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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera. the big. this is al-jazeera. the arab. hello i'm hallam i hit him with the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. an interim president is names in all cheery about the protesters he brought down the previous ruler are back out on the streets. iran's slums the u.s. for labeling its elites elite force a terrorist group and threatens to upgrade its nuclear program. another seven people killed and sudanese security forces try to break up antigovernment protests
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some soldiers assize in with the crowds. also aforetime prime minister takes on a retired military chief in what's expected to be a very close israeli election race i'm johnny gosch roscoe with the sport as president trump blocks baseball players from cuba coming to play in the u.s. major league. algeria's parliaments has appointed opera house chairman of the carbon sala insulin presidents after on relenza grotesques forced abilities beautifully to resign and sala who's seventy seven will take over the reins until new elections are held within ninety days now he's been chosen in accordance with the constitution is parts of the former president's inner circle. and the political establishment that
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people want to remove will phone isn't been back out on the streets voicing their anger about it's been solace appointments they're also big questions about how serious powerful military reacts well let's look at some of the key dates and events leading up to the former president's resignation on february the twenty second with a flicker announce his bids to run for a fifth term and that's when process began the eighty two year old has already been in power for twenty years within days of jury and living outside the country also called for him to go especially in france which has nearly two million people overall jiri in origin by march eleventh the president was forced to reverse his reelection bid as bots heap aspersions aprils polls and said he'd stay on until a new constitution is adopted he also made the interior minister his new prime
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minister and promised political reforms will soon the army stepped in the chief of staff there calling for the president to be removed because of ill health that was on constitutional grounds but it's done little to convince the protesters who've always maintained that they want a national government of consensus instead of the army to manage this transition periods which officially began with pacifica's resignation on april second well earlier we spoke to i mean a who's an algerian x. of this she told us more about why people like her aren't willing to accept a bill cutter been sallah. what is worrisome is that the ninety days ahead of us maximum duration of ninety days where this interim president will have to organize presidential elections and these presidential elections are not the
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people but the twenty million million durians have been calling for ninety days is nearly enough time for the system as we call it here now to read the regime to maintain itself in give itself a new figure in new fa├žade. what we want is a democracy. huge reforms institutional reforms and i highly doubt that mr been silent who is the product of the system that he would be able to steer us towards that what we need is a transitional government what we need is a transition phase to put us on the right track the real republic of the democracy where all parties are all germans would participate as really didn't. well jazeera . has covered this story extensively and as with me now i. just bring us
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up to speed with what's been happening since that announcements earlier on cross this research on syria people are saying this is a. this is a betrayal of the spirit of praja masi movement that has been asking for genuine reform and they insist of a don't want to see of the. interim president this announcement today is just going to further strain relations we've seen thousands of people on the streets of. the capital across the country police forces how to use water cannon in some areas particular in the capital jurors because the people are really angry about that announcement they were hoping to see something different they were hoping to see something like a national unity government instead of someone who has been part of the political establishment that was groomed by a form of result as a bit of a takeover no one understands the real have understood for many weeks know that they have been calling for this complete overhaul of the processes want to complete
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overhaul of the political establishment but realistically how likely is that to take place because the army here they are following the constitutional procedures which are already laid down i think the army is pretty much moving towards this particular direction which is within the constitution by tribune article one hundred two you have an interim president it is your ear for them this is an indication that there will be no power vacuum and then after ninety days you will see a new parliamentary and presidential election i think the demands by the people about a radical overhaul of the political elite of their would pave the way to a new institution to take over and shape the future of the country is unlikely because the army is pretty much concerned about anything that would lead to a power vacuum particularly in a place in a syria and i think they have been determined to show the world that was the respect the choice of the people however it has to go. through the the constitution of the one you say because it usually is well to it's the. president would he be
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able to contain the the discontent i don't think so because he's widely discredited by the algerian people and i think the army has another option which is to rally support within the opposition of the protesters and tell them you know what we will be the government to therefore we can give you war political say when it comes to drafting the new constitution well i was going to say is there this makes a way what option is there because already we've seen large numbers of protesters coming out into the streets for the moments of that announcement being made but of course the country is governed by the constitution is there a third way that will prevent this escalating we have to wait and see what will be the reactions over the coming hours from the different key players in algeria however there was some dramatic what was inside the parliament when it was convenient to announce the the appointment of the interim president some political parties walked out of the building others contested the whole thing saying that
