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documents from my al-jazeera investigations house is still a massacre on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. alarm has this is the news hour live from da here's what's coming up in the next sixty minutes algeria's president says he will step down by the end of the month but is it enough to end weeks of protests demanding an entirely new government. or would you say or you know. ten days to go before the break that that deadline the e.u. chief negotiator says britain is getting close to leaving the block without
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a deal. six months after the killing of journalist shoji reports say the saudi government paid his family millions of dollars in compensation. for seven years after his father last raced in formula one make sure mark is accelerating his career the twenty year old will make his f one test debut with ferrari it's the markle schumacher won five world titles with. hello algeria president says he will leave office at the end of this month after twenty years in power but it's not clear whether that announcement from the office of abdul aziz will defeat will be enough for them it for the protesters who have taken to the streets calling for the whole political establishment to change the tory gate be reports. after being abandoned by algerian military leaders it was perhaps only
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a matter of time before president abdelaziz bouteflika was forced to name a date for his departure it came in the form of a statement read on state television confirming beautifully will resign before his twenty year rule runs out on april the twenty eight the eighty two year old has rarely been seen in public since suffering a stroke six years ago critics say he's become little more than a front man the military and business leaders who really run the country. weeks of growing protests force beautifully and his backers to reverse his decision to stand for a fifth term but neither that nor a cabinet reshuffle the satisfy protesters who are demanding the entire political elite be replaced. taken a long time already he should have resigned a long time ago in two thousand and fourteen he shouldn't even have thought of running again everyone must go nobody should. help the people are asking for everyone to leave the government meaning put a freak out on his clan to stop announcing every time the departure of somebody and
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the return of somebody else no they must all go and let the people decide. deputy defense minister and army chief of staff guide salah has repeatedly called for the president to step down or be declared unfit for office but he's been locked in a power struggle with beautifully because implementor brother saeed analysts say there's been confusion among ruling elite about how to respond to the protests. people are against a transitional period that is run by the regime because the would be a transitional period after april twenty eighth when the official time the president will be older but the question is who will run the transition period is the current regime runs the pediatrician period then the revolution or the demands are definitely not met the protests just. the government if they lifted it nothing will change in algeria victoria gayton be al jazeera. or i will have him her
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daughter is monitoring developments for us from neighboring tunisia and joins us live from the capital tunis to hashim. this it been coming for some time had near and we now have a date for her to step down but the big question is is it going to be enough for all of the protesters who've been out on the streets for weeks now demanding a lot more than just the end of the beautifully king here has of this still some skepticism in algeria about the whole series of latest developments and statements made by the algerian presidency about president would have to put aside before the end of this month because that statement yesterday for example says at the same time that they should expect president as well to flee to make a series also of some major decisions and people are saying we should not he should not be making decisions in war him must immediately step aside and i think this is
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raising some concerns particularly among the key here rights activists the opposition and also the same time the protestors second thing is we haven't heard from any senior official from the entourage of president beautifully are coming out and publicly addressing those concerns and talking to the people it has always been written statements issued by the presidency of the other hand what we've seen is the army chief general ahmed. stepping in make it is why it's clear that he's determined to see the government trigger article one zero two the latest development is the opposition which was skeptical of that of the move by the army are now saying with think the army is the making of the white shorts so i think it's just a matter of time before this whole saga comes to an end with the chapter of president as it were to occur and it. and hashim just give us
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a sense of the backdrop to all of this the conditions that algerians are dealing with there and what one day life as life has been like for them for a number of years now life has been completely crippled because of the political impasse and the hundreds of thousands of algeria as who took our to the streets are sick continue to voice the same concerns the reasons why they had to come out to the streets first of all they said that the political establishment that has been in power since one thousand nine hundred nine has been completely disconnected from reality and also grooming a group of people accused now by the people of embezzling hundreds of millions of us dollars by being affiliated to a president and also to his brother a say which of you who is widely considered the most powerful man in syria the second biggest problem of your faces is economic the economy has been in tatters because of the fall of prices of oil unemployment has been skyrocketing and people
