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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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our reporter kimberly was saying the word on the street for a lot of a better word in washington is that this perhaps has something to do with the israeli election one day before and in fact the iranian foreign minister divides a rift tweeted this another misguided election eve gift to netanyahu this israeli election have any part to play in this announcement i wouldn't say it is the driving force behind this decision the united states has debated this action for for some time going back even to the obama administration i think you've seen over the two years the trump administration they're trying they've they've changed dramatically the u.s. position with respect to iran you know back to containment and confrontation as we had for for three decades so i think first and foremost this is a consistent action given you know how the trump administration views iran and its
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role in the region now separate from that you know is this a welcome dusun jerusalem absolutely but i would not necessarily say that the primary driving factor here is is helping ducks and yahoo the president obviously did that in the last couple of weeks by recognizing israeli sovereignty over the golan heights that that itself was a major gift to netanyahu and when the u.s. says that this is to exert maximum press or in fact that's what the u.s. policy seems to be on iran but do you think the administration is clear in itself what the end game is here when it comes to iran are they just confused on what to do. i don't think they're confused i'm not sure that i think that. the obama administration had a a boy more. a the ability to cooperate to engage with
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iran on the nuclear side while continuing to put pressure on iran your regarding its the role that terrorism placed on iran's foreign policy you know there was a balance there where you could engage and confront i think the trump administration sees iran in more a zero sum terms. and it has pulled back from engagement now you've got a policy that is exclusively about pressure. but you know it seems to me that the unstated policy is trying to put enough pressure on iran that the situation there breaks and you have an opportunity like we had in two thousand and nine to see a transformation in the iranian body politic the dilemma with that is that this to some extent you know takes the iranian government off the hook it's a miserable existence in iran today that clearly the united states is imposing an
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economic cost on iran you know but the toll and others are able to say every all the misery that they're experiencing this is the fault of the united states p.j. crowley we thank you for joining us from washington you're quite welcome the un's libya envoy has condemned an attack on libya's main airport as a violation of humanitarian law. that if i have to its forces targeted airport in tripoli's eastern suburbs it's been evacuated and flights have been suspended there's also been fighting at the former international airport which has not been used since an earlier on the violence in twenty fourteen our reporter mike what i'm going to head is there. two major airports in the capital tripoli were targeted by you have to craps today twice and this international airport and once in a mighty good airport as you know that a mighty good airport is the only functioning air force in the capital city since
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twenty fourteen but this airport where the government forces are positioned has not being functioning the tripoli international airport has not been functioning since twenty four thirty in during the libya don't appreciate now government forces here say that they continue receiving military units and detachment from several areas and towns in the west of libya including the city of misrata the city of the slepian and also the city of zin panned the clashing area is not far from where i'm standing now if you can hear the gunfire right behind in the background have to dispose of the position and not far from where i'm standing now and the civilians living in the areas around the clashing area have been asked to leave have to dispose according to the government forces the government will say that have turned the forces continue receiving enforcements from the city of rome at the situation
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is very tense and civilians around these areas are very terrified. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including. kidnappings more on why nigeria has suspended mining and one of its northern. new zealand's privacy commissioner says facebook can't be trusted following the christchurch attacks on the golden state warriors go into title defense of the top seeds in the western conference. but first protesters are calling for direct talks with the army about forming a transitional government earlier a soldier was killed as the army intervened to protect demonstrators from security forces the tester is demanding the resignation of president obama by sheer i've been outside the harmony headquarters in hearts since saturday at least twelve
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people have been killed since then. more. the moment soldiers step in to stop police and security forces turning on anti-government protest as it happened as the protests outside the military headquarters in khartoum entered its third day medical sources say at least one soldier died in the clash. earlier warning shots and tear gas was used to disperse crowds who are calling for an end to president to model bashir rule activists say soldiers intervened to protect protesters from the police. and run with through to side with. and. that's a possibility or they would have to. i think. least. try to boss for the president to resign the same way has happened in all of you i.
