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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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days now saying that no matter what is turned over it will never be enough this is just relive a geisha of the election of two thousand and sixteen it's time for the country to move on that's not how democrats are seeing it in fact there will be protests outside the white house today in the coming hours as there is this a continuing effort from the public and from many politicians to try and get all the information out for the public to see kimberly thanks very much at least twenty members of the afghan security forces have been killed in the senate by the taliban a government compound happened in the. district and bugged some of the free base of the police compound where target is there has been fighting in the province for more than a month now as the taliban's intensified its violence with that so-called spring offensive. plenty more still to come for you here now to syria including the fight against cholera in cycling it's mozambique health workers begin their vaccination campaign. we'll tell you why it's in the wrong things could be worse for you smoke it.
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hello the weather doesn't look too bad across much but much of china at about it quite a bit of cloud just making its way from west to east as stating out of laos fading across northern parts of vietnam this next little cluster of storms will roll their way across the southwest of china if that fine hong kong gets up to twenty eight celsius twenty three in shanghai on friday we go on into saturday they some parts they fired a dry warm sunshine but you can see still one of two showers to central and western parts of the country may well as showers that roll across in that shot of that continuing to filter in from me and pulling out of bangladesh dry weather coming in behind largely clear skies and the story here really does remain a heat wave that pretty monsoon heat has set in forty forty one celsius for many
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the sort of temperature we should be seeing this time in a may so really has picked up rather still it's also some showers that you notice in the east and bangladesh over towards myanmar northeastern parts of india and also into the pool over the next day or so a chance to some showers to just around the arabian peninsula even here in qatar we could see a little bit of that weather over the next couple of days lots of cloud pushing all the way down into em on. the brazilian economy is booming but deep divisions still exist between the haves and the have nots in a country where smartphones have become a part of everyday life technology help reached again. this series that challenges developers to design apps for a better world travels to rio de janeiro and meets the young people tasked with
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making a different life than covello farm on al-jazeera. looking back you know with al jazeera live from doha a reminder of your top stories the libyan all orderly for after says he's ordered his forces to march into tripoli that's where the u.n. backed internationally recognized government is based as to the state of emergency . the u.s. house of representatives has in the last hour approved a resolution to end u.s. support for the saudi war in yemen the bill will go to president trump was announced to veto it happened last month and president also today criticizing that
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new york the new york times after it reported that members of robert muller special counsels team while there are unhappy with the way the findings of their inquiry of being handled. in nearly two year investigation find if there was any russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election. you theo piers government has released its initial reports into last month's fatal plane crash one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew died when the ethiopian airlines flight when done six minutes after took off from. the moment. it's been almost a month since the boeing seven three seven took off from ethiopia capital addis ababa bound for nairobi it crashed six minutes later near the town of be shocked to killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board it appears transport minister has now released the first official findings of the investigation into the crash with says the pilots did everything that was recommended by boeing that major on
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duty of this investigation is to make sure that there is safety in the patients and . it's not to blame someone it's not to get some sort of there are some things that we are going to do it as something very normal informing the procedures but of all the things there isn't of this report is going to have to ensure safety in the nation sake that the pilots reportedly struggle to control the plane's automatic anti stalling system which is meant to push the nose of the aircraft downwards if it detects a stall or loss of a speed analysts believe this issue may have led to the crash the crew reacted. quite correctly by carrying out a drill that has been pressed for bribes if this occurs and isolated this system which was trying to push the nose down but having done that. they then
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found that one of the control systems that they have for pulling those back up again simply wouldn't perform for them this was the second crash to involve the boeing seven three seven max within five months in indonesia last october a lion f. light went down shortly after takeoff from jakarta killing all one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew the lawyers representing the families of the victims of the line f. light say the united states should do more to hold boeing accountable you know what the united states. is there to say it's. more. it's a more worthy. just as for us the wires for the united states and it's a major setback for the company boeing really has to work very fast to recover its trust because its brand name is so strong and its products for
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a long time have been so good the boeing seven three seven max has been grounded worldwide pending a review into the software of its flight control system investigators in ethiopia say a full report into what happened could take up to a year to complete for healing mohammed al jazeera. saudi arabia is said to be in talks with companies from five countries to build two nuclear power reactors according to the reuters news agency is planning to launch a bidding process for the projects in twenty twenty a former nuclear inspector said the kingdom's first reactor could be operational within one year you know identify the site in rio using these satellite images the crown prince mohammed bin cell man has indicated that saudi arabia is interested in nuclear technology to counter what it calls a threat from iran russia kelly is the former inspector and associate fellow with the stockholm international peace research institute he took us through those images earlier he says the development of saudi arabia's nuclear program goes
