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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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and how on how to deal with this whether the army actually will respond to the demands. the. removal of president i think that remains to be seen and there's plenty more still ahead this news hour including going nowhere at top american airline extends the grounding of the plane at the center of crash investigations. and lining up for just a little bit of fuel frustrate sions growing into haiti as a crisis deepened. and supported the race for the italian title by capturing the event has to look like mission impossible. so the u.s. secretary of homeland security kirsten nelson out donald trump announced that she'd be leaving her position over twitter and while nelson says she resigned it it's
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clear that trumps been less than happy of late with how the southern border has bee the handled article again takes a look at her legacy. it's fair to say the cures to nielsen will go down in history as the most controversial secretary in the history of the young department of homeland security she put in place what many saw as draconian policies under her watch thousands of children were ripped from their parents trying to cross the southern border many housed in crowded camps until a federal judge stepped in and demanded the families be reunited she leaves office with potentially thousands of children misplaced separated from their families and the government now says it could take up to two years to reunite them all because for many they didn't keep appropriate paperwork her actions were met with scorn and widespread protests at her home. i don't restaurant with marches across the u.s. and pleas from overseas that has got me to beg and asked president donald trump to
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please return my baby soon i don't want to keep waiting a long time two months is enough punishment for mothers to learn not to cross she responded with a tweet saying there is no formal policy of separating families and justified her order with this this is ministration did not create a policy of separating families at the border both of those statements were lies simply not true according to inspector general's report she also attempted to end the program that allowed hundreds of thousands of people from honduras and el salvador to stay in the u.s. legally some who had been here for twenty years. she was also known for going out of her way to try and publicly please her boss asked in congress about reports he referred to african countries with a curse word she deflected asked why he wanted more people to immigrate from countries like norway her response was widely criticized. predominately white
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country. i actually do not know that serve but i imagine that is the case she made sure not to upset the president when asked about russian interference in the election i haven't seen any evidence that the attempts to interfere in our election infrastructure was to favor a particular political party but there is evidence the intelligence community has explicitly said the russians wanted to help president trump. in repeated trips to the border recently the president made it clear he's so security here as an important campaign issue he says he wants his officials to be tougher and even though she was repeatedly by his side and said she supported his policies in the end none of it was enough to please the president she tried so publicly to impress leaving her department more controversial there when she came and more concretely thousands of families with the permanent scars of separation. al-jazeera washington
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. and bill schneider is a political analyst of the public policy and public policy professor at george mason university and joins us from washington d.c. thank you very much for coming on the program as we heard there in that report. she was homeland security secretary was an ardent supporter of many of trump's controversial contentious policies that seemed to back him on a lot of polarizing issues so why do you think she was removed or resigned. the president made a pledge to his supporters when he was first elected in two thousand and sixteen that he would do something about illegal immigration well the problem is getting worse and the president does not want to face the supporters again next year and have to answer for the fact that illegal immigration has become a more serious problem than when he took office he's embarrassed by that and he holds her partly responsible would you say this her departure signals a change in policy in any way perhaps becoming even more hard line against
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immigration exactly he wants a tougher policy he nominated the candidate to be the director of the immigration and customs authority but then he withdrew their nomination because he said you need someone who's tougher and nielsen was a supporter of his initial nominee he wants a tougher policy he's trying to close the border much of which would be illegal he wanted her he was pushing her to refuse to accept any more applications for asylum which would have been illegal and there were clearly places where she drew the line and refused to do what the president wanted her to do there is much speculation has that parts of her departure has to do with how she managed the president or was on able to manage the president so what kind of a person do you think needs to be in that position for trump to be happy or at least to support. someone who will actually do something about the problem if
