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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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there with a temperature of about twenty four degrees. carrying this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes but in go algeria's ailing president finally quits after weeks of protests. about what they want to jubilation in the streets around the president. but israel's opposition leader is now facing criminal charges accused of violating the constitution. we can and must find the compromises that will do
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what the british people voted for and political rival to help say deal. the twenty year old algeria's president is over abdel aziz beautifully guy has resigned following weeks of nationwide protests now the focus is on what happens next with the leadership that's divided the country. reports. it's the moment millions of had been demanding in a rare public appearance of frail looking abilities put a flieger handed over his resignation letter to the head of the constitutional council and seeing his twenty year rule as president elbows area his statement was read on state television that eighty two year old said this decision is triggered by my eagerness to prevent that verbal excesses that unintentionally mark the situation turn into
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a potentially dangerous drifts the resignation came shortly after the country's army chief warrant of immediate action to remove the president from office well after. the show i would use very once again we emphasize that our effort to solve this crisis is based on our allegiance to the country and we are confident that the people can overcome any crisis we also believe that individuals will vanish but the country will remain forever. that. news of the resignation turned to weeks of protests and to celebrations at the end of october the cuban that we won the battle of but we still have to win the war there's still a lot of work to do but if legal has rarely been seen in public since he suffered a stroke in two thousand and thirteen his plans to seek a fifth presidential term sparked a national outcry and appear to turn many of his key allies against him. the protesters have welcomed would have leaders resignation but say it's not enough
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there's a hole in the gut that we need to remove the previous regime that will be the hardest thing it's hard to do so peacefully but i have trust that i'll jerry and people can move to a country of institutions not gangs. there's a growing demands for a complete overhaul of all derrius political system a call to push the inner circle out and replace it with a truly democratic government if they want to get rid of the. whole system only which means all of the political arena all the businessmen made up billions in their era for what was upon a president's resignation argyria is constitutional states the speaker of the upper house steps in as interim leader for up to ninety days during that time a presidential election must be organized because a lot of the right got to do that because i hope the trust we put in the army won't
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be betrayed like it was in the past we gave our trust and it must not be turned against us we want to choose the next president ourselves all eyes will be on exactly how that process takes place at a historic moment in the country's history katia locus of a young al-jazeera. let's bring in algeria analyst rushdie a louis and montgomery alabama who joins us via skype from there we appreciate your time so much are you surprised at how quickly this all transpired. thank you for having me not really. since ever since gates do you chief of staff of the army and the beauty of minnesota parents. got involved in the process and started making the small statements like the one in every twenty second he said the people in the army have shared the same vision and then he went to crescendo. and and his
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statement got harder and are going harder until today where we've seen three of statement all of them against not only would also all the clan that should portable to the governments his grandmother his inner circle and there was almost a logical conclusion. to two weeks of protests in two weeks of. where is happening in the industry like to you think was the tipping point. the tipping point thing that pushed or didn't military to intervene in this manner is a thank they heart. the inner circle all around. is trying to push the army out. that there is a speculation and therefore they are they been thought not i was proactive
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in pushing good before things got. really radicalized think got violent because you notice that the street is not. calm you notice that there is no appetite in the army in the military and in mysterious to sion to go out and crack down in the process so he was left almost with no choice but to push slowly which little towards all which he has successfully done so in many when i did not resign he was it was more so absolutely ok so going forward what do you see as the key thing to to keep an eye on going forward for this transition period going forward we have to keep an eye on two actors. the first lot is the military they will be a major player and
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a measure actor in any negotiation going cool and the second one is this opposition that we see if people say it's a literalist opposition but i do disagree a little bit yes there is no single leader of the opposition but there are leaders all of them and i can cite some of them like unstoppable shasha you can with a couple. wire e even former candidates for the presidency only been pleased is coming back and start making serious statements so and all of this figures are cool listen around the single platform a single message. there is articulate around our. having an interim president an interim improv prime minister and. basically call in assembly cost as usual assembly to revise the constitution deeply and there is
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a process of transition that will last at least at least a year ok we appreciate your time very much rusty a lowly thank you very much thank you very much let's take now as a samus area in algeria internal us whistle leasure an independent who joins us via skype from algiers we appreciate your time very much so now that the protesters have gotten this particular part accomplished a huge accomplishment this is what they wanted was the president to step down what is it that you had there saying they want next. well the resignation of which is a france victory for injury and protests people have been progressing for one month for more than one month but people are one this is just what the first but there is a war to be will need to be won we want to steal them and then to get rid of the the whole system the whole political system the region of would have league up with if you go is that is just this shining this shining part of the moon this is still
