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she ended up rightly or wrongly. intentionally or unintentionally helping the hutus escape at a crucial phase of towards the end and then of course the french also they are they were backing the government and they were it would seem well nicholas sarkozy in twenty ten said that they were ready they didn't recognize they weren't aware of the enormity of what was happening so this is controversial there is no diplomatic relations between france and wanda. crone has announced a two year investigation by investigators but i could demick such early on the intelligence files the all the political files military files to look at whether france was in any way to blame for some aspects of what happened there is going to be we expect some reaction from gummi home on that particular issue and her many thanks at her summons that live in rwanda's capital kigali.
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weather updates next here on al-jazeera but still to come. on foreign free in bangkok to bali indonesia to get blanked out children who grow up here face an uncertain future but one school is trying to change that. alice knows stopped in spite nandy that cloud which is indicating cowell has been stirring will bring snow to switzerland was rain to the east significant rain has been some flooding in greece most recent reports not been reason mom or us but all the clouds moving on nasa the rays each somewhat in turkey not last at the end of it because the star mentioned this instance in sorts and in particular is in the southern slopes the outer anyway you can see that's the white for sunday and as
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that so to disintegrate is appears to something showing itself in this western ball with the mediterranean which i think will eventually produce yet more significant rain over the currently briefly flooded areas of greece so it's a pretty wet weekend start of the week for this part of europe and of course the consequence of what's happening usually spreads just across the water into our geria or tunisia it's algeria's to today so rather wet time if you're on the north coast including the capital of algeria that sunday's forecast is fine germans been to the east only ninety twenty more along the coast of libya and notice however just hang on algeria's a better day on monday twenty degrees here but the same as robots to the recent thunderstorms for down in new york short a rare event and there are more in the forecast. the weather sponsored by cancer is. thousands of people have been killed raped or mutilated in south sudan's civil
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a un report says government forces and other militia are financing the conflict with money from the country's oil industry you will never allow that break in south sudan and we will never tolerate this south sudan's oil minister talks to want to see her. hello again this is how serious for much of the main news this hour the head of libya's un backed government is far from normal play for after us forces have started a military offensive aimed at capturing the capital tripoli on saturday after us
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military seized control of tripoli's international airport to start disuse his forces were later pushed back by pro-government fighters. at least five protesters have been killed in sudan during what appears to be the biggest demonstration against president obama al bashir is thirty year rule on saturday thousands of people gathered around the army headquarters in the capital khartoum staging a sit in that went all through the night and commemorations have begun it will land it's about twenty five years since the start of a genocide that killed eight hundred thousand people several african leaders are attending the services being led by president paul the. marks the start of one hundred days of national. venezuela's president to the man trying to force him from power have held further rival rallies in caracas nicolas maduro. blamed each other for the electricity is playing in the country in a moment we'll hear from john who is with the president supporters but first his
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latin america editor lucien newman who was among the opposition crowds. this is what opponents of nicolas maduro call the first stage of what they've labeled operation liberty in actual fact it's an attempt to gauge just how successfully they can continue to bring supporters out onto the streets not just here but throughout the news raila. they want to show that they have not grown tired or afraid despite increased threats from armed paramilitary groups loyal to the government to fire tear gas and he didn't bullets at protesters but but this if it is says she's not afraid. but you know is incompetent he talks about socialism but he lives like a millionaire like an imperialist but we haven't had any water in my neighborhood for more than a year. and. opposition leader apologized for the improvised stage and the poor sound quality he said intelligence police
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operatives have confiscated four generators and two trucks for the rally and arrested the drivers are going to run in like they have. it's just not water and electricity that we are demanding no we are here to demand freedom and democracy food education and a future and nothing until we achieve it. but nearly three months into this standoff is on the offensive tuesday the supreme court which is no oil to the government stripped of his legislative immunity which means he can be arrested at any moment despite warnings of retaliation from the united states the sign reads the next exit is meta flotus me to follow this is the presidential palace but it is wishful thinking if these people. that president nicolas maduro is going anywhere anytime soon and so the real task of the opposition leaders now is to try to keep these people out on the streets for the long haul. the large
