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tv   21 Up South Africa P1  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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you know not only to see the report but also to get the evidence that was used to reach its conclusions and also toss to money from some very prominent former white house staffers including political advisor steve bannon even the white house counsel don mcgann so this is adding fuel to the fire as you point out there's also a growing movement here in washington there will be protests outside the white house today as there is this could increase the effort to try and pressure the trumpet ministration because you have to remember the justice department of those leaving out are pointed by the white house this is a man william bar that has been appointed by the president well he has been approved by the u.s. congress so there are questions about objectivity this is often a concern when it comes to two u.s. administrations this one is no different but certainly this is a lead up to the two thousand and twenty presidential election once again at the end of the day americans are left confused about who they can trust and what is political and what is fact can believe how could the thanks so much.
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british m.p.'s have now only passed the bill falls in the government to avoid a new deal briggs's the motion was passed by a single vote which is yet to be approved by the house house of lords with a days before the briggs's deadline wednesday's vote means the government will have to ask the e.u. for an extension the father has the latest outside the parliament. the bill that narrowly passed by one vote in the lower house the house of commons on wednesday forcing the british government to go to the e.u. and ask for an extension and also giving m.p.'s the right to dictate the length of that extension has now gone to the house of lords the upper chamber where it's being debated it has to be pos that for it eventually to get royal assent to become law but what we're seeing is that there are already signs of division in the house
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of lords the pm byron asked hater who presented the bill and the house of lords said that it was a matter of urgency that the lord supports it to allow the british government to go to the e.u. next week on wednesday and formally ask them for an extension but pro breaks it appears and the house of lords are doing everything they possibly can to question why this bill is that a tool saying that well the british government before he said that there is a need for an extension there's no need now for another legal route to force the government's hand bots all over let win the conservative m.p. that table this bill in the first place said that there is an absolute need for an insurance policy to avoid crashing out of the e.u. without a deal still ahead on al-jazeera the fight against cholera inside club and head mozambique health workers begin a vaccination campaign we'll tell you why eating the wrong things could be was than
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smoking. hello the weather doesn't look too bad across much but much of china at about it quite a bit of cloud just making its way from west to a stressed stating out of laos leading across northern parts of vietnam this next still a cluster of storms will roll their way across the southwest of china if that fine hong kong gets up to twenty eight celsius twenty three in shanghai on friday we go on into saturday they some parts they fired a dry warm sunshine but you can see still one of two showers to central and western parts of the country may well as showers that roll across indochina are continuing to filter in from me and pulling out of bangladesh dry weather coming in behind
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largely clear skies and the story here really does remain heat wave that pretty monsoon heat has set in forty forty one celsius for many the sort of temperature we should be seeing this time in a may so really has picked up rather still it's also some showers that you notice in the east and bangladesh over towards myanmar northeastern parts of india and also into the pool over the next day or so the chance of some showers to just around the arabian peninsula even here in qatar we could see a little bit of that weather over the next couple of days lots of cloud pushing all the way down into em on. people have to weigh your record on this trial in fact a few years ago there is place only for one state on the land of israel i do not believe in a two state solution the official story is unfair and on paper we also don't care about the official story if you were local visit today you would say what has the
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media. to graze in here join me made the hot sun on the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching out to syria in mind in our top stories this hour the u.n. secretary general is calling for calm in libya where troops loyal towards threaten to head towards the capital after says his forces will fight what he calls the remaining terrorist groups if you open investigators say the pilots of an airliner that crashed last month performed all recommended procedures to regain control of
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the jets it's part of a preliminary report into the accident that killed one hundred fifty seven people. the new york times says special counsel robert muller's team is unhappy with the way the u.s. attorney general's office is put trade the findings of their inquiry. the nearly two year investigation to find out if there was any russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election. saudi arabia is said to be in talks with firms from five countries to build two nuclear power reactors according to reuters news agency it's planning to launch a bidding process for the projects and twenty twenty. former nuclear inspector said the kingdom was only a year away from completing its first reactor robert kelly identified the size in riyadh using these satellite images u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is hosting foreign ministers in washington to mark
