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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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i mean again as a conservative m.p. and people just are not going to trust them or invest any faith in them. it's a broad spectrum and the problem with the two main political parties here in the u.k. is that the each of them is not just labor each of them are divided into tribes and they are each pushing their own version of brecht's if you like the many of the labor m.p.'s that i think you're referring to are kind of leave m.p.'s who are whose constituencies voted leave and some of them quite strongly however labor members the actual party members who sign up and pay their subscriptions seem to be broadly in favor of remain so jeremy coleman has a problem there and the other thing is the conservatives have their own hardline contingents within the main part of the european research group european research group jacob riis mark mark francois people like that they are purists they want to see bret's it delivered even if it's a no deal bracks and they have been mown the fact to lament the fact that the prime
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minister feels that she's had to go to labor in order to try to get any bracks it through a negotiated bracks and taken no deal effectively off the table so yeah there's strong both sides shall i say and the prime minister and the labor leader almost cuts in quite lonely figures in politics at the moment paul as a thanks so much. ethiopian government has released its initial reports into last month's fatal plane crash one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew died when the ethiopian airlines flight went down six minutes after takeoff from israel a moment. it's been almost a month since a boeing seven three seven took off from ethiopia's capital agnes ababa bound for nairobi it crashed six minutes later near the town of be shocked to killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board it appears transport minister has now released the first official findings of the investigation into the crash with says the pilots did everything that was recommended by boeing that major objective of this
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investigation is to make sure that there is safety in the patients and. it's not to blame someone it's not to get some sort of there are some things that we are going to do it as something very normal informing the procedures but of all the things the president of this report is going to have to ensure safety in the nation's sake that the pilots reportedly struggle to control the plane's automatic anti stalling system which is meant to push the nose of the aircraft downwards if it detects a stall or loss of a speed analysts believe this issue may have led to the crash the crew reacted. quite correctly by carrying out a drill that has been bribed if this occurs and isolated this system which was trying to push the nose doe but having done that. they then
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found that one of the control systems that they have for pulling those back up again simply wouldn't perform for them this was the second crash to involve the boeing seven three seven max within five months in indonesia last october a lion f. light went down shortly after takeoff from jakarta killing all one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew the lawyers representing the families of the victims of the line f. light say the united states should do more to hold boeing accountable you know what the united states. is there to say it's. more we say it's more work. just as all the wires for the united states and it's a major setback for the company boeing really has to work very fast to recover its
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trust because its brand name is so strong and its products for a long time have been so good the boeing seven three seven max has been grounded worldwide pending a review into the software with flight control system investigators in ethiopia say a full report into what happened could take up to a year to complete for healing mohammed al jazeera. still ahead here on al-jazeera . by nicholas falk in northern mali in daoud joins us next on a joint operation with the brick you know faso in mali and police in one of the most dangerous places north of go. also ahead why those people behind the yellow best movement in france say they're not giving up.
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however the weather remains very unsettled across many parts of the middle east at the moment unusually wet we've got the spring showers still plenty of them around lousy dry them by much across a good part of iran i'm pleased to say but the wet weather is not too far away we are going to see for the flooding concern as we go on through the next day or so toronto twenty one celsius in the sunshine full friday. twenty one celsius in the rainfall couple pushing up towards many was pakistan showers long spells of rain over the high ground wet weather that will come back in behind through the levant rather decent sort of the mediterranean southern areas of key northern parts of syria lebanon seeing some wet weather and that all makes its way further east which is because through saturday and so this is when i can start to kick him once again lots of cloud of course a good parts of iran sunday doesn't look like an even wetter something to watch out
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for over the next few days flooding will continue here one of two showers further south across potentially must see as positive rain here in die hard over the next. to pick up to thirty celsius on saturday warming up getting warmer as we go on through the week ahead. continue across eastern parts of south africa with the heavy downpours this weekend. and. and one man's dream to transport planes from europe and fly them over his beloved country. in a nation reeling from decades of violence. can an international team of pilots get this man stream off the ground. over babylon on al-jazeera.