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they were addressing himself telling him you're not on the job to mitt president for a year therefore you have to go and that could be indicative of further strange relations between the opposition and the protesters on one hand and the political establishment a less a less in the coming days the army decides along with the opposition that although this could look like a placebo it could be the only way out for them for a country like algeria this is one of the most. powerful countries in north africa widely seen by the e.u. and the u.s. as a bulwark against instability and extremism in the region its neighboring its neighbor libya is now having a huge political problem further instability and the potential for a civil war i think the international community would definitely be supportive of this move which is basically the article one of two. very fluid situation one will continue to keep an eye on but for now thank you very much for bringing us up to
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speed let's stay with this. is an algerian writer and journalist he's joining us live from london via is am if i could just get your initial reaction see the appointment of. interim leader. there's a clear provocation that's not unseat and all of judeans and. you can see it you can see the anger in europe quickly they took two streets and unions students mainly in all overengineer they stayed they didn't they don't want to live been so one of the henchmen of. one of the first people to call him. for the fifth then he even said that who is against them. and now they want to impose this will hate to. the faces or faces of duty
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she even there is even the constitution there is some questions you got didn't used to see true thing if you if you say you say if i say so because he is or is you not know and assuredly is not and syrians original mission these were open and of course you should for b. but a person like you would have this position as the. chairman of upper house on things this is a provocation and there is a big anger expressed now industries of agenda and in social media as if they aren't the only say they're following this path that has been laid down by the constitution mean what other options are there. there is there is the problem nigeria is political and some i am human touch even the constitution is articles number seven even the chief of the unbeliever to be a simple number. seven or eight which will flip the source of.
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the people out a source of everything but they choose to go to this. constitution constitution and the solution is here that the army don't want to let go they want to be in control. to put maybe a force up now he's even now speak english and that's this move of the parliament when it should have been the consultation of the army and all those are suspecting that there is a setup now the chief of the army should be very easy in the in the second city in must n c g r r r no maybe there's so much suspecting there is like a certain but at the end the chief of the army will present himself as a savior and then you will hear. what the people want to google of and also the government the same government. led by. will
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a hatred of the regime the former interior minister ok jim aladin talib the un force they will have to leave it there but thanks very much for bringing us your thoughts on this developing story we will stay with it on al-jazeera but for now let's turn to other news and iran's president has issued a strong response and threats after the u.s. decision to label it selling its revolutionary guards a terrorist organization has some rouhani called tronson president had made a mistake and has warns that his country could develop more advanced nuclear to. acknowledging if washington continues to exert pressure on all of them on your shoes she was on duty today we inaugurated twenty i os six centrifuges and if you continue your oppression in the near future you will see i are right centrifuges if
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your intention was reducing iran's military power through these sanctions you yourselves know that we produce missiles and weapons that are far beyond your imagination well let's go live now it is in ravi who is in its here and for a sane furious reaction there from iran and hence that iran may restart its nuclear program which are reasons of this. absolutely iran takes its support of the islamic revolutionary guard corps very seriously within the iranian context they are above criticism and this is this pivot towards hinting that it would start its nuclear program again this really is a well rehearsed dance that the united states and iran have been engaging in on the international stage the united states carries out some sort of new action against iran and iran responds with a chorus of criticism of the united states now in terms of this nuclear program
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being reiterated by senior leaders in the country it really is a signal to its partners in europe to allies like russia and china to read the remaining signatories to the twenty fifteen nuclear deal that the white house of president donald trump has effectively scuttled the deal itself is in tatters but the fact is that this is a signal to its partners that once again the united states is taking a whack at iran and iran does retain the right to restart its nuclear program as it sees fit a signal that it will not take continue to abuse by the united states on the political stage and that it expects the support of those partners to continue and your passion that it won't follow america's lead russia and china have shown the same thing when it comes to iranian policy and so it remains to be seen whether or not that will continue to hold which is that it is likely to especially on this issue now in terms of some of what we've spoken to few experts that have said of this decision that it is yet another incremental step towards the united states trying to achieve this policy of regime change when it comes to iran but the fact
