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and how they can be your faith i talked to the negative governor a short time ago and he they put that you have had. nine hundred families that have ended up in jalalabad with fighting i've been i think where he had to thank. god to bring in our. chopper go to. work nine hundred families doing to improve your lot of work. or disaster remote support broke. through or didn't fight room and have. a traditionally now and who are not just north of here having taliban stronghold but i feel has bubbled up here in the last few you initially they were just disenfranchised but now you think a new wave of recruitment a lot of young people who are ideologically motivated a lot of fear and they're trying to push way right now we're at the foothills of
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the mountain state pakistan and they're trying to move through here. the next one is kabul and that is the mission is that is why we are seeing fighting bubble up now if they try to push west and they coming up against the taliban and. russia and turkey have pledged to continue efforts to establish peace in syria and jointly patrol it lead province president vladimir putin and reza sayah burdwan have been holding talks in moscow person says he entered a one have discussed the s four hundred missile contracts which is causing alarm in the united states turkey bought the russian system to defend its air bases but washington fears the system will compromise the secret sophists f. thirty five jets sold so it's a nato ally still ahead on al-jazeera. privacy commissioner says facebook can't be trusted following the christ or its attacks.
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hello there we're seeing yet more unsettled weather across parts of the middle east at the moment if we look at the satellite picture where you see one area of travelers making its way across parts of iran and up towards tashkent and towards our martin that's where it's going to be as we head through the day on tuesday so a few rather heavy showers here there's also affecting us impulse of afghanistan now this is good news because we are in a drought here fifteen will be our maximum in kabul and do expect some wet weather around to behind that is going to be a few bits and pieces of cloud around giving us a few showers and there's a still with us as we head through the day on wednesday or wednesday there you'll also notice some wetter weather make its way through parts of turkey and some heavier stuff as well just to the east and towards the south and here in doha has been a rather unsettled over the past week or so and we still expecting that theme to continue over the next few days at least so good deal of cloud around that time still the risk of one or two showers that continues to choose day and wednesday as
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well that area of cut on wednesday does push towards the south as well so for many of us in the u.a.e. we can expect to see quite a large amount of clouds with the risk of some showers to now down towards the southern parts of africa lots of what weather here at the moment particularly a lively outbreaks have been in the eastern parts of south africa those are gradually clearing but to catch a few more. as protests over both quick cuts exploded nicaragua's phone trying government launched a brutal clampdown. now after a year of deaths detentions and political suppression crisis negotiations are underway. but could the dark days of civil will still return. the people in power investigates the front line. on al-jazeera.
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television on the top stories on al-jazeera iran has designated the u.s. military central command as a terrorist organization shortly after a similar announcement from washington on the wrongs revolutionary guard it's the first time the u.s. has formally labeled part of another country's armed forces as a terrorist group. passengers have been evacuated from tripoli's main airport after it was an air strike long by warlords twenty four have to force the flights as mighty the airport in the libyan capital is eastern suburbs have been suspended and . antigovernment protesters in sudan are calling for direct talks with the army
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about forming a transitional government earlier a soldier was killed as the army intervened to protect demonstrators from security forces. israelis are voting on tuesday to decide whether to get benjamin netanyahu another term as prime minister the party of his main challenger benny gantz is just ahead in the polls but the path to a governing coalition goes through several small parties every fall so it has more from west jerusalem. on the last day of campaign. benjamin netanyahu turned to a familiar closing argument the mortal danger facing his likud party's right wing government. will be ours very late at the moment we are behind a few seats gats are leading the only way to close the gap and ensure with certainty about the could will form the next government that have a big we could bring all the people. who says israel needs him but only he could have won victories such as last month's us endorsement that israeli sovereignty
