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has to meet the u.s. president north korea's newly elected supremes people's assembly is gathering in pyongyang it could indorse leader kim jong un's new path of economic development instead of missing the new clear testing but to do that he needs at least partial lifting of economic sanctions which he'd hoped to get at the hanoi summit now president moon is likely to push the u.s. administration for some sanctions relief but he might be disappointed. there ocracy ease they mean they could buy the hardliners. and the belief that sensuous i just beginning to bite and they might be right so for now we could be left in the same diplomatic limbo people occasionally get their hopes up expecting some huge breakthrough i guess we have to try to do that but until we see some indications of
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change in ideology world view perceptions national interests of the stakeholders in the region will be stuck here for a while but as long as there aren't as missiles being launched or warlike threats being made many in northeast asia will settle for that bright al-jazeera. coalition of the former leader of the democratic republic of congo joseph kabila scored a landslide victory in the country's election for governor angry supporters and newly elected president took to the streets protesting when. reports. another election in the democratic republic of congo provisional government is chosen by parliamentarians. and after what was a tense process former president joseph kabila square listen common front for kong will carry the day it bad all but one province just taken by president felix she said kate is ruling union for democracy and social progress party you d.p.s.
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could be less polished now controls the national and provisional assemblies as well as the senate which leaves a new president in a weak position as his struggles to consolidate power and maneuver congress complex political terrain that's why he supporters in the capital kinshasa are angry this is a u.d.p. a stronghold for the party lost the governor's race here too they took to the streets protesting against the loss inequality should be easy to forget between the president and he's paid. and we are in a coalition the chief of this coalition should be the president of the republic no one else but it's not a fair coalition it's not balanced and. we are giving our party leader the president forty eight hours to cancel the gubernatorial election and can charles and cause so i can you imagine former president kabila controlling the senate and now all the provinces why are we calling ourselves a coalition when others are controlling everything done at the end of the board
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this year we are no longer happy with this coalition between the president and former president kabila we don't see why we have to continue now realized that he has no power as president of this country. she said katie has promised to make a break from an aide. era that was dogged with accusations of corruption mismanagement of public resources and human rights abuses he also has to deal with suspicions that his victory came through a backroom deal the will preserve could be less influence with the important ministries and security forces as well as appoint a prime minister fronted by the former president and his plantation on elisi breaking away from a predecessor who still holds so much power is going to be difficult catherine soy al jazeera arabic. scientists have unveiled a highly anticipated first picture of a black hole gravitational monster and a galaxy more than fifty three million light years away have been impossible to see
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because they are so far away but in global collaboration involving a network of telescopes has made this first picture possible the debate now accounts on whether the image supports or shatters at the area generational shift general pardon me relativity is our science and technology editor mariana. people have long tried to imagine what a black hole looks like. we know they're out there monsters of space that scientists believe exert enormous gravitational force on stars and everything else around them. but if we one of these images is a guess there's so far away no one head of the seen one at forty four million kilometers across the said to terrorists the super massive black hole at the same to ravel milky way galaxy as at least thirty times the size of our sun you'd think
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that would be easy to spot but at twenty six thousand light years away and kilometers that's two point three and seventeen zeros scientists say it's like taking a photograph of an epochal on the moon to see a black hole that size would need a telescope. as wide as the earth sound impossible well two years ago experts from the event horizon telescope project did the next best thing creating a global network of observatories to form a virtual telescope the size of our planet they zeroed in on two black holes as ice down and the months to black hole that anchors the giant galaxy sivan they picked up on the high energy radiation emitted from the jets and swirling disks of white hot gas and measure around a black holes event horizon the boundary from which nothing escapes and a few days the observatories had collected so much data it couldn't be uploaded and
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had to be flown to the united states to be processed what they head will waves on the electromagnetic spectrum they started off as images like this and after about two years of piecing it all together and rendering scientists can now reveal this i never believed that this black hole was as big of people said until we saw that. and so significant that's a strong in those held a similar tiniest global news conferences it's an image of the black hole at the heart of the giant in may she say than galaxy more than fifty three million light years away and a very good constellation it's still too early to conclude whether the sophisms challenge is what we know about the rules of physics and space but einstein's theory of general relativity seems to be holding up so. the first ever image and
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this gives us great confidence that relativity is one we understand into strong feeling what kosher is very very strong actually follows exactly what on sun predicted. the device on the significance of this first in the age of a black hole has only just begun but for many already seeing is believing me down the hall and al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera footballers in gaza proving that disability is no barrier to playing the game they love.
