning put a freak out and he's clan to stop announcing every time the departure of somebody and the return of somebody else no they must all go and let the people decide. deputy defense minister and army chief of staff guide salah has repeatedly called for the president to step down or be declared unfit for office but he's been locked
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in a power struggle with beautifully because influence your brother saeed analysts say there's been confusion among algeria's ruling elite about how to respond to the protests. and i think people are against a transitional period that is run by the regime because the would be a transitional period after april twenty eighth when the official time the president with a little older but the question is who will run the transition period if the current regime runs the peace the transition period then the revolution or the demands are definitely not met the protesters fear the government is saying it will listen but nothing will change in algeria victoria gayton be algis there are so far as well as opposition leader is a step closer to being arrested the supreme court is calling for one to lose his parliamentary immunity saying he disobeyed an order barring him from leaving the country latin america newman has more from caracas. as
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opposition leader one by door prepared to walk onto the stage at a small rally and could act as a pro-government armed group through tear gas at his caravan and fired shots into the air. the incident occurred shortly after the supreme court ordered the all powerful constituent assembly district wide all of his parliamentary immunity for disobeying a travel ban last month. the move brings bible one step closer to being arrested but he remains defiant. he can take their offer and strip my am unity to where they see fit but we will continue working continue mobilizing on the streets and organizing this is persecution this is a dictatorship. why though is the president. the opposition controlled legislature which is not recognized by the little government but sixty countries including most
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of latin america europe the u.s. and canada recognized as venezuela's interim president. as the power struggle escalates and israel remains nearly paralyzed by more than three weeks of power blackouts and acute water shortages. oh desperate residents of this working class caucus neighborhood waited to fill containers from a spring that leaks water into a parking lot these people have been here since five o'clock in the morning and it's now almost midday it's very very hot they haven't had water for five days and tempers are really beginning to flare as they try to break their way in past that gate to try to get a little bit of water. the police arrived just in time to restore order but people say president. decision to ration power for the next thirty days in an attempt to stabilize power and water supplies is not enough. there's no water no
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power nothing works no metro no transportation we have to beg for a drop of water no one can work like this. it's easy to blame the united states but nicolas maduro is the one who's responsible for what happens in venezuela. but some believe there's another culprit. to blame he says he wants our president to go but even without water and power we will remain firm by his side. for how long is the question as well and his supporters attempt to elevate the pressure for regime change despite the growing risks you see in human i'll just practice. well as wayland soon fled to bolivia say they now fear being sent home thousands were arrested after leaving protests against madeira last month and bolivia is one of the few latin american countries that still supports venezuela's president in minnesota. in venezuela i am
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a civil engineer i worked for many years the boston gondola driver in my country but there is no work food security medicine and now every day the situation in my country becomes worse it is more difficult i had the option to come here or die of hunger literally in venezuela i decided with my wife and daughter to leave the country i do not regret it. britain's now just ten days away from leaving the european union without a deal the latest stalemate saw politicians fail to agree on four potential alternatives to terrorism a's briggs's agreement paul brennan reports from london. on any given day the majority view outside parliament fluctuates with the changing numbers of pro and anti bricks of protesters and as m.p.'s inside debated the four alternatives to teresa mayes brix a deal on monday it was an exit choir from yorkshire in the north of england who
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held sway. of the referendum based on the facts after cooling off period subject to a lot more scrutiny than the previous one is is perhaps the best way is having a dramatic overshadowing effect the prime minister host of the knife crime summit on monday to discuss a serious recent uptick in fatal stabbings theresa may insists it's a priority but there is a sense that her main focus lies elsewhere and during the break the debate itself climate change protesters stripped off in the public gallery of the parliamentary chamber to draw attention away from it and on to what they said was the most important issue facing the world right now. but all eyes were on the speaker john bercow as he announced the result none of the four alternatives had secured a majority the government how to home parliament's latest failure to agree on a way forward on this is no the second time the house is considered a wide variety of options for a way forward he says once again failed to find
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a clear majority for any of the options three the opposition isn't giving up if it's good enough for the prime minister to have three chances at her deal i then i suggest possibly the house should have a chance to consider again the are the options that we had before us today in a debate on wednesday the prime minister is in a very tight corner here being presented with options by m.p.'s which either go against her negotiating redlines or contravene her own party's manifesto pledges she can ignore the indicative votes of course because they're non-binding but m.p.'s are already gearing up to pass new legislation which would force the government to comply for their teresa mayes options really do start to dwindle but many believe the prime minister will now try to win over pro leave bricks or tears with a final ultimatum. this is now the stark reality of what we are facing what you are