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is that experts here agree that this has actually that donald trump has actually done the i.r.g.c. a favor we've seen that play out in parliament where many parliamentarians lawmakers who proposed a bill to further support the i.r.g.c. and to have recipe dresser procul measures carried out against the united states showed up in parliament today dressed in our g.c. fatigues as a show of support now we're continuing to see how this low. that language on the international stage is also playing out here in iran we've seen that organizations across the spectrum starting with the supreme national security council declaring the united states in a tit for tat move in retaliation for the designation of the r.g.c. as a terrorist organization have declared united states a state sponsor of terror u.s. forces in the region as terrorist groups as well as especially mentioning u.s. central command so this loaded language is now still being exchanged on both sides but we're likely disappear we're likely to see continuing growing support for the
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r.g.c. domestically as a result of this designation say ambassador and tehran thanks very much for that update. there's lots more still to come on the news hour including boris strikes in tripoli from say more please to the fighting in libya to stop. hong kong activists faced seven years in prison after being convicted over there leading both in full democracy demonstrations. and in sports find out why all amateur rugby players in france could have a big say in who coaches the national team. seven protesters have been killed on the fourth day of a mass sets in the army headquarters in sudan's capital the crowds in khartoum have been demanding the removal of president omar al bashir a short while ago
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a police spokesman said that officers have been told not to confront peaceful demonstrators that story again in the house the latest. standing firm outside army headquarters in the capital khartoum protesters chant down with the regime. hours earlier security force personnel opened fire on demonstrators in an attempt to break up their four day long mass sit in soldiers who saw the attack intervene to protect protest is letting them into their headquarters and shooting at the government security forces. on the dance defense minister insists there is no split in the armed forces and security forces remain united despite some offices openly siding with protesters. was up and running again to all of you let me say that we're here now because we're taking the side of the people we're standing with the people nobody else. was out protesters
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and the opposition sudanese congress party a calling on president obama al bashir to resign they want the military's help. in forming a transitional government the leadership of the army if they. delay their disposed to the name of the people they live there it's balls to the. the whole of the opposition they are in the entering the unity of god and yourself on this we lead the country for chaos so i think they have no other option but to what is both positively to the demands of the people sidney's from different religious backgrounds have joined for months of protests to demand change in scenes reminiscent of the arab spring demonstrations eight years ago in sudan's neighbor egypt the government's impulse to state of emergency since february after their crackdown failed to stop the largest outcry during alba she's thirty year room.
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he's asked the ruling national congress party to help restore stability. the government says change can come through the ballot box but protest is on the streets insist they want change now victoria gates and a al-jazeera. forces in israel are casting ballots in elections that will determine if benjamin netanyahu will remain in office for a fifth term he will sit in at west jerusalem while his main challenger benny gantz as the country to embrace a new dawn opinion polls put guns his blue and whites alliance just ahead of netanyahu his likud party however the prime minister appears to have the best chance of forming another coalition governments. i must tell you i had no major dollars but this is a sacred act this is truly the essence of democracy and we should be blessed with it but you need to choose well i cannot say what i can but i don't want to not hear
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. i'm happy to place myself at the service of the state of israel in the citizens of israel i'm happy to stand for the good of the citizens on a new path we call for a respectful and quiet day from all sides. or harder of the home he does outside a polling station in tel of evil cross lights or after we speak see stephanie decker he's in occupied east jerusalem stephanie you've been speaking with also pretty much since the polls opened what have they been saying see where your. well you're right it really depends where you are where we are it is a very much a right wing area but people here are divided when it comes to benjamin netanyahu these polls are really seen as a test as a referendum on the prime minister incidentally he's just hit the beach north of tel aviv to tell voters to get off the beach and go to the polls because we're just under six hours from those polls closing so you have the parties really pushing
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their campaigns out to try and get as many voters to the polls because it is such a tight race coming back to here you know it's hard to tell because it's very much right way people are telling us they are going to vote right wing some of them say however that bebe's time is up this is his nickname this is how they call him prime minister benjamin netanyahu patrols themselves as mr security is the only man who can really lead this country but many people here have been telling us that it may be time for a change after ten years at the top another three as the prime minister just before that so i think anything is up for grabs at this point in time the bigger concern of course is about the shift the direction this country is taking far more right wing people telling us here one man was joking that israelis do have a choice to vote between the right and the right but i think we'll have to wait and see we do expect the first count to take place in about half an hour from now to get a sense of what kind of numbers we're going to be seeing going forward stephanie.
