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if you join me near the hudson on the front of my guests from around the world take the hint and we debate each told stories on big issues. back to bo this is the news hour live from my headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes an interim president is named in algeria but the protesters who brought down the previous leader back on the streets. anti-government protesters swell on the streets of sudan's capital as western nations call for a credible transition plan also this hour a full time prime minister takes on a retired military chief in what's expected to be
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a very close israeli election race plus iran slams the u.s. for labeling its elite revolutionary guard a terrorist group and threatens to upgrade its nuclear program at all if you just image with all the sports as prison trumpet blocks of baseball players from cuba coming to play in the u.s. major league. thank you very much for joining us algeria's parliament has appointed opera house chairman. as interim president after unrelenting protests for sub denies he's what if he had to resign and sada who seventy seven years old will take over the reins until new elections are held within ninety days has been chosen in accordance with the constitution but is part of a former president in a circle and the political establishment that people want to remove. well thousands
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have been back out on the streets voicing their anger about bin saddam's appointment there are also big questions about how gerry is powerful military will react the protesters want a complete overhaul of the political establishment and some are calling for a key part of the constitution to be invoked article seven declares that the people are the source of all power it's effectively gives them the right to choose their own representatives and article eight allows the people to establish their own institutions which will protect their independence their fundamental rise and the economy from illegal activities let's bring in. now has covered this story the algeria crisis extensively let's start with what the protesters didn't get. before we talk about what they want so they didn't want to because he's part of what if akers click is part of the establishment what or who
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would they have wanted instead they were hoping to see. a replacement that people trust someone who's not part of the establishment or a national unity government made essentially of technocrats independent people or people trusted by. a council of wise men that would lead the country for a transition because disillusionment today is a very is an interim president who's being groomed by the president. the government has been effectively the face of algeria on the international stage recently and just a few days few weeks ago he was saying that he was going to support president of the car to run for office and there is a government that is appointed by which a flicker and the constitutional council also a possible was of there will be the key most important is that you shins for the future people think we don't trust these institutions right all eyes of course now on the army chief of staff made guides he's expected to speak later this evening
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the army of course has played a crucial role in how this crisis has evolved what direction do you expect it to take now that we've had this announcement today from parliament and the protesters still on the streets what will the army do i think first of all this they will keep watching the developments on the ground particularly comes to the pro-democracy movement building women to all the streets i think. will. try to reach out to the people saying that we as military establishment to safeguard the basic tenets of the republic and we see one of the most orderly transition to democracy by to get out of the coup one or two people are not it's not a popular measure but however they're concerned that the alternative could be a power vacuum what's the likelihood that they will enact article seven and article eight which gives the power to the people essentially and what does it mean actually i mean the people say they want reforms they want new institutions and so
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on but this takes time is this a realistic. in acting article seven eight is that a realistic to think of first time the army mentioned article seventy eight was just to put more pressure on president bush to resign saying in a different way if you don't resign will trigger the article which means that it's going to be ultimately the voice of the people and therefore you therefore because you are rejected by the people will step in no they are they know that if you took the article seventy eight. you could do the country to uncharted terrain who are you going to have as an as a consensus candidate everyone has his own candidate that's candidate in place or that structure in place might take a lot of time where is the algerian opposition in all of this key figures like ben feasts where do they stand on the what we see of the parliament today is that the society for peace which is one of the most important political parties walking out of the parliament many m.p.'s saying that's the this is the trade we're expecting
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to hear from but if least for most of. those this afternoon they have been very critical of bill sala being serious in term president we have to keep a close eye on the situation in algeria and see how things develop there in the next few hours and few days thank you so much passion for being with us on this news hour onto other world news now and in sudan seven protesters have been killed on the fourth day of a mass syrian army headquarters near khartoum the crowds in khartoum are demanding the removal of president omar al bashir police commanders have ordered officers not to confront peaceful demonstrators the embassies of the u.s. britain and norway have said in a joint statement that sudanese authorities should deliver a credible plan for a political transition it tory a gate and b. has any just. standing firm outside army had come to us in the capital khartoum protesters chant down with the regime.
