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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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to try to control libya before the issue may get out of hand i think there is also an international worry about. that if you end up with libya the two largest and wealthiest countries in the region libya and geria in any form of chaos you've got a very major international problem there i think also have to want to advance his own role in any future plans that they you and is planning to do i mean we all know that the u.n. wanted to do this conference on april fourteenth and i think he wanted to grab as much power as he can but what do we have to remember that half that has been trying to do this for quite a long time in two thousand and sixteen he oficial lee and i know this personally from the highest of officials that there's government at that time during the obama administration he oficial a proposed to the u.s. government that he would like to enter tripoli militarily and that all he asked for
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was for the u.s. to remain neutral in the process and he clearly said that he is being supported by the u.a.e. which the united states at that time absolutely gave him a red line and warned him directly and warned a number of its allies that that will not pass. i think that under the trumpet ministration he may get away with it ok forgive me if my next question sounds slightly naive but for people outside the region with perhaps a short memory when it comes to the events in this region if only for half the gets what he wants and of course that's a big if what's the difference between what he might become and what colonel gadhafi used to be. not much i mean the reality is huff that has modeled himself against gadhafi in so many ways even in something that ticks to be honest i mean his uniforms his his military parades. you know it's more or less exactly like like like like mamma to get that even his sons
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i mean ironically as the same number of sons as smom going to get their hands placed them in various military positions. one of the funny antidotes for last week when one of his sons held this conference in benghazi almost an exact duplicate of what safe you used to do with a unit in trip libya so he is modeling himself as good definitely let's not forget he was very very close associate of mama to get there they had a conflict for a period of time but then in the last few years of good their funeral i mean they they warmed up i mean you know he moved after i had a house in cairo which was purchased for him by gaddafi he had a number of meetings with the gadhafi regime he has always had this strong affinity with the regime a lot of his own military officials today in benghazi. former.
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military. in the gadhafi inner circles that's not against him i mean even though he was smart enough to attract the former regime elements to his side which was necessary emunah the end of the day dinner present a very big chunk of the libyan population and tribal alliances and the fact that the people in tripoli or the governments in tripoli over the years have excluded what is a very very stupid move the end of the day you cannot exclude these people they are . respective of their politics they are a part and parcel of the libyan. society briefly i think the satellites about. ran out of time but as far as he's concerned his critics of the united nations would say one after another u.n. efforts have failed given that he was so well sort of painted into the tapestry of what libya has been now for twenty five thirty years why is it the u.n.
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has those important junctures stepped in the wrong direction when it comes to deescalating the tensions the growing tensions just over the past couple of years those tensions that antonio terrorists today wants to deescalate. a lot of what's happening in libya unfortunately is a constant direct consequence of what the u.n. has done over the years i mean one of the clearest examples of that is the former. employee bernardino lean on who you know and then i got exposed with leaked documents that he was organizing or coordinating his efforts in libya with the government of. and then he immediately resigned his post or ended his term and moved to ability to work there for the government so a lot of what's happening in libya has been a consequence direct consequence of various failures and manipulation by various
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u.n. envoy is they have also put i think there are number one priority is to try to just simply calm the situation down whenever it is it comes out but they have not taken a very proactive role in trying to formulate some kind of a resolution the only one that i can think of who has sort of produced some kind of a vision for the future or a process is is the current envoy ducked out of a sense a lot of all the others have failed miserably in that regard. and they also have given away to a lot of characters and a lot of people within libya that don't really at a present a lot of the society i mean discredit the government for example gathered together a number of people by leon at that time that had very little influence in libya they simply did not represent anybody but themselves i think all of these miscalculations have accumulated over the years also the u.n.
