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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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saudi arabia doing how they are aggressive foreign policy their aggressive military policy i think it's a bad idea but at the very least the united states should not be led into a war by a despotic undemocratic murderous regime this was a bipartisan vote the president's likely to respond with a veto the congress probably can't override still for many members of congress this was about much more than a message or a historic rebuke of the president it was a statement on congress's ever darkening view of saudi arabia. al-jazeera washington and the u.s. president has met china's top trade negotiator in washington as the two countries try to end a months long trade war the chinese vice premier says a new consensus has been reached on the greenman but donald trump says there's still work to be done. we have a number of things but we are also if we agreed to far more than we have left to
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agree to and in fact i would say i think i can say that some of the toughest things have been agreed to we have some things that are actually easier right now that we're we're doing but it's a very very using a word that i don't like using too often but it's a very very comprehensive deal a lot smaller still ahead on al-jazeera. god talk to complete my speech before writing still fly. watch up boring from the ceiling disrupts business and put this bomb on to you elise from teresa mayes brags it talks with the opposition. millions of children in bangladesh shopping affected by climate change will have the latest on what unicef spin saying about it.
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how low we have the threat of further flooding into iraq and iran as we go on through the next couple of days pham ounce of cloud rolling through you can see a little area cloud just around the coaxes sinking just way southward said joe duran mania azerbaijan saying that the west the weather not in the south some wet weather just rolling in from the mediterranean as well so much a serious seeing cloud and right along with northern parts of lebanon in particular that cloud and right it will make its way into iraq and eventually on saturday quite a rash as shallow as there across the saturated grounds the leo a very or wet weather that was seen in iran seeing further heavy downpours coming back on top of that so that will exacerbate the flooding concerns here some of that cloud does sink down across the gulf southern parts of saudi arabia pushing down towards amman and even into yemen possible as he wanted to spots a fine frightens up behind temperatures here in doha going to thirty degrees celsius assess the afternoon hate starting to ramp up and in the coming days
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meanwhile what is the showers ramping up across the eastern side of south africa some big downpours coming through here on friday with the possibility of some localized flooding all quite as well for saturday but the shadow is still there nevertheless. the weather sponsor. can tolerate. each cold war where on live t.v. as taught us is to be able to be concise in expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs. or if you joined us on sat israel is an apartheid state in view of the cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join a global conversation.
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hello again you're watching a zero reminder of our top stories this forces libya's u.n. backed government are being deployed in and around the capital tripoli in response to an advance on the city by troops loyal to war after he controls parts of eastern libya. the u.n. security council will hold an emergency meeting on friday to talk about the situation in libya but the interior minister has told the u.n. backed government has lost faith in international efforts to resolve the crisis. united states house of representatives has approved a resolution to end the u.s. support for the saudi a new e.u. led war in yemen bill will now go to president donald trump but he's already said
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he'll veto it. easy overhears government has released its first report into last month's fatal plane crash it says the ethiopian airlines boeing seven three seven x. eight jet was forced downward spiral faulty automatic and t. store system. reports. it's been almost a month since the boeing seven three seven took off from ethiopia's capital ababa bound for nairobi it crashed six minutes later near the town of the shaft to killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board it appears transport minister has now released the first official findings of the investigation into the crash which says the pilots did everything that was recommended by boeing. this investigation is to make sure that there is safety in that. it's not to blame someone it's not to get some sort of there are some things that
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we are going to do which. is something very normal and the procedures of all. it thinks the president of this report is going to have to ensure safety in that nation say. the pilots reportedly struggle to control the plane's automatic anti stalling system which is meant to push the nose of the aircraft downwards if it detects a stall or loss of a speed analysts believe this issue may have led to the crash the true reacted. quite correctly by carrying out a drill that has been pressed for bribes if this occurs and isolated this system which was trying to push the nose down but having done that they then found that one of the control systems that they have for pulling the nose back up again simply wouldn't perform for them this was the second crash to involve the boeing seven three seven max within five months in indonesia last october
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a lion f lights went down shortly after takeoff from jakarta killing all one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew the lawyers representing the families of the victims of the line f. light say the united states should do more to hold boeing accountable no one needs a united states. is there to say it's no. longer really isn't you know it's a more worthy equal justice for all the wires for the united states. and it's a major setback for the company boeing really has to work very fast to recover its trust because its brand name is so strong and its products for a long time have been so good the boeing seven three seven max has been grounded worldwide pending a review into the software off with flight control system investigators in here
