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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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more incentive for people and those companies to try and find a way to work around the u.s. financial system for yemen now where cholera is surging the number of suspected cases has doubled in the past month the u.n. fears that a mix of warm weather and seasonal rains will make things even worse as haughty on reports this is one of yemen's main hospitals and it's for cholera cases are spreading fast bringing an influx of old and young. here to be ready if i brought my sick son to the hospital they prescribe medicine but it's not available in the hospital we have to go looking for it outside in pharmacies. yemen has endured a series of cholera outbreaks since the beginning of the saudi u.a.e. led war four years ago last year doctors managed to contain the outbreaks but last month more than seventy six thousand new suspected cholera cases were registered the u.n. fears a latest outbreak could be as bad as the one in two thousand and seventeen which
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killed more than three thousand people. and that this hospital is considered a main health center the number of cases we've dealt with add up to about one thousand about forty percent have tested positive for cholera it's a crisis for the local government of types. yeah most families in yemen can't afford to get sick prices are high and treatment is limited and most definitely death at the end the hospital that doesn't offer the tests that we need some of them cost anywhere from seven to fifteen dollars outside the hospital and i don't have enough money we don't even have enough money to pay for the transportation to get here how can i pay this. cholera is spread primarily through polluted food and water the war has damaged the country's infrastructure making conditions ripe for contamination. these patients are fighting for their lives it's unlikely the disease will be brought under control until the war ends and rebuilding begins
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katia locus of the young al-jazeera. but for most of the head on the bulletin. right now there's a lot of negativity towards the president. business for on the borderline the consent of the donald trump's threat to close the mexican border and the glorified state mascot things while stacks me protection. how i once again we've still got some rather lively showers moving across parts of the middle east that does mean that we are going to see further flooding concerns into that western side of iran a lot of clouds still showing up here it's making its way across iraq so there will be some wet weather around as we go on through saturday those showers sliding over
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towards the caspian sea of the area a cloud just rolls into wars the events we'll see some time weather from time to time just pushing across syria lebanon jordan more than pass' serious seeing the heaviest of the rainfall and hopeful by the time we come to sunday will turn somewhat draw into that western side of iran the cloud makes its way down across the gulf is still in with the possibility of a few spots of right in this region too i think that we find in july and the temperatures they are starting to ramp up thirty one celsius on saturday similar values you go on into sunday a possibility of the all spots of bright nothing much to speak of is then that of the last may more than just the i suppose of writing soon eastern parts of south africa has had some really big downpours here recently said some live showers just around the coastal fringes they move out of the way as we go on through sunday want to two of them coming in behind make fun and try with some showers there the still intense and.
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an ancient land and one man's dream to transport billions from europe and fly them over his beloved country. in a nation reeling from decades of violence. can an international team of pilots get this man's dream off the ground. over babylon on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories the u.n.
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security council has told libyan border collie for half the atoms full service to stop their advance on the capital tripoli secretary general antonio protests has met both the u.n. recognize government and howto to try and deescalate the situation hundreds of thousands of algerians have rallied in the capital for the seven week they demanded more changes despite the resignation of longtime president top allows exe beautifully and demonstrators in mali have to run of the president's resignation for faked curb ethnic why that's the project was triggered by the killing of one hundred sixty villages from the ethnic group. to the u.s. now with a democrat controlled lower house of congress is sowing the government over donald trump's emergency declaration to get funds for has proposed a border war with mexico the lawsuit says he acted unconstitutionally the president has visited the southern border and says the country is full trump was there to inspect a section of refer bisht fencing. the system is full can't take it any more
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whether it's asylum whether it's anything you want it illegal immigration can't take anymore we can't take you our country is full. our area is full the sectors full can't take any more i'm sorry can't have it so turn around that's the way it is. in mexico a banya wanted to do more to end what he calls the flow of people and drugs and to the us he has threatened to close the border which is making some business on his nervous cost of reports from the city of el paso in texas. everything made in this metal parts factory in el paso texas is destined for mexico mexican workers just over the border will turn them into sprinklers medical devices and remote controls and the finished products will cross back to the u.s. to be sold to american consumers they don't understand how much we rely on mexico
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and how much mexico relies on os we are partners. we have to look at it that way factory owner matt keith says if president trump shuts down the border his machines will stop and some workers may be laid off he says it would be unfair for his business and workers to pay the price for an immigration problem they did not create now he's doubting whether he'll continue to support trump right now there's a lot of negativity towards the president and unfortunately. he should have brought that on to your shelves mexico is the third largest trading partner of the united states last year more than six hundred billion dollars of goods moved between the two countries aboard trucks and trades a border quotas or even just a few days would be significant losses for u.s. auto industry and mean rising prices in american grocery stores then there's the
