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since the murder of democracy. in the way that other saudi. seem to catalyze for example the war. on the president. has changed things on capitol hill members of congress and the president. continue to scrutinize the relationship between the us . with it coming up on this news after london. battles an outbreak of cholera in the lives of thousands of. families made it to the u.s. . and its forty. nine goals with a second division club. if you investigate to say the pilots of
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a plane which crashed last month followed correct procedure as recommended by boeing the preliminary report says the ethiopian airlines jet repeatedly nosedived as the pilots battled to control it all one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew died shortly after takeoff from. where he mohammed reports. it's been almost a month since a boeing seven three seven took off from ethiopia's capital addus ababa bound for nairobi it crashed six minutes later near the town of the shaft to killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board it appears transport minister has now released the first official findings of the investigation into the crash with says the pilots did everything that was recommended by boeing that major on duty of this investigation is to make sure that there is safety in the patients and. it's not to blame someone it's not to get some sort of there are some things that
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we are going to do it as something very normal for in the procedures but of all the things the president of this report is going to have to ensure safety in the nation six the pilots reportedly struggle to control the plane's automatic anti stalling system which is meant to push the nose of the aircraft downwards if it detects a stall or loss of as speed analysts believe this issue may have led to the crash the crew reacted quite correctly by carrying out a drill that has been present for bribes if this occurs and isolated this system which was trying to push the nurse doe but having done that. they then found that one of the control systems that they have for pulling the nose back up again simply wouldn't perform for them this was the second crash to involve the boeing seven three seven max within five months in indonesia last october a lion f.
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light went down shortly after takeoff from jakarta killing all one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew the lawyers representing the families of the victims of the line f. light say the united states should do more to hold boeing accountable you know what the united states. is there. is now. for three. days or more. just for the wires for the united states and it's a major setback for the company boeing really has to work very fast to recover its trust because its brand name is so strong and its products for a long time have been so good the boeing seven three seven max has been grounded worldwide pending a review into the software of its flight control system investigators and here
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p.s.a. a full report into what happened could take up to a year to complete for him mohammed al jazeera the u.s. aviation regulator says it's not showing a new review of the safety of the nine grounded boeing seven hundred seven x. eight well this is the family of some assume a victim of the ethiopian airlines crash a lawsuit against boeing blaming the plane maker and the federal aviation administration for the crash the f.a.a. says the review is expected to look at a set of occasion process of the seven three seven max boeing faces multiple lawsuits over last month's crash. almost nine hundred thousand people in mozambique being vaccinated against cholera after last month's cyclonic die thousands of people are still living in displacement camps after the storm with little access to clean water or sanitation to people who died from the water borne disease and more than seven thousand five hundred cases of cholera have been recorded from a founder and mozambique amid
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a miller reports. sara cuboid can't sit up she's been suffering from stomach cramps all day and a visit to the nurses port noted this is the second week at this temporary shelter in number tunde in wasn't bieksa fall or province alongside her another woman complains about a severe headache. there are many here who have lost everything to floods and devastation after psycho only die hit last month and now an outbreak of cholera is threatening thousands of lives it so far infected more than two thousand people across beira dando and now here in your my tender. six month old just days had stomach pains and diarrhea for days some of the symptoms of the water borne disease his mother gives him medicine from the makeshift clinic but says it's done little to help. people with right after eating sores and its mouth and his body feels weak we're very worried. there are too many mothers to count here
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telling the same story there's no clean water for the two thousand four hundred people living here but health workers hope that nine hundred thousand doses of vaccine that arrived here recently will contain the spread of cholera that's passed through contaminated water and food so far more than thirty two thousand people at camps across flood hit areas have been vaccinated and while aid agencies are warning people of the dangers of cholera and distributing vaccines many are still using rivers for thing and cleaning some don't have any option but to drink water like this possibly contaminated with the disease. or to and sanitation facilities were badly damaged if not completely destroyed by the cyclon unicef is working to assess and treat as much of the water as possible to make a drink or bowl the closest water source to the camp is a well left uncovered and contaminated they say most likely by cholera and eco
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light we have to walk on priorities at the moment because the scale of the disaster to be the priority is number one is to make sure we've got what i say the thirty two i think quite fond of him as a certain race right this one i just saw on why it's a fight against. then we will add communities to recall reform as a disaster it will take months to get these people back on their feet but now just as they did following the cycle that tore the lives apart their surviving a day at a time to read them alone al-jazeera never turned a muslim the. way yemen has also seen a surge in cholera cases in march one hundred ninety five people died and more than seventy six thousand suspected cases were reported as will double the number of previous months a spread of the disease has slowed since late twenty eighteen but seasonal rains have caused a recent spike the u.s.