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is not taking a strong position i mean. last week only on. that as as far as he's concerned the ten countries are involved in libya they're all named by the u.n. but nobody is stopping them from arming anybody mr al gore well thank you so much for joining us here on the news from washington we do appreciate your time. thank you. still to cover for you on the news hour including life after the genocide in rwanda we'll hear from survivors twenty five years old. and in the sports another title win for the reigning stanley cup champions for us here with that story in about thirty minutes. hundreds of thousands of algerians are out on the streets of the capital there demanding even more changes in their government after the intelligence chief was sacked earlier on friday and their longtime president resigned earlier this week
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has been a smith with more. algeria's military might be disappointed if it was hoping that the resignation of president abilities beautifully would dampen enthusiasm and government protests hundreds of thousands of people are back on the streets nationwide for a seventh friday for them beautifully his resignation earlier this week is only a first gesture all of that is we demand change we need these gangs to go all of them including going so. that we cannot remain silent anymore you are no longer afraid of you you have killed our children and started the whole nation the same kind we have seen nothing from day g. i am forty one years old and i can hardly make a living we are hoping for better. moved to sideline beautifully his allies are continuing intelligence chief bashir ta-ta has been fired at earlier this week eight businessmen had their passport seized as they're investigated for corruption
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the state television showed a clearly frail eighty two year old beautifully handing in his resignation on choose day and i think what's happened now is that certain grudge scores are being settled the result is that tartaglia is no out of office and that begins to remove some of the infrastructure of the boot of legal regime but it will only be a beginning and whether it really bligh's a change in the institutions of the state or not then i doubt very much was the algeria is now in the hands of a caretaker government but the protesters have made it clear they won't accept a new president from the prove well that's the nickname for the entrenched veterans of the civil war and business tycoons. the one in every four hour jiri and under the age of thirty as unemployed the economy is dependent on oil and gas beautifully his attempt to stand for a fifth term as president brought frustration at the status quo to ahead now those
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elections will be in three months time was so far no obvious successor has emerged bernard smith al-jazeera. i mean is an activist with the citizen movement she joins us live now from paris i mean our first show you are the protesters on the road to getting what they want regime change with no blood being spilled. definitely today is the seventh friday of mass mobilization in all geria and throughout the week there were still demonstrations other days of the week and people are determined they do not want assad changed they do not want reform within the regime they want to transition without the regime what we call the system. but the military has yet to signal that he is going to give up and walk away without
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a fight. well definitely i think twenty million people in the streets relentlessly claiming their sovereignty has made the ranks of the regime crumble and the military who has always been an important power broken in this equation. was left with no choice but to give up beautifully and it was under the pressure of the citizens that fifa has been removed this is a necessary change to continue without the defeat but is far from being sufficient today we cannot accept or have any confidence in the chief of state that enter the interim chief of state who is been silent the head of the
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senate because he is yet another paan in the regime we cannot accept mr big three who is the prime minister who was named by our before he left and who is today still there naming a new government and pulling the ropes trying to make us believe that he will initiate the changes and the reforms necessary we also do not want president of the constitutional council who was silent when the constitution was violated numerous times and who was a client with a fake are supporting men date after men date term after term this the current masquerade has no credibility what people want is a true democratic transition and it's not just let me take for a second. any credibility but it does have power and it's still in power
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just to be. something you were saying at the top of the second answer that you gave was how can you say the regime is crumbling jettisoning an old man who's been a figurine at the head of the regime for more than a few years is one thing getting rid of the picture somebody who was aligned with him is quite another there's a massive distance there's a huge chasm between that and the military walking away and you getting the kind of government you so clearly want well the road as still ahead it's going to be going to be an easy fight among going to be an immediate fight also it is going to be a long term effort of rebuilding geria of confronting this regime of putting pressure relentlessly friday after friday week after week in order to
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weigh on the equation and know on the power stakes and today algerians even in the street you can hear very actually very specific discourse about what kind of what kind of ways to go what kind of mechanisms to put in place a lot of are speaking about a constitutional assembly about rewriting the constitution a lot of initiatives are are born. from citizens which are rewriting constitutions maybe also having representative locally universities have started elected representatives it is really really important today to continue to mobilize it is also high time to organize this effort in order to request what is constitutionally guaranteed in article seventy eight which is people have sovereignty and all power comes from the people
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i mean thank you very much. professor of political science of cancer university uses. the power structure it's clearly been acting in bad faith will it continue to act in bad faith obviously it will continue to act in bad faith but before i continue with this let me collect more make two points the first one is that. is not a the moment the interim president because the decision has been made by the constitutional council it needs to be lucky for. the both houses of parliament this has been up and yet the second thing is that presidential elections will not take place in ninety days and. that is formally the president of. of the head of state. at the moment the demands of the people is for the whole system to go to first like agree with what you said is that