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hello again these are your top stories so far this half the libyan warlord says he's ordered his forces to march into tripoli that's where the u.n. backed internationally recognized government is based its declared a state of emergency. the u.s. house of representatives has approved a resolution to end u.s. support for the. war in yemen the bill will now go to president who's already announced his plan to be to it last month. saudi arabia is said to be in talks with companies from five countries to build two nuclear power reactors according to the reuters news agency is planning to launch a bidding process for the projects in twenty twenty
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a former nuclear inspector said the kingdom's first react to could be operational within one year you know identified the site in riyadh using these satellite images crown prince mohammed bin sol man has indicated that saudi arabia is interested in nuclear technology to counter what he calls a threat from iran robert kelly is the former inspector who earlier took us through those images he's the associate fellow with the stockholm international peace research institute he says the development of saudi arabia's nuclear program goes against its international commitments. sunnie arabia has been very slow to embrace the rules and standards that the i.a.e.a. demands they signed a nonproliferation treaty to not get nuclear weapons about thirty years ago they promised not to do that and they still don't have a real agreement in place for inspections and how to handle safeguards they've managed to do that because they've simply said we don't have any nuclear facilities or material so you don't need to come the fact that the crown prince has said that
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he would be willing to make nuclear weapons despite the fact he signed the nonproliferation treaty makes you very uncomfortable finding the reactor was just an interest of mine to to fill in some holes in my knowledge but now you see that the previous history of michael flynn trying to sell lots of reactors to saudi arabia and then the department of energy stonewalling on what it is they've allowed to be sent to saudi arabia makes you think that this this event is not over yet i think in this case there are major powers for those struggling with each other in the middle east i tend to believe that the agreement that we have made with iran to not produce nuclear weapons is a good agreement and it's working well in saudi arabia comes along and says if i think iran is doing it i'm going to make nuclear weapons to on what basis will their intelligence be when we have really good evidence from the i.a.e.a. the iran has is sitting this well now that the moment. the united nations has
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stepped up patrols across mali after an attack last month gunmen killed more than one hundred thirty people and injured dozens un troops are hoping to prevent the violence from turning into an ethnic conflict as nicholas hocknull reports from go . it's a potentially dangerous patrol for local police chief up to like jack's day he's traveling into the desert to a full on the marketplace it's along these roads that armed groups like al qaeda and islamic magreb. launched an attack on money and security forces on this occasion you can count on the backing of a heavily armed u.n. escort this is an exercise in q munity policing in. the supporting units take position in the market to allow the police chief to meet with the local mayor . we are here to police to make people feel safe if there's a problem we are not afraid we will come out and held a population we need to build trust with the community here seven years ago it was
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al qaida in the islamic magreb who patrolled the streets after they were the two aren't fighters took control of the north of mali they were eventually pushed out by french and u.n. forces now mali and police are resuming regular patrols of the region. the capital is very far from here they are not going to be the ones dictating what to do we have local problems which need to be settled by local people not outside of us go is busy with military activity with over thirty separate forces making this city their base amongst them the u.n. to help a group of west african soldiers fighting a rebel groups along with about forty thousand french troops. may appear secure but it's now a prime target for armed groups security forces are now building a trench to fortify the city. in the trenches about two and
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a half meter deep and surrounds the city security forces want to limit the entry points to go in order to protect the civilian population and the u.n. troops that are inside and disrupt the trafficking routes while in the past people here treated spices or gold now all of this has become a major hub for the traffic of humans drugs and weapons yet another concern for the police force patrolling the desert in the north of mali nicholas hawk al jazeera go . the french president emanuel mccraw launched a series of debates in january and responds to demands from the yellow vest protesters who want a greater say in government in the past eighteen days mission has taken part in fourteen public debates latasha butler has more. since november it's a weekly ritual yellow fest protest in france that at times turned violent the demonstrations began over plans for a fuel tax that spiraled into
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a movement against social inequality and the political elite up to three hundred thousand people took part in the first marches now it's just a few thousand but opinion polls suggest most french people support them so it's enough to keep up pressure on the government should i can think of another social movement in recent times that has been so very fired by those in power and why only because people have there to us to make more money president emanuel mccall has tried to end the crisis by boosting public spending and in january he launched a national citizens' debate to give people more say in politics yes insurance it was at the launch that we first met retiree robert f. who complained that the government failed to help people in poor rural areas when we meet him again more than two months on he's not changed his mind at his home in normandy he says people like him have lost faith in politics. politicians don't represent our concerns we vote for m.p.'s who make laws but never ask your opinion
