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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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oh that. will be great again. thank you very much for talking to us we've got in our studios now here in the home of one bashar al jazeera senior political analyst good to have you with us marwan bring it all together for us we've seen other countries go through transition what sort of lessons can we learn from that when where and lies in this you know this is very important not because they're all the same but the comparison needs to be made in order for us to learn from other experiences just as probably the sudanese are learning from other people's experiences and having said that sami allow me just to take one moment to reflect on the idea that we are a very complex network al-jazeera. we are talking to a variety of people from around the world about a variety of complex issues happening in the middle east and north africa and the arab world yesterday we were talking about algeria extensively today we're talking
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about sudan the day before we talked about libya and these are complicated situations they have a lot in common between them but i think for our viewers around the world they look and they say come on this is too complicated too different names too many histories too much information as it were to simplify it for our viewership around the world i would say the following sudan like other places around there around the arab world has been under repressive regime for thirty years in other places it's very easy to eat twenty five years and forty years in other places there was either a street revolting against a regime and able to change the regime with the help of a part of the regime as we've seen in tunisia or go head to head against the regime as we've seen in syria. where if you go talk to the head to head with the regime and their regime that has some sort of if following
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a certain minority. what the latino you know backing in the case of serial absolutely i think even know that in sudan the regime the army the political parties especially with the team there's a certain minority that. if we learned today after we hear from the army that the street was actually able to split the leader from the military that is a huge success which means when you split the regime and one side of the regime takes a side of the street maybe that's what happened in algeria the last few days then the street there people have a chance they have a bigger chance to get their agenda through but still just the beginning that's the easy part the more difficult part as we've learned in various parts of the arab region whether it's yemen libya and other parts the difficult part is democracy is how do you get from an appeal from arab aleutian to
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a more democratic more accountable more transparent regime that's very tough because it's easy to change a leader the question is not who will be after al bashir the question is what will come after you moron stay with me because you've opened up a whole can of worms of questions but before i come back to you we take that analysis and further let's go to mohammed amin he's a journalist he's close by the army headquarters and he joins us on skype from khartoum thanks for being with us your close to the army headquarters first of all describe to me the sort of situation that is emerging outside of the army headquarters which i believe is also close to the presidential palace right. it is located in. it in between. the palace and
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the at the headquarters in near the dunbar. right so you e.o. are close to that situation what are people what's what sort of posture are people taking. yes what happened in a. is a result of a long shot million of this and then these people. and it's not actually only for the us it's for fifty years of. but sheaves. and and now they've you know or that we know how quickly it has a root and. i think it's you know who the. president was to stay in power. in by the international the mobile devices used or decided and and you know the crimes is not on and therefore it's also in most of the big it is going to die but
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i was at the city and plume what does happen and the last war is that the people there are risin. i mean where is bin laden is. the. maybe he is just in this mission is it that is a lot of my stress it is that a lot of people don't know what is happening actually but they that they have interest was going on because. especially if it's going to be done to date even if it's not all the use of all the system is there to maybe a minute compromise is because. now there are some lashley around effect between some of it groups and it's a groups related hit to the oil did you and so why is this if it is not clear and these and it to the end of this or the news of the suspicions
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it has called on to be distilled into this what does it in front of it what there's a daily. clear statement comes from the military. but and it would be what is going on and. if it. is happening now a crime. or a sorry so we'll have to jump in there my humble apologies but we're having trouble there so perhaps we'll try and come back later let's continue the discussion with model i know we were talking about the transitional period and the importance of separating the leader from the military are what we've seen apparently so far in algeria i think there's a key question here the model one how much appetite does the military in sudan have to continue to rule. i think it's a question of what what format could be arrived at with the various people who are
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leading the demonstrations today the idea of an army just taking over the sudan as it stands today and doing it like bashir did will probably be a dead end there's no doubt about that it's clear that this time around that evolved in sudan unlike in two thousand and fourteen is is the real deal it is the real deal this is this is our evolved it's even out of aleutian that did not start in the tomb this is yet another one of those examples where it started out there in the periphery without a particular leadership without any particular party behind it just people getting tired after thirty years of the same regime and wanted something different and then within a few hours within a few days it spread and it got to the khartoum the idea of the april six demonstration the way we saw it probably gave the army the military a lesson of what they should not do because going after the street today by the military after whatever appears to be
