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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 93  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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interim president of the country neither he nor the elected legislature exercises real power but they are recognized as venezuela's legitimate parliament and president by more than sixty countries we asked why dog about the implications of losing his immunity and in the way. they have no legal rights to lift my immunity or anything else let's call things by their name this is political persecution in venezuela harassment and states to that ism we will continue working towards the reconstruction of venezuela. in a day of dueling resolutions the national assembly passed a motion accusing mother of promoting state terrorism. this was in response to the increasing use of heavily armed civilian groups to repress opponents and intimidate protesters with venezuela embroiled in a number precedented political and economic crisis made dramatically worse by weeks of widespread power and water shortages appears to be fighting back with everything
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at his disposal just how and when the international community will respond is the big question to see in human i just got access. now farmers in brazil worrying that any possible end to the trade war between the united states and china could have major implications for their exports the soybean provides livelihoods for many in western brazil as daniel now reports. brazil is one of the world's largest oil produces a matter is the biggest producer in brazil china is brazil's biggest export market and about half of that is commodities mostly saw so when it might do its story shopping elsewhere brazilian farmers take note. when we have china negotiating with the us in these conditions almost obliged to buy saudi from the united states that is going to hit us hard about five thousand workers are employed
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in harvesting to. one hundred seventy thousand tonnes just on this twenty seven thousand hectare property. without the chinese buyers it will be complicated we're following the latest news in the papers and we're really worried. brazil's big agri business mostly backed the winning candidate. in last year's presidential elections while brazil does far more trade with china than the us the new president when. aging is not on his itinerary or the talks go on in washington in beijing to try to resolve their trade differences it's unlikely they take into account the future of these workers on the other side of the walls that these men although they have no say a very attentive their livelihoods depend on it. the state capital was founded in seventeen nineteen joining a gold rush when the gold ran out. the collective and so the arrival of big
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agriculture. in the late twentieth century the city grew rapidly from fifty thousand inhabitants to more than six hundred thousand today. parts is white gold. is used in more than two hundred sub products you can find it in medicine cosmetics but its most important use is as protein for eating livestock that converts into animal protein for the population the world's demand is huge producers here like gold will not run out but they must have. for now brazilian soy producers. waiting to see which way the international trade winds blow. to brazil. who received an unexpected response from his. being racially abused.
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minister. charges of corruption. scandal this is the first of several cases against he faces more than forty charges and all. a former prime minister accused of being involved in looting billions of dollars from the state not getting support here through prayer not chip is on trial
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for criminal breach of trust corruption and money laundering involving the alleged transfer of more than ten million dollars into his bank account if. it's called the view. not just you i'm looking forward to it because a lot is that. prosecutors say the money came from s.r.c. international a form a subsidiary of stated vestment fund one m d and there are other accusations that he faces forty two charges in total most involving claims he pocketed nearly seven hundred million dollars from one. he's due to stand trial for most of those later this year. not just says he's the victim of a political vendetta orchestrated by the current government that came into power following elections last me. and i think within the. charges that this is politically motivated but i think only is there in the off time and also public
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credibility if the evidence against him is not strong for being that one of his on the prosecution in order to bring the water but he and prove they're wrong green didn't need it when malaysian police raided properties linked to nudge it they seized handbags jewelry and cash worth more than two hundred seventy million dollars for investigators say money stolen from one m.t.b. was used to fund lavish lifestyles for not gypped his family and his associates including buying high end properties building an art collection and funding a hollywood movie one m.t.b. is being investigated in five other countries including the us the us department of justice alleges for the half billion dollars was stolen from the fund. this trial marks the first time a former prime minister of malaysia has been in but it's also significant because it will put on public record details of the fraud that allegedly occurred at one
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end and the highest offices of. our transactions were made shell companies allegedly set up to cover the money the connections between now and others accused of taking part in the financial scandal florence al-jazeera. the foreman and sun boss carlos ghosn says he is ready to give his side of the story in a scandal that was arrested on charges of financial misconduct is called a news conference for next week and says he is ready to tell the truth orson is out on bail in japan he's accused of underreporting his income and using company funds to hide his personal losses he denies the charges. time for sport is paul thanks so much a rising star of italian football has been targeted with racist abuse during a top level game nineteen year old moyse a can was playing field ventus when he suffered the abuse which the european racism watchdog fair has described as an italian epidemic for