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once elected politicians only care about their careers in the past two decades this village has lost many of its services many of the faults in this village have closed down jobs are scarce there's no public transport so you have to take a car if you want to go anywhere and feel is expensive and that's very typical of many villages and small towns like this across from us which is why support for the movement is so strong in rural areas. mike ross promised some new policies at the end of the national debate. he hopes will appeal to yellow fest supporters and end the unrest but some analysts say it won't be easy that's the big danger is that you you have a minority movement that has the support of a small majority so how do you reconcile that that's the biggest challenge because now the everybody among the universe want the same thing some people talk about spending power increase in the income more or less taxes and so on and others talk
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about. democracy mike ross says that the weekly protests have damage the economy and france's image but robertson his fellow yellow vests say they won't give up their battle until the government improves the lives of people in the countryside like them who feel abandoned natasha butler al jazeera on france the man accused of attacking two mosques in new zealand is now facing fifty charges of murder the police say the australian brendan tarrant will also be charged with thirty nine counts of attempted murder when he appears in court in question on friday fifty people were killed last month when he opened fire during friday prayers as prime minister has banned the sale of assault rifles and semiautomatic weapons in response australia has passed tough new laws that threaten to send social media executives to jail if they don't act quickly to take done violent content and or thomas says that story from city. the crushed church killer
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broadcast his murders longleat online facebook hosted his video for seventeen minutes before cutting the feet australia's government is the first in the world to pass laws as a result explicitly targeting social media companies. just sliding against the weaponization of social media we are introducing a tough regime against the misuse and abuse of online platforms the rules and norms that apply in the physical world should also apply in the online world the new laws cover audiovisual material that the government considers abhorrent and violent that's defined as acts of terrorism murder attempted murder torture rape and kidnapping the new laws to say social media companies should remove such material expeditiously basically fast but it doesn't define expeditiously how fast is fast enough that's for the police to decide when it comes to pursuing a prosecution and for a jury when deciding guilt. guilt could mean three years in prison for individuals
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or a fine of one and a half million dollars corporations too slow to remove the torrent while a material would face fines of seven and a half million dollars or more big corporations could be fined ten percent of their annual turnover the opposition labor party backs the new laws but says australia acting alone won't help there is little point in australia taking unilateral actions that do not mesh properly with existing regulatory frameworks around the world this concern to the laws have been passed in a rush squeezed through parliament before any session for a national election campaign legislation was only introduced late on wednesday this an exciting moment although they are. to clear the nation kerry was how the new laws passed parliament on thursday some politicians think rushed laws could be bad laws potentially criminalizing some journalism or pushing social media companies to
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stop operating in australia entirely we've got a very significant bill that is being rushed through before this parliament rises. and libraries going along with it now that should not occur now australian politicians we want you to see if other countries leaders follow their lead after thomas al-jazeera sydney. more news whenever you wanted on our website the web address images of al-jazeera dot com including our top story there about yemen as well. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories the libyan warlords after has ordered his forces to quote liberates the capital tripoli the un backed government in tripoli has declared a state of emergency power bases in the eastern city of benghazi and he's backed by
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the u.a.e. and saudi arabia and egypt the u.n. secretary general is in libya and is calling for an urgent deescalation the u.s. house of representatives has approved a resolution to end u.s. supports for the war in yemen the resolution has been approved by a vote of two hundred forty seven to one hundred seventy five the bill will now go to president donald trump who had earlier announced his plan to veto it that happened last month ethiopian investigators say the pilots of an aircraft that crashed last month performed all recommended procedures to regain control of the aircraft it's part of a preliminary report into the accident that killed one hundred fifty seven people. their job to people of this investigation is to make sure that there is safety in the abberation sector it's not to blame someone it's not to get some sort of there are some things that we are going to do it as something very normal forming the
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procedures but of all the things to get results of this report is going to have to as sure seventy invalidation sic that saudi arabia is said to be in talks with companies from five countries to build two nuclear power reactors according to the reuters news agency is planning to launch a bidding process for the projects in twenty twenty a former nuclear inspector the kingdom's first reactor could be operational within a year the site in riyadh using these satellite images the crown prince mohammed bin salma has indicated that saudi arabia is interested in nuclear technology to counter what he calls a threat from iran. european union leaders are warning that a disorderly breaks it is becoming increasingly likely the german chancellor angela merkel's a double and today she's been holding talks with the irish to chicago prime minister lee of the u.k. is due to crush out of the european union on april the twelfth unless a solution can be found during talks between theresa may and jeremy corbin up next
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it's inside story we're back with the news hour after that so you soon. will saudi arabia go nuclear the kingdom is reported to have nearly finished building its first nuclear reactor the crown prince had said they will develop a nuclear weapon if iran does so what does that all mean for an already tense and volatile region this is inside still.