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p.s.a. a full report into what happened could take up to a year to complete mohammed al jazeera a boeing is defending the safety of the seven three seven max it acknowledged that what it called an iranian activation of the automation system may or force the ethiopian indonesian jets to crash the u.s. aviation regulator the f.a.a. is reviewing the safety of the jet that is now grounded boeing is facing a number of lawsuits. and german chancellor angela merkel says the european union will work until the very last hour to avoid a no deal breaks in the u.k. is due to leave the block in a week unless in new leaders approve another extension but the embargo has more. i hope i can complete my speech before the rain stops i'm going to suspend the sittings thursday and breaks it landed it was a wet one at least in the commons where
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a water leak ended proceedings early so the sitting is no suspended and no fall to grab leaves. off of the house passed legislation forcing the prime minister to avoid a no deal breck's it by seeking a delay yet the opposition is trying to rush the bill through the lords parliament's upper chamber not much by way of leaks though from closed door talks between to resume a's government and labor's shadow cabinet we've had further discussions with the government and discussed for now going to continue thank you very much on the question of whether to insist on any brics a deal being put to a referendum is dividing labor on wednesday emily thornberry the shadow foreign secretary wrote to colleagues insisting a failure to do so would breach party policy now twenty five labor m.p.'s almost all from leave voting areas have won jeremy corbyn not to seek a new referendum in a letter they called the talks an opportunity for a deal including a customs union and protecting workers' rights saying at the general election we were clear about respecting the twenty sixteen vote and about securing those labor
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goals therefore we feel it compromises necessary to achieve this deal and avoid fighting the european elections we should go the extra step to secure this with the government also split on the way forward it fell to the chancellor to make clear to resume a would need to make concessions some kind of customs arrangement is clearly going to be a part of the future structure but look when you when you enter into a negotiation like this to find a compromise way forward both parties have to give something up there's going to be pain on both sides minimising islands pain was part of angular merkel's trip to dublin before the german chancellor's meeting with her counterpart leo veronica the pair heard directly from people from northern ireland and the border area however no deal scenario could impact them we have to for their selves for all that comes. with that in my. and we discussed planning at european and domestic level for no deal thank you to how we can work together to meet our twin objectives of
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protecting the good friday agreement on which peace in our own to space and also protecting the integrity of the european single market in the course of the union. this tool to help us and we want to do everything we can until the last hour to prevent a disorderly breaks it will put every if it into that but we have to do this together with person so plenty of worries about no deal despite parliament's latest moves and today you summit next week where leaders will want to know what britain intends to do more uncertainty is the only certainty but the barber al-jazeera a u.s. president donald trump has backed down from his threat to close the u.s. border with mexico trump says he'll give mexico a year to stop the flow of drugs and migrants is warning of failure to do so will lead to border closures and tariffs on mexican products members of trump's own republican party say a total border closure would have devastating economic consequences for both countries castro has met asylum seekers who are not giving up their dream of living
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in america she reports now from the u.s. border city of el paso. their first steps of freedom on u.s. soil are from a detention center bus to the doors of a church turned temporary shelter inside the view from the pulpit is a family's resting in cots a much needed respite after an arduous journey. i just see a lot of humble people. broken people strong people warriors people that they have a dream and people that they've been through a lot this family of four is from ecuador where in earthquake destroyed the store that was their livelihood i see no other way to survive they headed north they say the u.s. presidents harsh border rhetoric drove them to faster action my worry was if you don't go now loser chance better to go now and take a risk the family says they tried several times to claim asylum at the port of
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entry in el paso that is the legal way to enter the united states and what the trump administration has encouraged people to do but the family says u.s. border agents repeatedly turned them away so they said to ourselves we are already here we can't turn back so we decided to cross the river thousands have done the same in recent weeks after surrendering to us authorities many were held behind barbed wire fence under a bridge this mother and her two daughters slept two nights there hungry crying and exposed to the elements and i am at that moment she is only three and she told me mom this isn't fair others at the shelter say they resorted to drinking bathroom water while in detention many are sick adults with stomach problems and children with fever once i sit down with them and finding out their stories the truth of