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is being urged to provide a full scale response to the emergency caused by the collapse of venezuela's health system the johns hopkins bloomberg school of public health and human rights watch say nicolas maduro is government has exacerbated the crisis by suppressing information about the scale of the problem their research found that the number of babies dying before their first birthday rose by sixty three percent between twenty twelve and twenty sixteen and maternal mortality more than doubled vaccines are in short supply leading to thousands of new cases of preventable diseases like measles and to fear tuberculosis cases also increased by sixty eight percent between twenty fourteen and twenty seventeen and ninety eight percent of physicians in venezuela believe the health care crisis there is the worst in thirty years it was a socialist speak to dr who stumble the best meal he's a surgeon and professor of clinical medicine at the central university of venezuela he joins us on the phone from caracas thanks for being with us can you talk us
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through what the kind of current big problems are for you in hospital. are. the current situation in. all around our will our health care systems can be described with the word real. all the that is well on the public health institutions which are. going to bring our our national health six me was from denmark the third six years before the british national. all that to institutions build big bilbo's institutional programs. where the counter. for their companies or south america or. all absolutely would be explored.
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on friday. when you find him trying. to get our a m market call on public assistance for long supposed to be pulled for cuba but those are the. it's all to do with climate only to our motel. presented. to the soviets means and hire a modern closer there for the line the quality of the line is it's just too difficult to his departure such a view isn't a ghost of a mismatch on speeches from an attorney that will actually give them a free thank you. the us government says the tide of asylum seekers from central america is overwhelming at seven border more than a hundred thousand people crossed from mexico last month but critics say president
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trump's threat to close the border and build a wall would have a catastrophic impact on the region's economy idea castro has been meeting asylum seekers across to the u.s. border city of el paso. their first steps of freedom on u.s. soil are from a detention center a bus to the doors of a church turned temporary shelter inside the view from the pulpit is a family's resting in cots a much needed respite after an arduous journey i just see a lot of humble people. broken people strong people warriors people that they have a dream and people that they've been through a lot this family of four is from ecuador where in earthquake destroyed the store that was their livelihood seeing no other way to survive they headed north they say the u.s. presidents harsh border rhetoric drove them to faster action. my worry was if you don't go now lose your chance better to go now and take
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a risk the family says they tried several times to claim asylum at the port of entry in el paso that is the legal way to enter the united states and what the trump administration has encouraged people to do but the family says u.s. border agents repeatedly turned them away so they said to ourselves we are already here we can't turn back so we decided to cross the river. thousands have done the same in recent weeks after surrendering to u.s. authorities many were held behind barbed wire fence under a bridge this mother and her two daughters slept two nights there hungry crying and exposed to the elements and. she's only three and she told me mom this isn't fair others at the shelter say they resorted to drinking bathroom water while in detention many are sick adults with stomach problems and children with fever once i
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set out with them and finding out their stories the truth of what they really go through it's heartbreaking all of the men were released with ankle monitors the government will track them to make sure they'll appear for an immigration hearing at a later date only about ten percent of asylum seekers from latin america when their cases to remain in the u.s. for good but for these families they feel they've already overcome worse odds just to make it this far heidi joe castro al-jazeera el paso texas. police are shot dead eleven people who are about to carry out a bank robbery in brazil police say around twenty five suspects were preparing to blow up a.t.m. machines similar tenuously to buy branches in sao paolo state one of which was next to a police station officers confronted the assailants who fled leading to a chase and shootout with police a judge has given a tesla on mosque and the u.s.