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the seventieth anniversary of the founding of nato its secretary general is appealing for transatlantic unity at a time of tension and division within the alliance on wednesday yen stoltenberg told the us congress of the threat posed by what he called a more assertive russia colluding moscow's violations of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty our diplomatic heritage james bays war from washington the main meetings have been taking place all the foreign ministers twenty nine around the table of what's known as the north atlantic council but much of the real business actually takes place in the margins of that meeting while they're all here in washington one of those issues is turkey's plan to buy a missile defense system from russia that's causing real concern these are the comments of nato secretary general. it is a national decision. for each dollar to decide on determined of capabilities
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but at the same time we see that this is not an issue which creates. which has created this agreement between allies and nato provides a platform for allies to address issues like here this. is four hundred issues going on the agenda of the meeting today but i expect of course is to be or to be addressed on the margins of the meeting because nato is a platform for our laws to discuss issues like this need to provides support to turkey and we augment the air defense. the air defense cold turkey with the bottom and top nato to buttress another important issue being discussed is afghanistan peace talks in doha have been taking place between the u.s. and the taliban but they haven't even brought in their main afghan partners the afghan government and other nato nations will want
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a full update of exactly what's been going on syrian government forces of shall rebel held areas in the south of in the province killing at least fifteen people including civilians the hardest hit region was the town of kfar a noble turkish president threads of type of out of the line and russian leader vladimir putin agreed last september to turn it into a deescalation zone that agreement was stopped was meant to stop acts of aggression between government forces and rebel fighters israel's prime minister benyamin netanyahu has met russian president vladimir putin meanwhile in moscow for leaving for moscow and as now told reporters he would discuss syria and security ties with russia the visit comes just five days before the israeli general election. but a visit to russia comes just days ahead of a general election in israel as i mentioned it's been
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a hotly contested campaign with many issues on the table seventy deca people in west jerusalem it's important to them bibi isn't the only nickname the israeli prime minister goes by another term benjamin netanyahu has cultivated and banked on over the years is mr security to be out told the people of israel that he is the only one who can make them feel safe and secure but now the strongest challenge to his position in a decade is coming from three former army chiefs of staff men who also know security here in west jerusalem most people are telling us that security has always been a priority for israelis but there are other issues just as important that need to be addressed in a simple that people here are barely living it's the economy we can have costs go up without salaries also increasing i hope this time netanyahu will have the strength to create a broadly focused government that will be able to address all of these issues not only emphasize security which is where we invest most of our money recent polls
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show that the main issues on voters' minds are security the economy and corruption netanyahu is facing corruption charges in three separate cases you turn a general has announced he intends to indict the prime minister pending a pretrial hearing to be how it's trying to size curity just like he's trying to emphasize the economy just like he's trying to come out of relations but the election is not about any of those three things it's about corruption. and whether israelis care about. so far indications are that they don't. most predicted yes benjamin netanyahu will once again become prime minister but they also say that the corruption indictments hanging over him may ultimately defeat him scream if you will go to within ten months you want to be prime minister. allawi. is corrupt. and. we will keep him out
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of the political israel goes to the polls on april ninth but it's what happens after which may be more defining but the political career of benjamin netanyahu stephanie decker al jazeera west jerusalem the man accused of attacking two mosques in new zealand is now facing fifteen charges of murder police say australian brenton tyrants will also be charged with thirty nine counts of attempted murder when he appears in court in christchurch on friday fifty people were killed last month when he opened fire during friday prayers new zealand's prime minister banned the sale of assault rifles and semi automatic weapons in response straight here has passed tough new laws that threaten to send social media executives to jail if they don't act quickly to take down violent content in response to last month's mosque attacks in christ church which we live stream by the killer australia's government
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has rushed the legislation through under thomas reports from sydney. the crushed church killer broadcast his murders long meet online facebook hosted his video for seventeen minutes before cutting the feet australia's government is the first in the world to pass laws as a result explicitly targeting social media companies. just sliding against the weaponization of social media we are introducing a tough regime against the misuse and abuse of online platforms the rules and norms that apply in the physical world should also apply in the online world the new laws cover audiovisual material that the government considers abhorrent and violent that's defined as acts of terrorism murder attempted murder torture rape and kidnapping the new laws that say social media companies should remove such material expeditiously basically fast but it doesn't define expeditiously how fast is fast