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say that we have been marginalized for many years we don't have any say we are the underdog this explains why the hoping to see someone else they say we don't trust the constitutional council we don't trust the government we don't trust the parliament we don't trust anyone who comes from within the political elite we want someone who is respected by the algerians and this is also another problem how can the army along with the opposition with the activists come to some sort of a consensus about a new face who will lead algeria for a new transition towards what the audience say should be a genuine vibrant democracy passion thanks there has been one hundred monitoring developments in algeria force from tunisia. now the u.k. prime minister theresa may has summoned her cabinet for marathon talks on brakes it the parliament is divided whether to push for a no deal accept
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a soft raise it with closer trading ties with the e.u. or accept teresa mayes you would join agreement that deal has already been rejected three times as it stands britain is now just ten days away from leaving the european union for brennan reports from london. on any given day the majority view outside parliament fluctuates with the changing numbers of pro and anti bricks of protesters and as m.p.'s inside debated the for alternatives to teresa mayes brick city on monday it was an exit choir from yorkshire in the north of england who held sway. of the referendum based on the facts after a cooling off period subject to a lot more scrutiny than the previous one is is perhaps the best way is having a dramatic overshadowing effect the prime minister has to the knife crime summit on monday to discuss a serious recent uptick in fatal stabbings theresa may insists it's
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a priority but there is a sense that her main focus lies elsewhere and during the break the debate itself climate change protesters stripped off in the public gallery of the parliamentary chamber to draw attention away from it and on to what they said was the most important issue facing the world right now. but all eyes were on the speaker john bercow as he announced the result none of the four alternatives had secured a majority the government how to home parliament's latest failure to agree on a way forward on this is no the second time the house is considered a wide variety of options for a way forward he says once again failed to find a clear majority for any of the options three the opposition isn't giving up if it's good enough for the prime minister to have three chances at her deal i then i suggest that possibly the house should have a chance to consider again the are the options that we had before us today in a debate on wednesday the prime minister is in
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a very tight corner here being presented with options by m.p.'s which either go against her negotiating redlines or contravene her own party's manifesto pledges she can ignore the indicative votes of course because they're non-binding but m.p.'s are already gearing up to pass new legislation which would force the government to comply from there teresa mayes options really do start to dwindle but many believe the prime minister will now try to win over pro leave bricks or tears with a final ultimatum. this is now the stark reality of what we are facing what you are facing and the project that you want is very easy so you either the will of the house is this a much softer slower breaks or there is still mine deal i know you've rejected it several times but in this situation which is now the least worst option although the prime minister and cabinet meet on tuesday morning to decide their next move paul brennan al-jazeera westminster and the barker is live for us now from outside
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parliament in london so what do these what the last night's results mean then are we essentially back to square one in. well i don't think we're ever really truly back to square what we have not not shown a little bit further but the only thing that anybody could say with any great confidence is that we know what m.p.'s don't want rather than what the m.p.'s do you want the most certainly the country is stuck politically the ball is back in the government's courts we're hearing from some reports that the five hour marathon meeting of the trees a man holding with cabinet may not go on for as long as first thought it may be closer to three and a half hours in length that they may have been possibly some sort of controversial big announcement that theresa may was planning to make within that cabinet meeting that she's been encouraged to step back from what that is we can't say with any uncertainty could it have been an announcement for
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a general election possibly to step down as prime minister anything right now given this breaks that debacle is possible but what is more likely is that treason manes cabinet are likely to consider the possibility of bringing her deal or at least a peds version of it back before parliament for another go it's already been voted down three times what will happen if it's put before parliament for a fourth time we know that m.p.'s have failed to find any consensus for an alternative trees maze plan although remaining part of the customs union and holding a public vote on the final deal both did pretty well it's very difficult right now to predict what exactly the next move for the government will be they are locked in discussions for now an announcement undoubtedly will come very soon yeah lots of options there that you've laid out maybe. much an open question as to as to where
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we go from here. that's right perhaps some of the biggest questions are being asked across the english channel in brussels by e.u. officials they've been watching what's been happening here on a weekly daily bape basis with complete but will de mint possibly even hora michel barnier the east chief breaks it negotiates has been speaking this morning saying that it is the east position to pass for a no deal breaks it is incredibly important for the e.u. to instill confidence amongst all of its twenty seven member states about what could happen here having an impact what happens over there has what bonnie asset a little earlier on. was near zero desire or independence you know. never mind reside in tendency but the seventy's now prepared. to do more night.
