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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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chuka traveling fouls ins of models it's time to an extraordinary array of biodiversity crucial to the health of our planet this life drives the oceans biological pump capturing carbon at the surface and storing it. without this would contain fifty percent more carbon dioxide and the world would be too hot for life but the global oceans are under threat facing growing exploitation including unregulated fishing and the deep sea mining industry trade climate change ocean acidification and plastics well got a toxic mix now in a new report commissioned by greenpeace scientists from oxford and york universities in the u.k. laying out how it's crucial that at least thirty percent of the world's oceans are protected as a chanson trees by twenty thirty this they say would protect habitats and species it would rebuild biodiversity and allow ecosystems to recover and crucially
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they say it would lead to an increase in fish tanks outside the sanctuaries hoping to underpin global food security. as a senior oceans campaign at greenpeace usa he says increasing ocean sanctuaries would help reverse some marine life damage. the first step that needs to happen is a global treaty that would set up a framework that would allow us to create these ocean sanctuaries right now the sixty percent of the ocean that is called the high seas has no legal framework that would allow such protections to be put in place but as we speak there is a united nations meeting happening that is discussing such a framework and basically all of the countries in the world need to come together and agree on this the idea of a sanctuary is almost as almost like a bank so you you have these areas that are becoming depleted because of overfishing because of plastics because of climate change and you set them aside
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and that allows the species that live there to recover and to regrow and some of these processes that we're starting to see degrade can start to come back on first will break you're an al-jazeera when we come back it needs to be in the violence against women act to stay there forever and attacks of others plead to stop a move pushed by america's powerful gun lobby. and sizzling in space the closest encounter yet that set to shed more light on the some more months of this. hello we've had some rather nasty weather around the eastern seaboard of the u.s. recently this area cloud brought some light and dress no into the carolinas is now pushing further northwards through new england the eastern parts of canada all eyes
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now on this next area cloud which is another developing feature that pushes a lot of heavy rain in sioux the great plains that pushes up towards the midwest a celsius there for chicago for many are pluses well the race was well it's not too bad never that previous systems gone nine hundred days he make the most of it because you know what's coming further over towards the west a fair amount of cloud in here some useful rainfall for the time pushing towards the california you see some snow just coming in over the rockies and wet weather up towards the pacific northwest into western parts of canada by that somebody come through friday right down the appalachians down into the deep south alabama georgia seeing some very heavy rain for time and that wet weather pushing right up towards new jersey towards new york up towards you england for a time a celsius in new york temperatures will fall away with some snow in the northern flank of that system a while well that's a rather unsettled weather all surfeit thing central parts of the caribbean jamaica looks in the mix for some heavy rain over the next couple of days especially north
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. across europe immigration is high on the agenda and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants' at all zero in the race. but this is the one political topic anybody and everybody is discussing the far right is preparing for battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. prejudice some pride in hungary on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a program out of the top stories here in the south the u.s. house judiciary committee has begun legal proceedings to get a lot of models for a report on russia's role in twenty sixteen presidential election president from stony general william bastone he released a four page summary of the confidential report so far. and have been awarded to me for i have to as all of its forces to move west tribune a general military alert and the u.n. backed government after all is based on base fighters say they're doing to fight what they called remaining terrorist groups. and peace and britain's lower house of voted to approve the bill that forced the government to avoid a no deal brags that the u.k. supposed to leave the e.u. in eight days but wednesday's vote means the government will now have to ask brussels for an extension. nato secretary general has warned the us congress about what he calls a more assertive threat from russia yet stoltenberg addressed lawmakers on capitol hill to mark the seventieth anniversary of the security alliance he says nato does
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not want a new cold war but added but its partners must not be naive about relations with moscow our diplomatic editor james bays has more from washington d.c. . seventy years after nato was formed to confront the threat from moscow its secretary general addressed a joint meeting of both houses of congress that we will need to continue to deal with a more assertive russia and any he was given a standing ovation in the presence of senators representatives and the vice president as is the custom not in the chamber though president trump who has at times questioned the threat from russia as well as the value of the alliance itself for once you have a u.s. president who is not totally committed with the president. meeting yesterday and he of course of his strong supporter nato but also with a speech to the joint session of congress today. that was
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a great commission of nato and then we have foreign minister will what do you believe he's totally committed because you've seen the reports and numerous reports that he said to close advisors that he's contemplated at various points pulling out of neat little songs there is i think that people should be less focused on this and reports. coming out without any clear source and just looking at the part about it not the states and present on states publicly in the media and me yesterday in the white house in the state of the union speech some weeks ago when all our leaders met in brussels in july his says clearly that he united states presenter is committed to nato nato says the reason that its foreign ministers are here rather than nato leaders is because they'll meet at the end of the year in another summit but privately diplomats from nato countries have told me there was
