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an interim president is named by the protesters who brought the previous leader back on the streets. fully back to bully a watching al jazeera live from doha also ahead. the. anti-government protesters swell on the streets so sudan's capital as western nations call for a credible transition plan. a full time prime minister takes on
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a retired military chief in what is expected to be a very close israeli election rates and trying to find a way forward british prime minister theresa may meet the leaders meets that he does of germany and france to ask for another breck's extension. thank you for joining us algeria parliament has appointed opera house chairman ben sana as interim president after unrelenting protests force defeated to resign ben saleh who is seventy seven years old will take over the reins until new elections are held within ninety days has been chosen in accordance with the constitution but is part of the former presidents in a circle and the political establishment that people want to remove. who knew that it was your father the constitutional duty in this particular circumstance makes me carry a heavy duty of responsibility and it will be by the grace of god in his health
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that leads to the achievement of the ambitious goals sought by the algerian people i need everyone joining this period to apply strictly the constitution to work hard faithfully and with dedication in order to return the word to the people to take his decision and to choose the elected president to lead the country. thousands have been back out on the streets to voice their anger appointment they also big questions about how algeria is powerful military will react the protesters want a complete overhaul of the political establishment and some are calling for a key part of the constitution to be in vote on a seven declares that the people on the source of all power it effectively gives them the right to choose their own representatives an article eight allows the people to establish their own institutions which will protect their independence their fundamental rights and the economy from illegal activities i mean. an algerian activists she told us earlier why people like her aren't willing to accept
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. as needed. is worrisome is that the ninety days ahead of us maximum duration of ninety days where this interim president will have to organize presidential elections and these presidential elections are not the people but the twenty million million during have been calling for ninety days is nearly enough time for the system as we call it here not you know the regime to maintain itself and give itself when you figure in new facade. what we want is a democracy huge reforms institutional reforms and i highly doubt that mr been silent who is the product of the system he would be able to steer us towards that what we need is a transitional government what we need is a transition phase to put us on the right track the real republic the democracy
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where all parties were all insurance would participate as really fit in and so done seven protesters have been killed on the fourth day of a mass sit in that army headquarters the crowds in khartoum are demanding the resignation of president obama care but his commanders have ordered officers not to confront peaceful demonstrators the embassies of the you say u.s. britain and norway have said in a joint statement that sudanese authorities should deliver a credible plan for a political transition victoria gates and he has a latest. was. standing firm outside ami headquarters in the capital khartoum protest as chant down with the regime. six hours early as security force personnel opened fire on demonstrators in an attempt to break up their four day long mass sit in soldiers who saw the attack
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intervene to protect protest as letting them into their headquarters and shooting at the government security forces. a spokesman for the military says there is no splits in the armed forces and security forces remain united. the mo of the hope but i mean what about the police national security and intelligence forces are supported by the army we needed to consider certain things before moving the enthusiastic protesters outside the area very well prepared plan has helped us to control the situation in a peaceful way. some offices there have been openly siding with protest was never going to take toll of you let me say that we are here now because we're taking the side of the people we are standing with the people nobody else. protesters and the opposition sudanese congress party a calling on president obama al bashir to resign they want the military's help in forming a transitional government the leadership of the army if they. disposed
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to the name of the people they live there exposed to the. the call of the opposition they are in then getting the unity of god yourself on this we lead the country for chaos so i think they have no other option but to this ball positively to the demands of the people the governments imposed a state of emergency since february after their crackdown failed to stop the largest outcry during alba she's thirty year rule. he's asked the ruling national congress party to help restore stability and. the government says change can come through the ballot box but protesters on the streets insist they want change now victoria gates and a al-jazeera. at least eight people have been killed after a bomb exploded in northern syria it happened in iraq which is controlled by the
