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tv   Istanbul Songs Of The City  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2019 4:00am-4:59am +03

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the shimit amin leaders to discuss the latest government protests huge numbers defied a curfew to camp outside the army headquarters and how to the night before running for a second day they want the army to bank that demand for the president to leave office gemma and quite how small a wake up it's the second day of a sit in at the sudanese army headquarters in khartoum the first time crowds have reached this part of the city since anti-government rallies began in december over the price of bread and escalated into calls for an end to president omar bashir is three decade will find out. they face the army compound calling for freedom of the protesters once the military to support their goal to remove the president i think it's time to crush. the military will have to side with the region and. a bit the crackdown. that's
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a possibility or they would have to take a stand and least. try to ask for the president to resign the same as happened in order. buzzers appears saddam's military is not yet ready to go that far as the protests continued president bush met with leaders of the army to discuss the crisis the defense council which is headed by bush says the protesters must be heard but warned against letting the country's like deeper into chaos and. security forces have responded to the protest movement with the fees crackdown. dozens of people have been killed since the protests began according to an international human rights group but the army has not intervened riot police fired tear gas at protesters. and at one point witnesses reported the sound of
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gunshots. and the. president bashir has stepped down as head of his ruling party in the hope of calming the protests but the demonstrators insist they won't give up until his presidency comes to an end. to play al-jazeera so i had for you on the program a tight election race for israel's next leader by benjamin netanyahu is accused of ramping up racist rhetoric head of choose days votes. still relive among their obvious but we're not rabid. our one school is helping child away speck is get an education indonesia's biggest landfill. and we're going to welcome back to international weather forecast always very messy
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weather here across parts of western europe but now a lot of that cloud a lot of that rain is making its way down here towards the south you can see across parts of rome as well as into much of the balkans and we're going to be seeing some very heavy rain over the next few days across greece now. we have already picked up areas of flooding in that region and unfortunate the rain is going to get you here on monday and probably as we get to tuesday as well take a look at your forecast map as we go from monday to tuesday much of that rain stays in the same location that area of low pressure really is going to be stationary also affecting parts of western turkey as well so we will be watching this area very carefully up here towards the north though it is a change of temperature for berlin you were in the high teens now on tuesday the high temperature may be getting to a bottle level degrees there now across parts of egypt you could be severe change attempted to for cairo you're seeing about a thirty five degree temperature day as we enter the week now we're going to be seeing about twenty nine as your high on monday and then as we go towards tuesday it is going to be a little bit cooler than that at about twenty eight degrees windy conditions up
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here towards algiers and nineteen and we are looking for parts of morocco it is going to be clouds with maybe some showers in the forecast weather but see a temperature of about eighteen degrees there. a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that maintains the could only project that's what we defuse it was one of the founders of the settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is appetite in the twenty first century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. welcome
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back a quick look at the top stories now calls for an urgent cease fire in libya have been largely ignored by forces loyal to eastern we'll tell you faster the u.n. requested a two hour fighting in southern tripoli to evacuate the injured but have to libyan national army continued its advance toward the center of the capital. and as strike by saudi u.a.e. coalition forces near the yemeni capital has damaged nearby schools killing at least eleven many of them female students dozens more were wounded and at least six protesters have been killed in sudan after the biggest anti-government demonstrations in months thousands of people have rallied outside the military headquarters for a second day calling for the army to remove the president from power.
