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predominately white country isn't that i'm i i actually do not know that serve but i imagine that is the case she made sure not to upset the president when asked about russian interference in the election i haven't seen any evidence that the attempts to interfere in our election infrastructure was to favor a particular political party but there is evidence the intelligence community has explicitly said the russians wanted to help president trump. in repeated trips to the border recently the president made it clear he saw security here as an important campaign issue he says he wants his officials to be tougher and even though she was repeatedly by his side and said she supported his policies in the end none of it was enough to please the president she tried so publicly to impress leaving her department more controversial the when she came and more concretely thousands of families with the permanent scars of separation. al-jazeera washington
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. still ahead on al-jazeera india's ruling party lays out its promises and policies ahead of next week's election plus nissan shareholders take further action against their former chairman who is facing financial misconduct challenges to stay with us . hello there were some very active weather across europe at the moment the satellite picture is showing this little area of cloud his spiraling away in the mediterranean and that's a developing feature for some of us in italy and greece is going to be pretty wet at times today expect we would rumble of thunder to maybe some very large hail and some gusty winds a pretty messy down here for the western parts of europe there's also this little area of low pressure just sitting out in the atlantic and that's dragging plenty of
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cool air across many western pa said no particularly warm for many of us here in quite a bit of unsettled weather sticking around even as we head through choose day a cool day for us in madrid them with a maximum temperature just of thirteen degrees and for london we'll be getting to around eleven now for the other side of the mediterranean here we're seeing a bit of cloud just make its way over parts of of geria and to new zia that's all thanks to the system that spiraling its way across parts of italy and into greece that's working away from this though so for us there should be more in the way of drawing weather as we head through the day on monday and it's not going to be that warm so it's a temperature of nineteen but at least it should be dry here's the next area of cloud a rain that's working its way through parts of spain and portugal that sinking south with its easing as it does say but it's going to drag down the temperatures so a maximum in robots just of eighteen on a cloudy day for tuesday. who wasn't sponsored by qatar airways. people have to weigh your own record on this travel in fact a few years ago there was place only for one state on the land of israel you do not
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believe in a two state solution the official story is unfair and unfair we all feel sorry i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling the world isn't watching wife there's lots of grays in here join me mad the hot sun on the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on the big issues here on al-jazeera. again you're watching al jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories soldiers in saddam have stepped in to protect anti-government demonstrators in kontum after security forces fired tear gas to disperse them a city in our side on the headquarters is in its third day called by the united
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nations for a truce in southern tripoli have been ignored forces loyal to libya's u.n. backed government have exchanges strikes with warlords twenty five times forces the us government is a major us to call on how to stop his advance on tripoli and christian nelson is leaving her position as secretary of the us department of homeland security she oversaw some of president trump's most controversial policies including the proposed border wall and separation of migrant families. now india's governing party has announced its political manifesto ahead of next week's elections that b j p is looking to build on what it says has been its major achievements over the past five years nine hundred million in getting people to vote from thursday the elections will go on for nearly six weeks prime minister narendra modi seeking a second term in office but faces strong opposition from rahul gandhi of the congress party and speak to our correspondent in new delhi phase john mail phase
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tell us about the manifesto that the governing party has released what promises is prime minister modi making as he seeks a new mandate he. well they're saying that they want to make india among the top three economies in the world to do that by making it easier for foreign companies and locals to do business in the country but they're also going to double income for farmers create engines for small business owners that's a big base for the j.p. as well they're going to do other measures like reserving one third of all harlem introduced. eight legislature seats for women now some controversial points say that they'll also bring in a uniform civil code right now in india matters such as marriage divorce and inheritance depends on a person's religion they also say they want to pass the citizenship bill now that's a controversial measure that will grant citizenship to non muslim migrants from
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neighboring countries because they began the release of the manifesto by praising their own accomplishments calling the last five years a stork time to the poor and middle classes to india and if they come in for another five years they're promising to take the country to even new heights but critics say that youth unemployment is among the highest right now attacks on minorities continue as well as the economic growth has been concentrated on the wealthy and the opposition congress party believes that manifesto in last week how do the two can pass. the congress manifesto focused on job creation specifically they want to fill the two and a half million they can pose in state and central government positions as well as help create jobs in medium and small enterprises and help low skilled workers but one of their biggest announcements fawley was the minimum income guarantee that's given the equivalent of roughly eight thousand dollars us to the poorest twenty percent of the country now that has been criticized as using government spending