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the dark side of the moon that this suit be so is there is out of iraq this is there an apparatus or a leadership in place and the opposition to lead that where the people the big will now don't believe in them in the end yet you know a position that europe was asian is really weak and people. don't trust or we need some fresh some fresh people some young people some fresh brought in the political environment so that it was you are part of the regime of what actually got so we've actually had another analysts say something similar earlier tonight so you're saying that that they people that are protesting are skeptical of the entire system whether it's beautifully or some other politicians and they want something completely different is that what you're saying you know we need we need some fresh some some new faces some young people the people are obviously happy today for that
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is a nation of which have we got what they need they want some some new faces they want this is the dissolution of leading parting the outside and even even there they are there on the mound in the solution of the opposition parties so they don't trust the opposition parties sit back and this is a process this is a long haul to change something that has been in place for so long do you think that the people that want this realize or accept that. yeah the treatment true today is that. the main concern is to have the suits so small as possible transition without faces from would just leave us reaching ok and we could couldn't do the army. transition but we are still that we are still it people are out clearing the same scenario of egypt. they appeared in the same scenario when the army took over after the fall of prison wara. so we'll have to keep our eye on all
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of those factors as a missionary with a as an independent thank you very much and. so how well are jarius longtime leader be remembered bernard smith takes a look back at his career he was algeria's longest serving president abdelaziz bouteflika also managed to hold the country together during the arab spring there were protests in january twentieth over poverty and unemployment the government responded by creating thousands of small business opportunities with generous incentives to young entrepreneurs reducing food prices and ending a decades old state of emergency. despite this riots continue a sign that not everyone was happy with how beautifully go around algeria. beautifully cook is considered a national hero by his supporters he fought on the battlefield during algeria's war
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of independence from france and then served as foreign minister until nine hundred seventy nine. in the early one nine hundred eighty s. he was accused of corruption and went on a self-imposed exile the charges were later dropped and at the end of the civil war in the late one nine hundred ninety s. he won an election with the backing of the military the opposition so the vote was raked beautifully because critics accuse him of clinging to power and cracking down on his opposition. during his second term in office he managed to change the constitution to allow him to run for an unlimited number of terms so with mounting control of a c. and popular unease among his opponents who to flee to won a third election in two thousand and nine and the fourth in twenty fourteen by the time he won that election he was frail and rarely seen in public and some said he was no longer fit to govern western leaders considered him an important ally in the
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fight against armed groups in north africa who to flicker had zero tolerance towards these groups and the heavy handedness linked to that approach sometimes cost civilian lives in twenty thirteen thirty foreign workers including western nationals were killed when beautifully ordered the army to storm a gas plant in the algerian desert the aim was to rescue hundreds of hostages held by an armed group affiliated with al qaeda critics believe beautifully could have saved lives how do you negotiate a safe exit for the civilians. but beautifully his grip on power started to slip when he announced his bid to run for a fifth term hundreds of thousands of algeria has poured into the streets in the biggest demonstration seen since independence from france in one thousand nine hundred sixty two for five weeks the protesters demanded the president and his allies resign beautifully to first try to placate the protesters by reversing his decision to stand again and perspiring april's elections the eighty two year old
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who suffered a stroke in twenty thirteen said he'd stay on until a new constitution is adopted. but it wasn't enough to stop the revolt and the protests continue. any decision making capacity beautifully had left was taken from him by the army high command the chief of staff call for the implementation of an article in the constitution which allows for the president to be removed because of ill health. i his opponent city's main legacy is one of economic stagnation and widespread corruption his supporters insist he brought much needed stability to algeria but it's made. in the news hour including the fight between benjamin netanyahu and his former army gets better just ahead of israel's general election. into refugee students have been expelled from schools in bangladesh. i'm ashamed
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that. goes by without these camino tory acts taking place on the field. and in sport the head of football's european governing body speaks out against. politicians loyal to venezuela's president nicolas maduro have stripped opposition leader was munity he now faces prosecution for allegedly violating the constitution after the clearing himself in iran president bush administration and other latin american countries recognize quiet oh is that israel is a legitimate leader president maduro blames the u.s. for trying to install what he calls a puppet government to seize venezuela's oil reserves or latin american or lisieux newman joins us live from caracas so this is all happened while i was speaking out with what's he been saying. yes you have her show he was speaking from the
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basketball court outside of the building where he lives he was surrounded by his neighbors and members of the media members of the national assembly that's controlled by the opposition and he said and i'm quoting him i have a commitment to a commitment to you and to the venezuelan people but if they come to me and when you have his when he says kidnapped he means if he is detained if he is arrested then that won't stop us there is no going back now you know what to do even if i'm not there he sounded very confident very very serene he also said that he had been receiving phone calls already from foreign ministers and even presidents but he didn't specify who they were when asked by the media so when saying that there have been a lot of world leaders that have been in his corner particular the u.s. any indication of how the u.s. might react in the course of the road taking this action against. well i don't think that they're going to react very well john bolton the u.s.
