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tv   Istanbul Songs Of The City  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2019 9:00am-9:57am +03

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fifty people were killed last month when he opened fire during friday prayers is the prime minister has banned the sale of assault rifles and semiautomatic weapons and response more head on al-jazeera. don't talk and complete my speech before writing still. water pouring from the ceiling disrupts business and british parliament but there are fewer leaks from teresa mayes bracks the talks with the opposition. the truth of what they really go through it's heartbreaking to hear what families are entering in their desperation to reach the united states. hello welcome to look at the international full cost well some fine weather into eastern parts of china for the time being but then larry a cloud just making its way across the southwest just pushing out to vietnam will
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produce some downpours for a time but of wet weather just coming in here right down into the gulf of tonkin to the east of that we getting up to twenty eight in hong kong too bad so twenty four degrees there for shanghai as well and if anything those temperatures nudging up a notch as we go on into west sassed a chance of wanted to show is still a possibility towards the southwest having said that usual showers continue through southeast asia and in the india china seeing some wet weather malaysia seeing some lively showers too and those showers run down into indonesia but some day since spells of sunshine in between through friday and also into sas day a little the humid side there for bangkok bits and pieces of cloud and ryan rolling in here temperatures around thirty five degrees celsius will see some bits and pieces of cloud and rain also making the way across the far north of india maybe some shop shelves once again into bangladesh to fall northeast of india over towards me i'm on in between still very much on the hot side here with temperatures
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creeping into the long forty's. who was sponsored by. cats are at least. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby i've been employing it was me and you just got to really. reveal secrets. sitting out there oh good people out they get a. connection some don't want to expose many in legacy media. last shoot. documents like my al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera and these are the top stories right now forces loyal to back to government are being deployed in and around the capital tripoli cuts in response to an advance on the city by troops loyal to warlord a hop star who controls parts of eastern libya and the un security council will hold an emergency meeting on friday to discuss the latest developments in libya but the country's interior minister has told al-jazeera the un backed government has lost trust in the international community for failing to resolve the crisis united states house of representatives has approved a resolution to end u.s. support for the saudi u.a.e. led war in yemen and the bill will now go to president trump who has already said he will veto it. if the government has released its first report into last month's fatal plane crash it says the airlines jet was forced down words by a faulty automatic anti stall system the pilots try to regain control but it
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crashes six minutes after takeoff. at least rather all one hundred fifty seven people on board were killed or heal mohammad reports. it's been almost a month since a boeing seven three seven took off from ethiopia's capital agnes ababa bound for nairobi it crashed six minutes later near the town of be sure to killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board it took his transport minister has now released the first official findings of the investigation into the crash which says the pilots did everything that was recommended by boeing that. this investigation needs to make sure that there is safety in that. it's not to blame someone it's not soon gets some sort of there are some things that we are going to do with . something very notable and forming the procedures but it's all. thinks the president of this report is going to have to ensure safety in that nation say. the
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pilots reportedly struggle to control the plane's automatic anti stalling system which is meant to push the nose of the aircraft downwards if it detects a stall or loss of a speed analysts believe this issue may have led to the crash the crew reacted. quite correctly by carrying out a drill that has been pressed for bribes if this occurs and isolated this system which was trying to push the nose down but having done that they then found that one of the control systems that they have for pulling the nose back up again simply wouldn't perform for them this was the second crash to involve the boeing seven three seven max within five months in indonesia last october a lion f lights went down shortly after takeoff from jakarta killing all one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew the lawyers representing the families of
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the victims of the line f. light say the united states should do more to hold boeing accountable no one needs a united states. is there to say it's no. small degree this is you know it's a war of those who work very equal justice for all victims the wires for the united states. and it's a major setback for the company boeing really has to work very fast to recover its trust because its brand name is so strong and its products for a long time have been so good the boeing seven three seven max has been grounded worldwide pending a review into the software of with flight control system investigators in ethiopia say a full report into what happened could take up to a year to complete for he mohammed al jazeera. and boeing continues to defend the
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safety of the seven thirty seven max and acknowledge that and erroneous activation of the automation system may have forced the ethiopian in india indonesian jets to crash u.s. aviation regulator regulator the f.a.a. is reviewing the safety of the now grounded boeing seven thirty seven max eight and is facing a number of lawsuits john hendren has more from chicago. here in chicago the family of the victim of the ethiopian airlines crash last month is now suing boeing this is not just any victim however she is also the niece of ralph nader a one time presidential candidate and a consumer advocate who has taken on auto companies for flaws in their parts now this is the latest bit of bad news for boeing that comes after he v.o.b. in transportation officials found in their preliminary investigation that the pilots pursued all of the procedures that boeing had given them in order to correct the trajectory of that doomed plane and also they said they found no damage sensor
