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tv   Indonesias Football Fever  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2019 7:32pm-8:00pm +03

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lay the date from this time until the end of june. and greece is trying to offer education to young refugees on the gene islands but getting children insecure asses is proving difficult local sales and resources are being stretched to far and refugee parents are concerned about greek schools john psaropoulos has more from some us. naveed ahmadi is a fifteen year old afghan who dreams of becoming a civil engineer he missed a year of school while his family made its way from iran to greece something he can ill afford if he has to enter university now he has enrolled in a high school on summers but some local parents don't want refugees like mingling with their children one reason appears to be that refugees live in squalor four thousand of them packed in and around a camp meant for six hundred fifty naveed as lucky to live in a mobile home for most there is no proper sewage no electricity and no washing
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facilities we try to have the same life as we have passed but it's. this is our situations don't we can't do anything is the canvas. and the game is very lives we don't. do anything many refugees opt for informal education offered by private charities that also gives them a break from the difficulties of camp life formal education for refugees and asylum seekers is a recent development here or there. when a representative from the great center for disease control came to talk to parents he said we're looking at a public health timebomb. basically vaccinated they get a single shot for measles mumps and rubella that doesn't mean it's going moment requirements refugees who arrive on the aegean islands are kept here for much of their asylum process in case they have to be deported back to neighboring turkey so
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they've been seen by many as a temporary population when the government offered education to asylum seekers and twenty sixteen refugees living on the islands were left out but the asylum process is so slow they are now stuck here for years last september the government extended education to island refugees about thirty have been rolled so far here on some most but as many as a thousand a logical that's equal to two thirds of the local greek school population many of the people of south most and other reste adjourn islands consider that an unfair burden on the school system some of the ceiling some of us have shouldered all the refugee burden for europe's sake we've been left to our fate and people are worn out we don't have a problem with refugees we've got a problem with those who are responsible for the situation greece and especially the islands of the east to jian act as europe's buffer against irregular migration from turkey most seem resigned to that fate but here at the border they want europe
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to do a better job of demonstrating its humanitarian values jumpstart ople us algis or some us. google has shut down an ethics posy recently set up to review its work in artificial intelligence the decision follows concerns over some of the appointees including a petition from employees of the alleged ansi gay and immigrant visa one member the debates over the ethics panel has also prompted one member to resign so it's come on all just zero. in sports for anonymous work to north korea to compete in the pyongyang martha and.
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up to local. partners. we know the culture we know the problem that affects this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that you might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations people are out there blowing anti-riot the world. we are challenging the voices were challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going.
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it's known as the monks in of rubbish and biggest landfill sits just outside the capital jakarta about seven thousand acres earn a living there oversea makes it difficult for many families so imagine a different future for their children but one school is trying to change that as florence reports. every day hundreds of rubbish trucks make their way to bundaberg indonesia's biggest landfill all kinds of trash dumped here. just forty kilometers from the indonesian capital jakarta. scavenging is a twenty four hour business here. and often involves more than one generation the fifteen year old left school four years ago to work at the dump site with his
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father we asked him whether he would return to school if given a chance. it's me. here he says many of his friends died the same position bob hope the family of make their living by cabin crew that's growing mountain of waste it's dangerous. items they can mostly plastic in aluminum cans to recycling. it's a hand to mouth existence and many dream of a different future for their children. not far from the landfill is an informal school run by race that is helping to fulfill that dream ray says parents are not to waste because but she grew up here and knows what it's like to suffer what many would consider the stigma of being from the area really being at the wheel but then let anybody go on that as they met you. relive among their obvious but we're not
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rubbish. well that lesson seems to have been welcomed by the kids when malcolm out this image i got us in the schools helped me a lot reza often advise us not to give up hope even though we think rubbish we have to keep going to school. oh it's a message the government is also taking part on a program called bunny we have reached hundreds of families we hope pregnant women children we also have family development sessions we meet the parents and we make them aware of how important it is for their kids to have an education. these initiated to fill a gap. they may not be enough to keep every child in been talked about at school but they're a start florence li al-jazeera by talk about outside jakarta indonesia time now for sports here's joe thank you eventis could clinch an eighth straight italian
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study a title on sunday with seven matches to spare teenage striker moyes they can school the winner against ac milan as he they came from behind the nineteen year old attack italy international was racially abused by kennyi fans earlier this week event as will be champions if natalie lose to genoa later and it could be the earliest a team has won said. in spain's a league. to late goals against second place atletico madrid to all but end their rivals hopes of catching them at the top boss are now eleven points clear with seven games left by munich dealt a big blow in the race for the german bundesliga title they thrashed main rivals but as you don't want five nil to take top spot just a point separates them with six games remaining. bunch of city is still on course to win the control quadruple after reaching the final of the english f.a. cup gabrial has scored early as they not brighton out of the semifinals on saturday one nil city have already won the league cup and have their sights on the champions
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league and premier league as well and d.c. united fifteen game unbeaten streak was snapped by l.a. f.c. as they went down to ten men wayne rooney was sent off for this dangerous tackle on diego rossi rossi went on to score his first career m.l.s. hat trick in the four mill when. will football in tanzania has gone under the radar in africa for decades but an upturn in fortunes has seen them hit new heights at both club and international level with the country qualifying for the africa cup of nations for the first time in nearly forty years paul restrict points. success stories in east african football law few and far between but the turning point may have come here in tanzania club side simba spearheading a steady march to new heights in dar es salaam. that the first times an eon team to reach the quarterfinals of the african champions league