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enough that's for the police to the side when it comes to pursuing a prosecution and for a jury when deciding guilt. guilt could mean three years in prison for individuals or a fine of one and a half million dollars corporations too slow to remove an apartment while a material would face fines of seven and a half million dollars or more big corporations could be fined ten percent of their annual turnover the opposition labor party backs the new laws but says australia acting alone won't help there is little point in australia taking unilateral actions that do not mesh properly with existing regulatory frameworks around the world this concern to the little also been passed in a rush squeezed through parliament before any session for a national election campaign legislation was only introduced later on wednesday this an exciting moment all those things. to clear the nation kerry was how the new laws passed parliament on thursday some politicians think rushed laws could be bad
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laws potentially criminalizing some journalism or pushing social media companies to stop operating in australia entirely we've got a very significant bill that is being rushed through before this parliament rises. and libraries going along with it now that should not occur here now australian politicians we want you to see if other country's leaders follow their lead after thomas al jazeera sydney nearly a million people in mozambique are receiving banks a nation again scholar of the last month cycle only die most of those being immunize are in the port city of beirut which was hardest hit two people have died from the disease and nearly two thousand cases have been recorded. bad diets are leading to more deaths than smoking that's according to a report from the medical journal lancet in nearly all of the one hundred ninety
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five countries surveyed people were found to be consuming too much of the wrong types of food and not enough healthy produce and that's contributing to one in five deaths globally on average we consume eighty six percent more sugar sweetened drinks than is considered safe of the eleven million diets related deaths globally ten million of them were caused by cardiovascular disease with salt playing a big role and one of the main problems is the fact we're not eating more vegetables fruits nuts seeds and whole grain israel france spain and japan have the lowest rates of food related deaths i was back to stan afghanistan in the marshall islands had the highest i scan machine is an assistant professor of health metrics at the university of washington and the lead author of the report he says more needs to be done globally to ensure people receive the right nutrition. previous
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efforts in the making that helped to fix the under in the tradition and over the then obesity but there has not been a systematic effort to estimate the health effects. school quality. and this study is to try to answer this question one of the major challenges is the lack of a bally bullet sufficient food and vegetable in all countries. for healing take up grain the problem is too much processing grain majority of the grain that are consuming these current can therefore more free find. depending on the day to be a factor there are different barrier that contribute to their consumption and one of the common problems is also a. good friend a three pack across different countries leading the country there are some mississippi foods that are currently unfortunately nitpicked that you think of for
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example whole grain and these are not far off. in many countries actually for not eating meat case in many countries is very close to zero and you suggest that basically including the consumption we need to basically walk on intervention and he's healthy only to do before i cross the fore. and you can get much more nor both stories if you had a tongue website on syria dot com. and let's take you through some of those stories now then a state of emergency has been declared in the libyan capital tripoli as troops loyal towards holly for huffed are are threatening to advance on the city on wednesday after his fighters posted video online which appears to show a large convoy of heavily armored vehicles on the move. as more from tripoli
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alongside the state of emergency that's been declared by the interior ministry that is affiliated with the bag government of national accord the tripoli based government led by phase in tripoli that's following the threats of course made by have to his forces position now and other young talent in the south of tripoli to move towards the capital tripoli to recapture it and as they say to rid the capital of what they call terrorists if you can investigators say the pilot of an airliner that crashed last month performed all recommended procedures to regain control of the jet it's part of a preliminary report into the accident that killed one hundred fifty seven people the new york times says special counsel robert muller's team is unhappy with the way the u.s. attorney general's office could trade the findings of their inquiry motherlode
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a nearly two year investigation to find out if there was any russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election. syrian government forces have shelled rebel held areas in the south a village province killing at least fifteen people including civilians the hardest hit region was the town of kufa the noble turkish president about a diet and russian leader vladimir putin agreed last september to turn it into a deescalation zone a violent agreement was meant to stop acts of aggression between government forces and rebel fighters at least twenty members of the afghan security forces have been killed during an attack by the taliban on the government compound it happened in the bottom of our district in baghdad's province a military base and the police compound were targeted fighting in the province has been ongoing for the past month conflict often becomes heightened during the
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arrival of the spring season is the stream now. africa's most populous nation the bloodiest economy has a youth unemployment problem in a bid to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital i'm told. we bring you the stories the economic world we live in . counting the cost around. here in the stream today it's three stories in one show algeria's political future what lies ahead plus a look at chad's social media adjured online free speech case in uganda you can join today's conversation we're reading your live comments and questions on you tube and twitter stream. my name is i'm