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and government jobs to lift up the economy but keep in mind that parties always make promises around election time these manifestos are their guides for intent not an exact promise that this is what they will do thank you for that price and you demi. the former nissan chief was fighting financial misconduct charges has been fired from the comic as boyd cohen was sites at a shareholders meeting in japan's capital tokyo the sixty five year old had already begun removed as chairman after his arrest in november going and his wife saying he is innocent michael panhead shing guests to an independent japanese news agency he says the going case is more complicated after his fourth arrest last week the charges which have been put against him this time are actually in many ways more serious you know previously you may recall he was essentially accused of
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underreporting his income to the stock exchange this time the prosecutors are saying that he directly embezzled money from nissan for his personal benefit and that of his wife essentially he used a shell game of of companies to transfer nissan money into his own accounts so this is a more serious round of accusations made by the prosecutors my analysis is that it's far more likely that this is part of a boardroom coup and that and that. claims that he's essentially been set up does make a lot of sense so for example. if there were if the sons executives were concerned about his pay why did they never go to him and say we're concerned about your pay instead they immediately went to the prosecutors in order to have him charged with serious crimes thus hurting the entire company's reputation so it doesn't quite make sense that this is a straightforward criminal case. cars and their drivers patients are running on
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empty in haiti because of a long running fuel shortage a tank i want dokken tell the caribbean country pay sixty million dollars owed for previous deliveries alan fischer reports. it's become part of daily life in haiti codes gathering your own fuel stations hoping this will be the day there will be a delivery and then there's a gas i have money to look for petrol but unfortunately i can't find any in a country with no fuel people will die if someone is sick and needs to be transported to the emergency hospital what will happen is she will die because of the gas crisis they bring any container they can find even a small amount to fuel my poem a story of all a car or bike operate for a couple of days venezuela used to provide the island with cheap oil but it stopped a year ago because of its own internal issues now the country's government has to buy fuel supplies on the open market. the company which ships oil to haiti has had
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a tanker ready to dorchen port au prince since february but says there will be no delivery until a huge chunk of an outstanding sixty million dollar bill is paid out the progress of two for the gas crisis is causing the people to suffer greatly especially those who share transport it's causing a lack of electricity in the country and there are plenty of places that spend days without electricity it's a serious crisis and the lower the production the country in the economy and will cause a considerable impact on all growth for this year some of those who fuel have been selling it but jacking up the price of them when we say there is no government in the country because people are spending the night in misery to get petrol the contract should have been respected and paid on time to deliver the oil those who are in elected positions should be ashamed of themselves. many have been told deliveries will resume tomorrow but in haiti to morrow is always another day away alan fischer al-jazeera. supporters of president former president luis and silva
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have rallied outside his prison window they mark the end of the first of a twelve year sentence for corruption and money laundering he is appealing another thirteen year sentence in a separate corruption case known as workers' party say he is innocent and a victim of political persecution. reports. lula still has support across brazil and around the world he was credited with lifting millions of brazilians out of poverty while president from two thousand and three to two thousand and ten and left office with sky high approval ratings for care people properly scholars who live but then came to love the shuttle car wash corruption scandal which implicated hundreds of brazilian politicians and business leaders lula was caught in his web convicted of accepting bribes from construction companies in return for contracts. always denied the charges saying they were
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a political vendetta to keep him from running in last october's presidential elections elections many believe he would have won he went to prison defiant do you feel i'm doing a very conscious thing i told my comrades that if it depended on me i would not go to prison but i will go i will go because they will say tomorrow that lul is out of the way that lula is hiding but no i am not hiding i will show them that i am not afraid that i am not going to run and they will know that i'm going to prove my innocence they need to know that. the seventy three year old was sentenced to twelve years than earlier this year a further thirteen so. that his legal team continues to fight for his release on legal and technical grounds his left wing workers' party on political grounds the united nations human rights committee is looking at his case. but the political mood in brazil has changed president. who swept to office on promises to fight
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corruption said he hopes his predecessor rots in jail the prosecutor said joe moral who first put lula behind bars is now the justice minister the man love the many however continue to demonstrate to his release they remember brazil when the economy was healthier when the government was promoting poor indigenous and black communities but his new languishes in jail that for many brazilians seems like a long time ago. and al-jazeera. a british man whose girlfriend was poisoned by the nerve agents novis child says a meeting with russia's you can buy it or a failed to provide any answers charlie around me fell ill after touching a discarded perfume bottle in englishtown of amesbury his girlfriend dawn surges died after coming into contact with a nerve agent police believe the bomber was used by assassins from moscow who were
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trying to murder a former russian double agent. rwandans have been marking twenty five years since the genocide which saw eight hundred thousand people killed in just one hundred days thousands of people have attended a vigil at the national stadium in the capital kigali the beginning of an official one hundred days of mourning and simmons was saying it's a flame that will burn for a hundred days the time it took to kill hundreds of thousands of people but for many of the bereaved and injured shining any light on rwanda's darkness is as hard as it was twenty five years ago. large crowds took the remembrance walk through windows paula meant to its national stadium unspoken thoughts here but the spirit of solidarity earlier the president has addressed the country the.
