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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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again changer but not in the way that that is desired by the tribe administration you know iran and the u.s. have been arch photos of the current state status of a verse that has been in limbo somehow between these two our foes will you know turn. spiral out of control as a result of this smallest mistakes you know a misfire or a story like the u.s. marines that were captured but you run in iranian waters in the persian gulf this could you know spiral out of control and end up in war and only the beginning you know the in the show impact would be rising crude and energy prices in the you know as a result of such conflicts and clashes in the persian gulf therefore it seems that donald trump is forcing the whole board and the region to pay for the costs of these illogical you know decision making policies and decisions and i believe
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democrats and others if there are any you know wise minds left in washington already europe their foot they need to you know harness such crazy moves whose economic gains forty united states are rather nothing are out of this a curate the impacts and the mess in fact the united states iran and the whole wars would be grave and out of control ok must suffer. we thank you for speaking to us from tehran giving us reaction from there let's bring in steve clemons the editor at large for the hill he's joining us here on set hi steve nice to have you know with us with you as my guest from tehran who was just saying this is a logical decision making by trump himself what do you make of this looking at how do you know that you know it's clearly an escalation of circumstances it takes a tense situation it it does make it more fragile and so we'll have to see where this goes i think so far we've been dealing with the i.r.g.c. as a military arm what's not. just as it's also
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a sprawling business empire it has enormous assets inside iran and there are now risks for for any company that does business with those injuries and what we were doing and yes exactly there are lots of auto firms in europe and in japan that do quite a business a lot of business with these firms so they will now be at risk in ways they weren't before and the other kind of secret in our relationship with iran are non relationship with iran is that there's been implicit cooperation with iran between the united states and iran on many occasions we saw that in afghanistan after we had invaded afghanistan to topple the taliban they worked with us in putting karzai in place there have been subtle efforts to get the conflict in certain regions where we had common enemies and you know iran and the united states behind the scenes have done this this puts at risk all of that and it takes a place like iraq where you have both u.s. forces but you also have militias from iran there and it raises the possibility as the editor in chief of far is just said of a crisis or a moment escalating into something for because in our eyes that military arm is now
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a different player it's an hour terrorist on a different league so it doesn't make either fragile does this and then put u.s. troops in the region at risk as some in the u.s. seem to say well i think it i believe that it may do that and and i'm what i don't know is whether we have gone to all the steps we have to kind of look at that possibility and protect forces in a way that we might not have as wendy sherman our four former undersecretary of state who's now at harvard university has that this is that the biggest change right now is that u.s. forces are risk because all of the other places in terms of sanctioning iran none of that really changes we've already sinks into iran to an enormous degree we've already decertified of the way there are no avenues for pathways right now that are workable so this is a political move the biggest result of which puts u.s. forces at risk and here's the thing the trumpet ministration seems to be exerting what they call maximum pressure on iran but is it clear to you what the actual and game is here. well i think right now if you were to ask that of president trump or
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his team the endgame that they would like to see is total capitulation and regime change in iran now i don't think that is shared by the broad strategic class in washington the national security class of people both within the pentagon the intelligence community the policy community and look at that as an unrealistic goal because in the absence of any other game plan as to what we're trying to achieve we're not seeing that that said donald trump is an erratic president he was interested at one moment in meeting rouhani the president of iran he was you know there are many people that have been looking at iran as the sort of devil in the region but but but donald trump likes to surprise us sometimes and maybe in the very toughest of circumstances might be willing to meet and he tried in the past they reached out to the iranian leadership in the past for a meeting even to right now if things look very dire right we have to realize that this president sometimes can jump as he did with north korea from what looked like a clear collision course into something that's very different i'm not predicting
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that but we have to leave open that here's the thing though it was expected there were rumblings about this and the last period yet it is still an unprecedented move when the u.s. designates a branch of an armed forces a no there is no means there is no desperate as they say no on president makes it absolutely complicated to deal with iran on any of the formal or informal levels it raises the risk of of conflict in the gulf it raises conflict potential in iraq in afghanistan and syria and other places where we have where we cohabitate if you will in various conflicts we may not talk to each other much but we're both there so it raises those risks enormously and it raises the costs of our to our allies both in europe and japan in ways that we may not have thought through so on the negative side of the ledger there's quite a bit on the positive side this certainly does add to what the president was sensibly trying to do is to to to squeeze iran it's not clear where he wants to go with ok steve clemons thank you for your analysis. you know the al-jazeera news
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hour there is plenty more ahead including donald trump's homeland security chief resigned amid the president's anger at the flow of refugees across the u.s. southern border. bound for berlin and paris tourism is invited for high level talks on the brics that song. we'll show you how this young golfer made a splash with our first major title peter story a little later in sports. but first tripoli's main airport has been evacuated after it was struck in an air raid launched by warlords have to force. the strike targeted airport in tripoli's eastern suburbs flights have been suspended as a result there's also been fighting at the four international airports which has
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not been used since an earlier round of violence in twenty fourteen victoria has more on the latest developments in libya. strikes on libya is made. in the east of the city attacked by warplanes on the. telly for have to international passengers are being evacuated to. libya's old on the southern edge of the capital tripoli is the it's a wonder attack the u.n. is repeating calls for a truce if this thousands of civilians have fled the area i think the first message we need to pass united states is the full implementation of interest to allow the civilians and the wounded to be about made from. the city and to avoid any further military action and then a further military escalation and the return to the political negotiations and the
