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a tie between the two main parties in israel benjamin netanyahu has the advantage in coalition talks. sami say than this is al jazeera live from doha also coming out i shall from surround sudan's move three headquarters for all four flights as western nations join the call for political transition. setbacks for u.n. efforts to help refugees trapped in libya's fighting goes on around the capital. and with hate speech on the rise in the u.s. congress find a way to stop it. benjamin
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netanyahu looks set for a fifth term as israel's prime minister despite the party of his main rival winning as many seats both as and you know who's likud and the blue and white party of benny gantz of secured thirty five seats netanyahu is expected to get the support of smaller right wing parties to form a coalition government we begin with harry forsett in tel aviv. after a night of wild be diverging exit polls benjamin netanyahu waited and waited until it started to move in his favor at two in the morning he took to the stage to declare what he called an unimaginable victory. already tonight i have started talks with the heads of the right wing parties our natural partners already tonight almost everyone declared publicly that they will recommend i form the next government they will recommend it to our president i intend to work quickly to establish
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a stable national government i want to make it clear it will be a right wing government but i intend to be the prime minister of all israeli citizens right or left jews and non jews alike israeli citizens. the proven master of israeli electoral politics well aware that his carefully cultivated right wing block of smaller parties gives him the edge in the decisive business of building a governing coalition but across town in tel aviv there had already been another declaration of victory benny gantz israel's former army chief and leader of the blue and white party put together in essence to remove netanyahu from power said he should be given the opportunity to do just that if you want to see winners and losers in elections but we have to win as we might be new but we're not naive we understand we've got to wait for the true results but within a few days will work to calm a government as big as possible but it's up to israel's president ruben rivlin to
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invite the most likely prime minister to form a coalition balancing two factors who leads the biggest party and who has the clearest path to a governing bloc for netanyahu that's complicated by a couple of his natural allies such as his education ministers under threat new right to party hovering around the threshold for a place in the israeli parliament or knesset for a time palestinian israeli parties warning their voters that low turnout could threaten their presence in the knesset as well they complained of intimidation by liquid activists bringing hidden cameras to the polls this bruising bitterly contested election is not over just yet the challenger is raising his arm in victory but netanyahu insists he's done enough to retain the title after a fernet. final few days of campaigning in which he feared to the right from a sing to an extent legal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank and convinced his voters that his premiership was in mortal danger. leaving the. jellied to be ready to leave the baby she didn't. want to seem like it's
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an. injection to get in the right pieces. this election very very no one has another four years of. living. well as harry mentioned in his report there are one hundred twenty seats in the israeli parliament or knesset to get in parties need to win at least three and a quarter of percent of the votes that's about four seats sixty one seats are needed to form a government but no party is ever achieved an outright majority the president will choose the candidate he things has the best chance of forming a coalition this person has forty two days to form a government if they can't the leader with the second best chance gets twenty eight days to try and failing that it can even go to a third candidate stephanie decker joins us now live from west jerusalem so it's
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shaping up for a fifth term from that in the hope where does that leave israeli politics shaping up. it seems to be going further and further to the right sadly certainly almost nonexistent i mean one voter who actually didn't vote yesterday i was talking to at the polling station said in a sort of sarcastic way israelis do have a choice between the right and the right even though netanyahu has campaigned very much focusing in threatening his his support base that a vote for guns would mean a vote for the left the left has become a very dirty word when it comes to the politics yes i mean i think looking ahead certainly looking at the polls it looks like prime minister benjamin netanyahu as you said will be having a fifth term what kind of policies are we going to be seeing you've already seen a shift in policies to the right i think also very significant when it comes to the palestinian issue we are waiting. of the century a much awaited much closely guarded secret what if there's
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a more even more right wing government in place than we've seen over the last few years i mean what are they going to be agreeing on what are they going to be putting on the table so i think these are some of concerns but again step by step i think always very difficult to predict things here we will only know what this government is going to look like over a month from now some people even saying that maybe gansett will be joining the government it's unlikely but if he does it will certainly dilute that right wing adamant but again i think certainly everyone will tell you the politics here firmly shifting to the right. managed to calm neck and neck with. a sense of disappointment. yes i think you could also read into that last night he took a while the first thing netanyahu said very soon against declared victory was the block has won the right wing bloc it wasn't a victory for him and many people would tell you that this was a referendum for benjamin netanyahu because of these crucial indictments corruption