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securities exchange commission two weeks to settle the dispute over his social media use the f.c.c. had asked the court to hold mosque in contempt for failing to seek approval before sending his twenty eighteen tweet where he wrote that tesla would make around five hundred thousand cars and twenty nineteen if found in content musk faces another steep fine after further restrictions to his social media use. the world's richest couple have revealed the terms of their divorce and founder jeff bezos and his wife mackenzie have agreed a record breaking settlement with at least thirty five billion dollars this because us will retain a four percent stake in the online retail giant that will make her the world's third richest woman she also gave up her interests in the washington post newspaper and her husband space travel for blue origin. still to come on this news hour. i think i can complete my speech before i just don't fly in the water
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pouring from the ceiling disrupts business in the british parliament but there are a few an experiment to resumes breaks it talks with the opposition. scientists say time is running out to turn vast stretches of ocean into a site sharifa sea life. and sport james harden warms up for the n.b.a. playoffs with another game winning performance the houston rockets. however got more unsettled weather coming into western parts of europe but it will cheer up it will improve in warm up as a go on through the weekend what's the clouds streaming in here once again long line eclat there you can see just stretch down to the north sea coming down through the low countries and pushing down towards the alps temperatures in london paris getting up to around thirteen or fourteen degrees but more like it or thirteen
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celsius there for madrid some heavy rain some windy weather coming in across the iberian peninsula not too clever his similar temperature there for vienna and again there is some cloud and rain around to push a little further east we're getting into the teens book rest at seventeen celsius along with warsaw but still hanging on to that ninety degrees for the time being we go on into a saturday in the right starts to peter out for those central i was at least will see some wet weather just tucking into a good parts of greece easing over towards that western side of. the wet weather that just around the gnc in still a little disturbed cynical see iberian peninsula tad better in terms of the weather for london and also for paris but a cool easterly wind just rolling in here we come down into north africa some rather heavy rain for a time we even cross northern most parts that will grasp the carriageway to the east.
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a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here with the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this default structure that maintains the can only project that's what we refuse it was one of the soundness of the settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people. occupation discrimination injustice this is in the twenty first century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera around ten million yemenis are on the edge of balance examining the headlines netanyahu was looking at charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust setting the discussions you're denying that he was beaten by the police i did not deny sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire and it's all good by the world is watching
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on al-jazeera. and they're going to run to the top stories here on out as they are you in chief antonio terrace has called for calm during a trip to libya there says forces loyal to the eastern warlord honey for have to advance on the capital tripoli. united states house of representatives has approved a resolution to end all u.s. involvement in the saudi u.a.e. that war yemen thursday's vote marks the first time both chambers of congress have supported the war powers resolution. and ethiopian investigators say the pilots of a plane which crashed last month followed correct procedure as recommended by boeing their preliminary report says the. repeatedly nosedived as the pilots
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battled to control it. united nations has stepped up patrols across mali following an attack last month where gunmen killed one hundred thirty people and injured dozens un troops are hoping to prevent the violence turning into ethnic conflict as nicholas haq reports. it's a potentially dangerous patrol for local police chief up to like jacketed he's traveling into the desert to a full on the marketplace it's along these roads that armed groups like al qaeda in the islamic magreb or just. launched an attack on mali and security forces on this occasion you can count on the backing of a heavily armed u.n. escort this is an exercise in q munity policing and go. the supporting units take position in the market to allow the police chief to meet with the local mayor . we are here to police to make people feel safe if there's
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a problem we are not afraid we will come out and held a population we need to build trust with the community here. seven years ago it was al qaida in the slum ik magreb who patrolled the streets after they were the two arc fighters took control of the north of mali they were eventually pushed out by french and u.n. forces now mali and police are resuming regular patrols of the reach of. government the capital is very far from here they are not going to be the ones dictating what to do we have local problems which need to be settled by local people not outside of us go is busy with military activity with over thirty separate forces making this city their base amongst them the u.n. to how a group of west african soldiers fighting a rebel groups along with about forty thousand french troops go may appear secure
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but it's now a prime target for armed groups security forces are now building a trench to fortify the city the trenches about two and a half meter deep and surrounds the city security forces want to limit the entry points to go in order to protect the civilian population and the u.n. troops that are inside and disrupt the trafficking routes. while in the past people here traded spices or gold now this has become a major hub for the traffic of humans drugs and weapons. yet another concern for the police force patrolling the desert in the north of mali. nicholas hawk al jazeera. the german chancellor angela merkel says the e.u. will work until the very last hour to avoid a no deal breaks it the u.k. is usually the block in just eight days but there's no agreed deal in place another extension to britain's withdrawal date must be approved by e.u.