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political track strikes were launched by both the un backed. government and have tossed forces at the weekend. and on sunday a u.s. vessel was seen evacuating an unspecified number of american personnel from tripoli the u.s. has joined demands from other g seven countries to have taught a halt is offensive but analysts doubt the u.s. demand this statement is simply a statement from the secretary of state where we more are. going to get his thoughts in that in trying to see the capital we call on how to show a restraint and when you can be action behind this statement if you will drew all of us was already location of us was from tripoli to go elsewhere this does not look like an administration that is committed to the protection of searches government. libya has been divided between two competing governments for the past five years eve ministration in tripoli is backed by the u.n. the other in the eastern city of to prove by have to end them in miami usually
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really rather the store one of the libyan army's task is to protect libyan constitution which guarantees and takes the nation's institutions and its citizens the libyan army is moving towards tripoli with one goal which is to free it from the armed militias. have to us forces a fighting what they call terrorists groups in tripoli but their offensive is also about money and who controls libya's central bank and it's all companies based in the capital victoria. joining us from tripoli airport where that air strike took place earlier on the whole what's the scene now . well there really in two major airports in the capital tripoli were targeted by you have to crafts today twice and this international airport and once in a mighty good as you know that's a mighty good airport is the only functioning airport in the capital city since
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twenty fourteen but this airport where the government forces are positioned has not being functioning that tripoli international air force has not been functioning since twenty four thirty in during the libya i don't appreciate now government forces here say that they continue receiving military units and detachment from civil areas and towns and there west of libya including the city of misrata the city of this late in and also the city of zintan and that clashing area is not far from where i'm standing now if you can hear the gunfire right behind in the background have to dispose of the position and not far from where i'm standing now and the civilians living in the areas around the clashing area have been asked to leave have to dispose according to the government forces the government will say that i have to vote as continue receiving. cements from the city of the home that
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the situation is very tense and civilians around these areas are very terrified they remain and what is the end game mahmoud for hostages for us and how close are they to the city center is that where they're heading. have to have forces are now positioned in three main points in the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli the government the government forces say that how to dispose of around forty kilometers to the south from there to the south from the city center while the also say the government forces say that have the supporters are using advances weapons including konkona the missiles we know that libya has been under or. has been there the arms embargo has been under arms embargo since twenty eleven but yet have to put has continued to receive weapons from abroad from russia and from egypt there in ok and mahmoud have been was head thank you.
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protesters answers on are calling for direct talks with the army about forming a transitional government earlier a soldier was killed as the army intervene to protect demonstrators from security forces as hester's heart demanding the resignation of president obama and they've been outside army headquarters and hearts on saturday at least twelve people have been killed since that. date has more. at. the moment soldiers stepped in to stop police and security forces turning on anti-government protesters it happened as the protests outside the military headquarters in khartoum entered its third day medical sources say at least one soldier died in the clash. earlier warning shots and tear gas was used to disperse crowds who are calling for an end to president to model bashir rule activists say soldiers intervened to protect protestors from the police. and ran with three would
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have to side with thirteen and. a bit thicker. that's a possibility or they would have to take a stand and least. try to ask for the president to resign the same way has happened in all of you i. i in videos uploaded to the internet the crowd swelled overnight saddam's been in a state of emergency since february after a government crackdown failed to stop the demonstrations president bashir acknowledges protesters demands and has stepped down as the head of the ruling party but he's also met military leaders and his defense council has voted against allowing any unrest the government insists change can come through the ballot box but the people on the street want change now on monday some security vehicles are overrun by protest as the soldiers mingled in the crowds as the army has so far tried to keep its distance from politics what started as anger against bread prices
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and cash or just entered on political turn. the call to organize protests beyond the headquarters coincide with the thirty fourth anniversary of the one thousand nine hundred eighty five uprising president jiang for the americas government was toppled then and the military later handed over power to an elected government that government was overthrown by president bashir. even activists and social media at least are hoping for similar intervention from the job over there the presidents of russia and turkey are discussing a missile defense system contract which is causing alarm in the united states reza sayah birdo on his meeting blatter putin in moscow after the u.s. thought delivery of warplanes to turkey's air force turkey has bought the russian s. four hundred system to defend air bases the u.s. fears the interceptor system will compromise the stealth secrets of its f. thirty five jets sold to its nato ally i saw fighters are attacking the taliban in
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eastern afghanistan the fighting in kumar province has forced many civilians to escape on foot they lack food water clothing and in jalalabad the capital of neighboring one guard province and i saw affiliate claimed responsibility for a roadside bomb explosion the blast killed at least three people injured twenty others charlotte bella's reports from jalalabad. where non-god just south of where despising has broken out between taliban and isolette started about two weeks ago the initial clashes and since then clashes it continued and a lot of people have fled we're talking about twenty thousand people that's played throughout crew now which is just north of where i am and then down here towards jalalabad a lot of them side by foot describing whatever they could be talking exploding on them is exploiting limited bedding limited hygenic supply of food and water so a lot of them are in pretty bad way as far as the u.n.
