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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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he emphasized once again that all options are open so perhaps there's going to be a lot of effort by the other e.u. twenty seven to try and bring the french back in a very hard line from them and angela merkel the german chancellor also said before she went in that as far as she was concerned she was happy that the united kingdom was preparing for the elections and he said the most important thing was to keep the integrity of the e.u. used to is situations and keep them working so it's not as straightforward as we thought there were two dates mentioned for a longer extension december thirty first and also march twenty twenty but the french president has made it pretty clear are going to be some very strict conditions on any longer extension if he eventually does agree to it and he said before he went in he doesn't absolutely agree with a longer extension despite what the president of the e.u. council don't want to ask said but that's what they're going to aim for so some of
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the ideas are that the conditions might include the united kingdom losing its seat on the commission losing its seats on the top table losing its feet also having to promise if they do take pos in the elections of good behavior floors also they've got to promise to. take a back seat as it were on the budget negotiations for the next budget and also who might be the next president of the commission and so this seems to be a whole new development on the french side they seem to be going on the high horse much against many of the other e.u. members of the twenty seven and what have to see how far that actual french hard line position goes tonight so it could be a longer session than we thought this is not going to be easy the french are sticking to their hard line position david we'll talk to you later in the meantime thank you. still to come including this one sudan's president under pressure. him
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to step down those protests growing louder. how that we've got signs of some improving weather coming in across northern parts of the middle east over the next couple of days there's still a few showers in f.l. . the plenty of cloud around that's making its way across iran brought the skies come back in behind next area cloud that slides out sophisticated to know the parts of syria says we go through with day toss of wanted to showers just light in the way to northern areas of iraq much of iran will be dry and settled twenty three celsius therefore to around the west the weather making its way across afghanistan the piles of pakistan up towards took many with the usual wintry flurries there with the high ground then more the same as we go on through friday by friday you
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might just see wanted to shout just creeping back into northern parts of iran maybe over towards the western side of the country just sliding out of east and iraq want to show those showers will make their way further south across the arabian peninsula not wall to wall sunshine here. little bit of class still in place that just around southern sections of the gulf even here in doha watches catch your spot of rain i think the u.a.e. saying the wetter weather that's more the case as we go on through friday we'll see temperatures in abu dhabi getting up to around twenty nine celsius what is still in riyadh at thirty one homes here in doha with twenty seven.
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welcome back quick reminder of the top stories for you so far this hour benjamin netanyahu is main rival has conceded defeat in the israeli general election the announcement by benny gantz his people and white party well that clears the way for the prime minister to form a coalition government and score a fifth term in office against however promise to make netanyahu time in office a quote living hell. british prime minister to resume is in brussels asking the
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e.u. to accept a short breaks it delayed this is may want to move the deadline into june the thirtieth as britain faces crashing out of the e.u. without a deal on friday. one of the major sticking points in reaching a deal on bret's it has been the so-called irish backstop now that's a clause that syriza may agreed with the e.u. to prevent a hard border in ireland but as charles stratford reports people in belfast are feeling far from maria short single mom did recalls them and has been unemployed for more than two years she plays with noel one of her two children in a park close to their home in western belfast. she says she's experienced years of financial insecurity and uncertainty over brakes it makes her afraid everybody is worried he really knows what's going to happen and people are worried about the border k. you know and i mean just the transference of back and forth across the border is going to make everything more expensive people and belfast and protect the area
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where you know what we think for a in northern ireland as a country and neither has happened and everything's up and they are working class communities in northern ireland have suffered years of economic hardship whether they be breaks and supporters or not rising food and commodity prices could increase further especially if the u.k. leaves the e.u. without a deal now voluntary organizations and charities here say that uncertainty means they are seeing an increasing number of people who are anxious and needing their help. unemployment in northern ireland rose last year to around three point eight percent but remained below the u.k. average. as uncertainty got worse over northern ireland leaving the e.u. as part of the u.k. investor confidence slowed in economic growth dropped to nine point nine percent last year found lowery and julie kelley of volunteers at one of the growing number
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of food banks in belfast bracks afraid of friends may first sample raise not only for myself afraid for me for the people i wear help and my. are we going to be able to sustain and what we are doing for them are still going to get our donations from people i can't see it happening and six months we have seen a terrible and crace and paper common and. the british government the e.u. and the irish government agree they do not want to hold border in the event of a no deal with the constant checks between normal islands and the republic. so the british prime minister series amaze breaks it deal which has been rejected by parliament three times contains the so-called backstop the backstop is a last resort to keep an open border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland should the u.k. crash out of the e.u. without a deal any deal one containing the backstop or otherwise has huge implications for
