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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 10, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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all. this is al jazeera. and you're watching the news hour live from doha and it's good to have your company coming up in the next sixty minutes. benjamin netanyahu and his rival benny gantz both claim victory in the israeli elections but who will have the numbers to form a coalition to govern. the government protests continue to dance capital as western governments call for a credible transition plan. various interim leader promises to hold
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elections quickly but the country's way forward remains deeply uncertain. and a promise from the u.s. attorney general robert muller's reports on president trouble and martial will be released next week. well it was a tight race with no clear winner for hours but the latest results in israeli's parliamentary election put prime minister binyamin netanyahu likud party slightly ahead but both netanyahu and his rival benny gantz have declared victory arafat's that has this report from tel aviv. after a night of wild be diverging exit polls benjamin netanyahu waited and waited until it started to move in his favor at two in the morning he took to the stage to declare what he called an unimaginable victory. with me already tonight i have started talks with the heads of the right wing parties our
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natural partners already tonight almost everyone declared publicly that they will recommend i form the next government they will recommend it to our president i intend to work quickly to establish a stable national government i want to make it clear it will be a right wing government but i intend to be the prime minister of all israeli citizens right or left jews and non jews alike israeli citizens. the proven master of israeli electoral politics well aware that his carefully cultivated right wing block of smaller parties gives him the edge in the decisive business of building a governing coalition but across town in tel aviv there had already been another declaration of victory benny gantz israel's former army chief and leader of the blue and white party put together in essence to remove netanyahu from power said he should be given the opportunity to do just that if you want to see several winners and losers in elections but we are the winner as we might be new but we're not
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naive we understand we've got to wait for the true results but within a few days will work to calm a government as big as possible. it's up to israel's president ruben rivlin to invite the most likely prime minister to form a coalition balancing two factors who leads the biggest party and who has the clearest path to a governing bloc for netanyahu that's complicated by a couple of his natural allies such as his education ministers under threat new right to party hovering around the threshold for a place in the israeli parliament or knesset for a time palestinian israeli parties warning their voters that low turnout could threaten their presence in the knesset as well they complained of intimidation by liquid activists bringing hidden cameras to the polls this bruising bitterly contested election is not over just yet the challenger is raising his arm in victory but netanyahu insists he's done enough to retain the title after a fernet. final few days of campaigning in which he feared to the right promising to an extent legal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank and convinced his
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voters that his premiership was in mortal danger. eventually that you know he's leaving the stage you tell a b.b.c. bomb ready to leave the building it is it. is one of the snakes it's a. protection against the rocks pieces you know high in. this election very very high value things one doesn't know about for years you know. very close you know the syrian television. and all of these areas saying our political analyst says nuts and yeah well most likely form the next government you have here a leader who is for a long time now accused of racism corruption. of being a crook. potentially indicted on three cooption charges not one not two. basically failed. through all the four terms he served in attaining peace
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or security for him or for the people on that occupation so really all in all he succeeded in certain parts in terms of. economic record bizarros certain achievements in high thickens also hold but on the overall questions of peace and security he failed miserably and as he as i said on top of it all and that's very important that israel is once again electing basically a next prime minister of a man who is going to be indicted on people up in charges on who's accused widely of being a racist either but netanyahu just said this is not incorrect he did get more votes than ever before. then two thousand and fifteen two thousand nine hundred ninety six to get it got more seats he did maybe get less maybe as much as guns but he will form the next government well that's an error yeah who played up his
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relationship with the u.s. president donald trump during the campaign and castro has more now on the u.s. reaction to the israeli. it was difficult to ignore the giant trump banner that was in the audience of benjamin netanyahu is victory speech but that sort of says it all the two men have been in lockstep since trump entered the white house more than two years ago starting with trump deciding to withdraw the united states from iran's nuclear deal which was a point that netanyahu pressed him on and took credit for before his israeli constituents then moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and finally a month ago taking the unique step which undoes decades of u.s. foreign policy when it comes to the middle east by recognizing israel's an exception of the golan heights and that move in particularly was seen as a gift horse to netanyahu in his hour of greatest need coming just as those
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allegations of corruption surfaced before the electorate and then of course on the eve of the israeli elections now and you know who vowing to begin an exaggeration of parts of the west bank trump has been conspicuously silent on that front and then yahoo has said that he hopes to do so if indeed he's confirmed as prime minister of israel again he hopes to do so with u.s. support all of which is to say these are elements and evidence of the close relationship between trump and netanyahu which netanyahu was more than happy to display in his campaign and even now as he claims victory. in some other news now sudan's president is under increasing pressure as western nations their voice to calls for political change for a fourth day protesters have continued to sit in the outside of the compound which houses omar al bashir is residence and the army headquarters at least twenty people
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have been killed since saturday and police have been ordered not to confront peaceful demonstrators the u.s. britain and norbury have put out a joint statement urging sudanese authorities to deliver equatable plan for political transition a protester who wants to remain anonymous has told al-jazeera. continue until president bashir is to. we're going on the system for the past thirty years suppressed he did not have any advice for the first time ever we have some freedom of speech expressing ourselves so basically we are expecting a good thing where more than a million we are hopeless. which is a totally very quickly lost members of the many issues developing else since the start of this ship and everything in life. we are in that critical region.