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time for sport with far. thanks very much barcelona have beaten matches united away in the first leg of their champions league quarter final alou shot on goal giving bar civic dream that lately get side are trying to become european champions for a sixth time and are chasing a trophy travel this season the second leg will be at the nou camp next choose day events were held to one one draw in their first leg match and i x. rinaldo gave you the the lead just before the break but nair as got the equaliser just thirty seconds into the second half the quarterfinals of europe's second tier club competition the belief begins on thursday arsenal host napoli in the pick of the last eight ties this is our souls final chance of winning a trophy in n.i. emory's first season in charge last time the club tasted european success with
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winning the now defunct cup winners' cup twenty five years ago they come up against a napoli side sitting second in syria. we have gone through this but we know we really need to be. very consistent in into much of this is with a big preparation with the west but then also with. believing in. our new project and god says giving hope to palestinian amputees he want to carry on playing football over the last year one hundred and thirty six people have lost limbs after being wounded in border violence bahama jam reports. in a place where hope always seems in short supply these football players are showcasing nothing but determination a life. everywhere i go i like to prove myself the israeli occupation believes i've become disabled and then i'm useless but i am not disabled i am useful i can now do
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things that i couldn't even do when i had two legs. bassam a bit tells us that like many here his leg was amputated after he was shot by an israeli sniper while attending one of the weekly great march of return border protests last year he is one of dozens of amputee football players from gaza happy to be taking part in this new program organized by the international committee of the red cross or i.c.r.c. sports have got better simon baker founder of the irish amputee football association and also an amputee has traveled here in order to both train and inspire he's all odd by the resilience he sees all around him they don't want sympathy don't want pity they want to be self-sufficient and they want to get into their own state and they don't need to tell them what to do they want me to healthful supposed little boy to and that's why we're here today that's the other players say that so far the plan is working. if i've got that enough see it made me
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develop myself to be a real football player and not to think about my amputated leg when i come here to play and i forget about it completely and i've been solution of the end. practice may be tough but spirits are high according to the i.c.r.c. this is the first such program of its kind here in gaza and over the course of the next several days sixteen players fifteen coaches and twelve referees will receive training despite the smiles on display organizers are keenly aware how tough it is to survive in gaza you need to find work you need to you know like a lot of effort just to get by every single day the fed that all of them they left whatever they had to do on this particular day and they came here to play sports just shows how we put on this program really is. for now though it's camaraderie and competition a decision to revel in the fun of football no matter how many difficulties life has thrown their way. into gaza but governing body of australian rugby is
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investigating one of their biggest stars israel folau over a social media rant the thirty year old put up a banner on instagram warning that hell awaits adulterers liars fornicators themes atheists idolaters and homosexuals rugby australia has called the comments unacceptable all out was also warned over his anti-gay remarks he posted last year . and formula one will be celebrating its one thousand world championship race on sunday in china but the milestone doesn't seem to faze the current world champion lewis hamilton that's because the mercedes driver is celebrating his own milestone the britain who trails his teammate valtteri both has in the standings has been more successful than anyone in history of the chinese grand prix he's going for his sixth title in china. what it is it really is going to be a given to many of the kids the because if you are close enough to go to school.
