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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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and all of sudden we have lost lives the way army also obvious to us are supporting the protesters and protecting them from the national intelligence security services and from the militias we very important it is very critical at this point that we raise that we don't want the british and of the massacre that took place in september two thousand and thirteen. a few minutes ago that has been that her ration of the freedom and change forces council from the front of the army headquarters and that as well is a very positive step forwards we're looking for a step forward the army though has been quite keen to to remain neutral in this to you think the army is not going to start choosing sides after this recent developments. actually it was not unusual mainly the leaders in
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the armed forces are pro-government what we're seeing now that they are becoming neutral hopefully and as i said this council that was ignored today is calling for the army officers to support the change and freedom to words civil government. you know and the step down and the handover unconditionally and peacefully do you think there's a real danger of escalation here the conversation does seem to be taking place within the army itself. yet there is a lot of conversation behind blog post there is conflict and conservation of use. we keep asking for the army to step at the moment in a way that will protect this a revolution and keep it peaceful of pollution we could we insist that peace
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is what we want it's very important to realize that the early intervention of support from in the international community and policymakers as well will make this peaceful resistance however the delay and the lack of contamination and the lack of a vocal and loud voices supporting so the uprising may need that things can go on the wrong way do you think that you'll be able to force the president from power . we think at the moment we are moving from one you know sort of positive step to another big city at the moment there is no regina that aging has collapsed the region is holding to power by the protection of the last and those of forces of the leadership of the regime has lost its mandate and there are four it's just
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a matter of time today obviously needs are you like that civil professional politicians community leaders everybody is standing together this is the biggest threat to the region and in fact as authentic the mother of. sorrow of those earlier from the sudanese professionals association thank you so much for speaking to us from london today thank you. what's more still to come for you here on the algerian news hour including the main challenger in israel's election takes aim at the prime minister's new policy on settlements but are his priorities any better also. i'm nicholas hockett in results these by the tunisian libyan border with the fighting intensifying in neighboring libya find out next how african migrants are now we are the country. and we'll show you how this
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can go for made a splash but her first major title joe will be out with all the details in sports. nigeria suspended mining in one of its northern states and ordered all foreigners and gauged in mining activities to leave the move comes after a surge in crime in some foreign state the military police and state security forces have been deployed in recent weeks to tackle criminal gangs and the space of killings and kidnappings and the operators who defy the order will have their licenses revoked well after their trysts has more from the capital of russia. the nigerian government says there is a nexus or some form a connection between mining activities in the interest rate and the rise in spate of killings and attacks in that state and other parts of northwest nigeria but communities say these attacks have been going on long before. the presence of
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miners in the mining areas of some sort of state for example they gave an example of the speed of kidnappings in that state as well as the arson one thousand destruction of property ends interested in other parts of northern north western nigeria as well as the kidnappings that have become so rampant on the one hundred sixty kilometer. expressway which links the nigeria's capital to other parts of the northwest nigeria the few experts feel that there is a void that is being filled by government and local western nigeria taking full advantage of like a government presence or little of government presence in that region so it is a very very tough situation for the nigerian government i didn't government says they want to give this order so that they can clear areas that are being targeted by these bandits as they call them as well as stop mining activities to reorganize or restructure the process as well as deal with rising cases of criminality in
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northwest nigeria in particular is interesting which is seen more than one hundred people dead in the last two or three weeks i still photos are attacking the taliban in eastern afghanistan the fighting in can our provinces forced many civilians to skimp on food it's like foods water and clothing and in jalalabad the capital of neighboring province and islip feeling it's claimed the sponsibility for a roadside bomb explosion that blast kills at least three people and injured twenty others were shot at bellus is in jalalabad foras says shah that what's happening where you are. where in jalalabad just south of where this fighting has broken up between taliban and i saw it started about two weeks ago the initial clashes and their continued sense mainly in korean are that of attentional displaced about twenty thousand people most of them fled by foot grabbed what they