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rwandans have been marking twenty five years since the genocide when a hundred thousand people were killed in just one hundred days thousands attended a vigil it could gollies national stadium which some to seize ran to when they were attacked by hutu militia in one thousand nine hundred four more than ten percent of the country were massacred most of them minority to seize and moderate hutus rwandans will observe one hundred days of mourning. oh. president paul kagame may began the commemorations by lighting a flame at the could gali genocide memorial more than two hundred fifty thousand of the victims are believed to be buried at the site gummi said the country had become a family once again and he prays rwandans for reuniting off the massacre
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the. group for all rwanda has a story. is profound hope. for our. community. is beyond repair. and the beginning of the people is never fully extinguished outas here is andrew simmons has more from. paul kagame is positive turning his message to rwandans was followed up with this he said every day we learn to forgive and not forget forgiveness being a key part of these commemorations he also referred to the population in that it sixty percent of the rwanda population now was born after the genocide so there is opposed genocide generation and much effort being made to address so
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many of the problems in integration trying to integrate so many killers and rapists amongst the population now the justice system could just get checked the courts that actually went through nearly two million cases and programs such as integrating the attackers and the victims in actual similar locations as others in terms of communities together trying to get all this is a act is not just an act of remembrance right now it's a real aside from a healing process it's a look to the future and as the president said a real form of hope. turkey has criticized israel's prime minister over an election promise to annex illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank on saturday netanyahu said he would extend israeli sovereignty if he wants his days election the turkish foreign minister who called benjamin netanyahu his comments
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irresponsible but palestinian palestinian leaders say they were not surprised by the promise. we expected dux. netanyahu has been saying that for the last twenty years. maybe not publicly but this time you know he was encouraged by trumps the policies sometimes are shows when trump decided to put nigel's or most capital of israel. over until. the pope i. couldn't see the heights he felt why not if trump approves and accepts everything that you know i ask and the amount they want you not just to go for that hand demand from him condition of his or it's already over the occupied west bank well it is said to be a tight race between netanyahu and his main rival former army chief benny gantz faced with a strong challenger and corruption charges less and yahoo has gone on the attack
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against his opponent the legal system and the media and his critics are saying he's again using race to divide votes is harry false it has more on this now from west jerusalem she's going to remember. the million become moot four years ago benjamin netanyahu pushed the responsibility to boost in a facebook video on polling day he used the fears of the palestinian israeli vote to mobilize his own core support. apologized for that but in this campaign israel's prime minister has deployed race as an issue unapologetically and much earlier in the piece is most controversial move drawing criticism from moderates at home and jewish organizations in the u.s. has been to engineer a coalition of smaller right. in parties that includes the supremacist jewish power one of whose candidates has been barred from standing for inciting racism against palestinians from all israeli parties incitement to racism against the palestinians in general and the palestinian minority in particular against the
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leadership of the palestinian minority. clear statements that they are not part of the political the critic game in israel. one of the whom you know whose lines of attack against his main rival blue and white party has been that they would need the support of palestinian israeli parties to block him from forming a coalition that was taken up by israeli model lawyer and t.v. presenter returned seiler who used her instagram page to ask and what's the problem with the arabs calling on the government to tell people they lived in a country of all its citizens and all people are born equal israel's prime minister engaged telling his own six million strong social media following an important correction israel is not a country of all its citizens adding israel is the nation state of the jewish nation and it's alone israeli jews are concerned and in some cases with good reason about the attitudes to israel of the duly elected arab leadership and therefore
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he's tapping into something that you know has some that exists and has some basis i would say for lots of israelis but he's taking it into. very disharmonious directions netanyahu denies that he's a few division insisting his likud party has served the interests of palestinian israelis benjamin netanyahu is throwing everything he can at this campaign as he battles to stay in office face down corruption charges and cement his legacy but his opponents say that legacy will be permanently tainted by the way he's chosen to fight this election are a force that al-jazeera westerners. thousands of supporters of brazil former president in a to sell have rallied outside the prison where he's being held there marking the end of his first year in jail is still very serving a twelve year sentence for corruption money laundering supporters say he's innocent and a victim of political persecution that many other museums are using a day to celebrate the country's crackdown on corruption. authorities in indian
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administered kashmir of banned civilian vehicles from an important highway in the region government issued the order reserving a stretch of the highway exclusively for military use two days a week patience chill wanda reports. a heavy military presence and little else on this crucial highway. the only one connecting the kashmir valley in the himalayas to the indian plains authorities in indian administers kashmir have begun enforcing a ban on civilian vehicles. each week on sunday and wednesday the civilian traffic will be closed on the highway and only the army convoys will be able to parse but in case of an emergency medical problems or students going for school the magistrates on duty will issue pauses for their travel. it has been more than seven weeks since a suicide car bomber killed forty indian paramilitary troops a pakistan based group said it was behind the attack and it brought india and
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pakistan to the brink of war but the ban has left people in kashmir more fearful of an escalation of violence in the region. travelling on highways has become difficult to lift during an emergency but i can reach my destination people a very scared. god and as well as the fear there's also anger and shot criticism from the region's politicians or they are uncooperative and after we came to the street so that the orders revoked the orders illegal they want to facilitate the military convoys they should use trains or let them travel during the night so that people do not suffer. the ban is set to end on may thirty first but that likely went and the tension here india's month long general election stops on thursday prime minister narendra modi responded to the attack in kashmir by launching air attacks targeting what he called terrorist sites in pakistan polls
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suggest modi's popularity has increased in the wake of this action comedy lab here on sunday pakistan's foreign minister said he had received reliable intelligence that india would soon launch another attack and he's went against such action india has called the statement irresponsible this latest phase as already brought the neighbors close to an all out war but finding a lasting solution that works for both sides is likely to pose a bigger challenge patients june wadda al-jazeera. it's known as the mountain a rubbish indonesia's biggest landfill site just outside the capital jakarta around seven thousand ways because living there including children but one school is trying to change that as florence louie explains. every day hundreds of rubbish trucks make their way to bundaberg indonesia's biggest landfill all kinds of trash are dumped here. just forty kilometers from the indonesian capital jakarta.
