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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 10, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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the stories that must go just zero. he is in israel leaders from both parties claim victory as the vote counting continues. and you're watching all of these are live from doha also coming up. a new leader takes charge of the country's late for work remains to be uncertain. and setbacks for u.n. efforts to help refugees trapped in detention centers and fighting around the capital continues. and pressure from the u.s. congress to end american involvement in the war and yemen.
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so exit polls in israel show no clear winner in the election that seen as a referendum on the four time prime minister benjamin netanyahu. former military chief benny gantz from the centrist blue and white alliance is projected to win thirty seven seats while the official results may not come for days as this claimed victory calling it a historic vote. they said we will not go into politics and we did not say we won't commit what he did they said we want you not. to say we were mean and we will and we were. well the incumbent prime minister benjamin netanyahu of the likud party has also claimed victory there were celebrations at the party headquarters that asked the exit polls began to appear that anyone who is expected
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to address his supporters but we may see the vote as a setback for the long term leader who has promised to annex jewish settlements in the occupied west bank ahead of the polls. i'm very excited that the people of israel gave me their trust for a fifth time and a bigger trust them before. and they will move i'm telling you again the people of israel gave their trust for us and this is a president i cannot remember when we got more seats according to most exit polls the right are going will continue to lead the state of israel in the next four years our correspondent gary foster was at the liquid head party headquarters in tel aviv. yes the second victory speech that we've heard so far this evening the first coming from benny gantz his main challenger and now this one some hours later
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coming from the leader of the likud party. and so now the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu he was very clear in that speech that he had one that is likud. benny gantz and more importantly in terms of the pragmatic next steps that the israeli right and what he said the right along with the leadership of likud will lead israel for the next four years he called this all unannounced into a victory given the circumstances he pointed back here towards us in the media ranks. and even seeing a chorus of boos from the crowd below so he's saying that despite what happened earlier straightaway after the polls closed at ten pm local time some four hours ago. giving either a dead heat or a victory of some few seats to the rival blue and white party now shortly after that has been recalibrated by the two main news channels to give him
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a one seat advantage thirty five seats to thirty four to his likud is now saying this is a victory that he has in the past now to go to the president asked of him a new coalition government and rule for another four years. let's take a look at what happens next well there are a hundred twenty seats in the israeli parliament are the knesset and to make it in a party needs to win at least three point two five percent of the total votes that's about four seats no party has ever achieved an outright majority and sixty one seats are needed to form a government the president will choose the candidate he thinks has the best chance of forming a coalition and this person that has forty two days to form a government if they const the leader with the second best chance gets twenty eight days to try and failing that it can even go to a third candidate. castros want to training us reaction force and joins us from washington so heidi has this playing out over there. so i don't know if you caught
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in the victory speech of daniel who when the cameras hold out wide in the audience there was a big trump sign and that kind of says it all doesn't it the two men president donald trump and benjamin netanyahu have really been in lockstep since the day that trump took office started with him withdrawing the u.s. from the rand agreement which nine yahoo had said he had pressed the u.s. to do then it was moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and just a month ago. breaking with decades of u.s. foreign policy when trump said that he would recognize is really an exaggeration of the golan heights and that move particularly was seen by many as a gift horse to netanyahu that came at the hour of his greatest political need that is when those allegations of. corruption was really disclosed about the
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israeli prime minister and of course then on the eve of the israeli elections when netanyahu announced that he would begin an exaggeration is also of parts of the west bank trump has since been conspicuously silent on that front and we have seen all of this being displayed the friendship the closeness between these two leaders as part of netanyahu whose campaign we saw the two in shaking hands on and on yahoo's campaign posters all over israel with his visit to the white house coming just a month before the election and finally today in that trump banner which we just saw at netanyahu is victory speech how the official results are still do but will the outcome impact in any way the peace plan that he will unveil eventually. it may be back the timing of this peace plan if indeed one exists if it ever is unveiled because it has been shrouded in secrecy certainly president trump has been
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talking it up calling it the deal of the century that his son in law gerry questioner is said to be working on but no one really knows what it contains and it's only rumor that now really eventually once the leader is selected in israel that that maybe the tide for war of the information to be revealed as to what it may contain it's still a huge on known trump has said previously had he's given some mild support for a two state solution but today is secretary of state my pump a zero was addressing members of congress and he was asked point blank whether the administration still supports two state solution and his answer was that ultimately these rallies and palestinians will decide how to resolve this but what is clear is that because of all of the political maneuvering and the cover that the trouble ministration has given to israel for under its right wing turn under nine yahoo
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that that that may have strengthened that yahoo's hand as you approach this election how does your cost or with washington's veer of those israeli elections thank you. turning to some of the day's other news as interim leader has pledged to hold free and fair elections within days of their big seller says he has no political ambitions of his own and he will set up an independent committee to oversee the poll but many of jury and still remain skeptical of our ports. this is the. ninety days until a new president is elected. the speaker of the upper house of parliament. was appointed interim president by the parliament a few days after our lives he's beautifully designed his decision followed weeks of unprecedented protests against his will but with a plea a cause a replacement faces
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a daunting task he's widely unpopular and seen by many algerians as a member of the same elite accused of corruption votes and inefficient governors eager to build bridges with skeptical opponents made to public statements on tuesday and announced the setting up of an independent committee to oversee the presidential elections in any year i want to unify the nation and carry out elections which are transparent and proper the government will also instructed the department to supervise these elections honestly in a fair and impartial fashion i urge everybody to overcome our differences and work together to cooperate to lay the cornerstone for a new all geria the interim president also emphasized he had no intention to run in the upcoming elections but on the streets the discontent cont'd years. the same protesters who wanted to flip out unhappy with been silas appointed and