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u.s. backed syrian democratic forces which pushed i saw fighters out in twenty seventy. voters in israel are casting ballots in elections that will determine if benyamin netanyahu will remain in office for a fifth term he voted in west jerusalem while his main challenger benny gantz urged the country to embrace a new dawn opinion polls put dance's blue and white coalition just ahead of next now's likud party but the prime minister appears to have the best chance of forming another governing coalition. a missed tell you i had no major dollars but this is a sacred act this is truly the essence of democracy and we should be blessed with it but you need to choose well i cannot say what i can but i don't want to not hear the government that i'm happy to place myself at the service of the state of israel in the citizens of israel i'm happy to stand for the good of the citizens on
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a new powerful we call for a respectful and quiet day from all sides. live not to entre there is hoda abdel-hamid who's that many dances a blue and white coalition headquarters in ten of the blue and white coalition hoda how much of a threat are they to me code and are they really the breath of fresh air they claim to be is there a real difference between them and me could. well certainly they are the most serious electoral for that benjamin netanyahu has had in his entire career as prime minister to be the first time that he was he's not so sure about how much votes he would get and how difficult it would be to form a coalition now to the question whether there is a big difference between two two sides i think more of it more of the at the end of the blue and white list has at the moment is basically a change of leadership a change of personnel
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a lot of the voters we spoke to said it was about time to have a different person at the in charge of this country ten years more than ten years have been way too long for benjamin netanyahu in substance it's very difficult actually to see a clear difference where cut from the policies of benjamin netanyahu in a lot of the voters also have been saying that they haven't heard much of that substance during the election campaign there was a lot of bickering let's say between the two sides but when it came to certain important policies for example what to do with the elephant in the room which is the israeli palestinian conflict well benny gantz didn't really say much of that when he was asked about where do you would have a two state solution or not he stopped short of saying that many saying that this is a political ploy actually not to exactly say what he wants right simply because he might be able to get enough votes and he might need to form some sort of coalition
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with the right wing parties in that state he doesn't want to. well you know those voters from the beginning of this referendum has been described this election rather has been described as a referendum on netanyahu and he's been scrambling to get last minute votes. yes absolutely i mean it's part of all to the fear tactics and the last ditch pitch towards his own constituency you've been hearing him throughout the day say also show media calling on the likud voters saying you need to go out to the ballot boxes unless there's been a when we're going to see arab parties in coalitions with the white blue and white list but then we saw exactly the same fear tactics coming out from this side again on social media sending messages out saying that the likud is the same in the eighteenth lies now benjamin netanyahu according to the polls should be quite
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confident that he would be at the end of the day even if he doesn't get the majority of votes is likud party doesn't get the majority of votes in the knesset the israeli parliament he should be still the one who would be able to form a coalition at the end of this election you have to also remember that he is strong of the move of the israeli the american embassy to jerusalem is strong of the u.s. recognition of israel sovereignty over the golan heights and that just as we foster today's even and nouns in the last the speech that he would and next and impose israeli rule over the settlements in the occupied west bank and not only the settlements but the house both both considered illegal by the international community so he's a strong gov that what the the whitelist a what good way of nasrallah is strong of is that they say we also are capable of security our leadership it has three former chiefs of staff so that we can handle
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very well and their push they have sort of saying well we. need a clean slate here we need you the politics in this country and we can provide that repeating over and over again that benjamin netanyahu is trying to get the votes to make israel forget that this is actually an indictment looming perhaps in july so you have these two narratives. ongoing who will be more convincing we were find out in less than two hours a little bored and two hours but at the end of the day maybe ten yo will be again the prime minister of this country thank you very much for have hoda abdel-hamid and will have complete coverage of these really elections when exit polls on ounce in about two hours time at one thousand nine hundred g.m.t. with hoda and the rest of the teams in his route thank you for the moment. the u.k.'s house of commons has approved try minister teresa mayes plan to request