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what they really go through it's heartbreaking all of the men were released with ankle monitors the government will track them to make sure they'll appear for an immigration hearing at a later date only about ten percent of asylum seekers from latin america when their cases to remain in the u.s. for good but for these families they feel they've already overcome worse odds just to make it this far. castro al-jazeera el paso texas a new report by the un children's agency says more than one thousand children in bangladesh being adversely affected by climate change rising waters are driving many families from coastal areas to the capital dhaka unicef says that once they arrive in the city children are at risk of being used as laborers or even prostitutes and the charity reform from the bowl a slum in the. among one of the oldest slum in dhaka is home to
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a generation of migrants who fled their village home due to some sort of climate change impacts now the world bank says that nearly four hundred thousand people on an average move to the capital city dhaka among them seventy percent have fled their villages due to some sort of environmental shocked or climate change this is according to international organization of migration life in the slums are very difficult people do not like living here that prefer their old home in the villages but for survival they have to stay here most of the men folks here as construction workers day laborers are rickshaw pullers woman folks if they're lucky they get a job in the garment factory some of them work as domestic help typically a house rent here ordered room rent rather just thirty dollars a month a very difficult environment most of them to cope with their children don't get to get free education that is another major challenge bangladesh barely contributes
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zero point four metric tons per capita to global carbon emission yet it is a country that spears the majority of the burn on climate change experts say is that within next three decades the average temperature is going to be growing by two degrees centigrade this means a major challenge for bangladesh and its environment in coming years. a new evidence suggests a poor diet is more likely to kill you than smoking reports in the medical journal the lancet found that in nearly all of the one hundred ninety five countries surveyed people are eating badly that's contributing to one in five deaths globally therefore says on average we consume eighty six percent more sugar sweet drinks than is considered safe of the eleven million diet related deaths around the world ten million are caused by cardiovascular disease with salt the biggest culprit the other problem is we're not eating more vegetables fruits nuts seeds and whole grain
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israel or france spain and japan had the lowest rates of food related deaths while those beca stan afghanistan and the marshall islands have the highest. or on ash in is the lead also the report he says more needs to be done globally to ensure people get the right amount of nutrition. previously you know how's the effort in estimating health effects of under-nutrition and overly and obesity but there has not been a systematic effort to estimate the health effects that. poor quality have to it and this study has tried to answer this question one of the major challenges is the lack of i believe we should embrace that while in all countries. who are going to cook point grain the problem is too much processing our great majority of the grain that are pure consume use current in their poor market refined grain.
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depending on it going to be a factor there are different buried bigger is that contribute to their consumption and one of the perhaps common problems is also if for debility are you friend through practice across the countries and leading a country there are some as this is before you put those that are currently in fortunately neglected using food for example whole grain and now it's these are not poor also a routine date in many countries actually for knox the meat in many countries is very close to zero and you suggest that basically no decent improving the consumption we need to basically work on interventions that at least healthy to do the people i call support. this is as you know it's got a roundup of the top stories now libya's u.n.
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backed government is deploying forces in and around the capital tripoli cities under a state of emergency that's the response to an advance by troops loyal to warlord star who controls pots of eastern libya is called on his forces to quote liberate tripoli the u.n. security council will hold an emergency meeting on friday to talk about the latest developments. zero has spoken to libya's interior minister from the un backed government he says half star is trying to invade tripoli at a time of unprecedented peace and calm. i mean why use weapons and force to to arise the people of libya to kill them and to force them to accept one thing only which is to be ruled by a military dictator what makes mr heft arbet a candidate than the other libyans if he's calling for a state with a strong army and police we are also calling for a state with a strong army and police and for the rule of law we will not be subdued by any use
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of force by any side or any person and if anyone is willing to use force to gives us we are really to secure for us but we will not give up on democracy which is what we've always wanted from the beginning the u.s. house of representatives has approved a resolution to end support for the saudi and u.a.e. led war in yemen the bill will now go to president donald trump but he's already said he'll veto it if he open his government has released its first report into last month's fatal plane crash it says the ethiopian airlines boeing seven three seven max eight jet was forced down the inspire faulty automatic anti stall system the pilots tried to regain control but it crashed just six minutes after takeoff from at this hour germany's chancellor says she hopes politicians in the u.k. will reach a deal on leaving the e.u. before next week's summit of european leaders angela merkel says the e.u.