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the economy and cross border trade it also raises fears over renewed violence thirty years after the good friday agreement ended decades of the so-called troubles. the violence between mainly catholic republicans who fought for united independent island and brutally protestant unionists who insisted northern ireland remain point of the u.k. if there are checks that means that there be long queues at the border for every minute a lorry as parked waiting on checks or getting those checks technically have cost a pint bottle be over half a million pines and dad on the thirteen thousand lorries that are going back and forth across the border. did three grew up during the troubles she says the good friday peace deal ended the political violence and gave her hope the bricks it uncertainty means she's lest confident about her family's future. struggle al-jazeera belfast and the u.n. security council is meeting to discuss the deepening crisis in venezuela with the
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u.s. vice president mike pence demanding the group recognize the opposition leader. as the legitimate president when israel has been hit by another huge power outage with reports of twenty out of twenty three states affected wants people to come out and protest against the ongoing public services failures the president nicolas maduro is blaming us sabotage for the power cuts mike hanna has more now from the u.n. in new york. vice president mike pence says he was sent by president trump to give one simple message to the united nations that it must revoke the credentials off the venezuelan ambassador in the body and that it must support a change in governance within venezuela itself the time has come for the united nations to recognize interim president won by doe as the legitimate president of venezuela and seek his representative in this body this body should
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revoke the credentials of venezuela's representative to the united nations recognize interim president one guy go and see the representative of the free venezuelan government in this body without delay with all due respect mr ambassador you shouldn't be here you should return to venezuela and tell nicolas maduro that is time is up. it's time for him to go but support for the material government from others within the security council in particular russia which says that the real threat to venezuela comes from without from bodies such as the united states rather than inside that country itself change within venue as well as say the russians must be determined by bin as well and some serves not by outside forces so like on so many other issues the security council deeply divided on the issue of venezuela and who should lead it. sudan's president is under
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increasing pressure as western nations add their voices to calls for political change on tuesday protesters held a fifth straight day of a sit in the army headquarters the continued into the night sudan's information minister says eleven people were killed during security incidents in the capital israel a moment. determined to make their voices heard sudanese protesters continue to come out in their numbers chanting outside army headquarters in the capital khartoum for another day one of whom are starving under this president we have been displaced because of him they do to us as they please we ask particular to be ousted. but on monday and tuesday security force personnel opened fire on demonstrators staging a sit in later some soldiers intervened and others expressed their support for the demonstrators. and this is
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a message to our colleagues in the armed forces the people here are brothers and have a right to speak their minds these are mid ranking officers power still lies with the higher level of command despite some saluting the army and calling for them to part ways with the government a spokesman for the military says the armed forces and security forces remain united the mold i hope but i mean what about the police. national security and intelligence forces are supported by the army we needed to consider certain things before moving the enthusiastic protesters outside the area the very well prepared plan has helped us to control the situation in a peaceful way. opposition leaders say they're seeking talks with the army to plan a transitional administration and they now have the backing of the u.s. u.k. and no way the three country said in a joint statement sudanese authorities must now respond and deliver a credible plan for this political transition but some activists believe more needs
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to be done is number of if you committed the genocide in darfur everybody knows their militaries are shit that i'm ever here so to actually just try to have a negotiation or a settlement is not enough there has to be a strong statement where change to happen and das to be a way for him to leave power omar al bashir has not commented on the past few days of protest but state t.v. showed pictures of him chairing a meeting of the country's supreme commission for national dialogue. the anti-government protests started last december fueled by food shortages and rising prices human rights watch says more than fifty people have been killed in violence since then forgot how to in february a state of emergency was brought in but it's failed to contain these protests the biggest challenge yet for all the shares a thirty year rule. as to don appears to be heading to