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for an extension until june thirtieth a request that she has to make to the e.u. she's currently in paris seeking support from french president emmanuel home i want to touch about may standing by for us at the presidential palace in paris but first to burn his smith in london bring us up to speed bernard with the political developments in london today it seems he said he has finally won a vote in parliament. yes and they've been further talks between the labor party and conservative party representatives on seeing if they can come together on some sort of agreement on the way forward with brags it on the downing street has said that they'll be meeting again on thursday representatives from labor in the conservatives that they've had today further productive and wide ranging talks that doesn't really tell us a lot it tells us they've been talking but not that they've come to an agreement on what the labor party wants is for the political declaration to be reopened and renegotiated this is the document this sets out the ideals for the future
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relationship the brute will have with the european union it wants some sort of a lot on any deal the two parties might reach so that went to raise it make goes the person who takes over will not be able to unlock any agreement and he wants a suggestion that the house might be a second referendum the conservatives haven't come any way on this over the time being labor in the conservatives here in the u.k. is sort of off the hold because although we've been talking in the last few days that the european leaders want to know what the u.k. political parties are going to do with the extra time they get there given before that given it it seems now that the e.u. will be willing to grant some sort of an extension without any firm commitment from the u.k. political parties that they've reached a deal foley thank you very much for that brian and smith in london cross to paris send my joins us from the presidential palace went to recently arrived about an hour is so on go to meet with the french president what can we expect to come out of their discussions. well the british prime minister still in the
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least say speaking to the french president tomorrow mark or you can only imagine she's trying to persuade him at all mark or to support her request that she's going to put to especially some missing brussels on wednesday for an extension of article fifty and try and delay breaks it once again look it won't be easy of course because the french president has been one of the e.u. leaders has taken a particularly hard line when it comes to the whole process and he has said repeatedly that for an extension to be granted then theresa may has to come up with some justifiable credible plan as to how she's going to go forward with braids now it's all going to end well it doesn't necessarily seem that reason may of course has that plan but what we are hearing from elisei sources is that it would be open to an extension but any extension that would be sure that would not roll into next year it's clear that the french president simply doesn't want this whole process to
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go any longer than it needs to. play in paris thank you very much for that. still ahead on al-jazeera military and trade u.s. president of trans welcomes egypt's leader to the white house for talks. hellova there's quite a bit of cloud still over policy of the middle east if we look at the satellite picture we can see one area of cloud work its way over parts of iraq towards iran as bringing us a few thunderstorms who are also noticing this huge area of cloud that's making its way through parts of afghanistan and up towards the north it is this one that's more active we see more wet weather out of this but even this one is beginning to ease as we head through wednesday or wednesday instead we'll see some shoppers showers every part of turkey the western parts will see some very lively downpours
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will also see some further towards the east as well and those will gradually filter into the northern parts of iraq as we head into thursday there's also a good deal of cloud over the arabian peninsula at the moment too and that's still sticking around for wednesday and thursday so there's still the risk of seeing a few showers some of them could turn out to be a little bit lively i think mostly for doha the biggest risk is for wednesday we head down towards a cell in parts of africa or lots of showers here as well they generally stretching down into the eastern parts of south africa at the moment the latest batch just moving away from the coast but it looks like they'll be replenished as we head through the day on wednesday say wall showers are likely hair a few of them could even affect jo'burg towards the west it is generally a lot drier for us here cape time should be fine a maximum temperature on wednesday of around twenty three degrees.
