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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 97  ALJAZ  April 8, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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it's been two months since ari's death and while the league has recommenced its very survival remains on tenterhooks. with two games remaining barley united is preparing for a jack minor invasion. dutch important band of building isn't expecting any trouble. in bali you don't need a lot of police because one of the most relaxing forces there are there are. only about the football game and the thing else and i go to lots. at denpasar airport ariz family have just arrived as guests of jack mania. like top of the fans they can battle ali you need not be asked. something to do something i am known to do anyway i did that day and i got back taking batting and
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. you know i'm not going to come out of my little while yet every. cutting. edge. i. told the match is a sell out. twenty thousand fans descending on the bali stride i i. i was this is so much balanced just mind your fans have made it across the sea to the arm of the gods the fire of bali united project carter if i lose this match to not well that's the end of this. you can feel it in the end of.
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the. story that had me thinking and like today it was laughable just milling about but what about my land. the academic paper the lack of the money. in bali alcohol is readily available and many are preloaded. most welcoming the tension spills over between some rival fans. i.
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call the friendly match and the indonesian stuff only this part has just broken out of the teams are meant to be much the fans are meant to be nice but as you see people try to tell us to turn off the camera it's a sensitive issue and nothing could be shouted please please not coming out. in the wake of ari's death jack mania leaders called for calm now the death could see their beloved son who shot down in definitely. temple doesn't get up in the mood to meet your mother. i miss you can only think of the past. but how am i supposed to make it past the only time and. i am a party that. just happened it wasn't there but the most of the decline yeah you me . that now but you have a lot i get that you know what about it was
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a lemon botanists was i as the game gets on the why are you spirits have box seats i was like i just think that because i i. was i i i see just school's first sending the jack mania fans while i i i with the minutes it's the barley united states and the real exam to live i
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guess i guess a cup it's not jubilation but watch horse and plan i cut a rumor spread that the match has been fixed that blaming their team officials who kept the game is still. i. i. get i the match comes back on but only briefly. i. mafia dollars i shall i.
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i. cannot continue to cause chaos constant fireworks. got out of life still going on. i finally it's full time i see jakarta to bali you know i want i. the bali united fames voyage except the
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result by a still living. down so who's our moma holly says match fixing is right across the league i i i. i me i'm like i said i was high school but then you got an end and we did that again if you up on it and the more didn't wasn't what i had more seen but i thought i'll spot my fixing any little but. i think. we put it to the league's vice president how corrupt is intonation football. support and silly as you said crops and so on. that it may have been in a football and you have to be all strict to otherwise with a stunning are on and i don't see as a natural progress. yes yes. yes
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yes of the day it's the last day of the season. procedure to carter sit atop the title. in your life. being. held by the. hardliners will join eighty thousand other supporters in a fan mania event of a peak proportions. this is what they've been trying on for. how do you need now boyd to get land at the alamo i. hop on get done some of us power the atom and yet i know some of us i would. want to get back. among some of the novelists for the senate office yeah
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i mean do you think of. man was man day and let's see dad half. i. i. i. i thought
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i was up this event taking the time was this to close that is it going to pick up the drums thing turn it serious i miss it was time i was sick i said yeah i pick up i i. i twenty minutes into the first half to see judge a carter is awarded a penalty kick i
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take the lead one knew i was the second half gets underway a siege and control the field. jack mania control the stadium. outside the police have lost control i asked him was was fortunately these fans aren't looking for trouble without tickets i just want to be part of history. i was just minutes to go procedure is hold. i second gold
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seals big try i final school procedure to be truck kuka while i. was. young looking like nothing a lot of people who. looked like you know like i. i i i i got to this i think i think i. i think ends the flame is the
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band silverware proceed to jakarta i champion i i. i i. i i so millions of fans here in indonesia the idea of no more football is their worst nightmare i that is a distinct possibility unless the league confronts the endemic corruption and then violence. what. about all the i get up around i was about well are not the only man now on a monday and we suddenly have press that he doesn't. work on god not a melancon will get it but now he or les went right it about well a new game mind numbing gag. and k'naan nonsupport that was on the whistle on the numbers of what i think that. so now it's time to party jack mania to the
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street. i. thought i was doing. some of the promo things. that's all been said assad's or not they're celebrating a massive victory and i want everyone to know about. the last hour i'm lucky enough. to. give it up at. the sun i'm going to go out why not you.