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a political breaking point protesters say they'll continue to take to the streets until their demands are met. mohammed al jazeera. within the last half hour the algerian government's announced elections will be held on july the fourth earlier it is used licenses for ten new political parties but protesters aren't backing down continuing their calls for a revamp of the entire political establishment algeria's army chief is. promising a transparent political transition but is calling on people to be patient he says foreign policies are in trying to undermine the country's stability. a fire has broken out at a shopping mall in bangkok killing at least two people and injuring more than a dozen others hundreds of people were evacuated from the central worlds complex model which also houses a hotel and an office because of the fire is on no. tough new laws banning semi automatic guns are due to be in place in new zealand by the end of the week the parliament acted just weeks after fifty people were shot during an attack
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on two mosques in christ church during friday prayers all but one of new zealand's one hundred twenty m.p.'s voted for the gun reform bill which also outlaws parts that can be used to modify banned firearms. scientists have unveiled the highly anticipated first picture of a black hole a gravitational monster in the galaxy more than fifty three million light years away but calls it impossible to see because they are so far away now the debate will begin on whether the image supports or shatters the general theory of relativity in science and technology editor mariana horned. people have long tried to imagine what a black hole knocks like. we know there are out there monsters of space that scientists believe exert enormous gravitational force on stands everything else around them. but if we one of these images is again there
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so far away no one had ever seen one at forty four million kilometers across the said to terrace i used the super massive black hole at the same to revelle milky way galaxy as at least thirty times the size of our sun you'd think that would be easy to spot but at twenty six thousand light years away and kilometers that's two point three and seventeen zeros scientists say it's like taking. a photograph of an epilogue on the moon to see a black hole that size would need a telescope as wide as the earth sound impossible well two years ago experts from the event horizon telescope project did the next best thing creating a global network of observatories to form a virtual telescope the size of our planet they zeroed in on two black holes terrace ice down and the months to black hole that anchors the giant galaxy him eighty seven they picked up on the high energy radiation emitted from the jets and
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swirling disks of white hot gas and measure around a black holes event horizon the boundary from which nothing escapes and a few days the observatories had collected so much data it couldn't be uploaded and had to be flown to the united states to be processed what they head waves on the electromagnetic spectrum they started off as images like this and after about two years of piecing it all together and rendering scientists can now reveal this i never believed that this black hole was as big of people said until the song that. and m.h. so significant that astronomers held similar tiniest global news conferences it's an image of the black hole at the heart of the giant in may she seven galaxy more than fifty three million light years away in the virgo constellation it's still too
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early to conclude whether this affirms or challenges what we know about the laws of physics and space but einstein's theory of general relativity seems to be holding up sofa disease the first ever image and this gives us great confidence that relativity is the one we understand in the strong field regime where coverage is very very strong actually follows exactly what einstein predicted. the debate on the significance of this pierced in the age of a black hole has only just begun but for many already seeing is believing maidana hond al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories benjamin assignor whose main rival has conceded defeat in the general election the announcement by benny gantz is blue and white party clears the way for the prime minister to form
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a coalition government and secure a fifth term in office however promise to make nothing of his time in office because living in hell british prime minister to resign mays in brussels asking the e.u. to accept a short break delay this may want to move the deadline to june the thirtieth as britain faces crashing out of the blocks without a deal on friday. many people be frustrated that the summit is taking place at all because the u.k. should have left the news by now and i greatly regret the fact the parliament is not being able to pass a deal that would enable us to be in this phase and also the way that i and the government continue to find a way forward thinking talking with your position and being serious constructive they will continue tomorrow the purpose of this summit these twenty three an extension which gives us more time to agree a deal to enable us to leave the e.u. in that way and algeria's government has announced elections will be held on july the fourth but protestors aren't backing down continuing their calls for
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a revamp of the entire political establishment here an army chief is promising a transparent political transition but is calling on people to be patient the u.n. security council is meeting to discuss the deepening crisis in venezuela the us vice president mike pence has been demanding that the group recognize the opposition leader. as the legitimate president of venezuela he also told venezuela's representative at the united nations to quote go home. a fire has broken out at a shopping center in bangkok killing at least two people and injuring more than a dozen others hundreds of people were evacuated from the central world complex mall which also house a hotel and some offices the course of the fire is unknown in new zealand the parliament there has approved tough new laws banning semiautomatic guns it comes just weeks after fifty people were shot dead during the attack on two mosques in christ church during friday prayers. those are your headlines the news continues on
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this channel after inside story we're back with the news hour in about twenty eight minutes see the. they fought an extremely tight race now embattled prime minister benjamin netanyahu looks likely to form israel's next government but if the country appears to drift further to the extreme right what sort of government might that be and how will it impact both israel and the region this is inside story.