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so of course just to remind to the d. fall position if no deal is reached if no alternative is found is that the e and the u.k. crashes and of the european union on april the twelfth there is an emergency e.u. summit on april the tends to reason may well be that the e.u. could possibly offer to resume a one of two options either to leave without a deal two days later or to possibly push for an extension that could maybe see the u.k. having to take potshots in the european parliamentary elections that could be a symbolic blow for to reason may having to go through a whole process of electing officials to an institution of the u.k. is meant to be leaving we know that british m.p.'s are talking seriously about trying to push for another round of indicative votes before the end of the week or so considering forcing the british government to legislate on
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ensuring that no deal is taken off the table so there is some movement from m.p.'s and of course we are now waiting for the all important conclusion of the cabinet made meeting at taking place at downing street as i speak all right need thanks that need bought a lot from me in london. as well as opposition leader has denounced a move to have him stripped of his parliamentary immunity supreme court once won by those immunity lifted so he can face prosecution for alleged crimes has declared himself interim leader and once president nicolas maduro to step down all that's in america and it's a new see a new man has more now from caracas. as opposition leader prepared to walk onto the stage at a small rally and could act as a pro-government armed group to tear gas at his caravan and fired shots into the
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air. the incident occurred shortly after the supreme court ordered the all powerful could stay tuned assembly district wide all of his parliamentary immunity for disobeying a travel ban last month. the move brings bible one step closer to being arrested but even means defiant obvious that. he can take their offer and strip i am unity to where they see fit but we will continue working continue mobilizing on the streets and organizing this is persecution this is a dictatorship. is the president of the opposition controlled legislature which is not recognized by the middle government but sixty countries including most of latin america europe the us and canada recognized by the law as venezuela's interim president. as the power struggle escalates and israel remains nearly paralyzed by more than three weeks of power blackouts and acute what are shortages
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. oh desperate residents of this working class caucus neighborhood waited to fill containers from a spring that leaks water into a parking lot these people have been here since five o'clock in the morning and it's now almost mid day it's very very hot they haven't had water for five days and tempers are really beginning to flare as they try to break their way in past that gate to try to get a little bit of a. water. the police arrived just in time to restore order but people say president nicolas maduro decision to ration power for the next thirty days in an attempt to stabilize power and water supplies is not enough see my gallantly there's no water no power nothing works no metro no transportation we have to beg for a drop of water no one can work like this. it's easy to blame the united states but nicolas maduro is the one who's responsible for what happens in venezuela. but
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some believe there's another culprit. is to blame he says he wants our president to go but even without water and power we will remain firm by his side. for how long is the question as well and his supporters attempt to elevate the pressure for regime change despite the growing risks you see in human i'll just practice. plenty more ahead on this news out spied on by the united arab emirates well known faces in the arab media are targeted by hackers going hungry in kenya and a warning about a growing crisis in many other african countries too. plus later is boredom a walkie box move within sight of securing the n.b.a.'s best wreck or heading into the playoffs.
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all that still have a first the family of murdered saudi journalist she has reportedly received millions of dollars worth of compensation from the kingdom the u.s. newspaper the washington post says the relatives were given expensive homes in saudi arabia as well as large monthly payments the article also says her two sons and two daughters may soon get payouts were tens of millions of dollars each as so-called blood money. what's now been six months since a saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered in turkey had to take a look at how the case unfolded was a saudi writer and columnist for the washington post newspaper and a u.s. resident here lived in the u.s. in self-imposed exile since twenty seventeen after writing and broadcasting critical comments about the saudi crown prince mohammed bin men according to c.c.t.v. footage to show g entered the saudi consulate in istanbul at one fourteen pm in
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october on october the second last year he had gone to the consulate to get papers certifying his divorce you needed those documents to marry his fiance turkish turkey turkey is a teach a change is she was waiting for him outside the consulate and three hours later had t.j. asked consulate staff where her fiance was she was told he had left the building through the back door it took two weeks for saudi authorities to finally allow turkish investigators inside the consulate ten days later after repeatedly changing the story and denying any knowledge of where about saudi arabia admitted he had been the victim of premeditated murder inside the consulate building or that murder heat international pressure on the saudi leadership leadership specifically the crown prince andrew symonds reports the cia may have pointed the finger of
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suspicion of mohammed bin soma ruler of saudi arabia but nevertheless it's this date itself that's in charge of bringing. givers to justice maybe other investigations but norm show any sign of taking the case away from saudi officials who vehemently deny the crown prince ordered because george is murder. turkey has worked relentlessly is attempting to get extradition of the men saudi arabia had accused of being part of a rogue plot to murder because georgie from the very outset turkish investigators suspected the saudis were more engaged in a whitewash than an inquiry and the un has acknowledged that turkey was prevented from getting access to the murder scene at a crucial time turkish leaks to the media showed c.c.t.v. pictures and the names of fifteen men suspected by turkey of having been part of a hit team that killed khashoggi in the saudi consulate. turkey asserted that it