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hours earlier security force personnel opened fire on demonstrators in an attempt to break up their food a long mass sit in soldiers who saw the attack intervene to protect protest is letting them into the headquarters and shooting at the government security forces. a spokesman for the military says there is new splits in the on third season security forces remain united. the mo of the hope but i mean what about the police national security and intelligence forces are supported by the army we needed to consider certain things before moving the enthusiastic protesters outside the area very well prepared plan has helped us to control the situation in a peaceful way. some offices that have been openly siding with protest was never going to make it all of you let me say that we're here now because we're taking the side of the people we are standing with the people nobody else. protesters and the opposition sudanese congress party
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a calling on president obama al bashir to resign they want the military's help in forming a transitional government the leadership of the army if they. are disposed to the name of the people they lead there is falls to the. the whole of the opposition they are in then getting the unity of god yourself on this will lead the country for chaos so i think they have no other option but to what is both positively to the demands of the people the governments imposed a state of emergency since february after the crackdown failed to stop the largest outcry during alba she's thirty year room. he's asked the ruling national congress party to help restore stability and. the government says change can come through the ballot box but protest is on the streets insist they want change now victoria
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gates and a al-jazeera. voters in israel are casting ballots in elections that will determine if any minutes now will remain in office for a fifth term he voted in west jerusalem area while his main challenger benny gantz urged the country to embrace a new dawn opinion polls put gun says blue and white coalition just ahead of netanyahu is likud party but the prime minister appears to have the best chance of forming another governing coalition. i'm just told you i had no major but this is a sacred act this is truly the essence of democracy and we should be blessed with it but you need to choose well i cannot say what i can but i don't want to not hear . the i'm happy to place myself at the service of the state of israel in the citizens of israel i'm happy to stand for the good of the citizens on and we call
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for a respectful and quiet day from all sides. we have two reporters covering this story for us today hoda abdel-hamid is outside benny gantz his blue and white coalition headquarters in tel aviv will be live here in just a moment but first to harry fossett who is at benny minutes now as audie they could headquarters also in tel aviv harry the main issue in this election seems to be netanyahu himself how is he playing this decisive day. yes this last day is not really supposed to be a day of campaigning at least not in sermons of t.v. and radio adverts but netanyahu is certainly using social media to get his message out and that message really is one about fear and one about turnout fear essentially that not enough of his likud supporters are turning out in a tweet about an hour ago he said he received a dramatic update a very low turnout in the could strongholds high turnout in the left strongholds he's canceled he says could have vent and has had to go back to jerusalem to an
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emergency meeting we have to save the right he says in this tweet there are only a few more hours now this is not the first time that netanyahu has played this kind of tune on election day yet it has been an effective message in the past really showing trying to show that his is voters that everything is on the line that they're behind blue and white and unless they come in the last few hours or could be lost he's also been at a beach in tel aviv trying to get people out of the water off the beach and into the polling stations he's also defended liquids decision today to send some twelve hundred of its activists to the polling stations as quote monitors while wearing hidden cameras that something that was decreed illegal by the head of the central election commission committee rather and so we have this this last day of frenetic campaigning even though it's not really meant to be a day of campaigning after what has already been a very bitter divisive campaign one one which is centered on race one which is centered on trying to characterize his opponents as weak and left and now his
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strategy is just get everyone he can to the polls he wants likud he says to be the biggest party that he says to his voters is the way that they can form a coalition of course really even if he comes second every all the observers really feel that he could make another governing coalition given the plethora of smaller right wing parties that are also likely to be elected but a very active last day for much of netanyahu as we expect aren't. thank you for that harry foster my four is that likud party headquarters in tel aviv now over to her dad i mean who's also in tel aviv but at the blue and white coalition headquarters the blue and white coalition is a new centrist coalition led by the former military chief of staff benny gantz and yeah in the p.d. media personality how much of a threat obviously need to likud and they need the anti's time fishman and the breath of fresh air they claim to be is there a real difference between them and the court. but