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a two legged to date with destiny against multiple champions t.p. mazembe of the democratic republic of congo the secret between the team is just the teamwork being together loving each other helping each other that's the most thing that makes us successful. different games from this other games we've played but yeah we give them the respect they deserve it's a big team but we're also a big team and we just look forward to our game teams here seem to have got bigger across the board these fans were watching the tanzanian women site play at the national stadium on friday. enthusiasm fuelled by the man having qualified for june's expanded africa cup of nations in egypt for the first time since one nine hundred eighty it's been helped by a fresh start for money was halted in twenty seventeen after a corruption scandal but has returned to the football federation his new president we are trying to make sure that. they have faith in our new leadership and that
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we are open but also transparent. throughout that you will make it we are going to egypt in the surprise. just. these fans at the symbol much witnessed a nil nil draw against t.p. resemble in dar es salaam so simba travel to loop next week with hope of reaching the semifinals a result that coach believes would be well and we got some more from result of who really good team but they are really serious professional and they deserve what happened. for now it's back to the training ground for simba as they go ninety minutes away from history but whatever their result twenty nineteen could be remembered as tanzania's year paul reese al-jazeera nearly a thousand for a run as took part in north korea's pyongyang marathon and that's more than double compared to last year thanks to reduce political tensions over there were no
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americans because of a us state department ban on traveling to the country event as part of the celebrations of the birthday anniversary of north korea's founder kim il sung and it allows running tourists a rare opportunity to jog through the streets of the tightly controlled city when a malaysia's top golfers has died in his hotel room midway through a tournament in china ari iran was twenty eight and died of apparent natural causes he's been competing in the sun yet championship on the p.g.a. china told series and organizers have cancelled sunday's final round out of respect american jennifer cup choked dominated the first ever competitive round of women's golf at the home of the masters it was the inaugural gusto national women's amateur championship and cup show played the last six holes five under par to win by four strokes now a gust of begins preparations for the masters which starts on thursday just to get to walk the fairways and walk up eighteen with as many fans as there were it's an
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experience like none other just to play here at augusta and have that kind of treatment. i think the women's game is really going to come out stronger. the first major of the year for women pros is heading into the final round south korea's jin young coach who he leads by one stroke of the an inspiration that's thanks to a form the par round of sixty eight on saturday a she was happy but no home on the course was more excited than fellow korean me leave when she did this at the path three seventeenth hole. that put her right in contention she's third just three shots of the lead now to argue be the biggest horse race in the world the grand national at aintree in the u.k. this year's edition was one to remember the favorite title role came through the grueling seven kilometer jumps course to with it for the second year in
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a row he's the first horse to do that since the famous red rum forty five years ago . and that is always will for now have more feel like to hala thanks very much joe and that brings this news article is meant to say well this here on al-jazeera edge unfed against up with you next with more of the very latest news from around the world stay with us. armed vehicles transporting plane riots proof we've got one on one east explains why indonesian soccer fans fight and die for the sports analogy.
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and monday put it on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries have been truly unable to escape the war. thousands of people have been killed raped or mutilated in south sudan's civil war a un report says government forces and other militia are financing the conflict with money from the country's oil industry you will never allow that rape in south sudan and we will never tolerate this south sudan's oil minister talks to all jazeera. they join one of the world's most notorious ahmed groups. but found
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a way out rebuild their lives and. it's. a tale of course recruitment child soldiers and they have rethink exploitation of women door to. part of the radicalized scene and it's gone on to zero. warnings of a war without winners libya's prime minister says the warlords after us troops will face strong resistance if they try to take tripoli. hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live and also coming up thousands of
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protesters continue a sit in outside sudan's military headquarters putting pressure on the army to back their call to remove the president. a quarter century after the genocide in rwanda remembers eight hundred thousand people murdered during one hundred days of slow or stop. a greek law says these refugee children must be offered free education but we'll look at what's keeping them out of class. six people have been killed and fifty five wounded since clashes broke out on the outskirts of libya's capital on thursday forces loyal to the warlord after that seized control of tripoli's former international airport but were later pushed back by pro-government faces while armed forces allied to the government of moved in artillery from misrata to the libyan capital misrata forces have been deployed at the fighting around the four way up. when i got over there our liquidity be we
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reiterate our cool to be. throughout the country east to west north to south to the necessity of giving priority to the interests of the country unifying the ranks and working together to lift libya out of this crisis i say to the international community that it should not equate between the aggressor and those who defend themselves or between those who seek the militarization of the state and those committed to a democratic civilian country or. up to what joins us now live from tripoli where do things stand right now. well the clashes started again since this morning in this southern outskirts of the libyan capital specifically in an area called. that's very close to the tripoli international airport that have to forces recaptured briefly
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earlier yesterday before the government forces captured it to government sources military commanders on the ground there the clashes are going on right now in gaza have been around thirty five kilometers to the cells from tripoli city center and have to the forces there are continuing getting support and more in force minutes from the city of that horner that's one of the major cities supporting have to in the worst are of libya now military commanders in the battlefield say that have to . craft. air strike targeted a military camp military camp on the highway that leading to their tripoli international airport with no casualties because because they say that the military camp was all the military units were outside of the that military camp when the
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airstrike happened now meanwhile forces from the city of misrata continue to deploy in the eastern outskirts of tripoli trying to join the battle in the southern outskirts of the libyan capital meanwhile. three come of the african african to come has just announced that it has really created a detachment. contingent of the u.s. forces supporting africa command in libya. but what many thanks indeed let's speak now to the stuff for today has an independent libyan academic also for the lecturer at the tripoli basic out of a graduate studies he joins us now live from paris what do you think is going to happen now with forces bearing down on tripoli how likely is it that the tripoli
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falls to him well and. so on. point no. one. stop there. were. both your. national. it's quite sooner or. later. but this time it will be far more. are more of the stuff i was expecting us to come down to give us nine or.