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the security force the spectacle all while. they're shooting a with the. peaceful. protesters in the crowd quieting. i mean we have many injuries there's a limit to the thing in. the lower ranks there's something by the people called as it is happening with the. buying and. the raising that they don't have on their side the people. they're defending us in the previous attacks to us here in our the interim leader has pledged to hold free and fair elections within ninety days of the carbon follow says he has no political ambitions of his own and will set up an independent committee to oversee the poll but many algerians remain skeptical as fashion i'll borrow reports. this is the man who will lead
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algeria for ninety days until a new president is elected. the speaker of the upper house of parliament. was appointed interim president by the parliament a few days after of lies he's beautifully designed his decision followed weeks of unprecedented protests against his book but with a player cause a replacement faces a daunting task he's widely unpopular and seen by many algerians as a member of the same elite accused of corruption votes and inefficient governors eager to build bridges with skeptical opponents made to public statements on tuesday and announced the setting up of an independent committee to oversee the presidential elections in any actually i want to unify the nation and carry out elections which are transparent and proper the government will also instructed the
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departments to supervise these elections honestly in a fair and impartial fashion i urge everybody to overcome our differences and work together to cooperate to lay the cornerstone for a new old geria the interim president also emphasized he had no intention to run in the upcoming elections but on the streets the discontent cont'd years the same protesters who wanted to flip out unhappy with been appointed and they are determined to push for a real change yes we have come out today in order to oppose ben salah ben so i leave we don't need you. we are here so the ones who are governing the country leave because they are robbing and not building the country they are destroying it i was serious political crisis began in february when president but announced he would be seeking
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a fifth term in office has been in power since nineteen ninety nine but barely seen in public since some. bring a stroke in two thousand and thirteen after weeks of protests calling for him to step down the army withdrew its support for the eighty two year old president and his longest serving president eventually resigned but for many algeria's their fight is far from over they want a clean sweep of the political establishment at the national unity government to lead the transition to democracy i should buy a bottle of al-jazeera. and barak barfi joins us live on skype from berlin in germany is a research fellow the think tank new america a specializes in arab and islamic affairs good to have you on the program thank you very much for joining us. on paper it looks like a compromise ninety days till free and fair for elections and independent committee
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to oversee the poll but do the protesters still have reason to remain skeptical. well that's the key phrase on paper they get protesters go in ninety eight the military and approval are you know each state go up with their own candidate and install him in office and prevent free elections and that's why the protesters are writing a new playbook and they're not going to leave until there is a change and keep reform in the system. who is now behind the government would have like a step down and for so long he he really was it was more forefront for the government is there a clear idea of who is pulling the strings. nice to big it's a clique of it elites politicians businessmen in the military but the military doesn't seem to go along with the speaker of the parliament's call for ninety days elections ninety days the defense ministry has issued no statement supporting that
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so that's the big question now was which way the defense ministry in the military is going to go that one of the issues is that the protesters are not just calling for a change at the top but a whole change of the institution do you think that's being acknowledged in any way and if so what is the alternative well if there is reform of the institutions all the people in power will have to go home and nobody wants to give up their seat and their perks so that's a big problem that said it's impossible to reform a system such as our cheers that in place since one thousand nine hundred sixty two there can be incremental reform there can be move towards political liberalization and more freedoms but you can't start the whole system from scratch so so what is the alternative is there an issue that our is there possibility of creating a power vacuum as we've seen and in the region which will endanger the lives of normal citizens without proper governance in place. i don't think so i think the
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military as a unified stance we don't see what's called faction was ation in the officer corps and should internecine strife there's been the protesters have been very peaceful and civil you haven't seen the internal security services fire on the protesters so i think there's going to be some jockeying for power ground it seems only wants to explosion of violence as we've seen in other places in the middle east and mr barfi you know how much it's is there an issue of the jennet the generations the protestors seem to be much younger people that were born posed independence and didn't really see the fights for various independence is that has that played into this at all. yes not only the. independence and what the ruling party normally f.l.n. did for our jury or against the french they don't do you know also experience was known as a blackjack eight ninety nine usually that was so much violence from both sides so the they're not so scared of