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on that plane yet there was a damage sensor that might have suggested there was a make its problem and that could have been been blamed on the airline so this center of the focus of the investigation remains on the software system that was supposed to correct the trajectory of that plane the so-called anti stall system there was one fix that boeing had sold for that system as an option for eighty thousand dollars eighty thousand dollars on a one hundred twenty million dollar plane no that is found to have been something that might have been wrecked in this incident that could be a serious problem for boeing. syrian government forces have shelled rebel held areas in the south a bit late province killing at least fifteen people one missile hit a market in the town of kfar noble killing and wounding civilians at libya's the last remaining rebel held territory and syria is that designated a deescalation zone under an agreement a good. between russia and turkey saudi arabia said to be in talks with firms from
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five countries to build two nuclear reactors according to the reuters news agency it's planning to launch a bidding process for the projects in two thousand and twenty a former nuclear inspector said the kingdom's first reactor could be operational within a year of then it identified this south the site rather using the satellite images from prince mohammed bin solomon has indicated saudi arabia is interested in nuclear technology to counter what he calls a threat from iran. german chancellor angela merkel says the e.u. will work until the very last hour to avoid a new deal bricks it ukase to believe the bloc in a week and less e.u. leaders approve another extension again baba has more. i hope i can complete my speech before the rain stops fly i'm going to suspend the six thursday and breaks it lands and it was a wet one at least in the commons where a water leak ended proceedings early so the sitting is no suspended no fall to grab
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leaves. off of the house passed legislation forcing the prime minister to avoid a no deal brix it by seeking a delay the opposition is trying to rush the bill through the lords parliament's upper chamber not much by way of leaks though from closed door talks between to resume a's government and labor's shadow cabinet we've had further discussions with the government and discussed for now going to continue thank you very much on the question of whether to insist on any bricks that deal being put to a referendum is dividing labor is it wednesday emily thornberry the shadow foreign secretary wrote to colleagues insisting a failure to do so would breach party policy now twenty five labor m.p.'s almost all from leave voting areas have won jeremy corbyn not to seek a new referendum in a letter they called the talks an opportunity for a deal including a customs union and protecting workers' rights saying at the general election we were clear about respecting the twenty sixteen vote and about securing those labor
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goals therefore we feel it compromises necessary to achieve this deal and avoid fighting the european elections we should go the extra step to secure this with the government also split on the way forward it fell to the chancellor to make clear to resume a would need to make concessions some kind of customs arrangement is clearly going to be a part of the future structure but look when you when you enter into a negotiation like this to find a compromise way forward both parties have to give something up there's going to be pain on both sides minimising islands pain was part of angular merkel's trip to dublin before the german chancellor's meeting with her counterpart leo veronica the pair heard directly from people from northern ireland and the border area no deal scenario could impact them we have to put their selves for all that comes. with that in my. and we discussed timing at european and domestic level for no deal thank you to how we can work together to meet our twin objectives of protecting the good friday agreement on which peace in our into space and also protecting the
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integrity of the european single market in the course of the union. this is too late to help us and we want to do everything we can until the last hour to prevent a disorderly breaks it will put every if it into that but we have to do this together with person so plenty of worries about no deal despite parliament's latest moves i did a u. summit next week where leaders will want to know what britain intends to do more uncertainty is the only certainty but the barber al-jazeera is president donald trump has backed down from his threat to close the u.s. border with mexico trump says will give mexico year to stop the flow of drugs and migrants is warning that failure to do so will result in border closures and tariffs on mexican products and traps on republican party say a total border closure would have a devastating economic consequence for both countries castro as a matter seekers who aren't giving up on their dream of living in america she
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reports from the u.s. border city of el paso their first steps of freedom on u.s. soil are from a detention center bus to the doors of a church turned temporary shelter inside the view from the pulpit is a family's resting kautz a much needed respite after an arduous journey. i just see a lot of humble people. broken people strong people warriors people that they have a dream and people that they've been through a lot this family of four is from ecuador where in earthquake destroyed the store that was their livelihood i see no other way to survive they headed north they say the u.s. presidents harsh border rhetoric drove them to faster action my worry was if you don't go now who is your chance better to go now and take a risk the family says they tried several times to claim asylum at the port of entry in el paso that is the legal way to enter the united states and what the