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world one does a story is profound hope. our. local community. is beyond repair. and the beginning of that. is never fully extinguished the prime minister of the former colonial power belgium made this apology. this genocide represents the failure of the international community which couldn't war which couldn't prevent which couldn't stop this crime against humanity i stand before you in the name of a country that also wants to take responsibility for its part in history for some of the survivors the passage of time hasn't helped this man was ten when the genocide happened more than one hundred of his relatives died including his mother
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and father it seems to go harder for you. and i for not using. now i think. hope is center stage in the process of kuka meaning remembrance in the rwandan language. he says we must learn to forgive but not to forget well that's hard to see in the eyes of so many genocide survivors what they say is one thing what they really feel doesn't necessarily amount to forgiveness and so paul could ghar me is banking on all the younger faces we see in the crowds the new generation he hopes there's more chance of forgiveness with them than the older generation we spoke to two people born in the year of the genocide this man explaining why he always comes to remembrance so whenever we come
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here we learn much that we need a vessel or we never had so whatever we get here cops icing tons of you know any concierge owings in terms of feuding i saw under. with a message to people all over the world they have to learn course. we don't have anywhere to return our venue to say we are rundowns and we love each other which is not for mine. so they have to learn from ice from history as a day of emotional exhaustion draws to an end by tradition the lights in the darkness . going on into the nights when thirty thousand people collectively mourning the post and for some tentatively we're really looking to the future and to simmons' zero zero to go. more than forty animals have been evacuated from.
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a welfare group described their conditions as unimaginable tried for the roughest says it can't look after the animals properly because it doesn't have enough money the animals will be sent to jordan and countries in africa. so the lions are physically in a good condition the lion from south roma thighs through different results on the ties of stress small cage no space to move it was the wrong feeding not enough feeding on the last monsters and i was the last years in fact the lions are in very very small place it is never touches the grass in their life so this is very sad. well again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera soldiers in sudan have stepped in to protect anti-government demonstrators outside the headquarters
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in khartoum earlier security forces fired tear gas at protesters before troops intervened a sit in outside the complex which also houses a presidential office residence is a mistake. called by the united nations for a truce in southern tripoli have been ignored forces loyal to maybe as un backed government have exchange with wall all twenty five times forces the us government is the latest to call on half time to stop his advance. christian nelson is leaving her position as secretary of the us department of homeland security she oversaw some of president donald trump's most controversial policies including the proposed border wall and separation of migrant families india's governing party is announcing its political manifesto ahead of next week's election the b j p is looking to build on what it says has been its major achievements over the past five years nine hundred million indians are eligible to vote from say the elections will go on for nearly six weeks his judgement has more from new delhi they want to make
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india among one of the top three economies in the world double income for farmers by twenty twenty two and continue making it easier for foreign companies to do business in the country now some more controversial things in the manifesto is they want to create a uniform civil code currently under the constitution different religious groups have different civil code rights particularly for marriage and inheritance they also want to pass the citizenship bill this is a measure which would allow my curates immigrants from neighboring countries who are not muslim to get indian citizenship. the former nissan chief who's fighting financial misconduct charges has been fired from the comic its board. shareholders meeting in japan's capital tokyo the sixty five year old had already been removed as chairman after his arrest in november gone and his wife say he's innocent and american airlines says it won't fly boeing seven three seven max planes for another two months the aircraft is grounded worldwide following crashes in ethiopia and
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indonesia those are the headlines on al-jazeera outfront up next to stay with this . country because this week libya's wealth is pitted east against west we take a look at the war economy how a conflict with russian backed fighters assert ukraine's most important economic region a white international investors are betting on a boat with india's election counting the cost on al-jazeera of up from today we'll debate britain's brics chaos has the whole thing been a huge mistake but first the u.s. congress has voted to end the u.s. involvement in the yemen war but will president donald trump allow the conflict to keep going with a veto earlier i spoke to yemen's nobel peace prize laureate to what bill cohen who has a message for trump she is this week's headliner. torkel