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a lot of welcome to the program has a secret if iran develops a nuclear bomb we will follow suit that was the warning from saudi crown prince mohammed bin sandman last year today the kingdom may be a few months away from completing its first nuclear reactor and some control experts are launched now these photos published by different media show the reactor site in the king abdul aziz city for science and technology on the outskirts of riyadh construction is apparently nearly done around a vessel believed to contain atomic fuel saudi arabia is yet to sign up to the international framework that seeks to ensure tomic programs are not used to build weapons and it hasn't adopted rules allowing inspectors to look at sites. saudi arabia has been open about its ambitions to have a nuclear plant that it says is for civilian purposes this is what the saudi energy ministry had to say in
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a statement the facilities purpose is to engage in strictly peaceful scientific research educational and training activities in full compliance with international agreements the reactor is being built with transparency and the kingdom has signed all international nonproliferation treaties and this is what the saudi energy minister said in twenty seventeen when he was asked about the kingdom's plans to develop nuclear energy plants not only are we not interested anyway. doing nuclear technology to military you we are. very active. on the litigation by others and we are extremely. by artist specially in the region but even beyond that is the target developing. which actually nuclear weapons are thirty arabia's program has come under increased scrutiny since it was revealed to us six u.s.
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energy secretary rick perry authorized american companies to share sensitive nuclear information with saudi arabia perry reportedly said in a document the firms had requested the deals be kept secret a u.s. congressional watchdog is investigating the white house's talks with riyadh on sharing nuclear technology the united states has been competing with south korea france russia and china to help build reactors in saudi arabia the kingdom is planning to build a least two reactors and is expected to announce the winner later this year. well let's bring in our pound now to talk more about this joining us from here in doha is it to him fry at associate professor of conflict resolution at the doha institute and from to iran sayed stuff or session professor of journalism at the fars media faculty under the applied sciences university and from washington d.c.
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mark fitzpatrick director of the nonproliferation program at the international institute for strategic studies good to have you all with us so it really let me start with you then what do you make of this development are the saudis. going to use nuclear u.s. nuclear energy info to get nuclear weapons of some. expressed fear about well we are still in a very early stage about this we are talking about the. development of a nuclear reactor that's not yet completed the estimate is that it would need approximately when you have to be completed we are not talking about the major elements of such a nuclear capacity which is basically in the richmond of your any m or the reprocessing of the plutonium and the third element which is the signing
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of the nonproliferation treaty you. signed in one thousand it is so it's committed to this one perforation according to the treaty so with all of this is going to change the balance of power of this is going to pose a threat to iran or to israel i don't think so i think we are still in a very very early stages. needs a lot more than that in order to talk about this in nuclear capacity being a factor in the regional equation probably the only benefit that saudi arabia is benefiting from this new. now is in terms of training over human resources to say interests if this is the key is that they are receiving the training from the saudis from the american companies that are involved in this but other than that i think we are still for now looking at it in my view in terms of an attempt to
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have a nuclear capacity a peaceful capacity but we are still very far away from translating this into influence politics and the balance of power in that he. mostafa profession what implications is in saudi arabia having a nuclear plant going to have for iran and particularly when so much of the focus in this region was on iran's nuclear ambitions and it was part of the reason of course that we had that international nuclear deal that was made with iran well how are they reacting to this you know of the war in states are you not entitled to develop to die you versified there you know energy programs and resources. that includes also of the nuclear energy if you are a member of the i.a.e.a.