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it means closing the border close the border he can't get the money for the wall that he promised out of congress he claims he can get it from emergency spending that's likely to be tied up in the courts and he now wants the homeland security department just to shut down the border and would be very difficult it might be illegal but he wants someone to take drastic action and some of the people in the white house are with him on this they want the problem resolved before he has to answer to the voters and most particularly to his supporters because it was a key issue that got him elected but the question still remains is regardless of who is in that position would they still be able to get the funding that he wants for the wall or even push harder against immigration that is is this just all cosmetic well he wants someone who will do whatever it takes and that could be some illegal steps like shutting down the ports of entry to the united states no the homeland security secretary could not get the money out of congress they made it very clear they're not going to authorize or allocate that money goes funds to
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build a wall and it's probably going to go to court before it's resolved and may not be resolved before the election so it's not clear what the homeland security secretary can actually do but the president has made it very clear that he wants someone to be tougher and more aggressive than secretary nicholson was thank you so much bill schneider with george mason university great to get your insight. saudi arabia state television says two suspects who attacked a security checkpoint in the east of the kingdom have been killed a man carrying explosives are said to have targeted a checkpoint in abu hadria that's maybe a shia area it's about five hundred kilometers northeast of the capital riyadh the highway links the east providence to bahrain and kuwait to others linked to the attack have also been arrested. the nissan chief who is fighting financial misconduct charges is expected to be sacked from the carmaker's board and just in
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the coming hours carl is going was removed as chairman after his arrest in november shareholders are meeting in japan's capital so cute to discuss the next move against a sixty five year old going and his wife have both been protesting his innocence and in a video appeal going to call for help from the french government can get more on this from five salaam in a row who's live for us in tokyo so far the what's expected to happen today. well today there will be a general meeting going to. the main shareholders will meet. we are very expecting dot com was going would be removed i don't cite it is. just and clearly they would be removed from the board of directors this is a very important step by actually in the case because if you distance gone from. the center officials on his influence would be almost zero in any on any officials
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there and actually the model we're going to see press conference by his lawyers they're going to they're going to show us show that media actually a video video message recorded by. just before he was that instance on thursday. is not saying that don't want him to say that that's what he tweeted because he wanted us to just one day before he was arrested so more and more the case is going to get is getting communicated today you know it would be also the end of this is not easy to get this stuff to do that going to. put in the company photo for almost didn't get to the gate so it's very important day for to go and for me sometimes when and fadi go on and his wife are both calling i'm trying to lobby for international help can you explain what it is that they're trying to get.
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actually i was you know going was. for the one one hundred eight days before he was released on bail just a couple of feet so go out and this is an affair. this is if some media outlets well it's. just that it means he was interrogated without the presence of his lawyers and the situation is that he's going to jump on boats and many companies especially ones think companies it's not very common so he and his wife they appeal for the company the french government actually but then you know that even if the national. human rights are going to. be import of sending this kind of. interrogation with him when he got his plane but now there's none to me from me why he got released the one thing i spent on his wife. when he was that i said on thursday his wife. is possible it was confiscated by the prosecutors as they all
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said to be questioned and volunteered leave bases but soon a few was they confiscated and lebanese plus what on their head might fall but she left the country on a friday and apparently she arrived but is using had us possible and since she had rights you know. seems that she is asking french government to husband and facing this this case which they say in stage one himself in seven statements winning in that race he said that he was betrayed and he was a victim and in that we not i spoke about just going to go just one day before he was he had us the don't thursday he said that he wanted to say that truth but the next day he was race that. so little we're going to see what he's going to say in this video message his billion is not going to do the whole lot of fighting. can
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thanking. the ones have been marking twenty five years since the genocide in which saw eight hundred thousand people killed in just one hundred days thousands attended a vigil at the national stadium in the capital kigali it's the beginning of an official hundred days of mourning and under seven service there it's a flame that will burn for a hundred days the time it took to kill hundreds of thousands of people but for many of the bereaved and injured shining any light on rwanda's darkness is as hard as it was twenty five years ago. large crowds took the remembrance walk through windows paula meant to its national stadium unspoken thoughts here but the spirit of solidarity earlier the president has addressed the country the.