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they are determined to push for a real change. we have come out today in order to oppose been salah ben feller leave we don't need you. we are here so the ones who are governing the country leave because they are robbing and not building the country they are destroying in . a serious political crisis began in february when president bush announced he would be seeking a fifth term in office he'd been in power since nineteen ninety nine but rarely seen in public since suffering a stroke in two thousand and thirteen after weeks of protests calling for him to step down the army withdrew its support for the eighty two year old president and the jury has longest serving president eventually resigned but for many algerians their fight is far from over they want
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a clean sweep of the political establishment at the national unity government to lead the transition to democracy about al-jazeera. the middle east and north africa analysts and joins us on skype from montgomery alabama in the united states good to have you on promises of an independent commission in promises of new elections transparent free and fair vote why isn't this appeasing the protesters. because simply of two things one is there is no trust at all between the public the street and the government and the institution of the government we have seen elections before in one thousand nine hundred nine in two thousand and four where promises are clean and fair and transparent elections where made but they were not met we've seen also massive for our electoral fraud.
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perpetrated by the former presidents bill to pfleger to be elected although no we're not we're so the first issue is struck the second issue is is that the street says the beginning since some of cambridge twenty second had been asking has been asking the opposition leaders of the good of the movement's lekker bush actually you are or a severe injury lead you have been asking or to go beyond the constitutional framework what had been offered today with the appointment of been silent as a president interim president is that what you have follows in the institutional framework and institutional steps according to the application of article one hundred two that has been rejected completely by for example so going to you know you says that the constitution right now is obsolete ok but is there a credible process that can take place that's different from the one that's been
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offered that will not equate to suddenly create a power vacuum and that will put forward a leader that is a compromise to both sides. what for example mr magoo shirt she asked for and other leaders is there at. business stays as well as a president interim president but no elections can be held in ninety days it's impossible really so what they're asking for is the establishment a constitutional assembly to ratify in new constitution or hedley amend the constitution that we have right now in algeria and then after that process they call for a new presidential elections held in the rule of the constitution so what they want is a constitutional assembly the drafting of a constitution right to the occasional bit of a river random to a popular rip random to vote up and down that new constitution in then we go to
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a process of an electoral process where you have presidential column injury and local elections what we have right now with this nomination of the server and he's promised to have a presidential election that is credible which nobody believes really is that the system the political power in the euro try to same itself it's a way of it's a hail mary pass to be honest with you to save what is left of the our june. power system right now industry is very much. at rejecting all of this and we've seen it today for example in the product as were students you know jews have called for been started to go away and there are promises of. more progress to come ok thank you very much ali great to have you on the program
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and wait to get your insults thank you thank you for having. sudan's president is under increasing pressure as western nations add their voices to calls for political change for a fourth day protesters have continued their sit in outside the compound housing omar al bashir its residents and the army's headquarters at least twenty people have been killed since saturday and police have been ordered not to confront the peaceful demonstrations the u.s. britain and norway have put out a joint statement urging sudan authorities to deliver a credible plan for political transition. we have on the phone with us one of the protesters at the hard to sit in who wants to remain anonymous thank you very much for speaking to us. i just want to get your view on what is happening among these protests there's a sense of almost celebration as we hear singing and people. celebrating to a certain extent but then at the same time on the other side of it you have fatalities
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and a crackdown can you tell us what the mood there is right now and are people are feeling . first of all thank you for having root for you to be on the show. you don't respond when you have to live. where you are of all of the expressions of a very forward looking bunch of who are going to listen to him for the past thirty years the person. who did know of a rise for the first call ever to have some freedom of speech also express yourself so the military there is we're expecting a good thing to fall out of the system can you give us are usually ideas sorry to interrupt you but can you give us an idea of how many people are out there i believe you are amongst the crowds where more than a million ok and. if
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a sense says and it is that pretty confusing situation with with the military on one side and security forces on the other side are people concerned about their personal safety of course of course we are safe we are so concerned about our safety this to each of the thirty three things very quickly like those members of the lucius. talking real attacking us. since the start of this sit in every single life that i talk to some come to will for the past three days of his service here we are in a critical situation. the security forces that the compiled while. they're shooting a would see. the peaceful. protesters in the crowd
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now is why i think you guys. who are mission everything measuring we have many hundreds of motorists i understand that the military has taken a role of protecting the protesters is that the sense you're getting there and can you explain what the difference is between the military and the security forces that are trying to disperse the protesters. there's a split in the military hoping is. the lower right officers responding by the people by dead people. all the zip is happening with that with a high of like. buying them. the raising that. they don't have all the rest of the people. so we are being like. the lower officers that they're defending us. they've defended us for the
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in the previous attacks since saturday. and how long do you think are or how long are the protesters prepared to stay there we are planning to stay here a long way to take the surge without the wooden leaving me live through the set up from the system ok good to speak to thank you very much for speaking to us it was great to get your insight thank you as. the u.n. human rights chief pledges to work with. crime and drug trafficking.