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jerusalem thank you very much indeed for that update let's cross to the home needs of the four homes of the atmosphere in tel aviv a bit different from east jerusalem tell us more about what you've been hearing from the voices you've been speaking to. well yes absolutely actually israelis often refer to tel aviv as a. bubble or really. a state within the states now here you have much more liberal ideas you have also much more leftist leaning dia's now we spoke to a lot of people coming in and out of this polling station. and a lot would say they know they wouldn't reveal to you publicly who they voted for but they said we need a change a lot said that benjamin that i now had been in power for way too long some also are concerned of the political direction he is taking on international state one of the young voters here say we see him. we see him posing with the newly elected
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brazilian president we need to take things in charge we need to take this country in a different direction yes stephanie said security is always a major concern among voters here but the white and blue list which is headed by benny gantz does have that security credential having three former chief of staff at the head of it's at its leadership so that people say yes it is a concern we do have that there we need a change and we hope that that change would then trickle down from the top to the bottom of the biggest problem really is for the left this some of them talking about strategic vote basically giving their vote instead of giving it to merit or to labor or giving it to the blue and white lists simply to try to oust benjamin netanyahu that is obviously a huge risk for the leftist voters simply because they could see then their own
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parties and their own ideas or the people representing their opinions in the israeli parliament ousted from that parliament at the end of this vote so certainly a big risk for that people are voting you ask them at the end of the day who do you think will win and most of them reluctantly will tell you that benjamin netanyahu still remains a strong man in this country. thanks very much lou for bringing us the view from tel aviv. let says stay with this until it sounds a serious senior political analyst marvin bashar who joins me on set and we heard there that this is of both our correspondents it seems very much a choice between the rights and the rights where does that leave the one in five voters who make up the electorate the palestinian israelis well actually it's between the right and decaffeinated rights it's between likud and liquid light in
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a sense that the blue white list is more or less a center right if there is a bit of a difference between it and likud and those to the right of likud in the sense for the palestinians blue on blue and white and there benny gantz is probably more ready to start or restart speaking with the palestinian authority with mahmoud abbas in particular and break away from prime minister netanyahu as boycotts of the policy in authority and focusing on gaza also is a bit of a difference as as as what i said but i would take that a step further it is not just about merits and those on the left i think the nature of this very particular two thousand and ninety the actions is because the competition is so high between likud and blue white. that they're going to start eating away from the small parties what we know is that there are thirty nine parties running will a dozen of those parties make it what will happen to all those votes that have gone
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to the smaller parties that did not pass the three point five percent they would go to the bigger parties and if so i think the big question now is how much and white how well are they doing and how well that a blocs doing ok still remains very much. listen to some of the issues that have been not play in the run up to this election so my wish is conspicuous by its absence or wolf this is this question of. dealing with the palestinians but what do you make of that well because israel is moving to the right and you conversation about two states with the exception of merits and a bit of labor people lose votes on the right or in the center right and that's why blue blue whites list on the binet guns did not even address the palestinian question what they're addressing is stability security peace process and the likes
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but not really a pronounced over what does this mean what is the country going there is is this this sort of hiding behind slogans rather than really addressing the israelis about what is at stake and where the country needs to go why well because israel is getting the full hundred percent backing of the american president an american president who is far more popular in israel than he is in his own country the united states was such backing. as america is is basically been dictating. all sorts of. goodies if you will to the israel the annexation of east jerusalem the annexation of the golan heights now calling the iranian revolutionary guards terrorists. future an extension of the west bank all of that basically gets the israeli parties of the hope to actually say what they
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really stand for at this point what they stand for is tom ok well it's a lot to pick over there marwan we will of course be more for you throughout the day as the results come in but for now thank you very much marwan well stepha's here night with the weather and step very way in parts of on america. that's right which has a very heavy rain and the worst of it has been over brazil you can see the clouds have got speckled across the northeastern parts then all the way down towards rio and it's rio which has really been suffering this is the flooding that we saw you can see that colony being swept away as the lorry goes past and then after the flooding all subsided well this is what we saw after that that car is obviously being picked up and held around by the water we've also got a lot of mud on the streets it's all been transported by all of that floodwaters that rushed through the streets and downhill and how much rain caused all this trouble well this much you can see it all chugging down just down across rio and it