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group for all but one does a story is profound hope. no community. is beyond repair. and the dignity of the people is never fully extinguished. the prime minister the former colonial power belgium made this apology. this genocide represents the failure of the international community which couldn't war which couldn't prevent which couldn't stop this crime against humanity i stand before you in the name of a country that also wants to take responsibility for its part in history for some of the survivors the passage of time hasn't helped this man was ten when the genocide happened more than one hundred of his relatives died including his mother
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and father it seems to go harder for you. and i for not using. hope is center stage in the process of kuka meaning remembrance in the rwandan language gummi says we must learn to forgive but not to forget well that's hard to see in the eyes of so many genocide survivors what they say is one thing what they really feel doesn't necessary a mile to forgiveness and so paul could ghar me is banking on the younger faces we see in the crowds the new generation he hopes there's more chance of forgiveness with them than the older generation we spoke to two people born in the year of the
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genocide this man explaining why he always comes to the remembrance so whenever we come here we learn much that we need a vessel we never had so whatever we get here cops i see in terms of you know you can see a showings in terms of beauty in ourselves under student with a message to people all over the world you know they have to learn course. now we don't have anywhere to regard when you to say we are rundowns and we love each other which is not a hormone. smaug they have to learn from monks apart from careful history as a day of emotional exhaustion draws to an end by tradition there's lights in the darkness a vigil going on into the night's more than thirty thousand people collectively mourning the panelists and for some tentatively wearily looking to the future and to simmons' zero zero zero to go. and still add and there are.
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obviously. free lula supporters of a former brazilian president has released from jail. the struggle to get refugee children living in camps a proper education in greece. and find out why it was a special hong kong sevens. chinaman for fiji that'll be on the way in sports with peter. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well here across china over the next few days the clouds in the rain are going to be on the increase particularly up here towards the north now looking to bet on our satellite image but as we take a look at our first forecast map here on monday we see plenty of sun across the
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eastern coast but that is going to change so for shanghai we do expect to see attempts at there of twenty six degrees at about thirty one but as we go towards tuesday a big change there a lot more rain coming into play and the temperatures are falling so for shanghai it is going to be quite a rainy day for you we could be see some delays at the airport with a temperature of twenty two degrees but hong kong still in quite nice with attempt a few of twenty nine as a make or down here across the philippines still plenty rain across much of the southern philippines but for the northern area it is still going to be mostly cloudy the temperatures are quite warm we are talking temperatures into about the mid thirty's across this region over here towards the men though it is getting better in terms of the weather but the temperature is still looking at about thirty four degrees baby guinea to about thirty five by the time we get to tuesday and then very quickly across parts of india still looking at here wave across much of the interior not as hot as it has been over the last few days but we do still so expect to see temperatures across parts of nagpur maybe ritchey to about forty in kolkata accept
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a few of thirty five degrees. the weather sponsored by town and. india's in the midst of a high tech revolution with over one billion mobile phones. in a country where one in full commingled on how can this technological boom be harnessed for the common good. life challenges. to devise an easy to use to struggling. to find a way to bring the two worlds together. like smoke. on. the news as it breaks as well as the police investigation the prime minister says there will also be a national inquiry with detailed coverage the trade with saudi arabia is going to be a very important components of life in post brooks in britain. from around the world to the simple.
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main stories this hour fighting in libya's capital is intensifying with air strikes launched by the un backed government and warlord. forces. have been ignored and the u.s. says there can be no military solution. thousands of protesters are continuing to defy a curfew. demotic the president resign and he's eleven people have been killed in protests across and on since saturday. and krista nelson is leaving her position at
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the u.s. department of homeland security she oversaw some of president donald trump's most controversial policies including the proposed border wall and separation of families. the u.k. has condemned israel over plans for new settlements in the occupied west bank turkey's also. criticize israel's prime minister for an election promise to annex illegal settlements in the region and the man that's in the alley says he'd extend israeli sovereignty if you want tuesday's election turkish foreign minister may have lutes cause of all who has called the comments ever sponsible but palestinian leaders say they are not surprised we expect adults. netanyahu has been seeing guts for the last twenty years. maybe not publicly but this time you know he was encouraged by trump's policies sometimes actions when trump