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researching. i mean you are in the streets. after six weeks of protests calling for political reform and an end to the algerian president's twenty years in power absolutely. agreed to step down on tuesday according to state media but it doesn't appear to be the and for the popular movement for reform here to talk to us about our next steps in beirut and then a resident scholar at the khan center and infest morocco. and activists really good to have you here i'm just thinking in the last few weeks on social media the pictures of the protests have been so compelling but now that the president for algeria has stepped down what do you see there was a lot of enthusiasm online and is represented in this way this is who writes and
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yes we can and yes we just did it the president. has resigned indeed we are happy for this because it's an achievement but we should not forget that this is just one of so many demands we are seeking to achieve and will god willing and we will keep it peaceful you can see the enthusiasm there but also the hope for what is to come next you were just there on friday and i know you have plans to return again on this coming friday what are your friends and family who are there and were there yesterday what are they telling you about the mood on the street right now they are both celebrating but also awaiting the next mass demonstrations that will get izing harder. and they're hoping the protests a larger turnout because then just on the they may have removed the face of the regime but the system itself is still very much intact and
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they are seeking to dismantle it in its entirety and to build from here and effectively to develop the future leadership of the nation danios who showing that celebrate video from the streets of algeria in different places you were smiling so brutally is this mission accomplished all we done and do you take a moment to enjoy what you were protesting about. well you know as you may know i participated in that they will stray ssion on march twenty second and march twenty ninth and i observe as the political analyst that i am but also. with my heart us and julian citizen and i can't not say that i am very happy and very proud of what the people have achieved without any drop of blood
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being shed and i think jean gave a beautiful lesson of peace and how a peaceful movement can achieve goals however you know i am not skeptical that maybe i am realistic. you know there is still things to be done and algerian is that their demands are still you know they still have a lot of. it is sure that the men left but that algerian system is not a one man show behind the men there is a complex and all but regime and durians are today asking for us to to depart but also for the all of the guard to depart and including the chief army chief of staff. as a matter of fact on friday twenty nine they were seeing in the who would flee i would imagine gates side which means go go would flee and take with you gates. now
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tell you said that this is not a one man show and that was just a good way to sum up what people online are saying because they say it is so much bigger of course than just with a flicker through the south i expect the protests to grow bigger with the flick of resignation is just the first step in shaping the contours of algeria's political future this should not be about the president alone it should be about overhauling an entire political structure anchored on a leader's i'm now see the here on twitter got a response from another member of our commune. he talks he writes and says the first thought that came to me was it's about time but you are one hundred percent correct the entire political structure needs overhauling i hope they can do it but it's hard malea how would protesters and opposition members even go about that the answer is is not a clear one there isn't simply one to give and i think that the protesters are very
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clear about that and they're in they're in it for the long haul speaking to demonstrate to they said you know we'll continue marching for a year or two however long it's going to take for our country to be rejuvenated for a complete transformation of our society a complete redistribution of wealth and a complete. with the idea. our liberation struggle the for of our national struggle and identity and i think that it is with those aspirations in mind they are not looking for quick solutions or band-aid they're looking for long term. revolutionary what so earlier today a pool of the on the streets of people was still protesting have a look to because of the to the present day you know with all your power gates on the we're here to say to you and your clear get out because it was. for the folks
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over there and we're cafetiere against gay it's the army chief of staff who is part of the system part of the current regime doesn't remember much. i know you've written about this opinion piece in the new york times opinion another battle of algiers and you're talking here about the entire political system the military's involvement in it so if people are still protesting what do they want now remains that president now want. well the people are sick of this the regime that has been hijacking the country if i may say and the political system and the economic welfare there for the last twenty years not to say as a matter of fact since the independence of the country in one nine hundred sixty two people are fed up with that with also this won't do either ship we are talking about a country in which more than fifty five percent of the population is under age twenty
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five so people are generally in want a leadership that is younger and that can actually represent them as one protester said it once and he said it in french your grandkids you don't keep meaning i want to president who is able to treat so behind the you know the joke of there is a generation that is really capable of that and they're standing where he is at stake and we've seen it you know algerian showed a great degree of political maturity they stood up for their rights and they did it in a very peaceful way as they said of the protests they'd still mia which means peaceful and also how the are ya which means that. and i think what they want to day is to remove this all the guard but also you know while it is true that algerians have been asking for the military to engage and to remove they are also aware