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and i don't see a scar there actually finding it very difficult to reach these people because a lot of them are in taliban or beisel held areas so it's very difficult to find sites we're in to see what these people need and how they can be a safe i talked to the non-god governor a short time ago and he said that they have had teams out and have found nine hundred families that have ended up in jalalabad since the spicing have been assisting them here's what he had to say this includes the commercial hub and been bitten by the running isis. job with an increment. the initial reports we have. nine hundred families being cared for john edwards or disaster not a support role for international was dragged through identifying them and had their children assistance you a traditionally nanga heart and who not just north of you had been taliban stronghold and i feel has bubbled up here in the last few years initially they were
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just disenfranchised taliban but now you're saying you're right of recruitment a lot of young people who ideologically most as i said a lot of grillo will see and they're trying to push waste right now we're at the foothills of the mountain state pakistan and trying to move through here one more provinces lagemann the next one in kabul and that is the mission is that is why we're seeing fighting bubble up now as they try to push way and they're coming up against the taliban in the south and britain's prime minister is due to visit brylin on paris. for yet more talks. before a special european union summit on wednesday to resuming an opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn can't agree on a compromise divorce deal from the e.u. brings us the latest update from westminster during a crucial week of. we enter. the latest crucial week not the first of course but the latest crucial week for brakes it first of all move by m.p.'s to pass legislation forcing the government to seek an
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extension to try and guarantee no no deal exit at the end of this week will that legislation in itself historic an extraordinary likely to receive royal assent later on monday although to resume a has of course already asked for that extension to be decided as an extraordinary summit on wednesday in brussels the other big development to look out for is ongoing signs of the search for compromise between the two parties here the main parties the conservative party and the labor party they were face to face talks between germany corben and to resume a last week and they all fizzled out towards the end of the week with labor saying the government simply weren't offering anything new anything substantial nor any detail about how they seek to reach consensus in the meantime this weekend to resume a recorded an address to the nation a very casual address to the nation at her country retreat checkers seated on the sofa next to the fire again reiterating in her view the need now for cross party
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compromise after the repeated failure of her own deal we await details of how those talks may progress but of course heading into the summit on wednesday time is tight it may be that to resume a now he's preparing herself for a leap into the abyss to try and stave off that cliff edge breaks into the end of the week by finally striking a deal with the opposition leader jeremy corbin tax cuts need to be made in front some prime minister at the wharf and. neglected areas need to be improved following five months of protests there is some of the main conclusions of what's called the great national debates ten thousand meetings have been held nationwide since president so many american laws the consultations in january. still ahead on the officer in samara running on empty more on what's behind the fuel shortage taking place in haiti. and the swell feeling surfing get equal pay peter will be here with
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the details. we're seeing yet more unsettled weather across parts of the middle east at the moment if we look at the satellite picture we can see one area of travis making its way across parts of iran and up towards tashkent and towards our martin that's where it's going to be as we head through the day on tuesday so a few rather heavy showers here there's also affecting us in parts of afghanistan now this is good news because we are in a drought here fifteen will be our maximum in kabul and do expect some wet weather around to behind that is going to be a few bits and pieces of cloud around giving us a few showers and there's a still with us as we head through the day on wednesday or wednesday there you'll also notice some wetter weather make its way through parts of turkey and some heavier stuff as well just to the east after all the south and here in doha has been a rather unsettled over the past week or so and we're still expecting that theme to
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continue over the next few days at least so a good deal of cloud around at times still the risk of one to showers that continues to choose day and wednesday as well that area of cut on wednesday does push towards the south as well so for many of us in the u.a.e. we can expect to see quite a large amount of clouds with the risk of some showers to now down towards the southern parts of africa lots of what weather here at the moment particularly a lively outbreaks have been in the eastern parts of south africa those are gradually clearing but we'll catch a few more. they join one of the world's most notorious. but found a way out rebuild their lives and now it's. a tale of course for. child soldiers and the exploitation of women and daughters
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a. part of the radicalized. on al-jazeera. egypt strongman is ruling with an end faced and the silence from his allies is deafening us was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from nazi berlin or paris or london in cairo on al-jazeera.
