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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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undocument you have europeans people from the united states who are from asia elsewhere across the world who are inside africa right now working without papers so why are blasts africans particularly targeting black africans again is another theme or issue will see play out as we head towards the elections in may things like poverty unemployment health care housing land xenophobia those will actually build up as politicians gear up to those elections in. in the news ahead the fight against cholera in saigon hit mozambique health workers announcing a vaccination campaign. for the first time in nearly fifty years saudi arabia state oil company releases data about its reserves.
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hello it's looking lousy fine and dry across much of eastern europe at the moment largely clear skies all the weather action really is i've it's was the west still lots of wet and windy weather rolling in these areas of low pressure but in quite a rash of showers across the western side if you have say well blustery showers coming in across western parts of england into weil's well in areas a scarf and some snow as well for a time over the high of grandma got some snow to just around the alps at present and that will continue to make its way further east with the south pacific on one through the next couple days the avalanche risk remains in place here becoming more showers rattling through as we go through friday disappointing temperatures even for madrid highs of around in the degree celsius friday afternoon so weather will make its way towards austria towards the balkans central parts of the mediterranean sea but those eastern areas is where it's best for the warm sunshine seventeen or eighteen celsius whitey because many possible eastern year a come down into where there's no them areas of africa for much of libya foole good
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parts of egypt is looking fine and dry but a fair bit of cloud spreading across the northwest rucka's seeing some showers for a time some wet weather also developing across parts of algeria to increasingly wet as we go through friday with quite a bit of right. good weather sponsored by countdown to. my main street every week a new sankoh brings a seemingly simple breaking story and that of course is dominant. town through the ice into the clouds channelise that's right out of a hamas group that calls for the and i'll ation of israel that is not what that phrase means he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were brought on the stories that matter the most in bad news a free palestine and listening on al-jazeera.
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top stories for you this hour on al-jazeera the u.s. house judiciary committee has begun proceedings to get robert models full report on russia's alleged role in the twenty sixth election attorney general william has only released a four page summary so far british m.p.'s have narrowly passed a bill forcing the government to avoid a no deal that amendment passed just by a single vote and is yet to be approved by the upper house and the u.n. secretary general is calling for calm in libya where troops loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar are heading towards the capital after his forces will fight what he calls the remaining terrorist groups. the final battle against eiseley in syria last month there are thousands of people homeless but tom of a hole in the north east turned into a refugee camp
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a new arrivals have increased since the fighting ended putting a huge strain on the very few resources available the population of the whole spike from about ten thousand people to around seventy three thousand in the past four months forty three percent of those displaced syrian forty two percent are iraqi and fifteen percent come from other countries additionally you've got sixty five percent of them under the age of eighteen and twenty seven percent of them women. facing governments in many countries including britain france and germany what to do with the wives and children of foreign fighters who join deisel in syria and iraq where the red cross says they should be returned to their own countries that includes the seventy three thousand syrian refugees packed into all. those more. aid agencies weren't ready for what's being described as a humanitarian emergency in the past four months el whole camp in northeast syria
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has gone from hosting ten thousand people to more than seventy thousand the camp was built to house just forty thousand many live in communal shelters they are the wives and children of i saw fighters as well as civilians displaced by the fighting against the aren't a group ninety percent are women and children and we have over six hundred cases of documented malnourished children and hospitals in the area are overwhelmed to provide them. very specialized care that malnourished children need so health care is a challenge malnutrition is an increasing concern for us some have died of disease there is a lack of proper medical facilities and there is a need to improve sanitation to reduce the risks to health forty three percent of the cap's population are syrians they can't return home because their villages and towns have been flattened by the assault against eisel and littered with explosive
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devices so they won't be leaving whole soon the rest are foreign nationals mainly the wives and children of isis fighters their fate is also a challenge hundreds of the children are orphans the international committee of the red cross says they should be immediately taken to their countries of origin. human rights groups have complained that governments are failing to tackle the problem of what to do with the relatives of i still fighters u.s. backed kurdish forces which control the camp say they don't have the authority or the capacity to prosecute detainees or hold them for a long aurukun meditation in countries can provide process while these people should be taken back to their countries and be prosecuted. or you know if western countries and others don't want to and there has to be international response to find a way to provide trials or in the region but the current status quo which
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basically leads to tension without any legal basis is unacceptable for now the international community's response to this crisis has been limited to providing emergency assistance to a few when there are many with nowhere to go. into beirut israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in the russian capital for a meeting with president vladimir putin before leaving for moscow netanyahu told reporters he would discuss syria and security ties with russia remember this visit just five days before the israeli general election let's check in with step vasta now in moscow for more on this interesting time to be making a trip so close to a general election one of russia got to discuss. well this a trip seems all to be about the timing just five five days before the israel elections and as it has been reported. is carrying the so-called peace plan on syria which