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trump administration has encouraged people to do but the family says u.s. border agents repeatedly turned them away so they said to ourselves we are already here we can't turn back so we decided to cross the river thousands have done the same in recent weeks after surrendering to us authorities many were held behind barbed wire fence under a bridge this mother and her two daughters slept two nights there hungry crying and exposed to the elements and i am only she is only three and she told me mom this isn't fair others at the shelter say they resorted to drinking bathroom water while in detention many are sick adults with stomach problems and children with fever once i set out with them and finding out their stories the truth of what they really go through it's heartbreaking all of the men were released with ankle monitors the government will track them to make sure they'll appear for an
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immigration hearing at a later date only about ten percent of asylum seekers from latin america when their cases to remain in the u.s. for good but for these families they feel they've already overcome worse odds just to make it this far. castro al-jazeera el paso texas landslides caused by heavy rains have destroyed roads and buildings in the bolivian city of la paz this video shows the moment a road collapsed at least thirty people have died and thousands have been displaced during this year's season. thousands of government employees in argentina have been protesting against austerity measures they marched through the congress building up and announcing president routes are mockeries policies his reforms backed by the international monetary fund are blamed for rising inflation and worsening economic conditions the government last year cut the salaries of civil servants and reduced government spending and the unicef report says more than one thousand million
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children in bangladesh are being adversely affected by climate change are saying waters are driving many families from coastal areas to the capital dhaka unicef says that once they arrive in the city children are at risk of being used as laborers and as prostitutes. evidence suggests that poor diet is more deadly than smoking a report in the medical journal the lancet found that in nearly all of the one hundred ninety five countries surveyed people are eating badly and that's contributing to one in five deaths globally the report says on average we consume eighty six percent more sugar sweetened drinks then it's considered safe of the eleven million dire related deaths globally ten million of them are caused by cardiovascular disease with salt being the biggest culprit and the other problem is that we're not eating more vegetables fruits nuts seeds and whole grain israel france spain and japan have the lowest rates of food related to its pakistan
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afghanistan in the marshall islands had the highest option as the lead author of the report says more needs to be done globally to ensure people get the right amount of nutrition. previous efforts in estimating the health effects the under industry and over the and obesity but there has not been a systematic effort to estimate the health effects. school quality. and this study is to try to answer this question one of the major challenges is the lack of i believe sufficient food and vegetable in all countries. for healing to take up grain the problem is too much processing on grain majority of grain that are consuming these current can therefore more free find. depending on the day to be a factor there are different barrier that contribute to their consumption
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and one of the perhaps common problems is also. the friend three factors across different countries and between a country there are some mississippi foods that are currently unfortunately nitpicked that you think of for example whole grains and these are not far off. in many countries actually for not eating meat case in many countries is very close to zero and you suggest that basically in addition to improving the consumption we need to basically work on interventions that. help the only. people i cross the fore. in the shock area these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera forces loyal to libya's u.n. backed government are being deployed in and around that the capital tripoli that's in response to an advance on the bans on the city by troops loyal to warlord
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khalifa hatari who controls parts of eastern libya is called on his forces to liberate tripoli and security council will be holding an emergency meeting on friday to discuss the latest developments al-jazeera has spoken to the interior minister says have tar is trying to invade tripoli at a time of unprecedented peace and calm and. i mean why use weekends in force to to rise the people of libya to kill them and to force them to accept one thing only which is to be ruled by a military dictator what makes mr have to be a candidate then the other libyans if he's calling for a state with a strong army and police we are also calling for a state with a strong army and police and for the rule of law we will not be subdued by any use of force by any saw i do any person and if anyone is willing to use force to us we are ready to secure for us but we will not give up on democracy which is what we've
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always wanted from the beginning the united states house of representatives has approved a resolution to end u.s. support for the saudi war and yemen bill will now go to president onil trump but he's already said he will veto it the man accused of attacking two mosques in new zealand has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric assessment to see if he is fit to go on trial australian britain tera has made a second quarter parents in christ church where he was charged with fifty counts of murder and thirty nine charges of attempted murder fifty people were killed last month when he opened fire during friday prayers. if you know his government has released its first report into last month's fatal plane crash it says the ethiopian airlines jet was forced down words by a faulty automatic anti stall system the pilots then tried to regain control that it crashed as six minutes after takeoff. and all one hundred fifty seven people on board were killed. those are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera much more
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news to come in the meantime and sad story is that next. will saudi arabia go nuclear the kingdom is reported to have nearly finished building its first nuclear reactor the crown prince had said they will develop a nuclear weapon if iran does so what does that all mean for an already tense and volatile region this is insightful.
