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where to go. is the spokeswoman for the near middle east at the international committee of the red cross we spoke to her early and she says the camp shouldn't become a permanent solution we understand that it's a completely and complex situation that they're in but the situation in the camp is cannot be a permanent solution in the end these women and children that are there. are civilians there are no longer taking part if they were at any point or not they're no longer taking part of hostilities they might have been legitimate targets before but now they are protected under international humanitarian law and . must be protected the civilians must be protected there must be solutions and real solutions from from governments from states and so long to find real
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solutions that doesn't mean that trial shouldn't be made under domestic or international laws but we have to look at the situation right now that is where you find women and children everywhere sleeping. without access to. efficient medical services efficient shelter efficient water as i said we are trying our best and we are covering a huge number of people in the camp but this is not sustainable and this cannot stay for a very long time and measures solutions bigger than this should be put in place in the new. color. health workers have begun a fax campaign. could actually be worse.
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we got the. us rolling across japan not. parts of the weekend as we head toward the latter part of the week even see the the cloud just drifting across the sea of japan northern areas of honshu could see some wet weather maybe some wintry flowers there over the high ground into warm enough in tokyo temperatures get to twenty one celsius this seventy in fact not increasing cloud though into work you see that will sweep very bright skies come back in for saturday so what it will look into bad tool credential lousy dry because some showers just pushing across the east china sea beijing not too bad here a little on the gray side temperatures around twenty degrees celsius for central parts of china again not too bad here shanghai a twenty three degrees but some cloud down towards the southwest though the central and southwestern parts of the country with
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a child to want to shower as they may well just push a little further east which as we go through saturday but there's a woman sunshine for hong kong temperatures get up to twenty eight degrees celsius sunshine the showers meanwhile across southeast asia you can expect the odd showers into the philippines a wet weather there across in the china thailand could see some rather lively showers from time to time one of two showers to the cayo and singapore. an ancient land and one man's dream to transport planes from europe and fly them over his beloved country. in a nation reeling from decades of violent. resistance. can an international team of pilots get this man's dream off the ground.
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on al-jazeera. top stories for you on al-jazeera the u.n. secretary general is calling for calm in libya where troops loyal to warlord. i headed towards the capital after forces will fired what he calls the remaining terrorist groups if you have been investigated the pilots of an airliner that crashed last month performed all the recommended procedures to regain control of the jets this is part of a preliminary report into the accident that killed one hundred fifty seven people and shelling by syrian government forces has killed at least ten people in rebel held areas of the province atomic farm mobile was mainly targeted.
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british m.p.'s have narrowly passed a bill forcing the government to avoid a deal brags that the amendment passed by a single vote and now has to be approved by the upper house the house of lords with eight days before the break the deadline wednesday's vote means the government will have to ask the e.u. for an extension more now with me in westminster. it's extremely unusual to see a bill be possibly both houses so quickly but such is the pressure on m.p.'s and lords to try and get legislation passed as quickly as they possibly can meanwhile the leader of the opposition labor party jeremy corbyn continues talks with the prime minister theresa may in the hope of ending the brics an impossible finding a compromise but there's an awful lot of negative noise surrounding the meeting between the two leaders hardline breaks it is accusing the prime minister of
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betraying the party i'm betraying breaks it at the same time jeremy corbin is trying to act as something of a bridge between labor leavers members of his posse the voted to leave the european union and those that would prefer a soft bragg said war for a final deal to go before the public for a final vote essentially a second referendum. essentially it still remains in the e.u.'s hands as to whether or not it will grant a extension the words coming from brussels earlier on this week that's the only way that would happen as if the u.k. comes up with a deal very quickly indeed before april the twelve that remains the cutoff point the u.k. will then end up crashing out of the european union without a deal if no solution has been reached meanwhile in wider society british police are saying that they have a thousand police officers ready to be deployed in