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gave us over two hundred millimeters of rain two hundred and forty six in for the entire month you'd expect around about one hundred millimeters so even for the rather wet place that rio is this is a lot of rain so that's why we cause we saw the flooding then and it looks like the rains haven't quite finished with this just yet so it's wet at the moment in rio the rains are expected to continue during the day today but then slowly as we head through tuesday and into wednesday they'll begin to pull away towards the north still quite a few showers behind it so even in sao paolo they could be one or two rather heavy downpours to dodge but the worst of them those move away towards the north however further towards the west it of just push a little bit further south so for some of us in the northern possibility we can expect a pretty wet few days to thank you steph lots more still to come on al-jazeera including. i'm nicholas hark at the tunisian libyan border find out next how libyans are now trying to leave their country as the fighting intensifies in
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tripoli. and joel will tell you want to tell your whizzes in all manners for most he prepares for the first major all of the season that's coming up in sports. for the nomadic jacket tribe survival is about reaching their destination if we don't hurry will never be able to get the top of the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration find the trace dangerous the ice is at them as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life a little bit longer sometimes luser cattle there will die of cold war because of the storm risking it all mongolia on al-jazeera. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera as correspondents
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live and bring the stories they tell you have. a good number of letters. were at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian direct al-jazeera fluent in world news. you're watching al-jazeera a quick reminder of the top stories this hour. algeria's parliaments has appointed a book out of an sala as the interim president to replace former leader of glossies beautifully posed as a people are back on the streets across the country voicing their anger against
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that and spent the testers are demanding a complete overhaul of algeria's political establishment. seven percent says have been killed on the fourth day of a mass safe in outside army headquarters in the sudanese capital the crowds in khartoum have been demanding the ouster of president omar al bashir. iran's president and stress and to develop a more advanced nuclear technology after the u.s. decision to label this revolutionary guard a terrorist organization a sign rouhani says it's a mistake and it will unites the iranian people. as several people have been injured after a car bombing in northern syria that happens in iraq which is controlled by the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces which proust pushed eisel for ages in twenty seventeen . forces loyal to libyan warlord however have to have carried out another airstrike
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this time targeting the disused airports on the southern outskirts of tripoli another airstrike hit the operational airport in another part of the capital monday icing continues which you have to sorters and the u.n. backs governments forces despite an appeal to stop by the u.n. secretary general intentionally targeting civilians or civilian objects as well as indiscriminate attacks may amount to war crimes. commissioners highlighted in particular the need to ensure protection of extremely vulnerable civilians including refugees and migrants many of whom are already held in horrific conditions in ad hoc detention facilities by armed groups and they may be placed under significant peril high commissioner michele bashfully appeals to all sides to come together to avoid further senseless violence and bloodshed. hordes of the war hodes essentially. warplanes loyal to the warlords for have to targeted
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tripoli international airport again this morning tripoli international airport. has not been operational since two thousand and fourteen clashes erupted again between forces loyal to have turned and others loyal to the government of national accord in new france at around the airport area in the southern outskirts of the libyan capital we know that the other operational airport airport was also targeted by have to warplanes yesterday and a state of panic. among civilians because i'm eighty get it is located in. a civilian area in the eastern side of the libyan capital military sources on the ground say that have to us forces have been getting new deployments and it seems that they are getting giddy for
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a new offensive we know that the government of national accord has lunch should account to the offensive called the volcano of wrath to defend as they say to defend the capital against have to have his forces government or military sources say that the volcano of ras is not going to only defend the tripoli city against have to his forces but it also it's also planned to chase have to this forces. move to the south to the city of the year and the city of the who are the major cities that support have to end the worst of the country the humanitarian situation is getting worse in the areas around the fighting areas as civilians there have been calling for help they say that the random shelling. around them rockets have been landing in civilian areas.