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a could it sort would probably be suicidal so i would hope i would wish i think from the various arrests that we've seen since five am this morning that this military is not actually going after the street after the people in the street what they're going after is old machine here and his cronies actually i was just reading grads as we were speaking as you were speaking to your guest that apparently now they're surrounding the houses of the close family members of al bashir so what we're seeing here now is of course the military that is trying to take control of all facets of the old regime and all the potential. power centers within the country including the political part is that what any military does when they take over right let's certainly seems to be the case and we spoke to our correspondent one of the first questions i asked. what posture the military taking are they taking over key institutions which you confirm that does seem to be the
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case to a certain extent however there's a key question this could go the direction of. the coup in one nine hundred eighty five handed over power back to some kind of civilian process or it could go the direction of the sisi coup against absolutely egypt's democratically elected president led to a further intrenchments of the military in power so that this is the key question now is it not about what the military's vision is it is for the country moving forward it is usually as i said people are sensitive about comparisons like when you compared to egypt or now when we compare sudan to egypt but there is no doubt that you can you cannot have political science you cannot have all kinds of social studies if you cannot make some sort of a common denominator on some level between various experiences because we are after all the same human beings in different cultures at the trying to get to the same
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object of some sort suggesting that those scenarios are you know identical obviously in the case of egypt they had a democratically elected president overthrown by an army and now this seems to be a coup against the guy who made a coup you know actually i absolutely agree with you i think the big question today is if the army does take over the sideline bashir and this promise a process whereby it will be open to words some form of election change of constitutions or so forth will it turn in a year or two and turn against the people i tell you what do you think of the appetite in the history in the sort of experience of the sudanese army but what i'm saying i don't think i think the sudanese army by the way since the last thirty years wouldn't have been able to govern alone they're dependent on a certain number of political parties not to be a certain islamists attached to the regime. and they're not like other islamists other worlds and within the regime in one thousand nine hundred nine ten years
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after. the so-called ought to be that allied himself with all bashir in eighty nine and eighty nine then split in one thousand nine hundred nine then other elements went in and joined the regime and so on so forth so these things happen over the years now here what we have and to answer your question fully will not only depend on the military it will depend on the next steps taken by the so-called the street meaning will they or will they not now extend their hand towards all sorts of other elites that repented because in the end of the day any transition is going to have to involve some kind of forgiving. without forgetting some kind of a transitional justice of some sort and it starts now not tomorrow it starts now the street the people now leading that evolution it starts not opening up to the rest of the society and that's how you isolate not only the bashir that's how you
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make sure that you're putting the military or notice that the military can no longer control a country like sudan when the various elites and the people and the political parties are holding together for a better life better transition in the country again we've seen that happening in in tunisia. there was almost a bit of a possible split but then it was overcome because of the intelligence of the extremist party at the time and nada that said we are not going to risk another civil war for some sort of fantasy so they joined in with the secularists and they created a new way forward egypt there was a split in the street and there was a split among those who we led the revolution in egypt that split gave more of a vacuum an opening for the military to fill absolutely how do you see that it's been a very fascinating analysis that how do you see what's playing out now because the one could argue in sudan you've seen the traditional political you know really
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leading the process in the political parties have been a bit behind the curve and you have now a new organizations emerge like this without you professionals association or unions exactly is this something to be wary of in terms of a split possibly emerging or is this a good sign how do you see to be honest with you what of what i've heard thus far there was or there is a room for warre. because there is a sense that the new people on the street a lot of them are of course they are they are believers they are as it were good muslims but they are not necessarily fundamentalists and they have an issue with a number of islamists that basically took over a number of ministries under bashir so again the question now is what if they extend the hand when they joined hands together to create a new sudan or are they going to be as extremists in our routine
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work over all who ever worked with al bashir over the last thirty years in order to create a new saddam x. the experience shows us that once you put an entire order you might end up with another dictatorship because it's not easy to get rid of thousands upon thousands of. people with all their families that have been dependent on the old regime and think that you're going to create a democracy and that's not just in the arab spring states they tried that in iraq when they did but if i had a shot of irascibility see we learn from these experiences because when you when you fire three million soldiers and they're all their families depend on they for instability disaster and civil war and hence the we have forward in sudan to avoid the civil war to box in the military and to get rid of. his people people have to have a vision of sort of moving forward they have to be able to work with certain elements of the old regime that through painted that are ready for the new way forward.