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scavenging is a twenty four hour business here. and often involves more than one generation the fifteen year old left school four years ago to work in the dumpsite with his father we asked him whether he would return to school if given the chance. it's me. here he says many of his friends died the same position about how the family of make their living by scavenging through this growing mountain of waste it's dangerous dirty work. they can mostly plastic in aluminum cans to recycling. it's a hand to mouth existence and many dream of a different future for their children. how do you. not far from the landfill is an informal school run by race that is helping to fulfill that dream ray says parents are not to waste because but she grew up here and knows what it's like to suffer
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what many would consider the stigma of being from the area really of being at the wheel but then let anybody go on that as they met you. relive among their obvious but we're not rubbish. that seems to have been welcomed by the kids. the same in the schools help me a lot reza often advise us not to give up hope even though rubbish we have to keep . going to school. it's a message the government is also part of a program. we have reached hundreds of families we help pregnant women children we also have family development we meet the parents and we make them aware of how important it is for their kids to have an education. these initiatives to fill a gap. they may not be enough to keep every child in at school
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but there are a start florence louis. outside jakarta indonesia. north korea has hosted its thirtieth marathon in the capital pyongyang this year's race included almost a thousand foreign runners honored more than last year event which is only been open to foreigners for six years included five and ten kilometer runs and a full and half marathon the international association of athletics federation says the first three run is in the men's full marathon from north korea. just a quick look at the top stories now calls for an urgent ceasefire in libya have largely been ignored by forces loyal to the east and all of the faster the u.n. requested a two hour pause to the fighting to evacuate the injured but have to self-styled
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libyan national army is continued its advance toward the capital tripoli and the u.s. backed government's g.n.a.t. fighters have called on civilians to leave the area. and i'll start by saudi u.a.e. coalition forces on a warehouse near the yemeni capital is damage nearby schools killing at least eleven people most of them female students thirty nine others were wounded in the attack on a residential area east of sun on. syrian government forces of killed at least fourteen people in the northwest of the country the shelling happened in the countryside with the town of sarky politest it is the last rebel held territory in syria supposed to be free of fighting under a deescalation deal negotiated by russia and turkey. sudan suffered a total power blackouts on sunday this is the embattled president tomorrow bashir met all the leaders to discuss the latest anti-government protests huge numbers defied a curfew to camp outside the army headquarters in hard to move the night before rallying for
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a second day they want the army to back their demand for the president to leave office. i have been marking twenty five years since the genocide when a hundred thousand people were killed in one hundred days thousands attended a vigil that god's national stadium i wanted to also observe a hundred days of mourning. the. for all rwanda story is profound hope for our walk local muni. is beyond repair. and the dignity of the people is never fully extinguished and turkey is criticized israel's prime minister over an election promise to an excellent israeli settlements in the occupied west bank on saturday netanyahu said he would extend israeli sovereignty if he won the election on tuesday the turkish foreign minister called benjamin netanyahu comments irresponsible iraq today without top
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stories this hour coming up next talk to al-jazeera. since december twenty fifth a bloody civil war has ground which the only independent nation of south sudan on one side troops and militia backing the president salva kiir. those supporting his deputy and rival rico shark the fighting has caused massive upheaval. all in all hundreds of thousands of been killed raped and mutilated millions forced to leave their homes many of them fleeing to neighboring countries
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a peace deal has been signed but the situation is far from settled clear however is that atrocities of been committed by both sides essential question now how did the government troops and the militia manage to continue the fighting after all it's expensive to fight wars. the key is the country's number one source of income oil. a united nations human rights report in february said the oil industry is fueling the war the un report says quote the state owned oil companies operation have been characterized by a total lack of transparency and independent oversight allegedly diverting oil revenues into the coffers of elites in the government the report goes on to say revenues and income from other natural resources have continued to fund the war enabling its continuation and the resulting human rights violations the country's oil sector is supervised by the oil minister is he killed got coolth and today for the first time since the un human rights report talks to al jazeera.
