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state owned nile oil company's operations have been characterized by a total lack of transparency and independent oversight and it's diverting oil revenues into the coffers of elite in the government who are behind the funding of these militias carrying out these heinous crimes are you saying this is all made of thin air you know they're human beings they're writing reports and they have opinions some of them they're not happy with south sudan some of them are not happy with our leadership some of them are even now criticizing the agreement that we have seen if you are for peace why would you criticize peace that has been signed to transition the country and the people of south sudan from war to peace some people are killing not happy with this agreement simply because they don't like the players those who brought peace like the god region and also those who are regular continuing to participate in the government they are not happy with it i'm not surprised that people like. those that i have described are also participating in writing reports like this so that their brand the country as a bad country but for me south sudan is secular full of hope. yes future is very
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bright we need to organize ourselves like what president salva did now bringing peace make sure that there is internal cohesion in the country and then we will now deliver services and develop this country we don't need anybody from outside to tell us what to do we will do it ourselves but what these people are identifying is not branding south sudan as you said as any and in any brush they're very specific about the kind of people who are being funded by various state institutes to carry out crimes and you said that there are people who are involved in this on individual capacity so is this something which is endemic how deep does it go into the oil ministry into nile pet and into the government of sorts well in the us i said before if there are individuals that are individuals even in this country and in the world war achille criminally minded people commit crimes and what we do as
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a government is to help the hold them accountable and this is what we have been doing in the ministry of petroleum now or the country we are not condoning criminal activities of those who are killing raping people i have daughters i have a wife and all of our leaders that. nobody will kili condone somebody else to rape your daughter or your wife anybody who are saying that the government is condoning it already supporting it was financing it they just don't know our culture so sudanese you will never allow rape in south sudan and we will never tolerate this but yet the rapes continue the violence continues does why violence in the violence against children continues yes you say that it is against the culture of south sudan but it is being committed by parties to the conflict in south sudan these are not people who come well outside most of the
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reports that you are killed reading majority of them are fabricated. they are not actually telling the truth even the success we had now for the last three years they are not being reflected in the report it is not even the wherever we are sorry now in twenty twelve million two thousand and any t. . september twelfth two thousand and eighteen it is not being appreciated in not being afflicted and that is why we have regular come to the conclusion that we need to bring peace to ourselves as a country as people of south sudan we need to reach out most of the oppositions all of them that in juba the capital of south sudan we are working together by president went to the vatican a week ago met with. the holy see pope francis and. prayed for the people of south sudan and the whole leadership will be going to vatican first week of april to make sure that there is peace and reconciliation and healing in the country so that we can deliver now services to the people of south
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sudan we have started delivering services but with the small pockets of fighting here and there we will not be able to do more but i say as we speak now there is total peace in the country where there are four hundred thousand people who have been killed since the war started more than a few million who are displaced is fighting that still continues in like you said in pockets of the country i don't think that anyone is doubting here the intentions of your government but how much of those intentions are actually going to translate into actionable progress for the people that is something which your government so far has failed that's what our michael saylor you know the number one action that we have done is bring peace we have signed peace and the peace is being implemented that's one too we have allowed all the opposition leaders to come into the country they are now in juba they are in the country they are feeling secure and safe that's one thing number three the president has launched development projects now by building highways in south sudan using the crude oil to build roads and power
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this is a killer some of the thing. that we are translated into action not words this is what we are doing and this is now myself and my colleagues in the government we are also working to make sure that the production is increased and we resume the oil blocks that has been dormant for the last five years this is also going to translate into into money so that we can have more money and then we provide services to the people of them but that's the problem that we know that with more money comes more corruption and that's what various reports have been citing that a lack of transparency a lack of third party evaluations a lark of people giving people hope that their government representatives are actually going to deliver for them and the way this is been happening there is this talk about eighty million dollars which has been divested in from various oil revenues into these militias not exactly just for procuring guns but this is been going into the aviation industry which is held by you know various government