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and that's all you sport for now or later. that's awfully richelle carey for this news hour keep it here though much more news on the other side of the break with my colleague stassi attack after attack. they join one of the world's most notorious sound groups. but found a way out rebuild their lives and now that it's. a tale of course recruitment child soldiers and have rethink exploitation of women a daughter is a. part of the radicalize nude scenes on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for others here is that even as
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a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it is you know very challenging liberally but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. the week began with news of a ninety day truce in the to protect us china trade war the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tiger's nest ball astri seems to defy gravity every beauty's is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became
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a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow be times example but how do you measure it brittany's happiness is what we ensure it if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has. the european union gives the u.k. and the other six months to leave the blog but the offer comes with a warning. hello i'm the star of the attack and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up.
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i'm elizabeth purana met india's most populous and politically important state of the british as polls open in the world's biggest democracy. and ends in israel but the coalition negotiations are just getting started. you should return to venezuela. until nicolas maduro that his time is up. it's time for him to go. venezuelan leader nicolas maduro accuses the us vice president of arrogance after he calls on the u.n. to recognize one guy dough as interim president. while it's been a long day for e.u. leaders with the u.k. just forty eight hours away from crashing out of the union without a deal they met to consider prime minister to resume a his request for a second extension of the brics a deadline there often
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a six month postponement until october thirty first two reason they accepted at the office despite ted preference for a shorter period until they need june thirtieth. i continue to believe we need to leave the e.u. with a deal as soon as possible and finally the e.u. have agreed that the extension can be terminated when the withdrawal agreement has been ratified which is my key request of my fellow leaders for example this means that if we are able to pass a deal in the first three weeks of may we will not have to take part in european elections and will officially leave the e.u. on saturday the first of june i will be making a statement to the house of commons further talks will also take place between the government and the opposition to seek a way forward but the extension comes with a condition you council president donald turse care has in the past expressed his frustration over the fact that process had a word of advice to the u.k. government ok we'll continue to see a corporation as
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a full member state with all its rights and as a close friend and trusted ally in the future let me finish with. less to our british friends. this extension of flexible as expected. a little bit shorter than expected but there are still enough to find the first possible solution please. do not waste this time. the european commission president says members will review britain's progress in june. the british prime minister to resign may had come to brussels and she had asked for leaders to grant her an extension of article fifty which would delay breaks it's until june thirtieth she was saying she needs more time to try and get
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a withdrawal agreement passed by the westminster while it wasn't clear whether or not she would get past extension but e.u. leaders have now said that she can have an extension until oct thirty first about so much longer than she actually asked for she is saying that that's an opportunity but she still determined to try and get the u.k. to leave the e.u. well before about what she doesn't want to do is have to contest the european union's parliamentary elections that are coming up in may now under e.u. rules for as long as the u.k. remains within the european union it must abide by all rules and one of them is that it must contest the european elections to reason may it was certainly quite defiant as she left saying she's going to go to westminster now and try and see what she can do but there is no doubt that many e.u. leaders here really feel that she came to brussels without a plan and she's leaving without much of a plan as well what all they can offer as they say is more time but as we heard
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from the e.u. council's president really the whole disk the whole course of action now for braggs that he said is really in the hands of the u.k. . while the french president says the six month extension for breaks it is quite the best possible compromise to protect the rest of the european union. whatever happens our decisions in the european council are all taken unanimously but i stand by that clear position taken on the shoulder extension i stand by it in the spirit of friendship with the british both the government and the british people but i think it's france's job at moments like this to try to stick to its principles because it was then israel and president nicolas maduro says he has reached a deal with the red cross to bring humanitarian aid into the country madeira made the comments during a televised address and but she also accused u.s. vice president mike pence of racism and what he called tremendous hatred and said demanded that the u.n. recognize opposition leader as interim president during
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a speech at the united nations security council. under the vice president of the united states mike pence ridiculous to the security council of the united nations you can understand the city's racist supremacy they believe me as superior to us they believe they give orders to venezuela to the world they believe they are the empire who gives orders that governs the takes that gives to parents in venezuela you should know the president of the republic is not put here by you or donald trump. has more from the capital caracas on the aid agreement. president nicolas maduro merits with the head of the red cross late on tuesday and he agreed to allow for the red cross through the liver much needed a true venezuela didn't disclose the type of it or how much it will be delivered but it is an admission that there is a need for a to be received by many across the country because of the worsening economic
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situation now the president and his supporters the governments have been saying that the reason why the economy is getting so bad is because of the u.s. imposed sank. these sanctions are essentially collective punishment made to make the people here suffer and in order for them to turn against the government and if indeed the united states and as we heard earlier the united nations vice president mike pence are they are concerned about the role being of the venezuelans than they would lift those sanctions what the venezuelan government is looking at right now is opening different news and different relations with other countries namely russia china and even turkey to help make up for the economic crisis that has been called in large part by those sanctions are trying to essentially circumvent those sanctions by creating new trade agreements with them however with more than fifty percent of the states cash flow being an accessible because of those u.s.