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of the egyptian scenario if i may say they don't want to have another you know c.c. if i may say in algeria so this is why they've been asking gates to move and as a matter of fact i think that if gates saleh the chief of the army chief of staff moves and resign it will be it will be very good for him and. you know he would be remembered as this great. gennaro who made a historic. bet i think it is time for him to resign. if the president was on twitter he would see things like this this is chris who writes nothing is new under the sun the military will take over and bring back some rogues belonging to the old man's political party things will get worse and algeria and less democratic forces are really vigilant so that raises a few questions that another person in our community a former gaston
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a woman you heard just at the top of today's show yes i mean i loose here's the question she raised what we're seeing now is the transition and now by. the head of the national people's council and. now the little question surrounding . the military. and also what type of transition. to be reflective of the democratic aspirations of people. going to be and then reflect who says you know dreams have. to see and long it's just really. so she raised very valid questions there and then joe here on you tube watching live picks up saying what's the likelihood of the military allowing a genuinely democratic system to take hold in algeria mali i'll give that one to
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you. well the german protest. you know in many rounds now have demonstrated they're not willing to wait for them to deliver it all to create this transition if you will they will shape what comes next and they will decide it and they will make their opposition to whatever it is proposed very very clear and i think it's important to bear that in mind that the german people are not waiting for the remnants of the regime to provide them with what they think is a suitable leadership they will decide on and they will deliberate on the streets. and we're just going about to wrap up a bit many i'm just looking at a picture if you protesting this is a couple of weeks ago are you still going to go out and protest you have more protesting if you. have much more protesting in me and i will be alongside the algerian people especially as a member of the algerian diaspora it is incredibly powerful i'm moving to be
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amongst my people marching demonstrating and demanding freedom are you going to be out on the streets again are you done yes you know i just came back from jews do they go and i am and again to come back so if and that yes you will be joined by federer who tweets and the protests will continue on friday april fifth peacefully we want them out. thanks so much for joining us and now to chad where it's been more than a year since the chatty in government block social media access to its citizens use of services like whatsapp facebook and twitter was cut off amid economic and political anxieties in the country listen to what chatty an activist can by deed i mean had to say about the band's impact. let them in with the mothers a sense of the. indispensable is in the full sense of the last if only i must deliver this on the. glue this is in our kids who are.
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the cylons if you will. you see city. hall a good. example of. a symphony psystar sell. them on the automatic all of them are. in the air stream a little qualities of the decide the one that is it's just out of the money that ensued we're here to tell us more about this story from a proclamation antonio the african freedom of expression exchange and the network of freedom of expression and media rights advocacy organizations in africa welcome to the stream for leisha i want to start here with the author of this piece on african arguments child social media band reaches one year mark and it's published just a few days ago that is from samuel what i'm is who write the social media blackout in chad began on the twenty eighth of march twenty thousand budding protests that
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broke out after constitutional recommendations were made that would allow the president to rule in till twenty thirty three the recommendations have since passed into law and given the timing it's reasonable to assume that this blackout was unforced in an attempt to prevent protests from spreading so he explains there the reason behind this but police so what can you tell us about why it has lasted so long. thank you very much money. i would like to say about that if not the. government president you saw internet shutdowns or social media blackouts in order to call protests. like their rights are rightly said the government of chatter thought that through the use of social media blackout in order to reprise protests ongoing proof closest during their moments during their period for instance on march twenty eighth. there was a protest and the government have barred protests since for three and this is
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a trend that is going on in the on the african continent or if there is governmental like uganda coming through in sudan congo or rather grow as well as they do you are seen to mention but if you have resorted to do you think such repressive measures during protests or important national events like finish let me let me just illustrate that and that point is an organization called suppressor and they're called the collaboration on the international i.c.t. policy for east and southern africa and they actually illustrated the cost impact of what happens when you shut down the internet have a look here on my laptop as you mention there are other countries have also put a stop on the internet maybe banding for a little bit a little bit of time look at how much money these countries are losing and just focus here on chad over three million dollars over that amount tell us about the impacts that are happening to people when you shut down the internet in china for