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over the occupied golan heights. he's also made a last minute promise to impose sovereignty over in other words an exterior israel to every illegal settlement in the occupied west bank all but killing off any still lingering hopes of a two state solution. he's gone back on similar pre-election pledges before so this time does he mean it seems like this is an election ploy but. we're in uncharted territory in this election and with the indictments. likely to come soon after the election it's possible that in the coalition negotiations afterwards he may be held to to those calls by far the right wing party the attorney general's decision to indict the prime minister pending hearings on three corruption cases has had little impact on opinion polls but ultra right nationalists could seek a high price for supporting a prime minister who wants to stay in office while fighting a criminal case a price such as settlement annexation his main opponent wants to make such questions academic by beating netanyahu at the ballot box benny gantz made his own
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final appeal for votes on monday. we're going to serve them the voters from the right and the left and all the citizens of israel we are going to win this. the former army chief has been attacking netanyahu on security policy criticizing his attempts to pacify the crisis in gaza by making deals with hamas. against supports the trump decision on the occupied golan heights but he has denounced netanyahu settlement annexation plan as irresponsible in the midst of an election campaign his own blue and white party advocates a continued israeli military presence in the occupied west bank itself a red line for palestinian leaders along with preserving large illegal settlements at the same time the party argues for a regionally and globally supported peace agreement without specifically endorsing a two state solution but there is more to this election than its main players netanyahu and dance there are thirty nine parties taking part with several
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harboring just above or just below the three point two five percent share of the vote required for a place in the israeli parliament the knesset that means a relatively small number of votes could radically reshape the policies and the makeup of israel's next government israeli soldiers have been among the first to vote but their ballots will be among the last to be counted not jus in until thursday this election is so finely poised that everyone might have to wait until then for a clear cut final result are a force that al-jazeera westerners india's governing party has announced its political manifesto before the start of the world's largest election later this week the b j p is promising improve national security and social programs while doing more to fight corruption prime minister narendra modi is seeking reelection but faces opposition from rahul gandhi of the congress party tax cuts need to be made in france son prime minister of war for me also says neglected areas need to be improved following five months of yellow vest protests there are some of the
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main conclusion of what's called the great national debates ten thousand meetings have been held nationwide since president a matter of my call launched the consultations in january and sasa butler has more from paris. well the french prime minister ed wofully book called the great debate a unique experience in terms of participation in democracy both for the public and for the french government while the great debate was launched by presence of mind or my call it was in response to the yellow vest protests some people said that they wanted more say in democracy and what it was the leap has been doing is really sketching out some of the major findings the themes that have emerged from these great debates which have taken place across the country ten thousand town hall meetings also online nearly two million people took part in terms of those main themes phillipe says that people are talking about wanting lower taxes more spending power more referenda in key political issues and also tighter controls on
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immigration and what the prime minister says now is that all these findings will be debated by the national assembly and then the senate and then next week the french presence in man will mark or will offer some form of official response and probably some new policies based on some of these findings it is a very difficult position for the french president it is a real risk because of course he needs to offer enough to try and quell the yellow vest protests which have taken place since november but at the same time that's not easy because the yellow vest protest movement itself is so divided with people wanting a wide range of things so what most analysts say is marco needs to offer enough at least to make most people in france feel that he has at least listen to them nigeria suspended mining in one of its northern states in order all foreigners engaged in mining activities to leave the move comes after a surge in crime in zamfara state involving kidnappings and killings other drugs
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has more from the capital of boozer. the last two years have been particularly hard and gold prospectives in nigeria's them for a state there's been an increase in the number of kidnappings and killings the victims include local people and foreign investors in the last two years criminal gangs have taken over large areas why goold use mind the military police and security forces have been deployed to the region in recent weeks and the government has now ordered an immediate halt to all mining operations. to that is old and it's. discriminatory laments. that. mining that threw the. military establishment and left us it's. that it is of the band it's. listed minus their position that's gaining traction among some nigerians including security experts with farm stories that people.