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i in videos uploaded to the internet the crowd swelled up tonight saddam's been in a state of emergency since february after a government crackdown failed to stop the demonstrations president bashir acknowledges protest as demands and has stepped down as the head of the ruling party but he's also met military leaders and his defense counsel has warned against allowing any unrest the government insists change can come through the ballot box but the people on the street want change now on monday some security vehicles are overrun by protest as the soldiers mingled in the crowds as the army has so far tried to keep its distance from politics what started as anger against prices and citizens and on political turns. the call to organize protests at the army headquarters coincided with the thirty fourth anniversary of the one nine hundred eighty five uprising president made his government was toppled then and the military later handed over power to an elected government not government
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with overthrown by president bashir was to be activists. and social media at least are hoping for a similar intervention. in driving over there. the u.k. government has been holding talks with the opposition labor party aimed at ending the brics that impasse for more on that nick clark is joining us from our european broadcast center hi nick. and yes thanks very much the e.u. chief negotiator has urged prime minister tourism a and the opposition leader jeremy corbin to come to agreement over bricks michel barnier spoke after meeting the irish prime minister leader of russia in dublin he also reiterated the e.u. support for ireland and may in corbin have so far failed to find a way forward in cross party talks on break that corbin has accused the government to refusing to compromise u.k. jus to leave the e.u. on friday but has asked for an extension let's get the very latest from our course
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one of burnet smith is standing by in westminster but it is the prime minister any closer to negotiating a deal with the with labor ahead of her meeting with the needed. well labor party officials and conservative party officials are meeting again this evening to try and see if they can come to some sort of agreement it's particularly significant now because on choose dates a reason may goes to see the french president of the german chancellor then she goes this emergency or in summits in luxembourg on wednesday and she needs to present to the european leaders a reason why they should grant the extension she wants to june the thirtieth or perhaps something longer than the europeans might propose so she wants to get from this meeting with the labor party they need to try and reach a deal that breaks it that they can all agree on that she can then present to the orkin leaders and say look it we go this is what we now need a bit of extra time to work on but the labor leader jeremy corbyn said that while
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they have been holding genuine talks they don't seem to have made a lot of progress. the problem is that the government doesn't seem to be moving off the original red lines i've put the case forward for the customs union with the european union for market access and particularly for protection of rights to consumers environment and those that work and those have to be dynamic and guaranteed in the future so far we haven't have those undertakings and meanwhile bernard bania has been made seen with the irish prime minister to discuss the way forward once he had to say well this matters because michel barnier has a century been reiterating reemphasizing the european union support for the irish and ireland's position particularly with regards to stop this requirement to keep an open border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland but have been from rex it is certainly the european union would put pressure on ireland to drop
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this demand for a buck stop and there you know a time limited or an endless boxtops michel barnier was again saying that the european union is as warm it is with ireland and if the united kingdom crashes out of the european union without a deal on friday then they will not store start trade talks with the united kingdom until the buck stops issue is results nic robertson thanks so much going to be yet another interesting week thanks mark. nationalists anti immigration policies have announced joining forces to form a new blog to shake up the next month's european elections italy's hardline deputy prime minister that's met yourself being launched a venture in milan with fellow nationalists germany's far right the finns party in the danish people's party they hope their european airlines for people in nations with enough seats in the european parliament to give them a major say in how the continent is run salvini said marine le pen's national rally
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in france would also take part but she and the national sleep his opponent in hungary would need to be absent from the lot or the populace nationalist parties are currently divided between different political blocs in europe selvi needs lead to the pens nationalist national rally and the austrian freedom party that are all part of the europe of nations and freedom group they have to be or alternative for germany is part of the euro skeptic grouping europe freedom and direct democracy along with the u.k. independence party your is biggest national conservative forces opponents law and justice party which dominates the european conservatives and reformist group and if it is a party of hungary's prime minister viktor orban it's in the biggest but the center right european peoples party despite being suspended last month. noisier more products to read and. we're ready to build a future and friends gathered here in barking when this journey which will be the
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one to save europe because the ones drowning the european dream are the bureaucrats and bankers who have been governing europe for too long for someone to cause a bit of we are not aiming to lose or just participate our goal is to vent in the change the rules of europe and for sure there will be many other people who will join more of this i'm joined in the studio by luigi because they're the who's a research fellow at the center for european reform welcome to the program it's interesting that what strikes you first about this is the essence of nationalism is that you work for your own country but here is an effort to work for the good of other nations too can actually work but i think primarily they're still working for what they see as the good of their own countries and of course what they're brought together is this broader program ideology if you want of first of all opposition to a further european integration opposition to what they see as this supranational european bureaucratic project and secondly opposition to migration and especially
