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context i went for support and. looked at two o'clock look there was genocide institutions of rwanda are designed to reflect the experience one has gone through they're not designed to reflect some textbooks you're about to democracy in belgium or the united kingdom they respond to very specific historical and social events is a good one and even the process of the government or the fact that the reality you see the test of the pudding is in the eating if you look at the rate of economic change and one the level of social harmony in that country just yesterday twenty five years ago father killed son husband killed wife waif killed daughter neighbor killed a neighbor friend killed a friend i can tell you people it is difficult in a country in the world where is a set it disintegrated at that little shop of his and within a blink of an an eye it has been obsessed you know andrea it is i hear what it is but it together that the wonder has been successful in large part because it had
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that percy's institutions processes and procedures that are relevant to experience and andresen there for you to follow your argument then logically then we shouldn't even be expecting the wonder at this stage twenty five years on to be a pluralistic democratic society is that what you're suggesting. suggesting that the wonder cannot be produced democratic society on the lanes shows practices and procedures. of the myth that it can do or that it is it's one does democracy refer very specifically i don't give an example there wasn't any little thing they did that says if you'll go under look at the institutions and procedures of bussing so we have what you think it's really if your book or movie the context of a name you live in you may think this is a stalinist or he collaborated with him it is not that this means this subject to proceed doesn't have been pressed around the world but was persuaded that sets
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reflect a specific historical reality a context right answer for one does his dishes affect the same right it's a multiplex an upper structure in a textbook fill an abstract theory from a textbook models of democracy from from belgium of the united kingdom should not be applied to a country that is still interim or still just about post conflict twenty five years is no time at all what are we complaining about. look i don't think anybody's expecting a rwanda to follow some textbook model here i think what we have to get to grips with in the rwandan case is that the society needed a very strong studies to be able to recover from the genocide in one thousand nine hundred four and i think we do have to attribute some substantial successes to good gami and to the rwandan patriotic front this is a potty this is a government that has systematically rebuilt the state and society from its lowest
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possible but even within the one by itself there is increasing disquiet about the lack of democratic space questions about how long a kid dami will last this is not a set of ideas that is being imposed from the outside this is something that many rwandans themselves are saying now what is interesting i think when we in all the to listen to every day the wonder is that many rwandans will say look we aren't doubted lee have a standard of living today that we could not have imagined in one thousand nine hundred four and even many of my hutu respondents will say things like we don't particularly like it i mean we don't particularly like the tutsi dominated apia but we have to recognize that the apia of has delivered health care education social economic development in a way that we never would have imagined so even many every day who to a say we recognize that a gang of assad let this go until this not the same time at the same time they are
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also concerned about the fact that elections are clearly not free and fair that there is a clampdown on opposition voices that people have to be very very careful about what they say in public so they are not entirely black and white in their views people are saying we recognize this government has done some remarkable things but when will the day come when this political space begins to open up and we start to see a different brand of politics that is a question that i think many. every day over one dancer also oscar and i think andrew has got to reply to but but the point guys here is the point i think that fear is a label and remind that anecdotal stories listening to a fringe of opinion we can read and say does not cause it to run and set in clear disability in my despair but i have an international french international farm it's just to go and look you know important one eighty six percent of one said elections are free and fair about eighty seven percent said in texas or great for of a symbol of freedom of the press freedom of expression they feel free now if an
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abstract your says one is going to be free but the subject of the people involved in our coming subject excellence are free then the viewer we have what in court the course of the problem the wonders understand that the un freedoms in the country but these and the freedoms. for that matter in a state that but specific historic and social context are right and i definitely don't see an oppression when i let a legislator wrists lesser in a london ledger in a coming in into that because according to andrew according to the poll that he commission not that long ago eighty six percent of rwandans feel that they elections are free and fair in his country what if you go back and take part. no no no one that they want to say will live on their government want them to say they want to stay alive does you know that's why i disagree with undo that they want an up in the us the question is what do they want to answer because they know what will happen if they don't us would be done to us what the government wanted them to say that's why you know i don't agree with sofie or you know feedback you know