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decided to put the knowledge of the most captive of israel. as it is over until what is. the book by. seat and heights he felt why not if strong approves of that subset of anything that you know i ask on the amount they want you not to go and demand from him commission all of these are going to over the local by the west bank. that's in the hours main rival in the election campaign didn't tell of the by leading a motorcycle convoy former general benny gantz is promoting himself as an honest alternative to netanyahu who could face corruption charges in the coming months god has criticised the prime minister for stoking ethnic and religious tensions and soldiers that's an army base in southern israel have cost their ballots ahead of tuesday's parliamentary elections opinion polls put netanyahu and dance neck and neck if right wing likud party leader netanyahu wins he will serve a fifth term as prime minister our correspondent gary foster has more on the
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campaign from west jerusalem. four years ago benjamin netanyahu pushed the raisman who google goog in a facebook video on polling day he used fears of the palestinian israeli vote to mobilize his own core support. for that but in this campaign israel's prime minister has deployed race as an issue unapologetically and much earlier in the piece as most controversial move drawing criticism from moderates at home and jewish organizations in the u.s. has been to engineer a coalition of smaller right wing parties that includes the supremacist jewish power one of his candidates has been barred from standing for inciting racism against palestinians from all parties incitement racism against the palestinians in general and the palestinian minority in particular against the leadership of the palestinian minority. clear statements that they are not part of
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the political democratic game in israel. one of that in yahoo's lines of attack against his main rival blue and white party has been that they would need the support of palestinian israeli parties to block him from forming a coalition that was taken up by israeli model lawyer and t.v. presenter returned seller who used her instagram page to ask and what's the problem with the arabs calling on the government to tell people they lived in a country of all its citizens and all people are born equal israel's prime minister engaged telling his own six million strong social media following an important correction israel is not a country of all its citizens adding israel is the nation state of the jewish nation and its alone israeli jews are concerned and in some cases with good reason about the attitudes to israel of the duly elected arab leadership and therefore he's tapping into something that you know has some that exists and has some basis i would say for lots of israelis but he's taking it into. very disharmonious.
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direction's netanyahu denies that these few division insisting his likud party has served the interests of palestinian israelis benjamin netanyahu is throwing everything he can at this campaign is he battles to stay in office face down corruption charges and cement his legacy but his opponents say that legacy will be permanently tainted by the way he's chosen to fight this election are a force that al-jazeera westerners. the iranian red crescent says he sanctions are preventing foreign financial aid from assisting flood victims iran special forces chief visited the flood hit south western khuzestan province on sunday the government has promised that all flood victims will be fully compensated least seventy people have died and more than eighty thousand have been moved to emergency shelters since the heavy rains began last month. thousands of supporters of the former brazilian president louis silva have rallied outside his present
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a year after he was jailed their existing is a victim of political persecution others though are celebrating a crackdown on the political elite that explains. i lula still has support across brazil and around the world he was credited with lifting millions of brazilians out of poverty while president from two thousand and three to two thousand and ten and left office with sky high approval ratings. but then came the lover shot or car wash corruption scandal which implicated hundreds of brazilian politicians and business leaders lula was caught in his web convicted of accepting bribes from construction companies in return for contracts i he's always denied the charges saying they were a political vendetta to keep him from running in last october's presidential elections elections many believe he would have won he went to prison defiant do you
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feel i'm doing a very conscious thing i told my comrades that if it depended on me i would not go to prison but i will go i will go because they will say tomorrow that look is out of the way that is hiding but no i am not hiding i will show them that i am not afraid that i am not going to run and they will know that i'm going to prove my innocence they need to know that. the seventy three year old was sentenced to twelve years than earlier this year a further thirteen so. that his legal team continues to fight for his release on legal and technical grounds his left wing workers' party on political grounds the united nations human rights committee is looking at his case. but the political mood in brazil has changed president jaya balsa noddle who swept to office on promises to fight corruption said he hopes his predecessor rots in jail. the prosecutor said joe morell who first put behind bars is now the justice minister.