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national security advisor has said over and over again that if president maduro did anything to him harmed him or tried to imprison him there would be a quote significant response from the united states president trump at one point saying that if he did that that would be the worst mistake in his life so there's been there's been this kind of a language but no specific new report or specific threat about exactly what united states would do it was over going to have to be very attentive to see exactly how the white house responds in the morning to what has just happened or what may happen because while he's also he's going to continue his business as usual he doesn't recognize the constitutional assembly is right to arrest him to lift his immunity or anything else and the white house had said more or less the same things were really depends on how quickly the supreme court or the police mauled against my daughter was in a life for us in caracas thank you. britain's
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prime minister theresa may has offered to sit down with the leader of the opposition to try to break the deadlock over breck's it case it will leave the european union in ten days but so far parliament has not agreed on a withdrawal plan theresa may says so last the e.u. for a further extension to avoid crashing out without a deal and i got reports a softening of the prime minister's previously it movable red lines in a bid to end the deadlock i've always been that we could make a success of no deal in the long term but leaving with a deal is the best solution. so we will need a further extension of article fifty one that is as short as possible and which ends when we pass a deal embattled but determined to keep going to resubmit a offer to meet with the opposition leader jeremy corbyn to find a new bracks it plan and attempt perhaps to leave behind a deeply divided party to seek a national consensus and bracks it the big u.k.
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more closely aligned with the european media so far she hasn't shown signs of compromise but i'm pleased that today she has indicated she will accept if you are prepared to reach out and have that discussion earlier on in downing street one by one they arrived members of the cabinet gathered attempting to plot a course through the chaos no deal is in sight at the u.k. is running out of days to make one this is the current state of brics it a high risk game where one side is waiting for the other to blink first and time is not on anyone's side the stakes are higher than ever as is the risk of the u.k. crashing out of the e.u. what happens here over the next ten days will be absolutely critical polman so far has been unable to make up its mind about what kind of bracks it there ought to be but as the clock runs down so too does patience in brussels where there is little
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appetite to prolong an already over due process for the e.u. there is little comfort taken at the ever increasing possibility of a no deal divorce. or. never my desire. but you know prepared. to do more like. meanwhile ahead of next week's e.u. summit island's prime minister met for talks with the french president it might call has been vocal on the u.k.'s need to come up with a deal as soon as possible not least to safeguard its fellow e.u. members from the fallout of a new deal scenario it has taken two and three quarter years for the u.k. to reach this point attitudes have hardened as has the anger at the impasse police on cheese day said they were investigating two bump sketches on the rail network
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which they say bricks it related many are looking to the end of this chaotic period in british politics but the forces it has unleashed have already cost the shadows over the u.k. so to al-jazeera london. and a week from now israelis will be electing their next government fourteen political parties are competing for one hundred twenty seats prime minister benjamin netanyahu of the right wing party is seeking a fifth term in office he is the first sitting prime minister to to be indicted on corruption charges is continue to expand illegal israeli settlements and no progress has been made towards establishing a palestinian state is biggest challengers are former military chief benny gantz scenario left out of the blue and white coalition against israeli forces during the gaza war and two thousand and fourteen on the campaign trail as focus has been on
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issues such as the rising costs of living and fighting corruption then there is average debate from the labor party which hasn't won an election and twenty years two palestinian israeli parties are also running in a week israelis will go to the polls so decide whether to grant benjamin netanyahu a fifth term as prime minister at the heart of a campaign has been the contest between him and his former army chief and he gets hairy fosset reports some was true islam on the battle for power. which of these men do israelis want as their prime minister for all the myriad parties and themes to loomed over this campaign the real fight remains benjamin netanyahu versus benny gantz israel has never had a better friend than you for israel's prime minister the strategy has been clear portray himself as the only politician capable of playing in the big league keeping israel safe and scoring wins such as last week's u.s. indorsement it was really sovereignty over the occupied golan heights like his
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friend in the white house he's gone on the attack against the media and the legal establishment whose investigation into lavish gifts and alleged media manipulation he calls a witch hunt nonetheless in the middle of the campaign his attorney general decided enough real witches were found to recommend indictment for bribery fraud and breach of trust which netanyahu denies it remained an issue for a few days on the agenda and then and then the agenda when the news agenda went on elsewhere if you are very adept at moving the news agenda and inventing using events that happened to to change the public discourse he switched the focus to the mobile phone of his opponent benny gantz after report it had been hacked by iran insinuating it might contain incriminating personal information and you know me not only from my cell phone in recent days the attacks of switch to ganser is mental stability and stamina to go with the mantra that the man netanyahu made army chief in twenty eleven is weak and of the left in response cancer is focusing on new