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a year what seemed to us like you you said. i don't want feedback resorting to the you saw in kind of side bounce it's like should send yourself in default and that is the government. soul aside the economic implications of internet shutdowns we have the political fallout implications which means that most of the government's going to be needed that's going to use internet shutdowns our network destruction is able to call protest but those has proven wrong because what i ask you and progress back in sudan a few months ago the government you saw today you saw today you saw internet shadow but we still have this citizens under streets protesting what their rights that the award to their order change that they want to see in their country and little let's listen and chat here because i'm just really curious about how does your life change with no internet for a year give us an example. for instance we all know about the internet has become
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very critical in our daily lives and soul. so it was in todd forest. it means that it's never been. there one year without it without access to social media platforms and that you cannot communicate really with your partner needs and friends. and i thought of. how to expand that communication beyond boundaries and soul a you know about incredible means that you could not easily called me to create you could not use me maps where i swore i was. going to happen it's ironic you and also to come to an issue for freedom of expression obviously both social media blackout is affecting their work or generalised especially in generalities that use social media platforms to disseminate information you're going to lose a lot because of the kind of reached the audience that do you think reach a yet a goal and sole income i shut down the next read destruction of this nation
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playground politian of their fundamental freedom of expression rights and access information rights of citizens. here on twitter but i agree he says everyday life of charity and has deepened deeply impacted social media has created a deep connection between people of rural areas urban and diaspora and the shutdown has disconnected them the flow of information has stopped in time i read one more from samuel who illustrates that point even further he says the blackout house and friends on citizens' freedom of expression and right to information with increasing international pressure and mounting local activism there are hopes that they will be forced to restore access freesheet you being on the string today thank you so much for the show next a story out of uganda where academic and government critics to lead the anzhi is being tried for a sense of communication and cyber harassment now this isn't how first run in with the saudis listen to her address the court in a similar case in twenty seventy. this regime has offended this
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country i'm happy to take on the month of insanity i'm happy to take on the most over of the truth ted if this montoya is going to be the only time that's the region will be towed the boat offense to the people of uganda and therefore yes i have written a lot to your own know. about those who rule us about funding the rule about nepotism issues that would be offensive to those who are of the offenders of this nation however yours oh no. i'm not guilty because it's a communication. nancy has been detained since november after posting a poem on facebook about ugandan present us seventy ladies trial began last week and with us to talk about the case. a journalist and the editor of african feminism if you didn't know steadily n.z.
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when you saw that clip roseboro you would want to know a whole lot more for our international audience what more can you tell us about her and why she's in so much trouble. thank you turner is a very weak the person and she knows the power of the pair and the power of using. words that steep out of the social norm not only to discern ruppert those in power but also to upset social norms that how she gained all this following from facebook . building on her research and using in deploying vogue ality to challenge power so she is one of the most powerful people to communicate to bring back about going which is very much in our you know in uganda he street where ugandans deployed read good rudeness against the british colonisers so she's bringing back that he's tree and people don't know what to do with her for for many people she has the power to
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arrest you and tell you that which you would not want to hear in the ways you wouldn't want to hear so she will get that power in she's in jail because she is being charged with offensive communication in disturbing the peace of the president so we need to hear how would the peace of the president be described it has to be a person deploying challenging power in a very unconventional manner you mentioned radical rudeness as being her tactic their fear on twitter says that her tactics aren't really the issue here the issue is african governments are cracking down on dissidents and because culturally women aren't supposed to speak their voices are criminalized brutally which is picking up on and on the point you were making there but we also got a video comment rosewell from someone who says why she is so important this is shari out of a crowd here's what she told the stream what does dr salon yancey's activism mean to me it means bravery in the face of oppression it means speaking out and in
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particular as a black african woman daring to speak out at the risk of losing your job at risk of being humiliated and the risk of even injustice in the courts still resisting and speaking your truth and also inspiring the use who compose seventy seven percent of you comes for felician seventy seven percent of them are under city and . her resistance her strength is really inspiring not only for ugandans but on also for africans across the continent and the diaspora and i hope this pushes for more solidarity and support for us all to improve our societies rosewell talk to us about the impact that you see seller having. i think the impact taylor has is she's not just a conventional protests are challenging power she has the power of intersectionality last year she organized a women's march to challenge to protest to women being murdered in uganda she had