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the many however continue to demonstrate that his release they remember brazil when the economy was healthier when the government was promoting poor indigenous and black communities but his new languishes in jail that for many brazilians seems like a long time ago. that al jazeera there is growing frustration in haiti over a prolonged fuel shortage a ship loaded with oil is setting off the coast but it won't talk until the country pace more are most of the sixty million dollars it is for previous deliveries alan fisher has the story. it's become part of daily life in haiti codes gathering your own fuel stations hoping this will be the day they'll be a delivery. i have money to look for petrol but unfortunately i can't find any in the country with no fuel people will die if someone is sick and needs to be transported to the emergency hospital what will happen is he will die because of
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the gas crisis they bring any container they can find even a small amount of fuel might poetess all a car or bike operate for a couple of days venezuela used to provide the island with cheap oil but it stopped a year ago because of its own internal issues now the country's government has to buy fuel supplies on the open market. the company which ships oil to haiti has had a tanker ready to dorchen port au prince since february but says there will be no delivery until a huge chunk of an outstanding sixty million dollar bill is paid. for the gas crisis is causing the people to suffer greatly especially those who share transport it's causing a lack of electricity in the country and there are plenty of places that spend days without electricity it's a serious crisis and the lower the production the country in the economy and will cause a considerable impact on all growth for this year some of those who fuel have been selling it but jacking up the price we say there is no government in the country
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because people are spending the night in misery to get petrol the contract should have been respected and paid on time to deliver the oil those who are in elected positions should be ashamed of themselves. many have been told deliveries will resume tomorrow but in haiti to morrow is always another day away alan fischer al-jazeera. american airlines says it won't fly boeing seven three seven max planes for another two months they are crap for mains grounded by u.s. regulators and other countries following crashes in ethiopia and didn't american airlines has canceled about ninety flights a day since mid march. while aviation journalist seth kaplan says it will take time for boeing to win back passengers confidence. when those planes start flying there are going to be nervous flyers and i think it's true what plane has been more scrutinized then this one right and i personally would get on one using that logic but you can't blame people for being nervous and ultimately with everything that
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this aircraft has been through yeah it's just going to take a lot of safe departures and landings over a period of weeks and months for people to really gain back that confidence that fixes that boeing is working on to address the issues that caused these crashes but obviously it never should have gotten to this point so you can see that boeing does have somewhat of a credibility crisis u.s. regulators the f.a.a. by some of being late to ground the plane to it's just going to take them some time and doing everything they can to restore. these two crashes of an aircraft type that makes up a tiny percentage of all the aircraft in the world plus the one percent a new aircraft that should have been the safest ever obviously something went badly wrong with the process the question is why did it you know was the f.a.a. the american regulator just under resourced and just sort of relying too much on boeing because they did it because the best engineers are in many cases at boeing and we just as they compete for the same talent pool or was it something more than
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that was boeing sort of lobbying to to have things that way those are the questions that are still being answered but with every aviation disaster there always are lessons learned and things change the last sort of entry into service is called when they are craft crisis that boeing had was with the dreamliner oh about a half decade ago nobody died there but a whole series of problems and things did change in that case at boeing obviously in this case with a loss of life even greater pressure and i think you'll see changes that boeing and the way regulators approach boeing. civilian vehicles have been barred from using the main highway and the administered kashmir for two days every week until the end of may question shinawatra has this report. and heavy military presence and little else on this crucial highway. the only one connecting the kashmir valley in the himalayas to the indian plains authorities in indian administers kashmir have
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begun in forcing a ban on civilian vehicles. each week on sunday and wednesday the civilian traffic will be closed on the highway and only the army convoys will be able to pass but in case of an emergency medical problems or students going for school the magistrates on duty will issue pauses for their travels. it has been more than seven weeks since a suicide car bomber killed forty indian paramilitary troops a pakistan based group said it was behind the attack and it brought india and pakistan to the brink of war but the ban has left people in kashmir more fearful of an escalation of violence in the region. travelling on highways has become difficult to lift during an emergency but i can reach my destination people a very skid row knowledge of god and as well as the fear there's also anger and shot criticism from the region's politicians or they are uncooperative and we
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came to the streets so that the orders revoked the orders illegal they want to facilitate the military convoys they should use trains or let them travel during the night so that people do not suffer. the ban is set to end on may thirty first but that likely went and the tension here india's month long general election stops on thursday prime minister narendra modi responded to the attack in kashmir by launching air attacks targeting what he calls terrorist sites in pakistan polls suggest modi's popularity has increased in the wake of this action comedy lab here on sunday pakistan's foreign minister said he had received reliable intelligence that india would soon launch another attack and he's went against such action india has called the statement irresponsible this latest phase as already brought the neighbors close to an all out war but finding a lasting solution that works for both sides.


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