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personal cost to families split by the border gerri ramos his father was deported to mexico now the son crosses the border daily bringing his father toys to sell in juarez if the borders were to close and that means they would be taking the bread out of his mouth juarez in a paso call each other sister cities the two dependent on each other for economic survival and now they are also united by the shared uncertainty of what will come next heidi joe castro al-jazeera el paso texas venezuela's opposition data is continuing to mobilize his supporters against president nicolas level on wide though has called for nationwide anti-government protests on saturday it faces a rest for declaring himself and term president. thank you even so it's a very difficult transition for every been as wyland very hard what we have right
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now is a dictatorship a ministers crime kidnapping robbery power outage hunger corruption we know that now it's the decision of everything as wilen to do what we can do to change for good after country. european council president all to ask us for posing a flexible twelve month delay to breaks it the u.k. prime minister has off the e.u. for a three month extension to the end of june but any delay must be agreed to by all a year later as at a summit in brussels next week emma haywood has more with just a week to go until britain's already delayed departure date from the e.u. the u.k.'s prime minister unable to get a deal through parliament wants to delay brix it yet again writing to the e.u. calling for an extension until the end of june none of our economy is growing fast
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enough to guarantee that a no deal scenario wouldn't push us into recession so it's a bad outcome all round and i think the french understand that i think germs understand that and you know what we are looking for. just to avoid a long extension the e.u. itself wants to avoid the u.k. crashing out with no deal it also doesn't want a series of short delay so the idea of a longer extension possibly a year is being talked about in brussels but that would have to be approved by all the e.u. leaders at an emergency summit next week so the question will be has the prime minister got sufficient detail and sufficient. can you give your opinion is sufficient assurances that june thirtieth is a sensible day and has a plan of how to get there and will the e.u. think actually will be into play for domestic issues that the european parliament elections is that a sensible date for them and that will be the big question over the next week or so . and an extension could see britain having to field candidates but the
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parliamentary elections in may which will be unpalatable to many of those who voted to leave. to reason may is still trying to win support from both sides of the political divide she's still coming under attack from some within her own party and talks with the opposition are challenging we all want to break this deadlock we want the talks to continue but compromise does require change writing on twitter the arch euro skeptic conservative m.p. jacob groat if a long extension leaves the stuck in the e.u. we should be as difficult as possible we could veto any increase in the budget obstruct the putative e.u. army and block missed him across integration is schemes and her letter to donald tusk to raise a may makes it clear that the current political impasse simply can't go on the public's faith in politics is being damaged and she acknowledges the e.u.'s desire
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to move on from brick sets. britain could soon be out of the e.u. decision making process there's still no clue as to when that will actually happen emma who would westminster now germany has asked the e.u. to find a safe port for a migrant rescue ship that is stranded in the mediterranean sea sixty four migrants were rescued off the libyan coast on wednesday by the german charity c.i. but the ship was refused entry into malta and italy. a court in morocco has upheld a ruling against the leaders of mass demonstrations which took place and twenty sixteen forty two activists from the. protest movement were sentenced to up to twenty years in prison the government accuses them of straitened demonstrations in the northern region the unrest was sparked by the death of a fisherman but later turned into protests against the government now saudi arabia
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is reported to have detained eight people including two dual u.s. saudi citizens a new round of activist arrests the associated press and reuters news agency said that the jewel citizens are related to use if a woman who's on trial for campaigning for women's rights. sunday marks twenty five years since the rwanda genocide when at least eight hundred thousand people were killed in one hundred days the french president appointed a panel of experts to investigate his country's actions at the time and also met a survivors' group in powers relations between france and rwanda have been strained since the one thousand nine hundred four killings the reports from paris. at the lease a palace the french president met today the survivors of the nine hundred ninety four rwandan genocide france's relationship with rwanda has been strained for
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twenty five years of regulations by kigali that france was complicit in the massacre now emanuel markhor says it's time for the truth he's appointed a commission to investigate france's role at the time and announced more resources to track down genocide suspects who fled to france marcel could banda who lost family in the genocide welcomes michael's initiative at present but. it's important for people in france rwanda for survivors and humanity to know what happened it's a step in the right direction because the narrative is no longer that there is nothing to say but that there is something to say. the killings were on a monstrous scale militias armed by the hutu majority killed eight hundred thousand people mainly from rwanda's tutsi minority at the time the french government was an ally of the hutu leadership during the massacre the french military set up what was supposed to be a safe zone but some say they did little to stop the killing for