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will work until the very last hour to avoid a no deal breaks if those are the headlights. transporting. roy it's. one on one east explains why indonesian soccer. fight and die trying to score on a serious. life imitates art at least in ukraine where a comedian famous for a t.v. role as the country's president could soon wind power the real. and i don't know which i would deem as valid mirrors alinsky aims to unseat the current president in a final round of elections well look at ukraine's next step send your thoughts through twitter and you tube. ukraine's next president a celebrity with no political experience or
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a much criticized billionaire businessman with a presidential term already under his belt ukrainians will choose in a decisive paul in less than three weeks time volodymyr is a landscape is famous for his role in servant of the people hit show in which he plays a schoolteacher who improbably becomes ukraine's president now he wants to lead in real life in the first round of the country's presidential election on sunday he finished way ahead of incumbent petro poroshenko and in a display of made for t.v. shelmon ship selenski is urging his rival to debate and he have a lympics stadium. i'm waiting for you here at the olympic stadium out of respect to at least one third if ukraine citizens you must publicly say that debates will be held not with the puppets of the kremlin or an oligarchy not with a supporter of progress and rebels not with a piece of trash and not with a clown but with ukrainian presidential candidates to me is the landscape like i
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give you twenty four hours think about it. to put it the being the president and commander in chief is not a game it is not a desire to be likeable debates are held not for the sake of a show at the stadium but if you want to be at the stadium let it be at the stadium i am waiting for you vladimir is one which. has been thrown out for more on the election and the issues around it we are joined from kiev by peter dickinson he's a research fellow at the atlantic council and the publisher of business ukraine also in the ukrainian capital. she is a lawyer at the anti corruption action center and similar say is an al-jazeera reporter who has covered the ukrainian elections she joins us from doha welcome everyone to this stream peter i want to start with you we saw that video there what can you tell us about the law to me. and why he was so successful in the first
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round of this presidential election. well essentially he is. the establishment. he is fighting against the status quo the greatest strength he has no experience is his greatest weakness is well known but at this stage in the campaign he represents the ultimate protest. i think bill's a little strange that he is not simply popular because he played the president he been a major celebrity in ukraine for around twenty years now and is a household name known to everyone very well like we've seen is a very charming charismatic son because i'm not an unknown sprung from the you know the fringes of buffy's great strength not involved in the political environment and a t.v. show about being a huge part of the campaign facially the show in the show. and then every man credited who has the system which is betrayed to the sheriff in
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a grotesque mounted by a craven and you crazy part of it is pretty. but in the show it is a pair of extreme scenes with all the. most incredibly relieved and. well he did all the protests will be there you say his ultimate protest he represents the protest vote what does that protest about look like what did those people care about we have a tweet from eugene petrusha saying foreign policy keeping russia had bade the rule of law widespread corruption are key the economy's not growing much but key issues are lack of confidence high interest rate society is less enthusiastic and more tired compared to the euro maidan period. when you see that tweet obviously there are many other issues at stake does that ring true as to what these people are upset about in ukraine. it to say true that people in
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ukraine have long waited long after the euro my don't protest for changes to start happening but five years have passed and they have not seen a single achievement they are saying that the end to corruption bureau was set up but teeth were not given to the body so your option court has not been set up and but i should go keeps promising that he's going to get serious on tackling corruption but his time is up and he still has nothing to show for it and the only . woman today he can speak it off is he is. like strong speeches against russia and the people who support him are actually. finding it hard to find anything else to praise here they're saying that he's our guarantor for peace but they acknowledge that he has not done anything to improve ordinary
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ukrainians lives so i wanted to pick up on that elaborating a little bit more with some voices of some of those people i want to share with our audience what a few residents of kiev had to say the day after the first round of voting had a listen. and we still think of her from my point of view this election as a form of mass protest because we will choose where we will be in ten to fifteen years and what country our children and grandchildren will live that is why i appreciate the selection for the thing you're. using and of course i'm satisfied we voted for selenski everything is cool in fact it was expected that there would not be push and go in the second round it was expected that it would be yulia timoshenko everything went not bad we expect that everything will be fun so. don't make you well as usual we are hopeful but we do not know what the result will be but there is hope of course selenski is leading we hoped it would be another
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candidate hopefully everything will be. so she mentioned we do not know what the result would be and that last comment there one thing that might help us figure out what will happen in the next round of this election is the debate so we saw the very top of the show the challenge there from zelinsky to have a debate with the incumbent president and the incoming president has picked it up and said all right let's go we're doing in the olympic stadium we're going to debate this what do you make of this whole scene there and what this debate might bring. we hope to be the real brain and a.d.'s it at last to the conversation because currently they have a situation when current president he's talking about. some. pasta achievements. but people know that