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a matter of hours ten thousand within twenty four hours if there are signs of trouble should anything bad happen as a result of a heart breaks it are also hearing the civil servants responsible for turning the work of this building into reality of being offered counseling. the french president emanuel mccrum launched a series of debates back in january to respond to the demands of the yellow vest protesters who want a greater say in government well in these past eighty eight days micron's taken part in fourteen public debates and has been looking at the results. since november it's a weekly ritual yellow fest protest in france that at times turned violent the demonstrations began over plans for a fuel tax that spiraled into a movement against social inequality and the political elite up to three hundred thousand people took part in the first marches now it's just a few thousand but opinion polls suggest most french people support them so it's
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enough to keep up pressure on the government should i can't think of another social movements in recent times that has been so vivid fired by those in power and why only because people have there to us to make more money president emanuel mccall has tried to end the crisis by boosting public spending and in january he launched a national citizens' debate to give people more say in politics. insurance it was at the launch that we first met retiree robert f. who complained that the government failed to help people in poor rural areas when we meet him again more than two months on he's not changed his mind at his home in normandy he says people like him have lost faith in politics. politicians don't represent our concerns we vote for m.p.'s who make laws but never ask your opinion once elected politicians only care about their careers in the past two decades this village has lost many of its services many of the shops in this village have closed down jobs are scarce there's no public transport so you have to take
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a car if you want to go anywhere and feel is expensive and that's very typical of many villages and small towns like this across frogs which is why support for the universe movement is so strong in rural areas. mike ross promised some new policies at the end of the. national debate he hopes will appeal to yellow fest supporters and end the unrest but some analysts say it won't be easy that's the big danger is that you you have a minority movement that has the support of a small majority so how do you reconcile that that's the biggest challenge because not everybody among the universe want the same thing some people talk about spending power increase in income or less taxes and so on and others talk about. democracy mike ross says that the weekly protests have damage the economy and france's image but grab it in is fellow yellow vests say they won't give up their
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battle until the government improves the lives of people in the countryside like them who feel abandoned natasha butler al-jazeera on france israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has met the russian president vladimir putin in moscow before leaving for moscow netanyahu told reporters he'd be discussing syria and security ties with russia visit just five days however before the israeli general election a loophole in u.s. laws allows people convicted of domestic and sexual abuse to own guns america's biggest gun lobby the national rifle association wants politicians to keep it that way ahead of devotion in congress survivors of attacks according to the cab yet to be closed a warning now officials report from virginia does contain images which some viewers may find distressing. and it was boom boom boom three bullets came flying through the door kate ran to remembers the night she was shot she has the pictures of the blood of the injury of the moment she could have died but she doesn't need pictures
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to remember the fear she had a restraining order against her soon to be ex-husband the police took all his guns but there was nothing in the law to stop him buying others keeping and other hands of abusers is what i've been fighting for for almost seven years now absolutely it needs to be in the violence against women act needs to stay there forever if they are going to abuse their wife if they're going to put their hands on their way if they're going to emotionally abuse their wife if they're going to control her and do all those things that are on the domestic violence we'll they'll go as far as to try to kill them and the easiest way to do that is with a gun it's called the boyfriend loophole the come violence against women act doesn't block people convicted of stalking or men who abused come to a former dating partners from owning a gun. gun in the home of a domestic abuser makes it five times more likely the woman will die latest figures
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suggest six hundred women are short and killed by their partner every year so campaigners want to close the loophole but the national rifle association sees that as infringing on gun owners rights and so wants its friends in congress to block reauthorizing the act we don't consider any of these provisions in gun control or about guns at all we know that of a woman is shot by an abusive male partner every sixty hours you know so that's every day that we allow a that's one more life lost a recent poll showed overwhelming support for laws which keep guns from domestic abusers. kid ranter has focused her life campaigning for the change knowing how close an abuser with a gun came to taking her away from her forever alan fischer. alexandria in virginia. protesters in south africa held
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a rally township calling for better government services and improved living conditions some in alexandria have barricaded streets in terms tires angry about rubbish not being collected as piles of garbage build up they also say illegal settlements are expanding nearly a million people in mozambique are receiving vaccination against cholera last month cycle and most of those being immunized are in the port city of barrow which was hardest hit two people have died from the disease and early two thousand cases have been recorded. now this is interesting bad diets leading to more deaths than smoking according to a report from the medical journal lancet in nearly all of the one hundred ninety five countries surveyed people found to be consuming too much of the wrong types of food and not enough healthy produce which is contributing to one in five deaths globally have a look on average we consume eighty six percent more sugar sweetened drinks than is