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in is and we have to as we i mean we can read discounting the idea of a link between this big business and what is happening is after the suspension comes as nigeria is diversifying its revenue base away from oil to mining and agriculture it's a move that could hurt the economy hard but mining related activity is not the only cause of violence in the north west region for several years kidnappings and extortion sub in common with bandits operating in the area many nigerians say the violence is more of state fairly all communities in the north west say the been abundant as there is little or no government presence in vast areas of the region especially zamfara state and gunmen are taking full advantage by filling that void . for the past year security forces have been trying to do more to tackle the increase in crime and violence but people continue to die and thousands of been
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forced from their homes. with the army having to deal with crisis in most of nigeria's thirty six states experts predict a long drawn out confronting. the number of troops or number of policemen or security men in general at all. is certainly not enough to really make the difference in that area for now the thousands displaced from their homes expect it will be a money time before they can return. to greece. new zealand's privacy commissioner says facebook is run by in his words morally bankrupt pathological liar as john edwards has lashed out at the social media giant after a gunman news that's a live stream last month's mosque attack in the city of christchurch he wants governments to force internet giants to do more says stop the trial cities being broadcast online facebook chief mark zuckerberg though says bad people are to blame
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not bad technology we need to build our systems to be able to identify. life from terror events or quickly as as it's happening which is the target doing lay help and a delay of a live stream it might in this case but it would also fundamentally break so what live streaming is for people not just broadcasting you're you're communicating and people are commenting back but one of the things that this flagged for me overall was the extent to which bad actors are going to try to get around our systems i found his comments pretty disingenuous actually i mean particularly he said something like you know the bad actors will go out of their way to avoid the systems that we've got in place but actually didn't have any systems to detect the events in christchurch and you know maybe a delay on live streaming would be a good thing as an interim measure until i can sort out they really are maybe they just need to not ople together i mean it is to acknowledging that is capable of
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causing great harm. australia's prime minister has denounced animal rights activists as green criminals after demonstrations in three states protesters in melbourne it brought a city center intersection to a standstill during rush hour other activists targeted aquarian. prime minister scott morrison said the demonstrations were an australian and against the national interests rising unemployment in iraq is provoking growing demands for government action particularly by young people the international monetary fund says youth unemployment is more than double the official rate of twenty percent. reports from baghdad. this is hosain osier. he's got a degree in political science but he's here in baghdad's to here square selling t. hussein is one of the millions of iraqis who are out of work. i have decided to
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wear the graduation at tahrir and sell tea on the streets to earn a living and to deliver a message of discontent to the authorities now days graduates suffer from lack of job opportunities and a weak government plan to address the issue that. these protesters all have p.h.d.'s and are all out of work. they say they're angry with the government for not fulfilling its duty under iraqi law the government must provide government jobs to those who gain a ph d. in any discipline but that's not happening. as bad a lot of the job much the reason behind our protest is that many of those holding who scratch it degrees are suffering from unemployment no job opportunities available despite the fact that many of iraq's universities need such experts we play administrative corruption nepotism and favorite has any. official say the country's recent problems have derailed government plans in the title as the reason
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behind rising unemployment rates in iraq is attributed to its economic crunch and security challenges and that has led to the delay of many projects which have affected the labor market this is one solution it's called the station established last year by young iraqis to help start up companies it is privately funded by local and international non-government organizations the station offers office space for rent and access to people with extensive experience to provide guidance it's helped launch more than thirty businesses so far. and this is one of them this book store opened within the station last year and its owner says she got all the support she need it the t.v. watching necktie rental rates of cases all to obtain a real estate and start a business or this is difficult but here i was with an opportunity to start up with a list costs so the station provided me with that corner to run my business called garage this is the only one of its kind in the country for now the founders are
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trying to launch a second one in erbil later this year while a place like this provides resources to many unemployed iraqis they argue that it's not enough to help tackle the growing unemployment rate across the country and for substantial change to take place they argue that the government must do more to help its people door such a pari al-jazeera baghdad. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera iran is that it needed the u.s. military's central command as a terrorist organization shortly after a similar announcement from washington on iran's revolutionary guard it's the first time the u.s. has formally labeled part of another country's armed forces as a terrorist group the trumpet ministration says iran's elite force actively participates in finances and promotes terrorism as a tool of statecraft the main airport in libya's capital tripoli has been evacuated
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after it was struck in an air raid by warlords probably for half the this force of . the strike targeted airport in tripoli's eastern suburbs flights have been suspended as a result there is also been fighting at the former international airport which has not been used since an earlier round of violence in twenty fourteen. protesters in sudan are calling for direct talks with the army about forming a transitional government earlier is soldier was killed as the army intervene to protect demonstrators from security forces protesters demanding the resignation of president bashir have been outside army headquarters in hard to him since saturday at least twelve people have been killed since then. fighters are attacking the taliban in eastern afghanistan the fighting in the province has forced many civilians to escape on foot food water and clothing. the capital of
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neighboring province and i still affiliate claimed responsibility for a roadside bomb explosion the blast killed at least three people and injured twenty others. to continue efforts to establish peace in syria and jointly patrol province president vladimir putin and russia have been holding talks in moscow putin says he and i have discussed the s four hundred missile contract which is causing alarm in the united states turkey bought the russian system to defend its air bases but washington fears the system will compromise the secrets if its f. thirty five jets sold to its nato ally this is a privacy commissioner says facebook is run by in his words morally bankrupt pathological liars john edwards has lost out at the social media giants after a gunman used to live stream. in the city of christ church he wants governments to force internet giants to do more to stop atrocities being broadcast online.