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it is a kilo get coolth thank you very much for talking to us thank you very much for having me here let's start with the ruling off the oil industry incepted on can you tell me how significant it is for the country. that a public of south sudan became independence in two thousand and eleven. we took from sudan of course and we took seventy five percent of the oil. from sudan and ninety percent of the budget of the republic of south sudan is from oil so significantly the role that oil is playing in the republic of south sudan is very very significant and the data suggest that sixty percent of your g.d.p. is coming from oil how do you think you are going to going forward we've had some tumultuous years in the oil industry are you planning to diversify your economy or further consolidate the role of oil in your economy. our focus is
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number one we need to increase the production because before the crisis in twenty thirty we were producing three hundred fifty thousand barrels a day but currently we are producing hundred eighty thousand barrels a day so we want to go back to where we used to be that's one number two blocks that has been dormant for the last five years we had as you mean the production there in block one two and four we have resumed the production number three our focus is to make sure that the new blocks. view one and b. two then a one a six we want to have new players because the players that we are having in south sudan we have seen p.c. of butternuts of malaysia or d.c. of india these are the players and the now but which is the national oil company so we wanted to move quickly. to make sure that we resume the production increase the production that's want to we need to diversify we have
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a lot of resources so also don is blessed with a lot of resources our goal culture is one of the longest river in the world. is one we have a lot of fish we have a lot of eco tourism secular part of the of the diversity that we can utilize to diversify our economy well those are the really great ambitions but would you agree that the benefits of the oil revenues of south sudan haven't really been able to translate into growth for the people of south sudan you mean for instance south sudan ranks one hundred seventy eight out of one hundred eighty countries in the corruption index so clearly there is more that needs to be done are you cognizant of the fact and what are you doing about well corruption is everywhere in the world even here in. corruption is the most important thing is what are you doing about it the president the secular having a policy which is zero tolerance on corruptions anybody who want to be corrupt that
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person will ocular face justice and this is what we have been doing of course in twenty thirty and we have a crisis in the country and this is a killer setback to the country into the people of south sudan but thank god we managed to fix it because the president is a killer for peace he has been championing this peace for many many years and now we have an agreement signed last year in twenty eighteen and this agreement. we have decided to champion peace and implement the peace agreement so now the focus is now if we have peace we will now move forward to build this country and also to provide social services for the people of south sudan. but do you agree that so far it hasn't happened well we have been trying it has not happened in a way that we wanted to have it because of the crisis in the country but we wanted to make sure that we wanted to do better than what we are doing now so oil sector is crucial to this ambition to provide for the people of south sudan let's talk about the oil sector in itself who are the players and how does the oil ministry operate because there is as you mentioned there is
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a lot of investment that is coming in for from foreign investors who obviously want to make money for themselves rather than people of south sudan well in the exploration production sharing agreement is very clearly articulated to who should get what as we speak now we have seen p.c. from china. we have. malaysia we have also and you see from india clearly it is stated that oil will be divided into profit oil and cost oil the cost of oil is go for the person of the project our production will go for cost or your sixty percent profit oil that will be shared by the partners and also by the government government of the republic of south sudan will take eighty percent of it so and this eighty percent of it this is what we will use to provide services to the people of the loss of that nobody is being cheated and we are very happy with the partnership that we have been having with the. p.c. and all the partners your website of your company says that you your ministry has
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a supervisory role in all dealings in the country whether it's local companies or foreign companies can you describe to us what that supervisory role entails and what do you do to make sure that the laws of south sudan are implemented in the letter and spirit well one thing that we are doing is to make sure that the environment is protected in the country all the oil companies that are operating in the republic of south sudan must abide by the rules and regulation of the environment so environment one of the area will not compromise on one is the local content the local people must benefit from the oil by providing so. this is a community development fund these billy schools to build clinics and also a new culture and what clean drinking water and that that has been happening in the republic of south sudan and this is what we are doing also to make sure that even the contracts that are being awarded out so sudanese are in the center of this extremely serious allegations have been leveled by the u.n.