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corruption allegations and what he calls netanyahu weakness over gaza nonetheless one former senior israeli negotiator sees gantz taking a different approach on the palestinian issue he doesn't want to continue to rule in the people and this is in israel one of the most important litmus this between. liber us and the conservative blue and white party is a last minute creation with two other former army chiefs and netanyahu is former finance minister at its own it's an unashamedly pragmatic project to get lit and young out of office but winning the election in itself isn't enough it then becomes about putting together a governing coalition of parties represented in the israeli parliament the knesset and even if his likud party comes second at the polls that is where benjamin netanyahu has a distinct advantage but there have also been persistent leaks not totally refuted
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that dance could under certain conditions agree to serve with netanyahu in a unity government that would be the biggest twist yet in this bitter election season kerry force it out west jerusalem school in southern bangladesh expelled expel scores of for a hanging refugee students since the beginning of the year that's according to a report by human rights watch they were born in bangladesh after their parents fled me and mars are back as the one nine hundred ninety s. but they don't have citizenship bangladesh prevents rang and children from receiving a proper education classes in refugee camps are limited to a certain age and students are excluded from national exams parents often by birth certificates just to get their children into the system. or from the bangladeshi capital dhaka. the directive to investigate and expel rowing of children came from the prime minister's office directly in november two thousand and eighteen bangladesh is not a signatory to the international refugee convention however it is
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a signatory to that convention of child's rights as well as to the covenant of economic social and cultural rights which obligated to provide education primary secondary and higher education based on the capacity available now the bangladesh haven't been fulfilling its obligation under this times now there are close to fifty five percent of the rowing up population are children and major challenge for the community and the international aid agency although there has been some hope the international n.g.o.s and local n.g.o.s been setting up learning center close to thousand of them which provides informal education in burma maize as well as in english but it is not a formal education system this doesn't provide a proper education as far as school goes the world bank in two thousand eight hundred provided twenty five million dollars to set up some school facilities within the camps to provide formal education it's still not implemented for at
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least study three hundred twenty five thousand students some hope but if the odds are growing are refugees that if they see a bleak future for them for their children without any education there seems to be any hope for their future. still ahead on al-jazeera his prime minister visits northern neighbor to finally put the rest to an ugly dispute at the u.n. warns that conflict and climate change are threatening millions of africans with hunger. and sport like bother like santa the biggest names in motor sport are reunited. again to welcome back where cross china we have seen plenty of rain over the last couple of days in the trend will continue as we go through the rest of the week the
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rain as we start here on wednesday is going to also be in the central areas all the way over towards the eastern seaboard it could be heavy at times we could be seeing in this general area where you see the darkest greens anywhere between one hundred to two hundred millimeters of rain there by thursday though that rain starts extend a little bit more towards the southwest and even northern vietnam could be seen as a very heavy rain as well for her noyo we do expect to see a temper there of about twenty eight degrees well for the southeastern part of indonesia over the next few days we are going to be watching one particular area very carefully this area where you see the clouds could potentially develop into a tropical cyclone until then we're going to be seeing some very heavy rain across much of the region that could cause a localized flooding we're not really concerned yet about winds mostly the heavy rain there it could actually drop for pollute it is going to be a rainy day for you with a temperature of about thirty degrees and then across india temperatures a slightly coming down across a heat wave area we're talking about the central regions here across parts of india
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tempters we're into the mid forty's now coming down to the low forty's down here towards hyderabad it is going to be a partly cloudy day for you with a temperature of thirty nine. the weather sponsored by qatar in. a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depĂ´t structure that maintains the color project that's what we refuse it was one of the founders of the settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the twenty first century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera around ten million yemenis are on the edge of balance examining the headlines netanyahu was looking at charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust setting the discussions you're denying that he was beaten by the police i did not deny sharing personal stories with