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you have family also showed to donald trump about the foot in spokesman said that he has no idea what exactly this peace plan is that nathan ya is talking about but if there is such a plan that he is willing to discuss and consider this but as most analysts here in moscow say this is all more about a photo opportunity a very high profile photo opportunity for knit and youde to show that he is an international leader that he traveled to washington to moscow meets all of these leaders while his contenders. are just sitting there the big question though is what putin wants in return from for how being with this election what putin ones of course is that israel stops or at least limits their attacks on iranian forces in syria and also hezbollah forces but that's something that needs and you can't commit to especially not before the elections netanyahu would rather want the opposite that put in as a sas if he can help to get rid of the arabian forces and hezbollah forces from
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syria but that's also something that putin has not committed on after their last meeting late february they don't yell announce at the world's going to be some working group that would discuss the departure of foreign troops from syria russia sad that yeah of course russia agrees with that on the long term but there's no short term plan for that important to note as wild as that will be the first meeting between it and you know and put in after said that the golan heights should be part of israel and that was something that moscow really angrily responded to we won't know for sure what will come out of this meeting any time soon because so far no statements are expected. you said the last meeting i think step was in february or so what type of relationship to the two leaders in the two countries actually have well the room relationship was very troubled because there was this helicopter russian military have helicopter which
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was downed by israeli forces not by israel israeli forces but by syrian forces in september but it happened because of a serious attack on syria so that's when the whole relationship became very strained sense that this is going to be just third time that both leaders are going to meet so the relationship ship has definitely improved but they have been talking about syria a lot and it's about the so-called the conflicting zones that they are mean discussing about. the main obstacle of course is still these discussions about it rainy and forces in syria that really wants to see a leaving and britain doesn't seem to be keen on committing on or maybe he doesn't even have the power to actually been able to commit on that step in moscow thank you. secretary general has warned the u.s. congress about what he calls
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a more assertive threat from russia yen stoltenberg addressed politicians on capitol hill to mark the seventieth anniversary of the security alliance he said nato doesn't want to a new cold war but added that its partners must not be naive about relations with moscow. nearly a million people in mozambique to being vaccinated against cholera after last month . most of those being immunized are in the port city of barrow which was hardest hit two people have died from the disease and nearly two thousand been recorded. reporting now from mozambique. this camp in john doe's home to more than six hundred people displaced by the high clone and the flooding that followed that's just a fraction of the one point seven million people in wasn't biko been displaced following that flooding people here say conditions of very difficult once you went to the tents behind us they're quite clear there's nothing in it and nothing in these
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tents people say that's really all they have the biggest worry for them is the delivery of food as well as medicine they say they have received some but delivery has been inconsistent they last saw a doctor about three days ago and in the past day an elderly woman lost her life people here don't know if that's due to cholera but they say that many of the people here with help complaints are suffering from diarrhea and they are vomiting and these are some of the symptoms of the disease that is rapidly spreading in this area more than one thousand seven hundred people have been confirmed cases of cholera there's also concern around the outbreak of other diseases like malaria as well as news also the health authorities are working as quickly as they possibly can but the need is really quite overwhelming. former chairman color spurn has been arrested for a fourth time in japan he had been out on bail. under reporting is income and using
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company from to hide his personal losses he denies those charges calling his detention are just and arbitrary. several u.s. senators have introduced a bill to provide four hundred million dollars in aid to the venezuelan people half of that money would be sent to neighboring countries to take in all those who have taken in venezuelan refugees there are two hundred million would be for aid inside the country the proposed legislation would also ease sanctions on officials who recognize the opposition leader on governments saudi arabia has released financial details for the first time since the nine hundred seventy s. the data shows the reserves of the world's number one oil firm are actually much lower than expected despite that saudi aramco has still overtaken apple royal dutch shell and exxon mobil to become the world's most profitable company this report from a sum of inge of eight. one of saudi arabia's most highly guarded secrets is out or
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at least partly revealed the state oil company has unveiled data for the first time since the one nine hundred seventy s. saudi aramco had to publish the information in a prospectus for potential investors as it prepares to raise capital and buy a petrochemical company called sapping the data also raises questions about the size of saudi oil reserves betrayed by the revenue to run the kingdom that of our oil field is one of the world's largest surprise in the prospectus is that the around close its production capacity is three point eight million barrels a day now that still is far away the largest feel in the world what people are concerned about as it used to be is well referred to in those days what we've understood over the years is that this is an intentional reduction of capacity in the war the sabot purchase comes after saudi aramco plans for a public share offering their i.p.o. was put on hold last year it was meant to be the world's largest which saudi arabia evaluated at two trillion dollars the i.p.o.