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a little bit of violence you don't think that they're standing on the precipice of the abyss and they're willing to trust us for their rights and that's why you see them not back down at this point are barfi great to get your insight and good to speak to you thank you very much there is plenty more still ahead this news hour including military and trade on the agenda as president donald trump welcomes egypt's leader to the white house. i'm nicholas hawke at the tunisian libyan border find out next how libyans are now trying to leave their country as the fighting intensifies in tripoli. and one of cuba's veteran baseball players heads out the president trying to decision to shut his country men out of the major leagues. the u.n. security council is set to hold another emergency meeting this on the escalating
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violence in libya at least forty seven people have been killed in the latest fighting after forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar carried out an air strike on track least main airport that has prompted the u.s. envoy to libya to postpone in national reconciliation conference which is scheduled for next week and meanwhile the u.n. is trying to get refugees out of the detention centers near tripoli but the head of its refugee agency has told our desire the fighting is making those efforts very dangerous. you know it's always been quite difficult to conduct this operation in libya which is an extremely fragile country not just in security terms but in institutional terms of as well with many parts of the country controlled by militias by armed groups but now the danger has escalated this morning in spite of that my colleagues braving the bullets really literally managed to evacuate their hundred than fifty refugees from one of the of those terrible detention centers to
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a safer place but for how long will we be able to do that unless hostilities cesar's the secretary general has called i don't know. that the overhead has more details from tripoli. here in the city center of the libyan capital life looks normal it's totally different from the situation on the outskirts of the capital where the fighting is going on between forces loyal to the warlords on the one hand and forces loyal to the tripoli based government of national accord on the other hand but people here are still there are still very worried they say that they're worried that the fighting in the outskirts of tripoli might affect their lives here especially economy they're afraid that the value of the libyan dinar might be decreased again because of the fighting also they're worried that other
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sectors might be affected by the fighting like education and health sectors many people here are counting on the u.n. sponsored peace talks as a way out of the ongoing crisis but as the united nations support the mission in libya has postponed the general national conference that was supposed to be held and the city over the dam is on the fourteenth of this month many people here are now uncertain they were counting on the that conference as a way hour to put an end to the ongoing fighting and the transition transitional phases in libya by sitting dates for general elections. many libyans in the capital are trapped in qatar because of the fighting others are crossing into things yet to seek safety. this report from near the border. seif but still terrified. suffered
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a stroke when the gunfire began and the mortars and airstrikes began falling in tripoli. her sister got her out they traveled three hundred kilometers to the nearest functioning hospital here in tunisia. i'm in pain i'm heartbroken for my country and seeing my people ripping themselves apart. the un has called for a truce to let others escape tripoli the main route leads to tunisia where security forces are on high alert this behind me is the road that leads to libya now security forces were not allow us to film any further they say as a precautionary measure because just a few days ago general have tried to take control of this road from the libyan side but failed this is a strategic importance not just for the libyans but also for tunisia. tunisians
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security forces tell al jazeera they've counted to five hundred libyan vehicles crossing the border in rest year since warlord khalifa haftar began his offensive. it's not just civilians sleeping members from rival groups have come for medical treatment sometimes sharing the same doctors in the same ward you know to do it to become more and more to their lechmere listen they like health care workers they like blood banks they're in shortage of pretty much everything so they come here for help the unfolding crisis in libya has brought an unexpected increase in trade for some tunisian businesses many here have opened their doors their country could become a lifeline to many more libyans if the conflict worsens nicholas hong al jazeera and the tunisian libyan border. now the u.s. speaker of the house nancy pelosi wants the president to end american involvement in the warn yemen by signing
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a resolution which was passed by congress last week he says the situation in yemen has left an end level scar and as seen on the conscience of the world's donald trump though says he'll veto the measure a white house statement says support for the saudi led coalition in yemen does not mean the u.s. is in gauged and hostilities. are you sure president of the c.c. has held talks with the u.s. president donald trump in washington d.c. the discuss the challenges facing the middle east a truck was also under pressure to address egypt's human rights record our white house correspondent kimberly halkett has this report from washington. oh. a regal like welcome at the white house by u.s. president donald trump for egypt's president abdel fattah el-sisi we've never had a better relationship egypt and the united states than we do right now as the two sat down in the oval office trump praised the egyptian leader calling him a friend gave the endorsement was seeking i don't know about the effort i can just