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a reluctance to have a meeting here that would have to be chaired by president trump given the destruction he caused at the last to nato summit in brussels. james bays out zero washington. the u.s. vice president has warned nato ally turkey over its plan to purchase a russian missile defense system mike pence says turkey must decide if it wants to remain a critical partner after ankara confirmed it will buy the advanced as four hundred system the u.s. has suspended deliveries of equipment needed to turkey's purchase of american a thirty five fighter jets washington is concerned the russian system could compromise the security of the planes not a loophole in the u.s. laws allows people convicted of domestic and sexual abuse to own guns america's biggest gun lobby the national rifle association wants lawmakers to keep it that way but ahead of a vote in congress survivors of attacks are calling for the loophole to be closed a warning that allan fishes report from virginia contains images which some viewers may find distressing and it was boom boom boom three bullets came flying through
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the door kate ranter remembers the night she was short she has the pictures of the blood of the injury of the moment she could have died but she doesn't need pictures to remember the fear she had a restraining order against her soon to be ex-husband the police took all his guns but there was nothing in the law to stop him buying others keeping guns other hands of abusers is what i've been fighting for for almost seven years now absolutely it needs to be in the violence against women act needs to stay there forever if they're going to abuse their wife if they're going to put their hands on their way if they're going to emotionally abuse their wife if they're going to control her and do all those things that are on the domestic violence weil. they'll go as far as to try to kill them and the easiest way to do that is with a gun it's called the boyfriend luke paul the come violence against women act
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doesn't block people convicted of stalking or men who are abused come to former dating partners from owning a gun. gun in the home of a domestic abuser makes it five times more likely the woman will die latest figures suggest six hundred women are short and killed by their partner every year so campaigners want to close the loophole but the national rifle association sees that as infringing on gun owners rights and so wants it friends in congress to block reauthorizing the act but we don't consider any of these provisions in gun control or about guns at all we know that of a woman is shot by an abusive male partner every sixty hours you know so that's every day that we allow a that's one more life lost a recent poll showed overwhelming support for laws which keep guns from domestic abusers kid ranter has focused her life campaigning for the change knowing how
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close an abuser with a gun came to taking her away from her forever alan fischer. alexandria in virginia i'm a stay international says it will continue to demand justice for the saudi journalist. he was murdered at the saudi consulate in istanbul six months ago well now the human rights organization has all of him the press freedom award given in a zone that has more. amnesty international usa said now is the time to honor the life and legacy of jamal khashoggi it's the first time in ten years that amnesty has bestowed the press freedom award to a journalist the stated mission of the human rights organization is to defend people around the world wherever truth dignity and justice are being denied they say cause showed she stood for that right up until that fateful day just over six months ago walked into the saudi consulate in istanbul and never came out inside
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the consulate were operatives who according to u.s. intelligence services murder case shogi at the direction of the saudi crown prince . was killed simply for doing his job as a journalist telling the truth half a year later voice has not been silenced and his story has not faded his life work his contributions to human rights and to press freedom in the arab world and beyond will never be forgotten. and while the white house ignored the cia's findings we had amnesty international refused to turn a blind eye to this heinous murder so do your abs says it's holding a trial for eleven suspects allegedly involved in the show g.'s murder but amnesty
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says they do not have confidence in the saudi legal system to hold anybody high up accountable that's why amnesty international has called on the united nations to initiate an impartial and independent investigation and many governments around the world have also called for that as well the committee to protect journalists says fifty four journalists were killed last year alone amnesty international usa media wards all of them with special attention to. the u.s. will provide four hundred million dollars in new aids event support of the opposition leader one half of the money was sent to neighboring countries taking in venezuelan refugees the bill also eases sanctions on officials who recognize guidance government president nicolas maduro has called a puppet of the u.s. and accuses washington of trying to conduct. schools in venezuela have reopened
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after weeks of prolonged blackouts two major power outages forced the government to counsel classes across the country officials say schools which usually close the beginning of july now stay open until the end of that month president maduro is trying to russian actions day for the rest of this month as the government scrambles to repair the power system. million people in mozambique are being vaccinated against cholera the last month cycle and most of those getting the shots on the port city of banda which was hardest hit two people have died from the disease and in the two thousand cholera tases have been recorded. as more now from beirut. the line for food is growing longer and longer as the day comes to an end here in barrow we're at the if after camp where at least one thousand eight hundred people a stay in temporarily that's after they were displaced by cycle only die in the flooding that followed after now they've set up temporary tents for shelter people
