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tv   Frontline Nicaragua  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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well. most clothing and. you know when i was in the field i knew your number and i started walking in the. kind of it and. you know all kinds of wanted to know if you buy us on the where when and as initial no one. no no. no i choke on. son cup and runs up on the feelings numb among. nineteen by going to brazil. india and we would give up ok he was sick when he thought. we'd talk. to me he knew of ways recalled from the gangs of. a coach or woman who
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came. in on the couch for. the first cynical here yeah not one bomb in the family over one hundred percent but not again i can afford and i now look on and go on to get a good little girl living and shoot a much. loved. looked in the evening stadium for the mini how cool snow will be good meaning you have skin in. lebanon from the key to the fountain. so sequel training to become a good person a conflict in heaven a six to base and then the need really is. as a young constant. i led to a meeting with a condom. a toy a kiss or the about the numbers in london so i thought so you've been in
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a. in the span. of a limited person for conduct on the earth the wrong. the bad. news. coming is in be the best blog to. book walk with no gun is one more opening for the meditation. what all will share maybe i could just end up with food water. all you need in this idea. was that while the world was fast disappearing. i mean even by ourselves had to be
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sealed and. then we got on the. moon but we could point nobody in the. hallway and. wouldn't. let me go. up on the town known get russia. to enter the number of that number. but. right. before that it could become a support group. then that doesn't. work again i'm going to give you a fairly good for losing. people bought in and brought us in a car the most of the fish it's ever since there isn't what is a bumble bee maze it dissipates it i mean after all they kick their main g.o.p. frame where i become a zisha makes me miss him bogans when the best is when i'm on my shit any change
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can be said the single migration that may be good it is easy for the still here the missing the missing my live a secluded more due to one of the things i mean to know what to do moment. to not be able to a kid will be a person to the magic. wall some of the horrors of war for a while now. in my book do not one of the i mean i can't take time to change to have happened on me come on by the pentagon i'm not going to come talk to not made enemy number the time that i might be good i'm a second chance when the bill went to the security two of them more or less the movie it's a good sample so much. i'm going to matter much what we could find a good as a miscue. be some i'm going to make it triple need to get me to the first goal said to what should tweak it to be a two i'll be able to find your way into what i was when i got up to come on to
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talk to me and then i'll compare. when i come to the fire with a book of my most of the full change by the someone is held up for me back you know from the protests. to. just take you. know you young. boy. i want to go. to the limo. so much. yeah. oh my.
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you know. you would third quarter. and it was affected by so many young people. that i cannot be a more boat youth empowerment but you have a lot to me a music to spread message peace. inclusive. watch an uneasy. gun easy violent extremist organizations. and to. keep it locked on. the street tribute to. direct. quote that you have that. you. and.
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i have used my talents more than maybe the education level that i have. to to reach out to these children. that we have drawing people singing we use poetry we. should all dance because we believe that africa is all about tradition so if you bring back to me in my tradition i will make sure that i engage because this is me this is the read me so it is acting it is passing a message so the they really want to be part of us. when you give them a microphone and they bring it out so these taps it's like you're not telling them that we. want. to. come.
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to the part of the market i mean we'll work on. your ground i'm going to be up there doing. on the b.b.c. and the community is accepting it the teachers are accepting it the mothers and accepting whatever it is really working out so yeah. it's. one four seven we've got to have got a second. number as well how is the cop museum caught in the business can the school into. this. sounds to. good. to take this opportunity to shut up that's. limited to one thing. you can play this almost.
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all right pete. yeah. one foot so we had a history of kate he will hold his account he did was a gate on his so i just can't take your medal been coming. to you to come back on your phone commissioner was. ok. after that the has cut off funding was a done. it was even though. the no one was going to show. some kind of housewife. who struck the. blow and just so much to me. as a boy. in the summer.
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i would think you'd have. any idea. if you saw a girl and you go that's cable tag and. my home. playgrounds up and acquire mushy regard. we're going to do studies program would you take on the national counterterrorism center work on india because coming to conform to. your continued window post pretended to. continue to. think about only. i was effective to change.
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the air. blue and warn the glimmer of what you see what we want to let change one want to drop. for you cause it come ours so it was in my child labor do i do but here. in the hands of you she now talk about liquor knock ons out me she will come a memorial. to chin going to be ok i sure.
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was about will be i want to. get wicked. from single for you guys old lonely man and. i am a shock i didn't mourn or in government they were. sick and just no more when you should only go enough moodily. i just don't know why but i thought let's talk to him for like me needs to feel for . the meeting on for to him last season ha made. a good luck t. fuzzy's and i jameson jangala let me know now but when he's up. when he got up we saw him to. be. safe but greetings salaams.