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a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire you and it's all done by the world is watching on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera let's take a look at the top stories right now president. has resigned after twenty years and all this for six weeks to. face mass protests calling for him to step down his fourth term. and news of the resignation led to celebrations across algeria and the capital algiers crowds gathered square where protests have taken place over
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the past few weeks. politicians loyal to venezuelan president nicolas maduro house stripped opposition leader. he now faces prosecution for allegedly violating the constitution after declaring himself an interim president. international criminal court is investigating possible crimes against humanity and mali this attacks on villagers in the north by armed militia and march hundreds were killed dozens injured. reports from. northern mali. they came on their motorbikes were hunting cost you wielding machetes and guns looking for ethnic full on these. things hundreds of men women and children were slaughtered many more were injured. we were chased from our homes we came here thinking we were safe never could i have thought
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that our neighbors here too would turn against us. this is what is left of their village. government accuse local groups where march twenty third attack the international criminal court is investigating what possibly constitutes crimes against humanity against the full on the people. these armed forces just a few kilometers away were alerted of the attack minutes before it started it took them twelve hours to come to the scene of the massacre and this is what they found despite thirty thousand un peacekeeping troops in mali they too failed to intervene we are going into a lot of situation or they can see and it's not the one of the group. but it's a group recruiting the one specific in the group going after another segment of the population and especially the french. colonies are nomadic herders they search for
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food for their cattle running into conflict with local villagers who use the land to farm the clashes often turn violent i do. mean calling for full on these to join the army movement and fight other groups in the sile the conflict is turning from an armed insurgency to an battle with un peacekeepers struggling to maintain stability. the mandate of these peacekeepers is to protect the population from armed groups but with the recent violence targeting the population they're having to now protect the full on these from their own neighbors that are targeting them. more full on the homes are being attacked in . the full army are people at the center of an expanding conflict with the violence spreading from village to village. nicholas hawk al jazeera.
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president has taken a step back from this threat to close the border with mexico it's been accusing mask mexico of not doing enough to stop central american migrants from making their way to the u.s. border but there's been pressure from u.s. companies who say that closure of the southern border would disrupt trade. more from washington d.c. . ever since donald trump repeatedly announce his intention to close the southern border beginning last week we've had reports of the white house was split into factions those warning of the enormous economic consequences of such a closure and those who feel it might be another great p.r. boost with the base already on tuesday they were getting indications that the line might be softening white house press spokesperson sarah saunders saying there was no timeframe for a border closure and then later in the day in the oval office tone from himself so fully elongated the time frame for any closure if we don't make a deal with congress or of mexico and probably you could say adoor
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if mexico doesn't do what they should be doing they should have people coming into the country that this is their southern border that they have to protect that we're going to close the border that's going to be it or we're going to close large sections of the border maybe not all of it but it's the only way we're getting a response and i'm totally ready to do it don't trump was also asked about his decision to cut off aid to guatemala el salvador and honduras something that may its all good increase the number of refugees flowing into the united states don't trump said that as far as he was concerned these countries did nothing for the u.s. and quote we're not going to have it anymore more and more americans are struggling to pay their rent and the problem is not just limited to major cities politicians but on tuesday to discuss the growing housing crisis in rural areas and gallagher has this report from florida. across rural communities in the us a crisis is unfolding with potentially catastrophic consequences affordable housing is in
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desperately short supply while the rents for existing homes which are often in disrepair a rising to an affordable rate. here is a story that may knows all too well like many in rural communities she's paid minimum wage and will be facing rents of close to two thousand dollars if she had found help message to politicians is simple everything is so high no. so everything goes up but our pay doesn't get goes up they say we still get paid as a minimum wage so we can afford it panettone family now live here at rural neighborhoods in homestead rents a subsidized by the government as the projects like hitting are in woefully short supply so we lose business and if we lose businesses. or rural neighborhoods president stephen kirk says if issues like funding new construction and government intervention on to dressed the future for rural
5:37 am