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considered safe of the eleven million diet related deaths globally ten million were caused by cardiovascular disease and sold played a big role in that and one of the main problems is the fact that we're not eating more vegetables fruits nuts seeds and whole grains just for the record israel france spain and japan have the lowest rates of food related deaths. in afghanistan and the marshall islands had the highest we heard from him who is assistant professor of health metrics at the university of washington also the lead author of this report and he says more needs to be done globally to ensure people receive the right. previous efforts in estimating health effects of under-nutrition and overly and obesity but there has not been a systematic effort to estimate the health effects. poor quality of the it and the study is trying to answer this question one of the major challenges is the lack of
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i believe. it will in all countries. who are going to take up point brain the problem is too much processing of brain majority of creating that of your consuming miscounting therefore more refined grain. you pin the on it going to be a factor there are different barry figures that contribute to their consumption and one of the perhaps common problems is also if affordability of three pack goes across the countries and beating a country there are some as this is the flu but those that are currently unfortunately neglected using it for example whole grain and nazis are not poor also a routine date in many countries actually for not the meaning in many countries is very close to zero and you suggest that you know improving the consumption we need to basically work on interventions that at least healthy to do the people
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access or does he want coming up in space exploration three spacecraft are getting ready to embark on some pretty ambitious projects to help on unravel the mysteries of our solar system here is a science and technology. with more. three probes and making close encounters with alsa list your neighbors in the next three days first to the sun with a park a solar probe is expected to get closer and travel faster and this it's sick and fly by and the numbers a staggering swinging by just twenty four million kilometers from the sun surface and hitting speeds faster than three hundred seventy five thousand kilometers per hour think new york city to tokyo and around a minute maybe less scientists hope twenty four flybys of the seven years will shed light on some of the great mysteries of l. sun chief among them why the temperature of the sun's corona the outer layer at an
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almost in comprehensible heat of a million or two degrees celsius is so much hotter than the surface of the sun itself the probe will pass through the outer atmosphere and sample its particle make may shake and electric fields so fire its heat shield and cooling systems are holding up fine but no doubt it will be a scorcher that's this day on friday japan's s. troika hunted the high abuse of two is own review group an ester ojt a thought to be as old as the solar system itself just landing on the boulder covered piece of space rock was tough enough but now high bruce it too is getting down to business using explosives to collect a fresh sample from beneath the surface and bringing it two hundred ninety million kilometers back to earth in pristine condition by the end of next year the americans have a similar mission aiming for a big new asteroid but the japanese are at least
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a year ahead expect to see more missions like these as scientists governments and private space missions attempt to examine the debris of el sol a system for water and minerals and then on saturday nesses juneau probe will swoop to within three thousand kilometers of jupiter's. clouds one of its seven flybys of jupiter this year juno has sent back some brits taking new images of jupiter already including the gas giant swirling storms big enough to swallow up the earth scientists hope juno will give them a glimpse beneath that to be lent but beautiful shroud. time to take you through the headlines on al-jazeera the u.n. secretary general is calling for calm in libya where troops loyal to the warlords threatening to advance on the capital tripoli on wednesday have to find is posted
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video online appearing to show a large convoy of heavily armed vehicles on the move after ordered his forces to head west towards the capital to fight what he calls the remaining terrorist groups at least two people are reported dead in battles between houses troops and forces loyal to the un recognized government in tripoli the fighting happened about one hundred kilometers from the capital. in other news ethiopian investigators say the pilots of an airliner that crashed last month performed all recommended procedures to regain control of the jet this is part of a preliminary report into the accident that killed one hundred fifty seven people. this investigation is to make sure that there is safety in that patients and. it's not to blame someone it's not to get some sort of there are some things that we are going to do it as something very notable and informing the procedures of all good things to get isn't of this report is going to have i'm sure seventy six.