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human rights commission in south sudan and against their revenue of oil being used by various militias to carry out crying switch amount to him described and will go into detail over those crimes are you aware and what is your reaction to that report well the enemies of peace i killed categorizing us this way. people are a killer saying the oil money is being used to fuel this war i have been in the ministry of petroleum. since two thousand and sixteen. and i can assure you there is no single dollar that has been used to buy arms in the ministry and even in the country the focus of the president of the republic of south sudan has been to bring peace because he knows very well that you will never never bring any sustainable development with peace or will continue to create problems to the country and he will continue to create miseries to the people of south sudan the
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focus is peace peace peace we are not investing in war and will not invest at all in war accusations that have been leveled against these militias of the kind of crimes that they're committing it's it's rape it's there they're burning people inside their homes when they're alive and these militias are supposedly being funded by someone and this actually this report cites a paper trail which links companies like nile pet to be behind these behind the with the operations and funding that you said that there is not a dollar that is being spent by the oil ministry but it's not directly the oil ministry it's people who are related to the oil ministry who are spending that money now has not been financing and they had to vittie is that is related to violence in the country i can i kill it tell you this because i know that it is and i know what they are receiving in terms of of money whether it is from the consortium where they are having five percent of this year's there or from
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downstream providing fuel to the country i'm not saying that there are no crimes being committed in the country and that's why the president has constituted a panel to investigate all those who are killing committing their atrocities and some of them have been sentenced to death and they are regular be prosecuted and that's why it is i care very important to note that the president will not tolerate any criminal activities whether you are in the army or you are in. the police or you are in the national security he has been so far in fighting those who are committing atrocities but that is a different between individual crimes in the uniform and i kill a crime being committed by the state that are individuals who are kill or committing crimes and they are in the service and when they are discovered the articulate earlier only any people from the oil sector there are who are being investigated right now no i'm not aware of any other so let me cite this un report to you the me quote this is the state owned nile pet oil company's operations have
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been characterized by a total lack of transparency and independent oversight and it's diverting oil revenues into the coffers of elite in the government who are behind the funding of these militias carrying out these heinous crimes are you saying this is all made of thin air you know they're there they're human beings there are already reports and they have opinions some of them they're not have who are south sudan some of them are not happy with our leadership some of them are even now criticizing the agreement that we have seen if you offer for peace why would you criticize peace that has been signed to transition the country and the people of south sudan from war to peace some people are killing not happy with this agreement simply because they don't like the players those who brought peace like the god region and also those who are regular continuing to participate in the government they're not happy with it i'm not surprised that people like. those that i have described are also participating in writing reports like this so that their brand the country as a bad country but for me south sudan is secular full of hope. yes future is very
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bright we need to organize ourselves like what president salva did now bringing peace make sure that there is internal cohesion in the country and then we will deliver services and develop this country we don't need anybody from outside to tell us what to do we will do it ourselves but what these people are identifying is not branding south sudan as you said as any and in any brush they're very specific about the kind of people who are being funded by various state institutes to carry out crimes and you said that there are people who are involved in this on individual capacity so is this something which is endemic how deep does it go into the oil ministry into nile pit and into the government of such well in the us i said before if there are individuals that are individuals even in this country and in the world what achille criminal minded people commit crimes and what we do as
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a government is to help the hold them accountable and this is what we have been doing in the ministry of petroleum now or the country we are not condoning criminal activities or those who are killing raping people i have daughters i have a wife and all of our leaders that. nobody will kili condone somebody else to rape your daughter or your wife anybody who are saying that the government is condoning it already supporting it was financing it they just don't know our culture so sudanese you will never allow rape in south sudan and we will never tolerate this but yet the rapes continue the violence continues does why vinylmation the violence against children continues yes you say that it is against the culture of south sudan but it is being committed by parties to the conflict in south sudan these are not people who come well outside most of the
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reports that you are killed reading majority of them are fabricated. they are not actually telling the truth even the success we had now for the last three years they are not being reflected in the report it is not it was only read we are sorry now in twenty twelve million two thousand and any t. . september twelfth two thousand and eighteen it is not being appreciated or not be reflected and that's why we have regular come to the conclusion that we need to bring peace to ourselves as a country as people of south sudan we need to reach out most of the oppositions now all of them that in the capital of south sudan we are working together by president went to the vatican a week ago met with. the holy see pope francis and. prayed for the people of south sudan and the whole leadership will go into vatican first week of april to make sure that there is peace and reconciliation and healing in the country so that we can deliver now services to the people of south sudan we