communities is bleak it may just require low interest loans that may require. some police ferenc but without the we're we're killing rural america we're killing rural towns and people have to leave to find jobs in other places and then they face a similar problem in urban america across the u.s. newly arrived migrant workers the elderly and the poor a facing a crisis that if left unchecked will have consequences for the entire nation in many places food banks are busier than ever direct effect of the rising cost of living what projects like rural neighborhoods do for families is give them dignity and security but the picture for eight million others across the u.s. is growing increasingly desperate experts say one in four rural communities is now facing an affordable housing crisis set to get worse if it's not addressed and gallacher al-jazeera homestead florida. that's in six months in saudi journalist
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marcus was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul as a body still hasn't been found a cult killings are international pressure increase on the saudi leadership specifically the crown prince who has been accused of ordering his murder andrew symonds reports. the cia may have pointed the finger of suspicion of mohammed bin salma ruler of saudi arabia but nevertheless it's this data itself that's in charge of bringing jamal khashoggi is given as to justice and maybe other investigations but not on show any sign of taking the case away from saudi officials who vehemently deny the crown prince ordered his murder. turkey has worked relentlessly is attempting to get extradition of the men saudi arabia had accused of being part of a rogue plot to murder because georgie from the very outset turkish investigators suspected the saudis were more engaged in a whitewash than an inquiry and the un has acknowledged that turkey was prevented
5:39 am
from getting access to the murder scene at a crucial time turkish leaks to the media showed c.c.t.v. pictures and the names of fifteen men suspected by turkey of having been part of it team that killed khashoggi in the saudi consulate. turkey asserted that it had strong evidence tape recordings held of the gruesome murder it passed on to foreign governments and the cia but body couldn't be found. also you know to do with any in the war in iraq was last november the saudi public prosecutor announced that out of twenty one suspects taken into custody eleven had been indicted and he said five could face the death penalty on charges of ordering and committing the crime and the motion is agreed to u.s. senators have provided some hope for those campaigning for an independent investigation but last month closed door briefing at the white house ended with little achieved senators including republican lindsey graham said the meeting was
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a waste of time like many he believes donald trump who on different issues is a close ally won't ever accept intelligence information from the cia that mohammed bin salmond ordered the murder. the un initially reluctant to get involved is now attempting its own inquiry led by agnes kalamata special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions yet made a request to the saudi government for access to the consulate attack later she said saudi arabia is grievously mistaken if it sinks its secretive trial process conforms to international standards the accused haven't been named but one man known to be one of the suspects is reported to have been freed he's souled al khatami who was a close advisor to bin psalm the washington post has quoted unnamed u.s. and saudi sources as saying the crown prince still seeks advice from.
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andrew symonds. and the us president has accused germany of failing to pay its fair share into nato speaking after talks with the organization secretary general in washington donald trump warned that members contributions to the security alliance will have to increase and really help at reports. when germany obviously is not paying their fair share calling out members by name donald trump didn't hold back as he sat down at the white house with the nato secretary general crediting himself with the uptick in defense spending if you go back ten and fifteen years and it's a rollercoaster ride down in terms of payment and since i came to office it's a rocketship up the u.s. president's criticisms aren't new he's repeatedly attacked the nato alliance at one point calling it obsolete he's walked back those criticisms but routinely complains the us shoulders nato's defense burden it helps them there in europe helps them
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a lot more than it helps us trumps views have made nato leaders wary of their partnership in twenty seventeen he refused to endorse the mutual defense commitment in place since one thousand nine hundred forty nine known as article five of the nato treaty some reports and suggested president trump has privately told advisors he wants to withdraw from nato potentially destroying the alliance that's why many nato members remain suspicious of the u.s. commitment to nato members fear a weakened alliance without the united states would be powerless to contain russia's advance into ukraine and threats to its neighbors that's why steps have been taken to strengthen the pact as a result of trump's threats and spurred on intentionally perhaps a movement towards european autonomy greater european autonomy so it's been happening for a long time but i think maybe it helps the europeans pick up the pace a little bit of building their own capability separate from nato but for all of
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trump's criticisms the u.s. congress still supports nato january bipartisan legislation passed in the house of representatives blocking tromp from withdrawing from the twenty nine nation pact there similar legislation in the senate knowing this nato as leaders sought. reassuring members from the oval office after years over cutting the from subjects need. to invest more on by the end of next year the hundred billion more. into the defense budgets. it's a message stoltenberg who will preside over a nato meeting in washington this week hopes to impress on an ambivalent u.s. president in order to preserve the alliance kimberly helped get al-jazeera the white house. greece's prime minister alexis tsipras says hailed his new ties during the landmark visit to north macedonia and is happening ten months after both
