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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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as minister of defense was widely seen by many commentators as an attempt by buy buy buy buy but of bashir to shield himself against any attempts particularly by gooch who is widely seen by many in sudan as more affiliated to worse the the saudis and to and to the amenities and this explains why we're seeing this drama now evolving because we don't know who is the right person behind the it is either one of those three key players to keep players or whether because he's the minister of defense he's been close to a model but she has the command of a whole ministry establishment you have. because he has the. forces that have been very ally as i was being the sudanese another not intelligence is just. another very powerful figure he is and he's perceived to be close to the u.a.e. and saudi arabia exactly and then you have the and you have the and they have the
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junior officers within the military establishments if they are the ones that are behind this coup it could really lead to an unprecedented reform of the whole political establishment in the country because. once they make the announcement and the dust settles the big question now is how to move forward you have a fragmented political landscape a very weakened political parties and how to address those concerns of the sudanese people so in a sense hashim is it fair to say that as we look at what's going on in sudan and perhaps even in algeria. there is. to some extent the fate of the rest of the arab world is being decided in other arab countries that's why other arab countries are very much involved in events and with figures like the ones we're talking about in sudan because they feel that what this could be the two point of the arab spring in one shape or another about it wouldn't would impact
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their population it's an aftershock of the two thousand and eleven of spring it has set in motion an unprecedented call for freedoms political reforms and we've seen them in gulf in some countries we've seen some mass protest movements in other countries was in violence in other countries and we've seen now calls for political reforms in places like syria and sudan and to some people getting inspired again absolutely each time they are watching television reports of people on the streets in forcing changes seeing president setting aside things it boosts the momentum of the project the movement across the streets because ultimately what is different this time about sudan sami is that to a large extent it's the voiceless is the young so danny's. and the others are thousands of sudanese across the country that are now with shaping the future of their country thank you so much harsher i'm always a pleasure to talk to you let's take this now to dahlia
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a protester who's actually at one of those protests sites in khartoum dahlia tell me what's going on around you. yes i hire a lot of celebration and immense amounts of hope. and the more the more times there is the more people are coming in time thing you said about forty we're talking about sudan but that's true for all of us. that knock about another overthrow of armed forces coming just just to meet again easy off once a cool thing we want this is the revolution of youth and the people and what's the general energy and all a good goal all kinds of people socioeconomic backgrounds are just coming in on the way in the cars are chanting. yeah it's a good moment the rumors actuating in but people are just the models are coming the more they come to say that they're tough to be nice so this is
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a very good time for us for that on today's dahlia just tell me where you all are you with that huge crowd least been hearing about this forming around the army headquarters yes i am i am at the side of the call but bridge. i think the combined forces break. to go in first it's impossible because they because of the crowds are are accumulating so that there's further and further steps in all the way people are coming in from from the whole better which is a couple north side as we were walking initially but then again as people just ended up you know something up there the sound systems are there are national peace songs about our identity are there. yeah. i spoke with the bearing is next to the headquarters and i spoke with a protester a short while ago who said he's never seen the crowd this size turnout ever in the
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capsule is that your observation is well yes definitely i think unprecedented things are not even numbered but also the whole the very strong sense community the feeling that we are safe despite a few hours ago there was an exchange of gunshots between. the security dishes on top of one of the buildings and they were protected by the armed forces this was a long two hours ago fight the people are coming in and unafraid and on the turn. of the current a sense of the numbers and a whole lot of things president said because we come from a legacy of two peaceful revolutions locked spring which i know that some of the people like to make the comparison we are not the products of luck we are the products of the legacy and the history of peacefully to defend our grandmothers and i was wrong fathers and i want to have a little before because we didn't learn it from that of bring. why are
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people going to the army headquarters what all they expecting to do that. i think i think obviously all these protests have to have been building up from the thirteenth of december into my duty. and the culmination the culmination of this possibly because for the sixth of april which was called for by the dictionary the signatories under the creation of freedom and change. any shape by the professional to do special things they shouldn't and this declaration has has very specific demands it talks rough transition i said inclusive decoration the signatories are. to do so that's mobilization as well as this one called as was on his mind. i'm going to vote for by a piece of representation of professionals political crises armed groups armed
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rebel groups and civil society which is also i mean you really hope for the steps they have been in the protests they have been part of the thing inside ok you have started the forefront of this there is no denying them but there is definitely a sense of going forward with the transition that the calls were clear they they came two days in a row in the citizens to to to make clear that they have submitted a document about transition which talks about the day after you talked about economic solutions and he talks of a constitution that actually represents so for us to be in the headquarters i think the main the main. the main thing is also the symbolic nature i mean i don't mean this as quoted in the arabic has a name of the words of the sea leadership so it's a positive sense of symbolism we are sending in the city in that's what the six of april people have come from from all the walk of life from the calm before the