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nothing. you're watching al jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories algeria spawn a main task appointed abdelkader ben sana as the interim president to replace updated sees a book. by protesters who demanded
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a step down is still not happy they're demanding and a complete overhaul of the political establishment in algeria. seven protesters have been killed on the fourth day of mass a mass sitting outside on the headquarters in sudan's capital the progs in khartoum have been demanding the resignation of president omar al bashir. and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has cast his ballot in an election that will decide if he remains in power for a fifth term his main challenger benny gantz urged the country to embrace what he called a new dawn when he voted earlier. now the egyptian president abdel fatah sisi is in washington for talks on the challenges facing the middle east his meeting president trying to discuss the conflicts in libya and syria along with the latest developments in israel and palestine ultron praise egypt's campaign against on groups and the strength of cairo's relationship with the united states. a lot of progress has been made in
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a lot of different ways in terms of terrorism and other things with egypt and within egypt it's really incredible what's happened especially in certain respects that we've already talked about but we will be meeting with representatives of the president and of egypt in a little while again we have very very important things militarily to talk about and also about trade in the trading partner we do a lot of work together we work together and i think we've never had a better relationship egypt in the united states that we do right now. c.c. in turn praised the strength of egypt's alliance with the united states for the early going to the east with all the credit goes to you mr president thank you very much for your support on all fronts that's what we're trying to promote our bilateral relations in various fields political economic military cultural and others joining us on from on this is morning rabbani who is the coeditor of judge
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alito an online magazine specializing on the contemporary middle east he's live from washington thank you so much for being with us so this isn't the egyptian president second visit to the white house since twenty fourteen any gyptian officials have been hailing this meeting with john as a high you mock for a new iraq relations between the two countries how do you think this is going to play out back in egypt the fact that donald trump just praised president abdel fatah what do you make of this. well and as opening remarks president sisi also refer to what he characterized as a quantum leap in egyptian american relations and i think this is an important visit for sisi for several reasons the first is as you know he's now changing the egyptian constitution so that he can essentially service president for life in egypt and to show visible american support for the constitutional amendment will i
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think help him in order to push that through in egypt in the egyptian parliament as with many middle eastern autocrats demonstrating american support for a talk recy helps to sustain there's also another immediate issue on the agenda which is egypt has been in discussions with russia to buy a number of fighter jets from russia and this could have potential complications in terms of american sanctions on egypt and i presume that they'll work to resolve that and then of course there are the regional files you mentioned libya which is certainly important there's also sudan which after all is on egypt's southern border and more broadly i think the u.s. is now transforming in partnership with israel's netanyahu it's an openly an excess an ist policy towards arab sort of territory we've seen that in jerusalem we've seen that in the golan heights it's not on the agenda in the west bank and as the leader of the central state in the arab region i think sisi is playing
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a key role in helping to promote what is essentially arab acquiescence right to this annexationists agenda but as you say this continued controversy back in egypt overseas bid to extend his role in egypt when you look at this relationship with the united states between ben sisi who do you think needs the other the most. i think they in a sense both need each other but at the end of the day it is cc not trump who was highly reliant on foreign support for his own survival so it's quite clearly as it always has been listen to the one nine hundred seventy s. in the american egyptian relationship that it is washington and not karl rove which is in the driver's seat rights groups in the united states hoping of course to raise egypt's human rights record as an issue that congressman should take into
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account when officials meet with sisi later. will that you know will that make a difference you think when it comes to the human rights issue with egypt and can congress the u.s. congress do anything about it. well i think anyone who expects the white house to even raise white house human rights issues in egypt let alone to be serious about them is living in illusion and you know as as is this traditionally been the case in us middle east policy human rights democracy and so on are only raised with respect to washington's adversaries rather than its allies having said that and as we recently saw in the case of yemen congress is becoming increasingly assertive with respect to the white house's embrace of autocrats and dictators and so on and there is a possibility i think congress may may be
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a bit more emphatic human rights and rule of law issues with egypt but having said that egypt there is a bipartisan consensus within washington that egypt is a key player in what is traditionally conventionally characterized as a middle east peace process and therefore i would not expect to see meaningful pressure on the c.c. government or on egypt on human rights issues at this juncture when rabbani in washington d.c. thank you very much for your analysis. the u.s. attorney general has told congress he will release every dactyl of the money i report within a week william barr is being pressured to publish the full report into russian interference in the election of president donald trump in two thousand and sixteen by says some information will be blacked out because it's deemed to be too sensitive. iran's president has come out with a strong response and threats to the u.s. decision to label its eight revolutionary guards