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tell you doing a great job this stately reception is exactly what senior republicans and democrats had discouraged in a letter to the trump white house seventeen senators urged to address egypt's or roshon of political and human rights amnesty international estimates tens of thousands of people are locked in egyptian jails for their political views twelve of them are u.s. citizens under the current president egypt has chosen a dangerous path typical paranoid. regime leahy is pushing to stop the sale of one billion dollars worth of apache helicopters to egypt the u.s. provides egypt one point three billion dollars of military aid annually despite concerns about egypt's human rights record the trumpet ministration has continued to push for increased military cooperation of the. novel i want to
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give credit to president trump in strengthening the relationship on all fronts militarily economically and culturally. but members of congress question egypt's loyalties and deepening relationship with russia after moscow granted a loan to build egypt's first nuclear power plant and there are concerns about l.c.c. is attempt to lengthen his stay in office with changes to egypt's constitution that could keep him in power until twenty thirty four the egyptian parliament is set to vote on those constitutional amendments next week further raising. suspicions about the timing of the egyptian leaders visit to the white house the meeting is nothing more than an elaborate photo opportunity designed to help the egyptian leader maintain his hold on power can really help at al-jazeera the white house. the u.s. attorney general has told congress he'll release
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a version of the mother report within a week but the bar has faced pressure to publish the full report on russian meddling and the twenty six thousand election which is of course one by president donald trump but he says some information will be backed up because it's too sensitive also jordan has the details from washington d.c. the u.s. attorney general william barr got to talk about the reason why he was called before a house appropriations subcommittee on tuesday the budget for the u.s. justice department which he has but mr barr also got a lot of questions mainly from congressional democrats about the moeller report a report that is said to be more than four hundred pages long but of which mr barr wrote a four page summary and turned over to called words soon after march twenty fourth well mr barr had then had to explain to members of the subcommittee including its chair jose serrano just how what was he put together this four page summary and how
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he got input or didn't get it mr miller's team did not play a role in drafting that document although we offered him the opportunity to review it before we sent it out and he declined that i would work diligently to make as much information public as i could in available to congress's or could you recognize that i'm operating under regulation that. it was put together during the clinton administration and does not provide for the publication of the report but i am relying on my own discretion to make as much public as i can mr barr said that he is on track to make public a version of the mobile report by the middle of april that's in the next week but he also said that he has to make certain that he is holding back or redacting information that either goes to criminal investigations or perhaps could reveal
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intelligence sources and methods one thing that he did not confirm is whether or not he would be looking at using executive privilege the president's right to keep communications private when it comes to releasing the report mr barr said that he believes in transparency but there were some on this congressional panel that indicated they didn't exactly believe him. and still ahead on al-jazeera the u.n. human rights chief pledges to work with mexico to fight crime and drug trafficking . russian president vladimir putin put forward an ambitious program to secure moscow's foothold in the arctic. and manchester city get that sinking feeling of history repeating itself in the champions league.
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how the rain is gathering once more in china starts off in the young so you can see the cloudiness is quite a substantial system on its way out to japan but that doesn't mean it's going to be dry everywhere there's a few showers still building around from one hundred southwards towards grandeur hong kong looks fine if rather humid there for a new overnight from wednesday into thursday rain has bloomed again quite substantial this time and again stretching up towards shanghai but ignoring hong kong indeed to the science of the southeast asia much of malaysia and even philippines the showers are well scattered they are heavy here in indonesia sort of a pretty big damp was recently in from the judging judging by the satellite picture sumatra is also in for quite a battering the next day or so and has been recently singapore also just on the edge of the forecast risk area and jakarta is still in the u.s. is rather more showers for the philippines heading towards the sudden hit me he's
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coast now in india it is the time was temperatures rising at present very big chance of bangladesh in the northeast corner that they are on the satellite picture you can repeat them daily now back through out the rest of the month i suspect so that's the forecast thirty six in kolkata the northeast seeing some big shows most places just suffering the rising temperatures. the weather sponsored by catherine was. the biggest democracy in the world is going to the polls in an election process that will last for over a month and with over nine hundred million eligible to vote india is about to choose its new government how will the controversies of the citizenship bill amounting tensions with pakistan influence the vote. join us as we assess all phases of the election as india decides its path. india votes twenty nine t. on al-jazeera. as protests over both quick cuts exclude nicaragua's phone trying
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government launched a brutal clampdown. now after a year of deaths detentions and political suppression crisis negotiations are underway. but could the dog days of civil rule still return. people in power investigates the front line be correct walk on al-jazeera. allegheny watching our desire and his reminder of our main stories this hour early results but prime minister benjamin netanyahu on course to win israel's election