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the first step was in shooting the president but for the i would not long for if the enough is not was achieved the second the second point is for it to go basically the representative of this system but the hard work starts basically after which the left and now the demands of all. julia today is that for these figures the three b.'s for example. the president of the council of the nation. didn't but we the minister and also the president of the constitutional council who is whose position at the moment is not constitutional because he served as president of the council of the constitutional council and he was limited again which is against the constitution ok just to interrupt you there for a second looking at these pictures compelling astonishing pictures coming in to us
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live from algiers is this a revolution as we would be able to quantify it and identify it but if it's not a revolution or else can it be if you want to call it what you should yes but usually a revolution has. kind of. wore all of blood connotations with it so it's a push for do evolution i would call it a bit on the journey and no use in the constitutional council to the constitution lights to make their voices heard and these voices we really knew that we don't want the power structure as exists today the military is watching these developments very carefully declaration of the chief of staff have been positive. from the first one on the twenty second of february he fell out these people who were demonstrating go in on the ventral but when he saw how organized it was. how
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it was spread throughout the country in different both east south. so he started to side with the people and he made the promises that the military is here to protect the people and we'll listen to the people it we'll. with the wishes of the people i think that in the next few days after today's demonstrations and by all accounts the number in the millions the military will force the will of the people ok when you talk about revolution when you talk about the military when you talk about regime change some people are saying there are parallels with the beginnings of the arab spring and the caroll arrays of that has played out across egypt but isn't that analysis flawed because egypt to massively simplified egypt was about getting rid of a bad president the president that has now gone in algeria was put in place because
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there was no one else to put in place so you can draw a parallel between those two scenarios i think i think it's. the situation in algeria is completely different from that of egypt but the president. was. especially for the last six or seven years he was completely absent if you look at what happened to him after the stroke in two thousand and thirteen he was ugly seen he spent most of his time in hospitals in geneva or in palace and global influence so there are all the people who have been running the country so what is basically a ghost name if you like for a corrupt regime but for what for the cause that you all do when does not make any difference in the nature of the political system it's about getting the lid off the business people who have been who is reached because of it's getting rid of his
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brother who has provided the cover for them it's getting laid off was head of the different constitution institutions who have been legitimizing those illegal decisions professor thank you. still to come here on the news hour in the sports news the former champion aiming to win the second major goals title of her career when we come back. how i once again welcome to the look of the international full costume five you still got some wet weather in the forecast for the middle east that mase iran will see some showers some long spells of rain adding to the flooding concerns here lots of clouds coming out says syria spinning down across iraq it's all making its way further west which we are going to see some more wet weather coming in here as we
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go on through the next day or so heavy a showers to sas day going to be across northern parts of iraq was a caucus is some showers that are just around the southern end of the caspian sea lot of cloud as you can see through much of iran it'll not his wife who is boss discuss come back in behind the western parts still stay one of two showers as we go on through sunday some showers still in place there to southern turkey northern parts of syria i would also let's it will warm up it'll brighten up twenty one celsius four bedrooms warming up to across a good part of the right been punished here in doha will touch thirty celsius on saturday could get a thirty two in abu dhabi then a bit of cloud across southern parts is still a few showers in the forecast we see the cloud you can always catch your spot of right now the saudi for example on sunday could see a somewhat by the but warm in riyadh at thirty six degrees and whether it's even to the east this side all south africa more lively showers coming through here over the next couple of days.
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across europe immigration is high on the agenda and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants' at all zero immigration but this is the one political topic anybody and everybody is this nice the far right is preparing for battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. prejudiced some pride in hungary on al-jazeera. the environment doesn't know any boundaries what goes up into the environment goes around the world. best the sides are pushed on the grounds that it's a very modern way to do. and we've made poisons the measure of progress or the domestic population has become organized enough and active enough to believe in your pursuit in the ideas that will kill people or more vulnerable circle of poison
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on al-jazeera. welcome back let's get more on another of our headline news stories british prime minister tourism a has asked the e.u. for another brics a delay and a letter to the e.u. mrs may has asked for a three month extension until the end of june the u.k. is due to leave the e.u. in one week but the parliament hasn't agreed on a withdrawal deal now in brussels the president of the council on toast intends to propose a flexible twelve month delay he's reported to be against a series of short delays live to london correspondent nine hundred nineteen do we think we'll get it or not.
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it really is difficult to tell nothing can be taken for granted right now because after the letter from donald tusk appeared on friday to the heads of the e.u. twenty seven who will be gathering on wednesday next week in brussels. recommending that they give the u.k. this one year extension we then saw to resume may's own letter to donald tusk asking for that extension to the thirtieth of june which she had already asked for a couple of weeks ago and was rebuffed very quickly by the e.u. and they then they gave her this deadline if she passed the deal here in parliament of may the twenty second now that didn't happen so now the hard deadline is next friday that's how tight timing aides there's been strong reaction firstly by perhaps the country that is standing to lose most from a no deal breaks it and they've said that they would welcome an extension but other capitals not so happy the german foreign minister hi coma us saying that the u.k.