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well while many libyans in tripoli are traps find the fighting authors are crossing the border into tunisia they reports from czars this near the border. safe but still terrified. we dare suffered a stroke when the gunfire began and the mortars and airstrikes began falling in tripoli. her sister got her out they traveled three hundred kilometers to the nearest functioning hospital here in tunisia. i mean pain i'm heartbroken for my country and seeing my people ripping themselves apart. the u.n. has called for a truce to let others escape tripoli the main route leads to tunisia where security forces are on high alert this behind me is the road that leads to libya now
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security forces were not allow us to film any further they say as a precautionary measure because just a few days ago general have to try to take control of this road from the libyan side but failed this is a strategic importance not just for the libyans but also for tunisia. tunisian security forces tell al jazeera they've counted of five hundred libyan vehicles crossing the border in rest year since warlord khalifa haftar began his offensive. it's not just civilians leaving members from rival groups have come for medical treatment sometimes sharing the same doctors in the same ward you know to become more and more into their lechmere listen they like health care workers they like blood banks they're in shortage of pretty much everything so they come here for help. the unfolding crisis in libya has brought an unexpected increase in trade for some tunisian businesses many here have opened their doors their country could
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become a lifeline to many more libyans if the conflict worsens nicholas hong al-jazeera zs of the tunisian libyan border. persons prime minister is on her way to france to seek support for another delay to break set to resume his heading there from germany where she met the powerful leader angle americal the present prime minister needs the exercise her ministers back in london tries to break the deadlock over her withdrawal deal parliament's rejected it three times although be an emergency e.u. summit on wednesday series a spare for britain risks crashing outs with no deal jonah how is covering developments in westminster will get or not see it from him in just a moment first though let's cross to natasha butler he's live in paris for us that
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sasha maze already had that missing with americal but the same with mccrone could prove to be rather difficult as the the french president's been playing hardball when it comes to another extension hasn't. yes well the trees may the british prime minister would know that if she wants to try and persuade e.u. leaders to support tara quest for an extension of article fifteen delayed bragg's it until the end of june she must win over the french president demand on my car because he has been the e.u. leader that has taken a well maybe the hardest line of during this whole breaks it process and has said that he wouldn't be open to another extension unless there was a very good reason for it you know him and all machall is fiercely pro european he sees bragg's it as something which is just a disruptive in the longer it goes on the more damage is being done to the european union and that is something that he wishes to avoid so that's why i went to resume
4:40 pm
a rives and meets macro at the least say a little later he is likely to say to her look you need to have a credible plan in order to justify any extension now whether or not to resume a cross party talks with the opposition labor party in westminster whether or not. call believes that that will be enough to find a solution to breaks it enough to justify an extension is not unclear there are some in france those say should e.u. leaders they always have to act by consensus all twenty seven should they decide on wednesday to grant an extension to two reason may that perhaps a model marco would use his veto because he might judge the britain out of the e.u. now is less disruptive than a long drawn out process that would just go on and on without an end or the other hand there are those who say that european union unity is so important for the french president that he would be likely to go along with other the members and
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seek consensus and sasha butler in paris thank you very much indeed let's cross to join our how joining us from westminster with the latest on the prime minister of course is on the continent but what's been happening back in the u.k. these talks between the government from the opposition. well the most to me said about those talks at this point is that they are ongoing and they've ramped up to a senior minister and shadow minister level this softer noon which is a good sign for two reason may of course she needs them to at the very least remain ongoing in order to provide a justification to you leaders for the extension that she seeks both sides those seem to be suggesting that all of this is still at an exploratory stage remember both parties have very good reason to be extremely wary about doing a deal with the other side they both both parties contain sizable influential
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groups outright hostile to the idea of reaching out to the other side so that's a difficulty but leaving that to one side what seems to be opening up as the area most likely to provide common ground is the idea of a customs union the u.k. staying in one off to breaks it with the european union it's something that achieved close to a majority in parliament last week it's something the e.u. has made noises positive noises about they seem to be encouraging openly to reason made to go that way would require her of course to breach one of her solid red lines and there's no immediate sign of it doing that in fact the signs coming out of these talks it has to be said are not at this moment particularly positive john mcdonnell the labor shadow chancellor sitting opposite. the chancellor himself in the famine and other senior ministers saying we're talking about a customs union we're talking about a second referendum to confirm any possible deal both of those things are things the government is not in favor of and he says at this point become and has not shown any change on its language on any of these issues don't know how and wesson
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says thank you. a pro-democracy campaigners finds more than two months of mass protests in hong kong are facing up to seven years in jail they've been found guilty for their role in process by hundreds of thousands of people demands an open elections for the city's leadership sarah clarke reports that the the nine pro-democracy ladies left court defiant despite being found guilty for their role in the umbrella movement protests in two thousand and fourteen before the verdict was delivered they issued a message to the people of hong kong part unless we persist there will be no future thoughts about percy i think that's why we need to persist and. then what will happen in bright future democracy an hour later the court found the nine pro-democracy leaders guilty of inciting public nuisance thank pleaded a law professor and retired scola who founded
4:44 pm