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hello everyone welcome to inside story on kemal santamaria there is no doubt saying benjamin netanyahu is a political survivor the israeli prime minister first took office way back in one thousand nine hundred ninety six and now in israel's twenty nineteen election he is once again in prime position to bring together a ruling coalition now that is not to say israel's elections weren't close they definitely were but it is ready politics is all about partnerships and the way netanyahu positioned himself before the vote has been finding support after it will be far easier for him and his likud party but what will it all mean for israel and the wider region remember netanyahu promised a lot before the vote controversial plans by an exciting west bank settlements but don't forget he's also been indicted on multiple counts of corruption and the first hearings could happen within weeks here's how some israelis felt about the election results. i think they might be naive because they felt that it be a change for you to change for the better change going forward towards peace
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towards. everything that it's better and i. am a bit scared to tell you always a great leader. is rarely a strong country. it's the world's country and i think it would be better. i don't think there'd. be enough experience with surrounded by right wing radical people who want to any more serious juries in this part when never going to have peace and i'm terribly upset to hear of the sajan and the shock of my life i was sure that this time we would win. terrible you can't just come out of nowhere and become a prime minister and the b.b.c. has all the experience and big achievement on his personal account it remains to be
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seen what's going to happen with it. ok let's get into it let's bring in our panel for today starting in brussels with a key elder who was a columnist for al monitor israel pulse in london you'll see michael berg a professor in international relations at regents university specializes in israeli politics and rounding out the panel in west jerusalem mitchell barak is the c.e.o. of kievan global research was also an advisor to the former israeli president shimon peres so welcome to all three of you gentlemen my first question it's a very simple one and i might get just a quick view from each of you on this is how did he do this benjamin netanyahu benny gantz was supposed to be a serious threats to him this time around and in fact even though it was close likud picked up five more seats than it did back in twenty fifteen. akiva let's start with your welcome all first of all i think they're the reason is that netanyahu know is
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a magician he can play at the same time the big hero the master of. not only his where about he can. drive the whole world was you know his is side and see who are the first to congratulate him erotica rides in italy would be from india now evil president trump said this is unbelievable this is good news for peace so an ateneo can best israelis that he is the number one diplomat not only israel not only the middle east in the world and. it seems that if you look at the votes in the south near gaza he got a majority of the people who keep complaining that they have to run for shelters and the government is not protecting them and yet he got the majorities of the
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masses is that these wherries are afraid of change more than they are afraid of precise you'll see what do you reckon baby the magician. it is definitely a very skillful politician he knows how to play there is audiences in it not only you manage to regroup his base but also increases poll i think in many ways to a court said just a minute ago it's a place between the victim hood and playing the statesman it does almost to perfection and it was issued himself in the to form a new government. in many in many cases actually to see what happens happen next but he can it can in many ways assemble around him that aren't in a way that the left which or the last decimated in this and this election and
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pushing the entire agenda in a way that is convenient for him politically and it's very difficult to l.-u. if the result is he fortune not only for a split because survivor but also surviving out of a cold case and probably of jane mitchell barack i can't wait to hear what you've got to say because you've been smiling and shaking your head there tell me what you think. well i wouldn't call him a magician although a lot of people do because a magician means it's kind of a sleight of hand or an illusion and there's nothing sleight of hand about what he does he's very clear the people who vote for him know exactly what they're voting for i think the illusion really happens before the election the media is creating it maybe the attorney general in this case was creating it and that's the kind of illusion that takes place and that the new outcomes and says just like was said previously he's not only the best diplomat and representative of israel he's one of the most skilled diplomats in the world the most skilled leaders in the world and
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i've said it in the studio very few leaders can say they have a great relationship with president trump and very few can say they have a great relationship with vladimir putin he can say both and a lot of people go for the whole geo political package and say we want stability we want a leader we want someone that can keep the country moving forward the economy and everything else is we're on the right track so it didn't matter then michel to the electorate that prime minister netanyahu has been indicted for corruption and the hearings could begin quite soon i mean from the outside looking in it seems that should be a major factor in people's thinking. right well first of all he hasn't been indicted yet the attorney general recommends an indictment he gets a pre-hearing we're about a year away of possibly getting an indictment but no because what happened is it just embolden the people's preconceived notion of him meeting for the people that didn't like him and wanted him out and thought he's corrupt that this was just
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proof that the attorney general has found corruption charges for the people that believe he's not only a great leader but he's being attacked unfairly by the media that he's being attacked unfairly by the police and what he says that because the left can't change the government and overthrow him in the ballot box they're doing it in the court room so they believe that and he was able to leverage out and use that and that's what he successfully did so it did it matter to the people just to to to reassure them what they had felt already well gentlemen let's talk about the potential coalition composition you'll see that me start with you we know that prime minister netanyahu has the better chance of creating this but it will be forgive my phrasing his very base he wanted a lot of smaller policies in which he will have to rely and will be going i suspect even more right wing. yes and the completion of course if you want stability this is the first time that the two biggest parties have more than half