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the prime minister rather needs to suggest how she plans to get a deal through parliament before they can approve any extension and jacob reese mauger the leader of trees a maze. a hardline brick city group within the conservative party saying that if an extension what to happen which he sees as a very bad thing then the u.k. should act as an obstructive force within the e.u. talk like that which is pushing people in france to issue a series of statements from government ministers saying that they need strong reasons all along the message has been from the european union that the u.k. would need a good reason for any extension basically meaning a referendum or. or a general election will both of those things are not likely to happen in the very near future. thanks very much let's talk now to john ryan he's
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a fellow at the l.s.e. he joins us from london john ryan we've got donald's first saying look you can maybe have twelve months and yet in the last couple of hours we've got the french president emmanuel macron saying hang on donald you've been premature you're getting ahead of yourself so the fishes are even spreading out from that feeble atmosphere inside the house of commons and the house of lords i guess as well in london across the english channel. well i think that two different things here i think the first thing is that donald tusk is trying to give a helping hand to the british or him and bad need of air and saying that look constantly asking for extensions is not really arms so let's give you a flexible one year extension and if you agree a deal then we can complete that there and you can exit extension and next in the e.u. i think the french and the germans are quite right to be signed what is the point of this extension is this extension just for you to muddle through over the next few months and few weeks in terms of what you want to do and really go around in
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circles that's not going to be very helpful so i think it's down to the british to come up with something that is plausible fog i'm beyond the i put that line ok can series i'm a sidestep the anger but still the i mean clearly it's almost the weekend in the u.k. so she is she is planning on going to the european council summit on monday but own roots there when her backbenchers report back to her she's got to go via the house of commons and say look guys i'm going for something i tried to go for before didn't work then but i'm sure it's going to work now. but it's not going to work i mean and for a very small we have to think they've wanted brights it they could have voted for her deal and he's saying that britain britain is going to be over in the e.u. well. that's what they've been for quite a long time now so i don't really think these threats by the backbenchers amount to
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a lot that the leaders on happy again she could have voted for the deal but she didn't like the backstop mysteries and i just mean we can i just interrupt you for a second and then just push back a little bit against this idea of you know british have been or could be for particularly people who are aligned with ukip and or the conservative party in london this is different though isn't it because mr rhys smaug is conflating two things he's saying if the u.k. this is in effect what you're saying he was doing this morning on twitter if in effect the u.k. has to stage euro elections you will get between forty and seventy bricks it pro bricks it members of the european parliament in terms of legislation in terms of the e.u. making money they can gridlock the whole thing point number one point number two there was a byelection in wales yesterday ukip got i think it was eight eight eight point something percent they're not going into government but that's that's a big swing for ukip in a non traditionally ukip area yet there's two things there
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the first thing the election ukip to quite well in these european elections and well is sending parliamentary elections before the referendum process so they had actually higher figures in those constituencies like like new poll before they're scraping their way back and they'll have a problem because nigel frauds won't be a member of new kipp will be a member of the brics it party so the right we could be split between the brics a party ukip on the conservative party and i do not see forty fifty sixty percent made peace coming from the u.k. . who are you are a skeptic just don't see it. and yeah i just think that that is really not not ready realizable so for number one that amount of any peace to a euro skeptic getting into the european parliament is not going to happen and you
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keep it that much better before the referendum in these constituencies and they're struggling their way back so. i think there's a lot of words but not really substance behind them are you in favor of another vote or not i would be in favor of them putting her deal to the country and saying here's she and her dio and if you don't like dio remind i think that would be a good idea you get back sit with may's. deal but you. you can remind if you don't think that's going to last and be in the wrong you get the question surely has to be a binary choice because it is not exactly the same question that was asked almost three years ago in yes or no do you like it do you not like it if it's not that you disenfranchise seventeen point four million people who want to sit and equally you
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disenfranchise sixteen point two million people who wanted to remain so you've got to ask them the same question otherwise the question becomes a flow chart zeroing in on things like the customs union well seventeen point four billion million people didn't vote for this type of bricks it they voted for a lot of different reasons we have to be clear about that i don't think people signed up for something form four million four trees of maize deal so i may certainly didn't sign up for war just to stop you for a second again so you want to kind of patronize them by saying you were informed you're not clever enough you weren't educated enough to understand the consequences of voting with your heart as opposed to voting with your head. sorry i'm pushing back against you i think you're being deliberately provocative for misunderstanding what i'm saying well i think it's a valid point because those people say we do not want to be disenfranchised because remain as take a judgment call on every time for your time and him for his own time by saying go