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facing and the project that you want is very easy so you either the will of the house is this a much softer slower breaks or there is still mine deal i know you've rejected it several times but in this situation which is now the least worst option although the prime minister and cabinet meet on tuesday morning to decide their next move paul brennan al-jazeera westminster. a group of former u.s. intelligence agents helped the united arab emirates spy on prominent arab media figures according to a special report by reuters targets for the hikers included the chairman of al-jazeera and the host of a b.b.c. arabic television show the hack was part of a u.a.e. intelligence program exposed by reuters earlier this year is their report. i am hoping that cooler heads will prevail when the united arab emirates and its allies broke with neighboring could tore over a host of grievances in june twenty seventh
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a group of american hackers working for a secret u.a.e. spy program sprang into action as first revealed by reuters those american operatives had once worked for the n.s.a. and other u.s. spy agencies but they now worked as part of a u.a.e. cyber squad called project raven using skills they learned in the u.s. to spy on opponents of the u.a.e. monarchy the team of americans now turn those skills an american ally qatar as the u.a.e. joined by saudi arabia egypt and baccarin imposed a blockade accusing could torah financing extremist groups in the region reuters correspondents joel shechtman and christopher being uncovered the story so what we found was that after the blockade took effect project or a van ramped up monitoring of. you know of qatar in general and surveillance of qatar and specifically ramped up its you know its surveillance of media figures
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according to documents the u.s. mercenary hackers begin targeting a number of journalists especially those at the could tor funded al-jazeera network both countries viewed the network's expansive coverage of the arab spring uprisings as a deliberate attempt by qatar to fuel opposition to their monarchs al-jazeera says it's an independent news service giving a voice to everyone in the region former operative say their goal as they hack their targets was to find material showing that could torre's royal family was pulling strings in the local media since the emirate is believe that these journalists have such close ties to the qatari government they believe that by hacking the i phones of these reporters. you know that it would give them access to like emails or messages or intelligence about the qatari government it so. off the u.s. ministry of foreign affairs did not respond to requests for comment in the n.s.a. declined to comment according to program documents by its all customers one target
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he is the host of a popular debate show on algis your cold opposite direction the network's chairman was also hacked the u.s. ambassador to qatar during the gulf crisis michelle smith fit she found it alarming that american intelligence veterans were able to work for another government in targeting in america now ari time call is a former cia intelligence officer who says the cyber attacks show financial gains greats a priority of a paid trees is them for a country i suppose their rationalization was that they were working as private employees in conducting the film filling a contract or something like that with the u.a.e. but that's a pretty thin rationalization for what's clearly industrial or in this case state espionage and i would have thought that they would have had second thoughts about doing that but. this is very pervasive whatever the kind of
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intelligence work that one can imagine whether it's human intelligence or penetrating cyber firewalls or any other kind of intelligence it does go on. by people for hire against anyone of interest to a third party i can't cite chapter and verse about the law but intelligence officers are not supposed to peddle their skills to other countries or third parties and so if there is an existing law i'll be surprised if congress doesn't react about this this is something that really shouldn't happen by american. officers. still ahead of al jazeera fake it till you make it the access hole now face the real president in a bottle from ukraine. and plastics not fantastic a second u.s. states imposing of baghdad.
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hello again it's good to have you back well we've been watching a big storm passing across most of the lavon you can see here on the satellite image bringing very heavy rain across parts of iraq iran and now that system is going to be making its way up towards the north towards kazakhstan you can see the area circulation right there the frontal boundary will still bring a lot of clouds and maybe even some rain across the region but not as heavy as what we have seen over the last few days where we are going to seeing the heavy rain though is still across parts of turkey over here toward syria maybe in jordan scenes of very heavy rain over the next few days and that is really going to stay like that maybe start to diminish by the time we get to wednesday but for aleppo it
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is going to be a rainy day for you with a temperature of eighteen degrees and then here across the gulf well it has been a warm day here on monday things get a little bit better by the time we get to tuesday temperatures drop down to about average for this time of year but still clouds in the forecast at about twenty eight degrees over towards abu dhabi though your temperatures are coming up we do expect to see that go up to about thirty one there and then across south africa for johannesburg and durban it is going to be a rainy day and a windy day temperatures a fairly low for this time of year into the high teens maybe durban seeing about twenty one but by the time we get to wednesday things do improve more sun in your forecast with a temperature of twenty five. the weather sponsored by qatar in. the environment doesn't know any boundaries what goes up into the environment goes around the world. best the sites are pushed on grounds that it's a very modern way to do plumbing and we've made poisons the measure of progress. the domestic population has become organized enough an active enough to be seeing
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it. soon in the ideas of people who are more vulnerable circle of poison on al-jazeera. go on to syria time to recap our headlines now the algerian president's office says abdullah sees would have legal will step down before his term ends on a twenty eight millions of people have been protesting for several weeks calling for the eighty two year old to go venezuela's supreme court is calling for position leaders one way those parliamentary immunity to be taken away the chief justice
