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yemen is in ruins after years of fighting between government forces backed by the saudi u.a.e. coalition and who the rebels and despite growing international pressure there's still no end in sight for what's being called the world's worst manmade humanitarian crisis in somalia him al-jazeera. of syrian government forces have killed at least fourteen people in the northwest of the country shelling happened in the countryside but the town of sark it hardest hit is the last rebel held territory in syria supposed to be free of fighting under deescalation deal negotiated by russia and turkey. it with the news hour live from london more still ahead for you on the program. the numbers swell in sit down this protest as rally outside army headquarters for a second day urging the military to back them. why despite a nationwide fuel shortage in haiti a ship loaded with oil is refusing to dock and find out why it was
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a special hong kong sevens tournament the p.g.a. that story we are in the sport. have been marking twenty five years since the genocide when eight hundred thousand people were killed in just one hundred days thousands attended a vigil it could gollies national stadium which some to seize ran to when they were attacked by hutu militia in one thousand nine hundred four al-jazeera is andrew simmons is in the capital where a wanderings are now observing one hundred days of mourning. it's a flame that will burn for a hundred days the time it took to kill hundreds of thousands of people but for many of the bereaved and injured shining any light on rwanda's darkness is as hard now as it was twenty five years ago. large crowds took the remembrance walk from
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the wonders parliament to its national stadium unspoken thoughts here but the spirit of solidarity earlier the president has addressed the country the are at concord. from the industry is profound hope. law community is beyond repair. and that beginning of the people is never fully extinguished the prime minister the former colonial power belgium made this apology. this genocide represents the failure of the international community which couldn't war which couldn't prevent which couldn't stop this crime against humanity i stand before you in the name of a country that also wants to take responsibility for its part in history for some
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of the survivors the passage of time hasn't helped this man was ten when the genocide happened more than a hundred of his relatives died including his mother and father it seems to go harder for you. and i for not using. hope is center stage in the process of kuka meaning remembrance in the rwandan language gummi says we must learn to forgive but not to forget well that's hard to see in the eyes of so many genocide survivors what they say is one thing what they really feel doesn't necessarily amount to forgiveness and so paul could ghar me is banking on the younger faces we see in the crowds the new generation he
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hopes there's more chance of forgiveness with them than the older generation we spoke to two people pulled in the year of the genocide this man explaining why he always comes to the remembrance whenever we come here we learn much there will be a vessel or we never had so whatever we get here cops i see in terms of you know i can see a showings in terms of putin i saw those and a student with a message to people all over the world you know they have to learn chorus. we don't have any rhetorical haven't you to say we are rundowns and we love each other which is not a hormone. song they have to learn from miles apart from carefully is as a day of emotional exhaustion draws to an end by tradition there's lights in the darkness a vigil going on into the night's more than thirty thousand people collectively
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mourning the past and for some tentatively wearily looking to the future and to simmons zero zero. zero commemorations and i sing about honoring the many who were killed but it's also a time to reflect on stories of survival including this man who was just a child when the killings began in one thousand nine hundred four. a marine named enters a. thirty four yes or. genocide one the genocide survivor. i was in to getit him up when the genocide says that. the law is a member of my family between one hundred people and one fifteen people the genocide was like ten years because one day you can you count like one month because every time they had a highway cam to kill to tease and you say today is my last.
