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tv   Ezekiel Gatkuoth  ALJAZ  April 7, 2019 10:32pm-11:00pm +03

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we will resist we need achieve southam powermat we know that imperiled ism is a reality so we must resist it. thank you now aside from showing their support to nicolas maduro the subtle message that is also expressed by the people gathered these large crowds. caracas is that they want to support their revolution they believe that the foreign intervention as they've described the particular from the united states is an attempt to defeat this ultraliberal revolution here and they say that they are against any foreign intervention that they are in support of the president and that they are here to defend the revolution. civilians are being periodically barred from using a major highway in indian administered kashmir authorities are only a living military and paramilitary units to use it for two days a week until next month the government says it's to prevent attacks similar to the one in february which killed forty indian soldiers was staying at indian minister
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kashmir researches say government attempts at blocking the internet cheering the process have heard still regions development smith reports. is reliant on the internet as most entrepreneurs anyway she sells kashmir addresses to customers worldwide but in india not administered kashmir this is central tool of modern business is cut sometimes several times a month without warning by the government i have to upload pictures to charge would make us to lose and i have created because and i have to do everything online only so far that i need internet. and right now we have ingrained the first century and we have every day to use it in but we had anybody tell you that by. almost half the internet blackout in india in the last five years we're in the disputed territory of jammu and kashmir that's according to
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a study from stanford university in the us online access is usually cut after unrest to prevent what the government calls inflammatory content spreading online the shut down of and i'm not to order and have lost as ordered snorted or been. run over to get up some more not a visual or developers or to the blog where billions is riddled acquired. in twenty sixteen when there was sustained unrest across india not administered kashmir the government shut down the internet for two hundred three days it's. for students here denying them internet access stops their research cuts them off from friends and fuels resentment just key its you know and it must fear of fear and it must fear of just being in bloom it more so because having the internet's nastily it also affects us a heap because you feel like you're in a place where like this is
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a big issue you don't have the internet like this issue is affecting your life. the stanford university study says internet shutdowns over the last five years have cost indian businesses more than three billion dollars and the study found no evidence that taking people off line reduced protests or eased unrest bernard smith al-jazeera. google has shut down an ethics posy recently set up to review its work in artificial intelligence the decision follows concerns over some of the appointees including a petition from employees over the alleged ansa gay and anti immigrant visa one member the debates over the ethics panel has also prompted one member to resign. now it's known as the monsoon of rubbish biggest just start side the capital jakarta seven five pickers earn a living there and extreme poverty makes it difficult for many families to imagine
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a different future for their children but one school is trying to change that. reports. every day hundreds of rubbish trucks make their way to bundaberg indonesia's biggest landfill all kinds of trash dumped here. just forty kilometers from the indonesian capital jakarta. scavenging is a twenty four hour business here. and often involves more than one generation. fifteen year old left school four years ago to work in the dumpsite with his father we asked him whether he would return to school if given the chance. it's me. here he says many of his friends position out of the family make their living by. growing. dangerous.
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it's a hand to mouth existence and many dream of a different future for their children. not far from the land is an informal school run by grace that is helping to fulfill that dream ray says parents are not to waste because but she grew up here and knows what it's like to suffer what many would consider the stigma of being from the area really. feel but then left and. they met you. but. that seems to have been welcomed by the kids. these schools help me a lot reza often advise us not to give up hope even though we pick rubbish we have to keep going to school. it's a message the government is also keen to impart on the program. we have raised
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hundreds of families we hope pregnant women children we also have family development we meet the parents and we make them aware of how important it is for their kids to have an education. these initiatives fill a gap. they may not be enough to keep every child in at school but there are a start florence louis. outside jakarta indonesia. be here very shortly with the sports including action from the first ever competitive rounds of women's golf at the home of the monsters. egypt strongman is ruling with an faced on the sidelines from his allies is deafening the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off the mark for city for security while western
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leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london in cairo on al-jazeera. to. up to. the quarter.