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a lot of the situations are good in paper but they took too long time to be made and they are mad about broken promises about see if the reforms that have been postponed and the demand of justice was not brought to the people so they were up and they project every scene to save and as their. challenger to that so now that it was the first during the first earth now they hope to hear it ideas from the both candidates what are they planning to do because during the last month his boss poroshenko and selenski employed him to reduce the dependent jordan are urgently stability in their debates. so now people who want to speak well they will speak i would imagine and that's why the new round of elections is happening but we also have people speaking directly to us and some people at length
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on twitter we have a thread here i'm going to just kind of give you the highlights anastasio saying you know they're aware the youth there in ukraine that poroshenko is corrupt and has faults but most people she knows ended up voting for him anyways because he's the least of all evils then she goes on to say his voters don't trust go usually they consider her a betrayer of the country a phoney a friend of the russian someone who is corrupt and who would sell her country in a heartbeat but then under stress there goes on to say zelinsky is also not trusted her friends consider him to be a clown who just like trump started a joke they got way out of and they consider him to be a pro russian and they also make a big deal out of the fact that apparently he doesn't speak ukrainian very well now tamil i see that you're smiling and peter you're nodding to me why don't you get your reaction to understand. it's interesting that people say that asking is going to tackle corruption and he he's our whole but actually nobody has any
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indication of how he is going to be able to achieve it he has no nothing to show to prove that he's like capable of dealing with such an important issue and he tackled corruption only in a sitcom and as an actor like he has a can convince people that he cares about corruption and he's a able to tackle it but actually if it was just on t.v. it was like part of a show a sitcom so people like seem to have believed him just because he was playing a role often and the corruption buster so. and people who have an anecdote about people who. even though they don't believe in him like i was talking to a mind on protester in hot give and she said she was going to like close her eyes and vote go we have like
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a heart full of shame because. she was saying that i really don't believe in him he. disappointed everybody who was standing on my done like a five years ago but they're like i you look at the ballot and i see nobody else and she was saying that she was actually each telling off her father for saying that he would support for her saying go and then weeks later she and she realize that she also doesn't have any other alternatives so i want to illustrate what you're saying there peter i'll give this to what i just wanted to break in briefly to illustrate what tim of the was saying there with this gallup poll from not too long ago this is march twenty first it was it was published world low of nine percent of ukrainians confidence in government you can just see the stats rate here ukrainian confidence in government is among the lowest in the world and there you see it there peter. yeah i'll only the issue of that and the.
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manifesto are all black all credentials a lot and i think this is a key part of it's accepted that he everything to everyone and he can be whatever you want him to be to the degree because he doesn't say exactly what he represents and he's not clear about his policies so at this stage. a lot of voters are able to say well i like him and he often why mitt will because he doesn't like me it's all about me didn't say what he represents and people are hoping that in the next few weeks you'll be a little clearer about your god actually say what he represents but. this is why that is why the scene is such an important event within the campaign how small certainly would only be in a presidential campaign my stuff in the binion is that the debate will happen because i don't think that people race being exposed really all the math but i don't want to leave how we say face he's the wind that hands and this is a tip that he brought the challenge where no one looks like he can actually actually not not true the divine is is part of ukraine
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a political tradition it always happen but it's expected to happen there was a lot of noise immediately after the first round saying ok now we're not going to debate the legacy they came out with a video proposal saying that in the in the full tank and he gave a little east of all dewy persian curry to ex-wives that a lot of that frankly was quite. forward of him quite the doctors among them i drive at least among them with the suggestion that he is a drug addict too and i know it was quite provocative stuff and well the assumption that the only person who would say no question here is yes so today the libby came out with that second video in which he said ok let's make him a shake. candidate the moderator of the did by now of course he was. genuine democracy but the other so it looks like he's trying to change the mood to go public with. to use a stadium bathroom because he doesn't want to go on stage to speak he doesn't want
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to be exposed and. shouted to the solution he is this and you. well speaking of shattering allusions peter as you were outlining some of those facts right there it was impossible for me not to think of a parallel that exists here in the u.s. not to let link president trump to the lansky but it does seem that with the provocative social media youth angle that there are similarities the reason i bring this up is we have a live comment coming in on you tube from kiev stuff saying i'm astonished that in times of hybrid war with russia my people is voting for an inexperienced pro russian comedian with that in mind i'm curious i mean do you believe that he is pro russian is there evidence to suggest that beyond the poor ukrainian accent supposedly. the spring training action is base it's that he's cold russian from russian speaking region. it's not their biggest claim of he was.