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have started delivering services but with the small pockets of of fighting here and there we will not be able to do more but. as we speak now there is total peace in the country where there are four hundred thousand people who have been killed since the war started more than a few million who are displaced is fighting that still continues in like you said in pockets of the country i don't think that anyone is doubting here the intentions of your government but how much of those intentions are actually going to translate into actionable progress for the people that is something which your government so far has failed that's what our michael assailing you know the number one action that we have done is bring peace we have signed peace and the peace is being implemented that's one too we have allowed all the opposition leaders to come into the country they're now in juba they are in the country they are feeling secure and safe that's one thing number three the president has launched development projects now by building highways in south sudan using the crude oil to build roads and
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power this is a killer some of the thing. that we are translated into action not words this is what we are doing and this is now myself and my colleagues in the government we are also working to make sure that the production is increased and we resume the oil blocks that has been dormant for the last five years this is also going to be translated into into money so that we can have more money and then we'll provide services to the people of south but that's the problem that we know that with more money comes more corruption and that's what various reports have been citing that a lack of transparency a lack of third party evaluations a lark of people giving people hope that their government representatives are actually going to deliver for them and the way this is been happening there is this talk about eighty million dollars which has been divested in from various oil revenues into these militias not exactly just for procuring guns but this is been going into the aviation industry which is held by you know various government
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officials who are currently part of the government and their wives and their spouses so this is an endemic problem what is the concrete step that you taking so far what you've been telling me are great intentions but what has been done so far and how are you defeated people are being dismissed people are being held. while the former mrs were dismissed before me there are people who are regular in jail because of corruption we have binocular deal of targeting people who have been they kill involved in corruption and there and they are prosecuted to me the president is actually doing the right thing and we are open books in the ministry of petroleum of finance all the whole government we are open book because basically the sellers of the oil is international commodity and we transfer the money from the buyer to the to the central bank account in new york. not in juba we have an account in the federal reserve bank in new york and in the us usa this is
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a yes definitely i'm not saying that there is no core ups and corruption everywhere in the world but the most important thing is how you deal with it mr get go your background is from a criminal justice perspective you are in a position where your country can greatly benefit from the proper functioning of your ministry what do you bring into this mr you personally satisfied of sitting in that chair for three years in achieving what you have very proud of what i have done. under the presidents died and said leadership president salva kiir. i'm also very proud that the colleagues that have been working in the government and also in the ministry of petroleum they are doing very well and very happy that also we have a neighbor sudan that is called pretty with us very well president bashir. managed to sit together with his colleagues president of uganda president of kenya
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president with the prime minister we thought here they work together and they brought peace to the people of south sudan so the explanation that we are having with sudan he's also contributing positively in resuming the production and increasing their dollar production so that so far i'm very very proud of what i have done and we will continue to do more under the leadership of president salva is there something that you wanted to achieve and you haven't been able to well kill of focusing to make sure that we have more investors to come and invest in block view one and two we have a one all the way to a six we have we also have eat two into blocks by the way it's also done is floating on oil. so sudan is full of oil only twelve percent of the whole country is explored eighty eight percent is really an exploit so that's why i'm here and i will be also traveling worldwide to make sure that the narrative of oil is not what the reports say the narrative of south sudan is peace
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prosperity full of hope and we have a lot of resources that we can use for the benefit of the people well that's a great public relations campaign and i think you know you doing a great job in taking it abroad let me let me sort of liberalism let me say is the united nations the united states rather the commerce department right now because you said you need to bring foreign direct investment into the country the this is the u.s. states united states commerce department saying sanctions on fifteenth south sudanese oil operators they were importing sources of cash for the government in an action aimed at increasing pressure on our present keer to end the country's conflict and humanitarian crisis so this is it's not just the united nations report this is the largest or oil producing company in the country in the world these are the united states government which is going to be either you partner or going against you how do you plan to bring in more investors when your country's prognosis is quite opposite to what you've been seeing speaking u.s.