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says way though disobeyed a portion of the body of leaving the country. u.k.'s exit from the european union remains deadlocked after parliament failed once again to approve an alternative plan one of the four proposed alternatives to prime minister's reason may's bragg's feel majority. the children of murdered saudi journalist jamal khashoggi are understood to have received millions of dollars worth of compensation from the kingdom u.s. newspaper the washington post says his four children have been given expensive homes in saudi arabia on top of that they get in large monthly payments the article also says for sure these two sons and two daughters may soon get payouts worth tens of millions of dollars each so-called blood money shoji was killed six months ago after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul giorgio farrow is chief
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executive of gulf state analytics a geopolitical risk consultancy firm he explains why knowledge of our social g.'s children are spoken out since their father was killed. i think it's pretty clear that the saudi state wants to use its financial resources in order to give the children strong incentive to not criticize the crown prince mohammed bin sell them on whom the cia concluded was behind their father's killing i think it's very possible that these financial incentives along with straight up coercion on the part of the saudi state can achieve this goal but there is no way that these payments to the four children are going to close the case internationally well out of the four children one of them is still in saudi arabia and i think his safety is obviously one of the key factors here one of the main
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reasons why none of these slain journalists for children have really said anything critical of the saudi leadership since this heinous acts was committed six months ago tomorrow the victory of actor and comedian of lot of me as that end ski in the first round of ukraine's presidential election is being followed by close scrutiny of his plans for the country his rivals warn that selenski lacks the strength and experience to deal with russia's president vladimir putin jonah hill has moved from kiev. ukraine's comic actor volodymyr zelinsky owes his success in the first round of the presidential election to t.v. fame and a protest vote by young people frustrated by corruption and the slow pace of reform in one of europe's poorest countries living in. the people are more important to me
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more than political ambition the people are both everything the ukrainian people are waiting for us but who will get the last laugh linsky will now face far more forensic scrutiny of his so far rather vague plans for the country for us. to do is actually clean up corruption institutions make them independent ensure that the. second judiciary system what though was done before by president bush and it was a fake clear before those sorts of broad brushstrokes may not be enough against the incumbent president petro poroshenko the chocolate billionaire with a taste for a second term yeah. i will understand the signal that society sending to us in power is a harsh lesson for me and for our whole team and they lead us to correct past mistakes. poroshenko has been quick to seize the initiative telling young voters
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that he's heard their protest promising quicker reforms and questioning the ability of political novice zelinsky to represent ukraine on the world stage he's warned that an inexperienced leader would be a gift to russia's vladimir putin scuppering hopes of ending ukraine's war with russian backed separatists in the east what matters for us and what matters is the sense of transfer excellent excellent there it is a combination of political pressure sanctions very clear to support your create. so experience matters into liver in that message of experience matters trust matters that voters will be faced with an extraordinary choice in the second round runoff in three weeks time a t.v. comic charming charismatic but with no political background whatsoever or the
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incumbent president who's failed to rid this country of corruption or to end the war but who many may feel has the strength and experience that ukraine can't do without you and a whole al-jazeera. greek prime minister for us is due to arrive in newly named north macedonia as capital skop here it's the first visit by a greek leader to the former yugoslav republic it comes ten months after both countries signed a historic agreement to end the decades long dispute over the name north macedonia is from minister zones a of says he's looking forward to increase cooperation between the two countries. are poor because they don't like it and yet the republic of north macedonia will have huge economic benefit from the deal i think they will be perceived in every sector of the economy and i hope that will also feel these benefits. certainly a year since abby akhmed took over as ethiopia's prime minister but the forty two year old has already made big changes it's one approval at home and abroad for
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sweeping government reforms and improving long strained ties with neighboring arab triad a hammer that our faults from madison. ah it's been a good first year for prime minister in the time at forty two the ethiopian leader is the youngest on the african continent when the ruling with european people's revolutionary democratic front of corelation elected him prime minister last pull him back on a decisive shift away from decades of tight government control is i think prime minister abhisit arrival on the african stage is commensurate with the arrival of president mandela he is a breath of fresh his outlook is amazing he's tapped into the mood not an ethiopian but of people all across the continent so far but such events include freeing thousands of political prisoners and closing the country's infamous torture chambers in the capital addis ababa ethiopia had long been known as one of the
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world's wast jailers of journalists within months of taking office released them or . he has appointed women to half the cabinet posts parliament has also accepted his female nominees for president and head of the supreme court but it's the speed with which he ended a twenty year conflict with neighboring at a trade and established close ties with its leaders from working as a standard so many he's also signed peace deals with the rebels that have been designated terrorist by the former administration and appears to have persuaded them to disarm if that's not enough he invited its european dissidents exiled abroad to return home but how negative a leading opposition leader remain in exile for years have been sentenced to death in absentee now he says he's back to rebuild a position politics in ethiopia with the full support of the premier he is very committed. you know i don't remember in any of