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and indictments in three cases hanging over his head they haven't gone away he's still facing huge pressure he's going to have to face the attorney general in july where he will have to respond to. the allegations but the attorney general has made it very clear that he will he intends to indict netanyahu so i think it is a bruising to his political ego he is however a political mastermind how he plays the game he's a veteran at it and i think many people will tell you also that his why he's also still survive despite these pressures on him i think he's really public is divided certainly with the voters we were talking to yesterday right wing but very much split down the middle whether they want to continue to see him in politics or not some people tell you he may not even survive the next ten months because of those corruption charges but we're going to have to wait and see how those things play out all right stephanie decker from west jerusalem. sudan's president is under increasing pressure as western nations are very voices to calls for
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political change protesters continue to sitting outside the compound housing the army headquarters overnight at least twenty people have been killed since saturday and they say they will not confront peaceful demonstrators u.s. britain and norway have issued a joint statement urging authorities to deliver a credible plan for a political transition. a protester who wants to remain anonymous told al-jazeera the sit in will continue until the president steps down we're going on there this is. the first he did not have any rights for the first time ever you have some freedom. his speech expressed. so basically we're expecting a good thing we're more than a million ways. to issue the city retail very quickly
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members of the militias. since the start of this. every single life. we are in a critical region. disputed forces while. shooting a with the. peaceful. protesters in the crowd there firing tear gas i mean usually we have many injuries there is a split in the military being in. the lower ranks officers standing by the people the obvious that is happening with them with the higher ranks buying. the raising that. they don't care about the rest of the people the lower officers that they're defending us in the previous attacks the u.n. security council will hold another emergency meeting on the situation in libya as fighting that continues dozens of people have been killed in recent days that includes at least thirty five his loyal to bullet hole of
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a hostile whose forces are trying to take the capital it's forced the un's envoy to libya to perspire a national reconciliation conference which was supposed to happen next week. and the u.n. is trying to get refugees out of detention centers near tripoli that people have come to live in hope of crossing the mediterranean sea and reaching europe the head of the un's refugee agency tells al-jazeera the fighting is making it difficult to move people to safety. or mom or dad then why is live for us in tripoli so what's the state of play there in the capital now modes. the situation is still a very tense in the southern and eastern southern outskirts of the libyan capital and this is after yesterday's clashes between forces loyal to the warlord have to and others loyal to the u.n. back to tripoli government of national accord government military sources say that
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they have lost mine dead and twenty five will wondered from their forces yesterday . thirty eight were killed have to the last thirty. fighters and thirty five wanted that only yesterday according to government sources have to the forces managed to recapture tripoli international airport while the government forces are treated at island to either have or two kilometers back on the highway which links at the tripoli international airport to the city have to the forces last night and manage it to open and you'll front in the eastern in the east of in the southern outskirts of. this is an aim of civilian area a neighborhood called. eyewitnesses there to say that hundreds of
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families were leaving the area because of the fighting get meanwhile the spokesman of. the western army or the army led by. you and backed prime minister very surprised to have to his forces are using heavy weapons and random rockets have been landing in civilian areas also he said that they have been using the government has been using. aircrafts has been using strikes targeting have to his forces locations. in this southern outskirts of tripoli now the government is accusing have to his forces of recruiting young fighters they say that they have captured sixteen young fighters from have to his forces and they have also captured seventeen military vehicles the government
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sources say that have to his forces are trying to. play with that. propaganda meaning that they say that have the us forces try to go to a place and document the existence of the prisons there and then put it on social media but they say that. they are. not using they are not going there are not planning to use heavy weapons at least for the time being to save civilians lives because the clashes go on near a civilian areas. from tripoli. so i had an al-jazeera daya warnings from the un about what's happening in syria's last rebel held province. and algeria is interim leader calls for elections in ninety days but many say it's still not enough.