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a quarter of a century french leaders are being guarded and secretive over france's role in the genocide in twenty ten former president nicolas sarkozy admitted france made some errors but he stopped there about all my core wants relations between paris and could go only to improve but he knows that for that to happen france must face its past one president paul kagame a has rarely had patience for french politicians but last year in paris he praised mackerels approach but not everyone is convinced that things will change this historian curated an exhibition on the genocide at paris's show memorial she questions what will come out of macro's commission mccance even in these two and a pleasure exclusive not my fear is it will be history written from an exclusively french point of view we know a lot about france's role alongside. it is criminal regime but the facts are nothing that could be much more emphasis on sarkozy's comments about ira's it could be seen as an act of courage if we could probably face one of the darkest chapters
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in france is history the commission's research will be revealed in two years if it finds that france played a role in the genocide it may anger those who believe the past shouldn't tanishq france's image today but it could also send a message to kigali that paris is ready for honest reconciliation. al-jazeera paris a finalist bulletin a generation ago thousands of royal stags wrongs the kashmir valley but now the species is close to extinction fewer than two hundred a left in the wild after decades of conflict poaching and poor management but as smith reports it's never been harder to spot one of these animals in the kashmir valley government census takers accounting how many royal stock also known as hangal left here there were just two hundred seventeen after the last tally three years ago or
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the years while population has declined one of the reasons one of the main reason has been the grazing pressure nor mads from the different parts of the present parts of a very big government occupy the main agrees england's. very old handle used to give the world to the fans has also played a role in the decline in the population of the hong was. the stock graze on land used by the military in india not administered kashmir barbed wire and decades of patrolling soldiers have disrupted the stags breeding pattern. the nomads say they too have been affected by conflict and have been forced to give up grazing land it's. needed or not for the damo started here in ninety nine days the indian security agencies closed our traditional route and pastures so they're not holders had to look for ordinary. the census team take samples of stock droppings these will be tested for viruses and parasites and help estimate how many stock i left.
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seventy years ago three to four thousand stag roamed here probably bigger dition is taking place here but i would have fragmentation is taking place but human population who would have addition has mood very much closer to the white areas and that definitely is one of the factors the hangal is the only surviving relative of the european red deer on the indian subcontinent the government has provided funding for a breeding center that should be operational by the end of the year but it will take intensive efforts to bring the royal stag off the list of critically endangered species bernard smith al-jazeera. and again as a product of the headlines on al-jazeera the un security council has told libyan war and his forces to stop their advance from the capital tripoli secretary-general
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antonio terrace has met both the un recognized government and half there to try to deescalate the situation or the security council fears that the fighting will threaten talks to rebuild libya's fractured political system. we are very concerned that the events over the last two or three days in libya specifically the military activity was. towards tripoli and we are very clear today in calling for. to withdraw to previously held positions and to cease military activity there is no military solution in libya and we need to see everybody getting back into the political process besides. buy gas and sell our interest you don't know. hundreds of thousands of algerians have rallied in the caption for the seventh week they are demanding more changes despite the resignation of longtime president of the lousy with the flicka the country's intelligence chief who was a close ally of with a flick of was reportedly fired on friday demonstrators in mali have demanded the
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president's resignation for failing to curb ethnic violence the protests was triggered by the killing of one hundred sixty villages from the ethnic group. the u.s. state department is expected to name a ransom revolutionary guard a foreign terrorist organization it would be the first time washington designates another country's military as a terrorist group. cholera is surging in yemen with the number of suspected cases doubling in the past month at least three hundred people have died and more than seventy thousand cases have been recorded the u.n. face of the outbreak could be as bad as twenty seventeen when more than three thousand people died the democrat controlled lower house of the u.s. congress is suing president donald trump's administration over has emergency declaration to get funds for his proposed wall along the mexico border but also says the president acted unconstitutionally trump has visited the southern border and says that the country is full. well those are the headlines on al-jazeera
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radicalised prejudice and pride in hungary is coming up next. benjamin netanyahu is fighting for a fifth term as prime minister of israel using his friendship with donald trump fears over security and race but he faces corruption charges and a trio of former army chiefs trying to gather to unseat an opponent's sense of chance in the upcoming israeli elections get the latest on al-jazeera. over the. if you want to learn what the world might look like very soon regard hungry and hungry as in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through.