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is a friend going to continue to be a friend because they have been with us during the war and they have been with us when we were conducting a friend myself i was also privileged to be in new york and washington at the same time. they will continue to be our friends what they have imposed it's not for sanctions it's restrictions. these restrictions to these oil companies basically they're saying if you want to procure any equipment for the operation of oil you need to get permission from the department of commerce we this is a very unfortunate and we're also appealing to the u.s. government to release that restriction because it is not allowing us. to do what we want to do. by the way we will continue to be friends to the u.s. just like what we are also doing now we are friend to china we are also a friend to russia we wanted to make sure that everybody in south sudan is highly
4:43 am
welcome and we will use of the resources that we are having. very. greedy and keeping it for ourselves the best ages peace and friendship your friendship with china we all know every single blog that you cite is about forty percent of their investment they are coming in but your friendship with the united states does not seem to be heading in that direction because like you said these restrictions have come because these individuals or companies have been found to have some sort of ties with the violence in south sudan you can't escape it unless you can take some real action that the world would look and see and say now that's a place we can do business with well just to tell you that yes we are a friend to us but we want to also appeal to the u.s. that you don't punish your friend when you are trying to advise them you had vies them politely tell them you are going wrong here and then you can fix it here and this is why we are regular appealing to them to ease those restrictions so that we were low continue to be in the same road we wanted to make sure that us continue to
4:44 am
be our ally. in the region. will continue to work together whatever what i'm trying to get at is that you are going to appeal to them and you are going to say that what you said was either true or false and this is what we have done so what is it that you have done which is going to persuade the americans to lift those restrictions but sometimes you know your friend can sometimes. say things about you which are not true and then you have to discuss them quietly and say this is what you have stated by me by me but this is what i am and i believe that these restrictions will be lifted but right now what you are saying is that you denying the united nations you denying the united states you are denying allegations that have been leveled by your. tribespeople in the new our tribe level allegations against the government of that you represent so all of this can't be completely false there has to be some truth to it honestly speaking. the conflict since also
4:45 am
iran has nothing to do as tribes whether it is doing. body or other tribes you know. you have something to do with the political to struggle the power . if you want for example. water took over from president salva kiir. using violence what are you going to do that then definitely that is that is a b for disaster and that's what we we went through in twenty or thirteen and we want we don't want to repeat this again anybody the focus now you have peace make sure that we focus in implementing that women and then in three years from now we will go for election and will that is elected by the people of south sudan will be the president of the republic of south sudan we don't need to fight again we don't need to subject our people into this suffering we just want to have peace so that president salva kiir will contest he if he's elected i'm sure he will be elected that he will be the president of the republic of south sudan resident people can
4:46 am
wait for another five years mr. the petroleum minister for south sudan thank you very much for talking to other their thank you very much for having. teach it strong man is ruining with an iron fist and the silence from his allies. is deafening the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have forgotten victim to his repression executions torture censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong
4:47 am
words from let's say berlin or paris or london in cairo on al-jazeera. to. up to. the corner from. the wall where there are nine. taught us is to be able to be concise expressing that exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs for the future or if you join us on sand israel is an apartheid state and in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has
4:48 am
a voice and we want to hear from you join the colobus conversation. armed vehicles transporting players riots police with guns one on one east explains why indonesian soccer fight and die for the sports analogy and on its merits. hello i'm maryam namazie and on than just a quick look at the top stories now calls for an urgent ceasefire in libya have been largely ignored by forces loyal to east and war for me for after the u.n. requested a two hour pause in the fighting in southern tripoli to evacuate the injured but half the self-styled libyan national army launched as strikes and continued its and runs toward the center of the capital and the un back government forces have called
4:49 am