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here say they have very little to go back to if anything at all now this is where they can get medical assistance food and fresh water and this is important considering the concern around the cholera outbreak so far they've been about one thousand four hundred cases there is of course concern though that this estimate could be low given the way people have to live the limited access to water and hygiene been compromised the outbreak of disease is a priority for aid agencies here containing that aside from color others also concern around malaria as well as a measles outbreak so far nine hundred thousand doses of cholera vaccines have been sent to para this is one camp where people are able to get that vaccination to try and contain the spread as far as possible. now it's looking to be a busy week ahead in space exploration three spacecraft are getting ready to embark
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on ambitious projects scientists hope the research will help unravel some of the mysteries of the sun a system of science and technology there in holland explains. three probes are making close encounters with alsa list your neighbors in the next three days first to the sun with a park a solar probe is expected to get closer and travel faster and this it's sick and fly by and the numbers a staggering swinging by at just twenty four million kilometers from the sun surface and hitting speeds faster than three hundred seventy five thousand kilometers per hour think new york city to tokyo in around a minute maybe less scientists hope twenty four flybys of the seven years will shed light on some of the great mysteries of l. sun chief among them why the temperature of the sun's corona the outer layer at an almost in comprehensible heat of a million or two degrees celsius is so much hotter than the surface of the sun
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itself the probe will pass through the outer atmosphere and sample its particle make may shake and electric fields so fire its heat shield and cooling systems are holding up fine but no doubt it will be a scorcher that's this day on friday japan's s. troika hunted the high abuse of two is own review and story to thought to be as old as the solar system itself just landing on the boulder covered piece of space rock was tough enough but now high bruce it too is getting down to business using explosives to collect a fresh sample from beneath the surface and bringing it two hundred ninety million kilometers back to earth and pristine condition by the end of next year the americans have a similar mission aiming for a big new asteroid but the japanese are at least a year ahead expect to see more missions like these as scientists governments and private space missions attempt to examine the debris of our solar system for water
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and minerals and then on saturday nesses juneau probe will swoop to within three thousand kilometers of jupiter. clouds one of its seven flybys of jupiter this year juno has sent back some brits taking new images of jupiter already including the guess giant swirling storms big enough to swallow up the earth scientists hope juno will give them a glimpse beneath that but beautiful shroud. part time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera the u.s. house judiciary committee has become legal proceedings to get the full report on russia's role in the twenty sixteen presidential election president trump's attorney general william barr has only released a four page summary of the confidential report so far meanwhile u.s. democrats have asked the tax authorities to hand over six years of donald trump's personal and business tax returns so far the president has refused to release his
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tax information were under audit despite what people said they were. working that out as i'm always under audit it seems but i've been under-rated for many years because the the numbers are big and i guess when you have a name you you're audited but until such time as i'm not under audit i would doubt be interleaved to do that for a military move by libya's warlord has put the u.n. back government on alert troops loyal to him before have to offer a posted video online showing a large convoy of heavily armed vehicles after hours ordered his forces based in the east to head west towards the capital tripoli or to fight what they call the remaining terrorist groups after all its troops are backed by the us saudi arabia and egypt and peason britain's lower house of voted to approve a bill that forces the government to avoid a no deal brigs it the u.k. supposed to leave the e.u. i'm told for april but wednesday's vote means the government will now have to last
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brussels for an extension. nato secretary general has warned the us congress about what he calls a more assertive threat from russia yet stoltenberg addressed lawmakers on capitol hill to mark the seventieth anniversary of the security alliance he says nato does not want a new cold war but added that its partners must not be naive about relations with moscow turkey must choose whether it wants to remain a critical partner of nato or continue its purchase of the russian s four hundred missile defense system that's the warning from the u.s. vice president mike pence to ankara pence said turkey's purchase of the s four hundred could potentially pose a risk to nato and the us will provide four hundred million dollars in new aid to venezuela in support of opposition leader one. half of the money was sent to neighboring countries taking in venezuela refugees the bill also eases sanctions on officials who recognize why those government well those were the headlines the news
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continues here on al-jazeera after radicalized stage and that's watching armed vehicles transporting. riot police with guns one to one east explain why indonesian soccer fight and die for this. one a. foreigner . if you want to learn what the world might look like very soon regard hungry and hungry as in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through.
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the italian think a judge or a government that said that fascism never really went away. after that i was asked of us and it was our boiler economics mock up of us some as a soft us. delegates are those who share also what you get out of we are some dumb as a positive mentalities going over the. last straw we saw some cases ok soon. as i live or go forth give me. my life back in jail for after all.