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could and have gone throughout and then down south to where we are here just grabbing what they can so limited clothing no being limited hygienic supplies and little food and water with being with the u.n. that it is very difficult to get any type of assistance to these people because a lot of the taliban and i somehow areas it's very difficult to find a safe route to help these people i talked to the negative governor a short time ago. saying about nine hundred families come into jalalabad and there have been thinning teams out to try to identify where these people are ending up see what they need and see what they can do to help them and charlotte for what exactly is present in eastern afghanistan. so in these areas and now i'm just where i am in current. stronghold but i still has bubbled up here in the last couple of years. it was disenfranchised taliban who
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became i thought now are the thing a lot of young recruits coming through who are being trained who i do logically moshe's they should look at guerrilla warfare and they have a mission and that is to move so we're at the foot holes of the mountains of pakistan they're trying to move where they move where they go through luck when the next problems with kabul and that is the mission that is why we're seeing the fighting now is because they're coming up against the taliban as they're trying to make their push westward the current estimates are about fifteen hundred i sometimes use in this area although they do have quite strong recruitment because initially the i think that we saw in syria and iraq over the last few years the think that kind of started that movement they initially came from the province next to us so there's a lot of sympathy towards this movement and this ideology also i feel is looking at the talks in doha talks between the u.s. intel a ban and they saying to the taliban if you don't want peace in afghanistan and if
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you don't want to join in kind of shake hands with us if you will join our ranks we don't want peace will keep fighting come fight with us. charlotte ballasts joining us there from jalalabad thanks very much indeed for brady as. the u.s. secretary of homeland security christian nielsen is donald trump made the announcement over twitter and all the official line is that nielsen resigned transmittal secrets of his anger at how things have been going on on the border with mexico as equal hate reports. it's fair to say that kiersten else and will go down in history as the most controversial secretary in the history of the young department of homeland security she put in place what many saw as draconian policies under her watch thousands of children were ripped from their parents trying to cross the southern border many housed in crowded camps until a federal judge stepped in and demanded the families be reunited she leaves office
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with potentially thousands of children misplaced separated from their families and the government now says it could take up to two years to reunite them all because for many they didn't keep appropriate paperwork her actions were met with scorn and widespread protests at her home. at a restaurant with marches across the u.s. and pleas from overseas that has got me to beg and ask president donald trump to please return my baby soon i don't want to keep waiting a long time two months is enough punishment for mothers to learn not to cross she responded with a tweet saying there is no formal policy of separating families and justified her order with this this is ministration did not create a policy of separating families at the border both of those statements were lies simply not true according to inspector general's report she also attempted to end the program that allowed hundreds of thousands of people from honduras and el
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salvador to stay in the u.s. legally some who had been here for twenty years. she was also known for going out of her way to try and publicly please her boss asked in congress about reports he referred to african countries with a curse word she deflected asked why he wanted more people to immigrate from countries like norway her response was widely criticized norway is a predominately white. countries and i'm. i actually do not know that serve but i imagine that is the case she made sure not to upset the president when asked about russian interference in the election i haven't seen any evidence that the attempts to interfere in our election infrastructure was to favor a particular political party but there is evidence the intelligence community has explicitly said the russians wanted to help president trump. in repeated trips to the border recently the president made it clear he saw security here as an
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important campaign issue he says he wants his officials to be tougher and even though she was repeatedly by his side and said she supported his policies in the end none of it was enough to please the president she tried so publicly to impress leaving her department more controversial there when she came and more concretely thousands of families with the permanent scars of separation political al-jazeera washington now the main challenger to israel's prime and this prime minister rather and she says elections has condemns benjamin that's and his promise to an excessive months in the occupied west bank benny gantz a former military chief who leads the centrist blue and white party says it's an irresponsible bid for votes dance though so wants to strengthen and expand settlements final polls are showing a neck and neck race with some suggesting that dance could be not really