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certainly they are. the first actually that was goes to benjamin netanyahu over the past decade or so and he is taking that very seriously as we just heard from harry now benny and you're left with the co-chair of the blue and white list have also had a very active day also should media calling on people to go to the polling station not that good turnout was good that they had a good indication that it was not enough he did urge them to in this increase in the list of coaches to still go out and that leaking was busy making lies not to believe it and to make sure that those ballots are put in the way now they ran really they entire can pay all in the person of benjamin netanyahu on the fact that there's a new million dollar man that was several times telling their supporters that he wants to benjamin netanyahu wants to get the votes and then you can turn around and
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say people do want me to continue being at the how much of this country he said he bowed to his supporters that that will not happen now in essence is there a lot of difference between the two platforms many of the people i spoke to will tell you yander they know much also because the campaign didn't reveal much of that it was moved more about personalities attacking each other then actually can. it talking about the core issues and a lot of israelis would tell you yes to cure it is important but we want to hear about other things you want to hear about equal to me you want to be the employment and we want to hear about the big elephant in the room which is the occupation and what's going to happen with that many told me that they didn't feel that this the campaign of either candidate is actually a put forward anything new on the table but you still have people who said they wanted to vote for the blue and white list simply because it was enough for benjamin netanyahu he's been ten years in power they need something different at
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this stage some also concerned about maybe the political alliances or the political reach out benjamin that's in the eye was having on the international scale some some of the left this as saying that you know we don't want to vote for this blue and white list but if this is going to take two or benjamin netanyahu to get out of power then we will do it they call it as strategic voice vote many hoping that that would steer the country in a different direction and one voter telling me that he knows that it will be any different at the beginning but he hopes that a change of personality at the top of the government here in israel will then trickle down throughout this is thank you very much for that hoda abdel-hamid life or is a blue and white alliance party headquarters in tel aviv will have complete coverage of the israeli elections when exit polls start to trickle in at around one thousand
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eight hundred hours g.m.t. right here on al-jazeera with hoda and the rest of the teams there in israel guilt hoffman is a chief political correspondent for the jerusalem post i spoke to him and he believes that whoever wins will shift left after the election. what we've seen so far is that when netanyahu was indicted pending a hearing last month his support did not end up going down and there are a number of reasons for that the first reason was that and it's in the out already . taken the air out of the tires let's say of these indictments and by the time everyone it already made their mind up about whether the investigations are serious and therefore he shouldn't be prime minister anymore or whether he is innocent of the proven guilty another reason why the israelis seem to not mind the corruption charges so much is that there is
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a bad neighborhood over here and they want to have a leader who can stand up to the pressure and if that means cutting corners a little bit to get by they don't mind that so much whoever wins the israeli government is going to go left there's going to be a new peace plan that's been worked on behind the scenes now for three years by two people the crowd prince of saudi arabia mohamed and the crown prince of america jared questioner and though that plan calls for a regional approach to solving the conflict in which israel would receive normalization he talked about at mixing some settlements and he didn't he said he would differentiate between settlement blocks and more isolated places he certainly didn't say that he would and it's everything and i really urge everyone not to take too seriously what any candidate says a few days before an election he's going to be working closely with the president of states and other world leaders if we elected on a plan in which israel will undoubtedly end up
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a vacuum getting some places and if benny gantz ends up being elected prime minister than even more so. that has happened so many times before that candidates have tried to veer right before an election because that's there's a lot of available votes out there from satellite parties of the likud but ended up as soon as they became prime minister going to the left. at least eight people have been killed after a bomb exploded in northern syria it happened in iraq which is controlled by the us sponsored democratic forces which pushed eisel fighters out and twenty seventeen. to the head on the jazeera news hour and nine hundred million voters and counting will look at india's general election as prime minister modi seeks a second term in office saudi arabia and britain small nine hundred billion dollars on the street is in the spotlight and in sport find out why every amateur rugby team in france could have a big say in who coaches the national team. first
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to the united states where the attorney general has told congress he will release a redacted version of the miller report within a week william barr is being pressured to publish a full report into russian contusion in election russian interference in the election of president donald trump by says some information will be blacked out because it's deemed to be too sensitive wasn't jordan is live for us from washington d.c. ross william barr has been criticized by the democrats of course for his handling of the military force just bring us up to speed for us with what's been happening during this testimony. well the hearing is technically for the attorney general bill barr to explain his request for the fiscal year budget for the justice department and that includes the f.b.i.