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a terrorist organization. and precedented move a mistake and has warned that his country could develop more advanced nuclear technology if washington continues to exert pressure. but all of them are your shoes she was on today we inaugurate to twenty i os six centrifuges and if you continue your oppression in the near future you will see i are right centrifuges if your intention was reducing iran's military power through these sanctions you yourselves know that we produce missiles and weapons that are far beyond your imagination in libya forces loyal to or load highly for have to have carried out another as strike this time targeting the disused airport on the southern outskirts of tripoli another air strike hit the operational airport in another part of the capital on monday fighting continues between have tyrus forces and the un backed governments a soldiers despite an appeal to stop by the united nations intentionally targeting
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civilians or civilian objects as well as indiscriminate attacks may amount to war crimes. commission has highlighted in particular the need to ensure protection of extremely vulnerable civilians including refugees and migrants many of whom are already held in horrific conditions in ad hoc detention facilities by armed groups and they may be fleeced under significant peril high commissioner michele bestially appeals to all sides to come together to avoid further senseless violence and bloodshed back in the united states new york city has declared a public health emergency over an outbreak of measles mayor bill de blasio says all people in the affected areas must be vaccinated or face fines of up to one thousand dollars have been two hundred eighty five confirmed cases since october compared to only two in the whole of twenty seventeen the outbreak has been mainly confined to the orthodox jewish community in brooklyn. colombia's congress has voted
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overwhelmingly against president even proposals that threaten to undermine the twenty. with rebels. report from bogota. with a resounding defeat for a government keen on changing the country's hard fought peace deal with fire grabbled president wanted changes to a special tribunal tasked with trying former rebels and military officials for war crimes the for the opposition it was an attempt to change a deal already approved by congress and sanctioned by the country's constitutional court i must be i don't get that opportunist today we made clear that the changes will not prosper and that the government a plea challenge to a constitutional court sentence and parts of the constitution itself approving them would have been a violation at the separation of powers. for the opposition this was a major victory for the better chanted hurry for peace the
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other side was left wondering what went wrong. and sent a message to the government that it is time to look ahead and get over the debates of the past instead of dividing us we should devote it's a for tonight us around solutions for the problems the tory colombia's. president took announced a partial veto of the peace deal a month ago sparking protests in a number of cities. centrist parties that had so far voted with the conservative government turned their back on the president. but it gave me that this was the opportunity for colombia society to deliberate on something that left us very divided half the country foetid against it still it was imposed against their will from our fight rebels and members of colombia's military have already gone before the tribunal which offers reduced penalties in sentences other than prison. for those who tell the truth and compensate victims critics say the changes would have
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hampered to the tribune all ability to operate and created uncertainty among the former fighters after losing this vote president even though it's expected to sign into law governing the peace tribunals to supporters in fiscal cliff might have lost the battle they will continue the fight against a deal it just came to make peace we. just see it worked out. well again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera algeria spawn a mate has appointed upper house chairmen abdelkader ben sana as interim president after unrelenting protests for subdued as he is but if he had to resign then sada has seventy seven years old will take over the reins until new elections are held within ninety days has been chosen in accordance with the constitution but is part of the former presidents in his circle and the political establishment that people
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want to remain. in sudan seven protesters have been killed on the fourth day of a mass sit in outside army headquarters in the capital the crowds in khartoum have been demanding the resignation of president obama care voters in israel have been casting ballots in an election that will determine if any minit hole will remain in office for a fifth term he voted early in west jerusalem while his main challenger benny gantz urged the country to embrace a new dawn opinion polls put gans's blue and white coalition just ahead of likud party but the prime minister appears to have the best chance of forming another governing coalition. in the u.k. the house of commons has approved prime minister teresa mayes plan to request for a bracks it extension until june thirtieth now the prime minister needs approval from the european union she is just how talks with the french president emmanuel mccall in paris as she tries to get european support and earlier she was in berlin
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for similar discussions with germany's angela merkel. the egyptian president abdel fatah sisi is in washington for talks on the challenges facing in the middle east has been meeting with president trump in the oval office to discuss the conflicts in libya and syria along with the latest developments in israel and palestine the u.s. sees egypt as a key partner in pursuing stability in the region. the u.s. attorney general has told congress he will release every dotted version of the miller report within a week william barr is being pressured to publish a full report into russian interference in the election of president donald trump in two thousand and sixteen bar says some information will be blacked out because it's deemed to be too sensitive if those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next year it's inside story with martin denis stay with us.
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the u.s. and iran label each other's military forces as terrorists and raise the stakes in decades of hostility some will see objective a model be the impact of the president. this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. that the islamic revolution in iran is both revered and feared. directly to the supreme leader and as well as enforcing power
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they control major businesses to now it's been designated as a terrorist organization.


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