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i just said i would welcome back want to talk we are going to walk if none of you do is there shame on nobody knew madison's the savage that he puts up with doesn't make you. a gentleman and given him what you are like your face. sheet or scarier. than what chocolate. on the other lunch. well supported me in the film that i. got to talk with you are prone to an issue where you have got much to downplay on the hot that the show cost an arc effective and i'm lou neck and i'm lou have. near. enough to say you have to. make we've done the most of the gaza. and the highwayman as i would say the second most significant far right organisation of hungary many members of the of the organisation used to be members of of the police and of the army so there are
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members who are really trained. people are just. ok so. for. those on the trail. license number give you shake them on the. shaft going to tell me then i'm just going on. as i did really out of the whole key to longevity not. experts assume that it could be a few hundred men who were part of the organization maximum probably a thousand people and the organisation of was formed by last will total who is one of the most significant figures of the hunger and far right. a model of santa claus i don't think that ash will come on board that much that what you mean they could do them out a lot look at do it really get that thought of are a key to it what i've got to get us through it because it was all settled by god be
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some pill biathlete not that good number of them because you had what your side of value was fun but we'll just need to get a fish along and as out and show my daughter that i can be the. only hungry there's one guy i can trust and he's lost a little bit sky. i can say there is a fourth is war against my dreams. nowadays you can say whatever you want to accept if your has a perceptual issue why it's different christian.
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put your down payment on the say he's going to have to get you some of the test you connect that ma'am. probably my idea. and your plan as a number of well you know hot sauce haters compared to the author. i think you just cannot get him. on the input if you go you. know. as much. as i was going. to send them to me and in the end in the end sucked the better for them and they would win me and some way to be cautious when i'm given. total yet we sit. down as wonderful as we can as from now on.
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them when you know. and. i believe. they can you believe me yeah sure. you are twenty five but you're fifty when your country. sees mass immigration story we had. a bunch of clashes between the cultures and the problems that the culture that you know i should say jim brady is is not comfortable with european culture. will fall out of the ocean and a lot of. well
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you got there will be glad. he's out of us. now that's a yet if you thought. the . was. such a dramatic contrast to monday now the police instead of letting people on board the crimes a stopping them from getting access to the station. by. then
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it would only going to see all trash i wanted to be allowed to give a damn. about when i them. might just. as a fan of gotham you know. i think i got to watch us when young always aussie johnny my cousin john b.'s at a meet and you have games i'll talk to one all of the long lost adult duck confit on. the skittles. to buy a bottle and i don't want to bet on that ok. it's ok not that don has not watched one on this up. as a traditional suspicion of ethnic minorities that was the basis of official i'm getting bored tix. for a one hundred fourteen yes no. the fear of being swamped by foreign congress which is owed feeling you know country is. especially
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eastern europe as you know you know memories attach a patient all that kind of thing now of course is transmogrified into a myth because of course nobody is threatening hungary we didn't have immigrants at all zero immigration but this is the one topic one political topic anybody and everybody is discussing. time home. because there are no refugees and migrants currently in hungary because they not in the country to be torben have to kind of invent a new enemy in this new enemy became church. they spread the message that they're taught us wants to bring refugees and migrants
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to europe in order to destroy the continent to destroy a nation state to destroy the kind of the christian traditional cause for a few of. mr shadows she is a very handy symbol because of course he was supporting human rights groups free higher education and such causes that are hated anyway. but it's very easy to explain the whole from from an ism to human rights from modern capitalism to its opposite to modern socialism by the figure of the demonic elusive inexplicable jew. but also that i just like project like. that before yesterday after. dark on the foot of the light washing the city of chester crouton as i did as a that was a little. boy and i'm totally through and. in
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addition to that because they have been. so casual normal doesn't mean that the bad man. i thought that probably i'm young to sunny don't want to get out the shroom politically. nazionale isn't son but off the other side of. a family that left school and i am home i wasn't a shaggy fighter he wanted. filmmaker jeff was accustomed. to make us was going to have to. deal with. the separation because. we can't see that we can all you have to quit. his feet and one that has done us out like him but not one of us oh. so chumash. hawking i'll give one shit i shan't shatrughan
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number one yeah she left or down all of mine you no doubt each of them fanned out in the. really hard to. receive your truth because a lot of times you just don't know where to search for specific information. you just. need to simulate the lies or force things. i trust my friends i trust my family are just the front of i really don't trust strangers. around all of them want to know me but the two of them are known to me here for the
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march to my career and if there were a small village family that's left with them i was thinking of course about whether we should.


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