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officials who are currently part of the government and their wives and their spouses so this is an endemic problem what is the concrete step that you taking so far what you've been telling me are great intentions but what has been done so far and how are you defeated people are being dismissed people are being held. while there are former ministers were dismissed before me there are people who are regular in jail because of corruption we have been a killer deal or targeting people who have been they kill involved in corruption and there and they are prosecuted to me the president the secular doing the right thing and we are open book in the ministry of petroleum or finance or the whole government we are open book because basically the sellers of the oil is international commodity and we transfer the money from the buyer to the to the central bank account in new york. not in job we have an account in the federal reserve bank in new york and in the us yes. this is yes definitely i'm not
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saying that there is no corruption corruption everywhere in the world but the most important thing is how you deal with it mr get go your background is from a criminal justice perspective you are in a position where your country can greatly benefit from the proper functioning of your ministry what do you bring in to dismiss are you personally satisfied of sitting in that chair for three years in achieving what you have i'm very proud of what i have done. under the presidents died ins and leadership president salva kiir . i'm also very proud that the colleagues that have been working in the government and also in the ministry of petroleum they are doing very well and very happy that also we have a neighbor sudan and that is called pretty with us very well president bashir. managed to sit together with his colleagues president of uganda president of kenya
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president with the prime minister we thought here they work together and they brought peace to the people of south sudan so the explanation that we are having with sudan is also contributing positively in resuming the production and increasing their dollar production so it so far i'm very very proud of what i have done and we will continue to do more under the leadership of president salva is there something that you wanted to achieve when you haven't been able to well a killer focusing to make sure that we have more investors to come and invest in block view one and two we have a one all the way to a six we have we also have eat two into blocks by the way it's also done is floating on oil. so sudan is full of oil only twelve percent of the whole country is explored eighty eight percent is really an exploit so that's why i'm here and i will be also traveling worldwide to make sure that the narrative of oil is not what the reports say the narrative of south sudan is peace
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prosperity full of hope and we have a lot of resources that we can use for the benefit of the people well that's a great public relations campaign and i think you know you doing a great job in taking it abroad let me let me sort of liberalism let me say is the united nations the united states rather the commerce department right now because you said you need to bring foreign direct investment into the country the this is the u.s. states united states commerce department saying sanctions on fifteenth south sudanese oil operators they were importing sources of cash for the government in an action aimed at increasing pressure on our present keer to end the country's conflict and humanitarian crisis so this is it's not just the united nations report this is the largest or oil producing company in the country in the world these are the united states government which is going to be either you part or are going against you how do you plan to bring in more investors when your country's prognosis is quite opposite to what you've been seeing speaking u.s.
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is a friend going to continue to be a friend because they have been with us during the war and they have been with us when we were conducting a friend myself i was also privileged to be in new york and washington at the same time. they will continue to be our friends what they have imposed is not for sanctions is restrictions. these restrictions to these oil companies basically they're saying if you want to procure any equipment for the operation of oil you need to get permission from the department of commerce we this is a very unfortunate and we're also appealing to the u.s. government to release that restriction because it is not allowing us. to do what we want to do. by the way we will continue to be friends to the u.s. just like what we are also doing now we are friend to china we are also a friend to russia we want to make sure that everybody in south sudan is highly
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welcome and we will use of the resources that we are having. very. greedy and keeping it for ourselves the best ages peace and friendship your friendship with china we all know every single blog that you cite is about forty percent of their investment they are coming in but your friendship with the united states does not seem to be heading in that direction because like you said these restrictions have come because these individuals or companies have been found to have some sort of ties with the violence in south sudan you can't escape it unless you can take some real action that the world would look and see and say now that's a place we can do business with well just to tell you that yes we are a friend to us but we want to also appeal to the u.s. that you don't punish your friend when you are trying to advise them you had vice them politely tell them you are going wrong here and then you can fix it here and this is why we are regular appealing to them to ease those restrictions so that we were low continue to be in the same road we wanted to make sure that us continue to
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be our ally. in the region. will continue to work together whatever what i'm trying to get at is that you are going to appeal to them and you are going to say that what you said was either true or false and this is what we have done so what is it that you have done which is going to persuade the americans to lift those restrictions but sometimes you know your friend can sometimes. say things about you which are not true and then you have to discuss them quietly and say this is what you have stated by me but this is what i am and i believe that these restrictions will be lifted but right now what you are saying is that you denying the united nations you denying the united states you are denying allegations that have been leveled by your. tribes people in the new our tribe have leveled allegations against the government of that you represent so all of this can't be completely falls there has to be some truth to it speaking. the conflict in south sudan has