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i i i. i. i i i. i. mean. a flooding into countries across asia. one o one east asks why all forces can't seem to stop the myth. on al-jazeera. the biggest democracy in the world is going to the polls in an election process that will last for over a month and with over nine hundred million eligible to vote india is about to
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choose its new government how will the controversies of the citizenship bill and mounting tensions with pakistan influence the vote. join us as we assess all phases of the election as india decides its path india votes twenty nineteen on al-jazeera. hello i'm going. with the top stories on al jazeera fighting around libya's capital is intensifying with a strike launched by the un backed government and ward khalifa haftar his forces calls for a poor as in violence have been ignored and the u.s. says there can be no military solution went out of what head reports from tripoli.
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fighters loyal to the u.s. and back tripoli government moved trucks mounted with machine guns to does the libyan capital under orders to stop will have to advance on tripoli. we call on those brainwashed and radicalized to lay down their arms we will not allow that you wanted to return to rule libya will be a civil state and our pledge will be to the homeland and god we announced the launch of the volcano of wrath in order to restore the seized areas. have there is assault began last week and so far his forces say they have seized some areas around the south of the capital. such as the day the sand the taking over the old a port but were pushed out by forces loyal to the tripoli based government have to his forces have now increased their attacks opening new fronts in the south of tripoli they unbagged government in the capital is urging civilians to leave word
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there is fighting and a truce called by the un was ignored by all sides have to his forces say they are fighting terrorist to groups that are backed by the. arabia and egypt. tripoli has become the capital of terror and terrorists tripoli is the capital for a group of criminals who number around one or two thousand but they have weapons and they control the political decisions most dangerously they have the money by controlling the central bank of libya and the oil companies. the head of libya's tripoli based a government has accused the have to end his forces of betraying the country and has won it over would without any winners. libya has been divided between two competing government says twenty fourteen analysts to say have that its fighters will thesis to freezes dinse in tripoli i don't see any lack of intent i am lucky
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to believe and that's where i'm not sure whether his forces are up to the task i mean he was able to you know take over much of the south west. easily tripoli is going to be used to face a lot of resistance so looking at you know a long conflict the u.n. says talks to rebuild libya's fractured political system will go ahead as planned but would really libyans are now facing the prospect of some of the worst fighting since the twenty eleven hour praising the toppled former leader. mahmoud up to. tripoli thousands of protesters are continuing to defy a curfew and sudan's capital khartoum demanding the president resigns at least eleven people have been killed in demonstrations across sudan since saturday kirsten nelson is leaving her position as secretary of the u.s. department of homeland security she oversaw some of president on trump's most
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controversial policies including the proposed border wall and the separation of migrant families the foreman essentially if he is facing financial misconduct charges has been sacked from the carmaker's board colors go on has been ousted attaché make as a shareholders meeting in japan's capital tokyo the sixty five year old had already been removed as chairman after his arrest in november. turkey's ruling ak party is demanding a full recount of votes cast in istanbul during last month's mayoral race president . lost control of tekkies biggest city as well as the capital ankara feel physicians' mayoral candidate in istanbul is urging the ak party to accept defeat the iranian red president says u.s. sanctions are preventing foreign financial aid from helping people affected by the flooding the government has promised all flood victims will be fully compensated at least seventy people have died and more than eighty thousand have been removed to
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imagine it's a shelter those are the headlines next stop al-jazeera investigations do stay with us. in episode two with how to sell a massacre polina hanson's one nation party is in america. that will sure if. they're in search of millions of dollars from the us come they'll be a sort of number you guys seem to think i'm to get ten dogs what. they want the cash to buy control of democracy in a stranger you. share. with