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shelling by syrian government forces has killed at least ten people in rebel held areas of the province the town of come from mobile was mainly targeted the turkish president and the russian leader vladimir putin agreed last september to turn it into a deescalation zone an agreement which is to stop acts of aggression between government forces. british m.p.'s have narrowly passed a bill forcing the government to avoid a no deal brags that the amendment was passed by a single vote but as yet to be approved by the upper house the house of lords eight days now before the break that deadline with wednesday's vote meaning the government will have to ask the a you for an extension and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has met russian president vladimir putin in moscow before leaving for moscow netanyahu told reporters he'd be discussing syria and security ties with russia his visit though just five days before the israeli general general
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election and that is my lot for that i thank you for your company inside story is next on al-jazeera. finally out algerian president i'm going as these people to flee has resigned off the mass protests but is that enough for them can there be a peaceful and democratic transition in algeria this is inside story. along welcome to the program and has them seek out algeria as army had warned there
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is no more room to waste time and now it is standing with algerians with ailing president abdelaziz bouteflika forced to resign ending twenty years of his rule the constitutional council has officially declared the presidential post vacant but who will replace algeria's longest serving president the constitution says the speaker of parliament should be interim leader until elections are held the protesters are worried how long the transition will last and say they want an overhaul of the whole political system rob matheson reports. hours after president that the lizzie's beautifully got had his twenty years in power and did the search for knowledge is a new leader has begun. the constitution says this man had doha that have been silent the speaker of the parliament is eligible to be caretaker president for up to ninety days during which an election for a new president is expected and some critics say that people won't accept
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a bean salad as a temporary leader because he's a long time to do to flee ally to slocum's where bay clear they were calling. war the departure of that as well so don't want the transition to be led by any member who was close to the plan and i hope so i don't think that they will be acceptable. protests turned to celebrations at the news of both the free his resignation weeks of demonstrations as well as growing pressure on him to step down from the head of the army and other commanders who once supported him forced the eighty two year old to reverse his announcement to stand for the fifth time as president both of them has made few public appearances since suffering a stroke six years ago his critics say he's been a front man for military and business leaders who really run the country protesters
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are demanding they also need to go in a clean sweep among the ruling elite but some say the military has a crucial role in the political leadership. sorry do i. really love leave i am happy and my congratulations to the great people of algeria and the national popular army that people took to the streets in their millions and the army took the side of the people this is led the president to resign. some ology and celebrated all night not just in the capital on jews but other cities too in the light of day they'll be wondering how many of the now former president's allies will remain in power rob matheson al-jazeera. well let's bring in our guest now to talk more about this. is a research fellow at the paris based school for advanced studies and social
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sciences and she joins us via skype now from algiers and you saw just a moment ago in rob's report that her name is a resident scholar at the carnegie middle east sentence she joins us from beirut and from london we have algerian journalist jim aladin part of welcome all of you so let me start with you what do you make of the announcement on on tuesday night that mr bush to flicker would in fact resign immediately and we are now already in the post beautifully well indeed and i believe that. there's a lot of the army. because the least it's the second act well that's an awful lot of institutions are really it's just a little too far oh look you can it was should we let you know we're going to let you know the situation and we have been you know not going. to make sure that every
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channel is and you should know and live saturday the people have nothing to do with what i'm talking about the total of all of negotiation i. did a lot of friends ample targets in both the presidential and will of the region there just. constantly and i'm going to will use these demonstrations not just. what's the demand for. hands up out of that i don't need to be built i mean a lot of bands included in favor of the army and of the remaining people of the regime in one of the you think i'll i mean. granted that in some international media even with the rest of the day you think. not because. it just doesn't suit. our mission i mean it's not because of the point.