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not wear more we'll all go. brainwash yes lums acting guinea who got me so again one be awful look downs shows me cheeks got bumps. you silly me a the trying to import most of our jobs jani anyway i was a daddy. i took you from the macho or not anyway. me sanjana was a joke what on four legs six months even. i thought it was gonna be any gun joke but. they make their bus. big plus board up all the song. you know the one noted your family to death bed and decrease teen waste well good morning jock got me a got he sako me no more than a forty five morning dusty in mourning t. know. who must acquit best the big. one because she was
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uniting but. each got. his own dreams and ambitions life for me shows i mean he shows the quad to me to more no please on so much he me how deep i believe in not i'm meant to hold souls told to show me how to be like. brother took a moment of sila. i enjoy bringing my. children so they can see and get more comfortable far as children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons fact that of their own makes the report on interesting and therefore need to shoot and it's fun but the new generation is fighting fire with reason we are fighting for voices to be heard because you don't want to see and you don't speak good for another little boy never again part of the radicalized youth series on. the latest
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news as it breaks health officials say vaccination rates here i'll drop significantly with details coverage. onto the streets to celebrate the countries of europe when despite being the underdogs in the tournament. from around the world there is growing resentment toward this currency you know exists here in senegal thread throughout the francophone west africa. to. the farthest. egypt strongman is ruling within
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a family and faced on the sidelines from his allies is deafening the us was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have forgotten victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin. or paris or london and in cairo on al-jazeera. the european union gives the u.k. and now the six months to leave the block the offer comes with a warning. hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. i'm elizabeth
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purana met india's most populous and politically important state of the british as polls open in the world's biggest democracy. you should return to venezuela. until nicolas maduro that his time is up. it's time for him to go venezuelan leader nicolas maduro accuses the us vice president of our organs after he calls on the un to recognize one why do as interim president. and a date is set for algeria is presidential election after weeks of protests calling for an overhaul of the entire political system. while it's been a long day. with the u.k. just forty eight hours away from crashing out of the union without a deal they met to consider prime minister to raise a maze request for a second extension of the breaks that deadline there offer
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a six month postponement until october thirty first two reason they accepted that offer despite her preference for a shorter delay until june thirtieth. i continue to believe we need to leave the e.u. with a deal as soon as possible and finally the e.u. have agreed that the extension can be terminated when the withdrawal agreement has been ratified which is my key request of my fellow leaders for example this means that if we are able to pass a deal in the first three weeks of may we will not have to take part in european elections and will officially leave the e.u. on saturday the first of june i will be making a statement to the house of commons further talks will also take place between the government and the opposition to seek a way forward but the extension comes with their condition council president on terse screens previously expressed his frustration with the wreck that process had a word of advice for the u.k. government ok we'll continue to see a corporation as
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a full member state with all its rights and as a close friend and trusted ally in the future let me finish. less to our british friends. this extension as flexible as expected. and a little bit shorter than i expected but there's still enough to find the best possible solution please do not waste this time. and the european commission the president says e.u. members will review britain's progress in june natasha about. the british prime minister to resign may had come to brussels and she had asked for leaders to grant her an extension of article fifty which would delay briggs's until june thirtieth she was saying she needs more time to try and get to withdraw agreement passed by
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a westminster when it wasn't clear whether or not she would get past extension but e.u. leaders have now said that she can have an extension until oct thirty first about so much longer than she actually asked for she is saying that that's an opportunity but she still determined to try and get the u.k. to leave the e.u. well before about what she doesn't want to do is have to contest the european union's parliamentary elections that are coming up in may now under e.u. rules for as long as the u.k. remains within the european union it must abide by all rules and one of them is that it must contest the european elections to reason may it was certainly quite defiant as she left saying she's going to go to westminster now and try and see what she can do but there is no doubt that many e.u. leaders here really feel that she came to brussels without a plan and she's leaving without much of a plan as well what all they can offer as they say is more time but as we heard from the e.u.