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joining us by phone is a star who's at the protests as tell us tell us how the protests are shaping up right now. oh right. right. actually there are. all of these all they're all. here. this a patient to this point as people waiting with bated breath for the army's going to say. well. we seem to have lost let's go to him or morgan who joins us from the capital call
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to give us an update now the sense of tension of anticipation must really be building on people who are waking up finding out. the news that all metal bashir has been relieved of his duties but waiting to know ok what does that mean for the country at this point who's in charge. while sami people are waiting for the official statement to come out from the army they have been saying since five o'clock local time which is around three g.m.t. that they will be making an announcement shortly that hasn't happened yet that's been over five hours but on the streets people are not anticipating they're already celebrating we've seen hundreds and hundreds of people pouring in food through various routes and trying to talk to the army some of the managing to talk to the army to open roads for them to head to the army headquarters where they have been a sit in for more than five days now people are already celebrating they're saying that the army has organized the coup and are now in power they've been
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congratulating the army they've been waving the sudanese flags celebrating saying that basically rule is over just like they have been demanding for the past four months we all remember how the protests started in december twenty eighth over the rising price of basic commodities but people have been demanding that he go they say that his government was responsible for corruption and for a lot of the country's economic status and the fact that the country is on the u.s. list of states are sponsoring terrorism for the blames him for a lot of the country's situations both economic and political and they've been demanding that he step down and hand over power to an interim government that statement is yet to be made that a power has been handed over two hundred transitional or an interim government what we do know is that the military is still in consultations they are trying to from what we understand draft a statement and to give a name that will be accepted by all much as the military and security forces and the police that by the thousands and thousands who have been staging the sit in in front of the army headquarters for more than five days here do we have any idea why
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the delay quite often maybe not always but quite often in coups were only moves in they've already got a plan when they announce a pretty quickly to try and fill in a vacuum. well we understand sami that the consultations are still ongoing for more understand like i said the sudanese professional association which has been spearheading the protests since december said that they do not want and military personnel or did not want the military to be part of the interim transitional government they wanted to be led purely by civilians including people who have been participating in the protests and in the city and for the past five days now the military which is currently in control of most of the facilities in the in the country they have been they have been military trucks on main roads most of the roads leading to the army headquarters are blocked by the military with the exception of a few routes that are being used by the protesters to flow into the army headquarters and for the support for the good for the government the airport is also under the ministry of control the television and radio stations all under
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military control which are all signs of a coup but what we understand is that the consultations are ongoing to try to give out and mean that will be acceptable falls to the people who are out in the streets right now celebrating and the people who are in the city and in front of the army headquarters as well as the military and the security forces as well who i think there's a key question on my mind are only civilian figures involved in these consultations that are going on who takes over or is it only the security establishment valby and police and intelligence. at the moment it's only security forces it's basically only military police and security officials in the discussion there are no civilian figures at the moment there have been talks about trying to involve the opposition as well but most of the people in the streets who have been protesting over the past few months say that they do not believe that the opposition fully represents them and that they do not want somebody who has been in power before somebody who has been. around sudan's political scene over the past thirty years around the same
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time we were sure was around the same period that bashir was in control of the country so it's very hard to try to see who will be there who's a civilian who's not part of the military and who has not been in the political arena for the past thirty years it seems like this is the main reason behind the delay and in the consultations and to try to give out a name that of the person who will be meeting sudan for the next few months at least. all right morgan they're updating us on the situation a very fluid situation as it is emerging and unraveling. the news continues here in algiers zero after people in power we will keep you up to date with all the developments we've been following a very fluid situation in khartoum we understand the president has been relieved of his duties we understand the military has taken over clean installation is around the country and they are about to make an announcement or be back hopefully with
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announcement at the top of the hour. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the weald. sentiment as i you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. in april twenty eighth street protests against pension reform plans in the correct europe grew into a widespread under government movement the country some to mr regime under president dunoon will take a crack down over the following year hundreds were killed thousands more were exiled will be trained independent reader was suppressed as negotiations to resolve the crisis finally got underway we went to investigate.