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this of course harks back to the migration process of twenty fifteen sixteen so whether they can work together some of them might be able to on some issues at some times but in general that's why they've been divided so far and that's why i think they will continue to be divided and if they were to coalesce in this way what would they regard down the line what they regard as a success and in what way with the e.u. change if that did happen so i think first of all success for them is in domestic terms for people like or band it's making sure that again it's an election in which is further the chitta mys for sylvania as well as a european level it's ensuring that europe. becomes. more that they sometimes talk of a european confederal model so where power flows back to the nation states and the integration process is firmly drawn drawn to a close so that's what they would define whether they can achieve it again is a totally different story and what's led to this where is discover who's going to
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vote well there are plenty of this illusion people across europe as we know in part the that there are similarities to the brics but there are also differences of course there are two main factors one of them just the economic downturn since two thousand and eight many countries have still not fully bounce back especially in italy where the leak is one of the biggest forces and the second one is again the migration crisis of twenty fifteen sixteen which they really exploited to further their own agenda and. gain a lot of votes in many countries and the thinking to their videos you want to they don't want to dismantle the european union as a mechanism they just want to reform the way it works well that's really interesting and that's what's actually changed since the brics vote in fact they are well before many of them advocated leaving the european union since the brics they've kind of gone back on that and even on the even the euro for instance someone like salvini leg before advocated leaving the euro now they're rather more
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rather more quiet about it so this slogan now is about building a different sort of europe which remains rather hazy on the find the europe of nations but not of dismantling the just cause you have a great respect for this appreciate them thanks a lot thank you. now the russians fear and film director carroll is sort of britain of course has been released on bail after living under house arrest for two years the forty nine year old is accused of embezzling about two million dollars of public money from if it's a project so they put in the cause of he's innocent and alleges that the charges are politically motivated he's been a prominent critic of censorship in russia several of his associates were also freed from house arrest on monday. human. thanks to all the people who came up to me and said don't give up and we'll with you and so on when i walks daily for two hours around to come up to the key district this is incredibly
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touching your support is mated but i'm repeating again it's not over we need to continue in court and prove our total innocence and with that that's it for now back to you daryn nic thank you very much well there are reports of a suicide bombing in afghanistan near the u.s. military base in bag ram backgrounds regional governors said a convoy carrying foreign troops was targeted the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack but u.s. forces have yet to confirm whether a blast took place there's no information yet on possible casualties i still fighters are attacking the taliban in eastern afghanistan fighting in kumara provinces forced many civilians to escape on foot they lack food water and clothing and in jalalabad the capital of neighboring nangarhar province and i saw affiliate claimed responsibility for a roadside bomb explosion the blast killed at least three people and injured twenty others ballasts reports from jalalabad. where non-god just south of where despising
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has broken out between taliban and isolette started about two weeks ago the initial clashes and since then clashes it continued and a lot of people have fled we're talking about twenty thousand people that's later out crew now which is just north of where i am and then down here towards jalalabad a lot of them side by foot describing whatever they could be talking clothing limited clothing limited bedding limited hygenic supply of food and water so a lot of them are in pretty bad way but as far as the u.n. and i don't see a scar there actually finding it very difficult to reach these people because a lot of them are in taliban or i still held areas so it's very difficult to find saif went in to see what these people need and how they can be your safety i talked to the non-god governor a short time ago and he said that they have had pains out and have found nine hundred families that have ended up in jalalabad since this fighting has been assisting them here's what he had to say listen for the commercial hub and didn't
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bother bringing isis. job with it and couldn't. the initial reports we have. nine hundred families that your bridge in other words. were disaster not. support drove. international drug identified them and had their children assistance you a traditionally nanga heart and who not just north of you had been taliban strongholds but i feel has bubbled up here in the last few years initially they were just disenfranchised taliban but now you're saying you're right of recruitment a lot of young people who ideologically most as i said a lot of grow the war fear and they're trying to push waste right now we're at the foothills of the mountain state pakistan and trying to move through here one more provinces lukman the next one in kabul and that is the mission is that is why we're seeing fighting bubble up now as they try to push ways and the coming up against the taliban in the south and fill out on the al jazeera news out of the face of it
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. rocks used to unemployment problem we meet the political science graduate selling team in baghdad's traffic. twitting is winning how russian sisters swept the board in their latest gymnastics competition. and we're seeing yet more unsettled weather across parts of the middle east at the moment if we look at the satellite picture we can see one area of cloud is making its way across parts of iran and up towards tashkent and towards our martin that's where it's going to be as we head through the day on tuesday so a few rather heavy showers here there's also affecting us impulse of afghanistan now this is good news because we are in a drought here fifteen will be our maximum in kabul and do expect some wet weather around to find that there is going to be a few bits and pieces of cloud around giving us a few showers and there's
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a still with us as we head through the day on wednesday or wednesday there you'll also notice some wetter weather make its way through parts of turkey and some heavier stuff as well it just to the east after all the south and here in doha has been a rather unsettled over the past week or so and we still expecting that theme to continue over the next few days at least so a good deal of cloud around at times still the risk of want to showers that continues to choose day and wednesday as well that area of kind of wednesday does push towards the south as well so for many of us in the u.a.e. we can expect to see quite a large amount of cloud with the risk of some showers to now down towards the southern parts of africa lots of what weather here at the moment particularly a lively outbreaks have been in the eastern parts of south africa those are gradually clearing but to catch. a lifetime of emulation stroke by stroke copying.