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is not only going to be about whether those interests it's also going to be about whether the salaries are prepared to offer their crown jewel their most important company the thing that is very rabia provides all the revenue for the country or the bulk of it are they willing to really put that overseas and put them in a position where you know people could potentially have lawsuits against it you know make claims against it and i think a lot of people in saudi arabia have think very carefully that's what they want to do. the data shows that tax pays to the state has been greatly reduced to investors there are also questions about crown prince mohammed bin solomon's ambitious vision twenty thirty the investors look at these all of these aspects technical influence on government interference and government in their oil company operations and then of course the overall sustainability of saudi regime in the next ten twenty years money raised from around cause business and potential sell off is at the heart of
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diversifying the saudi economy which so far remains a distant vision from a job weighed out as their busy week coming up in space exploration three spacecraft are getting ready to embark on ambitious projects scientists in both the u.s. and japan have the research will help unravel some of the mysteries of our solar system our science and technology editor marion one hundred planes. three probes i'm making close encounters with alsa list your neighbors in the next three days first to this some where the park a solar probe is expected to get closer and travel faster and this it's sick and fly by and the numbers a staggering swinging by at just twenty four million kilometers from the sun surface and hitting speeds faster than three hundred seventy five thousand kilometers per hour think new york city to tokyo and around a minute maybe less scientists hope twenty four flybys of the seven years will shed
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light on some of the great mysteries of l. sun chief among them why the temperature of the sun's corona the outer layer at an almost in comprehensible heat of a million or two degrees celsius is so much hotter than the surface of the sun itself the probe will pass through the outer atmosphere and sample its particle making a shake and electric fields so fire its heat shield and cooling systems are holding up fine but no doubt it will be a scorcher that's this day on friday japan's s. troika hunted the high abuse of two is own review and as story to thought to be as old as the solar system itself just landing on the boulder covered piece of space route was tough enough but now hi bruce it too is getting down to business using explosives to collect a fresh sample from beneath the surface and bringing it two hundred ninety million kilometers back to earth and pristine condition by the end of next year the
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americans have a similar mission aiming for a big new asteroid but the japanese are at least a year ahead expect to see more missions like these as scientists governments and private space missions attempt to examine the debris of el sol a system for water and minerals and then on saturday nesses juneau probe will switch to within three thousand kilometers of jupiter's. clouds one of its seven flybys of jupiter this year juno has sent back some breath taking new images of jupiter already including the gas giant swirling storms big enough to swallow up the earth scientists hope juno will give them a glimpse beneath that to be lent but beautiful shroud. let's take you to the headlines now on al jazeera and ethiopia's government has just released its preliminary report into the crash of a flight last month you remember one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew died
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when the ethiopian airlines flight crashed just six minutes after takeoff from about the report says the pilots of the boeing seven three seven max performed all the necessary procedures but was still unable to control the jet more on that later the other headlines the u.s. house judiciary committee has begun legal proceedings to get robert models full report on russia's alleged role in the twenty sixteen presidential election over trump's attorney general has only released a four page summary so far of that confidential report the u.n. secretary general is calling for calm in libya where troops loyal to ward off there are heading towards the capital after says his forces will fight what he calls the remaining terrorist groups british m.p.'s have narrowly passed a bill forcing the government to avoid a no deal brags that the amendment was passed by a single vote but is yet to be approved by the upper house opposition labor leader jeremy coleman says he is working with prime minister theresa major try to find
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a way out of the deadlock. there hasn't been as much change as i expected but we are continuing to have some discussions tomorrow morning to our explore some of the technical issues surrounding it. and the meeting was useful but inconclusive israel's prime minister is in the russian capital for a meeting with president vladimir putin before leaving for moscow benjamin netanyahu told reporters he would be discussing syria and security ties with russia protesters in south africa have held a rally in a johannesburg township calling for better government services and improve living conditions residents of alexandria barricaded streets and burned tires and nearly a million people in mozambique are being vaccinated against cholera after last month's cycle in a dime most of those being immunized are in the port city of barrow which was hardest hit two people have died from the disease and nearly two thousand cases of cholera have been recorded those your headlines here on al jazeera we are back