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a small reports. the abuse of noise they can began when he bent to school would be shown a yellow card i am continued after he mischance went through on the calorie goal. i can't answer was to score and then run up to the abuse or. some of calories players did attempt to reason with their own fans while cans teammate blaise me tweedy protested to the referee and threaten to walk off. the game was delayed for about three minutes while the warning was broadcast to the crowd. but can didn't win universal support even within his own team oh it's just not. there was braces going after cancel abrasion i think the blame is fifty fifty and always i was wrong and the phones were rolling having said doubts we know we
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should be an example and we need to look forward because we only to improve in these matters this players and the whole football system itself european referees do have the power to halt a game and take players off the pitch but it rarely happens last year a referee actually yellow carded italian striker mario balotelli after he complained about race's abuse now plea manager carlo enchiladas said a referee repeatedly ignored requests stop a game against inter after his player caligula bali was subjected to monkey chants can posted a picture of his celebration online with the caption the best way to respond to racism still hope there's a wider response in football a problem that continues to blight the game far as their. sports correspondent leigh welling says the reaction of ken's own club event has puts players in a bad position. the why this unfolded actually puts
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a spotlight on its head in football puts a spotlight on the zone taillights and manager and listen to it just the way he reacted was exactly the same as how the whole sterling had reacted applying for england international once and i groaned last week responding to the racist abuse stalled a goal and made a gesture reacted to it and he was supported by his manager the self-drive that support wasn't particularly forthcoming from those that came because he had his taillight experience player leonardo baluchis signed to take some of the blame for the way he reacted in the celebration we had the same thing being said by his manager. alegria so that support for pain that should have been forthcoming wasn't then you can see how difficult it is therefore for playas i don't date officials if there is an absolute condemnation of what's clearly unfolding in the stadium a jury in the u.k. has failed to reach a verdict in the trial of the police officer in charge on the day of the hills for
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stadium disaster thirty years ago ninety six liverpool fans were killed by a crush at sheffield wednesday ground in one thousand nine hundred nine now seventy four year old david duncan failed how to deny it the gross negligence manslaughter charge the crown prosecution service is seeking a retrial form a sheffield wednesday club secretary graham micro was found guilty of a health and safety breach. brazilian football legend pele has been admitted to hospital in fronts with a strong favor the seventy eight year old was in paris for a promotional event with french world cup winner killian and by local media reporting the condition isn't life threatening. russell westbrook has made some n.b.a. history the oklahoma city thunder star became just the second player ever took hold twenty points twenty rebounds and twenty assists in a game wilt chamberlain the first in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight helping his team to win over the l.a. lakers the thunder in eighth and final playoff spot in the west. philadelphia
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phillies star bryce harper had the perfect response for fans of his former team the washington nationals. left the nationals and signed a three hundred thirteen million dollars deal with the phillies initially delighted the hunger out when he was struck out in his first game back in washington but he returned not the final say hitting a home run and an eight to two victory for philadelphia. i go out there and try to play my game understand that i have teammates and that they're gathering to pull for me every single day i have the city of philadelphia behind me each and every night and if i have that then you know nothing else matters me cuba has released a list of thirty four players that for the first time will be able to play in the united states without defecting it follows an agreement signed last december that sorts when the practice of baseball players being smuggled off the island on speedboats major league teams will pay their cuban counterparts release fee for each player some of the biggest names in the bay such as us help cubans who
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defected from their home want. oh i saw the sport for now peter paul thanks very much see you soon that's it for me piece of the team on this news hour here. lauren is in london she's back in a moment with more of the day's news also your fifteen. april on al-jazeera clogs is back with more investigative journalism an in-depth story of the world's third largest democracy heads to its presidential and legislative
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elections a documentary explores how the united states and the european union a turning a blind eye to egypt's violations of human rights prime minister modi is seeking a second term with a campaign dominated by talk of a cash man pakistan will he succeed an exclusive look at the goals behind russia's current foreign policy explained by some of the insiders who helped shape the kremlin's ideology april on al-jazeera. the war where on line what tina's taught us is to be able to be concise expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs. or if you join us on saturday israel is an apartheid state engaged in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join