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but of course as you noted he is getting many more questions about the more reports about this report which has not been released either partially or completely but instead about on march twenty fourth the attorney general put out a four page summary container concerning the contents of a report of a report that reportedly it may be over. many as four hundred pages if not more and so bill barr was being questioned quite vigorously by some of the democrats on the panel of about how he could come to such a quick summary in such a short amount of time it was released within twenty forty eight hours of robert mueller turning over his report to the attorney general he also stressed that some of these redactions or blacked out sections have to be done either because you want to protect information that relates to ongoing investigations you have
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a legal obligation under u.s. law to up protect information that is being considered by a federal grand jury and you also have to make certain that information that goes to intelligence gathering isn't released to the public and so mr barr says that this review has been ongoing with the assistance of the special counsel and his chain and that the release of this report with some of those redactions is on schedule to be released in the next week or so if and when the report is released ross what would it change in terms of the conclusions and the perceptions. of how the campaign downs with russia were didn't deal with russia during the twenty sixteen election. well it brings up the second investigation mr barr did testify in the last hour that he is quote trying to get his arms around
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the way that this investigation into russia meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential campaign was handled he's looking to see if people violate it procedures or regulations in the process of investigating those suspicions and he's not prepared to say what if anything could come out of his. own review as well as a review by the f.b.i.'s inspector general and that information it could be coming out perhaps in may perhaps in june so why not immediately but certainly as it ties into what's in the moeller report it certainly will go to what seems to be a growing sense of unease in the american public at least if you look at the polls that the full story has not been told about what happened in two thousand and sixteen and then how the trumpet ministration has been conducting itself in its first two years of operation so this story is far from over but certainly once this
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report comes out with this information held back the next question probably is going to be fully will someone in congress or somewhat somewhere else in the u.s. government leak the full report nothing held back and what will be the political impact of that so it's saw from all over draws in jordan on capitol hill in washington d.c. thank you very much for that iran's president has come out with a strong response and threats after the u.s. decision to mabel its any revolutionary guards a terrorist organization has on rouhani called trump's unprecedented move a mistake and has warned that his country could develop more advanced nuclear technology if washington continues to exert pressure. to shoes she was on g b s today we inaugurate to twenty i os six centrifuges and if you continue your oppression in the near future you will see i are right centrifuges if your intention was reducing iran's military power through these sanctions you yourselves
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know that we produce missiles and weapons that are far beyond your imagination. in libya forces loyal to warlord holly for have to have carried out another as strike this time targeting the disused airport on the southern outskirts of the capital tripoli another estrich the operational airport in another part of the capital on monday fighting continues between have task forces and the un backed governments of forces despite an appeal to stop by the united nations intentionally targeting civilians or civilian objects as well as indiscriminate attacks may amount to war crimes commission has highlighted in particular the need to ensure protection of extremely vulnerable civilians including refugees and migrants many of whom are already held in horrific conditions in ad hoc detention facilities by armed groups and they may be fleeced under significant peril high commissioner michele bashfully appeals to all sides to come together to avoid further senseless violence and
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bloodshed al-jazeera as mahmud up to one hundred is in tripoli with more. warplanes loyal to the warlord ali for have to targeted tripoli international airport again this morning tripoli international airport. has not been operational since two thousand and fourteen clashes erupted again between forces loyal to have turned and others loyal to the government of national accord in new france at around the airport area in the southern outskirts of the libyan capital we know that the other operational airport airport was also targeted by have to warplanes yesterday and a state of panic. among civilians because i'm a to get airport is located in. a civilian area in the eastern
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side of the libyan capital military sources on the ground say that have to us forces have been getting new deployments and it seems that they are getting greedy for a new offensive we know that the government of national accord has lunch account to the offensive called the volcano of wrath to defend as they say to defend the capital against have to have his forces government or military sources say that the volcano of ras is not going to only defend the tripoli city against have to his forces but it also it's also planned to chase have to his forces. move to the south to the city of the year and the city of the who are the major cities that support have to end the worst of the country the humanitarian
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situation is getting worse in the areas around the fighting areas as civilians there have been calling for help they say that the random shelling. around them rockets have been landing in civilian areas. still ahead on al-jazeera guilty but defiant more on the pro-democracy campaigners found guilty for their roles roles rather in the arm brand of protest in hong kong and police weighed into a full court fight in brazil details coming up later with you to. hell over this quite a bit of cloud still over parts of the middle east if we look at the satellite picture we can see one area of cloud work its way over parts of iraq towards iran