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but not on yahoo and his main rival benny gantz have claimed victory in the poll and neither side has a majority but that's a now who appears to be in the best position to form a governing coalition. algeria's interim president is promising free elections within ninety days of their been solid says he want to be on the ballot to take over permanently from abdelaziz bouteflika protesters remain unconvinced that it will lead to a political overall. president is under increasing pressure to hand over power as western nations draw on protesters calls for political change at least twenty people have been killed so far since saturday when i started outside omar al bashir is residence and the army headquarters in khartoum. ok let's get more now on our top story and that's the election in israel and look and take a look at what happens next one hundred twenty seats in the israeli parliament are the knesset. and to make it in the party needs to win at least three point two five
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percent of the total votes so that's about four seats no party has ever achieved an outright majority and sixty one seats are needed to form a government the president will choose the candidate he things has the best chance of forming a coalition and this person then has forty days forty two days to form the government if they can't the leader with the second best chance it's twenty eight days to try and failing that it can even go to third candidate save dunn is a professor of sociology and international studies at the university of wisconsin parkside in the united states and joins us now by skype thank you very much for coming on the show so this election race has been described as. by their moving to the right or moving to the right even further and what with we're hearing now what's your reaction. well actually since the early ninety's in the composition of the knesset the israeli knesset thousand. shown display the
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dominance of the right wing parties but this particular election actually has been far between two far right wing parties the blue and white alliance and the likud party and they want to actually the other platforms whether on the economy front or the political front to govern the palestinian israeli conflict or anything actually an opening up article that issue is almost in this to distinguishable. doesn't extend that benny gantz said at some point he agrees with benjamin nothing on almost everything but it was the issue off corruption and bribery that nothing i was accused of or indicted for. that that should be a place that is shouldn't have such a prime minister who is indicted for such crimes essentially the on the platform a level that they had about it but a similar so this is actually the kind of competition we're seeing in israel
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competition between tool far right. and in some sense if we look at the chances of who is going to form the government because it's the coalition policy in an israeli knesset as of this point according to the exit polls the so-called right wing by the israeli standards because even the central centrist party is by and by the international standards that are actually far right that really. they it seems highly unlikely if not impossible for against even if the blue and white alliance overtakes the likud which is running ahead at this point according to the last exit poll ok let's let's let's move on a little bit and talk about the bigger picture here and then particular this. palestinian territories now netanyahu has been very clear about his plans to annex much of the west bank settlements neither of the candidates support
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a two state solution so what does this now mean is it just going to carry on the status quo going to carry on are can we expect any kind of change that's why when i said the plot right wing as far as rivals that's really the big picture is because benny gantz. also stressed the idea that joe selim will remain unified under the israeli sovereignty he also said that he is not going to dismantle in a settlement essentially the whole area see in the west bank sixty percent of the of the west bank and of course that is the. right of return that's why i said the platforms are almost and distinguish distinguishable and when it comes to it to that but what is really not a symbol of disquiet is in terms of people lost the lot of israeli conflict this has taken a backseat in the current elections so other issues took priority over the palestinian issue because of the conditions in the region and because of the situation in the
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scene and also at the situation that they don't provide any other alternative or options other than of course negotiations so that end all is that i really form a liberal party's platform and took the palestinian issue took a backseat to the extent that. less than eighteen percent got in plea of all the new members in the knesset that will be coming the new member of the b. members and the new knesset to cognize or are willing to support the two state solution and if we take the possible the potential out of. knesset members that will be a really less than one percent of the knesset member support the two state solution that will basically mean the met it sparky and the rest of the members i'm stuck in a set of the parties whether they call them right or left are not supporting the two state solution so this is really the kind of government that is really what
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it's for and since we kind of. now that benyamin benjamin that they are has the best chance to form the coalition government and given that he formed four governments before he headed the government four times before and all his achievements were actually three wars with the palestinians so the questions on or three wars on gaza police in the siege on the west bank i'll continue our series on the west bank and gaza. he killed every possible any possible on a possible. source of a solution political solution with the palestinians his latest statement about annexing the west bank or a major part of the west bank is up in code that the settlements more than sixty to seventy percent of the west bank leaves nothing for the negotiations so general salim result of the faustian the west bank is going most of the west bank will be annexed out of the question that i had to put it on is out of the question so what