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time for this for years to have a thank you very much one nearly a thousand for iran as of taking part in north korea's pyongyang marathon that's more than double compared to last year thanks to reduce political tensions although there were no americans because of a u.s. state department ban on traveling to the country event as part of the celebrations of the birthday anniversary of north korea's founder kim il sung and it allows running tourists a rare opportunity to joke through the streets of the tightly controlled city so i think there is very well we don't see last year we had very low numbers compared to previous years but you see here we brought in around five hundred tourists just for each of those. lines so that's a very good result it's just over two hundred we had last year i was going to for the half marathon and i really enjoyed it it was
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a great atmosphere as you can see there were many people in the stadium as well as a lot of the streets from young to old the citizens why you did it i managed to take a lot of photos i was more walking and running. now event is the not playing on sunday but they could clinch that eight straight italian set title with seven much just suspect they fought from a goal down to beat ac milan on saturday with the winner from teen a striker moyes a ken the nineteen year old italy and sasha was racially abused by county refunds of the of this week you they will now be champions if napoli lose to genoa later it would be the earliest it team has won. and over in the us d.c. united's fifteen game unbeaten streak was snapped by l.a. f.c. as they. went down to ten men wayne rooney was sent off for this dangerous tackle on diego rossi rossi went on to score his first career m.l.s. hat trick in the four no win. or football in tanzania has gone under the radar in
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africa for decades but an upturn in fortunes to seen them hit new heights of both club and international level with the country qualifying for the africa cup of nations for the first time in nearly forty is always reports. success stories in east african football law few and far between but a turning point may have come here in tanzania club side simba spearheading a steady march to new heights in dar es salaam. that the first times in ian seem to reach the quarterfinals of the african champions league a two legged to date with destiny against multiple champions t.p. mazembe of the democratic republic of congo. between in the team is just the team work being together loving each other helping each other that's the more thing that makes us successful. different games from various other games we've played but yeah
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we give them the respect they deserve it's a big team but we're also a big team on we just look forward to our game teams here seem to have got bigger across the board these fans were watching the tanzanian women site play at the national stadium on friday. enthusiasm fuelled by the man having qualified for june's expanded africa cup of nations in egypt for the first time since one nine hundred eighty it's been helped by a fresh start for money was halted in twenty seventeen after a corruption scandal but has returned under the football federation his new president we are trying to make sure that. they have faith in our new leadership and that we are open but also transparent. throughout that you will make it we are going to egypt and to surprise. the giants. these fans at the symbol much witnessed a nil nil draw against t.p. mazembe a in dar es salaam so simba travelled to lupin next week with hope of
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reaching the semifinals a result that coach believes would be well earned we got some more from results it's a really good thing but they are really shit serious professional and they deserve what happened for now it's back to the training ground for simba as they go ninety minutes away from history but whatever their result twenty nineteen could be remembered as tanzania's year paul rhys al-jazeera went to malaysia's top golf. didn't his hotel room mid-way through a tournament in china arie era one was twenty eight and died of apparent natural causes he's been competing in the sun your championship on the p.g.a. china tour series and organize of canceled sunday's final round out of respect american jennifer cho dominated the first ever competitive round of women's golf at the home of the boston it was the inaugural augusta national women's amateur championship and cup show played the last six holes five under par to win by four
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strokes now or gust up against preparations for the masters which starts on thursday. just to go toward the fairways and walk in with as many fans as there were it's an experience like none other just to play a curator. have that kind of treatment. i think the women's game is really going to come out stronger the first major of the year for women pros is heading into the final round south korea's general young coach relieved by one stroke at the inspiration that thanks to a four and a par and of sixty eight on saturday while she was happy but no one on the course was more excited than fellow korean me here only when she did this at the path three seventeen hole.
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that put her right in contention she's just three shots off the elite all right that is a useful for now will have wolf. thanks very much joe about wraps up this news every day say weather is here on al-jazeera i'll be back after this short break with more of the very latest world these stay with us. we live in a time of war and tragedies crimes against humanity. activist repression. enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests. extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to
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combat impunity and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament. and global alliance of national human rights institutions. for the nomadic jocko tribe survival is about reaching their destination if we don't hurry will never be able to get the tempo of the story we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration find countries dangerous to the ices of them as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life a little bit longer sometimes luser cattle later there was a cold war because of the storm risking it all mongolia on al-jazeera. as protests over welfare cuts exploded nicaragua's front rank government launched
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a brutal clampdown. now after a year of deaths detentions and political suppression crisis negotiations are underway. but could the dark days of civil war still return. people in power investigates a frontline nicaragua on al-jazeera. libya's governments in tripoli launches counterattacks on forces loyal to the warlord probably for half there as the u.n. calls for a truce in fighting to help the injured. i'm hella mohit in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up putting on the
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pressure of protesters in sudan want the army to back them and their demands to force the president out of office. a quarter century after the genocide rwanda remembers eight hundred thousand people who were murdered during one hundred days of slaughter. and grieg law says these refugee children must be offered free education we'll look at what's keeping them out of class. but we begin in libya where the united nations has called for an urgent to our troops to start night in southern tripoli to help those who've been injured that comes after warlord how they feel half star launched an air strike on the outskirts of the capital the targets was a camp belonging. so forces loyal to the u.n.