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a colobus conversation. you're just back to what was the glimpse of the country to go we listen the children are deeply affected because of war we meet with global newsmakers and the stories that matter. british prime minister turns to the opposition to try to break the bricks at deadlock. on the intent of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up they succeeded in forcing the president to resign but algerian protesters remain skeptical about
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who could replace him. health officials in mozambique set out to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of people against cholera after cyclonic died. and malaysia's former prime minister pleaded not guilty to corruption charges in relation to the one n.d.b. scandal that brought down his government. and the u.k. opposition leader jeremy corbyn says talks with prime minister to resign may to try to find a breakthrough in the brics it stalemate had been useful but inconclusive discussions were called by may be trying to get support for brics it divorce deal meanwhile m.p.'s in parliament to be debating alternative ways for that forward but the barber reports. the eyes to the right three hundred ten. to the left three hundred ten. deadlock once again in parliament
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a vote on whether to hold more indicative votes of where to go with breaks it ended in a rare time so the speaker said he was following protocol in voting against it came as jeremy corbett and his team held urgent talks with prime minister to resign may the leader of the labor opposition went into the meeting with some in his own party demanding he seek a referendum on any brics it plan emerging. well this is. the prime minister's move to consult corbin after effectively giving up trying to convince her own hardline brick city is tobacco deal junior minister nigel adams to quit his post on wednesday. in his resignation letter here queues to resume a of quote trying to do a deal with a marxist but the prime minister suggested it was parliament's failure to pass her withdrawal agreement that forced her into this position and insisted her strategy could work but the purpose of meeting with the leader of the opposition today is indeed to look at those areas that we can we agree and i think there are actually
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a number of areas that we agree on in relation to that that i think we both want to deliver leaving the you with a deal i think we both want we both want to protect jobs i think we both want to ensure that we end free movement i think we both recognize the importance of the withdrawal agreement but for brussels every day makes a no deal breaks it a bit more likely speaking in the european parliament with perhaps the last ever british present the commission president was unequivocal dues of twelve april is the final date for possible approval if the house of commons does not adopt a stance before the date no short term extension will be possible after the twelfth of april we run the risk of jeopardizing the correct running of the european elections and the correct functioning of the european union. there could be no transition period following an exit the u.k. would immediately become what we call a third country with all the restrictions that brings you. when you're there would indeed be customs checks the legal and political reasons we have to be honest here
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i prefer rigorous tricks to help process or illegal trafficking even if it means a few truck use for now to resume a still aiming to get a deal passed so brics it can happen by the twenty second of may avoiding european parliament elections with next week's summit in brussels fast approaching politicians here know they'll have to. compromises if they're to avoid or no deal breaks it but while the government's reluctant to seek a way out through fresh elections to vis parliament the u.k. could still end up taking part in next month's european elections nadine barber al-jazeera london paul brennan is live from westminster central london to how likely are men called in to make tangible progress on this. well that's certainly talking and that in itself is progress but they're struggling to keep their parties on board that's for sure the prime minister wrote to all her parliamentary m.p.'s this morning asking for national unity but i have to say behind the scenes the one
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hundred twenty two for its committee for example that's a committee of backbench conservative m.p.'s met to discuss a kind of indicative vote on teresa mayes leadership and it appears that she is not very popular at all the anecdotal evidence is that some two thirds would have voted no confidence in the prime minister if they'd had the chance they don't thankfully for the prime minister and the labor party as well is. in turmoil jeremy corbin's decision to speak so closely with the prime minister and specifically about the people's vote there are many in the party including all the way up to the shadow foreign secretary thornberry who wants a people's votes to be front and center if you like of whatever jeremy called and negotiates with the prime minister jeremy goban after he'd spoken with theresa may did say that the talks have been constructive but there was a slight hint of caution when he said that she had not been she had not shown as