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had strong evidence tape recordings held of the gruesome murder it passed on to foreign governments and the cia but body couldn't be found. last november the saudi public prosecutor announced that out of twenty one suspects taken into custody eleven had been indicted and he said five could face the death penalty on charges of ordering and committing the crime and the motion is agreed to u.s. senators have provided some hope for those campaigning for an independent investigation but last month a closed door briefing at the white house ended with little achieved senators including republican lindsey graham said the meeting was a waste of time like many he believes donald trump who on different issues as a close ally won't ever accept intelligence information from the cia that mohammed bin salmond ordered the murder. the un initially reluctant to get involved is
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now attempting its own inquiry led by agnes kalmadi a special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions yet made a request to the saudi government for access to the consulate and later she said saudi arabia is grievously mistaken if it sinks its secretive trial process conforms to international standards the accused haven't been named but one man known to be one of the suspects is reported to have been freed he's souled al khatami who was a close advisor to bin psalm the washington post has quoted unnamed u.s. and saudi sources as saying the crown prince still seeks advice for. andrew symonds. eight and white is the director of ethical journalism network he joins us now from london to talk more about this so what one of the issues of course that was that was came about as it was. alt of the murder of
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gemayel. is this whole issue of press freedom to what extent has his murder highlighted the need do you think to protect journalists and free speech has it made a difference. yeah i mean i think it certainly has made a difference it's highlighted the fact that governments need to be held to account and i think the hevia of the saudi government in the way that they've dealt with the investigation into the case sort of demonstration just how much of a problem impunity is when governments decide really not to take seriously attacks on journalists and attacks on press freedom i mean i think if you look at the as you've just heard in this particular case the saudi government is using a variety of methods to avoid taking responsibility it's applying secrecy in the
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trial process ignoring international standards of justice it's paying what some media are calling blood money to the family of khashoggi in order to keep to keep them silent so they don't speak out about what's happening it's absolutely failed to cooperate with the international u.n. investigation and it still hasn't delivered any information about the remains of casualties body and and is still remain training a really clear and secretive line now all of that really contributes to a widespread concern among journalists and press freedom groups internationally that what the saudis are doing are showing to governments that do not want to toe the line do not want to be held accountable that if you string it out for long enough if you ignore the demands of human rights bodies and this simple standards that have been agreed internationally you can get away with it this is really not acceptable so the sooner we can have more international pressure to bring the
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saudis into line with international standards and for them to deliver some clear transparent and independent arms on the case journalists will not feel that in any way they are in any small safe position as a result of this case but what the. the international pressure do you think can be applied here that hasn't been applied over the last six months i mean if you talk there about governments like saudi arabia needing to be held to account yet as you say. they've strong this along and just kind of played for time and continue to act with impunity yeah i mean that's absolutely right but the fact the matter is look at the human rights council a short while ago. more than thirty governments made a clear resolution and statement condemning the saudis for for what they are doing . not so important but the fact of the matter is the elephant in the room here is
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the failure of the united states to stand up alongside other democratic governments in condemning what's happened in the case in demanding that the saudi government is more open and less secretive and and respects international standards of justice so the fact that the u.s. is standing aside from the international community is condemnation of the saudis is a major problem and i think therefore that somewhere more pressure has to be brought to bear we know that in congress voices are being raised against the. action that is not being taken by donald trump so there is hope that actually more pressure will be brought to bear and i think it's necessary that. the saudi government is isolated internationally it's already a government which has been condemned for its treatment of women it's a government that's been condemned for its torture of political prisoners and it
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should be roundly condemned for its failure in the case so there's a lot more that can be done and i think more democratic governments need to join this push to hold it saudis to account for it to get your thoughts. on white joining us there from london thanks very much for being with us. all right in a few moments we'll have the weather with kevin carr but also still ahead on the edges in. the race to contain cholera in mozambique nine hundred thousand doses of vaccine are on the way. photos fit for a top prize we see the leading contenders at a famous american institution. and later the hockey team hitting their playoff target straight here and he's here with that still.