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selling reproductions can pay the bills but frustrate the artist. a pilgrimage to discover his hero inspires an awakening that it's more rewarding to create than to imitate. dreaming of vincent a witness documentary on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. methamphetamines from manama a flooding into countries across asia. one o one east asked why all pharmacies caught failed to stop the myth. on al-jazeera.
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the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the u.s. state department has designated iran's revolutionary guards as a foreign terrorist organization it's the first time the u.s. has formally labeled part of another country's armed forces as a terrorist group iran says it will now take similar action against the u.s. military. and to government protesters and so donna calling for direct talks with the army about forming a transitional government earlier a soldier was killed as the army intervene to protect demonstrators from security forces. passengers have been evacuated from tripoli's main airport after it was hit in an airstrike launched by warlords after this forces flights at the airport in the libyan capital of eastern suburbs have been suspended. israeli's are voting on
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tuesday to decide whether to get benjamin netanyahu another term as prime minister the party of his main challenger benny gantz is just ahead in the polls but the path to a governing coalition goes through several small parties very fast that has more from western. on the last day of campaigning benjamin netanyahu turned to a familiar closing argument the mortal danger facing his likud party's right wing government oh well the the hour is very late at the moment we are behind a few seats are leading the only way to close the gap and i'm sure with certainty about the could will form the next government that have a big could bring all the people. who says israel needs him but only he could have won victories such as last month's u.s. endorsement israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan heights. he's also made a last minute promise to impose sovereignty over in other words the next to israel every illegal settlement in the occupied west bank well but killing off any still
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lingering hopes for the two state solution. he's gone back on similar pre-election pledges before so this time does he mean it seems like this is a lection ploy but. we are in uncharted territory in this election with the indictment. likely to come soon after the election it's possible that in the coalition negotiations afterwards he may be held to those calls by far the right wing party the attorney general's decision to indict the prime minister pending hearings on three corruption cases has had little impact on opinion polls but ultra right nationalists could seek a high price for supporting a prime minister who wants to stay in office while fighting a criminal case a price such as settlement annexation his main opponent wants to make such questions academic by beating netanyahu at the ballot box benny gantz made his own final appeal for votes on monday. we're going to serve them the voters from the
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right and the left and all the citizens of israel we are going to win this. the former army chief has been attacking netanyahu on security policy criticizing his attempts to pacify the crisis in gaza by making deals with hamas. gantz supports the trump decision on the occupied golan heights but he has denounced netanyahu settlement annexation plan as irresponsible in the midst of an election campaign his own blue and white party advocates a continued israeli military presence in the occupied west bank itself a red line for palestinian leaders along with preserving large illegal settlements at the same time the party argues for a regionally and globally supported peace agreement without specifically endorsing a two state solution but there is more to this election than its main players netanyahu and dance there are thirty nine parties taking part with several harboring just above or just below the three point two five percent share of the vote required for a place in the israeli parliament the knesset that means a relatively small number of votes could radically reshape the policies and the
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makeup of israel's next government israeli soldiers have been among the first to vote but their ballots will be among the last to be counted and not jus in until thursday this election is so finely poised that everyone might have to wait until then for a clear cut final result are a force that al-jazeera westerners india's governing party has announced its political manifesto before the start of the world's largest election later this week the b j p is promising improve national security and social programs while doing more to fight corruption prime minister narendra modi is seeking reelection but faces opposition from rahul gandhi of the congress party. has more from delhi. the governing b.g.p. say they want to make india among the top three economies in the world we're going to do that by continuing making it easier for foreign companies and locals to do business in the country but they're also going to double farmer income create pensions for small business owners an important base for them as well as reserve one third of all parliamentary and state legislature seats for women now some