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and he got our one two thousand and nineteen. forty years after an insurgency overthrew a us supported dictatorship sendin east to supporters gathered to pay homage to the man at the home their socialist revolution was named. to sunday know who was betrayed and killed in one thousand thirty feet up to defeating a us invasion. but in one nine hundred seventy nine the movement piece by it fought and won a civil war and current president that in our data came into power for the first
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time. i thought it. yes. and love them but. over the four decades since this and the nice to have been voted in and out of government but in two thousand and seven or if they are returned to the office he still holds today now but if they get up ministration you see none exist then show crisis itself i was saved by claims of savage repression human rights abuses and the ledge to murder disappearance of thousands of opponents because i was once again under u.s. sanctions and once again it's being called a police state. we've come to find out why. that crisis began in april two thousand and one must cultists against a penchant for. untold white spread anti-government. i
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witnessed response was swift and i international n.g.o.s claimed that one thousand five hundred people would disappear each one thousand exiled and eight hundred detained as political prisoners un investigators tried to find out more but were asked to leave the country. those investigated. by the gun and jump around about one university students joins the pension reform program. they were first attacked by a masked man and then an ass by. the demonstrators were killed and hundreds wounded single bloody day. porting to severely restrict it and make it out now demonstrate against the government. even waving a national flag in public could send you to jail. facing international condemnation
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the government to struggle. faces a deepening crisis. as an opportunity to address. thank you. thank you thank you thank. you. in the only goal. here was it harder to. read all that are you know most of the time it was rather disappointed. just general cornum word it will. not end up with someone who thought thanks i thought it
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was great. thanks to the teacher. that was chance. i must be a good thing i had changed the editors of the country's only twenty four hour news network independently for the newspaper and online sites have been forced into hiding and such i disciplined a rather cold to. electric chair just for those fields of protests. forty years ago when i was crowning years of underground armed resistance to the bloody some more something pay to ship. the you. know how tall was one of those volunteered to fight for the
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revolution in its war against the us finest guerillas had bled the country for a decade just to look at the law as it is. he remembers meeting fellow revolutionaries in this old colonial house in the city of leon. students protesting against the seventies to government ceased it in two thousand and eighteen. her house was burned down in the region. to receive him at the amateur athletic. church where bundles of the year the birth of the. act. you are. more monday look william was. brought up earlier in the you know the good stuff. his camp he's also to forget of military service in his car since the recent troubles began he's hoping it will prove he's
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probably lucian recruiting stations stopped by the police. for. another day another car journey this time we're going on to find victims of the recent violence there will support either the murderer who drove a few miles away from the capital to meet one of the students either this still in hiding that the government wanted to arrest. a little and. like. to walk up or down. and up all these things. or i wonder how you know i'll. open on this one down the aisle last hour or. so i thought i don't know if that's going to
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hold up at the investor you know i think at all and i wonder if the. military's loyal to a bigger surrounded the students set up barricades. on. sunday have people i've got. to get. a lot. longer. than i. they're looking not backing. off that more. quote i like on. them and them. only
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a fan from what. look i don't think it's either. hostile i'm looking at those that i think either. way one gets in there after three or five i. want to. bring it to them or maybe. the book about. messed up by the young and i would do it for myself. yet i've been right it's the young. of the mother of all. human rights organizations like amnesty international say that that's in some cases of torture and sexual abuse now those tensions. we went
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to nine university campus. it's gates guarded by the government twenty four. this is the more they don't you it's the absolutely women that i. think the same thing you know what i mean that you. know when you look at. this and the nice to student either he's now in charge of deciding which students are allowed to enter to come because he claimed that the revolt means. bach to me complain think of those who may work out of this is that they hear they were pretty impressed by. the fire you've seen him for in the mantle you know who are some beneath. the momentum also know what up the ladder is if i just.