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demonstration in caracas was peaceful but in the northern city of by a riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters why the admitted that more sacrifices are needed. but his most sobering message was directed at those who are calling for u.s. military intervention. why though says it's up to the nice wayland's to lead the charge for regime change a clear reference to the trumpet ministrations recent admission that military action is not in the cards for now. see in human and just see them back us. president nicolas maduro put out the call to supporters and they heeded that pool thousands of them taking to the streets of central correctness to show that them back to president still enjoys a lot of support amongst the people men and women young and old we've gathered here to show that not only they supports president nicolas maduro but they are them and
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three opposed to the u.s. sanctions imposed against one israeli let's speak to a couple of them house the first why why are you here today but. i must be we are a the i will need to stand with precedent. and the socialist i want to show until the very end we want to make. at their duplass and move the ball that's one of the fears obviously one of the things that the u.s. has been banking on is not the continuous power shortages and water cuts would make people turn against the president's charm or to ask this gentleman here with these we're told shortages i'm electricity cuts doesn't know made you lose faith in the government not to them and they put it as absolutely not we know destructive acts are meant to break us but we will resist we need achieve southam powermat we know the peril is a reality so we must resistance. thank you now aside from showing their support to
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nicolas maduro the subtle message that is also expressed by the people gathered these large crowds here in caracas is that they want to support their revolution they believe that's the foreign intervention as they've described that particular from the united states is an attempt to defeat the socialist revolution here and they say that they are against any foreign intervention that they are in support of the president and that they are here to defend the revolution. police in new york have arrested a man for threatening to kill a muslim democratic congresswoman ellen patrick collinear jr faces up to ten years in prison if convicted prosecutors say he called office in march and threatened to shoot her then left his contact details and anya's in custody after appearing in court greece is trying to offer education to young refugees on the edge and islands but actually getting children into class is proving difficult local say already
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thin resources are being stretched too far and refugee parents are wary about greek schools chancellor aplus reports from some us. muddy is a fifteen year old afghan who dreams of becoming a civil engineer he missed a year of school while his family made its way from iran to greece something he can ill afford if he has to and to university now he has enrolled in a high school on summers but some local parents don't want refugees like mingling with their children one reason appears to be that refugees live in squalor four thousand of them a packed in and around a camp meant for six hundred fifty is lucky to live in a mobile home for most there is no proper sewage no electricity and no washing facilities we try to have the same life as we have the past but it's. this is our situations don't we can't do anything is the canvas. and the game is
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very lives we don't. and we can't do anything many refugees opt for informal education offered by private charities that also gives them a break from the difficulties of camp life formal education for refugees and asylum seekers is a recent development here or there. when a representative from the great center for disease control came to talk to parents he said we're looking at a public health timebomb to shop basically vaccinated they get a single shot for measles mumps and rubella that doesn't mean it's going moment requirements refugees who arrive on the aegean islands are kept here for much of their asylum process in case they have to be deported back to neighboring turkey so they've been seen by many as a temporary population when the government offered education to asylum seekers and twenty sixteen refugees living on the islands were left out but the asylum process is so slow they are now stuck here for years last september the government extended
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education to island refugees about thirty haven't rolled so far here on but as many as a thousand are eligible that's equal to two thirds of the local greek school population many of the people of some most and other reste adjourned islands consider that an unfair burden on the school system some of. us have shouldered all the refugee burden for europe's sake we've been left to our fate and people are worn out we don't have a problem with refugees we've got a problem with those who are responsible for the situation. greece and especially the islands of the eastern jian actors europe's buffer against irregular migration from turkey most seem resigned to that fate but here at the border they want to europe to do a better job of demonstrating its humanitarian values jumpstart ople us al jazeera some of us iran is blaming us sanctions for slowing down aid efforts in places hit by flash flooding but the trumpet ministration says that iran's government is at