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what we have been talking about the big storm that has been coming through parts of the levant over the last couple days this is it right here you can see all the clouds all the way up to cause extend down here across parts of the gulf what we were concerned about the flooding situation there could be happening here across iran and exactly that is what has happened we have seen more flooding in this area now this is on the heels of ace another storm that we saw earlier last week with the deadly flooding there now we're talking about here across parts of western as well as northern iran see the very heavy rain across this area the good news is most of the weather is now clearing across this area as you can see here on the satellite most of the storm system is moving to the north as well as the east so we are going to be seeing drier conditions but it's going to take a while for a lot of that floodwater to start to go down we're going to be seeing a better conditions. into the low twenty's or the high teens and much of that
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region that steam source system has caused a big problem here across the gulf you can see all the clouds pushing through here in doha yesterday visibility came down to almost about a half a meter or less a few me half a kilometer or less in some areas and we are looking at still windy conditions as well as the possibility of seeing some thunderstorms not just today but as we go through the next few days also affecting over here towards parts of dubai and abu dhabi. the weather sponsored by cattle railways. we live in a time of war and tragedies crimes against humanity. activist repression. enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests. extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims
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the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to combat impunity and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament. and global alliance of national human rights institutions. again you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour algeria's
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president will step down by the end of this month it's unclear if the announcement will carve weeks of protests though demonstrators have been calling for the removal of the whole political establishment. britain's prime minister has summoned senior ministers from marathon talks on bragg's it parliament remains deadlocked on how the u.k. should leave the european union after failing to agree on for alternatives to theresa may steal. the family of murdered saudi journalist has reportedly received millions of dollars in compensation from the kingdom washington post says they've been given they've been given expensive homes as well as large monthly payments ashaji was killed six months ago. the united nations says war and climate related disasters are leaving millions of
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people around the world fighting against hunger every day a report from the un's food agency says in twenty eighteen more than one hundred thirteen million people across fifty three countries experienced acute hunger and needed food aid the worst food crisis was in yemen followed by the democratic republic of congo afghanistan ethiopia and syria the countries in africa remained disproportionately affected by food insecurity. one of those where the northern region often suffers from food shortages is kenya a like its ethiopian and sudanese neighbors drought regularly leads to loss of harvest catherine soy reports from turkana in the northwest mozes epee on did not hesitate when it was cause to help unload aid trucks arriving into canada their car emergency food supplies to help thousands of kenyans on the brink of starvation the construction worker lives in the administrative capital more but
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he's not faring much better than villagers in remote areas back home and he works out his family's weekly budget moses reckons he'll need to make at least ten dollars to buy basic food supplies on a good day and that on building sites but those days are increasingly feel and far between. has become so difficult the drought has made beings even harder this time last year we could get jobs more frequently than now it's tough for everyone no matter where they leave commodity prices across the country have gone up in the last few years but it's was in areas like this because traders buy their goods from other far off regions and then mark up their costs to make their margin. one in three kenyans don't have enough to eat reported a global hunger index last year. some of the cultural experts estimate african farmers suffer forty eight billion dollars of losses to their harvests every year
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kenyan firmest lose half a billion what needs to be done policies that actually hope to drive the entire global economy to us that the engine of development because dollars that daughter can be able to reduce poverty two to four times more effective than in order one of the top priorities for government leaders is ensuring all kenyans have enough to eat but critics say corruption and mismanagement of funds meant for development projects has made this difficult to achieve this government tells us he's trying the best he can with limited resources one thing that we are focusing on now is to set aside and to commercialize and this is the discussions we'll be having with the farmers and the people living in those areas so there's a lot to commercialize where we invite the private sector to come and do. it if you should using new technology with the hope of increasing food availability
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government workers maintain this enough food for bruce in drought affected areas but many kenyans want more to be done to make sure that no one goes to bed hungry catherine soy al-jazeera to kana north western kenya. russo joins us now with more from this year's from the u.n. organization that deals with food shortages thanks very much for being with us so what is it about one of the main aspects of this report for you that really jumped out to you. i think that three aspects the first one is that the numbers are slightly down because of the of last year but there is nothing to celebrate about these because we have been above one hundred million people requirement that assistance in the last three hours or this year has been a bit of improvement because the weather conditions were better in india in