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those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next stay with us. what's keeping sudan's president empowered omar al bashir refuses to resign despite four months of mass protests i'm for the first time i soldiered is have intervened to protect protest against so his military support for the president wavering this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program on martine dennis those anger at the price of bread and feel that sparked mass protests in sudan that was last december for months on the rallies of evolved into dumond's for an end to the thirty year rule of president omar al bashir and for the first time sudanese protests is got as far as army headquarters in the capitol hill tomb where the president also has a home. the. riot police and intelligence service agents fired tear gas to disperse the protests is bought some soldiers stepped in to protect them nonetheless army commanders have so far resisted cool's to help remove bashir at least eleven people have been killed since saturday the opposition sudan congress party now says it's formed a transitional council to lead the country. so why has omar al bashir been in
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power for so long and to monaghan picks a look he's also known as the master of political survival omar al bashir has faced much turmoil during his thirty year rule from the loss of south sudan to war in darfur and indictments in the international criminal court for war crimes and genocide he didn't come from the political elite born in one hundred forty four into a farming family the sheer began his career in the army and rose through the ranks in one thousand nine hundred ninety led the military coup which ousted the civilian government since then his critics say his rules then repressive and dictatorial opposition parties and critical media are silenced the seventy five year old was most recently reelected in two thousand and fifteen opponents say the vote was neither free nor fair in february this year now see
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a year long state of emergency and stepped down as chairman of the ruling national congress party that was aimed at calming the biggest challenge to his power. the army says the demonstrators must be heard and appears to support him for now but the some soldier siding with the protesters whether bashir can continue to survive is increasingly questioned into modern for inside story. right let's introduce our guests now joining us from london is khalid omer yousif he's sexy general of the opposition sudanese congress party in berlin we have gallup our who is a sudan recession and a ph d. candidate at yale university in washington d.c. we have david shinn a former deputy chief of mission at the u.s. embassy in sudan thank you very much indeed khalid can i come to you first and and ask you to explain why it is the president bashir remains in power despite four
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months of the most sustained protests that the country has ever seen actually the guy getting the history of the dictatorship everywhere in the in the wall if for that he's going to govern the country or in this in a time he's trying to challenge the quill of the people but the will of the people of sudan prevail. showed that give me forgive me but then you forgive me for butting in because it clearly hasn't prevailed yet has it president bashir is still in office and i'm asking you why your greatest attempts to have him resign don't seem to be working just yet i think you have to be prepared to an hour is a step down very sort of what a color sure a no those are the final maybe a lot of. ruling or maybe days but his time is
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going to end in those. all right coming to you then in lynn. what does president bush is political present and future actually depend what are all the elements of a propping him up in power at the moment but i think at this stage the crucial factor will be the behavior of the security forces in the military bashir as is a very shrewd operator would be careful not to declare him politically dead yet you know during the syria syrian uprising there was a time where it looked like the regime was going to fall and eventually reassert in the initiative so things are very open but the way bashir has survived so long is by manipulating the security services and the military one against the other and by building a several distant lines of authority within the military and security apparatus and you see in the past twenty four hours that some of them and some of the military
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know if sided with protesters it remains to be seen whether other branches of the operators notably the national intelligence and security services and the rapid support forces will turn against bashir as well all right david in washington tell us then about the broader geo political influences on the situation about why we haven't heard more from the united states from the e.u. from norway those are the countries most invested in various peace processes within sudan but what are their particular interests at this moment what we have heard some from the troika of the united states norway the united kingdom back in january a relatively strong statement was issued the united states and subsequently protested the violence that has taken place but basically the thrust of your question is accurate there has been relatively little said in view of the length
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that this protest has gone forward and the amount. violence that has occurred throughout the protest and i think the international community is is in something of all watching and waiting mode they're not quite sure how this is going to turn out and as a result they're not taking sharp sides all right and coming back to you colleagues it's been pointed out all suggested at least that this sorry if a sorry let me come back to you betty said a moment khalid let me just ask you because some people are suggesting that this is a critical moment sorry let me just address this point to khalid. that this is a critical moment for the protest the fact that some elements of the armed forces have allowed to protest is to get to army h.q. in the center of khartoum very close to one of the houses of the president is extremely significant actually there are been took that i had the decision
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is to be by the side of people people of saddam now taking street for more than for more than three months is. during the course. more than hundred days that has been passed. the being left behind by the international community they have been facing. the amount of violence from the security operators but they still they keep their will. they march til they leave and taking the streets in the front in front of the army headquarters. yesterday the security services try to attack the protesters but the army officer protect the protesters on the side of the people of sudan and so all this morning how did this all in just one hour back one hour back the opposition and oust that.