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nothing to do as tribes whether it is more body all the tribes know. you have something to do with the one of the going to struggle the power. if you want for example. water took over from president salva kiir. using violence what are you going to do than definitely that is that is it before disaster and that's what we we went through in twenty or thirty in and we want we don't want to repeat this again anybody the focus now have peace make sure that we focus in implementing that women and then in three years from now we will go for election and whether he's elected by the people of south sudan will be the president of the republic of south sudan we don't need to fight again we don't need to subject our people into this suffering we just want to have peace so that president salva kiir will contest he if he's elected i'm sure he will be elected that he will be the president of the republic of south sudan resident people can
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wait for another five years mr. petroleum minister for south sudan thank you very much for talking to you are there thank you very much for having. me. for the nomadic jack outright survival is about reaching their destination if we don't carry on never be able to give the camp up in the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration in the country dangerous to the ice is then as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life to live sometimes luser cattle there was called for because of the storm risking you don't mongolia on al-jazeera. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby we've been employing it was going to really. reveal secrets of the one messaging out there i mean people
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out there you know. and connection some don't want to expose stanny and legacy media. last. night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. the dissolute mother waits on the border between ukraine and russian occupied crimea for news of her missing son. numerous young tom three men have disappeared following her arrest these disappeared other victims of a crackdown on the top population of crimea by russia since its occupation in two thousand and fourteen. before the invasion of two thousand and fourteen crimea was a part of another country ukraine we formed when the soviet union broke up into separate states but many russians including the president did near putin were
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unhappy with us. russia was determined to keep its alleged abuse of human rights away from public scrutiny. as the only indigenous group still openly opposing the truth is russia sees this muslim minority as a threat. to. the head of libya's un backed government accuses wall coming off the trail as his troops advance some tripoli. hello i'm adrian forgive and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up thousands in sudan to fire an army curfew and surround its headquarters after at
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least five people are killed in protests. a quarter century after the genocide in rwanda begins ceremonies remember eight hundred thousand people murdered during one hundred days of slaughter. and greek lore says these refugee children must be offered free education we'll look at what's keeping them out of class. the head of libya's here and back to government is accused his rival of warlord khalifa haftar of betraying him by threatening to attack the capital tripoli he's warned of in his words a war without any witness the advance by i have to ask faces has been slowed after the earlier they've taken over the old airport from tripoli what up to what had reports. of gunfire on the outskirts of libya's capital.
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forces loyal to was to have to trying to push their way does the city. they say they have seized some areas south of tripoli these claims have been denied by the tripoli enter a kid nice to government on saturday to the bag the prime minister. to remain firm against have to force is. we reiterate our call to all libyans throughout the country east to west north to south to the necessity of giving priority to the interests of the country unifying the ranks and working together to lift libya out of this crisis i say to the international community that it should not equate between the aggressor and those who defend themselves or between those who seek the militarization of the state and those committed. to a democratic civilian country or for an economy like the the you and recognized government troops are said to have been deployed from the city of misrata to the
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west and south to fight have to his forces. therefore asked like but we suffered no loss at all it's reported that one family of these the area was hit believed that we held back on the use of our air force in order to protect civilians and public and private property any dead fighter flying or to police will not be allowed and will be targeted the airbase it came from in order to be targeted. you and secretary general and to new good turkish has been in tripoli area of talks on rebuilding libya's fractured political system has been forced to leave the un says the talks will still go ahead. we will not give up this work quickly i know very well that holding the national conference in the conditions of escalation biting is difficult but we will insist on holding it on time unless other circumstances interfere so. libya has been divided between two competing governments since twenty fourteen the talks are seen as one of a few options for peace in libya the only explanation available to us that he
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probably wanted to shift the. balance or you know to his favor just days before the reconsideration conference so he can so he can advance as demands during this conference because negotiations at the end of that they are reflections of. you know on the ground in france foreign ministers of the g. seven group of countries have been voicing their concerns several foreign governments have been wanting to leave have to his forces not to attack tripoli they say that has does not support the talks which are still expected to start on the fourteenth of april with the hope of using elections as a way out of libya's eight year conflict g. seven foreign ministers attending a meeting. and france also issued a statement saying that libya's oil facilities must not be used by any faction for political gain if libya's opposing forces continue this latest battle for control