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which going to be requested from london so that wanda and us will define those i will go as in the one that was going to be outside in the same question question themselves then democracy after the genocide said one national to be no photo you know that photo that the country on a contradiction to which has has experienced a gentle side a country which. has experience that kind of suffering that people should do there should be a country where to teach the ward the whole prime it comes with democracy defrayed and the human right this this this this values and station so we have been installed just after the genocide in the fish of the world how did all of those one have been fed by before they got on really a country this is what he said all this in a very good one that can do then i can i get can i do you know doing it right sorry i'm in a college could i get can i just ask you about one specific point one of the main missions of paul could gummy seems to be to to almost transcend tried i think
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you'll agree that would have been absolutely vital for any country to recover from what it went through so that seems to have been achieved do you agree that he has managed to achieve a kind of amazing amount of reconciliation between the two major tribes of rwanda. good it could have done it but he missed the opportunity because he had just won a victory as just his according to this very quickly bull report to the u.n. human rights would be the cut on to government to do come into the house much like a thousand on cells into a hole know who to put position all those who did what relation some of them within the government were to doubt quieted if i may have been disseminated daniel talking so all those population who are quiet and have no go to see if the just these very wounded about what will my them will not happen in the future the best solution would have done it to justice for everyone and that too would be hard for us to and
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consideration and make to make make a sustainable peace because you cannot just run a country we've all pretty pristine flooded parts of the population and no one just justice and he's told have shown you cannot prove or produce the. dude that's going to put in a photo in time that's why we're quoting always pull that one out of government to try to do the justice for everybody to read it democrats say for you don't just let an engine come back and iraqis. yes let us know if you are to come to practice renee is saying that the one and afraid to speak against their government in the same opinion poll sixty six percent of london said the economic situation had not improved over the previous year about seventy percent of the right and said that if somebody was arrested by the police some awful person can easily come and get them released the court was but of course the suspects over the conduct of the police and the and government of rwanda was not happy with his responses but the writers
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were able to say so so it's not true that one of the spirit to be did that and that i say all right ok yes or no longer has long for question of course chemical has let me as of the second point you see democracy is a journey it is not an event we need to understand where it is what the coming from where has it reached and weight is going that this is to be a clock that country if you're caught if you want to run an engine into seven the government allegedly lied under oppression in order to assert it oh increasingly as the state has consolidated the wonder of the state has moved away from repression increasingly towards the rights of scientists and that's why you see when you let let me jump in here just for you made i made that point i get your point i want to move you on that specifically to way you while you're in camp polar in the ugandan capital what's going on between rwanda and uganda the border is closed impart some people are talking about the possibility of there being war between. seventy and camp all his effectively the goat father of the other p.f.
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in rwanda what's gone wrong is this paul kagame is paranoia well i think that the. ground and uganda may be suffering what you call structural stress in the sense that i get the sense of perhaps the rays of wonder instills fear in uganda you gotta be seen in the ways of rwanda is threats to our security threats to our position as a regional head to mali military headman and therefore you've got. what you or structure rather yes structural suckage competition or i feel what what's what do you make of the current situation between uganda and rwanda structural stress or structural repositioning of british society to competition according to andrew or is this because of the holes of this dispute is apparently the position of so-called dissidents could go all the dissidents and the seventy not handing them over. look this in many ways martin goes back to your very first question about
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some of these rwandan figure is in the diaspora and in the rest of the region who are in fact mobilizing against the kid gobby regime you mention the likes of care a day or in cairo care a day is now being killed or is still alive that these activists who are actively wanting to overthrow the kidani regime in can dolly and have been very explicit about saying side part of the current antagonism between rwanda and uganda is really one does accusation that both the burundian and the ugandan governments are actively supporting kid ami's and to dolly's enemies in the wider region so i think when we talk about the difficulties in this region at the moment the tendency in the international press is to say that rwanda is the mind generator of all of these problems i think we need to have a much more honest and open discussion about the role that many of rwanda's neighbors are also playing in the deep deliberate destabilization of the country