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southern africa but the numbers remender same the second point which i think is absolutely crucial is that over two of the people affected by the cries use the main driver is conflict so if you look at the least of countries with diets member from starting from you men. who look at more democratic republic south sudan and so on that all that are always the main drivers are on going conflict so that is the really the the man i like of the of the report and we mentioned climate change is a factor. at the top there is as one of the causes is that also what's driving many of the conflicts around the world and will continue to do that going forward really what does it mean to the center and are interested it is clear the climate change and the increased frequency of drought leads also to competition of natural resources so it's very difficult to separate the issues of climate change with
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a show of conflict of the stars trumping the interlink but it's clear that including countries where there is a government or system that works climate change can be can be better managed any countries which we have some better suited for g.-d's so what what can be done to reverse this trend do you think. ok i think one of the of the key important things is that i'm talking from a from the federal position is first of all i think the different factors that operate in this country in this in this context from humanitarian to development to peace actors need to find a way to work better together because this is not happening at the moment there is a tendency to operate operate inside us and then a second thing which is very very important is that most of these cries they arise from the fragility of a federal system so investing in agriculture is most probably the main key
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long term solution on the short term we can provide humanitarian assistance but if you want to build up a solution is only cash that you have to you have to invest look at research from the un's food and agriculture organization thanks very much for being with us you're most welcome thank you. now a week from now israelis will be electing their next government fourteen major political parties are vying for one hundred twenty seats prime minister benjamin netanyahu of the right wing likud party is seeking a fifth term in office is the first sitting prime minister to be indicted though on corruption charges he's continued to expand illegal israeli settlements and no progress has been made towards establishing a palestinian state one of his biggest challenges are former military chief benny gantz and yet a lapid of the blue and white coalition against lead israeli forces during the gaza
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war in two thousand and fourteen on the campaign trail his focus as been on issues like the rising cost of living and fighting corruption and then as. a from the labor party which hasn't won an election in twenty years two palestinian israeli parties are also running our aforesaid reports now from west jerusalem on the battle for power. which of these men do israelis want as their prime minister for all the myriad parties and themes to loomed over this campaign the real fight remains benjamin netanyahu versus benny gantz has never had a better friend than you for israel's prime minister the strategy has been clear portray himself as the only politician capable of playing in the big league keeping israel safe and scoring wins such as last week's u.s. indorsement it was really sovereignty over the occupied golan heights like his friend in the white house he's gone on the attack against the media and the legal
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establishment whose investigation into lavish gifts and alleged media manipulation he calls a witch hunt nonetheless in the middle of the campaign his attorney general decided enough real witches were found to recommend indictment for bribery fraud and breach of trust which netanyahu denies it remained an issue for a few days on the agenda and then and then the agenda when the news agenda went on elsewhere if you are very adept at moving the news agenda and inventing ideas or using events that happened to to change the public discourse he switched the focus to the mobile phone of his opponent benny gantz after report it had been hacked by iran insinuating it might contain incriminating personal information and you know. not only from my cell phone in recent days the attacks of switch to ganser is mental stability and stamina to go with the mantra that the man netanyahu made army chief in twenty eleven is weak and of the left in response cancer is focusing on
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new corruption allegations and what he calls netanyahu weakness over gaza nonetheless one former senior israeli negotiator sees gantz taking a different approach on the palestinian issue he doesn't want to continue to rule in the people and this is in israel in one of the most important litmus this tz between. liber us and the conservative blue and white party is a last minute creation with two other former army chiefs and netanyahu is former finance minister at its own it's an unashamedly pragmatic project to get that in young out of office but winning the election in itself isn't enough it then becomes about putting together a governing coalition of parties represented in the israeli parliament the knesset and even if his likud party comes second at the polls that is where benjamin netanyahu has a distinct advantage but there have also been persistent leaks not totally refuted that dance could under certain conditions agree to serve with netanyahu in
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a unity government that would be the biggest twist yet in this bitter election season ari force it out zero western. other reuters news agency is reporting former u.s. intelligence agencies helped to the united arab emirates spy on well known faces in arab media it was part of a u.a.e. intelligence program exposed by the agency earlier this year here is their report. i am hoping that cooler heads will prevail when the united arab emirates and its allies broke with neighboring could tor over a host of grievances in june twenty seventh a group of american hackers working for a secret u.a.e. spy program sprang into action as first revealed by reuters those american operatives had once worked for the n.s.a. and other u.s. spy agencies but they now worked as part of a u.a.e. cyber squad called project raven using skills they learned in the u.s. to spy on opponents of the u.a.e.