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dead. the man for the immediate stepped out of the machine asking the army to engage with the leadership council that has been appointed by by the opposition alliance to discuss that transition of adding meant for a civil transitional government and i do believe now we are witnessing a very crucial. hours and our leading if you have the last best news now from possible all the capital in the streets taking the street actually celebrating their victory i do believe bashir time as it i told you is going to i don't know. each ng to get in on to you i mean do you agree that we may be witnessing a slight fragmentation if you like of of of the armed forces in favor of the protesters yes i think in the past forty eight i was we've reached
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a critical phase not only because obviously the size of the mobilization is unprecedented it's really. a sea of people that we could see in the past in the past three days but also. other speakers said because of the fact that some elements of the military have taken the side of protestors now it's important to cavite this by saying that there were reports also of military units being deployed alongside the security services in other places and you know my research on on revolutions led me to think that the crucial fact the military in this situation often tends to behave not on the basis of some kind of corporate organizational interest but mostly on the basis of what's happening on the ground in the units that have been you know facing this sea of protesters for the past two days fraternize with the demonstrators it doesn't mean that the military as a whole stilted yet against bashir right it's quite possible that if bashir you
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certain see. initiative. that the regime could could still survive so everything the situation is very open ended right now and we can expect the soldiers who fraternize with demonstrators to actually try to go a step further because know that they've committed in so be insubordination they will be punished if bashir survives so they have an interest in making sure that he goes but this is not a guaranteed outcome now to go back to the issue of the international community i'd like to react. to what was said because i really don't think the. video made a strong statement ingenue actually the. dozens of people had already been killed and the troika stopped short of condemning these killings and similarly the e.u. yesterday made a statement where they're stopping short of calling for a democratic transition and i think what drives the stance of both the e.u. and the us in the case of sudan is a concern over stability and the pact that any destabilisation in sudan can have
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a migration rather disturbing education is already there and the regime a regime that relies on fear is not a guarantee of stability in the future all right the right streets actually at the moment is that the regime which fractured and we could see is a civil war if the regime fractures so really to to ensure long term stability i think within powers should encourage a democratic transition at the moment it's really the only guarantee of stability in the long run david would you agree with the analysis that it is fear of grace have fracturing of the status quo that is keeping many of the the west in power was quasi refraining from getting any more involved and obviously looking at what's going on in libya and looking at the situation in algeria might be giving them pulls as well and i would agree that that that may contribute to what is happening in sudan and how the protestors are thinking i do not think however that the position of the international community is going to make the difference in terms of
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what actually happens on the ground. and sudan it's going to be up to a combination of the protesters on the one hand and the security forces on the other that continue to back the bashir government and the the position of the international community is really on the margins and we can debate whether the position of the statement of the trike as a strong statement or not a strong statement you know i'm perfectly willing to accept the fact that it's not as strong as perhaps it should have been but even had it been stronger i don't think it would make any difference on the the situation on the ground khalid at this particular moment you sound pretty confident do you get a sense khalid that the campaign to get president omar al bashir to quit peacefully do you get a sense that you are on the cusp of success right now i believe that we are very close to the moment of the victory of the people will
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there is actually there are different wrong assumptions about the situation is with on that mislead the analyses about the power of their jima. and that all of their jeem in in the region that's why for more than three months no the international activists. keep that skeptical about the situation in sudan and they can believe the bashir ruling is going to an end. but the streets actually now decide decide that they are not going back till they. be trued machines that don't transfer the power for a civil transitional government right there is the why you did there is a why it consensus now between door opposition included the political parties the
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arm movement the civil society the professional association there is agreement that . we are going to wear it together not just to talk. to you know. we are going to work together for for it is off transition to stop the lies the country fix the economy all right ok and the deceiving war in sudan all right and that's insolently let all that evolve let people into religion again because i don't really want to hear the opposition manifesto right now because we're not there yet. back to east now this is a very wily operator is the survivor for thirty years running sudan amidst all these conflicts all these walls he's lost south sudan as part of his territories lost a lot of his own oil revenue he's also got the i.c.c. arrest warrant hanging over his head some people would suggest he's not going