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to another vote who are these people where are you getting that information at seventeen four point four million people are saying this. will be seventeen point four where are you getting that information thousand point three million people are not saying that but that's the reporting of how they are being polled and heard what you lied to in your question yes what you implied in your question was an end . of the ride because you can't justify that question with any data ready can you will equally you can't justify the other side of the argument can you justify the other side of the argument with data. well we can justify the other side of the argument is where is where we are at we've got trees that may steal we've got no deal we've got to remain that's where we're at three years down the line that's how you justify that you can't keep science seventeen point three million people cite this in a question and not justify that with any data to back it up mr ryan i would enjoy
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talking to you again i'm sure and carrying on this conversation but believe me we are genuinely out of satellite time yeah i know thank you very much ok good to talk to thank you very much. it's the middle east analyst in protesters are gathering along the israeli gaza border fence as part of ongoing friday rallies the protest which is known as the great march of return or return began in march of last year mohammed jump june joins us live now from gaza mohammed what's the atmosphere like there. well peter you wouldn't know it from what you see behind me which looks relatively peaceful but it did get quite tense in the past two hours we just heard in the last five minutes from the ministry of health here in gaza that at least fifty demonstrators were injured today by israeli life fire that they were shot when israeli security forces opened fire in this direction now it wasn't as calm today as people would have liked in gaza last week which was the year anniversary
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on saturday of the great march of return you had tens of thousands of people out but it was a calmer situation today it did get quite tense you had a lot of tear gas many times in the past couple of hours we had ambulances whizzing by picking up the injured taking them back to hospitals because of that it's really a question right now of what exactly is that going to do when it comes to this egyptian led mediation effort between hamas islamic jihad other palestinian factions and israel we heard earlier in the day from israeli from house officials rather that the positive the talks were still going on a positive track but you have to wonder was something like this happening in the past two hours with a lot of injuries is that going to make things more difficult going forward peter mohammed thanks very much. one hundred days and at least eight hundred thousand people killed it's been twenty five years since the genocide in rwanda up at the sky remain on the healing goes
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all this weekend rwanda will pause to commemorate the most violent period in its history sunday marks the day when he said militia began an ethnic genocide against the c. minority under simmons' business the area. with some of the worst atrocities took place a warning some of the images in this report could be disturbing. as rwanda prepares to commemorate twenty five years since the start of its genocide the same images of horror dominate tears a low carb dissolve the sorrow and questions remain who shot down the aircraft killing rwanda's president from the hutu majority an act that started one hundred days of killing on a scale rarely seen in modern history around three quarters of the minority tutsi population were murdered. questions of why the international community didn't immediately respond still exist how many lives could have been saved or why didn't
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the united nations at least take early action against a highly organized campaign of hatred and incitement by the hutus. for alice. underground in one of the mass graves there's only one answer and that's to forgive despite her extraordinary loss she shows some of the seemingly endless lines of coffins containing the dried out bones of whole families. in this casket are the remains of her mother father two sisters and three brothers i knew i vividly remember the death of my parents and my siblings i hear their voices in my heart i'm sad but i forgive their killer in a separate attack alice was hacked all over her body one of her hands was amputated with a machete she nearly died yet she forgives the man who did this as well. above her you see the tops of these modern day tombs they contain the remains of more than
12:36 am
forty five thousand people killed in this district alone a family died in the church just here this is one of so many churches where people tried in vain to seek sanctuary but moment when files and people died here mostly women and children their clothes now spread out over the pews above shrapnel rained down upon this place and below here now you see coffins filled with the remains bones of victims twenty five years on what happened here still defies understanding. as alice continues with the hope visits here the man who attacked her is now free living with his family he served eight years in jail and completed community service aside from killing in a group he's murdered twenty one people in cold blood would you say you feel nucky that you didn't get a life sentence or you did even you for serving a life sentence to be ok because it will be punishment for my crane's being alive
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is not lucky i kneel in front of those i have had and beg forgiveness this form of reconciliation is one of many initiatives aimed at trying to ensure peace can be permanent but not everyone is as forgiving as alice andrew simmons al-jazeera in near rwanda the french president emmanuel macro has appointed a panel of experts to investigate france's actions during the genocide in rwanda and soon michael has also met representatives of a survivors' group in paris france and rwanda have had a strained relationship since the killings in one thousand nine hundred four the touch about one has more now from paris. well what the french president or man or michael is doing is promising to try and shed light on france's role during the rwandan genocide in one thousand nine hundred ninety four and in the years leading up to it and that is because the role of france has been a real bone of contention between both garley and paris for twenty five years