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how the rain is gathering once more in china it starts off in the young so you can see the cloudiness is quite a substantial system on its way out to japan but that doesn't mean it's going to be dry everywhere there's a few showers still building around from one hundred cyrus woods to its grandeur hong kong looks far and the royal humid air for a new overnight from wednesday into thursday rain has bloomed again quite substantial this time and again stretching up towards shanghai but ignoring hong kong dates the science of that southeast asia much of malaysia and even philippines the showers are well scattered they are heavier than indonesia and sort of a pretty big downpours recently and from the judging judging by the satellite picture sumatra is also in for quite a battering the next day or so and has been recently singapore also just on the edges the forecast risk area and jakarta is still in their noses rather more showers for the philippines heading towards the sudden hit me as coast. they're up in india see charlie was tempted to give bruce
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a thirty picture of bangladesh in the northeast corridor there they are on the satellite picture you can repeat them daily nine hundred s. to the months i suspect so there's a full cost thirty six in kolkata the northeast seeing some big shows most places just suffering the rising temperatures. the weather sponsored by qatar and. twenty one the teenage years left behind still trying to find a place. in the whole picture and the adult world begins to take form i did indeed but it doesn't really want me to you want me to stay off my feet in two thousand and six south africa revisits the children of apartheid for the third time and much has changed over the past fourteen years twenty one up south africa when i.
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hear from one of our main stories this hour both candidates in israel's election have claimed victory although exit polls show no clear winner prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he's been given a fifth mandate to meet his wife the former military chief benny gantz called the vote a historic day. here is the interim president is promising free elections within ninety days but. won't be on the ballot to take over permanently from. protesters remain unconvinced to lead to a political overhaul. the u.n. security council is said to hold another emergency meeting on the escalating violence in libya use forty seven people have now been killed in the latest
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fighting this after forces loyal to the warlord how the four have carried out an airstrike on tripoli's main airport now that has prompted the u.n. envoy to libya to postpone a national reconciliation conference that was scheduled for next week meanwhile the u.n. is trying to get refugees out of detention centers near tripoli but the head of its refugee agency has told our desire the fighting is making those efforts very dangerous you know it's always been quite difficult to conduct this operation in libya which is an extremely fragile country not just in security terms but in institutional terms of as well with many parts of the country controlled by militias by armed groups but now the danger has escalated this morning in spite of that my colleagues braving the bullets really literally managed to evacuate a hundred and fifty refugees from one of the of those terrible detention centers to a safer place but for how long will we be able to do that unless hostilities
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cesar's the secretary general has called i don't know. the way it has more details from tripoli. here in the city center of the libyan capital life looks normal it's totally different from the situation on the outskirts of the capital where the fighting is going on between forces loyal to the world on the one hand and forces loyal to the tripoli based government of national accord on the other hand but people here are still there are still very worried they say that they're worried that the fighting in the outskirts of tripoli might affect their lives here especially economy they're afraid that the value of the libyan dinar might be decreased again because of the fighting also they're worried that other sectors might be affected by the fighting like education and health sectors many
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people here were counting on the u.n. sponsored peace talks as a way out of the ongoing crisis but as the united nations support the mission in libya has postponed the general national conference that was supposed to be held in the city over the dam is on the full two years of this month many people here are now uncertain they were counting on the that conference as a way hour to put an end to the ongoing fighting and the transition transitional phases in libya by sitting dates for general elections. the u.s. speaker of the house nancy pelosi wants the president to end american involvement in the war in yemen by signing a resolution passed by congress last week pelosi says the situation in yemen has left and scar and stain on the conscience of the world donald trump says he'll veto
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the measure a white house statement said the support for the saudi like coalition in yemen does not mean the u.s. is engaged in hostilities. we the president must sign this legislation we're so bipartisan by camel legislation that will sending him to advance a peaceful enduring solution to our british tyranny. thank you again for this important step in shining the spotlight on what was happening in yemen. making. setting the standard for what kind of military gauge meant we take or how we support our nation and how that is the impact that that has human dignity. of those countries in this case. the u.s. attorney general has told congress he will release a redacted version of the report within a week while i'm spar has faced pressure to publish the full report on the russian