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imposed sanctions it is difficult to see how they get out of this israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu except for a fifth term after his main rival conceded defeat in the general election that's despite many counts winning as many seats and as harry forces reports from west to resign him netanyahu is expected to get the support of smaller right. to form a coalition government. just hours after claiming victory came a different tone from the man now likely to become the leader of israel's opposition ten lots of the girls jean given the size of the blocks this is the reality the fight isn't over the dialogues continue you know give me a mean. day brought only growing certainty that the former army chiefs project to unseat israel's prime minister had failed. i believe b.b. king bibi had been a chance in the early hours of wednesday and once again benjamin netanyahu backed up his boast that there really is no one like him in israeli politics. very moved
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that the people of israel put their trust in me again for the fifth time a greater trust even he managed to take enough votes from right wing rivals to gain seats for his likud party without undermining support for his preferred coalition partners personally as well as politically the stakes have never been higher i think the main purpose of that anyhow in these elections are was to get a majority in the parliament in the knesset that will enable aim to make legislation that will give him immunity and protect him form the charges that he is going criminal charges it's going to face a few months israel's attorney general is due to hold hearings for netanyahu and his lawyers where they can challenge his intention to indict the prime minister in three separate corruption cases it's considered likely however that charges will be brought one of the key questions now is exactly what kind of a price the smaller far right parties might try to extract from that in return for their support especially if they're expected to go to the wire for him to help him
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defend against the corruption cases he faces and it's a price that could end up costing the palestinians more than anyone in the final days of the campaign netanyahu endorsed the annexation of all israeli settlements in the occupied west bank palestinian politicians fear it's more than an election ploy rather a consequential political shift just weeks ahead of the planned publication. at the trumpet ministrations peace plan i think that the whole goals of the game are changing because now it's clearly super imposing greater all of historical palestine. and therefore they have totally cancelled and the agreements they have nullified the two state solution they have totally gated that requirements of peace they have totally violated international law and so on so now when the whole you started to deal with this. netanyahu stands to make history twice over within months becoming israel's longest serving prime minister and
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potentially it's supposed to serve the state of indictment for all his opponents talk of its being time for change enough israelis have decided that what they really want is more of the same very force it out west jerusalem. and chief is calling for a ceasefire in libya to avoid bloodshed in tripoli the security council held an emergency meeting on the situation as fighting there intensifies dozens of people have been killed in recent days that includes at least thirteen fighters loyal to ward khalifa haftar and his forces are trying to take the capital tripoli from the un backed government the united nations says at least four thousand people have been displaced and many are trapped it's still time to stop it's still stime for a cease fire to take place for a cessation of hostilities to take place and to avoid the worst which would be a dramatic bloody battle for tripoli and it's still time to recognize there is no
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military solution only political solutions can apply to situations like the one in libya. right under one head has more from tripoli. the situation is still a very tense in the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli following get yesterday's clashes between forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar and others loyal to the end of baghdad police based government of national accord have to us forces manager to open a new front in the southern eastern outskirts of tripoli namely in a neighborhood called aims are and eyewitnesses that say that hundreds of families would leaving the area because of the clashes and meanwhile the government of national.


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