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anywhere until such time as he can ensure that whoever takes over will protect him from having to appear at the hague. well that's true if it keeps the loyalty of at least some elements in the military and security apparatus but if somehow the sudanese forces a national intelligence and security services and. the rep rapid support forces turned altogether against him then you would have no where to go and this is where i think it's misguided to think that these are only kind of national and local dynamics i think the international community as an important role to play here because when the international community appears to acquiesce to you know a hundred days of repression by not even condemning the killings it gives people in the security a purpose the impression that bashir is going to survive because he can do whatever he wants to survive and the international community is not going to even raise
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a finger so i think if we i mean if we want to democratic transition intraday in sudan it will have to come first and foremost by him and of the security and military apparatus turning against bashir and anything that can facilitate that will be a first step towards a democratic transition although obviously given the way the regime is structured. any democratic transition will have to face with the delicate question of what to do with all these men who have been you know using most of the state's resources put in in the current regime and who will not disappear i need time said ok david i mean do you agree with that the fact that this is a man who has run pretty much a military economy as a for thirty years to fund the various conflicts within the country he's not going to go easily but he suggested it's going to have to have a certain amount of international help to facilitate
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a peaceful transition i certainly agree that it is it is dependent upon the military and the security forces as to whether he stays. or is removed. my i've heard estimates as high as seventy five percent of the budget going to support some element of the security services if that estimate is anywhere near close and i may be too high that suggests that he hasn't invested enormous amount in the security apparatus in sudan and there's going to be a reluctance by the leaders at least of that operation to turn against him but once they start turning if they turn that's going to make all the difference in the world again i i think it's i think it's naive to overestimate the influence of the international community it's also my. my impression that the united states did condemn the violence and the country and the killings a number of weeks ago i don't know what the european union has done but i believe
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the united states has done that and the united states is not impacted by the migration issue of europe the european union of course is but the role of the u.s. is a little bit different i think than the european union all right what is the opposition's plan at the moment it looks very much to be a kind of loose and mouse game of a variety of groups from civil society the professionals association the young people what is the plan you mentioned that there's a transitional council that's being formed is a leadership emerging then among the opposition actually the structure of the opposition is that if the action officer done so that is a very diverse country so we need a why you. believe that the present if for a different act that is off that's why it causes from the of the professionals of
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the society movement political parties we signed the declaration of freedom of chain for months but. that should. really to present a war plan for transition and today we were we go fed them for more practical step we form a leadership council also a very present of leadership that has been agreed between the different segments of the of the opposition and the tasks of this leadership golson is to transfer the power for the transitional government is to negotiate with the army the steps for this transition and to ensure the stability during the first days of of transition and this is our plan for all sort for us all we can i see and i and i just really expect just have not just for him to let's go i'm just always
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skew whether whether you think that the army is ready to be that partner in dialogue is the army ready to start negotiating a way forward and i think so. the army has been put under the pressure of people the army actually has been reluctant to engage in the term or you. taking the country for the last three months is but people went to a huge city in front of the army that put the army and the better. parts of the army deal no showed that they are taking the right decision in the side of the people so we appoint this. transitional actually this leadership council to negotiate with the army the steps of the transition of power
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the transfer of power to the to the civil transitional government also we have. we three weeks back because this three committees that have been throughout the transitional framework for transition the transitional constitution and also the images in plan for the fairest sticks because we know that we know very much the situation in sudan need a quick fix major soraya how do you with a little uniting on different because we are running out of time sadly so it sounds very much as a the opposition is organizing has organized itself do you suspect that you're going to need outside help or do you think that the people of sudan are going to be able to manage this transition alone actually wore outside court the nation. we managed to do all that without significant support from outside.