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right specifically in the case of uganda one thing that has been very clear in the last ten or fifteen years is that most seventy has always wanted to play this almost patronize ing role towards kidani he's wanted to claim ownership or the remarkable recovery that that rwanda has made but over the time i think what we're one that has also done it is to unveil the problems that are taking place in uganda especially in socio economic terms and so uganda i think over time has become incredibly jealous of the stability of the price in the development that rwanda has has enjoyed and so we are now seeing i think uganda doing its utmost to try to destabilize the situation inside rwanda so we really need a regional dialogue not what's going to jump him because we have run out of time i want to give the last word to you renee have you had anything today and please be brief have you had anything today not discussion that would persuade you to go back
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home to rwanda and take part in the political landscape. and for trying to know what you know one day is big risk increasingly becoming in a pretty secretive regime suppressing all you know dissent is it distant force so there's an openness where you know it was somebody wanted freedom mechanical and tried because there were you know people didn't even dissented it or put a position to this i've been killed or did last two months and the other the bin does the disappearing so that there's a whole country which democratic ideals in terms of the man right is traveling all right thank you very much indeed all three of you thank you so much ran a mcgann's a talking to us from an undisclosed location and room when talking to us from the ugandan capital kampala and of course phil clark talking to us from london thank you very much indeed now if you want to see the program again you can go to the website al-jazeera dot com should you want more discussion you can get to our facebook page at facebook dot com for slash a.j.
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inside story there's always that to us is fair as well our handle is at a.j. inside story i'm at martine dennis thank you very much indeed for watching and see you again soon. benjamin netanyahu is fighting for a fifth term as prime minister of israel using his friendship with donald trump fears over security and race but he faces corruption charges and a trio of former army chiefs trying to gather to unseat an opponent's sense of chance in the upcoming israeli elections get the latest on al-jazeera. twenty one
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the teenage left behind still trying to find my place trying to see where i fit in the whole picture and adult hood begins to take form i did cook occasionally but the great doesn't really want me to you wants me to stay off my feet in two thousand and six south africa revisits the children of apartheid for the third time and much has changed over the past forty menas twenty one up south africa announces iraq. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we learned that those infected from the government to just shoot him soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government that yeah why. the torrijos for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing of displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins of bloody rise of beaucoup iraq on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where everyone. and how he'd see an endo how the top stories on al-jazeera soldiers in sudan have stepped in to protect sansa government demonstrators outside the army headquarters in khartoum and other security forces far tear gas at protesters before troops intervened at least eleven people have been killed since saturday. eight reports.
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police and security forces fired shots in the air and tear gas to disperse crowds outside the military headquarters into don's capital khartoum calling for an end to president to model the shooters rule protesters have continued demonstrations at the army's each queue for three days activists say soldiers then intervened to predict protesters from the police it's one of the first times the army has been seen to act against the security forces crackdown. the military will have to side with. and. that's a possibility or they would have to. take a stand and least. try to ask for the president to resign the same way has happened you know if you i. i in videos uploaded to the internet the crowd swelled overnight sudan has been in a state of emergency since february after a government crackdown failed to stop the demonstrations president bashir
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acknowledges protesters demands and has stepped down as the head of the ruling party but he's also met military leaders and his defense counsel has warned against allowing any unrest the government insists change can come through the ballot box but the people on the street want change now on monday some security vehicles are overrun by protest as the soldiers mingled in the crowds as the army has so far tried to keep its distance from politics what started as anger against bread prices and casual citizen to non political turns. the call to organize protests. it has coincided with the thirty fourth anniversary of the one nine hundred eighty five uprising president jaffer limited his government was toppled then and the military later handed over power to an elected government that government pulled over trauma by president bashir. he believes activists and social media at least are hoping for similar intervention from the driving out of there.