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controversial points they say they'll bring in a uniform civil code right now in india civil matters such as marriage divorce and inheritance depend on the person's religion they also say they want to pass to citizenship bill that's a controversial measure that will allow migrants non muslim migrants from neighboring countries to apply for indian citizenship now the release of the manifesto began with the party congratulating themselves saying that the last five years have been a stork time for the poor and middle classes in india and that another five years will take the country to even greater heights but critics say that in the last five years youth unemployment has gone up attacks on minorities have also increased and the growth in the economy has been concentrated on the wealthy russia and turkey have pledged to continue efforts to establish peace in syria and jointly patrol in the province presidents. have been holding talks in moscow president says he and there to discuss the s four hundred missile contracts which is causing alarm in the
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united states turkey bought the russian system to defend its air bases but washington fears the system will compromise the secrets of fests f. thirty five jets sold so it's a nato ally. nigeria has suspended mining in one of its northern states and ordered all foreigners and gazed in mining activities to leave the move comes after a surge in crime in zamfara stating valving kidnappings and killings by the dream's has more from the capital. the last two years have been particularly hard and go in perspective in nigeria's them for a state there's been an increase in the number of kidnappings and killings the victims include local people and forty investors in the last two years criminal gangs have taken over large areas why goold use mind. the military police and security forces have been deployed to the region in recent weeks and the government has now ordered an immediate halt to all mining operations. at it is old
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and it's. discriminatory laments. that. mining that through that is done for the military has established and lets us it. that it is of the bund it's. listed minus their position that's gaining traction among some nigerians including security experts would confirm stories that people helicopters. in is on fire we have to as we i mean we cannot discounting the idea of a link between this big business and what is happening is after the suspension comes as nigeria's diversifying its revenue base away from oil to mining and agriculture it's a move that could hurt the economy hard but mining related activity is not the only cause of violence in the north west region for several years kidnappings and extortions of been common with bandits operating in the area. many nigerians say
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the violence is more of state fairly other communities in the north west say the been abundant as there is little or no government presence in vast areas of the region especially zamfara state and gunmen are taking full advantage by filling that void. for the past year security forces have been trying to do more to tackle the increase in crime and violence but people continue to die and thousands of been forced from their homes with the army having to deal with crisis and most of nigeria's thirty six states experts predict a long drawn out confront issues the number of troops or number of policemen or security men in general all i also have is this is certainly not enough. to really make the difference in that area for now the thousands displaced from their horns expect it will be a money time before they can return. to greece. protesters
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in south africa have returned to the streets of johannesburg to call for a better living conditions on public services they're threatening to shut down the suburb of sounds and one of the richest in the country from either miller has more from johannesburg. it's a small group of protesters but they're making their way to santa and the financial hub of which i had not spoken and already had a symbolic march at this point in that they've managed to stop traffic and they are bringing some disruption to the scenario and that's very much the point these protesters are going to make of giving away should they live in in aleppo and drop it off at a table over two cities just pulling the township is sensible again the financial stuff but affluent also especially compared to how people in alexandra lived. the protesters have arrived at municipal offices where they want to hand over a memorandum outlining their grievances people here say this is about the way in
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which they live in oleksandr they're complaining about a lack of policing illegal settlements coming up not having enough space for the people living there and also the lack of service delivery with its water or electricity all over basic aminah supposed services they say they're not getting those little structures that are affecting our properties they are afflicted and our infrastructure stretches it's flowing in the township the electricity we have a. low shedding riled is no more no shading so don't try to experience it daily people here say they want action from the local government now the african national congress has denied allegations by the opposition party the democratic alliance that the agencies behind these protests that they are instigating violence it's a very much what we saw in the last few days when these protests.


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