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leaders at the summit next week the embargo has more. i hope i can complete my speech before the rain stuff fly i'm going to suspend the sittings those data breaks it landed it was a wet one at least in the commons where a water leak ended proceedings early so the sitting is no suspended and no fall to grabs leaves. off the house passed legislation forcing the prime minister to avoid a no deal brix it by seeking a delay yet the opposition is trying to rush the bill through the lords parliament's upper chamber not much by way of leaks though from closed door talks between to resume a's government and labor's shadow cabinet we've had further discussions with the government and discussed for now going to continue thank you very much on the question of whether to insist on any brics a deal being put to a referendum is dividing labor that on wednesday emily thornberry the shadow foreign secretary wrote to colleagues insisting a failure to do so would breach party policy now twenty five labor m.p.'s almost
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all from leave voting areas have won jeremy corbyn not to seek a new referendum in a letter they called the talks an opportunity for a deal including a customs union and protecting workers' rights saying at the general election we were clear about respecting the twenty sixteen vote and about securing those labor goals therefore we feel it compromises necessary to achieve this deal and avoid fighting the european elections we should go the extra step to secure this with the government also split on the way forward it fell to the chancellor to make clear to resume a would need to make concessions some kind of customs arrangement is clearly going to be a part of the future structure but look when you when you enter into a negotiation like this to find a compromise way forward both parties have to give something up there's going to be pain on both sides minimising islands pain was part of angular merkel's trip to dublin before the german chancellor's meeting with her counterpart leo veronica the pair heard directly from people from northern ireland and the border area no deal
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scenario could impact of that we have to put their selves all that comes. with that in my. and we discussed planning at european and domestic level for no deal including how we can work together to meet our twin objectives of protecting the good friday agreement on which peace in ireland is based and also protecting the integrity of the european single market in the course of the. others to to help us and we want to do everything we can until the last hour to prevent a disorderly breaks it will put every if it into bed but we have to do this together with person so plenty of worries about no deal despite parliament's latest moves it did a u. summit next week where leaders will want to know what britain intends to do more uncertainty is the only certainty but the barber al-jazeera. is live outside the british parliament in central london paul that the message from the makeover of committing was again that the u.k. will need to have a good reason for any further delay. yes
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a reiteration of the european union's mantra frankly why should we give an extension if you're not going to basically be clear about what the extension is what the purpose of it is i think was an important message of solidarity from germany to ireland remember just over a month ago island was complaining in behind closed doors that it felt that the u.k. was trying to drive a wedge between ireland and its you allies and the lobbying that's been taking place in recent days remember leo varadkar went to paris on tuesday and met with the french president manuel macron now the german chancellor has gone to dublin you can see that they are making it very public that they are shoulder to shoulder with each other while the situation here in london remains unclear and uncertain and that debate still going on in the house of lords. yes i mean rather humanely they've decided not to go all night probably for the good of me as
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much as the good of the of the peers who many of whom are rather elderly they're going to wind it up soon they're going to resume on monday there was some talk that they would continue through the whole night in order to push this through but the party manages the whips they called have got their heads together and decided they don't really need to do that so they'll resume on monday i was going to ask people just bring her up to what they said on friday went so. well because a lot of the constituents sort of let's talk about m.p.'s in the lower house they have to get out to their constituencies they've got constituency business they've got engagements they've got to meet their meet their people that they are representing and so it's just become a custom that they don't sit on fridays in order to have that excuse they do they. say no i suppose they do but they are following the protocols of the house indeed thanks very much indeed. now the french president so-called big national debate has drawn to an end emmanuel mccord launched
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a series of town hall meetings in january in response to demands from yellow vest protesters if you want to get a say in politics he is promising to introduce new measures to stem the unrest does not offer butler reports from northern france support for the movement is still strong. since november it's a weekly ritual yellow fest protests in france that at times turned violent the demonstrations began over plans for a fuel tax that spiraled into a movement against social inequality and the political elite up to three hundred thousand people took part in the first marches now it's just a few thousand but opinion polls suggest most french people support them so it's enough to keep up pressure on the government should quote i can't think of another solution movements in recent times that has been so vivid fired by those in power and why only because people are there to us to make more money president emmanuel mccall has tried to end the crisis by boosting public spending and in january he launched