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meddling in the twenty six thousand election which of course was won by president donald trump but he says some information will be blacked out because it's too sensitive at least ten people have died in brazil as a result of unusually heavy rain in the city of rio de janeiro city officials say fifteen centimeters of rain fell in just four hours on monday night southern parts of the city them a popular tourist hot spots like copacabana parineeta have been hit the hardest residents have been advised to avoid walking in flooded streets the water may be contaminated at the united nations has agreed to help mexico investigate the case of forty three students went missing five years ago the u.n. high commissioner for human rights signed an agreement with mexican officials to provide technical assistance for the case michel bash the mexico's government must find out what happened to the students police stopped the group's city in twenty fourteen over handing them over to
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a drug gang who prosecutors believe killed them and while apollo has more from mexico city. the united nations high commissioner on human rights michel is in mexico city with a challenge for the national government rein in widespread violence and security while also guaranteeing the human rights of citizens now through a signed agreement the united nations plans to provide technical assistance in the training of mexico's next generation police force the so-called. or national guard to ensure that human rights are being respected now the high commissioner spoke at a press conference on a wide variety of topics ranging from the humanitarian crisis in venezuela to the plight of central american refugees that are seeking asylum in mexico the high commissioner also vowed to a system in the investigation of forty three students who went missing from mexico in two thousand and fourteen calling their case emblematic take
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a listen to what she had to say earlier at that press conference. the agassi case revealed to the world a major problem in mexico that of more than forty thousand missing people that see official number one quarter of them a woman there an estimated twenty six thousand unidentified bodies catalogued by the state and since twenty sixteen more than eight hundred mass graves although we believe there are many more these numbers a terrifying even more worrisome is the fact that forced disappearances continue to occur. installations featuring the portraits of the forty three students like the one that we're at now in downtown mexico city is evidence that the subject is still very much on the minds of people here and we have to keep in mind mexico is coming off of the most violent year in its history so an announcement that the united nations is partnering with the mexican government to to increase security is a welcome denouncement but it may not be enough to convince critics who warn that
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human rights could still be violated through the further militarization of the country's national police force. and you can always find much more in our website the address for that is dot com to take a look. this is the top stories both of the main candidates in israel's election have claimed victory although exit polls show no clear winner. yet in the hour who says he's been given a fifth the mandate to lead his rival the former military chief benny gantz called the vote historic day. we will not go into politics and we say we won't commit to it. and we will. i'm very excited that the people of israel gave me their
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trust for a fifth time and a bigger trust from before. and i'm telling you again the people of israel gave their trust for us this is a president i cannot remember when we got more seats according to most exit polls the right are going we'll continue to lead the state of israel in the next four years. jerry is interim president is promising free elections within ninety days. he won't be on the ballot to take over permanently from. protesters remain unconvinced or lead to a political overhaul. so that's president is under increasing pressure to hand over power as western nations join protesters calls for political change at least twenty people have been killed since saturday i was when a mass sit in started outside omar al bashir as residents and the army headquarters
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. the u.n. said here to counsel is said to hold another emergency meeting on the escalating violence in libya at least forty seven people have been killed in the latest fighting this after forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar carried out an airstrike on tripoli's main airport and the u.s. speaker of the house nancy pelosi wants the president to end american involvement in the war in yemen by signing a resolution which was passed by congress last week for those he says the situation in yemen has left an indelible scar and a stain on the conscience of the world's says he'll veto the measure and those are the headlines the news will continue here in our desire a but up next it's inside story.
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the u.s. and iran label each other's military forces as terrorists and raise the stakes in decades of hostility so we'll see objective a model be the impact of these unprecedented declarations this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. that the islamic revolution in iran is both revered and feared. directly to the supreme leader and as well as enforcing power they control major businesses to now it's been designated as a terrorist organization.


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