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a lot of welcome to the program has him seek it if iran develops a nuclear bomb we will follow suit that was the warning from saudi crown prince mohammed bin sandman last year today the kingdom may be a few months away from completing its first nuclear reactor and some arms control experts all along these photos published by different media show the reactor site in the king abdul aziz city for science and technology on the outskirts of riyadh construction is apparently nearly done around a vessel believed to contain atomic fuel saudi arabia is yet to sign up to the international framework that seeks to ensure tomic programs are not used to build weapons and it hasn't adopted rules allowing inspectors to look at sites. saudi arabia has been open about its ambitions to have a nuclear plant that it says is for civilian purposes this is what the saudi energy ministry had to say in
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a statement the facilities purpose is to engage in strictly peaceful scientific research educational and training activities in full compliance with international agreements the reactor is being built with transparency and the kingdom has signed all international nonproliferation treaties and this is what the saudi energy minister said in twenty seventeen when he was asked about the kingdom's plans to develop nuclear energy plants not only are we not interested anyway. doing nuclear technology to belittle you we are. very active. non related by others and we are extremely. biologists specially and that is german but even beyond that is the term developing . attention to nuclear weapons or thirty arabia's program has come under increased scrutiny since it was revealed to us six u.s.
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energy secretary rick perry authorized american companies to share sensitive nuclear information with saudi arabia perry reportedly said in a document the firms had requested the deals be kept secret a u.s. congressional watchdog is investigating the white house's talks with riyadh on sharing nuclear technology the united states has been competing with south korea france russia and china to help build reactors in saudi arabia the kingdom is planning to build a least two reactors and is expected to announce the winner later this year. well let's bring in our pound now to talk more about this joining us from here in doha is it will again fry at associate professor of conflict resolution at the doha institute and from to iran saying stuff or session professor of journalism at the fars media faculty under the applied sciences university and from washington d.c.
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mark fitzpatrick director of the nonproliferation program at the international institute for strategic studies good to have you all with us so it really let me start with you then what do you make of this development are the saudis. going to use nuclear u.s. nuclear energy info to get nuclear weapons of some of the. expressed fear about well we are still in a very early stage about this we are talking about the development of a nuclear reactor that's not yet completed. it is that it would need approximately when you have to be completed we are not talking about the major elements of such a nuclear capacity which is basically in the richmond of your any m or the reprocessing of the plutonium and the third element which is the signing
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of the nonproliferation treaty you. signed in one thousand it is so it's committed to this one perforation according to the treaty so with all of this is going to change the balance of power or this is going to pose a threat to iran or to israel i don't think so i think we are still in a very very early stages. needs a lot more than that in order to talk about this in nuclear capacity being a factor in the regional equation probably the only benefit that saudi arabia is benefiting from this new. now is in terms of training over human resources to say interests if this is the key is that they are receiving the training from the saudis from the american companies that are involved in this but other than that i think we are still for now looking at it in my view in terms of an attempt to
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have a nuclear capacity a peaceful capacity but we are still very far away from translating this into influence politics and the balance of power in that he. mostafa profession what implications in. saudi arabia having a nuclear plant going to have for iran and particularly when so much of the focus in this region was on iran's nuclear ambitions and it was part of the reason of course that we had that international nuclear deal that was made with iran well how are they reacting to this you know of the war in states are you not entitled to develop to die you versified there you know energy programs and resources. that includes also of the nuclear energy if you are a member of the i.a.e.a.
