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just on this twenty seven thousand hectare property. without the chinese buyers it will be complicated we're following the latest news in the papers and we're really worried that brazil's big agri business mostly backed the winning candidate. in last year's presidential elections. far more trade with china than the us the new president. aging is not on his itinerary all the talks go on in washington in beijing to try to resolve their trade differences it's unlikely they take into account the future of these workers on the other side of the walls but these men although they have no say a very attentive their livelihoods depend on it. the state capital was founded in seventeen nineteen joining a gold rush in the gold ran out. the connected to the arrival of big agriculture. in the late twentieth century the city grew rapidly from fifty
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thousand inhabitants to more than six hundred thousand today. pots is white gold. is used in more than two hundred sub products you can find it in medicine cosmetics but its most important use is as protein for eating livestock that converts into animal protein for the population the world's demand is huge producers here like gold will not run out but they must have. for now brazilian soil produces. waiting to see which way the international trade winds blow. that. west of brazil flash floods in iran have killed sixty six people following the worst rains in some regions in ten years the iranian red crescent says nearly one hundred sixty thousand people have been affected. the heaviest rainfall in
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a decade much of iran south west and central regions have been hit hard with tens of thousands of people affected in the rest and province in the west survivors trying to recover what they can from muddy streets so tell moment i have lost my whole life house and everything and not only my family but the entire pollard doctor town many are without food and essential services employees knew going on well they we have been hungry and thirsty since this morning our children are hungry and there is no natural gas electricity or water. in the southwest province of kusa stan there is a growing risk of flooding it when you know thirty's have ordered people in seventy villages to evacuate and sent in the military to help in the province of gaullist on the iranian red crescent says it's helping provide emergency shelter for fifty seven thousand people and dozens of military and relief helicopters have been deployed to help those affected iran's foreign minister zarif says the relief
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efforts are being hampered by the united states he said sanctions imposed by washington were economic terrorism and preventing the country from getting equipment like helicopters u.s. secretary of state mike pompei accuse the iranian government of mismanaging its urban planning and failing to prepare for emergencies president hassan rouhani promised affected areas would be rebuilt gas. in spite of what america wish for all will see that our big nation our officials and our own horses or men or him will reconstruct everything that's been damaged. the heavy rains have also triggered floods in neighboring iraq and with more rains expected the emergency may last for some time yet mohammed al jazeera. nearly a million people in mozambique are being vaccinated against cholera after last month cycle in a die most of those getting the shots are in the port city of barrow which was
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hardest hit two people have died from the disease in early two thousand cholera cases have been recorded so keen to be a busy week ahead in space exploration three spacecraft are getting ready to embark on ambitious projects scientists hope the research will help unravel some of the mysteries of the solar system or science and technology editor marianne hahn explains. three probes and making close encounters with alsa list your neighbors in the next three days first to the sun with a park a solar probe is expected to get closer and travel faster and this it's sick and fly by and the numbers a staggering swinging by at just twenty four million kilometers from the sun's surface and hitting speeds faster than three hundred seventy five thousand kilometers per hour think new york city to tokyo and around a minute maybe less scientists hope twenty four flybys of the seven years will shed
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light on some of the great mysteries of l. sun chief among them why the temperature of the sun's corona the outer layer at an almost in comprehensible heat of a million or two degrees celsius is so much hotter than the surface of the sun itself the probe will pass through the outer atmosphere and sample its particle make may shake and electric fields so fire its heat shield and cooling systems are holding up fine but no doubt it will be a scorcher that's this day on friday japan's s. troika hunted the high abuse of two is own review group an ester ojt a thought to be as old as the solar system itself just landing on the boulder covered piece of space rock was tough enough but now high bruce it too is getting down to business using explosives to collect a fresh sample from beneath the surface and bringing it two hundred ninety million kilometers back to earth and pristine condition by the end of next year the
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americans have a similar mission aiming for a big new asteroid but the japanese are at least a year ahead expect to see more missions like these as scientists governments and private space missions attempt to examine the debris of our solar system for water and minerals and then on saturday nesses juneau probe will swoop to within three thousand kilometers of jupiter. clouds one of it save in flybys of jupiter this year juno has sent back some brits taking new images of jupiter over eighty including the gas giant swirling storms big enough to swallow up the scientists hope juno will give them a glimpse beneath that but beautiful shroud still ahead on al-jazeera and sport. neymar how. long. after two months of injury.