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of the vote in the old and you know around seventy but this small spot really not going to happen it means that he have to to start coalition negotiations up the additional whole stating with the small parties there's no reason to make it easy for him though you might see the outcome the endgame of all of it they know that he needs them more than ever all for both surviving in power and also to deal with tension live not being indicted and i think the potential of being indicted and probably watch quicker than what was suggested is there. a might try to pass a legislation to stop it wiley's in office they understand the power that they have now and they would joke for positions within the ministry that would serve their their party's bear in mind those parties are not kitchell parties but more niche sector parties and they will try to fight for if each other and the likud party for
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the best position so we can take much longer than one expects you make the point you'll see that these two parties have more than half the vote is the idea of a blue and white i even against likud coalition is that completely out of out of the question do you think it's just just the way the numbers stack up is interesting. well the numbers suggest that it's tempting but it depends what you believe what benny dunn said in public or to send behind closed doors and when we called it that he might do it i think some of the blue and white as light as members of the likud to come over to germany from there and they might want to be part of the next government but i think that would be great resistance wishing the blue and white it's business and so-so and low among the likud party so i think at the end of the day it will go it will go to delight for the blue and white because it's not a real it's an alliance if they want to find any group to stay together staying in
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the position and do it would be better that they were going into government and we'll talk more about the future of that party in a moment and i'll be back with akiva eldar shortly but i do just when i have a little think about what prime minister netanyahu stands for what's the likely shape of his next term well top of the list or something netanyahu often pushes to the top of the list is iran he sees it as of course israel's biggest threat has called for much tougher sanctions against the islamic republic which is actually meant a bit of a thawing of relations with some arab countries he's taken steps to minimize the chances of palestinians ever having their own state even suggested his new government would an extent legal jewish settlements in the occupied west bank all of this of course comes as we've heard under the renewed support for the united states president trump already recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and then included the occupied golan heights as israeli territory just before the election but on the flip side as we've discussed netanyahu is fighting for political
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survival in the face of a series of corruption allegations against sent a key in brussels all those things i mentioned there things like the prospect of there not being a palestinian state the prospect of an exciting settlements in the west bank are these just things do you think which prime minister netanyahu has said in the lead up to the election or do you think these are the types of things he will follow through on. no matter what he said before the elections and i just said that he how is a magician but even attorney how is not able to find the magic touch to have the magic touch and the magic formula how to have the territories how to eat the cake and still have a jewish and democratic state he doesn't have an answer that he wants to annex area c. and eeprom made some progress this area c. is sixty percent of the territories and it's like geez it's like swiss cheese and
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i don't believe the international community even if trump will do it the price that israel will have to pay for it is tremendous and an attorney hour will be dragged by is partner has to do something that he doesn't want what they're really wants is to sustain a status quo and sit back and watch how the hamas and the fatah a are fighting and actually they are helping him because they keep telling the israeli people that there is no partner you see or what's left of also six members of the labor party and four members of of merits and of course the our bodies but you can understand with a t.v. you can understand why he might think that that will still apply that the status quo will so point because nothing's changed nothing's changed in the past five or ten years really they're still my prospect of a palestinian state there is still the hamas vs israel conflict it's all these things nothing's changing no something is changing there are more and more settlers
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coming in there is a creeping an exception actually and since it's creeping people don't notice it and it's not a big deal for of course not from president drum and he may even recognize like he did with east jerusalem and the golan heights he may even recognize the annexation of the sea but what about the two point five million palestinians who live there. they have doesn't have any houses of that and trump doesn't have any on that and what will happen to optimize and this also is actually what happened yesterday is the final burial of the austrian agreement it has been more than twenty five years since was cited rabin is not results are five is not results and now the labor party the followers of its hot robbie all have also. faded away so. nearly could not be very happy was the result but the bigger of
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greece were lost and you know shimon peres said in ninety six when he lost against the now he said that jews won over these where these and this is what's happening and it turned out it comes up as more jewish and greater patio but even you know he cannot bridge between the jewish state and the demographics and apartheid. michel let me come back to you in jerusalem elder raised a really good point which i wanted to discuss anyway and he mentioned the labor party the left wing which is basically melted away this is a really interesting thing for israel's future isn't it i mean the fact that there there isn't a left wing the war there's not an active left wing in israel anymore it's completely changed. well it's sort of has it just been rebranded and a lot of those left wing voters went to blue and white. that became the let's
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defeat its own yahoo from the left or from the center party and a lot of those votes went there but i mean i think labor has a long term stability because it's a party that's been around it's a party with real members as a party with real branches and it's a party that goes through primaries i think they had a labor ship craves a leadership crisis in that they their newly elected leader was did not have the confidence of a lot of the members and certainly not a lot of the voters and he acted in a way which was not you know conducive to getting votes and so so they have a horribly horrible result but in the long run i think they may be able to pick themselves up there is room for a left as yossi said it's not a party it's an alliance it's an alliance of some very different ideologies and the one thing they have in common is we don't like be bigots and you know so that's not going to stick so long and now people are going to really a lot of those people joined that party because they were already you know dividing