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against international commitments. sunnie arabia has been very slow to embrace the rules and standards that the i.a.e.a. demands they signed a nonproliferation treaty to not get nuclear weapons about thirty years ago they promised not to do that and they still don't have a real agreement in place for inspections and how to handle safeguards they've managed to do that because they've simply said we don't have any nuclear facilities or materials so you don't need to come the fact that the crown prince has said that he would be willing to make nuclear weapons despite the fact he signed a nonproliferation treaty makes you very uncomfortable finding the reactor was just an interest of mine to to fill in some holes in my knowledge but now you see that the previous history of michael flynn trying to sell lots of reactors to saudi arabia and then the department of energy stonewalling on what it is they've allowed to be sent to saudi arabia makes you think that this this event is not over yet oh
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i think in this case there are major powers that have been struggling with each other in the middle east i tend to believe that the agreement that we have made with iran do not produce nuclear weapons is a good agreement and it's working in saudi arabia comes along and says if i think iran is doing it i'm going to make nuclear weapons to on what basis we're intelligence be when we have really good evidence from the i.a.e.a. to iran has is sitting this one now that the. bush m.p.'s have not really possibile forcing the government to avoid a no deal bret's it the amendment was passed by one single vote but has yet to be approved by the office the house of lois with just eight days to go before the price at that line of a time what he's saying is the government will have to ask for an extension and has the latest from the house of commons in london. the bill that narrowly passed by
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one vote in the lower house the house of commons on wednesday forcing the british government to go to the e.u. and ask for an extension and also giving m.p.'s the right to dictate the length of that extension has now gone to the house of lords the upper chamber where it's being debated it has to be passed there for it eventually to get royal assent to become law but what we're seeing is that there are already signs of division in the house of lords the peer baronet hater who presented the bill in the house of lords said that it was a matter of urgency that the lords support it to allow the british government to go to the e.u. next week on wednesday and formally ask them for an extension but pro breaks it appears in the house of lords are doing everything they possibly can to question why this bill is there a tool saying that well the british government of already said that there's a need for an extension there's no need now for another legal route to force the
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government's hand but all of a let win the conservative m.p. that table this bill in the first place said that there is an absolute need for an insurance policy to avoid crashing out of the e.u. without a deal the man accused of attacking two mosques in new zealand is now facing fifty charges of murder police say australian brendan tarrant will also be chance with thirty nine counts of attempted murder when he appears in court in questions on friday fifty people were killed last month when he opened fire during friday prayers usuals prime minister has banned the sale of assault rifles and semiautomatic weapons in response. australia has passed tough new laws that threaten to send social media executives to jail if they don't act quickly done violent content in response to last month's mosque attacks in new zealand switch with live streamed by the killer the australian government has rushed the legislation through under thomas with that story from sydney the crushed church
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killer broadcast his murders longleat online facebook hosted his video for seventeen minutes before cutting the feet australia's government is the first in the world to pass laws as a result explicitly targeting social media companies. just sliding against the weaponization of social media we are introducing a tough regime against the misuse and abuse of online platforms the rules and norms that apply in the physical world should also apply in the online world the new laws cover audiovisual material that the government considers abhorrent and violent that's defined as acts of terrorism murder attempted murder torture rape and kidnapping the new laws that say social media companies should remove such material expeditiously basically fast but it doesn't define expeditiously how fast is fast enough that's for the police to the side when it comes to pursuing
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a prosecution and for a jury when deciding guilt. guilt could mean three years in prison for individuals or a fine of one and a half million dollars corporations too slow to remove that horrid material would face fines of seven and a half million dollars or more big corporations could be fined ten percent of their annual turnover the opposition labor party backs the new laws but says australia acting alone won't help there is little point in australia taking unilateral actions that do not mish properly with existing regulatory frameworks around the world this concern to the little also been passed in a rush squeezed through parliament before any session for a national election campaign legislation was only introduced later on wednesday this an exciting moment all those things they are. to clear the nation carry was how the new laws passed parliament on thursday some politicians think rushed laws
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could be bad laws potentially criminalizing some journalism or pushing social media companies to stop operating in australia entirely we've got a very significant bill that is being rushed through before this parliament rises. and libraries going along with it now that should not occur that now australian politicians we watching to see if other countries leaders follow their lead after thomas al-jazeera sydney you know nearly a million people in mozambique are receiving vaccination against cholera after last month's cycle and most of those being immunized are in the port city of barrow which was hardest hit two people have died from the disease and nearly two thousand cases have been recorded i mean the miller has the latest now from don doke. this camp in john doe is home to more than six hundred people displaced by the hike loan and the flooding that followed that's just a fraction of the one point seven million people in wasn't rico been displaced
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following that flooding people here say conditions of very difficult once we went to the tents behind us they're quite bare there's nothing in it there nothing in these tents people say that's really all they have the biggest worry for them is the delivery of food as well as medicine they say they have received some but delivery has been inconsistent they last saw a doctor about three days ago and in the past day an elderly woman lost her life people here don't know if that's due to cholera but they say that many of the people here will tell complaints are suffering from diarrhea and they are vomiting and these are some of the symptoms of the disease that is rapidly spreading in this area more than one thousand seven hundred people have been confirmed cases of cholera there's also concern around the outbreak of other diseases like malaria as well as needles so the health authorities are working as quickly as they possibly