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television on the top stories on the al-jazeera news our u.s. president donald trump has designated iran's revolutionary guards as a foreign terrorist organization it's the first time washington has formally labeled an arm of another country's military as a terrorist group. and are calling for direct talks with the army about forming a transitional government earlier a soldier was killed as the army intervened to protect demonstrators from security forces passengers have been evacuated from tripoli's main airport after it was hit in an airstrike by warlords his forces. that's right take the airport in the capital's eastern suburbs suburbs have also been suspended. as the fighting in libya intensifies people traffickers are profiting from boat loads of african migrants hoping to reach here or they're using neighboring as a transit point nicholas hack reports the border. say there is
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no escape from the violence from we say in your he fled the conflict in mali to come to libya in search for a better life hoping to get to europe but he's now in a shelter in tunisia while armed groups are fighting for the capital tripoli and you are along with eighty others boarded a boat to reach italy. the situation is bad they take our money threaten us with arms if we refuse to do what they want or work for them they'll shoot us. the u.n. believes militia groups fighting each other in tripoli are involved in the lucrative trafficking trade of african migrants to europe manning detention centers in facilitating boat rides across the mediterranean the u.n. security council imposed sanctions on six prominent libyan figures some have close ties with the country's east funded libyan coast guards in two thousand and eighteen warlord khalifa haftar struck deals with some european countries including
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italy's right wing government to stop the flow of migrants the number one european power that really has been beyond behind have time for the last four years is simply france france has been quite determined to support the solution that's military and it's only in meantime has been kind of converging towards this front solution you are and his friends are in this temporary shelter after their boat was stopped by italian coast guards instead of offering them asylum or bringing them back to libyan waters the migrants were pushed to tunisia's coasts. with no money or work the rescued migrants receive a daily ration of sardines bread and milk barely enough to survive so now regret leaving libya. up until yesterday there were sixty eight migrants staying in this compound most of them have left unhappy in the way that usually authorities are treating them while they have come from libya despite the risk they want to go back
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to libya because they say that's the only way they can get to europe for europe appears so close almost reachable. and as if i have the money i'll go back to libya to try again to get to europe determent perhaps desperate and with nothing to lose for some returning to libya despite the risks is the only way out nicholas hawke al jazeera. tunisia protesters in south africa have returned to the streets of johannesburg to call for better living conditions and public services they're threatening to shut down the suburb of sound one of the richest in the country from either miller has more from johannesburg. it's a small group of protesters but they're making their way to santa and the a financial hub of which i had this bug and right a symbolic march at this point in that they've managed to stop traffic bringing
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some disruption to the their area and that's very much the point these protesters want to make of. the way should they live when in alexandria up. over two cities just boarding the township is sensible again the financial stuff but affluent also especially compared to how people in alexandra lived. the protesters have arrived at municipal offices where they want to hand over a memorandum outlining their grievances people here say this is about the way in which they live in oleksandr they're complaining about a lack of policing illegal settlements coming up not having enough space for the people living there and also the lack of service delivery with its water or electricity all over basic minister pull services they say they're not getting those little structures that are affecting our properties they are afflicted and our infrastructure our strategy is it's flowing in the township the electricity we
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have a. low shading route is no more low shading so try to experience it daily people here say they want action from the local government now the african national congress has denied allegations by the opposition party the democratic alliance that the agencies behind these protests that they are instigating violence it's very much what we saw in the last few days when these protests took place in alexandria township essentially for the people here this is becoming about a fight between two parties which have the power to make a difference they say but at the end of the day nothing is being done no senior political leaders have visited alexandra yet we understand that the premier of the how to province and potentially president up also will the list visit alexandra but that hasn't happened yet and this is adding to the anger felt by the people here
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nigeria has suspended mining in one of its northern states and ordered all foreigners engaged in mining activities to leave the move comes after a surge in crime in zamfara states the military police and state security forces have been deployed in recent weeks to tackle criminal gangs behind the spate of killings and kidnappings and the operators who defy the order will have their licenses revoked rather dri says more from the capital of boozer. the nigerian government says there is a nexus or some form of connection between mining activities in some sort of state and the rising spate of killings and attacks in that state and other parts of northwest nigeria but communities say these attacks have been going on long before . the presence of miners in the mining areas of some sort of state for example they gave an example of this piece of kidnappings in that state as well as the austin one thousand destruction of property ends up arrested and other parts of northern
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northwestern nigeria as well as the kidnappings of that become so rampant on the one hundred and sixty kilometer. expressway which links the nigeria's capital to other parts of the northwest nigeria the few exports feel that that he's avoided such as being filled by gunmen in the western nigeria taking full advantage of the government presence or little of government presence in that region so it is a very very tough situation for the nigerian government i did and government says they want to give this order so that they can clear areas that being targeted by these bandits as they call them as well as stop mining activities to reorganize or restructure the process as well as deal with rising cases of criminality in northwest nigeria in particular as interested which is seen more than one hundred people dead in the last two or three weeks the secretary of homeland security. donald trump will be announcement over twitter while the official line is that