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i got. a chance because one of my neighbor. was also on the tool. muslim hides us. and. the other one had a pillow to survive the genocide or remember one of my uncle and. he was good. uncle at that like my father to give. sometimes. the gifts and the great smile in the new year and there we used to dance with you and to see we don't know really where your knees but his skill right in here how would you know by the young generation you don't think about the what or towards india is wanted on with that because we don't have that it's nick now just speak the same language we have the same car each other. we have to some
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for everything is a wonder you don't think about what to and to see sometimes i have my dreams by the genocide. they put it if because. i have to tell the people is to have a hole for their life because even. you're probably are you from are members of day is not the end of life. you have to walk heart sink positively. and to give the love for everybody. the love it's never simple like. so done suffered a total power blackout on sunday this is a battle president tomorrow beacham at army leaders to discuss the latest anti-government protests at least six people were killed in saturday's rallies but huge numbers defied a curfew to camp outside the army headquarters and are to move the night before
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rallying for a second day they want the army to back their demand for the president to leave office in germany and quite reports back up it's the second day of a sit in at the sudanese army headquarters in khartoum the first time crowds have reached this part of the city since anti-government rallies began in december over the price of bread and escalated into calls for an end to president omar bashir his three decade will by now. they face the army compound calling for freedom of the protesters once the military to support their goal to remove the president i think it's time to crush. the military will have to side with the region and. a bit the correct. that's a possibility or they would have to take a stand at least. try to ask for the president to resign the same way
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as happened in alt. but it appears saddam's military is not yet ready to go that far as the protests continued president bush met with leaders of the army to discuss the crisis the defense council which is headed by bashir says the protesters must be heard but warned against letting the country's like deeper into chaos. security forces have responded to the protest movement with the fees crackdown. dozens of people have been killed since the protests began according to an international human rights group but the army has not intervened riot police fired tear gas at protesters. and at one point which senses reported the sound of gunshots. the. president bashir has stepped down as head of his ruling party in the hope of calming the protests
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but the demonstrators insist they won't give up until his presidency comes to an end. where al-jazeera. all sudanese doctors abroad have also been playing a part in the protests joining me in the studio now is assam junger who is vice president of sudan's doctors union u.k. which is a pro opposition group thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us how significant is it that we have seen the protesters and harder to not only be able to reach the headquarters of the army but to camp outside for a second night thank you very much for having me today of listening we have seen this coming you know we been calling for protests increasing numbers increased its hard to reach the headquarters of the army we have souls and should be been sitting in front of the headquarter of the army in khartoum. and of course all
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eyes now on how the army positions. self and how they are likely to respond what do you anticipate might happen in the coming days in a way i think the nature of this brutal regime anything can happen obviously the higher rank of the army follow the president in his brutal approach to suppression of peaceful protests but we are relying on the middle rank and the lower ranks of the army who are sitting on protecting people actually we have the report of one officer being injured possibly a sniper shot him while he's protecting peaceful protesters so we think and we hope that the army does the duty or protect. the nice people. and bring in this to
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a peaceful. but at the same time i suppose you can't underestimate how deeply ingrained integrated the army as an institution is in the kind of established political structure in the country right as a dictator of around the world this is the nature of the dictatorship and this dictatorship is a very very prudent psychologists who say they are operating in a system of group thing where dissent is not allowed but i think people will look at their moral inner self and join or protest and join our people to get this to the end. but want. freedom and change. and these are indeed lofty goals because we have seen president bashir survive these types of protests before he has been power for three decades now tell me what
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you think is different about these demonstrations can. to those we've seen in the past also not just the ministration this is a process of peaceful change and we got a lot of this in our disposals actually were not talking about peaceful change no we're talking about peaceful change but you are talking of the term this regime has gone we have already got policies procedures in place for the transitional period in sudan stock trades union hostetter conference today about the health care after this regime has gone we are actually preparing for the future of so that and we are sure this regime will go well thank you. joining us vice president of sudan's doctors union. thank you. now thousands of supporters of brazil's former president lula da silva have rallied outside the prison way he's being held