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can but the need is really quite overwhelming. poor diet leading to more deaths than smoking that's according to a report from the medical journal the lancet in nearly all of the one hundred ninety five countries people were found to be consuming too much of the wrong types of food and not enough healthy produce and that's contributing to one in five deaths globally on average we consume eighty six percent more sugar sweetened drinks than is considered safe of the eleven million diet related deaths globally ten million of those were caused by a cardiovascular disease with salt being the biggest culprit and the other problem is the fact that we're not eating more vegetables fruit not seeds and whole grains israel france spain and japan have the lowest rates of food related deaths while his back is stan afghanistan and the marshall islands have the highest. option is an assistant professor of health metrics at the university of washington and the lead author on the report he says more needs to be done globally to ensure people
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get the right amount of nutrition. previous efforts in estimating the health effects the under industry and over the and obesity but there has not been a systematic effort to estimate the health effects. school quality. and this study is to try to answer this question one of the major challenges is the lack of i believe sufficient food and vegetable in our country. for during takeoff and grain the problem is too much processing on grain majority of grain that are consuming this current can therefore more free find great. depending on the day to be a factor there are different barriers that contribute to their consumption and one of the perhaps common problems is also. the friend three practice across different countries between the country there are some mississippi
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foods that are currently unfortunately nitpick that you think for example whole grain and not these are not far off. in many countries actually for not the meaning in many countries is very close to zero and you suggest that basically in addition to improving the consumption we need to basically work on interventions that. help the only. people i cross the fore. and you can get lots more news from have you wanted on the web site zero dot com is the address you need at the latest from libya as well. this is these are the top stories the libyan warlord has ordered his troops to quote liberate the capital tripoli earlier the u.n. backed government declared a state of emergency after halftime his forces moved closer to tripoli his power
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base is in the eastern city of benghazi and he's backed by the u.a.e. saudi arabia and egypt the u.n. secretary general is in libya and is calling for an urgent deescalation the u.s. house of representatives has approved a resolution to end u.s. support for the saudi u.a.e. led war in yemen the bill will now go to president trump was announced his plans to veto it he made that announcement last month mr trump has criticized the new york times newspaper after it reported that members of the special counsel's team are unhappy with the way the findings of the inquiry have been handled robert muller led a nearly two year investigation to find out if there was any russian collusion in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election campaign. ethiopian investigators say the pilots of an aircraft that crashed last month performed all the recommended procedures to regain control of the aircraft as part of the initial report into the accident that killed one hundred fifty seven people. their only job to people of this investigation is
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to make sure that there is safety in the patients and. it's not to blame someone it's not to get some sort of there are some things that we are going to do it as something very normal forming the procedures but of all the things grazers of this report is going to have to are sure of safety in got a patient six at least twenty members of the afghan security forces have been killed during an attack by the taliban on a government compound it happened in the district in buggies province a military base and a police compound were targeted there has been fighting in the province for more than a month now in past years the taliban's intensified its violence with its so-called spring offensive. news british m.p.'s have narrowly passed a bill forcing the government to avoid a no deal the amendment was passed by one single vote that has yet to be a priest by the upper house the house of lords those are your headlines so
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today up next is life apps also useful. it's a mobile world. with cold texts and apps to help make our lives easier. but not everyone's benefiting. yes. can mobile phone apps be designed to help make it better whoa. this
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series challenges app developers from around the world to visit communities who are missing out and then come up with an app that could help. a life as. this week's life apps is in brazil. a country that's in love with a smartphone but which remains deeply divided between the haves and have no. real division the perhaps the world's most beauty. located city. business booming brazil is home to a mobile phone. and is fourth in the world for its number of smartphones.
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for young people like building a job creating outs for mobile phones is a dream come true. going to building a new computer to do matinees to use in vitro runners new student designs musicians talent like many young software designers builder wants to make a decent living but he also wants to help others who are not so fortunate and don't have a college education i can hear the question well you know it's science and then i'm up for example he said and you'll see i missed with a dish passing a. crab but i was i approached song. told me that he used to say that because he was you we thought he said i'm a quizzical no problem with. what i'm going to do enough of the year. process solver design of the book to him you must see
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a victim you get to perceive the scene. was i reckon i could get a few seconds like i was family and as i knew that i felt as if it was continuing secrecy did me dirty is beyond that as it been a few sleezy both in addition to that of the sort of taken over as year it is a much. jekyll stones on. this project will cost us all. naked our family and the king of england. soon into another job before. despite its beautiful said leo has many problems social exclusion pollution and unemployment. so lying. his challenge they had to do to design a mobile phone app to help real is marginalized communities.