5:44 am
countries ended a dispute over the name macedonia macedonia as prime minister says he's looking forward to more cooperation between the two countries. or mr mosca has more from scope the capital fourth macedonia. it was a historic day for agrees and for an order must have gone you know first time ever one greek prime minister used to be sitting in this country let me remind you of the two countries more than three decades dispute about what they used to call the term macedonia and the name of this country which was the republic of macedonia but after the press. was remained in republic of north. prime minister today here is called yeah i said that this is very important to mr at this day and to these three you wrote to well this country's need to go forward and not to even today history dozens of contracts are signed today but this
5:45 am
important piece of economy called the ration between two countries in the line here is called will be held one business forum and reach for real will be attended by more than four hundred representatives. of the companies from both countries when a very important contract was signed in two days here is that recoveries shown real quick thanks to mr dorner airspeeds let me remind you that north korea doesn't have its own of the as to be here from the prime minister here. macedonia east respecting the same help for its feet became a member of european union. a report by the united nations food agency says that in two thousand and eighteen more than one hundred thirteen million people across
5:46 am
fifty three countries experienced acute hunger and needed food aid countries in africa are particularly vulnerable catherine sort reports from to qana and kenya's northwest. mozes epee on did not hesitate when he was called to help unload aid trucks arriving into qana their car you margin seafood supplies to help thousands of kenyans on the brink of starvation the construction worker leaves in the administration's capital but he's not faring much better than villages in remote areas back home as he walks out his family's weekly budget moses reckons he'll need to make at least ten dollars to buy basic food supplies on a good day on that on building sites but those days are increasingly few and far between. has become difficult the drug has made beings even honda i've used him last year we could get jobs more frequently than now it's tough for everyone no
5:47 am
matter where the commodity prices across the country have gone up in the last few years but it's was in areas like this because trade does buy their goods from other far off regions and then mock up the costs to make their margin. one in three kenyans don't have enough to eat reported a global hunger index last year. some of the cultural experts estimate african farmers suffer forty eight billion dollars of losses to their harvests every year kenyan firmest lose half a billion what needs to be done policies that actually hope to drive. the engine of development because there was a good outcome be able to reduce poverty two to four times more effective than in what i said one of the top priorities for government leaders is ensuring all kenyans have enough to eat but critics say corruption and mismanagement of funds meant for development projects has made this difficult to achieve this government
5:48 am
tells us he's trying the best he can with limited resources one thing that we're focusing on now. is to set aside land to commercialize and this is a discussions we'll be having with the farmers and the people living in those areas so there's a lot to commercialize where we invite the private sector to come and do. it if you should using new technology with the hope of increasing food availability government workers maintain this enough food for bruce in drought affected areas but many kenyans want more to be done to make sure that no one goes to bed hungry catherine soy al-jazeera to kana north western kenya senegal's president macky sall has been sworn in for a second five year term fifty eight percent of the vote in february as election opponents accused him of her venting some of his rivals from running but the results were not contested. final term as president under senegal's two term policy
5:49 am
iranian government has ordered the evacuation of seventy villages threatened by flooding a state of emergency has been declared in many southern provinces where mohammed reports. iranian pictures of the floods showed the extent of the damage caused washed away roads blocked trees submerged and water waist deep homes schools and commercial buildings stood little chance iranian authorities have ordered the evacuation of seventy villages in the southwest oil rich province of kusa ston near the days and car care rivers due to a growing risk of flooding the army has been brought in to help the displaced. for as long as people need us we stand by the people we will stay here until bridges are reestablished and hospitals are operational. the order comes as iran's foreign minister javad zarif accused u.s. sanctions of hindering aid efforts to affected areas saying this isn't just
5:50 am
economic warfare it's economic terrorism iranian authorities are using the military helicopters to help with the rescue operation that's been a shortage since the u.s. imposed sanctions on iran after president trump withdrew from the iran nuclear deal last year in response the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei offered his condolences to the victims of the flood but blame the iranian government of mismanagement in urban planning and emergency preparedness iran has experienced some of the heaviest rain in a decade various provinces have been devastated by more than two weeks of nia constant rain affecting tens of thousands of people and while those who have survived try to save what's left of their belongings more storms a full cost in the coming days. hammad al-jazeera. so ahead on al-jazeera and support manchester united suffers a major setback. for the champions league.