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fault for mismanaging its emergency response priyanka go to reports. the floodwaters are rising and there are signs of more rain to come iran's government has ordered the evacuation of six cities in southern cause a stern province out of us said we have moved our belongings to the rooftops we have no choice we are surrounded by water and soon we are going to have to leave. it's a tough side to bear a life's worth of belongings destroyed but the immediate danger comes from the rising waters along with how can i take my family away from here even if i want to for almost three weeks heavy rain and flash floods have battered most of iran's thirty one provinces about nine hundred cities and villages are affected in lauriston province alone entire neighborhoods have been washed away families are taking refuge in emergency shelters thousands of kilometers of roads and farmland
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are damaged in the bad the but now we have to make a choice between bad and worse not between good and bad but choosing bad we have to pay a costume and the people are paying that cost us aid workers are struggling to reach at least three hundred fifty villages that are completely cut off iran's red crescent society the lead agency in the rescue efforts it's confronting yet another challenge in reaching those in need u.s. sanctions u.s. president donald trump renewed all sanctions and imposed new ones against iran last year accusing their on off not complying with the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal his government has withdrawn from that agreement signed implied that the transferring of the money to the iranian accustomed society is our current so none of our or our foreign currency is not working now because of the situation on the ground there are many montanus there are growth that are washed totally so we have
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to use our helicopters you can imagine how the relief operation john be invaded by it. spare parts of four helicopters u.s. secretary of state mike compare has dismissed the allegations and blames the government for the damage caused by the floods the european union u.n. agencies france and germany meanwhile have announced more funding and relief supplies for those affected priyanka gupta al-jazeera. google shut down the ethics body that it set up to review its work in artificial intelligence less than two weeks after it was formed concerns of that raised about some of the bodies appointees a petition was launched against one member about her allegedly homophobic and climate change denying views the council was supposed to look at the ethics surrounding a machine learning and facial recognition. the mountain of rubbish and his biggest. about. waste because
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a living extreme poverty makes it difficult for many families to imagine a different future for the children one school is trying to change that. every day hundreds of rubbish trucks make their way to. indonesia's biggest landfill all kinds of trash. just forty kilometers from the indonesian capital. scavenging is a twenty. and often involved one generation. school four years ago. with his father. asked him whether he would return to school if given a chance. it's me. here he says many of his friends position.
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it's a hand to mouth existence. of a different. not far from the land is an informal school run by. that is helping to fulfil that. ray says parents are not to waste because but she grew up here and knows what it's like to suffer what many would consider the stigma of being from the area. then left and. that seems to have been by the kids. and advise us not to give up hope even though we pick rubbish we have to keep going to school. it's
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a message the government is also part of a program. we have reached hundreds of families we help pregnant women children we also have family development sessions we meet the parents and we make them aware of how important it is for their kids to have an education. these initiated to fill a gap. they may not be enough to keep every child at school but they're a start florence. outside jakarta indonesia. it is good to have you with us hello adrian from going to here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the head of libya's u.n. backed government vowed to confront. afghans forces started a military offensive aimed at capturing the capital tripoli. military had seized
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control of tripoli's international airport now and disuse its forces were later pushed back by pro-government fighters. we reiterate our call to all libyans throughout the country east to west north to south to the necessity of giving priority to the interests of the country unifying the ranks and working together to lift libya out of this crisis i say to the international community that it should not equate to between the aggressor and those who defend themselves or between those who seek the militarization of the state and those committed to a democratic civilian country thousands of anti-government protesters are defying a curfew called by sudan's army in the capital khartoum to continue demonstrations that began on saturday at least five people have been killed in fighting with security forces. commemorations have begun in rwanda as it marks twenty five years since the start of a genocide that killed eight hundred thousand people several african leaders are
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attending the services which are being led by president paul gummy and are simmons has more from could gali in center here where there will be a remembrance gathering there will be speeches but this very moment heads of state other dignitaries are all gathered at the memorial site just a short distance distance from here in which two hundred fifty thousand victims of the genocide are buried their names are in plates around this area and the dignitaries have laid wreaths in uncertain going to break lay wreaths in certain positions there will be a ceremonial lighting of the remembrance talk the flames that will burn for a hundred day john is his first democratically elected president says that he's stepping aside after nearly five years to make way for a younger leader ninety two year old a.g.