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the spoils of winning the government and becoming ministers and deputy ministers and heads of committee so right now none of that is happening so you know some of those parties may break away and i think that it's in yeah looks at blue and white and bennie got us as a threat as they are thirty five seats is very very serious and very impressive just like it is for netanyahu and again those two parties can get together and it's and yeah we'll probably try somehow to break up that part of it to join his coalition in pieces or something or maybe have them them them some of those people breakaway as was said but that's a real threat that party and it's not a cohesive unit so we'll have to see what does he do with that and then where does it go you'll see if you want to add to that. yes absolutely gave that the labor party is it has great tradition this is the party that founded the country and led to the zionist movement to even be a even before but it needs to be group and it's not only to to compete with an
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attorney in his own page and his own page of security in terms of military power yes seize is talk of them but they've need to provide to introduce a little tentative fold too long they don't do that they hide what they really stand for their fight to talk about two state solution they talk about it afraid to talk about social justice they need leadership the leadership force to disallow action disasters and i think in the sense that the blue and white is not an attentive it's absolutely right that they in many ways suck some of the support because voters looked in the labor party and said this is not enough there are three of this is not something that we can thousand what they need is to look go back to the drawing both and see what the level party which in international terms is a social democratic party well of the voters what of the ideas that they can grow and start working a given just one example in the south of the country which is one of the poorest
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the likud party is doing much though it's a touch of that style party then they label about the this is inconceivably of the labor party wants to do any better gentleman as we wind down the clock i want to give you a scenario here and it seems odd to be talking about the scenario given we've only just had an election but. this is a scenario of another election given that israel often has early elections given that prime minister netanyahu could be indicted and they might have to be early elections anyway how do you think it could pan out further we've talked about the future of this blue and white alliance we've talked about the future if there is a future for the labor party if they were to be a vote a key for all start with you in the next twelve months or so what what does this fight tell us about the next one if i can put it that way. yes very good question i believe that the selection is a promo or rehearsal. before the next elections and i keep asking myself.
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what would be the results if netanyahu was not leading the likud there was someone else i do know some. cuts or anyone from the top of the engine all of that we could would we get the same results because it seems that the elections were kind of her friend of. either you are for bibi or against b b s i the only b.b. only not be beaten this was to slogans that were leading the campaigns so what now will be the challenge of guns and blue and white is to consolidate their platform yeah and. yes he said before they will have to form a coalition with the labor party which matters and to find a way to the hearts of be our constituency yes that they have alienated and
2:42 am
next time to say yes we offer something else it's not just you know we owe we've promised you to remove bibi because he's been there for too long and he's indicted many chauffeured sort sorry for it either i'll interrupt because i want to get final thoughts from mitchell and you'll see as well mitchell the likud without prime minister netanyahu how much of a different ball game is it. well we don't want to talk about the inheritance of the likud until while the leader is still alive and very well i will say that you know to talk about elections in twelve months i think that's and you know is fully aware that he's he's got a mandate to continue and he has to make the strongest possible government both to govern and in case he is indicted and by the way israeli law is very clear the prime minister a minister who's indicted does not have to resign until convicted and you know we
2:43 am
may see some surprises here because netanyahu could say he can make a government with sixty five and he'll get the recommendations to do that and then he takes those recommendations and leverages that and says maybe to the blue and white party as a whole or maybe to pieces of it and he takes some of those ultra orthodox parties and he tries to get a wider based coalition which is more along the lines of national unity if you listen to what he said last night i haven't heard him in a long time say i'm the prime minister of everyone and i'm going to represent everyone so he went from being very divisive over the campaign to even talking a little bit about unity it is still unclear but he's got the next month and a half to let everyone sweat it out to see what do you really want to do and he's going to play all of the parties off of each other and then i'll decide what he wants to do you'll see make a big mitchell does make a good point there that there's no way prime minister netanyahu is going to think about another election all the fact that he might not be the end yes he does need to be indicted into a lot has to happen before we get to this scenario which i've given you that said
2:44 am
i'm going to stay with the scenario how do you say maybe maybe tell us more about how you think the other parties can capitalize on it as we've made the point blue and white go thirty five seats as well that's a that's a great springboard. i think to continue the point i think everyone who makes everyone is waiting in the next next few weeks and they know what they have to play but i think if that and you know is indicted though it doesn't have to resign this would be a real watershed in the politics that someone as a plane minister is indicted some serious corruption allegation and want to resign and i think maybe there is actually the extra challenge we can we feen the liquid about the because there are some people that are waiting to and hired him is still alive and well but there are of people that waiting for a long time some candidates they'll waiting to to replace him so i think if this happens there might be
2:45 am
a coup we feel if in the likud the democratic will of course we should we really could both be and maybe some weird alliances realignments between the blue and white and the likud vote in mitchell i can see you want to respond but unfortunately the clock speed nice again but i do want to thank all three of us in brussels you'll see michael berg in london and mitchell barrackers joining us from west arisen thank you to all three of you and thank you for watching of course you can see this program again in fact any of our previous editions of inside story visit al-jazeera dot com and go to the programs section for that for further discussion we're up on social media as well our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story we are on twitter as well at a.j. inside story i might come all ajayi if you want to tweet me like thanks for joining us on canal santamaria we'll see you again soon i.