a similar protest group called the occupy movement led the pro-democracy protests in twenty four to name calling for hong kong's chief executive to be elected by popular vote instead of being appointed by chinese government leaders in beijing the judge rejected the occupy lady's argument that the protest was an appropriate exercise of free speech instead judge johnny chan found that they impinged unreasonably on the rights of others when hundreds of thousands of people came out the main roads in central hong kong are blocked for more than two months but this verdict is more bad news for the pro-democracy movement critics say the leaders in beijing a tightening they control over the semi autonomous city and similarities tonight in china now becoming forbidden here in hong kong the verdicts have been condemned by democracy activists human rights groups and politicians in the united states and britain it is worsening we have to admit physical safety is not yet an issue
4:45 pm
but in freezing prosecution. activists and protesters. the convicted late is awaiting to hear their sentences as the lawyers appeal for leniency but they could face up to seven years in jail sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. and nine hundred million indians are eligible to start forcing from thursday in an election that won't end until may twenty third among the big issues is unemployment's which has been rising to levels not seen in almost half a century farmers are another priority arise a quarter of the population works in agriculture and many are struggling with low crop prices and mounting debts hate crimes are also on the agenda particularly attacks against religious minorities and then there's regional security tensions spites with pakistan over a suicide bombing earlier this year in indian administered kashmir so here are
4:46 pm
reports now from new delhi. for decades india had only the coalition governments. but in twenty fourteen the populous leader of the party or the b j p so up to victory with an absolute majority his government promised to ease poverty improve the economy and rid india of corruption. but he's been seen by many as favoring the hindu majority population and that's led to political tensions and violence although it is the second largest exporter of beef or the world council venerated by hindus vigilantly attacks against people who believe have left many dead another source of conflict is our youth here it's a religious site played by both hindus and muslims but has been fought over for decades india's supreme court has intervened on the un human rights chief is war you delhi its actions are being monitored in a sob the b.g.p.
4:47 pm
is demanding that by dorothy's many muslims prove the indian or face deportation to bangladesh the government has a strategy is one of course was a government development but other was to communalism no major conflict warmers are right but small. incidences of rights are on the agenda and that's what they have been doing for years and this has been starred fear in their managing community of the economy the government was criticized after it took high value five hundred thousand people anglos out of circulation in twenty sixty it had a devastating effect to brew areas which rely on cash not plastic even in towns and cities there were long queues at banks problem that demonization has created is very clear that it has. it has ruined the. informal sector and it has also ruined the rural business in
4:48 pm
a big way and the my being laborers who were in the cities they had to go back they lost the job their jobs so there's a lot of risk there in the economy. beginning in national congress party and its allies that formed the united progressive alliance are trying to claw back power it's led by forty eight year old rahul gandhi who is promising to bring india the prosperity and development it wants regional allies and smaller state based parties can make or break a government the banditry is the leader of the old india trinamool congress in west bengal and mayawati leads back to johnson march party in her pradesh standing on independent platforms but may well become kingmakers in any coalition government there is a possibility that smaller parties. water and or border sides as the common sense goes at the moment that none of them would get. what they would need for making the government in that case you may have made it is not
4:49 pm
a party that's going make us. in recent weeks national security has been at the forefront of the political debates in february and i tackled paramilitary forces and paul walker it didn't administered kashmir killed forty indian troops the pakistan based rebel group claimed responsibility it be as military attacked its bases it by. because that administered. a response that brought the two nuclear neighbors close to about an all out conflict or logic to political divisions in the run up to india's seventeenth general election so he'll rob al-jazeera new delhi. jools here in a moments with the sports show tell us how police spiced up a football fights in brazil. we live in a time of war and tragedies crimes against humanity. activist
4:50 pm
repression. enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests. extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to combat impunity and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament. and global alliance of national human rights institutions.
4:51 pm
but this boy here thank you president trump has canceled an agreement with cuba to allow its baseball players to sign for major league teams in the u.s. without defecting from their homeland the deal negotiated under former president barack obama would have allowed a number of players to compete in the lp and bring their families to the u.s. but returned to cuba in the offseason the white house is now to close the deal illegal will be one of the i think it was an opportunity to continue to see talent to the major league we disagree king of the agreement it's a suspect like in other areas because of the blockade i think there's a lot of talent to call but that will never be because of this decision problem of the moment that it's dashed many hopes for those guys who aspire to who want to
4:52 pm
play for money to be economically free donald trump is cut off that path now to time also a champion bennett lang says tiger woods has a good chance of adding to a fifth green jacket to his collection woods went around the or guster national polls looking on as head of this week's first major of the season with a seven under par in monday's practice round langer says organized efforts to make the course harder for tiger have had limited impact they said they would try to tiger prove it oh there was the word go round when they made it longer but they really played into his hands when they made it longer i thought what did tiger prove it was making it tighter narrowed a planet five thousand trees they introduced the rough for an immediate cut they call it here which made the golf course a lot tighter and tiger is not wasn't always known to hit it very very straight so that probably heard him over the last few years. and today a rugby referendum is underway in france all amateur clubs have been asked whether
4:53 pm
or not they'd be happy to see a foreign coach take tonge of the national team david stocks has the story. these amateur rugby players in paris can only dream of representing their country but they will have a big say in how the national team is coached after a string of dismal performances in the six nations championship french rugby chief bernard laporte wants to do something they've never done before hire a foreign coach but he's decided to put it up for a vote a rugby referendum across all amateur teams in the country asking them simply do they want a foreigner in charge. i don't care if the coach is french your foreign we need a coach who is capable of developing the team we need the right coach who can bring back the values of iraq be and make people want to come back and watch again because it's losing its way. that. it's not forbidden to have a foreign coach it would be a first i think the problem with the team is the player is not with the coach.