on civilians to leave the area. now reports. show fools fighters loyal to the u.n. backed tripoli government to move trucks mounted with machine guns towards the libyan capital under orders to stop warlord holy for have to advance on tripoli a lot of them doubt we call on those brainwashed and radicalized to lay down their arms we will not allow the you wanted to return to rule libya will be a civil state and our pledge will be to the homeland and god we announced the launch of the volcano of wrath in order to restore the seized areas. have toes assault began last week and so far his forces say they've see some areas around the south of the capital. on saturday they said they've taken over the old airport but we pushed out by full says loyal to the tripoli based government have tolls forces
4:50 am
a fighting what they call terrorist groups that are backed by the u.a.e. saudi arabia and egypt bubs these are similarly being tripoli has become the capital of terror and terrorists tripoli is the capital for a group of criminals who number around one or two thousand. but they have weapons and they control the political decisions most dangerously they have the money by controlling the central bank of libya and the oil companies the head of libya's tripoli based government is accused have tall and his forces of betraying the country and his wound of a war without anyone is. libya's been divided between two competing governments since twenty forty analysts say have to its fighters will place stiff resistance in tripoli i don't see a lot of independent i can control marketability and that's where i'm not sure whether his forces are up to the task i mean he was able to to you know take over much of the south west. easily tripoli is going to be used to face
4:51 am
a lot of resistance so we're looking at you know a long protracted conflict the u.n. says talks to rebuild libya's fractured political system will go ahead as planned but war weary libyans are now facing the prospect of some of the worst fighting since the twenty eleven uprising that toppled former leader muammar gaddafi victoria gate and be al jazeera. and our strike by saudi u.a.e. coalition forces on a warehouse near the yemeni capital has damaged a nearby school killing eleven many of them students dozens more were wounded in the attack on a residential area east of sun are a coalition denied carrying out any strikes in the area meanwhile in syria the government there forces have killed at least fourteen people in the northwest of the country the shelling happened in the countryside with the town of sorry came hardest hit and libya is the last rebel held territory in syria it's supposed to be free of fighting under deescalation deal negotiated by russia and turkey. now sit
4:52 am
on the stuff a total power blackout on sunday this is the embattled president tomorrow bashir met army leaders to discuss the latest anti-government protests huge numbers defied a curfew to camp outside the army have horses and hard to move the night before rallying for a second day they want the army to back their demand for the president to leave office. rwandans have been marking twenty five years since the genocide when eight hundred thousand people were killed in just one hundred days thousands attended a vigil it could gollies national stadium which some sees ran to when they were attacked by hutu militia in one thousand nine hundred for more than ten percent of the country will massacred most of them a minority to seize and moderate hutus. oh oh oh. president bush began the commemorations by lighting a flame but they could gali genocide memorial more than two hundred fifty thousand
4:53 am
of the victims are believed to be buried at that site as the headlines.
4:54 am
when i asked my mother when was the last time she took the train and where did she go and she tells me yes of course i took the train because the this trade in jerusalem connects us with the rest of palestine when you look at the old photos
4:55 am
and you imagine how their lifestyle was at that time and when you visit the train station today it's like a disney bark it's it's full of restaurants full of people who are completely indifferent to the history of the of this space who are completely ignorant of words to say they don't belong you know my son often tells me you know mama these people they don't seem to belong at all to this city it doesn't go with the spirit of the people today. we were the owners of these houses seventy seven percent of west jerusalem
4:56 am
before forty eight was palestinian owned and when i talk about palestinians i talk about muslims christians and the minority of jewish people. the new first train station as they call it of choose to look at the. inside the restaurants most of those people will be palestinians probably from the west bank or from marginalized areas in to the slum with very low salaries. they are treated like garbage and this alexis that the man. just usually get that up in no way they say if they have the gift to put out. that i love unless the civil like the taliban looks good the way stand on.
4:57 am
the internet must be outlook nice man. who can come can come from the studio with the student who works. out here with the idea of us in amman many. of them will assemble the. solution. there's a place with. us. in the future i'm sure. we are to smash a set in baghdad alone say look study of a school where he will tell you. if you have had enough of having been in. custody since you build up a machine to show that this. was a big deal out of the whole thing on this you know it's not mechanical sophia this is a look it's not a saudi and i want to see
4:58 am
a commander that i we have on him bought some having bought a. good . deal. my father's house is exactly opposite this street which becomes their lower back in arabic or. the colony so let's go to my father's house and i hope they won't call the police so we'll do it very quickly. this is my father's house the house of the amount my father lived in this house for eight years from the forty's until forty eight with his mother he was chased out of the house like most of the palace.


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