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liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. coming. up. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here though coming up in the next sixty minutes after nearly pulling off a major israel's blue and white party concedes defeat to prime minister benjamin
2:49 am
netanyahu. i'm barbara starr in london with the top stories from europe including britain's prime minister is locked in talks with the e.u. leaders trying to agree on extension to stop the country crashing out of the block on friday. i never believed that this was as big as people said until we saw. that. the world's first images of a black hole scientists unveiled one of the mysteries of the universe and in sport the second night of the champions league quarter final take off later on wednesday as five ton european champions barcelona faced two time winners in manchester united. we begin with breaking news out of israel benjamin netanyahu is main rival has now conceded defeat in the general election the announcement by benny gantz is blue and
2:50 am
white party clears the way for the prime minister to form a coalition government and secure a fifth term in office or a force that begins our coverage from west jerusalem. was just hours after claiming victory came a different tone from the man now likely to become the leader of israel's opposition. they want to different way and we're going to deliver it i told you that i came for ten years this is only the first morning there's plenty of work ahead of me. in reality the day brought only growing certainty that the former army chiefs project to unseat israel's prime minister had failed. only b.b. king bibi had been a chance in the early hours of wednesday and once again benjamin netanyahu backed up his boast that there really is no one like him in israeli politics. very moved that the people of israel put their trust in me again for the fifth time a greater trust even he managed to take enough votes from right wing rivals to gain seats for his likud party without undermining support for his preferred coalition
2:51 am
partners personally as well as politically the stakes have never been higher i think the main purpose of these elections a was to get a majority in the parliament in the knesset that will enable him to make legislation that will give him immunity and protect the. charges that he is going criminal charges it's going to face a few months israel's attorney general is due to hold hearings for netanyahu and his lawyers where they can challenge his intention to indict the prime minister in three separate corruption cases it's considered likely however that charges will be brought one of the key questions now is exactly what kind of a price the smaller far right parties might try to extract from that in return for their support especially if they're expected to go to the wire. for him to help him defend against the corruption cases he faces and it's a price that could end up costing the palestinians more than anyone else in the
2:52 am
final days of the campaign netanyahu endorsed the annexation of all israeli settlements in the occupied west bank palestinian politicians fear it's more than election ploy rather a consequential political shift just weeks ahead of the planned publication of the trumpet ministrations peace plan i think the whole goals of the game are changing because now this clearly superimposing greater all of historical palestine. and therefore they have totally cancer and the agreements they have nullified the two state solution they have totally gated that requirements of they have totally violated international law and so on so now we need a whole new strategy to deal with this. netanyahu stands to make history twice over within months becoming israel's longest serving prime minister and potentially it's supposed to serve the stain of indictment for all his opponents talk of its being time for change enough israelis have decided that what they really want is more of
2:53 am
the same. west jerusalem. bill hamid joins us with the latest from west jerusalem so how easy will this coalition building process be for benjamin netanyahu. it will be fairly easy because all the numbers are there news shows that he has it in their pocket there is a process that has to he has to go through first he has to wait for the final results so should come out by thursday lunchtime as we are hearing and then the consultations with president rivlin should start every political every leader of a political party will go to him and recommend who he thinks next prime minister israel should be now for the. first time ever in the history of israel president rivlin has announced that these consultations will be broadcasted live on t.v. for all israelis to watch as they happen at the end of these consultations then the
2:54 am
president will formally asked benjamin netanyahu to form a government he has twenty eight days to do that they'll be a lot of political bargaining during that time for example especially voided very sensitive. minister of defense minister of foreign minister and all sort of the high profile postings in the government so as i said twenty eight days it could be renewed fifteen days but it should be a fairly easy process for benjamin netanyahu when it comes to working harder with his coalition partners does that kind of shift the center of gravity of what he can do i mean what do they want from this relationship. when every party certainly wants something but this is a coalition of sort of. right and far right parties are quite clear from
2:55 am