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much change as he had expected in her approach and what's the latest on parliament's attempt to prevent no deal. well uproar frankly i mean separate to those efforts between the two leaders parliament itself is continuing to try to avert the prospect of no deal and this is a process that began a week ago with m.p.'s take seizing control of parliamentary at the parliamentary timetable trying to railroad through a whole legislative bill in one single day now so far it's passed two stages they've just about scraped it through five votes was the last majority that they got there's been uproar in the past hour because there's been a whole raft of amendments tabled to. it's fifteen pages and then the prince approach so all kinds of shenanigans as to we haven't got the full number of sheets etc etc it is progressing it's going to be a tight run thing but it's an indication of just how tumultuous the houses of
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parliament are at the moment that the m.p.'s are trying to force this through to tar the prime minister sounds of prevents a no deal happening almost by default and then again is indeed science for action for britain thank you. i mean well britain's military says it's investigating some of its soldiers after they used an image of the opposition labor leader as target practice in footage posted online members of the parachute regiment in afghanistan could be seen shooting at an image of jeremy called bit of a body to has previously been critical of foreign intervention by the u.k. military and army official says the video shows a serious error of judgment that falls below what's expected of british soldiers. ontario's abdulaziz but if you care has issued a statement asking for forgiveness for any shortcomings the eighty two year old resigned from the presidency on tuesday after widespread protests calling for an
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end to his twenty year rule the country is now in the hands of a caretaker government with elections due in the next ninety days but matheson has more. hours after president other lizzie's blew through flicker had his twenty years in power ended the search for g.e. his new leader has begun the constitution says this man how does. the speaker of the parliament is eligible to be caretaker president for up to ninety days during which an election for a new president is expected some critics say the people won't accept him and sell it as a temple related because he's a long time beautifully ally the slogans were very clear they were calling. war of the departure of as well so don't want the transition to be led by any member who was close to the plan and.
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so i don't think that they will be acceptable. protests turned to celebrations at the news of little flickers resignation weeks of demonstrations as well as growing pressure on him to step down from the head of the army and other commanders who once supported him forced the eighty two year old to reverses an announcement to stand for the fifth time as president in a statement attributed to put a flicker on wednesday he asks algerians for forgiveness he says he's human and he makes mistakes but of late has made few public appearances since suffering a stroke six years ago his critics say he's been a front man for military and business leaders who really run the country protesters are demanding they also need to go in a clean sweep among the ruling elite but some say the power and influence of algeria is military is unlikely to change i think of the new system in a sense that i think the army is one of the people's constitutional institutions
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that is widely accepted by the algerians the role of the army now is to take the side of the people for a smooth transition of power in algeria. some aldouri and celebrated all night not just in the capital our genes but in other cities too in the light of day they'll be wondering how many of the now former president's allies will remain in power matheson. nato is actually general has warned the us congress about what he calls a more assertive threat from russia and stoltenberg addressed politicians at capitol hill to mark the seventieth anniversary of the security alliance is that nature does not want to new cold war but added that its partners must not be naive about relations with moscow or diplomatic as to james bays is live from washington d.c. so strong message there james about russia from stauffenberg. a strong message to members of congress both houses gather for a joint meeting the first time the head of an international body has a jest
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a joint meeting here and there was a standing ovation for stoltenberg for nato for seventy years of nato an organization that was that founded to counter the threat coming from moscow he said there's still a threat coming from moscow and increased threats of course the person who by convention doesn't come to these sort of meetings was not in the room yes vice president pence was in the room but president truck was not the president trump has repeatedly questioned whether there's a big threat from russia and has behind the scenes question whether the u.s. should even be a member of nato so the president not really on quite the same page as everyone else here at a time of some tension for the alliance for example there is italy signing up to china's belton road an issue that has certainly ruffled some feathers and there's the ongoing tension over the fact that turkey looks like it's going with
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a missile defense system coming from russia rather than by the u.s. patriots system these are problems i think from a toe and i put these two issues to the you know to the secretary general of nato. i'm not denying that there are tensions on the there are disagreements on a wide range of different issues trade climate change and the g. eight and also all the issues but we have seen differences in between nato allies before back to the soon as crisis in physics to the iraq war in two thousand and three which. strongly supported somalia as a strong were against. the war but despite this differences while there were honored from history it is that nato has always been able to overcome them and stand together and unite around the record tosca that is to protect and defend that's all that and i'm.


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