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then you are entitled to develop a civilian nuclear technology but the point here is that the saudis are no member of the i.a.e.a. they are not open to international monitoring and inspection they are they have signed the small quantities agreement that doesn't open their facilities to international monitoring and inspection on the opposite side iran has been a member if you know of the i.a.e.a. everyone knows about it's been in full compliance with the n.p.t. rules and regulations it has signed a nuclear deal that some believe that it's somehow unique regime of inspections to iran more than any of this state iran has been on their international monetary and and inspection even before the nuclear deal now after the nuclear deal was abrogated by the united states and the e.u. is adamant to complying with its terms iran has been a trustworthy partner in full compliance with the deal according to over those an
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i.a.e.a. report and that shows iran is a very sober and responsible actor and it is on their you know international inspections seven twenty four. what matters here is that the saudis not only they are not members of the i.a.e.a. and not open to international monitoring and inspection they have proved to be an irresponsible actor in the middle east take a look at what they've done in the last couple of years you will come up with so many stories like incarceration of the lebanese prime minister the prime minister of a sovereign state then to the brutal killing of. qatar you know threatening to iran with opening war and taken the war to tehran streets that white by the way happened the cup a month later with a terrorist attack on the iranian parliament so they are a very adventurous state they are source of instability in the region in the
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words of former u.s. vice president joe biden he actually blamed solve the arabia as well as to other u.s. allies in the region for the start a war of militancy and the havoc in the middle east in syria and iraq so when we you have a state that is irresponsible that's by the way at best at this part a grueling and treating you know of the population in solve the arabia with force and with tribal rule and the state that you know are adamant to stability in regional security that this would be a complete insanity to provide the solo these with such sensitive technology outside international monitoring and inspection and that's why i believe that the u.s. congress is also very much serious about this. the situation grows grave when you
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come to notice that in the words of some. u.s. congress people the state that the trump administration has been adamant to impose a ban on the delivery. of nuclear enrichment and plutonium reprocessing technology to solve the arabia meaning that if there is a good deal they would provide the solo these with such sensitive technology when the us my final sentence is that when the us abrogates the deal with iran with so many other wards they standing in opposition to such a move by the us. claiming some nonproliferation concerns and at the same time they go for a deal with the saw with these and they are adamant to placing get bannan you rein him in richmond and plutonium reprocessing let's get knology and they provide them with this technology that shows full hypocrisy that shows that the us feels known
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nonproliferation for middle east and for middle east security and stability mark mark fitzpatrick. given all of that everything you've just heard there from stuff and i want to ask you as well about the concerns that have been expressed in washington about this by politicians from both parties not just the opposition democrats but a number of probably a prominent republicans. about the whole idea of the u.s. sharing sensitive nuclear information with saudi arabia given much of of what stuff has has said there are they right to be concerned other reasons to be concerned but there are there's a lot of exaggeration let me clarify a couple of things number one saudi arabia is a member of the i.a.e.a. saudi arabia today is in compliance with its obligations to the i.a.e.a.
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but the point made by your guest in tehran is that saudi arabia has not agreed to full or inspections which it has been asked to and before the research reactor that is being built comes online it. i'll have to join the general safeguards agreements that all other states have so that will happen with regard to the u.s. nuclear cooperation agreement united states is not going to provide enrichment uranium enrichment or plutonium reprocessing technology they're not going to do that the the issue is will united states require saudi arabia to for goal getting these technologies from any other country in exchange for u.s. nuclear cooperation the way that the united states required the united arab emirates to do and that's the issue of the saudis don't want to give up rich meant and u.s. administration seems to be weakening on this and ready to strike a deal without that requirement but as you've noted members of congress are
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concerned five republican senators said they don't want to engage and a nuclear cooperation agreement with saudi arabia i think they would agree to it if it had a strict gold standard requirement that saudi arabia could not pursue and richmond and reprocessing and without enrichment or reprocessing you can't get nuclear weapons so the nuclear technology in the united states would share with saudi arabia is not sensitive in that regard but there are many reasons to be concerned and i think your other guests have have so if if if let's say the saudis don't agree to this so-called gold standard to which is you know as you say no no enrichment of uranium no reprocessing of plutonium and accepting regular intrusive international inspections should the u.s. just walk away then i think the united states should negotiate very strictly with the saudis and get them to accept such
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a standard should they walk away the difficulty is if the united states walks away the saudis could strike a deal with russia or china and there wouldn't be much. requirements at all so that's what the united states is grappling with right. i think the united states has a lot of leverage with saudi arabia their strategic partners but but most of the relationship is in the advantage of the united states and the saudis need the united states more than vice versa if i let's put put that point then to abraham then you know mark fitzpatrick makes that point as. members of the trumpet ministration have also said that you know if they did if they don't do business with us they'll go elsewhere like russia and china and they've said that those countries. will not be as diligent about the whole issue of nuclear proliferation and nuclear weapons and so on what would he say to that well let's put the sisterhood first of all i don't think the united states would ever give the united saudi arabia your rhenium and
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richmond or plutonium reprocessing this is a technology that presents a serious risk for saudi arabia and positioning in the region and in particular for israel the reason actually we haven't seen any is laid opposition to this is that that this does not present any threat that so that some think the administration along with israel they're on the same page and i don't think what we're seeing now is more than just the making more technology sales of technology but for the trump administration selling tool to saudi arabia so it does not have any political implications in my view. that some but many of the u.s. administration does not the trust that saudi arabia would deal with this technology the way it should in order that again not to present
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a threat to israel and this is the key point to this bloodshed mend a congressman who commented who told you that if you don't trust the saudis jia with a band saw then how are you going to trust them with the nuclear technology. so this is something that's given in all of this now what is actually concerning about the whole idea and the whole thing is about why this is being done in the in the very secretive way is that jed course not is managing the whole thing along with the other officials in the u.s. administration there are some american companies that are seriously pushing for this sales to pick up say internationally it's kept they're keeping it secret because it's a can the documents contain proprietary business information in other words yes knowledge that the companies involved don't want their competitors to get hold of
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so they're dazed valid business reasons not necessarily has because there are reports already that link some u.s. officials like michael flem the former model national security advisor to some of these companies that are pushing seriously for these sales like the internationals that that's one of the films that is seriously and significantly pushing for so why this is being done in the most secretive way. is passing by the congress is not going through the congress and actually. secretary of energy perry the point be you they are not answering the questions that the congress is asking so there is something here is not very clear about and it's not very transparent if we're talking about. some legitimate business that has been done in terms of technology and that it's going through the u.s.