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council's president really the whole just the whole course of action now for braggs that he said is really in the hands of the u.k. now sudan's army is expected to make what's being called an important announcement soon the president has been under increasing pressure from protesters demanding political change on wednesday demonstrators held a thetan for a fifth straight day outside the army headquarters sudan's information minister says eleven people were killed during security incidents in the capital for him haven't reports. determined to make their voices heard she did these protesters continue to come out in their numbers chanting outside army headquarters in the capital. tomb for another day one of us dogging under this president we have been displaced because of him they do to us as they please we ask for the killer to be ousted. but on monday and tuesday security force personnel
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opened fire on demonstrators staging a sit in. some soldiers intervened and others expressed their support for the demonstrators. this is a message to our colleagues in the armed forces the people here brothers and have a right to speak their minds these amid ranking offices power still lies with the higher level of command despite some saluting the army and calling for them to part ways with the government a spokesman for the military says the armed forces and security forces remain united the mold i hope but i mean what the police national security and intelligence forces are supported by the army we needed to consider certain things before moving the enthusiastic protesters outside the area the very well prepared plan has helped us to control the situation in a peaceful way. opposition leaders say they're seeking talks with the army to plan a transitional administration and they now have the backing of the u.s. u.k.
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no way the three countries said in a joint statement sunni's authorities must now respond and deliver a credible plan for this political transition but some activists believe more needs to be done. committed the genocide in darfur everybody knows their militaries are shit that i'm never here so to actually just try to have a negotiation or a settlement is not enough there has to be a strong statement where change happened and das to be a way for him to leave power omar al bashir has not commented on the past few days of protest but state t.v. showed pictures of him chairing a meeting of the country's supreme commission for national dialogue. the anti-government protests started last december fueled by food shortages and rising prices human rights watch says more than fifty people have been killed in violence since then for the kind of in february a state of emergency was brought in but it's fails to contain these protests the
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biggest challenge yet for all the shares thirty year rule. as sudan appears to be heading to a political breaking point protesters say they'll continue to take to the streets until their demands are met. al-jazeera. venezuelan president nicolas maduro says he has reached a deal with the red cross to bring humanitarian aid into the country but here i made the comments during a televised address in which he also accused u.s. vice president mike pence of racism pence and demanded that the u.n. security council recognize opposition leader one as interim president. of the vice president of the united states mike pence was make use of ridiculous security council in the united nations you can understand it is our ignorance it is racist supremacy they believe me as superior to us they believe they give orders to venezuela to the world they believe they are the empire gives orders that governs
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the takes that gives no mr pence in venezuela you should know the president of the republic is not put here by you or donald trump well phil gunson is a senior analyst for the andes region at the international crisis group he says the crisis in venezuela is one of the most serious in the wild. the u.n. is a good platform in the sense that it you know when when mike pence goes to the security council makes a speech obviously it makes a lot of noise that it makes the venezuelan it puts the venezuelan situation in high up the agenda where clearly the united states wants it to be of mean this week we've got not only mike pence at the security council we've got. a oh i believe is going the secretary of state is going to colombia we've got elliott abrams is the special representative on that as well and he's going to be in in spain and portugal so this is something that the trumpet ministration apparently is putting a lot of weight on this is a country in very very deep economic problems inflation measure around
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a million percent a year at the moment people don't have enough to eat there's a huge exodus millions of people have already fled the country and pretty soon by all accounts is going to be rivaling the syrian exodus in terms of sheer volume and it's even faster in terms of the rate of people leaving so there's an already and existing crisis thank sions coming on top of the they've not completely and we've not seen the complete effects of those yet but when they do hit we're likely to be in even deeper trouble that is likely to be very very serious fuel shortages for example already struggling economy is likely to reach what can only describe as collapse. polling is underway in the fast phase of india's general elections prime minister
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narendra modi is seeking a second ten voting is taking place in seven phases over more than a month to allow nine hundred million registered voters to cast their ballots the final result is only expected in late may out of there is that as a person and joins us now live from noida and it was a protest and as we can see people arriving to cast their ballots behind you talk us through some of the main issues for voters where you are. that's right in the south so we have been seeing people come in over the last two and a half hours that polls have been opened for predation dia's most populous india's most likely source and state that sends eighty up to five hundred forty three m.p.'s in parliament come from here the biggest number of indian prime ministers have come from this state and the issues that are important to elsewhere in the country are also and shop because here people will be voting here about things like unemployment which some figures show is the highest it's been in forty five years
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they will be watching on the economy which slowed down in the last three months of two thousand and eighteen for the fish time and five porsches twenty percent of the where they it was a physician's population as the minority muslim and community relations have feed. in focus in this country under a hindu nationalist government both at the center in new delhi accent at the states so all of these issues are put there but elsewhere in the country because it's also there for they this constituency it's only one of ninety one across the eighteen states union territories that go to the polls today elsewhere there is one thing taking place in indian administered fish me and we're hearing from there that there is an internet blackout and the north of and did administered push me to voting is taking place and as you know the internet blackouts are common in kashmir specially during sensitive times we're also hearing that separates.


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