the moves he did before dia elections what kind of concessions he's going to give we heard him announcing about twenty four forty eight hours rather before dia election that he would he would go ahead with next with the an exception of the all the settlements in the occupied west bank that includes also the outposts now both settlements and outposts are considered illegal under international law so that could go ahead it will take also a fair amount of legislation for a day to happen but that is something that many of his coalition partners would like to see but you have to remember that for the first time ever for perhaps for benjamin netanyahu he will have a very strong opposition within the knesset the israeli parliament and we just heard from the two co-chairs of the blue and white. list benny gantz and your libido yes they conceded defeat but they said very clearly that they will make and i'm quoting here benny gantz benjamin netanyahu life
2:56 am
a living hell they said that they planned to be a very strong and loud opposition within that knesset that is something the prime minister has not had for quite a while thanks very much let's get a reaction from the us white house correspondent is kimberly hellcat she's in the bureau in washington of washington for us. mr trump making the right noises i guess predictable noises about what we think mr netanyahu is about to go through but talking about it being good for the so-called peace process the moribund peace process that feels as if it's almost counter-intuitive. yeah there's been a lot of speculation in washington about this peace plan because it's been promised by the trumpet ministration for so long but from the beginning didn't seem to have the objectivity that many in washington felt that it should from the moment the president announced that his own son in law with very limited experience in foreign
2:57 am
policy and the nuances of a conflict that who got on for so long the fact that he is an observant jew made many people question whether or not he was the right person to be helping lead this plan and moving it forward i guess the other concern in all of this is some of the actions that donald trump has taken in terms of whether the u.s. is still could even be remotely considered an honest broker given the fact that not only did the president twenty seventeen move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem he also recently with benjamin netanyahu sitting in the oval office once again reiterated the u.s. position of the trumpet registration is that there is israel sovereignty over the occupied golan heights and then this week we saw the trumpet ministration we understand at the request of the israeli prime minister designate the iranian revolutionary guard corps r.g.c. as a foreign terrorist organization these all seem to be pre-election gifts for one of
2:58 am
donald trump's staunchest allies and vice versa donald trump reacting to all of this on the lawn of the white house a few hours ago saying that he believes that this victory by the israeli prime minister will now help the united states as it tries to coordinate peace between israel and the palestinians. the fact that the one i think will be some pretty good actress germs are paid not everyone said and i never made a promise. but everybody said you can't have peace in the middle east with israel and the palestinians i think we have it here and i think we have now a better chance with bibi having one now the u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe on capitol hill my last few hours saying that once again as we've heard so many times that there is a soon to be a release of the trumpet ministrations mideast peace plan but again a lot of skepticism about it success given not only the recent actions of the administration but the fact that it has confirmed to al-jazeera that there have
2:59 am
been no public talks at all over this plan with the palestinians kimberly thanks very much. place most ill to come for you on the news hour including these stories the u.s. vice president mike pence of venezuela's represents to the meeting of the united nations. also ahead we'll report on the hopes and aspirations of people in india a day before voting there in the general election. one of cuba's veteran baseball players the president trumps decision to shut his countrymen out of the major league. the leader's a loss in emergency talks over whether to grant the u.k. a bricks that extension over to barbara in london. peter thank you yes that's right and if no agreement can be reached then the u.k. will crash out of the block on friday without a deal the prime minister to resign may has been unable to get her withdrawal
3:00 am
agreement through parliament and british m.p.'s are yet to agree on an alternative plan may is asking for an extension to june thirtieth but certainly the leaders think the u.k. should be given a longer delay and take part in european parliament elections well before we before going into the meeting the prime minister reiterated her support for shorten the way on breaks it i've been clear that the u.k.'s request is for the extension to the thirtieth of june i could be working to make sure that we leave the european union indeed we could have left the european union by now the parliament didn't pass the withdrawal agreement so we need that extra time to work to ensure that we can get a deal through parliament this enables us to be even more to the way that's in everybody's interest i think what matters is that we are able to these the european union the point which we ratify got withdrawal agreement that would enable us to leave on the twenty second of may well any extension.


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