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common thank you for joining me on up front when you won the nobel peace prize in twenty eleven you were the first arab woman to do so at the age of thirty two you are one of the youngest of a nobel peace laureates what is it like today to be a nobel peace laureate from a country yemen that has been torn apart by war and conflict for so many years. it's really hard it's really hard for me as an open peace laureate and also as a one of the leaders of the peaceful revolution it's very really hard for all the yemeni people who sacrificed peacefully and made that great revolution peacefully and entered to the transitional period peacefully. but we are not the one who caused this war we are not the one who caused this kill us this cause and war is waged by the come to rebuild usually led by saudi and in madrid and iran who in
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your view is at the top of the list in terms of taking responsibility for the catastrophe in yemen we can blame all of them but there were the most important party or part of this conflict i believe in the saudi and you because they are behind the militia who you can't imagine that the one who encouraged to think militias before the iranian interfere or announcing that they are supporting houthi this is the saudi and emir that they thought that they can encourage to see to make the coup against the transitional authority so they will be able to destroy yemen and also to stop the on going movement to democracy so they made revenge against the in many people who made their peaceful revolution against against that ally against the loss of the. former president
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the same thing that they did in egypt in libya so they are the ones who behind the fire that finally said and also now they are the one who destroying yemen and who doesn't want to yemen to succeed they want yemen to stay as a failure canty so they will be able to continue that it could be a sham and hitmen it. so what i interviewed you last on the show four years ago you were quite reluctant to criticize. saudi arabia back then with regard to yemen at the time you were saying to journalists quote the majority of yemenis you said support the saudi led military intervention since then you seem to have done this kind of u. turn now you're saying saudi arabia is to blame for the humanitarian suffering now you're calling saudi arabia and the u.a.e. occupiers you call them stupid fools recently in an address what made you change your mind and saudi arabia look. well it was really the most of the yemeni doesn't want to criticize the saudi interfered in the beginning in the beginning of the
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their interfering because they announced that they came to face the militia or coup and they are pretending to returned. to the country so that was this scene at the time i didn't publicly support saudi intervention in yemen absolutely i don't and i want because their policy in yemen that one in yemen should be weak that is the only way that saudi will the strong so i didn't you know. i didn't support them but also i was calling the international community to be responsible and to fulfill and they're supporting the man and also implementing the security council resolutions because what happened in yemen also not just the result of saudi him or it's and iran it's also because of the complicity from the international community they sponsored the dizzy initiative but very let's also
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hoses to interest in yemen and they didn't make anything and also until now they support saudi and the minute selling them the women's and killing a man is while they don't you know do any really great any real force to stop this war you critics or the world to walk a communist criticizing saudi arabia now but they point to leaked cables that show that you said to the saudis you're a natural ally as you were calling for saudi support in private that's what your critics yes and i still call for that they are more our neighbor they should be the allies of yemen is and they should. change their policy and their bed view to yemen is so yemen is the national security of all the region and all the all the world so any collapsing any destroying yemen yemen if it will be real. hill country that one can love the region and security and also the international security so yes i'm calling saudi i'm going to oman i'm going to all the religion and calling us and
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calling so that day should be with the amen so we do then as a light not as an end if you could send a message directly to mohamed bin psalm on the saudi crown prince who has been a driving force behind this war from the very beginning as crown prince as defense minister what would you say to him. i will tell him that he is a criminal i want a third ask anything from me seven because he is destroying my country mohammed man said man and mohammad instead they should be trialed in the international criminal court because they are committed to the war crimes in my country last year you referred to saudi arabia in the u.a.e. as having a very ugly occupation and ugly influence in yemen shortly afterwards he was suspended from the yemeni political party that you were part of that's been allied with president hadi at one point that is often described in the west as a muslim brotherhood party is that the reason you were suspended from the party because you criticized the saudis are you still