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a heads but they also show that netanyahu will have an easier path to power when he seeks to build a coalition similar to his current governments while daniel levy is presidents of the u.s. middle east project and he joins us now live from london daniel levy just why is this race so close. well i think this race is so close. because the anti nut and yahoo camp let's not call them left or moderate or progressive they're not in the most part but the anti nut on yahoo camp has managed to come up with. a character from central casting really to be the candidate this former chief of staff benny gantz he surrounded himself by other generals the centrist parties of come together and once that alliance was formed from the very get go the polls have shown that it's neck and neck race i think the other factor
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is that there is a for tea with prime minister netanyahu after so long in office and there's a degree of unpredictability because it might be that the polls are underestimating the extent to which people are fed up with bibi but they might also be underestimating the extent to which people are willing to support a prime minister under an indictment for corruption the second level of that unpredictability is in israel you have a whole coterie of small parties and they're all floating around the level at which you need to hit support in order to get into the parliament and if any of those small parties drop off and don't make it into parliament that will also impact the vote so it seems unpredictable it is a bit it's a bonus these smaller parties that you mentioned that could hold the key to who becomes israel's next prime minister benjamin netanyahu seems to seems to be gaining support among the smaller parties what
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a big ounces chances. well nuts and yahoo has a far more natural ecosystem of support on the religious right on the extreme kind of klu klux klan right within israel and he has a current coalition formed by those parties so that is an obvious go to coalition for the prime minister gantz has no such obvious go to coalition partly because most of the parties other than gantz who are against not on yahoo actually come from the center left the left and right also parties that represent the palestinian israeli minority around twenty percent of the israeli public and he does not appeal to the left he does not appeal to the palestinian arab citizens in fact he has explicitly said that he will only form a coalition with jewish and zionist parties therefore to be able to form
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a government gantz will have to eat in to the natural support environment of prime minister netanyahu and into not in yahoo's coalition now we're getting into the dying days and hours of this campaign this is usually where the of a more robust rhetoric can't ideas come out shall we say what would you say constitutes a game changer at this late stage. with so little time to go i hesitate to make predictions but i'm not sure there's going to be a game changer these will be crystallizing solidifying rather than game changing moments you're right to ask that because in such a close election even something that tips one or two parliamentary seats worth in one direction or the other could have a strong effect not only on who is doing what he's done in the past which is to double down on a very i think racist is not unreasonable to use here very aggressive
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very near or thora tarion rhetoric as he appeals to the voters on the right but let's be clear that is the tone that has characterized israeli politics in recent years and unsurprisingly that is the tone that has crystallized throughout this election where you are seeing the mainstreaming of extremism ok daniel levy we will have to leave it there but thank you very much for your thoughts and analysis than you levy there joining us live from london. now large hail has been hitting parts of the u.s. deficit stows more that's right how they are really has been hammering down there and you don't want to get hit by one of these large hails that's really going to do you some mischief let's take a look at what's been going on then is out of this ditch larry of cloud here that's what's given us all our destructive weather it hasn't only been giving us some large hail it's also been giving us some very damaging winds and also the old
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tornado as well three have been reported the halo that's been quite common and that's also been very large as we were just saying look how heavy this is as it hits the ground it bounces there about the size of a golf ball so really quite destructive destructive to crops and cause i'm pretty hopeful if they hit you now today scrape the risk of seeing some storms is here is so stretching for from virginia all the way down towards mississippi and there is the risk again of seeing the or tornado but most likely some very large hail and some very gusty winds so he is that system then and then gradually as we head through the day and as we head towards choose day it will try to work away towards the east but still lingering in the southeast corner and still plenty of snow as well for the north so generally speaking in the south we're not too bad temperature wise atlanta at twenty two but look about two are still at one still struggling to get above freezing and so here we've got a lot of snow now for the west we got another weather system that's working its way in here and that's going to be another problem for us as it pulls itself together
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on wednesday and brings us a lot of wintery weather to places where we started to break out all some a gear i'm sorry our staff will succumb and they use our heads a grieving parent for berlin and paris to resume a year's invited for high level talks on the bricks that saga. well feeling how surfing gets equal pay joel have the details in sports. we live in a time of war and. tragedies crimes against humanity. activist repression. enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests. extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims