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backs governments and those forces launched a tenser offensive to recapture areas taken by half stars pfizer's troops allies with the un but its government also moved extra artillery to the capital to help propel further attacks are have to us forces victoria gate and has more. show fools fighters loyal to the un backed tripoli government to move trucks mounted with machine guns towards the libyan capital under orders to stop warlord holy for have to as advance on tripoli. we call on those brainwashed and radicalized to lay down their arms we will not allow the you wanted to return to roll libya will be a civil state and our pledge will be to the homeland and god we announced the launch of the volcano of wrath in order to restore the seized areas. have toes assault began last week and so far his forces say they've seized some areas around the south of the capital. on saturday they said they've taken over the
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old airport but we pushed out by post is loyal to the tripoli based government have tells who says a fighting what they call terrorist groups that backed by the u.a.e. saudi arabia and egypt promised this is our family being in tripoli has become the capital of terror and terrorists tripoli is the capital for a group of criminals who number around one or two thousand but they have weapons and they control the political decisions most dangerously they have the money by controlling the central bank of libya and the oil companies. the head of libya's tripoli based government is accused have tall and his forces of betraying the country and has warned of a war without anyone is. libya's been divided between two competing governments since twenty forty analysts say have to fighters will play stiff resistance in tripoli i don't see any lack of intent i'm more concerned about capability and
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that's where i'm not sure whether his forces are up to the task i mean he was able to to you know take over much of the south west i mean easily tripoli is going to do you know he's going to face a lot of resistance so we're looking at you know a long protracted conflict. the u.n. says talks to rebuild libya's fractured political system will go ahead as planned but will weary libyans are now facing the prospect of some of the worst fighting through the twenty eleven uprising that toppled former leader moammar gadhafi victoria gate and be. well mahmoud abdullah had joins us now live from tripoli a man who at the u.n. have called for an urgent truce was jus to start brains about now is that correct. that's correct and the united nations support the mission in libya says it has demanded a truce for two hours from four pm until six pm local time to wait
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without giving good casualties numbers we understand that this more of from the united nations support the mission in libya comes following good random shelling that landed in populated areas also in the ministry of health g.n.a.t. their government of national accord has declared a state of emergency and has put all its hospitals and medical centers in the capital tripoli on high alert as you know. the casualties of the clashes according to the health minister the health ministry the number of the number of casualties since the third is day six dead and fifty four hundred. we understand that the the the government said tripoli had promised
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a counter offensive unsure how that stands now with this. truce but what have we been evening for with this operation. well according to the brigadier general in hamburg. no nor the spokesman of the d.n.a. army the army that that is affiliated with the government of national called in the west of the country which is watering currently with the other a village factions the forces loyal to the warlord khalifa have to ignore. that the name of this operation are coming to an offensive to defend this city against have to forces is there a volcano of that this is the name of the operation in there also according to nor has been addressing the libyan people saying that civilians. is a priority to the government on the on the ground there is
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a major advancement by the government of national called forces according to military commanders on the ground in this southern outskirts of the libyan capital . and we'll leave it there for now thanks very much for bringing us the very latest afterward reporting that live from tripoli thank you. oh sudan's imbecile president omar al bashir has met army leaders to discuss the anti government protests meanwhile photos of demonstrators are defying a curfew called by the army in the capital khartoum for a second day they've been asking the army to back them in their demand to force the president out of office at least six people have been killed since saturday. well sudanese activists called science of these demonstrations to mark thirty four years since a military coup in one thousand nine hundred eighty five force then president jeff farnham mary to step down in he's also faced mass protests and this pave the way
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for national elections and a civilian government a civilian government that omar al bashir pushed out its cheering another military cue in one nine hundred eighty nine ever since then he's won the elections that his critics say were neither free nor fair well the process against bashir which began last december have become the strongest challenge yet to his long rule of offending was a city's foreign diplomats he says there is evidence that protests have some support from the army. this is the largest protest and has been time for the anniversary of the one nine hundred eighty five evolution which toppled mary on that day the human up to now has been preventing the protesters from camp begin or any site now the protesters in front of the army headquarters have been the large number since last yesterday afternoon ok it was the longest time they have occupied
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a certain place for the loan or for this style it looks at the moment that the army has not made a very kind of open statement but they imply by what they did in. the protests that they were siding with the protesters especially there is very strong pressure from the media writing on the ng offices on the need this year of the year of the military to come out very forcefully at least force in america the president bashir and and he that he who happened also to be the army chief by the way. under house arrest and declare change. syrian government forces have killed at least fourteen people in the northwest of the country it happens in ad libs countrysides the sign of sort of keep was the hardest hits at live is the last rebel held territory in syria it's supposed to be free if
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icing on the radio negotiated by russia and turkey. an airstrike by saudi u.a.e. coalition forces has hit a school in yemen killing at least five children dozens more were wounded in the attack on a residential area east of the capital sana'a and this is described scenes of panic . we suddenly had a jet fighter while we were at school we then had the first strike we remain calm then the second strike and then the third which was the strongest of all the building was damaged and we were injured by broken glass as the fourth strike came and we panicked and ran home. to studio because if everyone was somewhere crying and shouting in panic the situation was horrible as the school population is two thousand one hundred some girl students were killed and others wounded and are in hospital as a result of the missile strike the school building was destroyed too. so the state
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television is reporting that a security checkpoint has been attacked with explosives in. that surrounds five hundred kilometers northeast of the capital riyadh it's understood two people were killed and two others have been arrested. now a quarter century on from the day it began rwanda is remembering the more than eight hundred thousand victims of the genocide the campaign of killing targeted the tutsi people most of whom were beaten to death or hacks with machetes. oh. president paul kagame may began the commemorations by lighting a flame at the genocide memorial where the two hundred fifty thousand of the victims are believed to be buried at the sites the.
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for all rwanda story is profound hope. local community. is beyond repair. and the dignity of the people is never for it extinguished. so while today is mostly about honoring the many who were killed it's also a time to reflect and stories of survival include investment he was just a child when the killings began in one thousand nine hundred ninety four. a marine named didn't is a. thirty four year old. genocide and genocide a survivor. i was in the.


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