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hello welcome to another look at the international full consequent rash of showers across southeast asia these big downpours heats of the day was rolling in the philippines seeing some rather lively weather as we go on through the next day or two but they are quite widespread quite scattered we're looking at spells of sunshine in between perhaps getting together across a good part of borneo malaysia seeing some lively showers if you go down into indonesia again the showers continue here on friday by friday brightening up across parts of thailand bangkok at the sticky thirty seven degrees celsius but seriously good parts of australia we have got basin pieces of plastic looking just around the top and just off the far north of a western australia and that of course is what remains of extra cool soem wallace
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just pulling away into the open waters not affecting the lad now but still a fair bit of cloud as a legacy of that across northern most western parts of the country come down to the southeast is still quite cool in melbourne now woman around seventeen celsius on thursday picking up two rather more pleasant rather more agreeable twenty three degrees by the time we come to friday basin places in cloud are able to make their way through the bite heading towards new zealand but here is not a fine and dry. fly cattle are airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways
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going places together. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now both main parties in israel have the same number of seats with vote counting almost over prime minister benjamin netanyahu looks set for a fifth term with the support of the coalition of smaller right wing parties pressure is growing on sudan's president with the u.s. britain and norway urging authorities to deliver a plan for political transition on tuesday people joined the fourth night of protests outside the compound housing the military headquarters of the u.n.
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security council will hold another emergency meeting on the situation in libya is fighting back continues thousands of people have been killed in recent days fighters loyal to war khalifa haftar are trying to take the capital tripoli. algeria's interim leader says free and fair elections will be held within three months i don't call them and salleh says he has no political ambitions of his own and will set up an independent committee to oversee the poll but many algerians remain skeptical about all reports. this is the man who will lead algeria for ninety days until a new president is elected. the speaker of the upper house of parliament. was appointed interim president by the parliament a few days after our lives he's beautifully designed his decision followed weeks of unprecedented protests against his book but with a clear cause a replacement faces
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a daunting task he's widely unpopular and seen by many algerians as a member of the same elite accused of corruption votes and inefficient governors eager to build bridges with skeptical opponents made to public statements on tuesday and announced the setting up of an independent committee to oversee the presidential elections in any year i want to unify the nation and carry out elections which are transparent and proper the government will also instructed the department to supervise these elections honestly in a fair and impartial fashion i urge everybody to overcome our differences and work together to cooperate to lay the cornerstone for a new old area the interim president also emphasized he had no intention to run in the upcoming elections but on the streets the discontent continue years the
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same protesters who wanted to flip out unhappy with appointment and they are determined to push for a real change is happening because we have come out today in order to oppose ben salah ben feller leave we don't need you. we are here so the ones who are governing the country leave because they are robbing and not building the country they are destroying it i was serious political crisis began in february when president with a announced he would be seeking a fifth term in office has been in power since nineteen ninety nine but barely seen in public since some. bring your stroke in two thousand and thirteen after weeks of protests calling for him to step down the army withdrew its support for the eighty two year old president and the jurors longest serving president eventually resigned
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but for many years their fight is far from over they want a clean sweep of the political establishment at the national unity government to lead the transition to democracy i should buy a bottle al jazeera new zealand's parliament has just passed tough new gun laws that will go into effect by the end of the week m.p.'s voted just weeks after fifty people were shot dead by an australian man in two mosques in christ church all but one of them he's voted for the gun reform bill which outlaws military style semiautomatic weapons and parts. a u.-turn by air b.n. b. to allow property listings in the occupied west bank is being condemned the home sharing company had reversed its policy to remove israeli listings after settling legal action jewish lawyers sued air b.n. b. when it said the homes were at the core of the dispute between israelis and palestinians the company's managers now say all profits from rentals there will be