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as bringing us a few thunderstorms who are also noticing this huge area of cloud that's making its way through parts of afghanistan and up towards the north it is this one that's more active we see more wet weather out of this but even this one is beginning to ease as we head through wednesday or wednesday instead we'll see some shoppers showers every part of turkey the western parts will see some very lively downpours will also see some further towards the east as well and those will gradually filter into the northern parts of iraq as we head into thursday there's also a good deal of cloud over the arabian peninsula at the moment too and that's still sticking around for wednesday and thursday so there's still the risk of seeing a few showers some of them could turn out to be a little bit lively i think mostly for doha the biggest risk is for wednesday we head down towards a southern parts of africa are lots of showers here as well they are generally stretching down into the eastern parts of south africa at the moment the latest batch just moving away from the coast but it looks like they'll be replenished as we head through the day on wednesday say wall showers are likely hair a few of them could even affect us in jo'burg towards the west it is generally
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a lot drier forests here capetown should be fine a maximum temperature wednesday of around twenty three degrees. he. took. up. the frustration. he came from a wealthy background in paris and became an artist against his family's wishes he went on to bring a fresh perspective to orientalism painting falling in love with some harlem culture making his home and converting to islam. just zero
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world tells the story of the student in the game and his unique artistic work. the french oriented list on al-jazeera. you're watching al jazeera live from doha to remind of our top stories this news hour algeria spawn a man has appointed. as interim president following weeks of protests that led to the resignation of abdelaziz bouteflika and is a close ally. to serve for up to ninety days during which a presidential election must be organized to have been protests on the street since
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this announcement was made. don seven protesters have been killed on the fourth day of a mass sit in outside hama head headquarters in the capital khartoum the crowds have been demanding the resignation of president bashir and israel's prime minister has cast his ballot in an election that will decide if he remains in power for a fifth term his main challenger benny gantz as a country to embrace what he calls a new dawn when he felt it. let's bring in our senior political analyst for more on the israeli election marwan i want to start off by asking you what direction you see israel taking after this election no matter who wins i had an earlier from the jerusalem post who said that no matter who wins israel will be it to the left after this election that everything that we've heard during the campaign is just electioneering if you share that point of view i think i think is really including . a particular definition of the left it's not exactly the left as it's understood
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throughout the world the left in is or could support a part. a good number of the leftist parties in israel support a parted in palestine meaning israeli control over the settlements dividing the west bank from palestine into areas controlled by israel areas that are palestinians also controlled by israel but separated so in a sense when when they talk about the left the only talk about likud like it's they only talk about the left of the right they're not actually talking about the left there is very little left left in israel labor has disappeared completely labor labor now has eighteen i think they're expected to go down to thirteen twelve i wouldn't know for sure but clearly the i would say four fifths of the parliament to the as its then three quarters on just to be nice of the parliament as a stance that they support apartheid in palestine even though they don't like the name
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of party they basically support racial control over the palestinians. i know they have different names there's a dozen maybe a dozen and a half parties in the next parliament but most of them either there were in the senate that moved to the right or they were on the right moved to the extreme right . where does this then leave palestinians and palestinian israelis many of whom have boycotted today's vote the arab israeli parties in the last election had built a coalition that splits now would what impact does this have on the palestinians who live in israel and also in the occupied territories where will we see the policies had as five seconds so quickly about the policies in israel if i if i understood the early projections is that up until the mid afternoon the palace in israel only fifteen percent of those eligible voted. by contrast among the jewish israelis some thirty six percent voted so it's almost half in terms of percentage
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so but as soon as in israel are not exactly through the thus far there are also less enthusiastic because what was in the last election one bloc overhauled by the senate parties might not split into two there's also a bit of a movement towards boycotting the elections because many people see after ten years of prime minister netanyahu that not much is really happening for the person not speaking of netanya most people believe and dollars agree it is true that this election is a reform on them and it's now on nothing so what does that really mean it means that after three potential indictments of nothing you know for so all sorts of corruption cases that this man is still commands huge following in israel and most israelis so think that he is eligible to be a prime minister or than been a guns of blue white why because he did over the years thanks mostly over the last