5:38 am
is the negotiations going to be about so and interestingly this is not nothing i was nothing else stand it's the same thing for the blue and white alliance as well and as for most of the new most of the parties in the knesset so the new knesset is a daily nothing out of a set of examples that the new knesset in the new autism bills as it certainly does seem to be a professor safe down a great to speak to you thank you so much for your analysis. leaders will consider allowing the kates remain in the european union for another year with the option of leaving earlier if a deal is ratified but since prime minister has met leaders ahead of an emergency summit in brussels on wednesday now without the approval of the block the u.k. will crash out on friday or a challenge filed this report. can anything save britain from its bricks in misery
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the government's withdrawal agreement has sunk beneath the waves in a compromise talks with the opposition labor party showed few signs of compromise and we're here to continue our discussion somewhere looking forward to hearing what the government has to say those calling for a second referendum or increasing the hope thanks surprising new faces are joining their ranks like hugh merriman a conservative m.p. who wants bricks it's the people's vote that was my message in the hole and i wasn't preaching to the choir was he they want a people's vote because they want to go the complete opposite way that i took my message to the almost two hundred m.p.'s who voted for the deal conservative he's three times like i have is that if you want this thing through you've got to find the best operators for it and that's going to be the people it's not parliament we don't there's no majority for the reason may has traveled to walk europe for a june thirtieth rex's extension it's been called her begging tour in germany.
5:40 am
there was nobody to me to. come to the merkel corrected you know fortune of a steak. dinner and. then on to paris the e.u. seems minded to give the u.k. longer to find a bricks a plan b. perhaps till the end of the year. breck's it is we want the u.k. out on friday with no deal hates this idea and they are receiving warnings if we were trying to against our will i believe we would become a trojan horse within the european union for a straight yes or no wage loyalty to cooperate so much language is being heard in europe so ahead of wednesday's breakfast summit in brussels the drafting conditions or any long extension france for example doesn't want the u.k. taking part in the budget so so choosing the next european council president there's even talk of some sort of head morse's review in a few months time to make sure that the u.k.
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is behaving itself and it's difficult to see that going down in parliament or the country as anything other than another humiliation britain still technically leaves the e.u. twenty two g.m.t. on friday but as the hours tick by rex it has never seemed so far away the regional and al-jazeera london colombia's president has met representatives of the indigenous community after protesters cleared a major highway they had been blocking for nearly a month yvonne do care how the meeting behind closed doors in a southwestern town about security concerns however he refused to attend a gathering with hundreds of indigenous people in a public square the blockade of the pan-american highway ended after the government pledged to invest in social projects and degeneres arius. the united nations has agreed to help train mexico's newly formed national guard to enforce stronger human rights in the country the u.n. human rights high commissioner says her office will offer technical assistance to
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ensure rights are respected and child nationally also offered to help with the cases of more than fourteen thousand missing people or paulo has more from mexico city. the united nations high commissioner on human rights michel is in mexico city with a challenge for the national government rein in widespread violence and security while also guaranteeing the human rights of citizens now through a signed agreement the united nations plans to provide technical assistance in the training of mexico's next generation police force the so-called of the or national guard to ensure that human rights are being respected now the high commissioner spoke at a press conference on a wide variety of topics ranging from the humanitarian crisis in venezuela to the plight of central american refugees that are seeking asylum in mexico the high commissioner also vowed to a system in the investigation of forty three students who went missing from mexico
5:43 am
in two thousand and fourteen calling their case emblematic take a listen to what she had to say earlier at that press conference. the agassi case revealed to the world a major problem in mexico that of more than forty thousand missing people that see official number one quarter of them women there are estimated twenty six thousand unidentified bodies catalogued by the state and since twenty sixteen more than eight hundred mass graves although we believe there are many more these numbers a terrifying even more worrisome is the fact that forced disappearances continue to occur. installations featuring the portraits of the forty three students like the one that we're at now in downtown mexico city is evidence that the subject is still very much on the minds of people here and we have to keep in mind mexico is coming off of the most violent year in its history so an announcement that the united nations is partnering with the mexican government to to increase security is
5:44 am