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that the situation will be about the moment of the incident it's really people in the country are very proud of them. that because of. that they have been able to reach its rich industry still but also question a lot of questions. even if. not one through by you folks so that. you chose to do so. the iranian if we just take a step back from a look at look at what happened in the last couple of days before this we had mr beautifully because of the saying on monday that the president would would step down at the end of april and he and he would take what we call important steps to ensure the continuity of the leadership in the country and that fueled fears that the people around him were were trying to cement their hold on power then we had
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tenet general salam. announcing that they would activate destress even the constitution to remove the sitting president was that the army essentially making a preemptive move here to keep their their position of power. and howard protesters in the streets going to going to interpret that well i think of that you know first of all we have to say that the cut call for any of that happened all during all these weeks showed that the movement to this peaceful and very civic movement to took at the we jim off guard the algerian regime wasn't expecting such a scale of mobilise ation and i think this is a big victory for the algerian people but again there is so much that they still have to achieve that i think of the declaration of gates has special leave the last
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one was very threatening and i believe that president would flee i had no choice that then to resign concerning the military it is very important to point out something that is the wall that the military has been playing in the politics since the independence and the country and till today and i can state today and yesterday we saw it again with the declaration of chief of staff gates has that the military are still. the locus of power in algeria they are not governing but they are ruling as actually historian mohammed had to be stated once to read it rightly he said all states in the world have an army and in an area the army has a state and i think this is still true today and the algerians are bit scared of that because while they recognize the positive role that the military has been player playing they don't want to gates to become what sisi became
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in egypt so they want also the military to step back and to come back to their barracks and they don't want to gates as a matter of fact when i marched with the jury and saw on march twenty second and on the march twenty ninth their slogans were very clear they chanted or heard or hear beautifully how dramatically gates which means go go boots and take with you gates . jamila did thought it was you what's your view on this and the army's position here because if they are trying to paint themselves as kind of the guardian of the people in this but also trying to preserve their own power how are how is that how long is that position going to last the longer they continue to be seen as as pulling the strings. and as as
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a says not going back to their barracks. well the agent they sent a clear message they don't want the egyptians you know to whom they give even an opportunity to the army for why not a portuguese or spanish you know the army help here like they did in there in portugal in the democratic transition democratic. smoothly with the help of the algerians algeria's arvo and they know they want a big a great button and there are scenes of jubilation but there is also caution that they don't trust the army they welcomed the gates maybe was i think would put up a day and a day and he sided with the algerians to fight to win this bottle but they still there is a special caution and they don't want to give. all the confidence
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to gates that there are even calls for gates to give a nod or a. opportunity to algeria and here's to a point maybe a successor a younger successor in the army to help us here for to open a new chapter and its history and she made history with a big war of liberation a big revelation for a liberation good sir can't can't gain a lot of steam even history will will mark him if he helps argyria and the army to make the mute evolution of the democratic revolution maybe to have even impacts and the repercussions in the arab world word cloud with many dictators and well when we twenty six and many oligarchs a demand is said earlier that algerians don't want the egyptians in are just
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explain what you mean by. they don't want to see she knew she should like what happened in egypt the army sacrificed mubarak and then what happened there and sisi is in control with the what what you know what's happening in asia they don't want to repeat they don't want to be fooled by the words of gates praising. the uprising they don't they don't want a chance in the continue to have the same regime they keep they got rid of and they keep the same vision they're not satisfied or not happy that's been solid for example where no one will hate the figure of the face of of the regime continue as well they don't want to do it they don't want between the prime minister to continue as well appointed by putting a copy for his exam existing nation did we was the the interior minister.


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