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right after the street. armed vehicles and sporting. riots we've got one on one east expert mark indonesian so. far and dark one to spy. on. me ok. here in the stream today is three stories in one show algeria's political future what lies ahead plus a look at chad's social media ban agita online free speech case in uganda you can join today's conversation we're reading your live comments and questions on you tube and twitter stream. my name is a my research. research center and you are in the stream.
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after six weeks of protests calling for political reform and an end to the algerian president's twenty years in power absolutely. agreed to step down on tuesday according to state media but it doesn't appear to be the end for the popular movement for reform here to talk to us about our next steps in beirut and then a resident scholar at the carnegie middle east center and infest morocco. activists really good to have you here ladies and i'm just thinking in the last few weeks on social media the pictures of the protests have been so compelling but now that the president for algeria has stepped down what do you see there was a lot of enthusiasm online and is represented in this street this is a who writes and yes we can and yes we just did it the president has resigned
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indeed we are happy for this because it's an achievement but we should not for. get that this is just one of so many demands we are seeking to achieve and will god willing and salo we will keep it peaceful you can see the enthusiasm there but also the hope for what is to come next you were just there on friday and i know you have plans to return again on this coming friday what are your friends and family who are there and were there yesterday what are they telling you about the mood on the street right now they are both celebrating but also awaiting the next mass demonstrations that will going izing hard. and they're hoping for a bigger protest a larger turnout because they understand that they may have removed the face of the regime but the system it so is still very much intact and
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they are seeking to dismantle it in its entirety and to build from here and effectively to develop the future leadership of the nation danios who showing that celebrate tree video from the streets of different places you were smiling so brutally is this mission accomplished all we done and do you take a moment to enjoy what you were protesting about. well you know as you may know i participated in that they were all stray ssion on march twenty second and march twenty ninth and i did as the political analyst that i am but also. with my heart as an un jury and citizen and i can not say that i am very happy and very proud of what the people have achieved without any drop of blood being shed and i think a gene gives
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a beautiful lesson of peace and how a peaceful movement can achieve goals however you know i am not skeptical that maybe i am realistic. you know that there is still things to be done and algerian is that their demands are still you know they still have a lot of. it is sure that the men left but that algerian system is not a one man show behind the men there is a complex and all but regime and durians are today asking for us to go to the party but also for the all of the guard to depart and including the chief army chief of staff again as a matter of fact on friday twenty nine they were seeing in the who would flee i would imagine gates side which means go go and take with you gates. you said that
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this is not a one man show and that was just a good way to sum up what people online are saying because they say it is so much bigger of course than just with a flick i see this as i expect the protests to grow bigger with the resignation is just the first step in shaping the contours of algeria's political future this should not be about the president alone it should be about overhauling an entire political structure anchored on a leader's i'm now see the here on twitter got a response from another member of our commune. he talks he writes and says the first thought that came to me was it's about time but you are one hundred percent correct the entire political structure needs overhauling i hope they can do it but it's hard malea how would protesters and opposition members even go about that the answer is is not a clear one there isn't simply one to give and i think the protesters are very clear about that and they're and they're in it for the long haul speaking to
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demonstrate to they said you know we'll continue marching for a year to however long it's going to take for our country to be rejuvenated for a complete transformation of our society a complete redistribution of wealth and a complete. with the idea of. our liberation struggle had the four of our national struggle and identity and i think that it is with those aspirations in mind they are not looking for quick solutions or band-aid they're looking for long term. revolutionary what so early as today a pool of the on the streets people were still protesting have a look to because of it to the president that you know with all your power gates on the we're here to say to you and your clear get out because it was. for the folks over there not against gay it's the army chief of staff who was part of the system