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today we called international and then community to corporate with the people of sudan at this crucial moment because sudan is beautiful for the region and this double is ition of of of sudan is very very important for this region so we need the corporation of our neighbor with of the international community sudan has played a very negative role during this region. outside the country and now we are promising we do believe that there is an opportunity for the world to have a positive actor in a very important region of the world at we haven't got very much time but last word to you it's going to take much more than just the army give us a very brief synopsis if you like of the various power factors that make up the
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armed forces of sudan the question now is whether the un forces are going to split or whether the fret of a civil war which is very real will convince a loyal. officers to tag along with the rebellion of vice versa a rebellious officer to to give up if they think that their colleagues on a great move so what's going to happen in the next twenty four twenty four forty eight hours may be crucial now there is hope because the sudanese. society is full of very qualified people who can step in and take part in a transition governments towards free elections so under the right conditions we could see a democratic transition happen all right gentlemen we are out of time thank you very much indeed he's gallup are talking to us from berlin david shinn talking to us from washington and of course khalid omar use of talking to us from london thank you very much indeed now you can see the program again any time you like by going
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to the web site al jazeera dot com should you want more discussion as i'm sure you will you can go to our facebook page facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story and then there's always the two it is fair at a.j. inside stories for the program from the martin dennis from the whole team here in downtown atlanta. we live in a time of war and tragedy it's crimes against humanity. activist repression. enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests. extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to
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combat in kenya and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament's. and global alliance of national human rights institutions. twenty one the teenage years are left behind still trying to find my place trying to see where i fit in the whole picture and adult hood begins to take form i did
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cook occasionally but great doesn't really want me to you wants me to stay off my feet in two thousand and six south africa revisits the children of apartheid for the third time and much has changed over the past fourteen years twenty one up south africa announces interact. well no. no. no no. no no. this is al-jazeera. what's in it is our life from a headquarters and i'm dead in our brigade are coming up in the next sixty minutes the us doesn't mates iran's revolutionary guard corps is a terrorist organization in iran responds in kind towards us armed forces.
2:49 am
forces loyal to warlords kind of a half starved launch airstrikes at tripoli's only operational airport as a battle for control of the libyan capital intensive fives antigovernment protesters in sudan call on the army to fall talks on a transitional government to replace president i might invest here. in london with the top stories from europe including nationalist you you'd call jews in the old fly. it's to join forces to try to reshape the blog of the next month european election. and i disturb it with all your support is one of the targets of racist abuse in football since that walking off the pitch and protest wouldn't help solve the problem. hello the us state department has designated iran's revolutionary guards as a foreign terrorist organization it's the first time the us has formally labeled
2:50 am
part of another country's armed forces as a terrorist group iran says it will now take similar action against the u.s. military the trumpet ministration says iran's elite force actively participates in finances and promotes terrorism as a tool of state crofts today the united states has continued to build its maximum pressure campaign against the iranian regime. i am announcing our intent to designate the islamic revolutionary guard corps including its good force as a foreign terrorist organization in accordance with section two nineteen of the immigration and nationality act just as a nation will take effect one week from today this is the first time that the united states is judged needed a part of another government as an f.t.l. we're doing it because the iranian regime use of terrorism as a tool of statecraft makes it fundamentally different from any other government this is stored step of read the world's leading state sponsor of terror the financial means to spread misery and death around the world roslyn jordan is at the
2:51 am
state department where pompei or made the announcements will go to her in just a moment first over to our white house correspondent kimberly halkett and i suppose this is part of the trumpet ministrations policy kimberly to exert what it calls maximum pressure on iran. yeah this is essentially an expansion in the scale and scope of that so-called maximum pressure campaign campaign that when the united states pulled out of the j. c.p.o. air that agreement to limit iran's nuclear program back in may of twenty eighteen those snap back sanctions put in place by the treasury department took effect and essentially what the white house is saying is this builds on top of that the view is that iran has had destabilizing and what they call malign activity outside of its borders destabilizing the broader middle east and as a result there is a need to take this type of action because the view of the top administration is
2:52 am
that the threat from iran goes far beyond in their words beyond the nuclear threat but you have to question the timing of this announcement and that is exactly what the white house press corps has been doing asking why now one day before israeli elections where the u.s. president has made no has certainly been very loud and clear about one thousand to be seen as a president who is a friend of israel that this in some ways could be interpreted as a gift making this announcement peculiarly to the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu that is facing a very difficult election you have to look at the announcements that have been coming out of the trumpet ministration since donald trump took office not only this designation of the i.r.g.c. as a foreign terrorist organization the recent recognition of israel sovereignty over the occupied territory the golan heights and also the moving of the u.s.