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the belt. with the head of the gun in our hand of every different size the only way for us to stay free is by having whatever cuts down cut. one should use coached by the national rifle association on how to make history and spawn leave they need more guns now to break down the narratives that people's reaction to the gun is a negative is something you need to be in a good deal of shooting. we need to have every single school in america going to be in the point next program and by that. i mean armed security more guns more guns we're going to change and change. you want to put messaging out there will be people out here now eating at your stand one nation one state mission to america to be kept secret. of the public eye over the loser because it worked for
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a lot we could not finish the. thing that they needed but at the time maybe about there's something to cut. and they visit one of america's wealthiest political donors month in china but at the coffee we have eight weeks of momentum revulsion for stuff now. previously in the how to sell a message of good i'm quietly to say that diana just released one nation party arrives in the u.s. capitol but a very busy way coming up. a mission to make friends in america's multi-billion dollar gun industry and to source millions in political donations while they're at it. with the country. itself. one nation has asked this man roger to help set up key meetings in washington.
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roger is the public face of gun rights a stranger an organization calling for the loosening of strict gun laws live. to secure birth entering a meeting the first fifth annual meeting to spread his gun laws would tighten following a messenger in the town of port arthur a gunman killed thirty five people with an eye on fifteen assault rifle. automatic and semiautomatic guns were banned in a strange year in what became known as the national firearms agreement hundreds of thousands of guns were destroyed since not in ninety six and zero mass shootings of people that's not new to the asylums instruct. the n.r.a. fees that are strenuous lose mains by american politicians to follow suit it's the left wing anti gunners who literally point to australia using the mainstream media as the shining model as to why we need gun bans and gun confiscation
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raja's connections to the us gun lobby have led to one nation's in a circle. the party's chief of staff james ashby hopes gun lobby donations can lead one nation to electoral victory. it would be and you know. if we look to see if you do not know our record back to you many of. us twenty you're on a lot of house you know you don't know that it never. gets there i. wrote above. it isn't who he claims to be he's working undercover for me peter charlie. i'm a reporter from al-jazeera investigative unit we created gun registration as a front to infiltrate the pro-gun lobby and to understand how they operate a guy's right i want here louisville and there are i conference they soliciting so
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you say. over three years roger filmed with concealed cameras. can you go the hundreds of hours of hidden camera recordings. and yeah you. can out of the is what i've been like where i was. at the hotel in washington d.c. the one nation delegation relaxes with roger as it prepares for potentially game changing meetings with the gun lobby. and they happy that the media is well out of sight. only a lot of lot of truth about somebody and i'm not i'm going to do it and see that's why you get up so much like you know it's tough you know.
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james ashby is a key political strategist and chief of staff for the right wing party. he wants to be n.r.a. to provide one nation with its electoral clout and know how to. use or rather. that's one stock to up to to behave himself but it's really helped with the. minister for. his colleague steve dickson dreams about what he do with lots of money living like a drug lord with an arsenal of guns. i'm gonna have a right to feel better and you are not the ones pretty popular in the ship that we let. you know right through you yeah everything. about love the guns and everything but just that's what if they tell you it should stop it and no one can protect themselves just because. dixon leads one nation in the is trillion state of
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queensland and is a candidate for the senate in the upcoming federal election. he has played a key role in helping reshape one nation's firearms policy. we had one policy and life it's what he wants what plan to make things better for registered shooters want to acquire one. town fence vote on said. we're on your sawed we want you to be all the shooting the best that you can. in an interview for the gun rights astray your website the one nation party leader said today's gun laws make the innocent will phone rable only jane is taking a nap and dancing to fatten gin paypal or actually allowing for most to actually have firearms. for years pauline hanson has been pushing a populist anti immigration a g.


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