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in route to route if they decide over this rule to be. very much. like many young brazilian spirit who wants to help create a sustainable economy the doesn't cause pollution or social exclusion he calls it the green economy i suppose to intervene. in the stuffings that all dies equal that is. for me to see that you can imagine it's up to detain. to cease. fire since his regime is easy if you decide to pull out then it is though you tell me where men are massing pfizer wolf was a put up of mice and shootings in. the coming years with the van shown on the moon to see g.g. promise as this is the view. headed i did who has accepted the challenge to come up
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with a mobile phone app that could promote the green economy in rio. how can a mobile phone app help it's time for some on the ground research. here in rios last zome to meet scott do. the work to community projects in the model in a moment favela complexes two of brazil's largest shantytowns. as a shark in a call to action i might if. i can offer a complex well imo this ng is more diligent and last but i asked her when you die you know hipper goes example that you could put up those assistant of you know that she was a super poke at woodville else i think provoke us. gene you are taking to meet young people who can help him work on ideas for a net pay there's never been such a huge favela before the massive uncontrolled growth of ella's is
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a major environmental issue in rio there's little proper sanitation power or water supplies and hardly any green spaces. able to so that's if you can move the whole jase janda german economy assist on top of your economy has the edge of the answer that's going down. the. sun coming. up and that. will make. up on the roof pyramid stun meter a young journalist. and other guy who works with the x.
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conflicts both lives in the. and students who grew up here in ma there. you can you know via simple cut the move keep me from the only thing in his ear so the news music you subsidies should pass so this mishmash people who veils the siege and causing jude but afford to graduate at the managed to. and he joined in the pleasure me. come off until a consensus on to me would be too much the keys issue but a kind of a badge and sentimental bows called wish dogs to fresh produce entropy me to force the bush dogs a fresh position from the room. wouldn't support me know it's a good thing to do so knowing a sickly thirty june being what it will got a kick out of it was seen as a complete record by this possibility of using the idea that i was very near the market that my ego was i was cross the age of the always going to the key at which is the. question about the things that officially but i was about that i was the moving to the second he joined it and of into doing that you could put to say that
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was useful knowledge to what i mean it was the keys to think of it that makes the miserable elvish visual is that you want me at the see the harsh reality of life in the favelas is becoming clear to build them however his new friends are already trying to promote a green economy. and they've got some ideas how a mobile phone app could help him out in mt the market makers and went to a galley t.l.o. place at a debate is asked to preserve us on the stand and say because i am i at every age as an annoyance to what the car to or th father of i put a i made out can i do this and they sell it out on facebook powered by potential greenock all of that you see a mile below my budget you'll want to deal with an account such as you jesus of a bit dodgy is that easily gotten made places on this is that is the scene ok cut down by the gun what they save us our what questions are we being sure or to.
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all the many bad of those on. to devise a plan. for group for use as a softball to this time and to pray for from one cause to present the missile columns for british tourist you could go over there on the cure for when you die your chairwoman courses you hear from your appearance just seems odd to my form of being before. me. close by along the avenue of brazil and that's the made one hundred fifty thousand people live in the complex one of the biggest in real. business taking a look around and meeting up with. he wants to see the kind of environmental problems that could be helped by a green economy. and the kind of solutions people are already working on.
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filmfare to ikea i think we're hearing you must caution that that there is a cause you see a sad experience you're moving quickly sure because whatever it is of being is beige obviously shaky. the headlines tell us he had a moving tunisian to be sure mazen said they entertain and think he has ever jageler illicit up will mean. you floyd system ain't she cheetah police sure if as they ever let them into to make. it. next to me that they expanded it to a project called. going green you know all this john involves local people in sustainability projects and can things they use theater video an art form.
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to be put over the. they've been seen. on movies each you know we seldom used to visit you they should notice something good it was hit them or did i mean that you can't imagine the president should disclose. charise next to the favelas used to spew dust into the atmosphere and the spike many protests one is still active. missing from such prison the fantastic thing is that i am going to be a link that. meets
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for a walk around a complex of favelas that's even bigger than the alamo there's just one deadly neglected park for over half a million residents and so i can. tell she was a mob that. got a visa to the local. level as. you wish to optimise. the sensex here. that has a place. on the floor of the l.s.e. but he had been sealed off the bus open for much of one year to rush this it feels a.


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