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the road to a political solution will become more difficult more. tripoli in sudan thousands of anti-government protesters are defying a curfew called by the army in the capital khartoum are continuing their demonstrations that began on saturday at least five protesters have been killed during what appears to be the biggest demonstration against president omar bashir thirty year. and the coup reports. the they are calling for revolution and these protesters headed for the army headquarters in khartoum the latest in a way for protests that began in december over the price of bread and escalated into calls for an end to president omar bashir is three decades. the longer it takes for a bishop to step down because the protests will get and if you walk down the street it was ages five years old up to fifty or sixty years old all coming out of the
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same thing in one step down security forces have responded to the protest movement with a fierce crackdown killing at least sixty people since the protests began according to an international human rights group. despite the tough response to dissent the protests continue. an activist posted this video of herself on you tube. many will take back our dignity and will take back our country as well as the people's will is above everything you need to understand that the people have spoken thats it. as one points there was sounds of gunshots. president bush has stepped down as head of his really policy in the hope of calming the protests but the demonstrators insist they won't give up until
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he resigns as president egypt into queen al-jazeera. a quarter of a century on from the day it began rwanda is remembering the more than eight hundred thousand victims of the genocide the campaign of killing mainly targeted the tutsi people most of whom were beaten or hearts to death with machetes. i. think oh. president paul kagame has started the commemoration activities by lighting a flame at the gandhi genocide memorial more than two hundred fifty thousand of the victims of believed to be buried at the site let's go live now to the gali of zeros andrew symonds is there so we saw that flame like you just focus few moments ago and what else is choose to happen today. quite a lot as you can imagine but that torch lighting is symbolic of the very start of
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a whole process of mourning of searching within and also of renewal of hope of some degree of questioning what's around it but the figures involved in the logic of that remember the torch key first of all a group of four people three men and a woman the young woman twenty five years of age the next generation very symbolic handing a flame pop passing on the flame. the president of the european commission and also a moose faqih mohammed the chairperson of the african union and also paul could gummi the president of rwanda and then of course that torch will be for a flame for one hundred days one hundred days that saw some of the worst atrocities in modern history and at that site where this ceremony took place there are two
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hundred fifty thousand bodies two hundred fifty thousand unimaginable to try and absorb that level of loss total figure the u.n. says more than eight hundred thousand around and government says it's more than a million from here there were arrived at the convention center and start making speeches and we'll be hearing from portugal me will be hearing a lot of questions about the past a lot of aunts as for the future of however the question of the past are directed mainly at the united nations for its failure to do anything about the whole genocide of the also questions about the french involvement with the hutus ahead of what happened although france denies point blank it had anything to do with the training of militia who went out to kill it was a premeditated plot to kill. it was triggered by the shooting down of that croft
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in which the president of rwanda at that time the hutu majority the president died along with the poor and the president of the next day april the seventh the whole massacre of the whole genocide began under with so many people to reconciliation must be a massive challenge even twenty five years on what sort of progress has been made as far as reconciliation is concerned. the has been progress it has to be said how can you start to think out how you integrate you reintegrate people when so many people have been killed in the killers are living in the community now the how as a community based court system. there were a total of two million cases in all and the majority of those cases were dealt with by these community based courts the human rights watch sees some questions about it
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current denied that this was a fast process in gauge justice on people who engaged in the gentle genocide and there have been a reintegration after that between the perpetrators and the victims there are villages where the two bodies of this orphans two sides of this is unthinkable situation and live together now it isn't by any means complete it's an ongoing process but it is going on then you have the international tribunal which was in the room sounds or near that spent nineteen years sorting out only less than one hundred cases in the conviction rates was reasonable but there were questions still to this day about high level figures convicted but the question still about whether or not that highly expensive complex international justice system really did do what it should have done and round up some of the
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other figures there are still one thousand fugitives at least according to the rwandans who are out there who need to be caught and need to be put before courts according to the justice system have rwanda. and are many thanks indeed anderson is reporting live from the goalie coming up we'll continue our coverage of the solemn anniversary in rwanda and hear the story of survival and resilience from a man who escaped the genocide when he was just a child. also coming up rival protests in venezuela president nicolas maduro and opposition leader rally their supporters. out of the big show as if just to back goal now indonesia's a good scattering strong.


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