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al-jazeera. every. time for sport with our. thank you very much it's advantage manchester city once again in the english title race the defending champions of got a point clear of liverpool with six games to go they did it thanks to a two no went over cardiff who are now deep in relegation trouble kevin de bruyne. with the goals in manchester has the table for you of the games on wednesday sort
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taught them open the new stadium with a win while chelsea leap from to manchester united into fifth realm and read last for the ninth time in the league this season and first since the don returned as head coach it came at the hands of valencia on wednesday. guy with the goals karim benzema with a consolation for royal who stay third in the table napoli's already slim hopes of catching events at the top of the italian sorry i suffered a dent as they lost that on wednesday employee opened the scoring with a big deflection of pure to zielinski. the pole made up for it in spectacular fashion just before half time. but employee are fighting relegation and needed a result they got it to into them now clean out eighteen points off the top. a rising star of italian football has been targeted with racist abuse during
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a sorry i game nineteen year old loisa ken was playing for you ventus on tuesday when he suffered the abuse which the european racism watchdog fair has described as an italian epidemic for a small reports. the abuse of moyes they can began when he bent to score would be shown a yellow card. and continued after he missed a chance when through on the calorie goal. comes answer was to score and then run up to the user. some of calories players did attempt to reason with their own fans while can's teammate blaise me tweedy protested to the referee and threaten to walk off. the game was delayed for about three minutes while the warning was broadcast to the crowd. but can didn't win universal support even within his own team.
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there was races going after cancel abrasion i think the blame is fifty fifty and always i was wrong and the fans were rolling having said doubts we know we should be an example and we need to look forward because we only to improve in these matters us as players and the whole football system itself european referees do have the power to halt a game and take players off the pitch but it rarely happens last year a referee actually yellow carded italian striker mario balotelli after he complained about races abuse now plea manager carlo enchiladas said a referee repeatedly ignored requests stop a game against inter after his player caligula bally was subjected to monkey chants . can posted a picture of his celebration online with the caption the best way to respond to racism hell hope there is a wider response in football a problem that continues to blight the game. houses they're. all sports
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correspondent leigh welling says the reaction of ken's own club event says puts plays in a bad position the why this unfolded puts a spotlight on its head in football puts a spotlight on his own taillights and manager morrison because the way he reacted was exactly the same as one hundred sterling had reacted to applying for england's it in international months and i going last week responding to racist abuse scored a goal and i made a gesture reacted to it and he was supposedly his manager you can manage a guy self-drive that support wasn't particularly forthcoming from those that came because he had his taillight experience played out a sign that he should take some of the blame for the way he reacted in the celebration we had the same thing being said by his mother generosity alegria so that support for pain that should have been forthcoming wasn't then you can see how difficult it is therefore for playas and indeed of fischer was if there is an
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absolute condemnation of what's clearly unfolding in the stadium name odd is back in training with his club after being sidelined with a foot injury for more than two months the brazilian was injured playing against strasbourg in a french cup match in late january crucially missing p.s.g. champions league exit last month the twenty seven year old is aiming to return for the french cup final at the end of april which p.s.g. qualified for wednesday for the fifth consecutive year. cuba has released a list of thirty four baseball players that for the first time will be able to play in the united states without the facts and it follows an agreement signed last december that sort and the practice of baseball players being smuggled off the island on speedboats major league teams will pay their cuban counterparts release fee for each player some of the biggest names in the family such as we humans who defected from their homeland more than three hundred fifty have done so since twenty fourteen all right that story and i will have more lights are on our thank
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you for joining me for this news hour of al-jazeera there and will be up in just a moment in the meantime get a moment rather visit our web site al-jazeera dot com al jazeera dot com keep it here. an ancient land and one man's dream to transport hans happening is from europe and fly them over his beloved country. in a nation reeling from decades of finance. reform. can an international team of pilots get this man's dream off the ground. over babylon on al-jazeera. is part of south london is home to people from all over
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the world you might assume this multicultural pockets of the capital is entirely against a brick say it's often portrayed as a defense of white's britain but it's not so with this nigerian restaurant there is a quiet satisfaction of the prospects of the u.k. cutting its ties with europe. rage for a lot of. african british. brics not because i've been in finnegans the whites would give was this leverage but treatment opportunity walk. with me richardson does it derives to live in the afterglow of the. political come from the come to the country this is the. real shit to a fool jealous about my major dish every weekly news cycle brings
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a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all they're listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they recruit on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine their listening post on al-jazeera. showdown in washington congress demands the full release of the report into russian meddling as well as donald trump's tax records. along down in jordan the sound is iraq live from doha coming up a show of force libya's u.n. recognized government goes on alert as fighters loyal to the. head to the capital.