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already come here with a protest against the president was even on his wife not living up to campaign promises of providing sanitary pads to a docent girls who are dropping out of school she's also nonsupport l g b t rights what you will fail you rarely find very vocal a prominent advocate so she comes very powerful short so and so many different groups but in a positive way we have she brings that power to challenge index push the composition to limits where people would not want. to go so definitely that is her power and that resonates with an increasingly young population the they're talking about we are seventy eight percent below the age of thirty five and we have held elections which don't make sense where the president after that it's real we can already know what as long as on the ballot in two years he will still win again so what about other ways of organizing i don't have also. a freedom to organize and
11:45 pm
protest i think so as well still giving us that office he has an incredible ability to get underneath the administration skin in uganda we spoke to the ambassador morcha ten day he is the canton asked ambassador to the u.s. he gave us a very colorful statement i hope we all have it out to you but here is some of it he's obviously not a fan of stella he talks about the misuse of the internet generally and many persons of the of the world are today gravely abusing its availability some of the content of dr nancy social media platforms is despicable disgusting and not congress with her status status of a mother i had to make and a ph d. holder so he is very unhappy but what may happen to stella in just a sentence we think might happen to her for a spell. first of all these charges are really cut all told in court we've already seen in the last trial in the first hearing that the government has no idea how to
11:46 pm
actually challenge this kind of speech or your line will go free rosabel that it that issue i go for let's say it like we were told by if you have people yelling it out stella leandy sank you very much thank you for watching and you can i will see you on line next time take care. who is fighting for a fifth term as prime minister of israel using his friendship with donald trump fears over security and race but he faces corruption charges and a trio of former army chiefs trying to get a. sense of chance in the upcoming israeli elections get the latest on al-jazeera. the brazilian economy is booming but deep divisions still exist between the haves and the have nots in a country where smartphones have become a part of everyday life technology help bridge the gap. the series the challenges
11:47 pm
developers to design apps for a better world travels to rio de janeiro and meets the young people tasked with making a different life than for vale a farm on al-jazeera. is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in the shadow of the mountains continue on and should tradition what child protection workers say condemns young girls to a life of slavery and sexual exploitation five year old miracle was buried for money just a few weeks ago only so some missionaries. by the marriages happen i couldn't reach it is a missionary rescues girls. outrightly. been trucked to gil before she was born there what if it takes fourteen years. the brother. way across europe immigration is high on the agenda
11:48 pm
and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants' at zero in the race but this is the one political topic anybody and everybody is discussing the far right is preparing for battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. prejudiced some pride in hungary on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the u.n. recognize governments in the libyan capital declares an emergency as troops loyal
11:49 pm
to the warlords. threaten to advance on tripoli. is going to have. safety. investigators in ethiopia say despite best efforts by the pilots to control the aircraft they couldn't prevent the seven three seven max from crashing last month. plus a world first australia gets tough on social media companies after the new zealand mosque attacks. and sports in munich survive a big scare in the german cup the champions share nine goals for the second division side. libya's government has declared a state of emergency after rival forces moved closer to the capital tripoli on weapons day the warlord. ordered his forces west has power bases in the eastern
11:50 pm
city of benghazi and he's backed by the u.a.e. saudi arabia and egypt the u.n. secretary general is in libya and is calling for an urgent deescalation let's get more on this developing story from. who's in tripoli what does this all mean do we think. will the mistyped first aware that this new is a puta of the u. n. bagged government of national accord and tripoli has given orders to its a a force to engage end their launch airstrikes against what it calls any military activities that weren't threaten civilian lives and damage a state premises now that a force that is affiliated to the national accord government is based and the city
11:51 pm
of misrata are also the government has ordered the simpler military soon and misrata to move that towards tripoli to protect it against the threats made by forces loyal to the world have up we spoke to military generals in misrata and they said that they are now moving get a very units towards the capital tripoli to reposition in the hour to skirts of tripoli to face have forces in case they approach the capital tripoli as you know peter the irony is that despite the fact that the widening made by the united nations secretary general until you get turkish who is here in tripoli today in a two days visit yet it delivered factions on the ground are not responding have to his forces continue to say that they're deterred meant to move towards the capital
11:52 pm
of tripoli on the other hand forces that. government of national accord from the city of misrata say that they will not let hazardous forces take over their capital tripoli the situation is very tense on the ground but. here is what it let's called statements and counter statements there are a lot of statements being greeley's by rival institutions but on the ground of the it is no military existence there is no military deployment in the capital tripoli until this moment unless the forces from the city of misrata reach the capital tripoli peter where you are mark mood when you talk about tension on the ground and talk about there hasn't been and you're talking about there hasn't been a deployment of military on the ground inside the city would that be an easy thing
11:53 pm