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whole of the sixth of april and we have not left we have here but the first things i see say today and the call is we once you have signed the standing this is done by our new also of any sort we want transition we want. a new clues a country the only thing bill and i think and representatives of everyone in this country you mentioned the coolest player who's cool is mobilizing people at this point and directing them. only if you look at the coordinates of the forces of the dictionary sion. which was led by the professional in the film a professional association and these goals of i have been coming and going about coordinated and so will the significance have the same i think is obviously the professional association of being the loss of trust because of the the community the shift of over the crowd in the streets and that and people have
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a lot of faith in this collaboration people looking to the sudanese professional association now for leadership for providing. some kind of roadmap in the transitional period. the prophets of old mock wisconsin sort of the it's me we will not fall in the trap of again offering offering the solutions tearing people's voices so transition is underway the discussion and the papers and that and the collaboration proppants i know i will not refuse for the morning after for the transition period is more or less there but main decisions all of the leadership and constitutional duty have to be done by the voice of the people in the actual tape the units themselves but we want to veer away from making these you know clear cut decision we are leaving helping to lead. as a street towards transition and that the signatories are are here to hear the voice
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and also on the way around how do you think people will react if the announcement to be made soon we're told by the sudanese military is of a transitional period led by the army. i think that we have a lot of mixed feelings we were very afraid from the idea of the ministry cool like the actual coup but we really were hoping i think they are still hopeful for for. something that's more trying to hand over i rather than a coup for i'm waiting for years because i think the danger of having the heart of a two who is not a report on the sorry hand over to who do people want to see power handed over with to this point to the to the to the professional associations in the declaration signatory. these are the people that have been trusted for the process these are the entities of the good things that have been trusted i meant by that so patient but also all the signatories of patience of speculation will find some sources i've
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read two thousand a month so this is not the only becomes a different job again of what i think this cooperation has merit from the sounds and the teacher has happened on the first place it sounds amazing. all right thank you very much one of the protest sites describing to us the protesters the scene the crowds and what their hopes their aspirations and demands are we're continuing our live coverage of the fast moving developments in sudan let's recap what's happened so far though we're waiting for an announcement by the army amid reports president obama bashir has in fact stepped down and that consultations are underway to form a transitional council witnesses have seen military vehicles deployed to kill roads and bridges tens of thousands of people are out on the streets celebrating in the
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capital khartoum there are also reports senior officials have been detained including the former vice president the former defense minister and the current head of the ruling party or further reports khartoum airport has been closed judge kooker is a kenyan based member of good if not a resistance movement that's helping organize the protest in sudan he says there's still a long way to go protesters demands are met. i feeling excited but at the same time ashes the thing happened is this is half a revolution we got. a lot of people we really hate me we're trying to be hard to get him out of power from america here driving to our own to a lot of the natives that tormented us for years but it's still a lot of the revolution because the army took over with the leadership of been our reserves one of the people who was fighting us it was like killing people in the
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streets so we really were hoping that the mid-level officers take over power which didn't happen so right now we think we're just going to go back to the streets and that's what we're going to do in alt continues in power in our is he was the vice president he was the wind who was asking people in the streets to be removed by force so it's have one revolution as a step forward is a very big step forward and we're so so excited but it's not the end and we have to buy into it and so up to now our decentralized movement and it's really strong and ongoing and we're hoping that euphoria and the excitement that i'm going to be here is gone will not stop it and we would go all the way to get a real transitional. period so we can going to democracy and we can have civilians will exceed that and to get us out of economic situation where it is we want and traditional compliment that is a symbol you into zisha nl government. that is let the four years that is led by
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professionals so it's a very. clear asians we all know what we want and we're all united and we have a leadership that everybody's going to follow up so the moment we find out that no this is the army and they still want to clinch to power and of just wants to like change i'm a big huge is what it seems is going to happen right now he's not accepted as a person even one of the people who we think is our best. definitely par with need to collapse so naturally we are all united and right now the calls are all the different groups within the ignoratio of freedom and cheney are saying that we are excited about the collapse but we are waiting and we want real change. or let's take this to follow a protester once arrested by sudan's intelligence agents he joins us now on the phone from khartoum salam you like many sudanese have personally suffered during
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this revolution i'm sure our audience would love to know how you feel this moment amid reports that bashir after thirty years has left the country and step down. it's a lot of emotion one of euphoria everyone and. everyone. finally there is hope for the country everyone is out on the street the street. everyone everyone excited it's unbelievable. after thirty years of a government living off its people. here. culture . scaring people to keep it through corruption all the
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company over the past year with a sense of. are you hopeful do you believe the this point is the revolution is heading towards democracy. of course. after after thirty years of the same regime doing the same thing. with. international policy changing towards. a softer. approach to government. wanted. to be overthrown this is. tough to bring home after three months for everyone so everyone must have hope it's all clear it's