5:51 am
5:52 am
time for sport with our thanks very much montenegrin football officials have apologized to england players that were racially abused during a euro twenty twenty fire last month they came during a conference on antidiscrimination at wembley the general secretary of the montenegro f.a. says he didn't personally hear the alleged racial chance but said if they are proven by you comply with any punishment handed out only if you can order those
5:53 am
rules i would like england to come to montenegro again so we can enjoy watching them play so we can greet them with cheers if it's proven that they were insulted then this was an act of a few individuals a few full weeks for whom there will no longer be any place now stadiums the head of football's european governing body says he's ashamed that acts of discrimination continue to happen at all levels of the sport every week i'm ashamed to see extremist movements use our sport as a vehicle for their messages of hatred and intolerance a stadium must not and must never be a forum in which people are allowed to express their sickening fascist. wells have beaten manchester united for the second time in two weeks dealing a major blow to united champions league hopes united open the scoring as they look to put their f.a. cup
5:54 am
a limitation behind them but wolves equalised ten minutes later united were then put under more pressure when captain ashley young was sent off for a second yellow card with half an hour to play an own goal having wolves the two one win leaving united fifth in the table meanwhile fullam has been relegated after their four one loss to watford it's the ninth consecutive defeat for full on who have scored just seventeen points all season the famed motor sport names of schumacher and ferrari have been reunited more than a decade since his father michael last race for ferrari son mick made his f one test debut with the team at the twenty year old proved right at home in the car as he managed to set the second fastest time in bahrain the german is part of ferrari's driver academy and is currently racing in the formula two championship but there's been talk that he could race in affluent is soon as next year if he does well the c.s.s. version is
5:55 am
a good i can tell you it was nice it was really. feeling like who were ready. it was beautiful to see to make this is let's see see all the guys which. can be nice. too i think what i want to arrive at a big leaguer is going to be as prepared as possible and i think time will tell if it's next. to the user for the. earlier we spoke to afghan writer luke smith about the early impact schumacher jr is making. we saw at the start the formula to race at the weekend was on the on pole position and really cut across the line and the commentator said it was a few match up quite reminiscent of his father which was quite cool to see. in reality i think it's a little bit too early to tell i think when dr is coming through the ranks are still really sort of honing their driving styles and things like that he's always got a very very cool head out there even on his back today via the weekend he was in the
5:56 am
series for the first time his first time racing that car and he was so cool he was able to deal with all the pressure very very well brought home to good finishes and eight and six place and did really well so i think it's it's a promising start and certainly the important thing i think has always been crucial through may express so far is he can't be rushed because of its name he can be put into a form or long caught earlier than that he's ready for ferrari said he's ready this week and i think he is he has an opportunity to get a race tribe that's going to be a big big step up i think he will need a bit of time realistically with hops looking more towards twenty twenty off he can have two full seasons in form or to get more experience get used to it and perhaps fight for the championship the schumacher family has been very very private regarding the condition of michael following his his skiing accident five years ago now which is understandable i think that is to be expected borzoi is respected by
5:57 am
the media and by the press is something that we know is a. wished for by the family makes he wants to prove that he's lying man and he is ready to race in formula one in the near future obama's i'm right and that is really refreshing say he's not making too much with a name which is which is good. katsaris nasa has dominated day to a rally in morocco the five day race takes competitors through the big dunes of the moroccan desert twenty one thousand dakar rally champion l a t along with partner max mal won the two hundred and forty kilometer second stage in a time of four hours and two minutes to extend their overall lead to more than eight minutes. it's all yours for now more later keep it on al-jazeera much more news to come visit our website as well when you get a moment al-jazeera talk column for the latest on the resignation of algeria's president keep it here to jordan as well with the rest of the day's news.
5:58 am
one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know is that it turns the body but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended used to do we were in-depth enemies and we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. across europe immigration is high on the agenda and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants' at all zero immigration but this is the one political topic anybody and everybody's discussing the far right is preparing for battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. prejudiced some
5:59 am
fried in hungary on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. twenty one the teenage years are left behind still trying to find my place trying to see where i fit in the whole picture and adult hood begins to take form i did cook occasionally but the great doesn't really want me to he wants me to stay off my feet in two thousand and six south africa revisits the children of apartheid for
6:00 am
the third time and much has changed over the past forty nina's twenty one up south africa announces iraq. finally letting go algeria as a two year old president says he's not enough to weeks of protests. the power of the people the joy on the streets of the resignation of abdul aziz beautifully. led one down in jordan this is obviously live from doha also coming up venezuela's opposition leader is facing criminal charges as he's accused of violating the constitution. and the people who survived a massacre and attack on villages in mali is being investigated.


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