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of a session that can simply be a done in the most the transparent way which is not the case and again the fact that israel is not saying anything about this and the whole. the whole idea of the regional fact that he had because we have to think that eats. in the context into consideration because you know the some bad mistake has been moving the embassy the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem giving the golan heights as if he owns it. and now he has won one of the thing that's coming up without me being transparent which makes me concerned about how is this be and let's let's put it back to mark then mark fitzpatrick there's been it's a level of secrecy surrounding these approvals is that only going to add to congress's suspicion of the administration's intentions and of saudi arabia's intentions oh i absolutely so these approvals as you noted this is this is for technology it's marketing technology so that the firms in question can engage in
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preliminary discussions with the saudis it's not technology that they could use for any nefarious purpose at all but you pointed to the issue here your other guest in . why trump administration didn't tell the congress that they were they were approving these these initial technology sharing and and that has got the congress aroused because they're already very concerned for all the reasons that your guests have noted and and the minnow in particular the fact that the saudis haven't this nuclear hedging strategy that if iran gets a nuclear weapon they want one too and the united states absolutely can't be a party to to permitting any further expansion of nuclear weapons technology in the region so yes the trump administration secrecy here involves as your father of the professor noted jared kushner making having conversations that aren't reported to anyone in the congress needs to know what's going on. yes mostafaei you
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pointed out earlier what you felt were a lot of the hypocrisy in all of this as far as iran is concerned but what about the concerns that the people in iran might have particularly the hardliners there in the leadership about the security implications of this that if they see that. saudi arabia is moving further in the direction of nuclear power that that that could perhaps lead to them trying to acquire nuclear weapons what it what is that going to do for their concerns in the region about security and about the fact that they have been and they say complying with with all of that the international requirements of pursuing peaceful nuclear power without agreement while a good question actually but before that i need to raise a couple of points i do agree with my colleague in doha that there is much secrecy surrounding this case that he explained and at the same time there have been
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congress in all reports accusing donald trump ministration of efforts to bypass the congress and this deal and also about these realize i do agree with them saying that despite the fact that they are good that fellows were now i mean the saudis in these release these release are not so not even they may not go for this strategic blunder to allow a delivery of nuclear enrichment or plutonium reprocessing to happen i mean to solve these by the u.s. ministration but what you have done all term in office nothing rational you know nothing might go rational there are things that might happen if there is a good deal and a good bargain in place anyway and of that that's why there are worries not just in iran but in the entire region that the saudis you know. that's true i agree
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with marc fisher patrick the the u.s. wants to be in control in through this deal in or enough not to push the saudis towards the cheney's in the russians but a study of the situation in sol the arabia shows that they could go both the way they could have a deal with the united states and at the same time they could go the rest of this way with the chinese with pakistan especially or with anyone else remember that saudis are in position of the good number of. the procured from a number of countries including the chinese there with a range of four to five thousand kilometers that's double the range of iranian missiles and still there are reports coming from the washington post and from other u.s. media outlets saying that the saudis have started developing a homegrown ballastic an aside technology that's a suspicious move that could be a move to tours developing a deadly viruses them for
2:44 am
a future nuclear bomb so these are very sobering. moves and there are growing concerns everywhere but in iran it's interesting to know that the ring is supremely their state of the couple of weeks ago that yes the americans are providing the saudis with the nuclear capability but considering that the soul of these are not very strong in their power and a coupe or a revolution might happen and you know in future or any time the future and the people and muslim nation will come into power maybe some and israeli anti american rulers will be in power in riyadh can in the next few years and this nuclear capable of the woods and the american anti israel the moves by the muslim world i just want to get what's probably going to be the last word then to mark fitzpatrick has been concern expressed before. before the news of this this
2:45 am
particular story came out about the did the saudi leadership is is playing the united states in a lot of ways and they're being manipulated by the by the saudi leadership particularly by crown prince mohammed bin sandman you think there's any truth to that it's a very odd situation why it seems that the saudis have are able to get away with so much the murder of the journalist gosh oh gee their efforts in yemen unending war and they do have some influence over the top administration and this particular personal relationship with jared kushner but the strategic relationship goes back a long way you know there are reasons for that and you u.s. concerns about iran make them naturally disposed toward having a stronger relationship with saudi as a counterpoint to iran so you know there are there's a lot of reasons for concern but there are reasons why the united states has
2:46 am
a strong relationship with saudi arabia that is going to have to be the last loss with thank you to all of you abraham fry hot stuff and mark fitzpatrick thanks very much for being with us and thank you for watching as always or no you can see this program again any time by going to our web site as you know dot com and for more discussions you can go to a facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also going to join the conversation on twitter i handle there is at a.j. inside story for me has of seek and the whole team here by. we live in a time of war and tragedy it's crimes against humanity. activist repression . enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests.