a welcome denouncement but it may not be enough to convince critics who warn that human rights could still be violated through the further militarization of the country's national police force. and a response to an increase in violent attacks by white supremacists in the us a live streaming of the fatal new zealand mosque shooting on facebook it congressional hearing has been held on the rise a white nationalism but unwittingly the hearing reveal the problems of isolating hate speech on social media. explains from washington. this rally in charlottesville virginia in twenty seventeen has become an iconic representation of the growing confidence of white supremacists in the u.s. on the house judiciary committee hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism began with this assessment white supremacists have been responsible for more than half fifty four percent of all domestic extremist related murders in the past ten years and in the last year that figure has risen to seventy eight percent of all
5:45 am
extremists related murders a father spoke of his grief of losing two of his children under saddam murdered by a white supremacist is understanding man told her he hated how she looked and dressed it made it very clear to my children that they were not welcome in their own neighborhood representatives of facebook and google vowed to crack down on hate speech there is no place for carers and or hate on facebook mentioned in passing the burning of three african-american churches in louisiana over recent days investigations continue into responsibility but officials say the fire was all suspicious but then super congressional debate gave way to earn good from the right a witness from a conservative group contended that despite the statistics there was in fact no rise in racist attacks is that they're manipulating statistics the goal here is to scare blacks hispanics gays and muslims into helping them center dissent helping
5:46 am
them censor dissenting opinions ultimately into helping them we gain control of our country's narrative which they feel that they lost they feel that president donald trump should not have beat hillary another witness so the problem wasn't white right wing national. yes but muslims are left wing activists opposed to the israeli occupation incidents perpetrated by muslim and leftist campus groups are rarely satisfactorily resolved let's look at the statistics. a deals worldwide survey of one hundred countries found that forty nine percent of muslims harbor anti-semitic outas tuesday but the a.d.l. representative rejected his analysis we are not seeing muslims in the united states attacking jews or vice versa if we don't join in coalition and have each other's backs no minority is safe and the only winners are those who so division and try to divide us it was a fascinating we concentrated picture of the debate regarding the rise of white
5:47 am
supremacy in the us meanwhile the live stream of the hearing on you tube was closed to view of postings because of what the site called quote the presence of hateful comments she able to see old zero washington news and c.n.n. our candidates have been making their last push for votes ahead of the world's biggest election but nine hundred million people are registered to vote in the poll which begins on thursday the phase general election will be carried out over six weeks prime minister narendra modi's parity had done a top party seeking a second term. but there's been violence just days before the vote after a convoy carrying members of india's ruling b j p were attacked five people were killed after a vehicle hit an improvised explosive device in state troubles are believed to have targeted the convoy if that went through an insurgent strongholds. president putin has asked the international community to help develop the northern sea which connects the arctic from the far east to the west of the russian president spoke at
5:48 am
the fifth arctic forum in st petersburg which is the tended by leaders from several northern countries the route which is frozen most of the year has now become accessible due to global warming step boston reports from moscow. nowhere else is the impact of global warming felt as strongly as in the arctic ice is melting at a fast pace the effects of climate change are calculated to be at least twice the rate of anywhere else on the planet and while it is seen as a reason for huge concern some see it as a business. navigating through the northern sea route between east asia and europe has now become a possibility reducing travelling time significantly compared to the southern route through the suez canal and developing the arctic route has become one of president putin smain policies he wants to see a ten fold increase in cargo in the next five years. only ten or fifteen years ago
5:49 am
this number seems totally unreachable now it's a realistic calculated and concrete task to accomplish last year the amount of cargo on the northern sea route reached twenty million tons which is three times the soviet record from one thousand nine hundred seventy one. to one now most of the ships use in the northern route our oil and gas tank us but to help commercial cargo ships maneuver through the arctic russia is building three nuclear powered icebreakers and aims to produce thirty more by twenty twenty five this will be their eyes at least three so if this. is just scientists have raised serious doubts about put in supplants this estimation. are all just wrong some people rich president. looked. go through or so-called pink glasses. they expect that arctic is
5:50 am
even the climate is. gentle and what a pleasure that global warming it's not it's something like that sun the clock that therefore this number looks like impossible now put it sees a different amount of the arctic and the northern feeble as an opportunity for comic growth but neighboring countries in the region have other concerns they say they want to protect what they call the vulnerable part of the planet and whole global warming instead of exploiting it. the heads of states of finland norway and iceland and sweden are all at the former instant petersburg with a keen to have their forces hurt you global warming and its effect on the arctic may not only lead to an environmental and ecological disaster potentially they are the security threats of global proportions russia has downplayed concerns
5:51 am
of a possible military buildup in the arctic but with huge gas and all reserves still untapped the arctic is no longer an undisturbed isolated part of a planet it is rapidly becoming a geopolitical you frontin year stop fasten al-jazeera moscow. and. the defending champions of the asian club football statue victory from the jaws of defeat will have the details.