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donated to charity. the u.n. says there's been an alarming rise in civilian casualties in syria's last rebel held province the bombardment of it intensified a day after russia's president hinted it would moscow is one of the main backers of the syrian government and it says it's working with the assad government to eliminate what it calls a terrorist threat then hold the reports from beirut. the board mint is intense and indiscriminate opposition controlled towns and villages in the northwestern province of idlib are under fire from syrian government forces and their allies who say they are responding to rebel attacks. there is supposed to be a ceasefire in it live the warring sides playing each other for the provocations. with. the terrorists have had ever asked shall continue to launch attacks against
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the positions of syrian government. but syrian government forces have been hitting markets residential neighborhoods civilians are dying in term of the heaviest shelling since turkey and russia reached a cease fire deal in september. the syrian government says it liberates a legitimate target because it is controlled by how to hear a sham and other groups many in the international community link to al qaida. we are waiting for the implementation of the such years agreement but our patience has limits we must liberate the slams of our friends the russians can feel our patients whining they are trying to solve the issue with the turkish leadership. russian president vladimir putin discussed at liberty his turkish counterpart or to go on in moscow this week putin said their efforts will lead to the elimination of what he called the terrorist threat. but.
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turkey was supposed to create a demilitarized zone around it live free of weapons and fighters but instead. consolidated its control. russia and iran gave priority to ties with turkey over regaining control of it led turkey had warned an offensive in the province would cause a humanitarian disaster and be a breaking point and their alliance now the turkish government doesn't have as many cards following its strained if not ruptured relationship with the united states. the focus of the near daily syrian government bombardment has been to recapture two international highways that pass through it so far there has been no ground offensive partly to avoid confrontation with turkish troops in the area that may change. russia will be careful not to risk its relationship with turkey but it has
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the upper hand how it uses that leverage will determine what comes next and it lip . beirut. european union leaders are heading to brussels for an emergency summit on brags that on tuesday britain's prime minister met the french president and german chancellor to request a delay in leaving the bloc it's reason may wants an extension to the end of june without the approval of the blocks the u.k. will crash out on friday rory chalons reports. can anything save britain from its bricks it misery the government's withdrawal agreement has sunk beneath the waves in a compromise talks with the opposition labor party show few signs of compromise where hits continue the discussion somewhere looking forward to hearing what the government has to say those calling for a second referendum or increasing the hope. surprising new faces are
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joining their ranks like hugh merriman a conservative m.p. who wants bricks it's the people's vote that's my message in the whole and i wasn't preaching to the choir will say they want a people's vote because they want it to go the complete opposite way that i do my message so they almost two hundred m.p.'s who voted for the deal conservative he's three times like i have is that if you want this thing through you've got to find the best operators for it and that's going to be the people it's not parliament we don't know majority for the reason may has travelled to walk europe for a june thirtieth rex's extension it's been called her begging tour in germany. there was nobody to meet a. limo call corrected the unfortunate mistake. then on to paris the e.u. seems minded to give the u.k. longer to find a bricks a plan b. perhaps till the end of the year. breakfasters who want the u.k. out on friday with no deal hates this idea and they are receiving warnings if we
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were trapped in against our will i believe we would become a trojan horse within the european union frustrate cheats and the wage i'm likely to cooperate such language is being heard in europe so ahead of wednesday's breakfast summit in brussels they're drafting conditions for any long extension france for example doesn't want the u.k. taking part in e.u. budget talks or choosing the next european council president there's even talk of some sort of headmasters review in a few months time to make sure that the u.k. is behaving itself and it's difficult to see that going down in parliament or the country as anything other than another humiliation britain still technically leaves the e.u. it twenty two g.m.t. on friday but as the hours tick by rex it has never seemed so far away will reach alan's al-jazeera under. the us congress is looking into white nationalism and