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three years to not be assessed to president trump as it was i think it was it was a very well amount of course yes. probably had something different but the person trump has been basically giving him one gift after another the last just what twenty four hours ago by calling the iranian revolutionary guards terrorist annex in jerusalem recognizing that by the united states recognizing of course they were on the ground i would say that's also it's very important to remind our viewers around the world that israel needs to do very little at this point in time because president trump is doing prime minister netanyahu is big by simply taking everything good fantasy that prime minister netanyahu had over the last several years and making it real so what does that really say it says that if the israelis today give something very close between blue white and likud netanyahu definitely is going to be the one making the shots for me the next government and the palestinians can kiss not just the peace process goodbye they can kiss negotiations
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goodbye they can kiss palestinian statehood goodbye they can kiss the idea of evacuating the settlements goodbye they can't give sovereignty what do a lot of us feel it's not rounding up the century that the transom ration has been working on actually there's been some leaks and some of them by the was very interesting i mean really really interesting i don't know how true it is we have to wait but some of them show now gaza inflated into parts of cyanide. and then egypt will take some of those lands from jordan but they will give them to the palestinians and then the new palestinian state or they called the new palestine's the new state solution will be gaza with areas from cyanide and saudi arabia will send in a an oil an oil pipeline into gaza to the mediterranean and this will be the new new all of the mediterranean palestine will become the new single core it's of is the most stupid fantasy of all fantasies but that's apparently were there so we
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could keep talking about this for hours thank you so much we'll leave it there now and wish our over there to talk to you about this mom bashar as our senior political analyst at marwan bashar on twitter if you want to find him. now britain's prime minister is seeking support from france for another delay to brag save after talks with germany's angela merkel theresa may hold somalia mccall will be on board as she tries to convince leaders a further delay is needed for break said the u.k.'s departure from the european union turn a whole joins us live from london with the very latest so how are things going on jonah in these talks between the government and the opposition. one of the moment these talks are ongoing so much hinges on an as far as to resume a speech to e.u. leaders for an extension is concerned she needs to show that there is some viable alternative path and this she will say is it's those talks as i say ongoing they've ramped up to senior minister level on the government side this afternoon opposite
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their counterparts and opposite numbers in the labor party no immediate sign of a breakthrough both sides suggesting these are still exploratory stages remember both parties have every reason to be very wary about a hook up a compromise they both contain influential powerful factions outright hostile to the idea of reaching out to the other side but such is the state of deadlock here in westminster but they are talking it's thought that common ground could emerge around the idea of a customs union after breaks it that's an idea that detained the most number of votes last week in the indicative votes here in the house of commons the e.u. says it can embrace a customs union and has urged to resume a to do the same but that of course would mean to resume a breaching one of her famous red lines and she says shown no willingness yet to do that on top of which labor is extremely concerned about how they would are unclad
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protect any future deal with the conservatives from simply being picked apart or discarded by teresa mayes successor such is the feeling that she is on her last political legs so they're talking the chances of success not overwhelming thank you for that my first in westminster in london. a woman suspected of supporting eisold is standing trial in germany accused of reading a five year old his ego she and slaved die of firsts twenty seven year old jennifer w.n. her husband immeasurably chain the girl outside in the summer where she died of dehydration she's facing life imprisonment if found guilty of a war crime and murder. in hong kong pro-democracy campaign is behind more than behind more than two months of mass protests are facing up to seven years in jail they have been found guilty for their role in protests by hundreds of thousands of people demanding open elections for the city's leadership saka reports. the
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the nine pro-democracy leaders lefcourt defiant despite being found guilty for their role in the umbrella movement protests in two thousand and fourteen. before the verdict was delivered that issued a message to the people of hong kong out unless we persist there will be no future thoughts about percy i think that's why we need to persist and not there what will happen in bright future democracy an hour later the court found the nine pro-democracy leaders guilty of inciting public nuisance they included a law professor and retired scola who founded a similar protest group called the occupy movement led the pro-democracy protests in twenty four to name calling for hong kong's chief executive to be elected by popular vote instead of being appointed by chinese government leaders in beijing the judge rejected the occupy lady's argument that the protest was an appropriate exercise of free speech instead judge johnny chan found that they impinged
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unreasonably on the rights of others when hundreds of thousands of people came out and main roads in central hong kong are blocked for more than two months this verdict is more bad news for the pro-democracy movement critics say the leaders in beijing a tightening they control over the semi autonomous cities and similarities tonight in china now becoming forbidden here in hong kong the verdicts have been condemned by democracy activists human rights groups and politicians in the united states and britain it is worsening we have to admit physical safety is not yet an issue but in freezing prosecution. activists and protesters. the convicted leaders are waiting to hear their sentences as the lawyers appeal for leniency but they could face up to seven years in jail sara clark al-jazeera hong kong.