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then you are entitled to develop a civilian nuclear technology but the point here is that the saudis are no member of the i.a.e.a. they are not open to international monitoring and inspection they are they have signed the small quantities agreement that doesn't open their facilities to international monitoring and inspection on the opposite side iran has been a member if you know of the i.a.e.a. everyone knows about it's been in full compliance with the m p three rules and regulations it has signed the nuclear deal that some believe that. somehow unique regime of inspections to iran more than any of this state iran has been on their international monetary and and inspection even before the nuclear deal now after the nuclear deal was abrogated by the united states and the e.u. is adamant to complying with its terms iran has been a trustworthy partner in full compliance with the deal according to over those an
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i.a.e.a. report and that shows iran is a very sober and responsible actor and it is on their you know international inspections seven twenty four. what matters here is that the saudis not only they are not members of the i.a.e.a. and not open to international monitoring and inspection they have proved to be an irresponsible actor in the middle east take a look at what they've done in the last couple of years you will come up with so many stories like incarceration of the lebanese prime minister the prime minister of a sovereign state then to the brutal killing of jamal. qatar you know threatening to iran with opening war and taken the war to tehran streets that white by the way happened the cup a month later with a terrorist attack on the iranian parliament so they are in a very adventurous state they are source of instability in the region in the
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words of former u.s. vice president joe biden he actually blamed solve the arabia as well as to other u.s. allies in the region for the start a war of militancy and the havoc in the middle east in syria and iraq so when we you have a state that is irresponsible that's by the way at best at this part a grueling and treating you know of the population in solve the arabia with force and with tribal rule and state that you know are adamant to stability in regional security that this would be a complete insanity to provide the solo these with such sensitive technology outside international monitoring and inspection and that's why i believe that the u.s. congress is also very much serious about this. the situation grows grave when you
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come to notice that in the words of some. u.s. congress people the state that the trump administration has been adamant to impose a ban on the delivery. of nuclear enrichment and plutonium reprocessing technology to solve the arabia meaning that if there is a good deal they would provide the solo these with such sensitive technology when the us my final sentence is that when the us abrogates the deal with iran with so many other words they standing in opposition to such a move by the us. claiming some nonproliferation concerns and at the same time they go for a deal with the saw with these and they are adamant to place and get ban and you rein him in richmond and plutonium reprocessing let's get knology and they provide them with this technology that shows full hypocrisy that shows that the us feels no
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nonproliferation for middle east and for middle east security and stability mark mark fitzpatrick given all of that everything you've just heard there from stuff and i want to ask you as well about the concerns that have been expressed in washington about this by politicians from both parties not just the opposition democrats but a number of probably a prominent republicans. about the whole idea of the u.s. sharing sensitive nuclear information with saudi arabia given much of of what stuff has has said there are they right to be concerned other reasons to be concerned but there are there's a lot of exaggeration let me clarify a couple of things number one saudi arabia is a member of the i.a.e.a. saudi arabia today is in compliance with its obligations to the i.a.e.a.
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but the point made by your guest in tehran is that saudi arabia has not agreed to full or inspections which it has been asked to and before the research reactor that is being built comes online it. i'll have to join the general safeguards agreements that all other states have so that will happen with regard to the u.s. nuclear cooperation agreement united states is not going to provide enrichment uranium enrichment or plutonium reprocessing technology they're not going to do that the the issue is will united states require saudi arabia to for goal getting these technologies from any other country in exchange for u.s. nuclear cooperation the way that the united states required the united arab emirates to do and that's the issue the saudis don't want to give up rich meant and u.s. administration seems to be weakening on this and ready to strike a deal without that requirement but as you've noted members of congress are
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concerned five republican senators said they don't want to engage and a nuclear cooperation agreement with saudi arabia i think they would agree to it if it had a strict gold standard requirement that saudi arabia could not pursue and richmond and reprocessing and without enrichment or reprocessing you can't get nuclear weapons so the nuclear technology the united states would share with saudi arabia is not sensitive in that regard but there are many reasons to be concerned and i think your other guests have have so if if if let's say the saudis don't agree to this so-called gold standard to which is you know as you say no no enrichment of uranium no reprocessing of plutonium and accepting regular intrusive international inspections should the u.s. just walk away then i think the united states should negotiate very strictly with the saudis and get them to accept such