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a member of that part yes they tried to suspend me and to freeze my membership but i told them who freeze room because they are there this issue is being kidnapped by the saudis i want brigitte it also is kidnapped by the south so all of the political decision in yemen it even if it's with the police then fill in a level all with the parties is could not buy sell and the most important thing for us as a yemeni if we want to make the peace in yemen we should fill our political decision given western governments like the u.k. and the u.s. are supporting and arming the saudi led coalition in yemen are they also quote stupid fools who are among those responsible for the suffering in your country of course saudi and the u.a.e. stupid fools what about their western backers they are so stupid as well that way either they are stupid phones or they are conspiring with them so they are
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participating in killing yemenis the u.s. and the u.k. of course u.s. and u.k. participating in killing him in it or any other countries the third thing. is to saudi and emirates or also any other country that supports iran to this. send or export would best to the host is so and they really u.s. and u.k. should stop their selling weapons to saudi and immunity for many many reasons for the fairer sex for fairness is because of the humanitarian issue here many people being killed yemen now under the fair mean because of this and the world and also because of the security of the world in the they are really concerned about the secure the peace and the security around the world they should stop this war because this war will can love sit in yemen in this very important geographic.
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political place and that it will increase rebellions terrorists burger t. refuses it cetera et cetera so here is the unknown i think that they don't think in a good way not just in yemen by the way they are allying with the dictators in arab spring countries and that is the big mistake that the west is committed so aligning with the dictators that means that you are all you are destroying the safety and the security around the world you you say they should stop the war bruce reidel a former cia officer a middle east expert he said if the united states of america and the united kingdom tonight told king solomon of saudi arabia that this war has to end it would end tomorrow do you agree with him of course i agree with this but unfortunately most of the countries special u.s. and u.k. they put the interest above the their values there but also with that they are wrong because they had should know that they should make allies the people of the
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dictators the dictators will go today tomorrow after one month when year two years but the people who are dreaming for freedom a second fighting for democracy they should they should they are should they should be the one who made the lies with them so donald trump president your state soon. may have a bill a law on his desk but he can either sign or veto which would u.s. involvement in the yemen war a group of bipartisan senators democrats republicans have helped pass a bill through the house in the senate to stop u.s. involvement some say he might veto that bill because he's so close to saudi arabia what's your message to donald trump my methods do resent around you are looking for accomplishment in new your presidency period this company will be really if you stop the war in yemen and that is very important and you are the one who can do it so i'm calling him to stop the war in yemen he can do it more than
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making the nuclear agreement with north korea but that from but ministration itself isn't so keen on stopping the war u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has said that the hoofy group in yemen the militia and iran are to blame for yemen's humanitarian crisis he doesn't blame the saudis are you worried that your country is stuck in the middle of some clash between america saudi on one side iran on the other yemen under the book see what this is exactly and also saudi emir it's iran and the superpowers behind them but also i don't want to exclude who he is because these are really committed to big crimes in yemen they are the same they are committed to the war career crimes in yemen they were used they accepted to be the truth even though they've beaten the terms of saudi and immunity in their getting all then to do that iran but if both sides are committing war crimes which is what human rights groups
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say can there ever be justice for ordinary yemenis because at some stage one of those two sides is going to be in charge of your country so i'm calling them. who is from one side and also islam from one side if we really want as yemeni to mix solution by ourselves without interference from outside countries who theories and islam should sit together and decide and to. reconciliate and make something another step for peace in yemen and just before we finish you were a close friend of the murdered saudi journalist democracy do you hold the crown prince of saudi arabia mohamed bin salma responsible for his killing of course mohammad minson man is responsible of killing the german hotshot which is the highest power in the saudi and this kind of crimes will not happen without his permission and also i'm not just telling talking about general had.


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