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armed vehicles transporting plane riots proof we've got one on one east explains why indonesian soccer fans fight and die for the sports analogies iraq. this is al jazeera. i don't welcome i'm peter w. watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the east libyan warlord after all this his forces to advance on the
2:49 am
capital tripoli. result of this report is going to have a live for us sure seventy invalidation six investigators in ethiopia say despite best efforts by the pilots to comply croft they couldn't prevents the seven three seven max from crashing last month. i'm sure in ten or in london with the top stories from europe including the british prime minister finds an ally in germany's angela macko val's to fight until the last hour for an orderly brix it. plus a world first australian gets tough on social media companies after the new zealand mosque attacks. and then sports bridging the pay gap in women's football sponsors step in to compensate the. usa tamed earning less than their male peers at the world cup.
2:50 am
ok let's get going to libya and the east i'm all orderly for how tough has ordered his forces to quote liberate the capital tripoli the u.n. backed government in tripoli has declared a state of emergency his power base is in the eastern city of benghazi and he's backed by the u.a.e. saudi arabia and egypt the u.n. secretary general is in libya and is calling for an urgent deescalation of the situation and get more live from mahmoud who's in tripoli how many forces are outside the city boundaries. will peter it seems that to a huge force affiliated with the warlord who for have to. of tripoli now but on the other hand there are other forces major forces as well from the city of misrata which are moving now towards the capital tripoli upon requests and
2:51 am
orders from the. bag to prime minister himself as you know peter that the united nations secretary general antonio good turkish has suppressed concern about a potential military show down as you know now ironically himself is in a two day visit in libya to short his support of the peace talks and the efforts made by the united nations support the mission in libya to bridge the gap between libyan rebel factions including have to himself but it seems that the warlords plea for have to is determined to reach the capital of tripoli we're getting reports from sources loyal to have to in the east saying that have to himself is now they electing the military operation little south of
2:52 am
tripoli as you know peter earlier in the day have sent a message through radio communication to all his military units in the south of tripoli encouraging them and pushing them to move towards the capital of tripoli in order to rid of the capital of code between brackets for what he called them them tourists now those military escalation is ending showdown of military activities around tripoli could derail the peace talks that are due to be held in this city over there most later this month peter with thanks very much. it's a professor of politics at the university of texas in san antonio he joins us now from benghazi in libya where he's currently conducting some research professor of
2:53 am
when this warlord talks about liberating tripoli what do you think he means by that went into probably our. forces that have been dominating the area for the last five years that's what he was you know and he and he had made these students of the same the same thing on over and over and over again doesn't it is it doesn't recognize talk about his government as leading legitimate doesn't recognize what united nations is doing in libya because it's it's got to be and and then the new coming through so pretty is in bad shape so i think other people watching you know who you are but just live your fault right now but i think i'm sort of dissent i think first of all you're wrong it's not a wall of the sea wall is not so it's made or not is by going to be in parliament and he would have wanted by the beauty of not get it there were all of these that the in all of those are the army of the heads of the militias over there who would be scouting out running away yes it's not going to be easy but some think it must
2:54 am
and this some wait this charade must end if you can't keep on going with this nonsense for another seven years how do you think that charade should end. well it would be there was no agreement on going on creating at the sitting government i mean this is now the law that now the though those militias the claim is saying oh it's not all democracy well democracy when you was there but no longer democracy now we had a wonderful opportunity to establish a wonderful system and it really is based on the practical but could you charge tones of all of this is it just exists that there has water that an out and grabs the fear of getting all of the above not going to turn to the digital content of supporting editor i'm not i'm supporting a civil liberty act it has been done and seem to be a must see in and all these groups one simple rule have to has reportedly made
2:55 am