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a standard should they walk away the difficulty is if the united states walks away the saudis could strike a deal with russia or china and there wouldn't be much. requirements at all so that's what the united states is grappling with right. i think the united states has a lot of leverage with saudi arabia their strategic partners but but most of the relationship is in the advantage of the united states and the saudis need the united states more than vice versa if i let's put it that point then to abraham then you know mark fitzpatrick makes that point as. members of the trumpet ministration have also said that you know if they do if they don't do business with us they'll go elsewhere like russia and china and they've said that those countries. will not be as diligent about the whole issue of nuclear proliferation and nuclear weapons and so on what would he say to that well let's put the sisterhood first of all i don't think the united states would ever give the united saudi arabia your rhenium and
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richmond or plutonium reprocessing this is a technology that presents a serious risk for saudi arabia and positioning in the region and in particular for israel the reason actually we haven't seen any is laid opposition to this is that that this does not present any threat that so that some think the administration along with israel there on the same page and i don't think what we are seeing now is more than just be making more technology sales of technology but for the trump administration selling tool to saudi arabia so it does not have any political implications in my view. that somebody at the u.s. administration does not the trust that saudi arabia would deal with this technology the way it should in order that again not to present
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a threat to israel and this is the key point to this a broad church mend a congressman who commented who told you that if you don't trust saudi to deal with a band saw then how are you going to trust them with a nuclear technology. so this is something that's given in all of this now what is actually concerning about the whole idea the whole thing is about why this is being done in the in the very secretive way is that jed course not is managing the whole thing along with the other officials in the u.s. administration there are some american companies that are seriously pushing for this sales to pick up the same time measuring it's kept they're keeping it secret because it's a can the documents contain proprietary business information in other words yes knowledge that the companies involved don't want their competitors to get hold of
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so they're dazed valid business reasons not necessarily has because there are reports already that link some u.s. officials like michael flem the former of national security adviser to some of these companies that are pushing seriously for these sales like the internationals that that's one of the films that is seriously and significantly pushing for so why this is being done in the most secretive way. is passing by the congress is not going through the congress and actually. the secretary of energy to carry the point be you they are not answering the questions that the congress is asking so there is something here is not very clear about and it's not very transparent if we're talking about. some legitimate business that has been done in terms of technology and that it's going through the u.s.
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of a session that can simply be done in the most the transparent way which is not the case and again the fact that israel is not saying anything about this and the whole. the whole idea of the regional fact that he had because we have to think that he. in the context into consideration because you know the some administration has been moving the embassy the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem giving the golan heights as if he owns it. and now he has won one of the thing that's coming up without really being transparent which makes me concerned about how is this be and let's let's put it back to marc then mark fitzpatrick there's been a level of secrecy surrounding these approvals is that only going to add to congress's suspicion of the the administration's intentions and of saudi arabia's intentions. oh i absolutely so these approvals as you noted this is this is for technology it's marketing technology so that the firms in question can engage in
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preliminary discussions with the saudis it's not technology that they could use for any nefarious purpose at all but you pointed to the issue here your other guest in . why the trump administration didn't tell the congress that they were they were approving these these initial technology sharing and and that has got the congress aroused because they're already very concerned for all the reasons that your guests have noted and and the men in particular the fact that the saudis have been this nuclear hedging strategy that if iran gets a nuclear weapon they want one too and the united states absolutely can't be a party to to permitting any further expansion of nuclear weapons technology in the region so yes the trump administration secrecy here involves as your father of the professor noted jared kushner making having conversations that aren't reported to anyone in the congress needs to know what's going on yet mostafaei you
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pointed out earlier what you felt a lot of the hypocrisy in all of this as far as iran is concerned but what about the concerns that people in iran might have particularly the hardliners there in the leadership about the security implications of this that if they see that. saudi arabia is moving further in the direction of nuclear power that that that could perhaps lead to them trying to acquire nuclear weapons what it what is that going to do for their concerns in the region about security and about the fact that they have been they say complying with all of that the international requirements of pursuing peaceful nuclear power with that agreement while a question actually but before that i need to raise a couple of points i do agree with my colleagues in the hall or that there are. much secrecy surrounding this case that he explained and at the same time