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the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to combat and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament. and global alliance of national human rights institutions. you're watching al-jazeera quick minds are all the top story this hour. the city's
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soldier has been killed since the army stepped said she protect and seek government demonstrators again security forces they've been protesting outside on the headquarters in khartoum for a third day in a row. let's go to breaking developments from another parts of our top stories and that's libya where warlords have to us forces have launched an air strike against the main airports in the capital tripoli let's cross live to tripoli now where we have mahmoud's. mahmoud tell us more about this ayers strike. well just about now. percentage others have been asked to if their international airport this is the only functioning airport in the libyan capital tripoli. have to craft raided the runway in the
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airport or full sources. international airport say that. they tried to target the. craft with their missiles. in the air around him eighty get airports video as their attitude of immediately after this airstrike airport is the only functioning airport in tripoli of the action has been suspended temporarily after this break we understand that this is not the this is not the first time have to. target. in two thousand and fourteen also during the libya award enter pally forces loyal to the warlord cleaver have to targeted him. at the airport was also suspended ever much more to say it's important to
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distinguish this from the situation at the all day or ports which man had taken over earlier isn't it. the old airport in the southern outskirts of tripoli which is around thirty kilometers to the south from the city center was also targeted by an airstrike line should by have aircrafts today and one government military individual was reported one did in that air strike but to distinguish between the two airports get airport as i mentioned is the only functioning airport and shipley what is the international airport in this southern outskirts of tripoli. was not functioning since july two thousand and fourteen when libya don't operation started there in the southern outskirts of tripoli. mahmoud says. china has live from tripoli thank you so much indeed for that latest
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states well as the fighting in libya intensifies people traffickers are profiting from boatloads of african migrants hoping to reach europe they're using neighboring chin is here as a transit point because it's from czars this near the border. there is no escape from the violence from hussein yar he fled the conflict in mali to come to libya in search for a better life hoping to get to europe but he's now in a shelter in tunisia while armed groups are fighting for the capital tripoli and you are along with eighty others boarded a boat to reach italy. the situation is bad they take our money threaten us with arms if we refuse to do what they want or work for them they'll shoot us. the u.n. believes militia groups fighting each other in tripoli are involved in the lucrative
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trafficking trade of african migrants to europe manning detention centers in facilitating boat rides across the mediterranean the un security council imposed sanctions on six prominent libyan figures some have close ties with the country's east funded libyan coast guards in two thousand and eighteen warlord khalifa haftar struck deals with some european countries including italy's right wing government to stop the flow of migrants the number one european power that really has been beyond behind have tar for the last four years is simply france france has been quite determined to support the solution that's military and it's of the in meantime has been kind of converging towards this front solution your and his friends are in this temporary shelter after their boat was stopped by italian coast guards instead of offering them asylum or bringing them back to libyan waters the migrants were pushed to tunisia's coasts. with no money or work the rescued
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migrants receive a daily ration of sardines bread and milk barely enough to survive so now regret leaving libya up until yesterday there were sixty eight migrants staying in this compound most of them have left unhappy in the way that usually authorities are treating them while they have come from libya despite the risk they want to go back to libya because they say that's the only way they can get to europe for europe appears so close almost reachable. if i have the money i'll go back to libya to try again to get to europe determent perhaps desperate and with nothing to lose for returning to libya despite the risks is the only way out because hawk al jazeera tunisia presidents prime ministers to to visit barreling
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and paris for yet more talks on bread house before a special european union summit so on whedon's day it's reason me and the opposition leader jeremy corbin counts agree on a compromise divorce steal from the e.u. well join a higher house been following the story he joins us now live from westminster with the latest update on backset joe not so we have any sign of compromise talks are turning between labor and the conservatives. no direct meetings scheduled at least yet but we're told that contacts remote contacts on the phone and by email continued through the weekend after you may recall talks direct talks between jeremy colvin and to resume a sort of fizzled out during the course of last week with labor saying that the conservatives simply hadn't put an ink substandard in front of them to agree upon will kill stahmann labor's ranks it spokesman has said the ball is now in the government's court to produce something there is talk that the government may be