for the authorities to do if this is what we're looking at right now if this is a run up to a very big push. well it depends on how big the forces coming from the city of misrata are and their locations and where they're going to be positions because of the position south of the capital tripoli there would be somehow near forces that are evil forces loyal to have to his forces which are positioned less than one hundred kilometers to the south of tripoli namely end of town of what am after they have taken control of strategic locations and premises government premises in this city of the end but again all what's happening now seems to be dealing with the peace process namely the join the national conference which is due to be held in the city of damask on the fifteenth of this month as as you know peter at this conference is expected to name
11:54 pm
new personalities to hold new positions in the government and to recognize her as head of security but by doing this it seems that have is not is not the post itself is not sufficient for him and he wants to have a big to play a bigger role in the coming government and that's why he is trying to impose himself as a do factor at all up in the west of the country before the general national conference is held on the fifteenth of this month's peter but when thanks very much . we move on if europeans government has released its initial reports into the fatal crash of an aircraft last month one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew died when the ethiopian airlines flight went down six minutes after takeoff from a suburb well a moment the latest. it's been almost a month since the boeing seven three seven took off from ethiopia capital addis
11:55 pm
ababa bound for nairobi it crashed six minutes later near the town of the shaft to killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board it up is transport minister has now released the first official findings of the investigation into the crash with says the pilots did everything that was recommended by boeing that major objective of this investigation is to make sure that there is safety in the patients. it's not to blame someone it's not to get some sort of there are some things that we are going to do it as something very normal for in the procedures but of all the things to get results of these reports is going to have to ensure safety in the nation say. the pilots reportedly struggle to control the plane's automatic anti stalling system which is meant to push the nose of the aircraft downwards if it detects a stall or loss of a speed analysts believe this issue may have led to the crash the true reacted.
11:56 pm
quite correctly by carrying out a drill that has been pressed for bribes if this occurs and isolated this system which was trying to push the nose down but having done that. they then found that one of the control systems that they have for pulling those back up again simply wouldn't perform for them this was the second crash to involve the boeing seven three seven max within five months in indonesia last october a lion f. light went down shortly after takeoff from jakarta killing all one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew the lawyers representing the families of the victims of the line f. light say the united states should do more to hold boeing accountable you know what united states. is now.
11:57 pm
known for doing this is you know it's a you know more of those who work really equal justice for all the wires for the united states and it's a major setback for the company boeing really has to work very fast see to recover its trust because its brand name is so strong and its products for a long time have been so good the boeing seven three seven max has been grounded worldwide pending a review into the software off with flight control system investigators in here p.s.a. a full report into what happened could take up to a year to complete for healing mohammed al jazeera while the u.s. aviation regulator says it's launching a new review of the safety of the boeing seven three seven max the federal aviation administration the state says the review is expected to look at the certificate process of the aircraft boeing faces multiple lawsuits over the crash of the ethiopian airlines flight last month john and when his life was in chicago where
11:58 pm
boeing is based so john this all increases the pressure on the company. it does indeed there were three key findings from those transportation officials bad news for boeing the first one is that the pilots followed all of the procedures that boeing provided in order to try to correct their trajectory of that plane so that suggests according to preliminary findings that there was no pilot error they also found there was no damage sensor why was that important because if there was a damage sensor that could be a maintenance problem therefore the airlines could be blamed for that problem really centers the focus of the investigation on the software system and interestingly boeing. for much. of the revamp of that plane turned the seven thirty seven into the seven thirty seven max eight so they
11:59 pm
did a lot of the certification on behalf of the f.a.a. it's a common procedure interestingly they also sold a software fix as an option for about eighty thousand dollars now if that is risk is deemed to have been responsible for the accident the lack of that fix which neither of those two planes had that could be a serious problem for boeing and even lead to criminal culpability we don't know because these are merely findings but it is that software system that the attention is now focused on. in the lawsuits. that's right i'm standing outside of a lawyers office here in chicago right now with in the hour we're about to hear about the latest lawsuit in this case it is the family of a young woman who died in the most recent crash suing both boeing and the manufacturer of one of the parts that could be responsible for the crash and interestingly this woman is the niece of ralph nader
12:00 am
a one time presidential candidate also more importantly in this case he's a consumer advocate who has taken on. auto companies for flawed parts in the past so he is is a formidable nemesis to have he will be here merely on the telephone but the mother of the victim will be here and she was up stairs emotional crying just a short while ago this is before the press conference and we were expecting this to be an emotional day here and another lawsuit that could be yet further devastating news for boeing john thanks very much till she lights up well stay with us story col bailey is an aviation analyst and formally an f.a.a. safety representative he joins us here on the news from skype skype from new york daily welcome to al-jazeera so what's your reading of this interim report. you know the interim report is very very vague and it's pretty much telling us stuff that we already knew stuff that has been leaked out the last couple days.


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