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there because they used to he worked for russian like intertainment market a lot he had worked in business in russia and until recently actually and he was quite successful in russia. he's never said any seen against. russian government. so he also has that in common with president trump. no probably i didn't i then know how much i don't from work in russia and i was it was a joke i said of him and asked if you thought he was as it is he was never complimentary. and i've never heard that recently in the recent months in compliment very complimentary russia and which he why do you like hard points. about he's next to apps what would be his policy and to decide on the war in the
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east and pirated how to return creamier to crane so he would say he speaks and it is he's going to openly about the about. you know he doesn't pull his punches as you know there is a clear there is a pro russian camp in ukraine still and they are very they employed in the kind of ambiguous language that the russians themselves use about conflict resolution speaks very openly about russian more about russian attack about roger is an aggressor. but he does come round working very closely roger he is a russian speaker i think also for a lot of ukrainians he's made a lot of jokes about ukraine in ukraine i did this in ukraine the language in his career as a comedian which is not what i was he doesn't sit very well someone who now wishes to become the head of state there was one general told couple of years ago which actually might be relevant to the discussion. in which he compared ukraine to
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a porn actress or cross that she's in front of a lot of russians and today it is his campaign team came out and they tried to down this you know to downplay this and all of you didn't who played a prostitute you said ukraine is a pornstar is this this does sound better but of course at times a comedian that is fine as the presidential candidate let's talk to the quite questionable of course and so of course we cannot talk about russia or bring up russia without than mentoring also the ongoing conflict in the. more because among the things that voters say are important to them is this conflict of this war the fighting corruption and also the economy but i want to talk about the war a little bit because election observers have said that bhatt is one of the things that people are worried about and they say that many ukrainians have been left out of this political process so they can't even vote on that topic not least because of the conflicts i have a look at this clip from monday a nato official we cannot ignore the election took place
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in a very difficult security context thousands of ukrainians ukrainians have lost their lives in armed conflict initiated by russia russia illegally and next to crimea by force it continues its military aggression in eastern ukraine this means voters in certain parts of eastern ukraine couldn't participate in the elections so it's about i know you were on the border you spoke to voters you spoke to nonvoters what were people telling you. it seems that dyleski has a strong base there because one of one of the reasons is that he is not associated with them i don't protest so russia doesn't have to hold a grudge against him. like i like put a strangle because he has spoken so strongly against russia that he has no chance
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of reopening dialogue with the moscow where i says that it is a new face so he actually has a chance of. breaking the deadlock that. have happened with moscow and i feel that production citizens ukraine have a hope that he's going to be able to change the status quo and like her example i was on. the town of mellowest which is divided by a border fence that was with toppled by russia in two thousand and eighteen and people's lives changed overnight they were able to leave. harmony with russia and they have families divided now with this fence so they cannot visit each other because this fence was put there and they blame the porter sango and my town protests for it and so now they believe that the lenski. person who
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could actually talk to moscow and change this situation that the border fence situation they want this the border fence to be taken away so that they can resume their intertwined life between ukraine and russia in this town and it seems that that you for single phase there is going to be no change for ordinary people living along the border with russia to miller that's certainly one perspective that we keep hearing online but we also received a video comment that kind of focuses on the youth perspective there are some reports in the country the. there's a record number of people leaving the country as many as thirty nine percent in polling say they would leave and never come back so where does that leave the youth well alexander are about gives us a tease listen to what he had to say the biggest challenges for you within your cream is in the room and the young people are on defense to move from the country
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or. those who would choose to stay. there trying to go right know for mysteries and ski because he can be who was targeting the use inside their hearts are within the true you creation within the better money within the better life and the youth also in the. system they didn't build the growing up in sight but the rule is that no a lot of people who want to put it through this time they don't want this system with a more computer i should mention that that statistic about thirty nine percent who would leave and never come back was a gallup poll but what do you make of that perspective on the youth there in the country. yes there's been a significant brain drain in really. around around you know the song is not with as many as two million ukrainians going home and for employment some of it
1:43 pm
see some movement on. the demotivation here in ukraine to the economy and the. struggling to fill vacancies now. creates enormous the huge sense of. disillusionment. in the small town. but it's a major issue and it's something that has come up with something that the kind of because we're talking it's an acknowledgment of the rule show that you know the thing that feeds large numbers and young people are charmed by the fact that the landscape is the reaching out to them through social media and he seems more approachable and he's not using for example. that the.
1:44 pm
conventional of politicians for distributing their elected electoral campaigns they feel that he can relate to them more than other people who have been in politics for much longer. than the closing minutes of this show we've brought up a name here several times and so i want to share audience who we were talking about this is the only time i think the former prime minister who was also in this race came in third though and so now she's sitting her focus to parliamentary elections so on a very briefly parliamentary elections are coming up and some say they're even more important than this presidential election what are you looking out for when it comes to those. our real gift or actually like democratic so-called you know kind of a position to unite. to shoulder real authority and they couldn't show they been candidates for a presidential election so we ended our freezer lansky versus bush and so we want more systematic local editions. more and more professional
1:45 pm
to come in and. take the take that was they there was a to get to the parliament. the bottom interactions would be difficult because. actually the real power is the part of the land and it's up ones and ask you how many people he can bring to the parliament and he's deputies to support him i there as a deputy president and we shall see april twenty first we will be watching that's all the time we have for today but keep sending your comments and your ideas for future shows through twitter you tube and al-jazeera dot com port slash the stream just enough time for a closing comment from the community why not will give it to ballad as zara becky says poroshenko is desperate to show the lenski is real or perceived policy incompetence and willing to go very far for selenski his show must go on but he needs to avoid mistakes such a debate would be a huge event and could have a big impact on voters consideration and all the time for analyse online.