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part of the current regime in one very much. i know you've written about this opinion piece in the new york times opinion another battle of algiers and you're talking here about the entire political system the military's involvement in it so if people are still protesting what do they want now remains that president now want. well the people are sick of this a regime that has been hijacking the country if i may say and the political system and the economic welfare there for the last twenty years not to say as a matter of fact since the independence of the country in one nine hundred sixty two people are fed up with with also this all to either shift we are talking about a country in which more than fifty five percent of the population is under age twenty five so people are generally in want
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a leadership that is younger and that can actually represent them as one a protester said it once and he said it in french. meaning i want to president who is able to treat so behind the you know the joke of there is a generation that is really capable of that and they're standing where he is at stake and we've seen it you know algerian showed a great degree of political maturity they stood up for their rights and they did it in a very peaceful way as they said the protests they'd still mia which means peaceful and also how about a yard which means that. and i think what they want to day is to remove this all the guard but also you know while it is true that i have been asking for the military to engage and to remove they are also aware are the egyptians scenario if i may say they don't want to have another you know see if i
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may say in algeria so this is why they've been asking gates to move and as a matter of fact i think that if gates saleh the chief of the army chief of staff moves and resign it will be it will be very good for him and. you know he would be remembered as this great. general who made a historic. bet i think it is time for him to resign and if the president was on twitter he would see things like this this is chris who writes nothing is new under the sun the military will take over and bring back some rogues belonging to the old man's political party things will get worse and algeria and less democratic forces are really vigilant so that raises a few questions that another person in our community a former gaston a woman you heard just at the top of today's show yes i mean i loose here's the
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question she raised what we're seeing now is the transition and headed now by. the head of the national people's council and. now the little question surrounding the rule of the military to going to last until. and also what type of transition. to be reflective of the democratic aspirations of people. going to be and then reflect who says that sunni insurgents have very little appetite to see and long. so she raised very valid questions there and then joe here on you tube watching live picks up saying what's the likelihood of the military allowing a genuinely democratic system to take hold in algeria mali i'll give that one to you. well. during protests. you know in many
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rounds now have demonstrated they're not willing to wait for them to deliver it all to create this transition if you will they will shape what comes next and they will decide it and they will make their opposition to whatever is proposed very very clear and i think it's important to bear that in mind that the german people are not waiting for the remnants of the regime to provide them with what they think is a suitable leadership they will decide on and they will deliberate on the streets. and we're just going about to wrap up here but many i'm just looking at the picture if you protesting this is a couple of weeks ago are you still going to go out and protest do you have more protesting if you. have much more protests being in me and i will be alongside the algerian people especially as a member of the algerian diaspora it is incredibly powerful i'm moving to be amongst my people marching demonstrating and demanding freedom are you going to be
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out on the streets again are you done yes you know i just came back from two days ago and i am and again to come back so defend that yes you will be joined by federer who tweets in the protests will continue on friday april fifth peacefully we want them out. thanks so much for joining us and now to chad where it's been more than a year since the chatty and government block social media access to its citizens use of services like whatsapp facebook and twitter was cut off amid economic and political anxieties in the country listen to what chatty an activist can by deed i mean had to say about the band's impact. let them in with the mothers the sense of doing the a muzzle in indispensable is in no time of little use paul saffo last if there is another little i.v.c. like this on the cyclical do this in our daily quasi as a t. . i.


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