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nelson resigned translate no secret about his anger at the service of refugees on the border with mexico how to call home reports. it's fair to say that cures didn't else and will go down in history as the most controversial secretary in the history of the young department of homeland security she put in place what many saw as draconian policies under her walks thousands of children were ripped from their parents trying to cross the southern border many housed in crowded camps until a federal judge stepped in and demanded the families be reunited she leaves office with potentially thousands of children misplaced separated from their families and the government now says it could take up to two years to reunite them all because for many they didn't keep appropriate paperwork her actions were met with scorn and widespread protests at her home. at a restaurant with marches across the u.s. and pleas from overseas that has got me to beg and asked president donald trump to
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please return my baby soon i don't want to keep waiting a long time two months is enough punishment for mothers to learn not to cross she responded with a tweet saying there is no formal policy of separating families and justified her order with this this is ministration did not create a policy of separating families at the border both of those statements were lies simply not true according to inspector general's report she also attempted to end the program that allowed hundreds of thousands of people from honduras and el salvador to stay in the u.s. legally some who had been here for twenty years. she was also known for going out of her way to try and publicly please her boss asked in congress about reports he referred to african countries with a curse word she deflected asked why he wanted more people to immigrate from countries like norway her response was widely criticized. predominately white
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country. i actually do not know that serve but i imagine that is the case she made sure not to upset the president when asked about russian interference in the election i haven't seen any evidence that the attempts to interfere in our election infrastructure was to favor a particular political party but there is evidence the intelligence community has explicitly said the russians wanted to help president trump. in repeated trips to the border recently the president made it clear he saw security here as an important campaign issue he says he wants his officials to be tougher and even though she was repeatedly by his side and said she supported his policies in the end none of it was enough to please the president she tried so publicly to impress leaving her department more controversial there when she came and more concretely thousands of families with the permanent scars of separation. al-jazeera washington
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and governing party has announced its political manifesto before the start of the world's largest election later this week the b j p is promising improved national security and social programs while doing more to fight corruption prime minister narendra modi is seeking reelection but faces opposition from rahul gandhi of the congress party. has more from new delhi. the governing b.g.p. say they want to make india among the top three economies in the world we're going to do that by continuing making it easier for foreign companies and locals to do business in the country but they're also going to double farmer income create pensions for small business owners an important base for them as well as reserve one third of all parliamentary and state legislature seats for women now some controversial points they say they'll bring in a uniform civil code right now in india civil matters such as marriage divorce and inheritance depend on the person's religion they also say they want to pass to citizenship bill that's a controversial measure that will allow migrants non muslim migrants from
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neighboring countries to apply for indian citizenship now the release of the manifesto began with the party congratulating themselves saying that the last five years have been the stork time for the poor and middle classes in india and that another five years will take the country to even greater heights but critics say that in the last five years youth unemployment has gone up attacks on minorities have also increased and the growth in the economy has been concentrated on the wealthy the largest airline in the united states is canceling more flights because of issues surrounding the boeing seven thirty seven max american airlines says nine thousand flights a day will remain canceled for another two months around three hundred fifty max jets are grounds of the world wide following two crashes within five months they won't be allowed to fly again until boeing satisfies regulators suspect and to stall software has been fixed. cars are running on empty in haiti because of a fuel shortage a tanker well and so on the government pays at least the sixty million dollars that
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goes for previous deliveries helen fisher reports. it's become part of daily life in haiti codes gathering your own fuel stations hoping this will be the day they'll be a delivery on monday as it does my garden i have money to look for petrol but unfortunately i can't find any in a country with no fuel people will die if someone is sick and needs to be transported to the emergency hospital what will happen is she will die because of the gas crisis they bring any container they can find even a small amount to fuel my poem a story of all a car or bike operate for a couple of days venezuela used to provide the island with cheap oil but it stopped a year ago because of its own internal issues now the country's government has to buy fuel supplies on the open market the company which ships oil to haiti has had a tanker ready to dorchen port au prince since february but says there will be no delivery until