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our conversations where we had a significant difference we have discussions very openly we you know we we don't see each other as threats in terms of political power it's almost like observing a different country when you look at the pace with which the reforms only in ethiopia so far very few expected things to go first yet analysts are quick to point out that the prime minister still faces some challenges that are threatening the very existence of youth as a nation. has more than eighty different ethnic groups the divisions. and deported and they've been flaring up with a new intensity in the past we're having millions of people displaced from their homes and being in different comps throughout the country and i think that has to be stopped the sooner. the better for the moment it seems to have the momentum and
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no shortage of energy to do with the challenges that lie ahead mohamed at all just . a cholera outbreak in mozambique in the wake. has claimed its first victim of nine thousand cases have been recorded so far the world health organization says vaccination program will start on wednesday in the city of beira cycle has contaminated water supplies creating the conditions for cholera to spread more than eight hundred people were killed in the storm which swept southern africa. china's government is clamping down on a highly addictive drug in an apparent gesture to the u.s. as they try to sort out their trade standoff. fentanyl and all similar drugs will be added to china's list of controlled substances it's suspected of being the main source of the powerful painkiller that's caused record numbers of overdose deaths in the u.s. in december donald trump said any chinese move against what he called
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a horrid drug would be a game changer in solving the trade war a trumpet ministration has directed customs and border protection to speed up the deployment of seven hundred fifty officers to the southern us border they're being moved to handle an influx of central american migrants at the border with mexico and stop them from trying to enter the u.s. illegally washington says it will ramp up its efforts to return asylum seekers to mexico. now new york is due to become the second state in the us to stop shops from providing plastic bags for most purchases the ban was passed as part of the state's budget negotiations it signals a growing concern nationwide kristen salumi has more. right now they argue big in supermarkets and on city streets the department of environmental conservation says new yorkers currently use twenty three billion of these plastic
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bags annually but their convenience has given way to concern about the environment as more and more plastic ends up in our oceans waterways and waste streams new york joined california and dozens of municipalities this week when the state legislature passed a ban on most single use plastic bags but there's a good idea why is that because it hurts environment plastic bags stuff to degrade . so i think we should we should move ahead it's good for them aren't good for everybody the legislation allows local governments to impose a five cent fee for paper bags three cents will go to the states environmental protection fund two cents will be kept by the municipality some shoppers think the state is taking things a bit too far imposing more cost on the consumer and if they want to inspire people to carry their groceries clothing ship their drinks and something different maybe
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have a discussion about it. there will be some exceptions to the ban on plastic will still be ok for takeout food from restaurants for example but the goal is to get people to bring reusable bags with them every time they go to the grocery store the ban will go into effect in one year christian salumi al-jazeera new york. south to syria and these other top stories the president's office says that as these boards of legal will step down before his term ends in april of two thousand the eighth millions of people have been protesting for several weeks calling for the eighty two year old to go. venezuela's supreme court is calling for positionally the one way those parliamentary immunity to be taken away the chief justice says disobey the court order that barred him from leaving the country the opposition leaders travel to several latin american countries that support his
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claim to be president is denounce the court's decision not mine england people you know there is no disqualification they have no competence or that he didn't care and every day that we are free every day that we move forward is a victory for the people of venezuela it brings us closer to freedom to the return of our people and to truly solve our problems the u.k.'s exit from the european union remains deadlocked after parliament failed once again to approve an alternative breaks that plan none of the four proposed alternatives to prime ministers series of may's brags that got a majority the u.k. is now just ten days away from exiting really european union without any deal the children of murdered saudi journalists are understood to receive millions of dollars worth of compensation from the kingdom the washington post says his four children have been given expensive homes in saudi arabia on top of that they are
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getting large monthly payments shogi was killed six months ago after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul reuters is reporting a group of former u.s. intelligence agents helped the united arab emirates spy on a prominent arab media figure targets for the hackers included the chairman of al-jazeera and the host of a b.b.c. arabic television show great fry mr alex is suppresses due to arrive in newly named north macedonia as capital scope here it's the first visit by a greek leader to the former yugoslav republic and it's happening ten months after both countries signed a historic agreement to end a decades long dispute over the name macedonia. as the headlines in the news continues here now they're after the stream. talk to al-jazeera. you personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case listen if you want to
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be a solution of it in new york that's not exactly my point we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter just zero. ok and you're in the stream today how faith community is healing and the aftermath of white nationalist violence imo it could be law that we host an interfaith panel of survivors from three of these communities to learn how their congregations are faring after her ific attacks. fifty muslims in christchurch new zealand were killed last month when a white supremacist opened fire jane congregational pratt's to the instant once again highlighted the fred a white nationalist violence a minority faith communities in the west similar attacks also happened a places.


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