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the end of his first year in jail the silver is serving a twelve year sentence for corruption and money laundering supporters say he's innocent and a victim of political persecution that many other brazilians are using a day to celebrate the country's crackdown on corruption. is growing frustration in haiti a prolonged nationwide fuel shortage a ship loaded with oil is sitting off the coast but it's refusing to bring it in till the country pays most of the sixty million dollars it owes for previous deliveries alan fischer explains. it's become part of daily life in haiti codes gathering your own fuel stations hoping this will be the day there will be a delivery and. i have money to look for petrol but unfortunately i can't find any in the country with no fuel people will die if someone is sick and needs to be transported to the emergency hospital what will happen is she will die because of the gas crisis they bring any container they can find even
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a small amount to fuel my pony. or little car or bike operate for a couple of days venezuela used to provide the island with cheap oil but it stopped a year ago because of its own internal issues now the country's government has to buy fuel supplies on the open market the company which ships oil to haiti has had a tanker ready to dorchen port au prince since february but says there will be no delivery until a huge chunk of an outstanding sixty million dollar bill is paid. for the gas crisis is causing the people to suffer greatly especially those who share transport it's causing a lack of electricity in the country and there are plenty of places that spend days without electricity it's a serious crisis and will lower the production of the country and the economy and will cause a considerable impact on all growth for this year some of those who fuel have been selling it but jacking up the price of them when they receive there is no government in the country because people are spending the night in misery to get petrol. the contract should have been respected and paid on time to deliver the oil
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those who are in elected positions should be ashamed of themselves. many have been told deliveries will resume tomorrow. to morrow is always another day away alan fischer. votes. in tanzania. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast always seems a very messy weather here across parts of western europe but now
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a lot of that cloud a lot of that rain is making its way down here towards the south you can see across parts of rome as well as into much of the balkans and we're going to seems a very heavy rain over the next few days across greece now we have already picked up areas of flooding in that region and unfortunate the rain is going to continue here on monday and probably as we get to tuesday as well take a look at your forecast map as we go from monday to tuesday much of that rain stays in the same location that area of low pressure really is going to be stationary also affecting parts of western turkey as well so we will be watching this area very carefully up here towards the north though it is a change of temperature for berlin you were in the high teens now on tuesday your high temperature may be getting to about eleven degrees there now across parts of egypt you could be severe change of temper too for cairo you are seeing about a thirty five degree temperature day as we enter the week now we're going to be seeing about twenty nine as your high on monday and then as we go towards tuesday it is going to be a little bit cooler than that at about twenty eight degrees windy conditions up
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here towards algiers and nineteen and we are looking for parts of morocco it is going to be clouds with maybe some showers in the forecast weather but see a temperature of about eighteen degrees there. april on al-jazeera faultlines is back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories of the world's third largest democracy heads to its presidential and legislative elections a documentary explores how the united states and the european union a turning a blind eye to egypt's violations of human rights a prime minister modi is seeking a second term with a campaign dominated by talk of a cash man pakistan will he succeed an exclusive look at the goals behind russia's current foreign policy explained by some of the insiders who helped shape the kremlin's ideology a pro on al-jazeera. armed vehicles
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transporting players roy it's proof we've got one on one east explores why indonesian soccer fans fight and die for the sports analogy of the arctic. welcome back to the news hour recap of the top stories calls for. have been largely ignored by forces loyal to eastern warlord honey for hafta the u.n. requested a two hour pause in the fighting in southern tripoli to evacuate the. libyan national army continued its advance towards the center of the capital and by saudi
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u.a.e. coalition forces near the yemeni capital has damaged and nearby school killing at least eleven many of them students dozens more were wounded. and thousands of people have rallied outside the army headquarters in sudan for a second day calling for the army to remove the president from power six protesters were killed in saturday's demonstrations. turkey has criticized israel's prime minister over an election promise to an exit legal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank on saturday netanyahu said he would extend israeli self and if he wins tuesday's election they missed that moderates jeffersonian called benjamin netanyahu is comments irresponsible but palestinian latest say they want surprised by the promise. we expected ducks. netanyahu has been seeing that the for the last twenty years. maybe not publicly