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preparing to do just that to put something down in writing for labor to consider to reason may on the weekend indicating that she believes these talks can succeed and both sides of course treading very lightly on this issue because. the chance of compromise one with the other risks great damage to both parties so everyone treading very cautiously here but time very much of the essence friday of course is the new brigs it deal or no deal deadline before that an emergency e.u. summit on wednesday that will decide on to resume a's request for an extension and before that on tuesday tomorrow she's off to berlin and paris to talk to angela merkel the german chancellor and french president emmanuel macron and she will want to i think to have some sense of momentum behind these talks if not actual progress to be able to point to in order to persuade those e.u. leaders to support her request for an extension and to not let the summit
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approaching on whedon's they end the practice that deadline let's not forget on friday and tell us more about and please efforts to avoid this new deal scenario. well extraordinary lee m.p.'s are on the brink of passing legislation put forward by backbench m.p.'s in an amendment vote last week one by just a single vote up ending the normal business of parliament it is normally of course the government's probative to make law with a and p's are doing that that should clear the house of lords later and possibly into the statute books the c. evening it's a it's a it's a piece of legislation that would act as a sort of guarantee against no deal at least at the end of this week compelling to resume a to go in oxford extension in a sense slightly redundant now because of course she's already asked for that extension but it does mean she'll have to consult parliament on what sort of extension britain accepts depending on what the offer but you know whatever they get up to and house of commons it isn't up to the m.p.'s or the government what
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sort of extension is on the cards that is so only now the probative of the other twenty seven leaders of the thanks very much said there join a whole reporting live from outside westminster thank you zealand's privacy commissioner says facebook is run by in his words morally bankrupt pathological liars john edwards has launched at the social media giants after a gunman used it to live stream last month muskets acts in the city of christchurch he wants governments to force internet giants to be more to stop atrocities being broadcast online and facebook chief mark zuckerberg though says bad people are to blame not bad technology. we need to build our systems to be able to identify. live strong terror events more quickly as as it's happening which is a target doing les help any delay of lifestream it might in this case but it would
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also fundamentally break so what live streaming is for people not just broadcasting you're you're communicating and people are commenting back but one of the things that this flagged for me overall was the extent to which bad actors are going to try to get around our systems i found his comments pretty disingenuous actually i mean particularly he said something like you know the bad actors will go out of their way to avoid the systems that we've got in place but actually didn't have any systems to detect the events in christchurch and you know maybe the lay on live streaming would be a good thing as an interim measure in july can sort out their ai maybe they just need to not ople together i mean it is to acknowledging that is capable of causing great harm. well dominic mr and dino is an internet consultant and joins us now by skype from new york care domenica measure and you know we heard that furious
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reaction there from the privacy commissioner what do you make of that statement does he have a point well. there is validity to the underlying argument which is is facebook doing enough to battle privacy and help the users i never want to go for name calling or morally corrupt because it detracts from the argument the argument is what specifically are they doing and they're doing they don't have a lot of actions they're taking that are not necessarily helping their public facing they are not necessarily leading to trust within the public arena and they're not being transparent. is the solution then the extra alien example we saw in australia the lawmakers there passed a controversial law to see executives and social media firms prosecuted if they fail to to police content is that the way forwards if the social media giants are dragging their feet. i think we aren't doing enough and we should be if that
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specifically is a solution i don't think we have enough. data and traction under the hood yet but i do think we need to be taking much further action because it's not just the australian solution you also have the question of overall policing you have the question of educating the public on what they share it's not on the way though the challenge i think is twofold that number one you need to have a solution to make the platform buyable and number two they have a p.r. problem now because it's resorted to the point. of people name calling so to speak it doesn't help the public image and if it's not facebook the public or simply run to another platform snapshot pinterest is going public there's other platforms with this motivation and we've now got this. this commissioner for new zealand he's not the only moldmaker he's expressed a frustration.


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