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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 97  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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limbs all check early all the muslim out media any old. shimmed i judge it limbered almost any good uses a monkey. yes. because.
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i didn't. miss it it was just i've been in jail. is a mystery to. me did you just. look at the. title of it. is i'm almost. sick because you make. some. really bad that of my guys that somebody like yourself talks or someone in the military should.
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to. before mother. talked a great game we're all i. don't. give a david about our kind of. writer start. yet another biscuit audition then. get it or teach. or teach the music but i started out of church. by the christ and i become better writer because. among us. were terrorizing because i thought i'd be moved to the light of my water starting.
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the school stumble. from beginning bit of something rather. than sort of but to let your kind of secret stumble run stumble again it is on high it on a high out to anger yes. and it really be me my need to do is. let alone by you sad because sometimes i don't see the begin using even more than michigan is that will not get a chick if we call me chick to. save money and giving the. beer. pop didn't a video from. motor. car to much on them is the. mother of our carrier i'm. sorry to be a new. record now some i thought was
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a big team is that every article. they can let every parcher he fact and all me i even assist shocked a lot of the lifted him on the how to last we begin it and show us music saw thank you today through all the stories that i do ya ming banjac. music you'll be rolled back to russia. music gets rejected. music how could argue with us jani all member to be able to be each than be caught than be. really thought of our music the cache banjac center the last can see the reporters surely do this to. give a cheap status quo sound my. share must be a shock service to the sharks and i feel this song we shall. we too will. do.
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so. it it.
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he came from a wealthy background in paris and became an artist against his family's wishes he went on to bring a fresh perspective to oriental painting falling in love with sahal and culture making his home and converting to islam. zero world tells the story of the city in the game and his unique artistic work. the french oriental list.
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hello again welcome back we're here cross united states it has been very messy in terms of severe weather down expression across much of the south you can see all the clouds right there on our satellite image well we do have some very warm air across that region a lot of humidity as well that is what is helping to fuel those thunderstorms and we're going to be seeing a lot of that action make its way towards the east of the next few days so for atlanta we could be seeing some airport delays at hartsfield airport up here towards washington we do expect to see a warm day at twenty six but it is going to be stormy as well new york on monday twenty degrees but once this front begins to push through we're going to be seeing
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some of those cities get a little bit cooler so for new york your temperature will be coming down to about fifteen degrees washing will stay nice but the active weather is still going to remain down here across much of the southeast well here across the caribbean as well as into mexico expect to see some rain showers over the next few days particularly towards the northern part of central america making its way towards mexico for guatemala it is going to be a rainy day there the showers do increase in intensity over the next few days and we are going to see havana see a mostly cloudy day few with temperatures of about thirty one degrees and then very quickly across parts of argentina things looking quite nice when one is out as of the next few days it is going to be about twenty five with ascension say high temperature of twenty seven. for the nomadic jacka tribe survival is about reaching their destination if we don't hurry will never be able to get the top up in the storm we follow the
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mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. dangerous the ice is then as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life into the desert into sometimes luser cattle there was the cold war because of the storm risking it all mongolia on al-jazeera.
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he did it on what iraq war back in world interview i needed on last year's team we're on. in here i lost the email or. because generally haiti. bill who they. are they gave one of them was. to give me this delete. ignore how do i keep she. beat back. like now or that vince. might be able. to add a feature i've lost a bit of. a lot of sleep i'm not certain at all they are such then you have male would find them all millionaires and i hate maggie while. they're going to love. until all cool and all of.
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their good i was in no importance or without meeting assume that has come to that i have come generations of generation. that did not want to be shot. this is al-jazeera. ellen malcolm i'm david this is the news hour live from doha it is good to have a company coming up in the next sixty minutes the u.s. calls for warlord charges offensive in libya. thousands of protesters
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in sudan challenge the authority of their president ignoring a curfew outside the military headquarters. the u.s. homeland security secretary posed with speculation that the border issue led to her downfall. ever. forgive. but. twenty five years on or a wonder remembers the hundreds of thousands of victims of the genocide. fighting around libya's capital is intensifying off the airstrikes launched by the u.n. backed governments and. forces after troops are reported to be preparing to open new fronts in their push towards tripoli the u.s.