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because he has repeatedly accused france of being complicit in the massacres now back then the french government was very close to the hutu regime french troops were deployed to try and keep the peace but some say that they simply didn't do enough to stop the killing so what emanuel michel is doing is setting up a new commission to investigate exactly what france's role was they will have access to the state archives that have been really locked away for all these years they were opened in twenty fifty by fossil ond but successive historians have said they've been very difficult to gain access to and all this isn't very much in keeping with him and all my calls are style in terms of in his fraud his relationship with africa because he says that in order for frogs to have a better relationship with his african allies they must face its past last year for example a man or michael talks about the way that the french troops had used torture in
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algeria it was a very rare admission for a french president still to come here on the all just sports news the golden state warriors closing in on another conference title i was here with that story in a couple of minutes. we live in a time of war and tragedy it's crimes against humanity. activists repression . disappearance arbitrary arrests. extrajudicial executions. brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to combat impunity and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the
12:40 am
national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament's. and global alliance of national human rights institutions. time for the sports news we've been joined by far thank you so much peter for the first time in nearly half a century the milwaukee bucks are heading into the playoffs with the n.b.a.'s best record away to where the philadelphia seventy six ers secured the eastern
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conference title and home court advantage throughout the postseason and the richardson reports. this game between two playoff bound seems goes off along for the start the milwaukee bucks and philadelphia seventy six is going to hard to time the books every bledsoe a jet set for his role they sell to cation if both teams have players who could win this season's most valuable player award. the seventy six is k.-man is jolin be thank you i did school thirty four points but younis and into crew pope was a step ahead of his rival in this game i did great player finished with forty five points and thirteen rebounds as the puck secured a one twenty eight to one twenty two when the first victory that all side gives him the best record in the n.b.a. hung colts advantage throughout the playoffs i
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know there's still some are good but after a little bit difficult for the first time in more than a decade james won't be in the playoffs or an injured look braun could only watch on a step the current golden state warriors be seized and i'd like his team to settle the reigning n.b.a. champions winning this one hundred eighty to ninety not even really look at their k.d. with full regular season games left the warriors are insights of climbing the number one seed in the west and the richardson al-jazeera. the defending stanley cup champions are looking good as they get ready to head into the n.h.l. playoffs the washington capitals. clinch the metropolitan division title with a two one victory over the montreal canadiens the team winning the crown for a fourth straight year with a game spare. from a colorado avalanche playing to their playoff spot in style the album recovered from a tuple deficit against the winnipeg jets to win three two win over time this victory
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securing a wildcard position for a second story season. and land and tom defender danny rose says he can't wait to see the back of football due to fan racism england players including rose were targeted with abuse during a game in montenegro last month he says football's governing bodies aren't doing enough to tackle the problem. i do know. that many are our programmer so i just think. barbel six more years left in football and. that is going to. events is coach max alegria has defended comments made by his player. who said one of his teammates was partially to blame for being racially abused by rival fans or as it can was targeted during tuesday's game against the new she said ken had provoked supporters with the nature of his goal celebration. you that season more the bathroom i just racism is never justifiable and it should
12:44 am
stay away from the stadium but regarding the attacks on lay on how to open new she he expressed himself badly when his mind was still on the game he car fired his thoughts with a post on instagram i think every player must behave well on the pitch they need to respect their opponents their fans racism is a different thing i repeat that racism must be punished i'm sure liverpool have a chance to go back to the top of the english premier league later this friday they play southampton the reds are a point behind manchester city who beat cardiff on wednesday southampton are just five points clear of the relegation zone. usa striker alex morgan hit her one hundredth international goal as her team beat australia five three in a world cup warm up game in colorado the defending champions will be aiming for a fourth world title in france later this year the squad have followed a lawsuit against their own soccer federation for alleged discrimination and who
12:45 am