4:54 pm
hiring foreign coaches is nothing new in world rugby currently four of the six northern hemisphere teams are coached by foreigners the wales boss warren gatland a new zealander is said to be the ports preferred choice if the referendum goes his way but there has been some high profile opposition the former fronts captain fabienne pellew was quick to condemn the idea saying once again we will try to copy others instead of being proud of who we are not everyone shares that view that furring coach will be able to say ok forget about that reza call to belong and we start from scratch that's the idea of banal approach somebody able to start from scratch foreign coach or not it's clear that something needs to change it's been nearly a decade since france won the six nations and the port is determined to have a strong team in place for the twenty twenty three world cup which is in france. for now though the future of french rugby is in the hands of the amateurs voting
4:55 pm
will last for two days and the result is set to be announced on friday david stokes out zero former u.s. women's football player hope solo has told al jazeera that she was fired for fighting gender discrimination u.s. soccer terminated her contract after what they described as a number of a failed incidence solo and her former teammates have since filed discrimination lawsuits against the governing body because in my fight for equal pay when i played in twenty sixteen in the olympics i got fired my voice was the strongest my voice was the loudest now this cared all of the players that used me as an example they thought that they could remove all the loudest voices and that the fight would be over i played on the u.s. soccer federation for close to two decades and they never let us go to hear that with us they told us how much money they were going to give us and that was the end of it people our will not give up power if you have to eat it. they're down to the last eight in the u.a.e. for the champions league tottenham will host manchester city in the first leg of
4:56 pm
their quarterfinal later the spurs is the first time they've been at this stage since losing to real madrid eight years ago they are also the underdogs but can take hope from the fact that city were knocked out of the quarter finals last year by liverpool and speaking of the fall they welcome f.c. porto to anfield the reds beat porto five nil in the champions league last year but they're not taking anything for granted despite being on a run of form that has put them on top of the premier league standings beyond five euros that's how it is in training you can see it we are reading it in a good moment but other teams as well so we are blue for a lot and we will see tomorrow night pardew really wants to go through and. good so so will be a tough one but that's i would hope to be. staying with football and some terrible playing conditions at this game in brazil heavy rain caused damage to the pitch for the santa catarina state championship semifinal game venture got underway was again
4:57 pm
interrupted by a four legged invader. oh well that was happening in one brazilian state game another and going on here was halted by a must for all with no signs of it stopping police moved in and pepper sprayed players coaches fans and the media a photographer was also left with a sprained knee. this keeper in mexico may have wished for a speedy ends to his match during a shootout the penalty taker hit the crossbar only for this to happen. under seventeen match in mexico and no surprise that the keeper's team went on to lose that. all right that is now have. well that wraps up for the news. here on al-jazeera i'll be back with more of the latest world news after this short break the point way.
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the war on truth when they're on line. is to be able to be concise expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs. or if you join us on say israel is an apartheid state and in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you can join in a global conversation. he came from a wealthy background in paris and became an artist against his family's wishes he went on to bring a fresh perspective to oriental list painting falling in love with some harlem culture making his home and converting to islam. zero world tells the story of the last d.v.d.
4:59 pm
and his unique artistic work. the french oriental list and. we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers out there flowing anti-riot. we are challenging the forces we're challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. egypt's strongman is ruling with an eye and faced and the silence from his allies is deafening the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from
5:00 pm
let's say berlin or paris or london in cairo. and interim president his name and say in algeria but the choice brings protests tears back on to the streets across the country. i'm hala my he is in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up iran slams the u.s. for labeling it something force a terrorist group and threatens to upgrade its nuclear program. another seven people killed sudanese security forces tried to break up and see government protests some soldiers are.


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