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unclear who's the head of the council right now. statement we don't know what's going to happen but we have to hope that we can transition. a democratic. government. elections tell us a little bit about your experience you were arrested i believe in january tell us what people like you face the sort of risks the dangers they face when they go out to protest. the government's approach is to when we arrest to make sure that you don't go out and protest every case so it's a very particle protest when you're picked up from the street and taken taken on their cars and pickups you would be sent endlessly until you get into the jails. on the floor for hours in the lead. taken to jail cells where it's
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freezing cold. long interrogations torture is of all forms. the regime is made on the idea that every new person will who opposes the regime whether it is peaceful or not they need to make sure it never happens again the treatment if it's really rather tell us what drove you to go i understood you went back out on to the streets after your arrest what drove you to go back households in the streets despite the experience which you suffered i think i think it's i think it's happened which happened is. over the last few months and something that i've never experienced personally but it's it's become part of the culture it's that people are ready enough before i think before december people hesitant to talk about the
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regime to talk about the government to discuss what's going on in the country but since the twenty month example think of change it could become part of a cult it's become it's not become. all going to go out it's become one of. the fear factor. after thirty years of fear people deal with it we've got to the matter if you can embarrass the tortured people we're talking about. all right thank you very much for sharing your perspective on that we're now getting reports that it's understood bashir has been relieved of his duties just to recap that we understand sudan's president has been relieved of his duties were awaiting of course allowance meant from the army. it's the television has been displaying the sudanese army logo and they've been saying and their answer is coming soon you know
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a lot of movement going on in sudan obviously today the deployment of military around key installations in the capital. has covered sudan extensively joins me now live in our studio so the word is so dance president has been relieved of his duties obviously this is not looking good for him looks like the end game definitely the the beginning of the end is most likely the man who run the country says nineteen eighty nine the longest serving president in the modern history of sudan is forced to step aside because this comes after the military has barricaded the television building barricades of the besieged the presidential palace the question who is behind this push is it his entourage people like. his vice president minister of defense is very close to him has been involved in the cove one nine hundred eighty nine has been considered as an end part of the inner circle and
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a staunch ally is of the intelligence chief or is it junior commanders within the military establishment who were really disillusioned with the way president bush he has been running the crisis they were hoping that he would give some concessions what they saw instead was an emergency state of emergency a government to shuffle was widely seen as cosmetic and then more clamp down on the protest movement. if we see indeed. it is the former scenario mentioned the top brass of the army key figures like even now why. are taking over one assumes that's going to fuel the protests of the revolution further it will definitely fuel the anger on the streets because well the people will tell you that the reason why we went on the streets is basically with they have been frustrated with the way this government has been running the country for
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since one nine hundred eighty nine it's inefficient governance massively corrupt and massive lists of suffered when the. oil reserves started to deplete over the last few years which means other governments had to slash most of its social development programs and they were really vividly felt on the streets more pronounced than ever the people who are still on the streets now they are critical of the things here. autocracy which has been in place is one hundred eighty nine and at the same time poverty and lack of any hope in the near future and if they see the old guard still in power it will raise concerns because then it depends what the old girls is offering are they going to take over for a transitional period no one will trust them to be in power for a transitional period when they settle this in a period where they mean is it going to be a massive overhaul of the state drafting and you can situation bring in the youth
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to take to shape the decision making process in sudan or is this going to be ultimately the army which has the biggest say in the country which is going to dictate and shape the terms of the transition in sudan a massive overhaul would be a very complicated program process after thirty years of all of bashir in power right. what i want to be sure did to survive was to build an unprecedented patronage network in the country it was widely seen over the last few days i mean the people who work clamping down on the protests were the ins s. forces the national forces and also militias affiliated with him and some of those militias were serving in darfur and it's because of the four that he's been implicated of the international criminal criminal thought it would be extremely difficult at this particular moment to dismantle that patronage network a less you have. we need to wait and see who is now taking over a less those who are taken over are saying the reason why doing this is similar to
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what generals who are the have did in before betsy in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine he said i am removing. but i have no political ambitions and handed over power to a civilian authority but that was a unique unprecedented moment in sudan's history the rest was just a talk rossi and the has crippled and divided the country. this stage you've covered sudan for a very long time give us an idea of the thought of just how difficult life has become economically when it has it has it has it has deteriorated over the last few years i mean two thousand to. once were speaking let me point out how from just looking at pictures running pictures in fact i think those are recent pictures you can see army tanks rolling through. hard to. and there