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a national citizens' debate to give people more say in politics insurance it was at the launch that we first met retiree robert f. who complained that the government failed to help people in poor rural areas when we meet him again more than two months on he's not changed his mind at his home in normandy he says people like him have lost faith in politics. politicians don't represent our concerns we vote for m.p.'s who make laws but never oskar opinion once elected politicians only care about their careers in the past two decades this village has lost many of its services many of the faults in this village have closed down jobs and scarce there's no public transport so you have to take a car if you want to go anywhere and feel is expensive and that's very typical of many villages of small towns like this across frogs which is why support for the movement is so strong in rural areas. mike ross promised some new policies at the
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end of the national debate he hopes will appeal to yellow vests supporters and end the unrest but some analysts say it won't be easy that's the big danger is that you you have a minority movement that has the support of a small majority so how do you. reconcilable that's the biggest challenge because the everybody among the universe want the same thing some people talk about spending power the increase in the in-car more list axes and so on and others talk about. democracy mike ross says that the weekly protests have damage the economy and france's image but grabbers of this fellow yellow vests say they won't give up their battle until the government improves the lives of people in the countryside like them who feel abandoned natascha butler al-jazeera on france ukraine's presidential candidates will debate in the capitals main sports complex after incumbent petro poroshenko accepted a challenge by his rival comedian followed
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a mere zelinsky. of the double. launched a social media campaign asking for shankar to face off inside the unusual venue the political novice won the first round of presidential elections last sunday after campaigning on a platform of anti corruption for shanker as attacks in its key for being fundamentally on serious a runoff vote will be held later this month yes president onil trampas criticized the new york times after it reported that members of robert miller's team are unhappy with the way the findings of the inquiry have been handled the newspaper said some of those who investigated suspected russian interference in the twenty six thousand election say the summary of their report is limited and it is far more troubling for trump than the attorney general indicated when barr released a four page letter on march twenty fourth outlining the conclusions in the four hundred page report and saying it cleared trump's campaign team of colluding with russia. you know straight in man accused of carrying out the mosque attacks in new
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zealand has been ordered to undergo a mental assessment to determine his fitness for trial twenty eight year old brenton terence faced cross church high court via video link. he's facing fifty murder charges and thirty nine attempted murder charges over the march fifteenth attacks australia has passed tough new laws that threaten to send social media executives to jail if they don't act quickly to take down violent content the government rushed the legislation through in response to last month's mosque attacks in new zealand which were live streamed by the killer andrew thomas reports from sydney the crushed church killer broadcast his murders long made online facebook hosted his video for seventeen minutes before cutting the feed australia's government is the first in the world to pass laws as a result explicitly targeting social media companies. just sliding against the
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weaponization of social media we are introducing a tough regime against the misuse and abuse of online platforms the rules and norms that apply in the physical world should also apply in the online world the new laws cover audiovisual material that the government considers abhorrent and violent that's defined as acts of terrorism murder attempted murder torture rape and kidnapping the new laws that say social media companies should remove such material expeditiously basically fast but it doesn't define expeditiously how fast is fast enough that's for the police to the side when it comes to pursuing a prosecution and for a jury when deciding guilt. guilt could mean three years in prison for individuals or a fine of one and a half million dollars corporations too slow to remove up torrent violent material would face fines of seven and a half million dollars or more big corporations could be fined ten percent of their
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annual turnover the opposition labor party backs the new laws but says australia acting alone of work to help there is little point in australia taking unilateral actions that do not mesh properly with existing regulatory frameworks around the world this concern to the law also been passed in a rush squeezed through parliament before any session for a national election campaign legislation was only introduced late on wednesday this an exciting moment all those things. to clean kerry was how the new laws passed parliament on thursday some politicians think rushed laws could be bad laws potentially criminalizing some journalism or pushing social media companies to stop operating in australia entirely we've got a very significant bill that is being rushed through before this parliament rise. and.


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