sponsor has stepped in to ensure the players were received the same level of world cup pay as the men's team but we understand like the responsibility we bear in making sure that we'll accept the next generation up while just like the last american did so. we just you know playing soccer is one thing but i feel like we're given a platform to use our voice for important social issues an american ally mcdonald has a one shot lead at the first major of the women's golf season mcdonald has never won a major child before but an opening round of sixty eight has put her at the top of the day one leaderboard at the inspiration events in california twenty fourteen champion lexi thompson is one of four players the stroke behind on three under par . i. pay and that's all you sport for now much more coming up later but for now it's back to you peter for a thanks very much and i want to come back on the other side of the break here on al-jazeera bring you
12:46 am
a live update on our top story the events taking place around the libyan u.n. recognized capital tripoli as masters forces close to the city the u.n. security council is just about to go into a special session with a live update out of tripoli and from the u.n. in new york i will see you very soon about. the official story is that there are no i'm sure we all still are you i don't care about the official story what has the media been telling join me now as he has an all out from time i guess from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here and i'll just say. the biggest democracy in
12:47 am
the world is going to the polls in an election process that will last for over a month and with over nine hundred million eligible to vote india is about to choose its new government how will the controversies of the citizenship bill announcing tensions with pakistan influence the vote. join us as we assess all phases of the election as india decides its path india votes twenty nineteen on al-jazeera. on counting the cost this week libya's wealth has pitted east against west we take a look at the war economy how a conflict with russian backed fighters has hurt ukraine's most important economic region of why international investors are betting on a bodhi with india's elections counting the cost on al-jazeera a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but as the poet structure that maintains
12:48 am
the call on a project that's what we diffuse it was one of the founders of the settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation this could mean nation injustice this is in the twenty first century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. the u.n. secretary general says he is deeply concerned after meeting the libyan warlord only for after his will but his troops to advance on the capital tripoli. a setback to the plans to advance on the city more than a hundred of his fighters have surrendered to the un backed government.
12:49 am
hello and welcome i'm peter double you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also ahead hundreds of thousands of protesters marched in algeria's capital algeria's demanding more changes after the president abdelaziz bouteflika resigned earlier this week. picking up the pace south koreans become the first in the world with nationwide five g. speed on their mobile telephone. we begin in libya where the latest diplomatic efforts to solve the military standoff between troops loyal to the warlord after the u.n. backed government seem to have made little progress the u.n. secretary general was in libya has concluded a meeting with after his troops are advancing towards the capital city short time ago and tunica terrorist tweeted this i leave libya with a heavy hearts and i'm deeply concerned i still hope it is possible to avoid
12:50 am
a bloody confrontation in and around tripoli the u.n. is committed to facilitating a political solution and whatever happens the un is committed to supporting the libyan people now earlier at least one hundred forty five fighters loyal to the warlords twenty four after surrendered to forces allied to the u.n. backed government in tripoli they were taken to the town of zawiya that's fifty kilometers west of the capital dozens of vehicles and weapons were also seized there are fears of renewed fighting in the libyan capital after half sort of move those forces from the east towards tripoli that took place earlier this week they've taken control of a town seventy kilometers from the capital. now libya has had two rival powers since twenty fourteen the un backed government is based in tripoli while the parliament in the eastern city of to broker supported by the warlords and for after and his he has backing from saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt he ordered his fighters to advance towards the capital this week and has
12:51 am
captured the tunnel got a gun on the way small units in. a known to be loyal to him dozens of his fighters have surrounded as we've been saying in zawiya forces in misrata sending their reinforcements to tripoli in a moment we'll speak to mike hanna who's at the united nations for us this but first let's go to market who is in tripoli mark what is there a sense there of it's not if but when this warlord does something military. well peter let me tell you first that as we speak a new front has been opened in the eastern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli forces from the city of kut who. have just pledged allegiance to help and they have tried to move towards the capital tripoli but they were faced by
12:52 am
forces from the city of misrata namely. source forces those are the forces allied with the you and back of the government of national accord and one element source forces a member of peta the are the forces that defeated eisel in that city twenty sixteen now around forty kilometers to the east from to paly in an area called me. that has witnessed a confrontations between the government forces and the government and the forces loyal to her to come and go from the city of now a government of national accord has given old orders to the air force to target any military convoy moving towards the capital tripoli on the other hand as you know peter one hundred forty five military individuals loyal to have to surrender
12:53 am
this morning and. there are. military vehicles were handed over to the government forces in the city of zawiya on the south of tripoli namely in an area called. in the outskirts of the city of again there are also clashes between the government forces and forces loyal to the world lord have to meanwhile forces from the city of misrata longside forces from tripoli. allied with the government are moving to join. as of tripoli peter thanks very much we'll talk to you later i'm sure let's take you live now to new york and the united nations headquarters building my colleague mike hanna on stand by there for us mike what can the diplomats there put together in the next few hours. well certainly those were some bow words coming from the secretary general who's in