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to subsea is also worse as parties of a come into divisions now talk to al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current events that matter to you al-jazeera. see. since december twenty fifth a bloody civil war has ravaged the only independent nation of south sudan on one side troops and militia backing the president salva kiir on the other those supporting his deputy and rival reoccur shark the fighting has caused massive upheaval. all in all hundreds of thousands of been killed raped and mutilated millions forced to leave their homes many of them fleeing to neighboring countries
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a peace deal has been signed but the situation is far from settled clear however is that atrocities of been committed by both sides essential question now how did the government troops and the militia manage to continue the fighting after all it's expensive to fight wars. the key is the country's number one source of income oil. the united nations human rights report in february said the oil industry is fueling the war the un report says quote the state owned oil companies operation have been characterized by a lack of transparency and independent oversight allegedly diverting oil revenues into the coffers of elites in the government the report goes on to say revenues and income from other natural resources have continued to fund the war enabling its continuation and the resulting human rights violations the country's oil sector is supervised by the oil minister got coolth and today for the first time since the un human rights report talks to al jazeera. which is
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a kilo get coolth thank you very much for talking to us and thank you very much for having me let's start with the rule off the oil industry incepted on can you tell me how significant it is for the country. well the republic of south sudan became independence in two thousand and eleven. and we took from sudan of course and we took seventy five percent of the oil from sudan and that ninety percent of the budget of the republic of south sudan is from oil so significantly the role that the oil is playing in the republic of south sudan is very very significant. and the data suggest that sixty percent of your g.d.p. is coming from oil how do you think you are going to going forward we've had some tumultuous years in the oil industry are you planning to diversify your economy or further consolidate the role of oil in your economy. our focus is
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number one we need to increase the production because before the crisis in twenty thirty we were producing three hundred fifty thousand barrels a day but currently we are producing hundred eighty thousand barrels a day so we want to go back to where we used to be that's one number two blocks that has been dormant for the last five years we had as you mean the production there in block one two and four we have resumed the production number three our focus is to make sure that the new blocks. be one and b two and then a one to a six we want to have new players because the players that we are having in south sudan we have seen p.c. of butternuts of malaysia or d.c. of india these are the players and the now but which is the national oil company so we want to move quickly. to make sure that we resume the production increase the production that's want to we need to diversify we have
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a lot of resources so also don is blessed with a lot of resources our goal culture is one of the longest river in the world now. is one we have a lot of fish we have a lot of eco tourism secular part of the of the diversity that we can utilize to diversify our economy well those are the really great ambitions but would you agree that the benefits of the oil revenues of south sudan haven't really been able to translate into growth for the people of south sudan you mean for instance south sudan ranks one hundred seventy eight out of one hundred eighty countries in the corruption index so clearly there is more that needs to be done are you cognizant. no the fact and what are you doing about well corruption is everywhere in the world even here in. corruption is the most important thing is what are you doing about it the president is secular having a policy which is zero tolerance on corruptions anybody who is found to be corrupt that person will
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a killer face justice and this is what we have been doing of course in twenty thirty and we have a crisis in the country and this is a killer setback to the country into the people of south sudan but thank god we managed to fix it because the president is a killer for peace he has been championing this peace for many many years and now we have an agreement signed last year in twenty eighteen and this agreement. we have decided to champion peace and implement the peace agreement so now the focus is now this we have peace who will now move forward to build this country and also to provide social services for the people of south sudan but do you agree that so far it hasn't happened well we have been trying it has not to happen in a way that we wanted to have it because of the crisis in the country but we wanted to make sure that we wanted to do better than what we are doing now so oil sector is crucial to this ambition to provide for the people of south sudan let's talk about the oil sector in itself who are the players and how does the oil ministry operate because there is as you mentioned there is
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a lot of investment that is coming in for from foreign investors who obviously want to make money for themselves rather than people of south sudan well in the exploration production sharing agreement is very clearly articulated to who should get what as we speak now we have seen p.c. from china. we have. malaysia we have also and you see from india clearly it is stated that oil will be divided into profit oil and cost oil the cost of oil is go for the person of the project our production will go for cost or you are sixty percent profit oil that will be shared by the partners and also by the government government of the republic of south sudan well to. eighty percent of it so and this eighty percent of it this is what we will use to provide services to the people of the loss of that nobody is being cheated and we are very happy with the partnership that we have been having with the. p.c. and all the partners your website or your company says that you your ministry has
