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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 100  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2019 10:33am-11:01am +03

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here is another boy. from the tree. the city. if you don't. want to show me now. that's a question this is the year. they need to tell or. go see it i blew some fed off on the telly but that credit. before talk you don't let's take a. look clear exists may develop into scripts and then we could have credible. looking back. in. the decision to. have all said but he also did pretty well. here the never solid year.
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officially you i'm on this is where you do the government usually because you do you have to use your usual jong. il unique also source you need also sells. the. city of new. york. is where you simply go to go. in one year exception there is a hobby or unusual. books you don't tell your salty about. sebastian as a copy elsewhere you want to hob a day. at the rim or the hob you have a beer simple there's a circle you only want that decision or luck it is often result in your last exterior i spoke. only as good we actually i hate you get along it is
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a. she could of made it no longer. in one thousand nine hundred twenty nine aged sixty eight dinny decided to go on a journey he'd been planning since his conversion to islam pilgrimage to mecca known as ties. but first he traveled south to visit the hometown of his friends lima in i'll go there where he recorded the start of his spiritual journey in a painting called departure to mecca. the journey had a major spiritual impact on but it was also hugely physically demanding.
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in or nasa ready. died in paris on the twenty fourth of december one thousand twenty. a funeral ceremony took place at the grand mosque in paris attended by among others a former governor general of algeria. a month later in a system jan brought his body to busan to be buried inside a door himself had built. five thousand people attended his funeral on the twelfth of january nineteenth thirty including scholars and leading figures like the french governor general of algeria. who delivered a eulogy. d.n.a.'s close companion sleeman ben abraham was later buried alongside
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when he died in one nine hundred fifty three. since dinis death nine decades ago his distinctive paintings have graced museums art galleries and collections all over. here at the o.c. museum on the left bank of the set in paris. and in this angela theon home at the museum of art and history in not born in southern france. and the museum of fine arts in algiers. but much of da's fine work remains in private hands and still commands extremely
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high prices. of all produce all that routinely says here all while of little that didn't want and then it. dies all matter of the movie or show you those. she's entitled type who because you're going to i mean you deal. from. seppi but are you jordan. a good movie i mean you do who think it's a rule but we're going so fast because you could use a cup of vision i've known one that's a couple certain. what you know hawk isn't paid was he there's one pair you didn't i won't go to china he's on i stand such a good time i thought oh little johnny young which he would remember. and talked all full of holes energy. of the poor me that is i shall
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show twenty two on the show now is a to do if and you don't hear you you're pretty young because jews. eliza washed away incredible courage on its own unique their own charity to go. we have an all song ever you may require your wall or. let you need a lesion. now hark. betty bionicle in china you are bad to supplement it is all your talk amongst yourselves i.c.i. you to be good because only issues the yoke about it we will double all sick or what but lost all the axle on the immediate dot guilty dash the she aristocracies up to if i want to all of what lead to walk free or was that up to ya the law what appeared to be scott ok organs. usually got out with the
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others on the series. is all she was even the off them. after d.s. death and been able to try to set up a museum in his memory in both side rather than the capital algiers. but the wheels of french colonial bureaucracy turned slowly and benny but he died in one thousand nine hundred fifty three without seeing his museum plan realized. symon been able to him had belonged to the it body school of islam which had developed in oman but of which there were pockets in north africa. when he died the abody theologian shaikh biodiesel him stepped in and bought d.n.a. his former property on behalf of the bodied community of broussard he hoped to establish a museum when the colonial administration would allow. algeria gained independence
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from france in one thousand nine hundred sixty two and there was a determination to rebuild the country and preserve its cultural head. each cheek by you'd donated dinis former properties in busan to the algerian government and with others revived the plan to build a museum to preserve his memory or unusual but half of it was that like it might have been your own crew and not all and holby and the homeless a tent up yet in which they can meet at work or wonders on her property in jersey happy a combine i hope that the coffee have to back at the arrow of course because the coffee was our muscle our very hard work a part of it be at the might be some acid in the if if it was at one killer of all what the barrel mark by it was very odd that the color but the color but almost in the mole emitted in jazz or where we saw it in most of our a variety of us i mean what about science as an experiment has nothing factors in.
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a world in a columbus shared by your why some sudden idea. come up all the digital the comet our own attorney man's a lower class american matter what on earth of the. what's up the water when i can mom a gun went on to them. under bush at the. foot as never the tendency is. to listen to diplomacy feed. the the amateur and see what the method and see here. miss warren is out on the syfy to medicate. the french artist all remedies visited north africa and painted them around the
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same time as d.n.a. and is better known around the world today. d.n.a. is all it is more conservative but he's painting specially of blue sod and its people remain a source of inspiration to many bringing realism and respect to a region often fought off as being closed to the outside world was. their dreams have turned out to be disappointed. if anyone called me to say he'd leave egypt i'd advise him not to come three young north africans tell the story of how europe is not all they hoped it would be the.