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but this time you know he was encouraged by your trumps the policies sometimes actions when trump decided to do the knowledge it was a most captive of israel. is that it's over until the. local buy a seat in hearts. why not if trump approves of that subset of anything that you know i ask on the mound they want you not just to google for the amount from him through condition all of these are going to over the local by the west bank and it looks set to be a tight race between netanyahu and his main rival former army chief benny gantz and they poll released on friday shows the prime minister is right when he could posse neck and neck with dance a centrist blue and white policy they are sitting even with twenty eight seats each party's missa care a majority of sixty one seats out of a hundred twenty to form
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a government so they need to form a coalition to get across the line face with a strong challenger and corruption charges less and yahoo is going on the attack against his opponents the legal system and the media is critics saying he's again using race to divide vices are a force that has more from west jerusalem. four years ago benjamin netanyahu pushed the raisman who gambled to booze in a facebook video on polling day he used fears of the palestinian israeli vote to mobilize his own core support. for that but in this campaign israel's prime minister has deployed race as an issue unapologetically and much earlier in the piece as most controversial move drawing criticism from moderates at home and jewish organizations in the u.s. has been to engineer a coalition of smaller right wing parties that includes the supremacist jewish power one of whose candidates has been barred from standing for inciting racism against palestinians from all parties incitement racism against the
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palestinians in general and the palestinian minority in particular against the leadership of the palestinian minority clear statements that they are not part of the political democratic game in israel. one of the whom you know whose lines of attack against his main rival blue and white party has been that they would need the support of palestinian israeli parties to block him from forming a coalition that was taken up by israeli model lawyer and t.v. presenter returned seller who used her instagram page to ask and what's the problem with the arabs calling on the government to tell people they lived in a country of all its citizens and all people are born equal israel's prime minister engaged telling his own six million strong social media following an important correction israel is not a country of all its citizens adding israel is the nation state of the jewish nation and it's alone israeli jews are concerned and in some cases with good reason
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about the attitudes to israel of the duly elected arab leadership and therefore he's tapping into something that you know has some that exists and has some basis i would say for lots of israelis but he's taking it into. very disharmonious. direction's netanyahu denies that he's a few division insisting his likud party has served the interests of palestinian israelis benjamin netanyahu is throwing everything he can at this campaign as he battles to stay in office face down corruption charges and cement his legacy but his opponents say that legacy will be permanently tainted by the way he's chosen to fight this election sorry for al-jazeera questers. joining me now is a professor of international ations at regent university here in london so we have a promise from benjamin netanyahu to start an exciting parts of the west bank if he is reelected tell us more about why he's raising this now were as many promises
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from the time you know there are broken promises from attorney i wouldn't take it too seriously two days before the election it's more than anything is it shows the pressure involved for sleep in jos a limb the presidency of the prime minister resign the pressure he needs to win the election not only because you want to stay in power because he has legal issues that we need to resolve and to stay in government this will help him to stay out of court and maybe out of jail so following it's kosher and he will do anything at this point. he out of the head what he's doing right now is strong to get some of the votes from the right he wants to be in the lead in is that it's most important thing is to look at the bloke's what is very rigidly looks the right and weak i think it's more complex than that but if the blue and white gets more votes and they think they can form a coalition this fourteen minute dangerous for me spawn to view situation so you
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would like to a few seats small and think that he can form their own two wing coalition in order to do this in these the then shows in five parties like the jewish home that all have the poor missed the deaths what they want to do and then they will push nathaniel to do as you say he's under political pressure because he elect. he's under pressure from corruption charges as well how would vote as then respond to a place like this the thing is voters usually react to being respond to him and we saw it in the last election if old quite a few election and got the upper hand the question we've the co-op's in the issues with the fog with patients we finish the present something which is not by no stretch of the imagination left but central center right center left that can be in the film the thieves and we filed painted. by co-option chargers is under pressure because of this because they might just. gets the result of the
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there won't but there's a problem is i don't think you really want to do that because you don't think you already perceive this if you look at the context of president trump recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital recognizing israel's control over the land heights there is a president things that you have with mr miller actually is a very cautious politician with the gut between what he says no two things these is massive if you look at this circle they're both an exception there were slick cases flew the other parties puts legislation in front of the knesset too and they expose of the west bank and he was against it so he's actually more careful about it but as you say the into the mission of conditions so different now in actually you might believe in what you say as though it's not necessarily is intention to begin with thank you very much from regent university and london yes and that's michael barrymore thank you. on out will than forty animals have been evacuated from