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the ice to the right three hundred thirteen the nose to the left three hundred twelve. a dramatic vote in the british parliament that could delay breaks it even further. to say time is ticking to turn vast stretches of ocean into a century. the pressure is growing on the u.s. president on two fronts a congressional committee has begun legal moves to get robert muller's full report into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election the new york times as the contents of the report could be more troubling for donald trump than a so far been revealed also trump's tax returns are under greater scrutiny we'll have more on that shortly but first our white house correspondent kimberly hell get on the investigation. we need these materials to fulfill our cousin to tional
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obligations a full and unredacted look at special counsel robert muller's report into donald trump and his political and business circles that's what congressional democrats are demanding and on wednesday voted for the justice department to turn over this committee requires the full report and the underlying materials because it is our job not the attorney generals to determine whether or not president trump as abused his office democrats on the judiciary committee in the house of representatives are furious the attorney general william bar appointed by president trump did not meet their april second demand to turn over the report whether trump and his team colluded with russia during the twenty six thousand election campaign or obstructed justice during the investigation the follow the attorney general recently released a four page summary of the nearly four hundred page moller report saying there is
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no evidence the president worked with moscow to win the white house bar has promised only to provide a redacted copy by mid april with publicans accuse democrats of i'm necessarily prolonging the collusion debate that there is a coordinated attempt by the democrats to undermine the president of the united states and this is all about the twenty twenty presidential election but democrats believe trump supporters in congress are trying to suppress evidence of potential criminal misconduct by the president last month when the special counsel concluded his report even trump supported making it public thank you very general but it wouldn't bother me at all but as the debate rages about its release trump is now dialing back that statement so i think it's somewhat of a waste of time this is just politics at a very low level the judiciary committee wants evidence and test. from past white house officials wednesday's vote means it could subpoena that information at any
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time the question is whether the justice department will comply if the attorney general refuses he could be held in contempt of congress that sets up a lengthy legal confrontation between the justice department and the congressional body that oversees it kimberly help al-jazeera washington well now to the scrutiny of donald trump's taxes democrats have launched a bid to get the president's personal and business tax returns they've asked the internal revenue service to handle the six years of information were under audit despite what people said they were. working that out as i'm always under audit it seems but i've been under orders for many years because the the numbers are big and i guess when you have a name you you're audited but until such time as i'm not under audit i would be interested to do that thank you. from washington d.c.
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. there had been a certain amount of disgruntlement among the democratic base it's taken so long for the democrats who now control the house of representatives to ask for donald trump's tax returns but now finally they are acting and what's interesting is how they are trying to get hold of six years of tax returns not using subpoena power that can be used by congress now using the tax code itself under the tax code congress can ask for an individual's tax documents from the iraqis directly from the i.r.s. in the past the i rest always hands those tax documents over there's no precedent for the ira's not to hand over the tax returns so the question is whether donald trump will now fight this in court he seems to be indicating he is still reluctant to hand over his tax returns but what members of congress are trying to ascertain once and for all is whether donald trump has been misleading the american public
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and the world at large about how much he's worth his income his charitable contributions but perhaps more significantly whether the allegations of trump has been involved in bank fraud and tax fraud or money laundering or has calmed interest as president that the president he's making policy in order to enrich himself whether any of these allegations are in fact true that military move by libya's warlord has put the u.n. backed government on alert troops loyal to the have to are opposed to video online showing a large convoy of heavily armed vehicles. based in the east but he's ordered his forces to head west towards the capital tripoli site what they call the remaining terror groups after his troops about by the u.s. saudi arabia and egypt are half of the al girl is among resident fellow at johns hopkins university he says relief i have to his time the troop movement towards tripoli to come inside for the libyan national conference in a couple of weeks. i think that would like to force the hands of the board the u.n.