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al-jazeera world welcome to italy. hello there are winter storm is battering parts of north america or at the moment if you take a look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud here as it makes its way across the rockies and then really begins to pull itself together keeping an awful lot of heavy snow some places could see up to sixty centimeters of snow from this system and it gradually is working its way up into eastern parts of canada by the time we get to friday so eastern canada them will see the worst of the snowy
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weather and then for the south to rain but he even here there's the risk of seeing some severe weather at times towards the west it is drying up a behind it so a top temperature of around nine hundred in san francisco i mean for the towards the south and there's been quite a few showers here recently i still think there's going to be quite a few more over the southern parts of cuba as we head through the day on thursday but on friday they should dry out so most of us seeing some dry weather back to one or two showers will still we've got to say around the dominican republic but for the west it should be dry as well with us in mexico city getting to twenty seven degrees now but for the south of course we've had the horrific flooding that though the showers have moved away towards the north they could just be one too long to show is here but mostly we see dry a weather as we head through thursday and friday the wetter weather will be pushing towards the south over parts of bolivia for friday.
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even the public feel confident that he may know how about health question mark over if he does have a corruption question mark over him join me mad from my guests tomorrow we'll take the hot seat and we debate the stories i think issues and i'll just. get up i have my coffee. i had moved a few cigarettes. go to work go to a place he. did not know it's going to go to starbucks the star drawn drawing kids my sanity keeps me from. going to fight somebody or. rob a crystal or outside of normal life when i drive forget everything else that's in
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the world someone's on my mind on the paper waking up in newbury park after walking out of my job and only had my last paycheck. i am now homeless and i wanted to go and sing to turn to use my drawings for peace of mind. and the adventures of nick seven triple x. two. i've drawn twelve hundred pages. three volumes and eight stories. of people nowadays there's one when using said good job. and i said well you tell me where you can get a job you're going to be happy. and i'm still make your mil's i've figured out. to be comfortable while but i would not be in a strata get i need a least a thousand dollars a month rent costs about six to seven hundred you have food transportation.
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that will i did. make enough. at least to go through the winter months where i go where i can do drawing and side in peace. you know not to worry about something as to wake me. congo when i want to eat and get good amount of sleep but i want to make enough money to last all year around and see the little. zero. carry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. this stuff and iraq's extension from the e.u. comes with the warning for britain. the first polls are open in india's massive
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month long general election prime minister narendra modi's political future hangs in the balance. the u.s. vice president lashes out at venezuela's representative adding a un meeting. and in israel the voting ends but the coalition ago are just getting started. it has been a long day for a youth leaders with the u.k. just forty eight hours away from crashing out of the union without a deal they met to consider prime minister teresa mayes request for a second extension of the brics that deadline so their offer is six month postponement until october thirty first theresa may says that she's accepted the offer despite her preference for a shorter delay period so only june thirtieth. i continue to believe we need to leave the e.u. with a deal as soon as possible and finally the e.u.
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have agreed that the extension can be terminated when the withdrawal agreement has been russia fied which is my key request of my fellow leaders for example this means that if we are able to pass a deal in the first three weeks of may we will not have to take part in european elections and will officially leave the e.u. on saturday the first of june i will be making a statement to the house of commons further talks will also take place between the government and the opposition to seek a way forward extension does come with that condition and you council president hollande go as and the past expresses prostration over the practice or process had a word of advice to the u.k. government ok we'll continue to see a corporation as a full member state with all its rights and as a close friend and trusted ally in the future let me finish with. less to our british friends. this extension as flexible as
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expected. it's a little bit shorter than i expected but there are still enough. to find the. european commission's president says the members will review britain's progress in june are going to talk about the who's live for us in brussels and. are extremely frustrated they have not hidden how frustrated they are nevertheless the e.u. has come back with this extension. was right. on wednesday because we're now in the early hours of thursday the british prime minister to resign may have to come to brussels and she had asked for e.u. leaders to grant her an extension of article fifty which would delay breaks it's until june thirtieth she was saying she needs more time to try and get to with the
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agreement passed by westminster when it wasn't clear whether or not she would get past extension but e.u. leaders have now said that she can have an extension until october thirty first about so much longer than she actually asked for she is saying that that's an opportunity but she still determined to try and get the u.k. to leave the e.u. well before that what she doesn't want to do is have to contest the european union's parliamentary elections that are coming up in may now and e.u. rules for as long as the u.k. remains within the european union it must abide by all rules and one of them is that it must contest the european elections to reason may it was certainly quite defiant as she left saying she's going to go to westminster now and try and see what she can do but there is no doubt that many e.u. leaders here really feel that she came to brussels without a plan and she's leaving without much of a plan as well what all they can offer they say is more time but as we heard from