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has called for an immediate appalled to have to as offensive and says there's no military solution to libya's problems the u.n. backed tripoli government says at least eleven people have been killed since thursday the ahead has this report from tripoli. tripoli government moved trucks mounted with. machine guns too does the libyan capital under orders to stop will have to advance on tripoli a lot of them there we call on those brainwashed and radicalized to lay down their arms we will not allow the you wanted to return to roll libya will be a civil state and our pledge will be to the homeland and god we announced the launch of the volcano of wrath in order to restore the seized areas. have to his assault began last week and so far his forces say they have seized some areas around the south of the capital. saturday the sand the taking over the old a port
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but were pushed out by forces loyal to the tripoli based government have to his forces have now increased that attacks opening new fronts in the south of tripoli they unbagged government in the capital is urging civilians to leave as where there is fighting a naturalist called by the un was ignored by all sides. have to his forces say they are fighting terrorist to grooves that are backed by the. arabia and egypt are fully tripoli has become the capital of terror and terrorists tripoli is the capital for a group of criminals who number around one or two thousand but they have weapons and they control the political decisions no stranger sway they have the money by controlling the central bank of libya and the oil companies. the head of libya's tripoli based government has accused the health and his forces of betraying the country and has won it over would without any winners. libya has been divided
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between two competing government says twenty fourteen analysts say have to do the fighters will thesis to freezes dinse in tripoli i don't see any lack of intent i control marketability and that's where i'm not sure whether his forces are up to the task i mean he was able to you know be over much of the south whereas we usually tripoli is going to be used to face a lot of resistance so we're looking at you know a long drive to conflict the u.n. says talks to rebuild libya's fractured political system will go ahead as planned but would really libyans are now facing the prospect of some of the worst fighting since the twenty eleven uprising the toppled former leader. mahmoud up to. tripoli. let's get you some background on how far hafter he's been part of libya's
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political scene for more than four decades he joined the military in one thousand nine hundred sixty one and became part of a group led by colonel gadhafi would seize power from king edris in one nine hundred sixty nine gadhafi promoted have to and put him in charge of libyan forces fighting in chad during the one nine hundred eighty s. it was captured in one thousand nine hundred seven and gadhafi disowned him once released have tar defected from the army and went into exile in the u.s. that's where he received backing from the cia and he formed a group aimed at overthrowing gadhafi he briefly return to libya and two thousand and eleven to take part in the uprising against gadhafi then and twenty fourteen he gave a televised address calling on libyans to overthrow the elected parliament. a year later after i was made commander of the forces of the tobruk government that's a rival to the un back of or met in tripoli and then twenty seventeen his self-styled libyan national army seize the eastern city of benghazi which then
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became his power base apple ethical analysts he says sherry says have ties facing an uphill battle though to take over tripoli and begin to flee will be more about guy than about military action what he's doing probably. now is negotiating with different militia leaders gibli you know that to get in and that's the only way to go in that if that's what he did actually went back to an area. where him and that's what he's planning to do in tripoli. where the moment is the deal was not broken yet between him and some of the mediation readers in tripoli the different groups of mistrust that insanity plea and that in dismiss him not welcoming him as a greater as we hope and we didn't see neither seen with that to welcome him
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in the in the area now trying to take over so it's either that we are at the very beginning of the campaign in that he has another plan or that is actually the. no one thing i mean i the military but that he for the moment use air power but obviously the air capacity that he had are not strong enough to. be on he's on the d.n.a. forces and the different forces that are on the ground so again. for the moment he's not really winning the war but we are maybe at the beginning of. a long and respected a lot like we've seen with been a dud. thousands of protesters are continuing to defy a curfew in the sudanese capital khartoum demanding the president resign parade i.
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they're all doing a sit in outside omar al bashir as residents and the nearby army headquarters for a second day at least eleven people have been killed in protests across the dance and saturday but your security council is calling for dialogue to end the crisis. and where has this report thanks it's the second day of a sit in at the sudanese army headquarters in khartoum the first time crowds have reached this part of the city since anti-government rallies began in december over the price of bread and escalated into calls for an end to president omar bashir is three decade will. they face the army compound calling for freedom of the protesters once the military to support their goal to remove the president i think it's time to crunch. the military will have to side with the region and it and i bet they're correct. that's
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a possibility or they would have to take a stand at least. try to ask for the president to resign the scene with us happy. buzz's appears sudan's military is not yet ready to go that far as the protests continued president bush met with leaders of the army to discuss the crisis the defense council which is headed by bush says the protesters must be heard but warned against letting the country's like deeper into chaos. security forces have responded to the protest movement with the fees crackdown. dozens of people have been killed since the protests began according to an international human rights group but the army has not intervened riot police fired tear gas at protesters. and at one point which since is reported the sound of
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gunshots. the. president bashir has stepped down as head of his ruling party in the hope of calming the protests but the demonstrators insist they won't give up until his presidency comes to an end. al-jazeera. well the european union has called on the sudanese government to respect the rights of protesters amid accusations of a crackdown by the security forces and a statement says there should be a commitment to a peaceful credible legitimate and inclusive process that will allow saddam to carry out essential reforms and also said peaceful demonstrations should be permitted security forces should not use cherry gas and live ammunition against peaceful protesters it's male sudanese american journalist and virginia and he says the defiance shown by the protesters is unprecedented. what happened on saturday april sixth i think is
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a game changer in this wave of protest i personally did not expect that large number of people. make a sit in right in front of the army's headquarters and stay that long and they hardly not to intervene in the way that it has done in the past so i think the government is really assessing how it will handle the coming weeks. with with the upping of the ante of this wave of protests to the images that are coming out of khartoum show that soldiers even. middle and and somewhat high ranking. merging with of the protesters addressing them no not firing on them i think that tells you something whether you know there's been suggestions that there is seems to be some thing of a division between the army and security and intelligence forces and how and
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how to deal with this whether the army actually will respond to the protesters demand. that they. help in removing the president i think that remains to be seen. there's plenty more still ahead this hour including going nowhere a top american airline extends the grounding of the plane at the center of crash investigation. and lining up for just a little bit of fuel growing in haiti as a crisis. for the race for the italian title but the event has to look like mission impossible. so the u.s. secretary of homeland security kirsten nelson is out donald trump announced that she'd be leaving her position over twitter and while nielsen said.


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