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the world's largest election is just a few days away nine hundred million indians will start voting are eligible to vote in rather from thursday and the process will last six weeks unemployment is a major election issue the jobless a total has risen to a forty five year high farmers on another priority around twenty five percent of one and a half a quarter billion indians work in agriculture and many are struggling with no crop prices and mounting debt hate crimes are also a concern particularly attacks against religious minorities so is regional security tension soared with neighboring pakistan after the killing of truce in indian administered kashmir al jazeera so here raman has more from new delhi on what is at stake. for decades india had only the coalition government. but it twenty fourteen the populous leader of the berthier de party
6:43 pm
or the b. j.p. slipped a victory with an absolute majority his government promised to ease poverty improve the economy and rid india of corruption. but he's been seen by many as favoring the hindu majority population and that's led to political tensions of violence although it is the second largest exporter of beef or the world council venerated by hindus vigilantly attacks against people who believe have left many. are the source of conflict is our youth here it's a religious site played by both hindus and muslims but has been fought over for decades india supreme court has to be the un human rights chief is what are you delhi its actions are being bolted in a saab the beach a p is demanding that by dorothy's mainly muslims prove the indian or face deportation to bangladesh the government has two strategies one of course was a common development but other was communalism no major conflict warmers are right
6:44 pm
but. small incidences of rights were on the agenda and that's what they have been doing for years and this has been star fear in their managing community of the economy the government was criticized after it took high value five hundred thousand people anglos out of circulation in twenty six steve it had a devastating effect to grow areas which rely on cash not plastic even in towns and cities there were long queues at banks problem that demonization has created is very clear that it has. it has ruined the. informal sector and it has also ruined the rural business in a big way and them i think laborers who are in the cities they had to go back they lost the job their jobs so there's a lot of risk there in the economy. to begin the national congress party and its allies that formed the united progressive alliance are trying to claw back power it's led by forty eight year old role gandy who's promising to bring india the
6:45 pm
prosperity and development it wants regional allies and smaller state based parties can make or break a government the bandaging is the leader of the old india trinamool congress in west bengal and mayawati leads back to johnson march party in her pradesh standing on independent platforms but may well become kingmakers in any coalition government there is a possibility that smaller parties. water and or border sides as the common sense goes at the moment that none of them would get. what they would need for making the government in that case you may have made it is not a party that's going make us. in recent weeks national security has been at the forefront of the political debates in february and i tackled paramilitary forces and paul walker it didn't administered kashmir killed forty indian troops the pakistan based rebel group claimed responsibility it be as military attacked its.
6:46 pm
he says it bucky started minister. a response that brought the to be clear he was close to another all out conflict all added to political divisions in the run up to india's seventeenth general election so he'll robert al-jazeera new delhi kazakh sons the interim president has called us not be election for june ninth. tokay i've took over last month when longtime ruler no sorta nazarbayev stepped down after three decades in power a surprise announcement lee's little time for other candidates organize campaigns wide school accuse the government of cracking down on dissent. relations with saudi arabia are in the spotlight in britain where billions of dollars worth of weapons sales have come under discussion nor is a human rights group will argue the sales violate the u.k.'s export policy and the has our report from london was. the war in yemen has unquestionably punished the
6:47 pm
civilian population beyond belief now a group of campaigning organizations is trying on appeal to prevent the british government from supplying weapons to a key player in the conflict i since the war started four years ago the u.k.'s licensed around six point five billion dollars worth of arms sales to saudi arabia . as well as precision guided bombs and initial it sold typhoon and tornado fighter jets made in supplied by british firm systems but most importantly it supplies personnel to maintain and train saudi personnel to operate them and just last week the dispatches program into the form of being personnel he said that if if they weren't there in saudi arabia the air force would stop flying british planes within seven to fourteen days at the most in two thousand and seventeen the u.k. high court ruled the government could keep licensing arms sales to riyadh but last year after saudi journalist was murdered by saudi agents in the country's culture
6:48 pm
lesson istanbul germany suspended arm sales to saudi arabia it recently extended that ban and now campaigners say it's time for britain to take similar steps at the heart of the case is the arms trade treaty which says the government cannot license arms sales if there's a clear risk the items involved might be used for a serious violation of international humanitarian law now in a written statement the u.k. government has told al-jazeera we remain confident that the u.k. operates one of the most robust export control regimes in the world and will continue to defend the decisions being challenged for the main group bringing the appeal the. u.k. is simply ignoring the facts on the ground time and again we've heard from the safety regime that it's supposedly taking every precaution to ensure it's not killing civilians and yet the bombings of funerals continue the bombings of weddings continue the bombing of school buses continue we have seen should have been days of celebration turned into massacres we've seen family homes destroyed
6:49 pm
trouble and yet all the while the arm sales of continues as the deadly airstrikes continue in yemen with millions facing desperate poverty largely because of the ongoing fighting a win for the campaigners could create an important precedent. here a london. russia's president has unveiled a plan to dramatically increase shipping and infrastructure in the arctic region that may a potent told other arctic nations that russia would expand its icebreaker fleet and upgrade its northern ports he said congo passing through the region would be four times higher by twenty twenty five. you know more trying to destroy our.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