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ten days starting. with them but the. next era this narrative which is so long so. limited success or quote. it will not be. another. ok in terms of public support would have to move been more effective do you think if he'd waited until off the beaten until after april sixteenth. well i think i think i think we will be able to have more coming with her justification. as the mission down because then we have that city has already gave the. come currents a kind of a chance the success. of the book this debate didn't dast sensible than buying the
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said would be a baseball moment as one of the spots. he would love me the kind of name does the fourth of course the gusto the she lights and he walks the ads kept his commitment he has made will be the last two years for he shows up in the blue the situation he goes anyway i don't expect to come close to succeed and to find a good solution to the on goal and it's all of the country so why then would would would be kind of kind of you know. one that he has already done what he's expected to do and he gave when he was chances are that sorry for him to move on because then the day is this year next year old next morning for what their role who should know should really be ed so fortunately or should he
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says more troubling more white there is no there is no way to share these with people should he sleep alone will be able to see the wishes of tripoli with the libyan jungle the stuff of the tory many thanks for the phone. thousands of anti-government protesters in sudan are defying a curfew called by the army in the capital khartoum they're continuing their demonstrations outside the army headquarters that began on saturday at least six protesters were killed during one of the biggest protests against president omar bashir in recent months the german and as the latest. the they are calling for revolution these protesters headed for the army headquarters in khartoum the latest in a way for protests that began in december over the price of bread and escalated into calls for an end to president omar bashir is three decades will the longer it takes for a bishop to step down because the protests will get and if you walk down the street
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it was ages from five years old up to fifty or sixty years old it all coming out of the same thing in one step down security forces have responded to the protest movement with a fierce crackdown killing at least sixty people since the protests began according to an international human rights group. despite the tough response to dissent the protests continue. an activist posted this video of herself on you tube and what many will take back our dignity and will take back our country as well the people's will is above everything you need to understand that the people have spoken thats it. as one point there was sounds of gunshots. president bush has stepped down as head of his really party in the hope of calming the protests but the demonstrators insist they won't give up until
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he resigns as president he germander quale al-jazeera syrian government forces have killed at least fourteen people in the northwest of the country the attack happened and it blames countryside the town of such a kit was the hardest hit it was the last rebel held territory in syria it's supposed to be free of fighting under a deal negotiated by russia and turkey. israel heads to the polls on tuesday to elect a new government and to netanyahu has been fighting hard to maintain his hold on the israeli premiership in what's been a bitter campaign up against a strong challenger and facing corruption charges he's got on the attack against his opponents the legal system and the media al-jazeera as harry forces reports now from west jerusalem. four years ago benjamin netanyahu pushed the raisman who don't boo boo's in a facebook video on polling day he used fears of the palestinian israeli vote to
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mobilize his own core support. for that but in this campaign israel's prime minister has deployed race as an issue unapologetically and much earlier in the piece as most controversial move drawing criticism from moderates at home and jewish organizations in the u.s. has been to engineer a coalition of smaller right wing parties that includes the supremacist jewish power one of his candidates has been barred from standing for inciting racism against palestinians from all parties incitement racism against the palestinians in general and the palestinian minority in particular against the leadership of the palestinian minority. clear statements that they are not part of the political democratic game in israel. one of debt in yahoo's lines of attack against his main rival blue and white party has been that they would need the support of palestinian israeli parties to block him from forming
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a coalition that was taken up by israeli model lawyer and t.v. presenter returned salah who used her instagram page to ask and what's the problem with the arabs calling on the government to tell people they lived in a country of all its citizens and all people are born equal israel's prime minister engaged telling his own six million strong social media following an important correction israel is not a country of all its citizens adding israel is the nation state of the jewish new. and it's alone israeli jews are concerned and in some cases with good reason about the attitudes to israel of the duly elected arab leadership and therefore he's tapping into something that you know has some that exists and has some basis i would say for lots of israelis but he's taking it into. very disharmonious.


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