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a ramshackle zoo in the gaza strip and are being resettled in jordan and africa the animal welfare group four paws described their conditions as unimaginably dreadful the rough says it has been able to properly care for the animals because of a lack of funds it made headlines last month of the declawing a lion so customers could pay to play with. so the lions are physically in a good condition the lion from south roma plays through different leagues are common ties the upstairs small cage no space to move it was the wrong feeding not enough feeding in the last months is and that was the last years in fact the lions are in very very small place it is because they never touches the grass in their life so this is very sad. when out the iranian right present says u.s. sanctions are preventing any foreign financial aid from assisting victims of recent floods iran's special forces chief visited the flood hit southwestern kazakhstan
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province on sunday the government has promised that all flood victims will be fully compensated at least seventy people have died and more than eighty thousand have been moved to emergency shelters since the heavy rains began last month was now potential for further flooding in the northeast of the country al-jazeera whether presenter rob mccallum explains the second half of march was particularly western iran especially in the west under thirty six millimeters in the province of laura's term which is the mountains eventually accumulate to the lower levels in courses and this is where we see particularly bad fighting at the confluence of two rivers now the heaviest rain has moved on this is the last forty eight hours you see the cloud is somewhat dispersed the floods are still there of course so the forecast is not critical well that's the picture for monday and you can see the main rain which is the green on these charts is a lot further east now if i take you've had the next three maybe four days this is
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how the picture looks this is accumulating rain virtually nothing where we've got the current flooding but the potential maybe for something further north east. pakistan has released one hundred indian fisherman from prison as tensions with new delhi ease the men were arrested for fishing in pakistani waters august on's foreign office says more than two hundred other indian prisoners will be released in four groups starting monday tensions between the two countries have been running high since a suicide car bombing by pakistan based militants in indian controlled kashmir killed at least forty indian paramilitary police in february civilians are being period periodically barred from using a major highway in indian administered kashmir only allowing military and paramilitary units to use it for two days a week until next month the government says it's to prevent attacks similar to the one in february while india's government regularly suspends mobile internet services during times of unrest in indian administers kashmir the latest shutdown
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was on saturday after its soldiers killed two fighters in shopian district but blocking the internet is damaging the region's development as bernard smith explains. his reliance on the internet as most entrepreneurs anywhere she sells kashmir addresses to customers worldwide but in india not administered kashmir is essential tool of modern business is cut sometimes several times a month without warning by the government have to upload it to do with my customers and i have. to do everything online only so for that i need internet. and right now we have ingrained the first century and we have every day to use it in but we had anybody tell you that by. almost half the internet blackout in india in the last five years we're in the disputed
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territory of jammu and kashmir that's according to a study from stanford university in the u.s. online access issue usually card after unrest to prevent what the government calls inflammatory content spreading online the shutdown often did not do order and last was ordered snuggled in. the room when i was going to summer not the visuals or the developers or to the blog where barium says what i would acquired. in twenty sixteen when there was sustained unrest across india not administered kashmir the government shut down the internet for two hundred three days. for students here denying them internet access stops their research cuts them off from friends and fuels resentment is just key it's you know and it must fear of fear and it must fear of just being in doing lumi more so because having the internet's nastily it also affects us a heap because you feel like you're in a place where like this is
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a big issue you don't have the internet this issue is affecting your life the stanford university study says internet shutdowns over the last five years have cost indian businesses more than three billion dollars and the study found no evidence that taking people off line reduced protests or eased unrest bernard smith al-jazeera. the president of the multi-verse has declared a sweeping victory for his party in the country's parliamentary election the official results have yet to be released but it could be the first time a single party's won an outright majority since the maldives became a multi-party democracy in two thousand and eight brain mohammed soni says he wants to use the victory to restore political freedoms and tackle corruption us president on all traumas white house chief of staff says the president's tax returns will never be handed over to democratic lawmakers speaking to fox news sunday mick mulvaney accuse the democrats of you.


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