1:44 pm
monarchy the team of americans now turned those skills an american ally qatar as the u.a.e. joined by saudi arabia egypt and baccarin imposed a blockade accusing could torah financing extremist groups in the region writers correspondents joel shechtman and christopher being uncovered the story so what we found was that after the blockade took effect project or a van ramped up its monitoring of. you know of qatar in general of its surveillance of qatar and specifically ramped up its you know its surveillance of media figures according to documents the u.s. mercenary hackers begin targeting a number of journalists especially those at the could tor funded al-jazeera network both countries viewed the network's expansive coverage of the arab spring uprisings as a deliberate attempt by qatar to fuel opposition to their monarchs al-jazeera says it's an independent news service giving a voice to everyone in the region former operative say their goal as they hack
1:45 pm
their targets was to find material showing that could torre's royal family was pulling strings in the local media since the emirate is believe that these journalists have such close ties to the qatari government they believe that by hacking the i phones of these reporters. you know that it would give them access to like emails or messages or intelligence about the qatari government it so. off the u.s.a.'s ministry of foreign affairs did not respond to requests for comment in the n.s.a. declined to comment according to program documents by its all customers one target he is the host of a popular debate show on al-jazeera cold opposite directions the network's chairman was also hacked the u.s. ambassador to qatar during the gulf crisis the missile smith said she found it alarming that american intelligence veterans were able to work for another government in targeting in america now ari a greek prime minister alexis tsipras says on an historic visit to newly named
1:46 pm
north macedonia it's happening ten months after both countries ended a dispute over the name macedonia north macedonia as prime minister says he's looking forward to more cooperation between the two countries nine hundred thousand doses of cholera vaccine will arrive in a city in mozambique devastated by the cycle and last month world health organization is starting a major vaccination program in the port city of bear on wednesday contaminated water supplies are creating the conditions for cholera to spread there about two hundred people are being infected every day the total has risen to more than a thousand in the past few days for me to miller has more now from johannesburg in neighboring south africa. aid organizations are trying to work as quickly as possible to administer the color of vaccinations across barrow which is an area which was devastated by cycle only it died two weeks ago and now they will have
1:47 pm
about nine hundred thousand doses of the vaccine delivered to mozambique today but ahead of that awareness is very important trying to get people into treatment centers and trying to access areas that were devastated by the cycle and that at some point remain in excess of all the united nations will be holding an emergency meeting to coordinate its response and has also said that it's set up about eleven treatment centers across the cycle dr which areas now that number is significant given the extent of the outbreak now cholera is an demick to mozambique the last outbreak saw at least two thousand people affected so this is concerning for aid agencies and then a new organization responding to this outbreak that number of the people affected by cholera has doubled each day since the outbreak began last week and this is
1:48 pm
especially challenging in an area where the water and sanitation infrastructure has been severely damaged. all right still ahead on. the son of formula one's most successful driver makes a big career move. will
1:49 pm
be awarded in the u.s. . forty eight thousand pictures were submitted for this year's contest at the smithsonian institution to team members who helped organize the contest explain how
1:50 pm
it works. hi i'm jeff companion i'm a photo editor at smithsonian magazine and i'm melissa wiley i manager of special projects for smithsonian dot com smithsonian's annual photo contest is a competition for photographers worldwide and the purpose of it is to find photography that inspires and captivates our readers every year we have six categories american experience natural world travel people altered images in mobile when you get down to sixty final last all of them have technical elements technical excellence and one thing that i think it really boils down to is impact oftentimes look for something that an image that has many layers of meaning is that if you want to go back to it and look at it again and again and again and get different different different points information each time you look
1:51 pm
at it. almost like listening to an album over and over again and learning hearing new bits there's an image where there's a group of folks are reenacting the passion of the christ and it's i love it because it's almost like it's almost painting ask and it's in its creation the. the most grotesque emotions that are effect on people's faces to the extreme emotions that are right there on the faces and the layering of the composition is. really draws the reader in or there are many people who have not seen the world of his crossing over them are rever what i love about that image in particular in comparison to other images of the world of these crossing is the fact that you have those two other beast almost emerging from darkness you see the world at least on the shore that i've made it over and then the two just appearing for a very dramatic cloud of dark and that's what i find powerful about that and much
1:52 pm
photography at transcends language right we have people who don't speak english very well who are submitting her contests and it's beautiful that those stories can be shared universally and i think that's the power photography all right skittles one of his and a thank you had seven years after his father last competed in a formula one race mick schumacher is accelerating his own career the twenty year old stepping into a ferrari f one car that see michael schumacher won five world titles with she mark in making his f one dive units has for ferrari the bahrain shrunk which hosted sunday's grown prix the german is racing in the form that suit championship this season but is also part of the ferrari driver academy which aims to prepare young drivers for a career in f one and michael schumacher is the most successful driver in the history of f one with seven world titles a ninety one draw prix wins in twenty thirteen he suffered a severe brain injury while skiing in france he hasn't been seen in public since