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there have been congregational reports accusing donald trump ministration of efforts to bypass the congress and this deal and also about these realize i do agree with them saying that despite the fact that they are good bedfellows right now i mean the saudis in these release these release are not so not even they may not go for this strategic blunder to allow a delivery of nuclear enrichment or plutonium reprocessing to happen i mean to solve these by the u.s. at ministration but when you have done office nothing rational you know nothing might go rational there are things that might happen if there is a good deal and a good bargain in place anyway and that that's why there are worries not just in iran but in the entire region that the saudis you know that's true i agree
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with mark fitzpatrick the u.s. wants to be in control in through this deal in order and up not to push the saudis towards the cheney's in the russians but a study of the situation in sol the arabia shows that they could go both the way they could have a deal with the united states and at the same time they could go the rest of this way with the chaney's with pakistan especially or with anyone else remember did solve these are in position of the good number of cygnus sides are there for a q. or two from a number of countries including the chinese there with a range of four to five thousand kilometers that's double the range of iranian missiles and still there are reports coming from the washington post and from other u.s. media outlets saying that the saudis have started. helping a homegrown ballasts taking a side technology that's a suspicious move that could be a move to tours developing
9:44 am
a believe there is them for a future nuclear bomb so these are very sobering you know moves and there are growing concerns everywhere but in iran it's interesting to know that the ring is supremely there is that of the couple of weeks ago that yes the americans are providing the soul these with a nuclear capable of considering that the soul of these are not very strong in their power in a coup or a revolution might happen then you know in future or any time the future and the people and muslim nation will come into power maybe some answer is really anti american rulers will be in power in riyadh in the next few years and this nuclear capable of the would serve and the american anti israel the moves by the muslim world i just want to get what's probably going to be the last what then to mark fitzpatrick day as been concern expressed before before the news of this this
9:45 am
particular story came out about the did the saudi leadership is is playing the united states in a lot of ways and then be manipulated by the by the saudi leadership particularly by crown prince mohammed bin sandman you think there's any truth to that it's a very odd situation why it seems that the saudis have are able to get away with so much the murder of the journalist shoji their efforts in yemen unending war and they do have some influence over the top administration on this particular personal relationship with jared kushner but the strategic relationship goes back a long way and you know there are reasons for that and you u.s. concerns about iran make them naturally disposed toward having a stronger relationship with some. already as a counterpoint to iran so you know there are there's a lot of reasons for concern but there are reasons why the united states has
9:46 am
a strong relationship with saudi arabia that is going to have to be the last word thank you to all of you abraham fry hot stuff and mark fitzpatrick thanks very much for being with us and thank you for watching as always or no you can see this program again any time by going to our website c.n.n. dot com and for more discussions you can go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also going to join the conversation on twitter is at a j inside story for me has of steak and the whole team here by.
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april on al-jazeera. is back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories of the world's third largest democracy heads to its presidential and legislative elections a documentary explores how the united states and the european union a turning a blind eye to egypt's violations of human rights a prime minister modi is seeking a second time with a campaign dominated by talk of a cash man pakistan will he succeed an exclusive look at the goals behind russians covered in foreign policy explained by some of the inside is to help shape the kremlin's ideology april on al-jazeera. we are playing here in a chair that. was born. we
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. know as of being. a rich and diverse culture explored through its music istanbul songs of the city on al-jazeera. i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera forces loyal to libya's u.n. back to government are being deployed in and around the capital tripoli these are the latest pictures from the city which is under a state of emergency all this in response to an advance on the city by troops loyal to warlord khalifa haftar who control parts of eastern libya he has called on his
9:49 am
forces to liberate tripoli and security council will be holding an emergency meeting on friday to discuss the latest developments after our forces are within seventy kilometers of the capital overnight on wednesday they took control of the town of koran which is on the main highway just south of tripoli al jazeera has spoken to the interior minister. says tars trying to invade tripoli at a time of unprecedented peace and calm. yeah i mean why use weekends in force to tear arise the people of libya to kill them and to force them to accept one thing only which is to be ruled by a military dictator what makes mr have to be a candidate then the other libyans if he's calling for a state with a strong army and police we are also calling for a state with a strong army and police and for the rule of law we will not be subdued by any use of force by any saw i do any person and if anyone is willing to use force that gives us we are ready to secure for us but we will not give up on democracy which