2:53 am
embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem why is the president doing all of this why this timing now certainly he needs to if he is putting forward his mideast peace plan one that seems very clear to have a clear bias in the israeli palestinian conflict in favor of the israelis he needs someone like benjamin netanyahu in place in order to sell that. one more quick point i should note that is being discussed here in washington is not only is this a potential gift this announcement of the i.r.g.c. by the trumpet ministration as being a foreign terrorist organization in order to help u.s. policy outside of the united states but potentially also for domestic reasons as well this can be viewed very positively by the jewish community here in the united states one that this is ministration is going very strongly towards in terms of trying to win donald trump's own reelection in twenty twenty ok it can really help it with an update from the white house thank you let's bring in rolls in jordan she's joining us from the u.s. state department and you were at that briefing that the secretary of state was
2:54 am
giving it was an expected announcement but still very unprecedented that the u.s. actually designates a branch of the armed forces of a foreign government as a terrorist group. that's right daryn and it's not just designating a branch of the military it's designating any part of a nother country's government and putting it on this list this is the government agency or branch as it were to be on this list the foreign terrorist organization this is a group that includes al qaida lashkar e tayyiba other groups across southeast asia. in western africa you don't have any other government agencies or organisations listed but now the i.r.g.c. is a part of this list the administration's argument is that it is trying to put all
2:55 am
possible pressure on terror han to abandon its current form of government and to rejoin the global community of nations one stand simply that would be democratic one that would not violate its own citizens human rights and one that would not actively go out to try to destabilize the government of its neighbors in the middle east now whether or not the united states is going to get its larger goal of trying to get other countries to impose a similar designation on the i.r.g.c. remains to be seen ok roles in jordan thank you so what do we know about iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps what was the stablished in one nine hundred seventy nine shortly after the revolution it's time to defend the country's islamic system it's thought to have more than one hundred fifty thousand active personnel which includes ground forces and navy and air force they also oversee iran's ballistic missiles it's closely tied to iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali harmony
2:56 am
and has become a powerful force beyond the military with multiple business ventures as well as political influence. them as editor in chief of the far as news agency into iran and he says the move increases the chances for a conflict in the region. this move is that kind of a game changer but not in the way that that is desired by the tribe administration you know iran and the u.s. have been arch post. current state status of a verse that has been in limbo somehow between these two arch foes will you know turn. spiral out of control as a result of this smallest mistakes you know a misfire or a story like the u.s. marines that were captured by iran in iranian waters in the persian gulf this could you know spiral out of control and end up in war and only the beginning you know the in the show impact would be rising crude and energy prices in the you know as
2:57 am
a result of such conflicts and clashes in the persian gulf therefore it seems that donald trump is forcing the whole war and the region to pay for the costs of these illogical you know decision making policies and decisions and i believe democrats and others if there are any you know wise minds left in washington already europe their foot they need to you know harness such crazy moves whose economic gains already united states are rather nothing but the security impacts and the mess in fact the united states iran and the whole war would be grave and out of control p.j. crowley is a former u.s. state department spokesman he's joining us from washington d.c. thanks very much for being with us on the news hour so iran said it would respond in kind and now it has its designated u.s. military forces as a quote terrorist organization what impact is that going to have on the u.s.
2:58 am
military. well it's going to add a little bit of complexity in you know for example there are u.s. forces in iraq next door there are i.r.g.c. forces in iraq next door both were part of the effort to eradicate the islamic state caliphate and they've done a fairly decent job of staying out of each other's way but obviously this adds a little bit more tension and risk to the equation so do you agree with iran when they say that according to state television that this designation off the i.r.g.c. as a terrorist organization could endanger a peace and stability in the middle east. i seldom agree with what iran says obviously you know the region is in turmoil iran accounts for a great deal of that turmoil. the trump administration has turned its back on the iran nuclear deal and it's using you know the this latest step as an effort to i
2:59 am
think make it much more difficult for a variety of countries to do any kind of business with iran given the i r g c s significant role in iran's economy on the one hand there is a policy logic to this of maximum pressure on the other hand it ron over the years has shown a great deal of resilience certainly i don't i doubt that this policy is going to be successful in transforming iran discover mint or transforming iran's foreign policy so it let me ask you again though does that the stabilize the region. well the region is already destabilized. so i don't i think this adds a layer of complexity to this situation i don't think this necessarily you know changes the status quo in any any significant way let me ask you about the timing of this because our reporter kimberly was saying the word on the street for
3:00 am
a lot of a better word in washington is that this perhaps has something to do with the israeli election one day before and in fact the iranian foreign minister divides the reef tweeted this another misguided election eve gift to netanyahu this israeli election have any part to play in this announcement i wouldn't say it is the driving force behind this decision the united states has debated this action for for some time going back even to the obama administration i think you've seen over the two years the trump administration they're trying they've they've changed dramatically the u.s. position with respect to iran you know back to containment and confrontation as we had for for three decades so i think first and foremost this is a consistent action given you know how the trump.


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