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and those attending. in a way that does not exclude him fearing that this conference may start a whole new path for libya in the next few years and that he may not be. included in that process or his objectives are not included after it has one he wanted to do this for for quite a while i know directly from senior u.s. officials that during the obama administration that at the end of two thousand and sixteen he actually sent envoys to washington to propose. idea that he will take over the country militarily and he asked for the u.s. to remain neutral at which time they absolutely refused and issued a warning. using their very term red line. to him and anybody
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supporting him. and he's in britain's lower house of voted to approve a bill that forces the government to avoid a no deal brigs it the measure still has to go through the upper house at the moment the u.k. slated to leave the e.u. on the twelfth of april but wednesday's vote means the government after last brussels for an extension but in baba reports. parliament voting to force the prime minister to seek a brics it delayed to prevent a no deal scenario at the end of next week it came off to jeremy corbett and his team held urgent talks with prime minister to resume a leader of the labor opposition went into the meeting with some of his own party demanding he seek a referendum on any plan emerging afterwards he simply said he'd raise the option of a public vote to prevent no deal or leaving on a bad deal we had a discussion hasn't been as much as i expect we are continuing to have some discussions tomorrow morning. explore some of the technical issues surrounding it.
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was useful but inconclusive robin. wright the prime minister's move to consult korean after effectively giving up trying to convince her own hardline brick city is tobacco deal junior minister nigel adams to quit his post on wednesday. in his resignation letter he accused to resume a of quote trying to do a deal with a marxist but the prime minister suggested it was parliament's failure to pass her withdrawal agreement that forced her into this position and insisted her strategy could work but the purpose of meeting with the leader of the opposition today is indeed to look at those areas that we can we agree and i think there are actually a number of areas that we agree on in relation to that that i think we both want to deliver and leaving the you with the deal i think we both want we both want to protect jobs i think we both want to ensure that we end free movement i think we both recognize the importance of the withdrawal agreement but for brussels every day makes a no deal breaks it
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a bit more likely speaking in the european parliament with perhaps the last ever british present the commission president was unequivocal producer of the twelfth of april is the final date for possible approval if the house of commons does not adopt a stance before the date no short term extension will be possible after the twelfth of april we run the risk of jeopardizing the correct running of the european elections and the correct functioning of the european union. there could be no transition period following a new deal breaks it the u.k. would immediately become what they call a third country with all the restrictions that brings you they don't just conclude when you leave they would indeed be customs checks the legal and political reasons we have to be honest here i prefer rigorous tricks to help process or illegal trafficking even if it means a few truck use for now to resume a still aiming to get a deal passed so breaks it can happen by the twenty second of may avoiding european parliament elections with next week's summit in brussels fast approaching
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politicians here know they'll have to make compromises if they are to avoid a no deal bricks it but while the government reluctant to seek a way out through fresh elections to vist parliament the u.k. could still end up taking part in next month's european elections nadine barber al jazeera london now scientists are calling for at least thirty percent of the world's oceans to become marine sanctuaries by twenty thirty is to protect them from human exploitation such as of a fishing and deep sea mining the clock has more the largest and least protected places on our planet the high seas that is the enormous areas of deep ocean that lie beyond national jurisdictions they cover more space than all the continents combined containing ancient coral reefs and trenches deep enough to hold mt everest these vast blue worlds of the highways whales for sharks for turtles and for tuna
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traveling fowls and of miles it's home to an extra ordinary array of biodiversity crucial to the health of our planet this life drives the oceans biological pump capturing carbon at the surface and storing it deep below without this would contain fifty percent more carbon dioxide and the world would be too hot for life. but the global ations are under threat facing growing exploitation including unregulated fishing and the deep sea mining industry trade climate change ocean acidification and plastics well go to toxic mix now in a new report commissioned by greenpeace scientists from oxford and york universities in the u.k. laying out how it's crucial.


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