9:50 am
is what we have always wanted from the beginning. or is a professor of politics at the university of texas in san antonio is this khalifa haftar is move on tripoli should not be seen as a surprise. the man has been saying it's over the last two years it's a number of people. and he has been building his is trying to do that ultimately he has the he has he has the the hardware he has the will and it to use that's all well and has communicated to his isn't tensions a long time ago so why his surprise today they're going to they can make as many speeches and deliberation experience but it is a little of both i mean the timing seems to be quite right for him so this is all because he was bypassed together he was not given the important role to play in any of this he controls eighty percent of the b.b. even more ninety percent of the country he controlled all results of the country
9:51 am
and if you will of these groups from the side as one second to you have all judy as i'm also there's no will not be a platform for what you want to you move against libya tunisia it won't do with either and so who's going to do with nato going to come up with. his political will to pretty simple as that to move the militias and he's going to keep it and he's one who tremendous amount of support. people will fed up all this situation will do that but other conflicts in the united states house of representatives that has approved a resolution to and u.s. support for the saudi war in yemen the bill will now go to president donald trump but he has already said he will veto it. the man accused of attacking two mosques in new zealand has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric assessment to see if he's fit to go on trial australian britain terrine has made his second quarter parents in christ church where he's was charged
9:52 am
fifty counts of murder and thirty nine charges of attempted murder fifty people were killed last month when he opened fire during friday prayers ethiopia's government has released its first report into last month's fatal plane crash and says the ethiopian airlines jet was forced downwards by a faulty automatic anti stall system the pilots tried to regain control but a crash just six minutes after takeoff from. a one hundred fifty seven people on board were killed syrian government forces have shelled rubbled held areas in the south of it live province killing at least fifteen people one missile had a market in the town of kfar noble killing and wounding civilians it live is the last remaining rebel held territory in syria as president donald trump has backed down from his threat to close the u.s. border with mexico trump says he'll give mexico a year to stop the flow of drugs and migrants he's warning that failure to do so will result in border closures and tariffs on mexican products as are the headlines
9:53 am
keep it here on al-jazeera much more to calm their investigations is up next. in episode two with how to sell a message polina hanson's one nation party is in america. that will sure if. they're in search of millions of dollars from the u.s. company will sort of number seems like a big ten dogs want and. they want the cash to buy control of democracy in a stranger you. share.
9:54 am
with the belt. with their test all to go you know ahead of every different side the only way for us to stay free is by having whatever cuts down cuts. one should use coached by the national rifle association on how to make history and spawn leave they need more guns now to break down the narratives that people react to gun is it make it is something you need to be in a good deal of shooting you. need to have every single school in america going to be in the deployment next program and by that. i mean armed security more guns more guns are going to change and change. you want the messaging out there will be people out here now even at your stand one nation one state mission to america to be kept secret. to the public eye over the loser because it works on seeking out
9:55 am
the new. thing that they are needed but i think it may be about do something. and they visit one of america's wealthiest political donors one in china but it's a group we have eight weeks of momentum revulsion for a tough spot. previously in how to sell a message of good i would say it says diana just released one nation party arrives in the us capital but a very busy way coming up. a mission to make friends in america's multi-billion dollar gun industry and to source millions in political donations while they're at it. with the country. itself. one nation has asked this man roger to help set up key meetings in washington.
9:56 am
roger is the public face of gun rights astray an organization calling for the loosening of strict gun laws live. to hear birds entering a meeting the first their annual meeting as freddie's gun laws would tighten following a messenger in the town of port alpha a gunman killed thirty five people with an eye out fifteen assault rifle. automatic and semiautomatic guns were banned in a struggle in what became known as the national firearms agreement hundreds of thousands of guns were destroyed since not in ninety six and zero mass shootings people have not moved to the asylums instruct. the n.r.a. fees that are strenuous lose mains by american politicians to follow suit it's the left wing anti gunners who literally point to australia using the mainstream media as the shining model as to why we need gun bans and gun confiscation
9:57 am
raja's connections to the us gun lobby have led to one nation's in a circle. the party's chief of staff james ashby hopes gun lobby donations can lead one nation to electoral victory. it would be and you know. if we took to see you in all of them are directed. to you many. you a twenty you're on a lot of house and afterwards you don't know that it never. gets there at. the bar. but roger isn't who he claims to be is working undercover for me peter charlie. i'm a reporter from odors.


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