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does seem to be a good dynamic between the protesters and the army at this point doesn't there when you analyze tell us what these pictures suggest to you there basically you can see the joy of the celebrations on the streets when they heard the announcement that. bashir is no longer president of sudan for them that's a huge development for the sudanese because over the last few days we've seen the section of the military defending the protesters on the on the streets of so that it builds some poor between the protesters and those junior commanders but i think at the same time there is also some anxiety on the streets about who is behind this and most importantly what is going to be next because if you're just replacing a general with another general it's not going to solve the problems of the country you were asking me about the problems that sudan has been face it was beset by violence in darfur since two thousand and two where the international community and
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the united nations says the hundreds of thousands of people perished and the blame for that at this phase we're in two thousand and nine the international. criminal court has implicated him for genocide and war crimes two thousand and eleven south sudan becomes independent and people say well wait a second you have been asking the people to fight saying this is a sacred right for the sudanese to fight for a unified sudan and then you lost in two thousand and eleven you have to play to the resources of the country because some of the oil fields are located in the south suddenly after two thousand and fifteen. started to struggle with the new reality which is he doesn't have the resources to answer the growing demands of the population particularly the youth who has been completely silent lines over many decades in sudan and we've seen unprecedented scene of people lining up in the markets to buy bread. has boiled down to this. critical point where so they were on
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bashir at the peak of the crisis made a tour to the gulf region asking for financial aid to be able to cope with this economic crisis but however the people were saying this is not only a political crisis it's also an outcry against dictatorship because a man who has been running the country with an iron fist since one nine hundred eighty nine rejecting the opposition. to democracy for many people has responsible for the tragedies of the sudanese people the reports that we've been hearing is that a lot of people are heading towards the army headquarters and they're camped out on what we've been hearing from protesters that the numbers are quite unprecedented hashan. the people inside those army headquarters now will have to make some very careful decisions which will determine whether. what sort of dynamic of relationship will emerge now between the masses outside and whether we're going to
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have this sort of standoff between the army headquarters and those gathered outside right indeed it is this is critical here is. it in the past this is the way military coup is happened in a place like sudan a a team of the of the military would take over the television make an announcement and saying that the the rule has been deposed by the ministry establishment what we're seeing now in sudan is quite different apparently they are trying to. ensure that all of the rangelands are in place and this is what they are doing first of all they are arresting the entourage of all model bashir including former vice presidents member of the national congress party everyone who has been very close and part of the highest echelons of the government this is number one number two they would like to ensure that the most important units of the military establishment are loyal to the new push by the whoever is launching this this this
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bush movement or mr bennett's crew in sudan we're still waiting for to hear more details about exactly what is happening and what kind of negotiations are behind closed doors as we speak it could be they're trying to work out and arrangement with bashir and his entourage you know what we can offer you a free exit to watch whatever you want to go and you can depart today however in exchange for us to take over that could be part of the deal or it could be they are trying to ensure that everyone is under house arrest or arrested before they come out publicly to to make the announcement this the biggest concern now for those now in charge in sudan if you have different army units stationed across the country which are still loyal to our model bashir because this this is his genius over the last thirty years to ensure that he has the most loyal people to him taken over the most senior positions particularly of the military and the security apparatus or at
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how you might have all of our thanks for that let's bring into the discussion champers a protester has been out on the streets of khartoum she's been with the crowds in the past few hours tell us about the scenes you've been seeing shams how. good wonderful to have your voice in on this discussion describe to us i understand you came back recently from the protests tell us what you saw. at the moment. the city. it's a celebration. is drawn from and released. that finally. it will be political switching finally because what we've wanted for years right now basically a celebration on the streets. of sudan what is this moment mean to you.
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sorry what does this moment mean to you is there anything it is. silly people have suffered for living the lives of. people that lost their children under the. people on the streets beggars we've always wanted to see a better to them and we have a. vision for our country this morning with everything to us. do you think people will leave the streets until they have a civilian administration in charge of the transitional period where you know their professional today the completion has been leading this growth from the beginning. so we basically are information from our
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selves and it was very clear from the beginning that our aim was to. end this region and have. a government to lead us we have an actual. government that is goaded for by the people so. it's really going out into the streets and. they get what they want. what was the chance and demands of the streets just a short while ago when you were in the protests crowds. well. very well people are celebrating but now it's discussions of who will take over. such. as the president. and the people do not want. to. share because of the government so anyone people right now are on edge. about going to
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have been part of the government even if the. military. what we want we want a civil government and the protests will continue on the people that are. still very early. in this situation which is on folding but it's still reading a sense of achievement prize. achievement just a few weeks ago people were still afraid to come out to the cheap. national security. on the street. getting hurt and killed. just a few weeks ago people were freed and it's just a completely different picture why won't. change for people to lose that sense of fear. i think what happened to be on the fear that
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people gradually started to come out first. professional. doctors.


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