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the italian think a judge or a government that said that fascism never really went away. after that i was asked of us and it was our boiler economics mock up of us some as a soft us. delegates are those who share also what you get out of we are some dumb as a positive mentalities going over the. last saw you saw some cases ok soon case i thought it. was a lever forgive me can. i say that back in july for after all. i
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just said i would welcome back at you or want to talk we are going to walk not if you do is there some on the one below mt us on the sabbath the difference that would make. a gentleman like you but you know what you are like your face. she adores going to. them with chocolate. on the other lunch. well supported me in the film that i. got to talk with your front on the show you where you got much to do around clown the hot that of the show caught an arc effective and i'm lou neck and i'm lou have. near. enough to say you have to. make me down the most of the gaza. and the highwayman as i would say the second most significant far right organization of hungary many members of the of the
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organisation used to be members of of the police and of the army so there are members who are really trained. people are just. ok so. what are those on the table. license number give you shake them on the shaft going to tell me then i'm just going on with as much as i did really out on the whole key to longevity not. experts assuming that it could be a few hundred men who were part of the organization maximum probably a thousand people and the organisation of was formed by the last will total who is one of the most significant figures of the hunger and far right. model of santa clause i don't think good ashleigh come on board that much that what you mean they
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could do them out a lot look at do it at the top of our to it what i've got to get us through it because it was all settled by god the some people biathlete me all that good number of them because you had no idea what side of value was fun but we all just need to get a dish along and the best out and show my daughter that i could be the. only hungry there's one guy i can trust and he's lost a little bit sky. i can say there is a fourth is war against my dreams. nowadays you can say whatever you want to accept if you're heterosexual if you're white and differ appreciation.
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for your own fame i don't i say he's going to have to work it should be something you can just you connect them. probably my idea. and your plan as a number of well you know hot sauce hates has contacted the author and. i think the . scandal is going to keep him. on the input if you go you. know. as. long as i was gone and yet i'm not sure if you want to send them to me and in the end in the end suck the better for them anyway you and me and some way to be cautious when they haven't. told yet we sent them the report they will. begin as from now on.
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them when you know. and. i believe. they can you believe me yeah sure. you are twenty five but you're fifty when your country. seems mass immigration story we had. a bunch of clashes between the cultures and the problems that the culture that you know i should say jim brady is is not comfortable with european culture.
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will fall out of the ocean and a lot of. good that goes. well you got there will be glad. he's out of us. now that's a yet if you thought. the . was. such a dramatic contrast to monday now the police instead of letting people on board the crimes stopping them from getting access to the station. was.
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going to get only going to see lots of court and be allowed to give a damn. about when i don't wish might just think it was a feeling of you know. i think i got to what i. always seemed any doubt my cousin john b.'s at a meet and you have games i'll talk to one all of the. last adult duck confit on. the skittles. to buy a bottle and i don't want that on the table. and shocking us that don has not watched one on this up. as a traditional suspicion of ethnic minorities that was the basis of official i'm getting bored tix. for a one hundred fourteen yes no. the fear of being swamped
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by foreign congress which is owed feeling you know country is. especially in eastern europe as you know you know memories attach a patient all that kind of thing now of course is transmogrified into a myth because of course nobody is threatening hungary we don't have immigrants at all zero immigration but this is the one topic one political topic anybody and everybody is discussing. i'm i'm home. because there are no refugees and migrants currently in hungary because they not in the country be torben had to kind of invent a new enemy in this new enemy became dirt. they
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spread the message that they're taught us wants to bring refugees and migrants to europe in order to destroy the continent to destroy a nation state to destroy the kind of the christian traditional cause for a few of. mr shadows she is a very handy symbol because of course he was supporting human rights groups free higher education and such causes that are hated anyway. but it's a very easy to explain them all from from an ism to human rights from modern capitalism to its opposite to modern socialism by the figure of the demonic elusive inexplicable jew. but also there's a joke like. that before ashley effort. to draw on me for the aggression mr chester crouton as i did as a that was
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a little want. to look at you and. in addition to that that's because they have been. so casual no butting into them bad man. it was all on he drug problem young sonny don't want to look at the shroom politically. nazionale is my son but off the other side of. a family that left school my uncle mike was a shot he fired he wanted to. kill me or just was accustomed. to go us cars are going to do what. he wants with the south africa and the settlers because she says i'm with you because it's that we can all you have to quit. is. an old one that has none of that like i'm bad not one
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of us oh. so john mushing. ha ha given shit i ashamed i should like young unborn yashmak or washing down all of you man you no doubt each of them being out in the. really hard to. receive the truth we goes a lot of times you just don't know where to search for specific information. you just. need to see the lies or force things. i trust my friends i trust my family are just there front of i really don't trust strangers.


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