12:54 am
libya saying that he's leaving libya with deep concern and a heavy heart well diplomats will be meeting within the next few hours in an emergency session of the security council this will be a closed session they will be discussing what measures to take all what can be done to try and alleviate this rising conflict within libya now i mentioned the secretary general because he's been playing a central role in what the u.n. had as a plan for libya and that is the creation of a national conference of reconciliation now that antonio the terrorists was in libya when this conflict broke out to help organize this national conference which was due to take place later this month since then of course he's been involved in a form of shuttle diplomacy moving from libya where he had talks of the prime minister to benghazi where he had talks with. and also driving up to to brook
12:55 am
where he had talks with. one of a backers so certainly the secretary general deeply involved in an attempt to try and reduce this level of conflict the security council in the course of today will be turning their attention to the subject discussing what they can do what the united nations as a whole can do to help restore some form of normality in divided libya but given what the top line on our coverage is mike you know what has been doing in the past four or five days a guess it would be fair to say that the optics in the run up to that conference have utterly changed now. indeed yes that conference as a blueprint now looking very shaky indeed it was always on a somewhat unsteady ground there is some speculation though within the united nations that have to his actions are directly linked to this conference that he is
12:56 am
taking action at the moment specifically while the secretary general is in libya to make quite clear that he wants to be part of the process basically putting up his hands and saying that any discussion about libya's future must involve me and i will use armed force to demonstrate how important i am to the process now that is perhaps an optimistic view that haftar is using military action as a form of getting diplomatic leverage in these talks that the u.n. was hoping to get underway later this month but clearly this upsurge in conflict a very real blow to this u.n. blueprint for a process that would lead to greater unification and eventually an electoral process involving the whole of libya the violence very much a setback peter for the moment mike thank you. we move on algeria media reporting that the intelligence chief. has been fired he's
12:57 am
a retired army general who's a close ally of the former president abdelaziz bouteflika bernard smith has the story. algeria's military might be disappointed if it was hoping that the resignation of president abilities beautifully would dampen enthusiasm and government protests hundreds of thousands of people are back on the streets nationwide for a seventh friday for them beautifully his resignation earlier this week is only a first gesture all of that here we demand change these gangs to go all of them including. that we cannot remain silent anymore where no longer afraid of you you have killed our children and started the whole nation. and we have seen nothing from day g m forty one years old and i can hardly make a living we are hoping for a better. moved to sideline beautifully his allies are continuing intelligence chief bashir ta-ta has been fired and earlier this week eight businessmen had their
12:58 am
passport seized as their investigated for corruption the state television showed a clearly frail eighty two year old beautifully handing in his resignation on choose day and i think what's happened now is that certain grad schools are being settled the result is that target is no out of office and that begins to remove some of the infrastructure of the boot of the eager regime but it will only be a beginning and whether it really lies a change in the institutions of a state or not that i doubt very much was the algeria is now in the hands of a caretaker government but the protesters have made it clear they won't accept a new president from the prove well that's the nickname for the entrenched veterans of the civil war and business tycoons. the one in every four argyria and under the age of thirty as unemployed the economy is dependent on oil and gas beautifully his attempt to stand for
12:59 am
a fifth term as president what frustration at the status quo to a had now those elections will be in three months time i was so far no obvious successor has emerged bernard smyth al-jazeera. let's just show the latest live pictures coming to us of the algerian capital algeria's there are reports that there are tens of thousands of people out on the streets right now we cannot confirm that independently some are going to say tens of thousands what you can see there is a big grouping of lots and lots of people they clearly want to carry through on this central core demands which is a trickle down of regime change from the right top to the very bottom despite the political events we'll go back to events in algeria in just a moment but let's just take you first to a news conference taking place right now there is the u.n. secretary general spokesman talking about libya let's have a listen in meeting in libya with a deep concern and
1:00 am
a heavy heart quote i still hope it will be possible to avoid a bloody confrontation in and around tripoli he added and he said the u.n. will remain committed as weird as he were to secretary general just supporting the libyan people yesterday afternoon the secretary general visited a detention center in tripoli after meeting with families he said he was deeply shocked unmoved by the suffering and despair he saw in the center where migrants and refugees are in detentions for unlimited amount of time and without any hope of regaining their lives the secretary general is now on his way to amman where he will speak at the world economic forum tomorrow morning and then visit a camp run by the un relief and works agency for palestine otherwise known as fact there he will be meeting with students a visiting a school. and we will send you updates from there as we get them and we expect the secretary general back in new york on sunday night and also on libya the sefton in
1:01 am
the security council will hold close consultations on that country and will be briefed by hasan salaam a who is the secretary general's special representative there turning.


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