1:46 pm
to. talk to. the cards from. al-jazeera as there were dozens or even raids by the schools today to see what happens next iteration on foot in part by the barriers for
1:47 pm
a mobile barricade of the seven streets that lead to here the movies now is we're all about change people have gone the fear barrier the mission of the national army is two thirds the entire one complex and i'll just do a stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. a notorious symbol of the u.s. war on terror one said the closure of guantanamo bay and its detainees going nowhere we have identified as a priority is the construction of a new high value detention center i'm afraid that we're sharing the conditions to return back to properties or mortality in state sponsored torture as we did have done in the past rendition revisited to on al-jazeera. when the news breaks when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told
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segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is the first century with exclusive interviews has honesty fall into the lowest point in its history and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground it takes to bring you more award winning documentaries are going to hold and life means on a sunday on the. troops loyal to libya's u.n. backed government are preparing for battle as a warlord threatens tripoli. as i'm seeking this is live from doha also coming up another vote to end u.s.
1:49 pm
backing of the saudi and u.a.e. led war in yemen now it's down to president trump. a system under stress we look at the sorry state the venezuelans health care. and zooming into their everyday lives how south koreans are handling being the first in the world with nationwide five g. . troops loyal to libyan warlord khalifa haftar are edging closer to the capital that's drawn a response from forces supporting the u.n. back government they've been deployed to defend tripoli as huffed are vows in his words to liberate the city here's how close his troops are there within seventy kilometers of tripoli after taking control of the town of ready at the u.n. security council has called an emergency meeting for friday but it is not clear how it can stop while it may turn into
1:50 pm
a major confrontation would have to go ahead reports a display of military strength from fighters loyal to the warlords have to they've posted this video online which appears to show. the heavily armored vehicles moving list to does the capital. in an audio message half the cold on his forces to move on tripoli i know you are loved our last hours are courageous heroes the time has come to advance towards tripoli go forward confidently those who want peace will not be harmed as we don't come as conquerors only use force on those that fire on you those that stay home are safe and those that raise the white flags will also be safe the un recognized the government in tripoli has issued an alert and called on all its forces to be ready have their due needs the east of libya leading a loser alliance of factions but his repeatedly expressed his intention to march on
1:51 pm
tripoli despite warnings and calls for calm from the united nations the libya rival factions seem to be moving towards a military confrontation and if that happens it could derail the e.u. and this plan sort of peace talks due to be held here later this month but some analysts believe her father is trying to make sure he's included in the political process. i think that would like to force the hands of the board the u.n. and those attending. in a way that does not exclude him fearing that this conference may start a whole new path for libya in the next few years and that he may not be. included in that process the united nations secretary general antonio has arrived in libya to support the political process and he's expressed concern about a potential showdown. a very strong appeal.