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a huge chunk of an outstanding sixty million dollar bill is paid. off the gas crisis is causing the people to suffer greatly especially those who share transport it's causing a lack of electricity in the country and there are plenty of places that spend days without electricity it's a serious crisis and the lower the production the country and the economy and will cause a considerable impact on all growth for this year some of those who fuel have been selling it but jacking up the price of them when we say there is no government in the country because people are spending the night in misery to get petrol the contract should have been respected and paid on time to deliver the oil those who are in elected positions should be ashamed of themselves. many have been told deliveries will resume tomorrow but in haiti to morrow is always another day away alan fischer al-jazeera. new zealand's privacy commissioner says facebook is run by in his words a morally bankrupt pathological liar as john edwards has lashed out at the social
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media giant after a gunman use thats a live stream last month's mosque attacks in the city of christchurch he wants governments to force internet giants to do more to stop atrocities being broadcast online facebook chief mark zuckerberg though says bad people are to blame not bad technology we need to build our systems to be able to identify. life's true terror events more quickly as as it's happening which is the target doing lay help and a delay of lifestream it might in this case but it would also fundamentally break so what live streaming is for people not just broadcasting you're you're communicating and people are commenting back but one of the things that this flagged for me overall was the extent to which bad actors are going to try to get around our systems i found his comments pretty disingenuous actually i mean particularly he said
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something like you know the bad actors will go out of their way to avoid the systems that we've got in place they actually didn't have any systems to detect the events in christchurch and you know maybe the delay on live streaming would be a good thing as an interim measure until they can sort out their ai maybe they just need to another local together and then it is to acknowledging that is capable of causing great harm. still ahead on the outs there are news hour twenty is winning brussels sisters swap the board and their latest gymnastics competition. we live in a time of war and tragedy it's crimes against humanity. activist repression. enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests.
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extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to combat impunity and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament's. and global alliance of national human rights institutions.
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time for the sports is a peter green thank you very much manchester city's raheem sterling says walking off the pitch will not solve the problem of racist abuse in football or cards have been suggested after a number of incidents in which players have been abused during matches in europe including sterling while playing for england in montenegro but sterling says he'd rather stay on the pitch and school. my mom taught me how to love myself and i also love my my skin color not to be comfortable my skin color i wouldn't personally agree with it because i think it is. to try and darwin game if it's going on in a moment after you know what i mean more really trying to get it down you know and if you do walk off the pitch as a group kind of makes that win so you know to score a goal to win a much affinity even a feeling that beats them sterling's manchester said he will play the f.a.
12:42 am
cup final against watford who fought for him to know their own to beat wolves in the semifinals on sunday and it looked like wolves would be on their way to the final though this was the moment to roll jimenez put them to up with less than thirty minutes to play but what's that never gave up gerrard pulled off a lovely chip with eleven minutes to go and then in injury time troy deeney held his nerves to convert a penalty and false extra time. then popped up to complete the come back and say in watford to their first f.a. cup final since one thousand eight hundred. the golden state warriors have taken the western conferences top seed for the n.b.a. playoffs with a win in their final regular season gain steph curry scored twenty seven points is the warriors beat the l.a. clippers one hundred thirty one one hundred four with state furth win in a row and they did it wearing throwback jerseys honoring the two thousand and seven team who made the playoffs after
12:43 am
a twelve year drought and the brooklyn nets are also into the playoffs having clinched their first post-season berth since twenty fifteen by beating the indiana pacers one hundred eight ninety six the playoffs begin next saturday. colleges in the u.s. are competing to be national champions across a number of sports right now the women's basketball finals came down to baylor versus nurture drum on sunday bellows lady. blew a seventeen point lead and lost star player lauren cox as she injured her knees late in the food quarter but they pulled it back rallying to beat the irish eighty two eighty one for the third n.c. double a title and first in seven years. now let's go to australia where around one of the world surf league has seen men and women competitors receive the same prize money for the first time the season opening event was on australia's gold coast it was brazil's italo ferrera who took first place in the men's tournament with some great
12:44 am
moves out on the waves and some pretty wild celebrations too. as for the women it was seventeen year old caroline marks from the united states who finished up she's the youngest surfer on the world tour and thanks to a decision taken by the surfing lead back in september her maiden victory earned her one hundred thousand dollars. i'm so grateful and it's so nice to be part of women serving in the to my family my friends now my uncle back home he's in the hospitals now are just a hand in my sponsors i am you know the same speech as. south korea's jin young coeds won the first women's golf major of the year she made a birdie on the final hole to take the a in a inspiration to the moment in california by three strokes that's when three year old clinching her first major title and second victory in three weeks as is tradition code jumped into poppy's pond with her caribbean manager but she was given a row for the trophy shots to start catching
12:45 am
a cold. and quite an upset on the men's tour just a week after qualifying for the texas open cory connors went on to win it city's first victory on the p.g.a. tour and perhaps most importantly it earned him an invite to the sweet masters at augusta. and speaking of all gusto the venue is gearing up for the masters with the annual drive chip and putt competition for youngsters one of the standout winslow's andrew zhang to hit a tee shot nearly two hundred yards not bad for a nine year old a pair of russian twins of swept the board at the with make gymnastics world cup series in italy twenty year old arena every night took the honors in the finals while her sister venus who's twenty minutes younger and the two time reigning world all around champion won the clubs and ribbon events meaning the pe one all of the