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the e.u. russia and the u.s. are the laces searching an end to hostilities in libya the u.n. says thousands of civilians have fled from fighting south of the capital or a lot higher if i have to as forces made their first moves to take tripoli on thursday airstrikes were launched by both the un bans government and have to use forces on sunday however clashes by decreased around the old international airports as have to forces pull back to plymouth all like the e.u.'s foreign policy chief are still pushing for the cease fire ants negotiations i just spoke with the un special envoy some solomon this morning and i think the first message we need to pass united states is the full implementation of the my italian troops to allow the civilian center wounded to be about made from. the city and to avoid any further military action and then pay for their military escalation and their return to the
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political negotiations and the political track. here's you know sin is leaving her position as secretary of the us department of homeland security she oversaw some of president donald trump's most controversial policies including the proposed border wall on separation of migrant families israel has announced it will cause all crossings from gaza on the occupied west bank for twenty four hours ahead of tuesday's general election some members of the military have already forces with polls suggesting binyamin netanyahu and benny gantz are neck and neck. and nigeria has suspended mining in one of its northern states and ordered all foreigners and gauged mining activities to leave the move comes after a certain crime in some forest states the military police and state security forces have been deployed in recent weeks to tackle criminal gangs behind a spate of killings and kidnappings the government says the suspension begins with immediate effect well those are the headlines the news continues here not just here
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after jerusalem a rock and a hard place. when
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i asked my mother when was the last time she took the train and where did she go and she tells me yes of course i took the train because the this trade in jerusalem connects us with the rest of palestine when you look at the old photos and you
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imagine how their lifestyle was a bad time and when you visit the train station today it's like this knee bar it's full of restaurants full of people who are completely indifferent to the history of the of this space who are completely ignorant of words to do so they don't belong you know my son often tells me you know mama these people they don't seem to belong to this city it doesn't go with the spirit of the people today. we were the owners of these houses seventy seven percent of west jerusalem
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before forty eight was palestinian owned and when i talk about palestinians i talk about muslims christians and the minority of jewish people. the new first train station as they call it a look at the. inside the restaurants most of those people will be palestinians probably from the west bank or from marginalized areas in jerusalem with very low salaries. they are treated like garbage and they select the style of the man. just usually get that up in no way they say if they have the guts to put up. with i love unless the civil when the taliban look this is the way stand on. i
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ever knew yes absolutely i mean the outlook nice man. just complete confidence to be able to stand in his words we all feel with the give us a nod mama give me. the have been will listen to the. solution. there's a place with. a. similar vision. for where we are smashed said in baghdad a little. study of a school where he will tell you. if you've never heard of it if it had. been. listening to the local machine the show this. was running out of the whole thing i'm assuming it's not mechanical sophia this is a look at this map to seattle and i'm off to see a commander that i we have on
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a bought some having bought. my father's house is exactly opposite this street which becomes said. in arabic or that or the so let's go to my father's house and i hope they won't call the police so we'll do it very quickly. this is my father's house the house of the amount my father lived in this house for eight years from the forty's until forty eight with his mother he was chased out of the house like most of the palestinians because they wanted to confirm the statement of golda
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meir that this is a country a land without people but all these people who are living in these homes in the one nine hundred ninety eight netanyahu came into governance and as. a money money maker and many money lover he wants to privatize palestinian houses in the same time as israeli telecom and and electricity water all these elements which which can be privatized so that he can gain more money my father's house was sold for four million dollars by plan who is a real estate agent who came from america and. neither my mother nor my son agreed to the fact that i am very passionately and emotionally involved in the past you can see that he didn't even come with me because he's he wants to avoid all these emotional issues when i came here last
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time. from outside i was taking a photo the people inside the house saw the flash they parked the car in the middle of the street they called the police they arrested me they put the handcuffs in my feet and in my hands i told them but what crime have i done what's my case i just took a photo. not a banana republic we have a court system we have a court system who is definitely not in the pocket of the right wing or the religious in this country no one can get away with just driving someone in house of anywhere in this country i mean we know the british were here we know exactly who was kicked out in what years and nine hundred forty eight the jews were also kicked
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out of the area taken as prisoners of war that's real being kicked out and a victim by the arab world no arab is being pushed out.


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