1:53 pm
and the schumacher family will not spoke about his condition or mick was fourteen at the time of the accident and skiing alongside his father he was already competing in junior racing series about simon is the reigning formula three champion. being compared to my father was never a problem for me as it's very simple for me being compared to the best driver in f one history is the goal you know you want to achieve and. to have that as my my idol and my father's is something very special and i feel honored to be to be compared to him because i can just learn and try to improve well earlier on we spoke to f one right to luke smith about the early impact schumacher jr is making. we saw the saw the formula to race at the weekend the was on the pole position and really cut across the line and the commentator said it was a human to chop quite reminiscent of his father which was quite cool to see. in
1:54 pm
reality i think it's a little bit too early to tell i think when dr is coming through the ranks are still really sort of honing their driving styles and things like that he's always got a very very cool head out there even on his f.t. day via the weekend he was in the series for the first time his first time racing that car and he was so cool he was able to deal with all the pressure very very well for him to get finishes in a conflict place and did really well so i think it's it's a promising start and the important thing i think has always been crucial through may express so far is he can't be rushed because of its name he can be put into a former long caught earlier than that he's ready for ferrari said he's ready this week and i think he is he has an opportunity to get a race tribe that's going to be a big big step up i think he will need a bit of time realistically with hops looking more towards twenty twenty feet off he can have two full seasons in form it's a get more experience get used to it and perhaps fight for the championship the
1:55 pm
schumacher family has been very very private regarding the condition of michael following his his skiing accident five years ago now which is understandable i think that is to be expected or so is respected by the media and by the press is something that we know is a. wished for by the family makes though he wants to prove that he's a man and he is ready to race in formula one in the near future obama's i'm right and that is really refreshing to see he's not making too much with a name which is which is good english club alston's bits returns the european champions league next season received a big boost on monday night aaron ramsey open the scoring against newcastle in the first off the for a second hole struck by leagues and the like is that right to but to know when you know mary's team moving up to third in the english premier league. we are we need another see because i think also is one one biggest tip for for our our way and after the consequence is in the table but the nest the macho guys the
1:56 pm
birth on sunday is going to be a big challenge for us fred because i knew much better way and we need to do to convince everybody can be consistent also a way. i'm running a women's world champions the usa said they won't be backing down in the legal action the entire squad is taking against his own soccer federation all twenty eight players filed a lawsuit demanding the same level of pay as the u.s. men's team the squad renewed their commitment to the calls on equal pay day it's a day dedicated to raising awareness about the global gender pay gap. i don't think you can talk about compensation articulately or intelligently and till you have a conversation about funding across the board so whether it's youth teams or staffing for each team or promotion sponsorship. you know advertising for both teams i don't think that that is equal yet so yes we're fighting for equal
1:57 pm
compensation but we're also fighting for this larger picture of investment in both programs equally the moki parks have moved a step closer to clinching home court advantage throughout the n.b.a. playoffs cooper was back in action after resting an ankle injury he scored twenty eight points to help the books to a one thirty one one twenty one win over the brooklyn nets the bucs need just one more victory to secure the n.b.a.'s best record heading into the. second i just. it's around so my police have clinched their place in the n.h.l. playoffs the leafs securing a spot in the postseason for third straight years with a victory over the new york islanders the leafs john so far as scoring in this suit one which. i. think you see. right there. ok that is high school's looking for now by so much and the
1:58 pm
end that is it for me has i'm sick of for this news hour but without lots more news in a couple of minutes when my colleagues come outside the race they was free. to . talk to one. of. the for the carter center.
1:59 pm
april on al-jazeera nato leaders will gather to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the alliance in washington d.c. madam husain engages in rigorous debate cutting through the headlines on up front twenty five years on from the genocide that killed nearly a million people rwanda has rebuilt but how far of its people have been reconciled the emmy award winning show phone lines is back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories israel is to hold an early election on the ninth of april but with a corruption scandal looming will benjamin netanyahu extend his ten years as prime minister april on al-jazeera. it made me every week a new cycle brings a series of breaking stories joy and then listening feist as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on
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al-jazeera. algeria's president says he will step down by the end of the month but is that enough to end weeks of protests demanding an entirely new government. elephant over everyone i'm come on santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera a. new deal that would move your own desire or in don't you know just ten days to go before the brags that the deadline in the e.u.'s chief negotiator says britain is getting close to leaving without a deal. six months after the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi and reports cited.


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