12:46 am
individual finals at the competition. how and when we will have an hour most for coming up again a little bit later during ok will see you later thank you and thanks for watching the news hour on al jazeera back in just a moment with more of the day's news coming your way see you in a minute. for the nomadic jacka tribe survival is about reaching their destination if we don't hurry will never be able to get the top up in the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. is dangerous the ices of them as they strive to preserve
12:47 am
their traditional way of life into the legendary sometimes luser cattle there was the cold war because of the storm risking it all mongolia on al-jazeera. driven by outrage and spanning generations the rohinton demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like was so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back ten and the day after tomorrow they'll send back twenty thirty or if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world. india is in the midst of
12:48 am
a high tech revolution with over one billion. yet in a country where one in four can't lead how can this technological boom be holidays to the common good. life apps challenges a digital entrepreneur to devise an easy to use for a struggling farm. can he find a way to bring the two worlds together. life's most harvest on al-jazeera. the u.s. designates iran's elite force of the revolutionary guard corps as a terrorist organization. launching on to zero life from a headquarters in doha and then up again also ahead forces loyal to world war i
12:49 am
have to launch airstrikes at tripoli's only operational airport as the battle for control of the libyan capital intensifies. antigovernment protesters and so done call on the army to hold talks on a transitional government to replace president on modern best here. and donald trump's homeland security chief resigns amid the president's anger at the forefront and g.'s across the u.s. southern border. hello iran state television says to her on has now does ignited a u.s. military forces as a terrorist organization after a similar announcement from the u.s. on iran's revolutionary guards this is the first time washington has formally labeled an on off another country's military as a terrorist group the trumpet ministration says the iranian force actively participate in the finances and promotes terrorism as
12:50 am
a tool of state crufts today the united states is continuing to build its maximum pressure campaign against the iranian regime i am announcing our intent to designate the islamic revolutionary guard corps including its good force as a foreign terrorist organization in accordance with section two nineteen of the immigration and nationality act just as a nation will take effect one week from today this is the first time that the united states is just made a part of another government as an f.t.l. we're doing it because the iranian regime's use of terrorism as a tool of statecraft makes it fundamentally different from any other government this is stuart step little brother world's leading state sponsor of terror the financial means to spread misery and death around the world let's fix the roads and jordan she's joining us from the u.s. state department and this is an unprecedented move roslan by the state department. it is an unprecedented move but both the secretary of state mike pompei o and the
12:51 am
u.s. president are saying that this is simply one more step in trying to convince the government in iran that it needs to rejoin the community of civilized nations and that it needs to stop fomenting terrorism in a number of countries around the middle east one thing that we heard from the special representative for iran policy brian hook is that there cannot be a stable middle east as long as you have a government arm such as the r.g.c. engaged in supporting hezbollah in lebanon in trying to support bashar al assad the president of syria in that country's civil war and that it is taking sides with rebel hooty fighters in yemen prolonging that country's civil war. is to not just put pressure on the i or a g c but also to convince namely countries and businesses in europe which have
12:52 am
continued to do business with iranian businesses many of whom are underwritten or operated by the i r g c to reconsider their actions and to step up the isolation of the government in tampon our rights our lord with an update from washington rosen thank you let's make to steve clemons who's the editor at large for the hill who's joining us here in doha on set steve clemons we're just hearing from iranian state television that's iran's supreme security council has now designated the u.s. military forces as a terrorist organization in response to that move that was announced by secretary of state peo what's your reaction to that well that was expected foreign minister zarif said that if the united states took this action which they suspected was coming down the pike that they would return in kind and as we all see we see a ratcheting up of tensions are greater for jill. and i think there are many many dimensions to this that haven't been thought through there are second and third
12:53 am
tier echo effects of doing this particularly when you find both iranian troops in the similar theaters as u.s. troops we have the money right here on stage in the background he has been and had militias inside iraq we also in operate inside iraq so they're going to be potential clashes and collisions and where they go we don't know interestingly you mentioned so they money because during that press conference that mike pompei a gave he in fact declare he was honest and declined to say whether this move would make me a military target as are other people for example i saw a leader is because they're the i.r.g.c. now isn't the same designation as groups like eisel. as well right i think in this in the global playbook the way the playbook is it does make him a target because they can't think it doesn't give in this designation and given the way other terrorist designated groups have been treated in the past so there's no
12:54 am
there's no book that says oh we designate this entity a terrorist organization and we're not targeting those individuals we're not having those kinds of you know communications with iran now that would ratchet things down and i think that's a real problem with this there are many dimensions of this we don't know where where they will lead for instance you have nissan in japan and in france that does a lot of business inside iran was there any consultation no there was not sort of ideas of economic impacts that will come from this but there are also security ones and there's a we've gone from a relationship with iran that is clearly one of rivalry i know being foes but we've taken that largely stable relationship as foes into something very new territory so why do you think that this announcement was made now we have been expecting it but is there something to be said about the particular time i think the president has decided president trump has decided. about one year out from decertifying the g.