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a supervisory role in all dealings in the country whether it's local companies or foreign companies can you describe to us what that supervisory role entails and what do you do to make sure that the laws of south sudan are implemented and letter and spirit well one thing that we are doing is to make sure that the environment is protected in the country all the oil companies that are operating in the republic of south sudan must abide by the rules and regulation of the environment so environment is one of the area we will not compromise on one is the local content the local people might benefit from the oil by providing services community development fund is the belief schools to build clinics and also on culture and what clean drinking water and that that has been happening in the republic of south sudan and this is what we are doing also to make sure that even the contracts that are being awarded out so sudanese are in the center of this extremely serious allegations have been leveled by the un human rights commission in south sudan and
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against their revenue of oil being used by various militias to carry out crying switch amount here in this crime and will go into details of those crimes are you aware and what is your reaction to that report well the enemies of peace. categorizing us this way. people are actually saying the oil money is being used to fuel this war i have been in the ministry of petroleum. since two thousand and sixteen. and i can assure you there is no single dollar that has been used to buy arms in the ministry and even in the country the focus of the president of the republic of south sudan has been to bring peace because he knows very well that you will never never bring any sustainable development with peace or will continue to create problems to the country and he will continue to create
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miseries to the people of south sudan the focus is peace peace peace we are not investing in war and will not invest at all in war accusations that have been leveled against these militias of the kind of crimes that they're committing it's it's rape it's there they're burning people inside their homes when they're alive and these militias are supposedly being funded by someone and this actually this report cites a paper trail which links companies like nile pet to be behind these behind the with the operations and funding that you said that there is not a dollar that is being spent by the oil ministry but it's not directly the oil ministry it's people who are related to the oil ministry who are spending that money has not been financing and they had to vicki's that is related to violence in the country i can i kill it tell you this because i know that it is and i know what they are receiving in terms of of money whether it is from the consortium where they are having five percent of this year's there or from downstream providing fuel
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to the country i'm not saying that there are no crimes being committed in the country and that's why the president has constituted a panel to investigate all those who are killing committing atrocities and some of them have been sentenced to death and they are regular be prosecuted and that's why it is that you're very important to note that the president will not tolerate any criminal activities whether you are in the army or you are in. the police or you are in the national security he has been so far in fighting those who are committing atrocities but that is a different between individual crimes in the uniform and i kill a crime being committed by the state that are individuals who are kill or committing crimes and they are in the service and when they are discovered the articulate so earlier only any people from the oil sector there are who are being investigated right now no i'm not aware of any other so let me cite this u.n. report to you at the end let me quote this is the state owned nile oil company's
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operations have been characterized by a total lack of transparency and independent oversight and it's diverting oil revenues into the coffers of elite in the government who are behind the funding of these militias carrying out these heinous crimes are you saying this is all made of thin air you know they're they're they're human beings they're writing reports and they have opinions some of them they're not happy with south sudan and some of them are not happy with our leadership some of them are even now criticizing the agreement that we have signed if you are for peace why would you criticize peace that has been signed to transition the country and the people of south sudan from war to peace some people are killing not happy with this agreement simply because they don't like the players those who brought peace like the god region and also those who are regular continuing to participate in the government they are not happy with it i'm not surprised that people like. those that i have described are also participating in writing reports like this so that their brand the country as a bad country but for me south sudan is secular full of hope. yes future is very
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bright we need to organize ourselves like what president salva did no bringing peace make sure that there is internal cohesion in the country and then we will deliver services and develop this country we don't need anybody from outside to tell us what to do we will do it ourselves but what these people are identifying is not branding south sudan as you said as any and in any brush they're very specific about the kind of people who are being funded by various state institutes to carry out crimes and you said that there are people who are involved in this on individual capacity so is this something which is endemic how deep does it go into the oil ministry into nile pit and into the government of such well in the us i said before if the individuals that are individuals even in this country and in the world water killing criminal minded people.


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