5:52 am
well you. know some of it i like.
5:53 am
again it is time for sports and yes peter in the all english style of the champions league quarter finals leaving city with a battle not to be knocked out at this stage for the second year in a row said he missed a penalty in the first half in london when sergio agüero spot kick was saved by. the visitors paid dearly for their twelve minutes before the end tottenham's korean star song young men scored the only goal of the game so spurs take a one with advantage to next week second leg in manchester city were knocked out by liverpool in last year's quarter vinyls while that game was going on live or who were hosting porter at anfield a two no victory over the portuguese club for last year's finalists now be cater and return for me no with the goals in the first half the other pay of first league
5:54 am
matches take place on wednesday the holders of the asian champions league trophy cosima employers scored two goals in stoppage time to go top of their group the japanese team went from two one down to three two up right at the end of their matching young man in south korea to join tony jr the man who ended this move with a half past keeper lieberman suit two points clear in creepy. groupings for the first two rounds of the year's first major the marsters have been announced full time masters champion tiger woods will play alongside china's help wrongly and john rum of spain would says he feels he could win his first major title since two thousand and eight i just feel that i have improved a lot. all fourteen months but more than just proved to myself that i can play at this level i worked my way back to. one of the
5:55 am
players and win a bit. a rule that made it easier for cuban baseball players to compete professionally in the u.s. has been scrapped by president trump the move rolls back an obama era agreement aimed at warming relations with the island the trump administration say the previous agreement breaks trade laws and promotes human trafficking and reports from miami. when president obama visited cuba in two thousand and sixteen it was hailed as a new era in u.s. cuba relations a so-called normalization process began to thaw decades of animosity and part of that saw intense negotiations over of all things a sport both countries love baseball the two countries eventually agreed on a baseball player transfer deal it enabled cubans to play major league baseball in the u.s. without being forced to politically defect and then suffer being banned from ever returning to their home island but president trump has now scrapped the agreement
5:56 am
saying it violates u.s. trade laws that's because player transfers involved a payment to the cuban government's baseball federation something orlando gutierrez who broadcast radio programs to cuba says is a clear violation of the sixty year old u.s. embargo on cuba the idea that he will be for federation has an identity different and this thing from the comments is totally false so all payments were would would have been made to the cuban government to a customer in order to to buy these these players are slaves in havana the trumpet ministrations decision is being viewed as a loss for cuba that a lot of the this man says talented players will never realize their full potential when you have all symantec there yet another says it's broken the future for young players and this is you playing baseball he's playing ball in cuba in the beach santa maria beach the four year old gonzalo not i hope played in the major leagues his career in the u.s. began in the one nine hundred fifty s. during the cuban revolution the former pittsburgh pirates player says politics has
5:57 am
no place in sport but we are in the middle of the whole stuff there bob. how we call morrow that in the best way we can because we can all wrong congress where you want to play baseball the cuban baseball federation say the decision only harms athletes and their families trump administration says when cuba is a democracy things will change in all more than thirty cuban players would you to transfer to major league baseball under the old bomber agreement but their fate now seems to have been sealed like many others seeking a better life in the united states their only option is to defect in a statement major league baseball said they stood by the goals of the agreement to ensure and trafficking from cuba and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida and that's all the sport we have a phenomenal coming up again later and that is it for me in the team here this news hour but don't go away dan jordan will be here with more news from around the world stay with us.
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i mean it is every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts janin ace that's right out of a mosque or at that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in bad is a free palestine are they listening post on al-jazeera. april on al-jazeera blogs back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories it's the world's third largest democracy heads to its presidential and legislative elections a documentary explores how the united states and the european union a turning a blind eye to egypt's violations of human rights prime minister modi is seeking
5:59 am
a second time with a campaign dominated by talk of a cash man pakistan will he succeed an exclusive look at the goals behind russia's current foreign policy explained by some of the insiders who helped shape the kremlin's ideology april on al-jazeera. egypt strongman is ruling with an eye and faced and the silence from his allies is deafening the us was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london in cairo on al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they are very
6:00 am
interested that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. binyamin netanyahu and his rival benny gantz both claim victory in the israeli elections. follow on down jordan this is. also coming up algeria as interim leader promises to hold elections quickly but the country's way forward remains deeply. setbacks for us refugees trapped up the tension in libya fighting around the capital continues. adding pressure from the u.s. congress to end american involvement in the war in the.


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