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the e.u. council's president really the whole just the whole course of action now for braggs that he said is really in the hands of the u.k. ok and live for us in brussels and a long night natasha thank you very much going to burn smith now bernard has the latest from london. regs it supporting m.p.'s haven't wanted any extension to the ukase departure date from the european union they wanted it to happen on friday they wanted the u.k. to crash out that is now not going to happen the u.k. has been given a reprieve the challenge is now for tourism is conservative party and jeremy cauldrons labor party to see if they can somehow find a way forward a common stance on drugs that they can take to parliament get it passed through the house of commons both sides say they've been involved in sincere discussions those discussions will continue on the first day but the problem is there seems to be no
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indication that the two sides can come together on what sort of way forward they should see for bragg six of those now the very real prospect that the u.k. will be sending members of the european parliament back to the new parliament after the elections are held towards the end of may this is going to be very very difficult particularly for the conservatives because they had promised their supporters that they would no longer be taking part in european parliament elections. voters in india beginning has done their ballots on thursday in the world's biggest election i mean it's from taking a second term but results will be a long time coming when voting spread over several weeks ago to explain what's at stake it's the world's biggest exercise in democracy electing representatives in the lower house of the indian parliament and choosing
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a new government the numbers are simply staggering there are about nine hundred million eligible voters this time that's more than the entire population of europe and almost three times the number of americans more than fifteen million indians are young first time voters. five hundred forty three seats in the lower house are at stake two are reserved for india's anglo indian community now these are indians who trace their ancestry to europe and their representatives are norman a two by the president the magic number needed here to form a government is to seventy two now in the last general elections five years ago promised in the interim or these party of the party won two hundred eighty two seats with the main opposition party the indian national congress fall behind winning forty four seats the big chunks over there are the powerful regional parties such as the a idea and the all india trinamool congress with thirty seven and thirty four seats so who are the main contenders this time well their interim o.b.
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leads the ruling b j p his main challenger raul gandhi is the leader of the indian national congress party the old so powerful regional parties which are formed what they call a grand alliance against more the and may hold the cards if national parties don't win an outright majority among them a moderate the. party and uk english other of the party but in the us most populous state with a provision which has eighty seats and then there is the better g of the all india trinamool congress from west bengal where forty two seats are up for grabs so who would lead more than a billion indians for the next five years well for that we have to wait to come to day on may twenty third. well the parana is live for us in new delhi so elizabeth what are the issues the main issues that are driving voters to the polls.
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one michelle let's start with the main issues which are not just nationwide but in show focus here in. where i am the reason that we here is not just because it's the most populous states and india two hundred million people live you have that as a country it would be the seventh largest in the world but also because it is the most politically important they say that the road to the prime minister's office some twenty kilometers that way runs through they are the issues the nationwide issues are in shops like this here things like communal relations twenty percent of that with this population as a muslim and how they live with the majority in the population and the strains that they've experienced in the last five years the hindu nationalist elementary speed and power at the center and here at the state i watched closely follows as a very big issue there was in the gray area and crisis going on and deal with
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thomas have suffered for many years because of low crop prices because of water shortages and also predation has a very large number of fama so be very interesting to see how they avoid all of those groups will voters in this election especially given that the opposition national congress amongst the other opposition parties some of whom priyanka mentioned in her explain have made all sorts of promises especially to promise to do things like by tough laws the b j p did when by a landslide here in twenty four hundred seventy one out of eighty seats and welfare for they if they can't do it again if they can't win a majority here it will be difficult to see how they can form a majority at the coalition so a list given the heightened tensions recently between pakistan and india. how is pakistan viewing this election. that's right richelle the recent tensions between pakistan and india following the attack and made in
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february have made another issue of national security a cornerstone of the b j p election campaign since february and it is very interesting to see whether voters will go with what the opposition has been campaigning on things like the agrarian crisis unemployment the economy or national security you mention pakistan interestingly we actually heard from the pakistani prime minister in mon khan yesterday saying that he would find it better he would find it easier to negotiate especially on the longstanding issue of kashmir is to find a special moment what the b j p government is now that did have some people raise their eyebrows because the government has to up the ante pockets on sentiment since the attack and push me in february and yet you have on the new prime minister saying he would find it better to not go shoot with the b j p government it will be interesting to see whether that will be an advantage for this government whether.
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supporters will see that as an affirmation that prime minister morty is the man who can deal with pakistan or all right listen to senator pradesh thank you. plenty more ahead in the news hour including the u.n. makes another appeal to prevent a bloody battle for tripoli. and sudan's president under pressure as protesters call for him to step down. and formula one gets ready to celebrate a milestone details coming up and were. president nicolas maduro says he's reached a deal with the red cross to bring humanitarian aid into the country made the comments during a televised address in which he also accused u.s. vice president mike pence of racism and what he called tremendous hatred.


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