12:55 am
c.p.o. way and stepping away from the iran deal of wanting to really fully definitive close down the track of opportunity with iran that's the way that looks right now now the president could change down the road he is a he is an erratic person he can take as he's done this with north korea and other countries before and he can do a backflip in another direction but right now i think this presidency wants to basically ratchet up things i also think we have tomorrow elections in israel and people haven't been talking about this but the theater in the middle east is also one defined by the close relationship between prime minister netanyahu and president trump and beginning to designate iran is a more specific and and clear focus in the region does have some help to netanyahu is campaign in israel ok steve clemons thank you thank you. tripoli's main airport has been evacuated after it was struck in an air raid long by warlords twenty four have taught us forces. the strike
12:56 am
targeted airport in tripoli's eastern suburbs flights have now been suspended as a result there's also been fighting at the former international airport which has not been used since an earlier round of violence in twenty fourteen. does more from tripoli. two major airports in the capital tripoli would have thought it'd buy you have to visit a crafts today twice and this international airport and once in a mighty get as you know that's a mighty good airport is the only functioning it was in the capital city since twenty fourteen but this airport would the government forces are positioned as not being functioning that tripoli international airport has not been functioning since twenty four thirty in during the libya i don't appreciate now government forces here say that they continue receiving military units and detachment from civilian areas and towns and there west of libya including the city of misrata the city of
12:57 am
legion and also the city of zintan and that clashing area is not far from where i'm standing now if you can hear the gunfire right behind in the background have to dispose of the position and not far from where i'm standing now and the civilians living in the areas around the clashing area have been asked to leave have to dispose according to the government forces the government will say that have those voices continue receiving enforcements from the city of their own at this situation is very tense and civilians i don't these areas are very terrified protesters in sudan are calling for the right talks with the army about forming a transitional government earlier a soldier was killed as the army intervene to protect demonstrators from security forces protesters demanding the resignation of president obama and bashir have been outside army headquarters and hard too since saturday at least twelve people have
12:58 am
been killed. some a binge of a tough spot. the moment soldiers step in to stop police and security forces turning on anti-government protesters it happened as the protests outside the military headquarters in khartoum entered its third day medical sources say at least one soldier died in the clash. earlier warning shots and tear gas was used to disperse crowds who are calling for an end to president to model the shoes rule activists say soldiers intervened to protect protesters from the police. and run with three would have to side with voting. and. that's a possibility or they would have to. i think this time and least. try to os for the president to resign the same way as happened in all of you i.
12:59 am
i in videos uploaded to the internet the crowd swelled up tonight saddam's been in a state of emergency since february after a government crackdown failed to stop the demonstrations president bashir acknowledges protesters demands and has stepped down as the head of the ruling party but he's also met military leaders and his defense council has voted against allowing any unrest the government insists change can come through the ballot box but the people on the street want change now on monday some security vehicles are overrun by protest as the soldiers mingled in the crowds as the army has so far tried to keep its distance from politics what started as anger against prices and citizens and on political turns. the call to organize protests at the army headquarters coincided with the thirty fourth anniversary of the one nine hundred eighty five uprising president john farley mary's government was toppled then and the military later handed over power to an elected government not
1:00 am
government with overthrown by president bashir was to be activist. and social media at least are hoping for a similar intervention some. of their still ahead on al-jazeera india's ruling party lays out its promises on policies ahead of next week's election also the face of iraq's youth unemployment problem we meet the political science graduate selling tea in baghdad's traffic. and the crowds are gathering for us i reports of china in fact if you look at the charts on choose day we can see that that's a good deal of rain around too from chengdu all the way across towards shanghai as a lot of very dark blues about indicating some very heavy.


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