strategic gains recently in the south of the country if we put that together with his military machine that he's putting on display because the pictures are quite compelling the the forces that he's putting together on the boundaries of tripoli explain for me why he is apparently reinvigorated specifically at this time. well because he says it's being sidestepped i mean even the dealer has not been as not being vocal and much of this great powers have not been helpful but after only a little bit of practice and the united states is oxide but still together that doesn't really care what happens in libya and we end up to be another so long and you have to believe again no i mean he has control over the oil all the older sources on this and you have control over ninety percent of the country and you should be sidestepped doesn't look that way i mean what he's doing basically now is say let's do it and get rid of this nonsense was
2:56 am
a quarrel and they looked at everything i had rather than having that i bought one or two these were that one i did know about and one thing that says you see the u.n. hasn't been helpful can i suggest to you that it has been helpful or at least it's been supremely well in gates with what's going on there not least today the u.n. secretary general is in tripoli it is there it is in his thinking he knows what has to be done. i see as it is i understand that i understand what the ultimate result was lookin out maybe the intentions are good but we don't measure things by intentions the un intention is good all along throughout the whole of what this global war local control book if i decide what you say but in the ghetto libya none of those people you want is the point it took you to read it that these protests were to root out what was the guy that had been successful and in fact that made the whole think so so i'm sorry if i thought if i sound so negative does
2:57 am
that mean the un and we do appreciate that these are good generals coming out what he did to tell you this but you have to talk to all the actors the liberal actors is headed to that he controls eighty percent of that of the land and all the country's resources and they have that huge going to falls behind him you can't just leave get here is what hastert is doing right now is that nothing more than symbolism is he doing it because he can or is it a rather more combustible situation than it perhaps looks like right now. it's a power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolute i mean i talked to the study i told them this and i'm going to morning is going to get you seventy five years old one of the attempts five more years you have to rise above this to get by could you think about put people to go to the congress think about it elizabeth conditions that means that a living on what you want all need are and that is you know dealing with this and you're going to go out and ultimately have to do is just as
2:58 am
a we can't stop human beings and even ones oh i think he was wrong and i think that there is a way to actually find him within some cook at usual and it's additional brain work that prevents him from returning to the good that he is all but if you will but you have to do all of that and you have to think you said is that nobody is going to take you seriously just i don't think it will or we don't but he's not he had that hour he ends up with the country and he had he had the mission and he had he had the in the mike to do i mean you know that and he's going to take a trip but is there anything doesn't matter how many missions they're coming from is locked up or what some of their culture ok professor i think we're just about to run out of time on this line but thank you so much for joining us here on the news hour and staying with libya diplomatic editor james spader's joins us live from the u.s. james understand the u.s. has just put out a statement on libya and what's going on there right now. not just the us
2:59 am
interesting we have a gathering which will talk about in a moment of nato foreign ministers here and clearly in the margins of the meeting are telling you earlier on peter the main business was not going to be done around the big table but in the margins that they have been talking about libya we have a joint statement from the state department from the u.s. in other words from france from italy from the u.k. and the u.s. and the endorsed by the united arab emirates which is interesting because they are one of general half those main supporters and it's urging and and to all of the tension to the escalation which they say is hindering prospects for the u.n. political mediation at this sensitive moment in libya's transition military posturing and threats of unilateral action only risk propelling libya back towards chaos they say they stand fully behind the u.n. special representative ghassan salaam there as he seeks to break libya's political
3:00 am
deadlock improve transitional government and chart a path towards credible and peaceful elections so an important statement coming there from those governments from the key western members of nato that also have seats at the u.n. security council and the united arab emirates i suspect there is a possibility now of something happening in the u.n. security council because among the key members of the security council france was the one that i think was more sympathetic than anyone else to general half the van now telling him to stop and that i think means it's quite possible that the u.n. security council in the coming hours may also follow this call that has come from these key countries here at the nato summit day two of their discussions james what else did they work their way through today well with a little listening to a readout of that right now as i speak yen stoltenberg the so.


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