1:52 pm
for all movements to solve. for. the escalation most military. verbal the escalation. libya has been in turmoil since the nato backed remove all of its long time ruler duffey in two hundred eleven and since twenty fourteen it has had two competing governments. but so far efforts to negotiate a political settlement unite libya and organize national elections appears to have failed. tripoli. zero has spoken to libya's interior minister from the u.n. back and he says half that is trying to invade tripoli at a time of unprecedented peace and car. i mean why use weapons in
1:53 pm
force to to arise the people of libya to kill them and to force them to accept one thing only which is to be ruled by a military dictator what makes mr have to be a candidate then the other libyans if he's calling for a state with a strong army and police we are also calling for a state with a strong army and police and for the rule of law we will not be subdued by any use of force by any side or any person and if anyone is willing to use force that gives us we are really to secor for us but we will not give up on democracy which is what we have always wanted from the beginning. of france italy britain the u.s. and u.a.e. have released a joint statement warning against military action our diplomatic editor james bays has more from the nato summit in washington. libya wasn't on the formal agenda of the meeting here at the state department of nato foreign ministers but it clearly was discussed on the margins of this meeting because we have
1:54 pm
a statement from some key nato countries and a major regional player the statement says that they are deeply concerned about the current fighting in libya it goes on at this sensitive moment in libya's transition military posturing and threats of unilateral action only risk propelling a libya back towards chaos and then there comes a warning to general haftar the statement says our governments oppose any military action in libya and will hold accountable any libyan faction that precipitates further civil conflict what's interesting is the countries that have signed this statement it is france italy the u.s. the u.k. and the u.s. you have their members of the security council you have france of the security council members the one that has been most sympathetic to general haftar also important the u.a.e. is signing this statement and they are the country that militarily has been backing
1:55 pm
general haftar the most so strong statements and the word from diplomats is that they are angry they are somewhat surprised that general have to made his move at a time when the u.n. secretary general was visiting libya they are concerned about the situation and the highlighting the arrogance of this move at this time jason pack is the founder of libya and now assess dot com he says it's unlikely they'll be large scale battles in tripoli in the short term the key thing to understand is. after said that he was going to take over the country five years ago he had a fake who in february of twenty fourteen that a quote unquote real coup in may he didn't take over the country for two years they fought in the trenches in benghazi and that announcing victory announcing victory and it took two years to take over a city when he's pioneered since that point is
1:56 pm
a way of expanding by buying off opposition and he took the oil crescent very swiftly in september twenty sixth in and he's repeated those moves in libya southwest and the fed that region with the big sharara feel about three months ago again without any fighting so what's really going on is trying to shape that narrative in advance of buying off tribes and making alliances it's not like there's a big military pension movement under way right now i don't believe the quote unquote take tripoli but the point is the libyan civil war or its entirety has led to less deaths than one month the least final month of the syrian civil war so you need to understand this isn't a hot war but then half price tactics are even less kind of military focused than those of his opponents he has changed the game by outlining with different groups in the south and in
1:57 pm
a way in circling tripoli bypassing misrata and the central coast areas coming up from the south but this and that's minute this moment is just because the national conference is coming in ten days or some time i don't think you're going to be seeing any pitched battles and he may be working the media narrative in a way that makes him appealing to some groups but then there's going to be a backlash against others who don't want to see him in tripoli. politicians in the u.s. are stepping up efforts to end support for the saudi and u.a.e. led war in yemen the house of representatives has backed a resolution already approved by the senate it now goes to president who last month said he would veto the move patrick o'brian reports from washington. i don't want to see fourteen million yemenis starve to death harsh words for saudi arabia filled the house chambers and if the saudis don't stop their blockade and let food and medicine in within six months we will see one of the great humanitarian crisis in
1:58 pm
the world and with that in a vote of two hundred forty seven to one hundred seventy five the house joined the senate in sending the message the congress wants the u.s. military to stop supporting the saudi coalition's war in yemen this is the first time that he u.s. congress has rebuked a president on a war powers resolution which was a concern for some who voted no it really basically states yet again that the fundamental premise of this resolution is flawed because u.s. forces are not engaged in hostilities against the who are these in yemen which is what the war powers act requires if we want to cut off economic assistance or logistic assist assistance security assistance the saudi there's a way to do that but it's not through the war powers act the lawmakers made clear this is about much more than ending the war in yemen the vote in the senate and in the house makes it clear that the united states will not continue to follow a despotic and hard democratic leadership coming out of saudi arabia day how they
1:59 pm
are aggressive foreign policy their aggressive military policy i think it's a bad idea but at the very least the united states should not be led into a wall by a despotic undemocratic murderous regime this was a bipartisan vote the president's likely to respond with a veto the congress probably can't override still for many members of congress this was about much more than a message or a historic rebuke of the president it was a statement on congress's ever darkening view of saudi arabia pedicle hain al jazeera washington. a u.s. president has met china's top trade negotiator in washington as the two countries try to end a months long trade war the chinese vice premier says in his words a new consensus has been reached on an agreement but donald trump says there's still work to be done. we have a number of things but we are also very we've agreed to far more than we have left
2:00 pm
to agree to. in fact i would say i think i can say that some of the toughest things have been agreed to we have some things that are actually easier ways you know that we're we're doing but it's a very very using a word that i don't like using too often but it's a very very comprehensive deal. a wildfire has killed at least two people and forced thousands from their homes in south korea it broke out in the eastern province of ganglion on thursday night and spread to the seaside holiday city of sock show a people have been moved and at least fifty two schools have been shut down firefighters in the australian city of melbourne have been battling a blaze at an industrial waste facility businesses and homes nearby had to be evacuated there were several explosions after the fire broke out australian media reports say the facility recently lost city certification because of compliance problems.


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