and this was. a very much for the president trampers canceled an agreement with cuba to allow its baseball players to sign for major league teams in the u.s. without defecting from their homeland the deal negotiated under former president obama would have allowed a number of players to compete in the n.l. b. and bring their families to the u.s. but returned to cuba in the offseason the white house has now declared the deal each. one of them i think it was an opportunity to continue to see talent to the major league with this a breaking of the agreement it sets us back like in other areas because of the blockade i think there's
6:52 pm
a lot of talent to call but that will never be because of this decision up in the moment that it's dashed many hopes for those guys who aspire to who want to play for money to be economically free donald trump has cut off that path. staying with . one hundred sixty one. chris davis. at. more than one hundred years the league in home runs in two thousand and twenty first. class is permanent. for the night of a two day rugby referendum is underway in france. whether they'd be happy to see a foreign coach take charge of the national. story. these amateur rugby players in paris can only dream of representing their country but they will have a big say in how the national team is coached after
6:53 pm
a string of dismal performances in the six nations championship french rugby chief bernard laporte wants to do something they've never done before hire a foreign coach but he's decided to put it up for a vote a rugby referendum across all amateur teams in the country asking them simply do they want a foreigner in charge. i don't care if the coach is french all foreign we need a coach who is capable of developing the team we need the right coach who can bring back the values of b. and make people want to come back and watch again because it's losing its way. it's not forbidden to have a foreign coach it would be a first i think the problem with the team is the players not with the coach hiring foreign coach is nothing new in world rugby currently four of the six northern hemisphere teams are coached by foreigners the wales boss warren gatland a new zealander is said to be preferred choice if the referendum goes his way but
6:54 pm
there has been some high profile opposition the former france captain fabien was quick to condemn the idea saying once again we will try to copy others instead of being proud of who we are not everyone shares that view. furring coach will be able to say ok forget about that. car to belong and we start from scratch that's the idea of banal about somebody able to start from scratch foreign coach or not it's clear that something needs to change it's been nearly a decade since france won the six nations and the port is determined to have a strong team in place for the twenty twenty three world cup which is in france. for now though the future of french rugby is in the hands of the amateurs voting will last for two days and the result is set to be announced on friday david stokes al-jazeera former u.s. women's football player hope solo has told all jazeera that she was fired for fighting gender discrimination u.s. soccer terminated her contract after what they described as
6:55 pm
a number of off field incidents solo and her former teammates have since filed discrimination lawsuits against the governing body because in my faith for equal pay when i played in any sixteen in the olympics i got fired my voice was the strongest my waist the loudest now this scared all of the players use me as an example that they can dream will the loudest voice and that the fight would be over played on the u.s. soccer federation for close to two decades and they'd never let it go to that with us they told us how much money they were going to give us and that was the end of it people power will not give up power if you have to keep it there down to the last eight in the us the champions league taught them will host manchester city in the first leg of their quarter final in a few hours for suppose it's the first time they've been there at the stage in eight years they can take hope from the fact that city were knocked out of the quarter finals last year by another english team liverpool. and speaking of the
6:56 pm
reds they welcome f.c. porter to anfield liverpool beat porter five no in the champions league last year but they're not taking anything for granted despite being on a great run of domestic form. beyond five euros that's how it is in training you can see it we are reading it in a good moment but other teams as well so we all play for a lot and we will see tomorrow night poulter really wants to go through and. good so there will be a tough one but that's all how it should be the holders of the asian champions league trophy can seem endless scored two goals in stoppage time to go top of the group the japanese team went from two one down to three two up right at the end of a matching. south korea sergio antonio jr the man who ended the serve with a half volley past keeper lieberman's. sticking with football and some terrible playing conditions at this game in brazil heavy rain caused damage to the pitch for
6:57 pm
the state semifinal the game eventually got underway but was again interrupted by a four legged pitch invader. that was happening another state game in was halted by a mass brawl with no sign of stopping at least lived in with the pepper spray photographer was also injured in the fight. while this keep in mexico may have wished for a speedy enties match during a shootout the penalty taking up the cross bonnie for this to happen was an under seventeen match in mexico no surprise that the keeper's team went on to lose to. horrible luck most of all coming up again later peter thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera but do stay with us plenty more welcomes coming up very shortly including the latest on the israeli elections but about three hours left to vote where back in just
6:58 pm
a few minutes to stay with us. we live in a time of war and tragedies crimes against humanity. activist repression . enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests. extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to combat impunity and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament. and global alliance of national human rights
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institutions. they join one of the world's most notorious. but found a way out rebuild their lives and help us. a tale of course recruitment child soldiers and the horrific exploitation of women and daughters of. part of the radicalized. on al-jazeera.
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an interim president is named the protesters who brought down the previously there are back on the streets. this is our. headquarters in doha. but many protesters on the streets. western nations. are for time prime minister takes on a retired military chief in what is expected to be a very close israeli election race will be.


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