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reports of increasing white supremacists violence right groups and affected families attended the hearing as did representatives of social media companies it revealed the problems of isolating hate speech online she had written c. reports. this rally in charlottesville virginia and twenty seventeen has become an iconic representation of the growing confidence of white supremacists in the u.s. and the house judiciary committee hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism began with this assessment white supremacists have been responsible for more than half fifty four percent of all domestic extremist related murders in the past ten years and in the last year that figure has risen to seventy eight percent of all extremists related murders a father spoke of his grief of losing two of his children. murdered by a white supremacist this condescending man told her he hated how she looked and
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dressed he made it very clear to my children that they were not welcome in their own neighborhoods representatives of facebook and google vowed to crack down on hate speech there is no place for terrorism or hate on facebook mentioned in passing the burning of three african-american churches in louisiana over recent days investigations continue into responsibility but officials say the fuzz all suspicious but then super congressional debate gave way to anger from the right a witness from a conservative group contended that despite the statistics there was in fact no rise in racist attacks is that they're manipulating statistics. the goal here is to scare blacks hispanics gays and muslims into helping them center to set helping them censor dissenting opinions ultimately into helping them we gain control of our country's narrative which they feel like they lost they feel that president donald trump should not have be telerate another witness so the problem wasn't white right wing nationalists but muslims and left wing activists opposed to the israeli
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occupation incidents perpetrated by muslim and leftist campus groups are rarely satisfactorily resolved let's look at the statistics. a.d.l. those worldwide survey of one hundred countries found that forty nine percent of muslims harbor anti-semitic out is tuesday but the a.d.l. representative rejected his analysis we are not seeing muslims in the united states attacking jews or vice a versa if we don't join in coalition and have each other's backs no minority is safe and the only winners are those who so division and try to divide us it was a fascinatingly concentrated picture of the debate regarding the rise of white supremacy in the us meanwhile the live stream of the hearing on you tube was closed to view of postings because of what the site called quote the presence of hateful comments she abrahams the older zero washington you can get much more and all those
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stories we've been telling you about if you head over to our website al-jazeera dot com. welcome back time to recap headlines now israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu looks set for a fifth term he's likely to get support from a coalition of smaller right wing parties with most of the vote counting down his likud party has the same number of seats as is the nearest rival benny gantz earlier on tuesday both men declared victory. surely they said we would not go into politics and we did they said we want to connect and we did and we won sure you know. i'm very excited that the people of israel gave me their trust for a time and a bigger trust and. i'm telling you again the people of
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israel gave their trust for us and this is a president. pressure is growing on sudan's president with the u.s. britain and norway urging authorities to deliver a plan for a political transition on tuesday people joined a fourth night of protests outside the compound housing the military says. the u.n. security council will hold another emergency meeting on the situation in libya as fighting there continues dozens of people have been killed in recent days fighters loyal to warlords trying to take the capital tripoli algeria's interim leader abdul card that says free and fair elections will take place within ninety days protesters are skeptical they're calling for an overhaul of the political establishment new zealand's parliament has just passed tough new gun laws that will go into effect by the end of the week m.p.'s voted just weeks after fifty people were shot dead by the stray in man in two mosques in christ church the gun reform
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bill outlaws military style semi automatic weapons and parts. european union leaders are heading to brussels for an emergency summit on brags that britain's prime minister met the french president and german chancellor on tuesday to request a delay in leaving the bloc to resume a once an extension to the end of june france signaled the u.k. could stay until march next year but will have to me strict conditions. those are your headlines the news continues here on our desire after rather close youth daughters of stay with us. the week began with views of a ninety day truce in the tip the u.s. china trade. the world's largest supply of objectified natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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