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don't know what the home yet on the scene of death only. what the he'll be up. there. in. little. then say they look pretty metal in fine. in them and they like i don't. but i hate the mathematical but. they were the only good yeah i mean michael moore near the human rights violations committed by paramilitary forces in the protests are not part of the ongoing negotiations with your position. yet they were at the core of the political crisis former revolutionary we begin with mitt. took us to see a church close to the one university. for the scars of conflict. this
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is this this is the everything out of the side. of. it it doesn't need to. know more than just on the phone you know but it will be a key its own frank is the only yes in the local in the book and you've got a city you don't know yet i gotta get me to look up another one for you here because if you lose your gun for. nothing down. the priest of this. irish since they can refugee that week the damage caused by tree assault has been left untouched. as a memory to those. two students were fatally wounded during detached i was here and i am not lying in fact in libya that if i
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don't feel. like you are going from the world you are going to. look at you but the minute you forget continually. only a little beginning to be done here is stuff. that. you have. come back to my mummy. again right to bring you know. reaction of the coming. no more nor. night no full sooner than this and the scene. the government's refusal to acknowledge these and other crimes has ham put its attempts to negotiate an end to this crisis. this is the. thirty kilometer the south of the capital was the last protest stronghold for. on july eighteenth two thousand and eighteen is brutally retaking the economy she
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forces fifty six people were killed many more such refuge in local churches. will be battles in before they'll be there not for you. here or toward us all. my neighbors here. but i don't but i believe that it will. feel a. member of the local government quit after witnessing the horrors of the takeover. we will go. because for most of you you're going the google group and you're going to go along but if you're looking for people who are you in a couple of it will be in both so you want. to go. there locally with. whom credible. i want me or. poor boy
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growing up. but the company we. use you know personally because that. will be more going to be the most for me be going to the book. you need before but if you need to. meet all of the. you know in your book as well before what are you going to you know you almost like a book about you know the forty. first already before you move from hotel to have to apply what you've been good to me because look on you on the phone you give them what is going to work for me more so but you look you know here's what i took with most of it uniform. after with film keys to symmetry to i was away from my. government minders began monitoring our movements until now
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the authorities had left us alone with even been hoping for an interview with any luck there but from now on would be under constant surveillance. after the protests were horsed the roads to any kind i was border with the top rica were crocked with refugees many of them on the run from the authorities. so some world cup because of the money imo. this is what the meanest said the me person or the. society at all it was something like the elect. even today here after the protests the facts of this continues we cannot once even formally faithful sandinistas fleeing from government repression. is one of them he lost a leg fighting us to something nice to souldier against the us funded by guerrillas in the one nine hundred eighty s. last year he was working as
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a teacher in masaya when his son was killed by the government spying militaries with a single shot to the heart. is it bad i don't know. you know that. i don't have. a loss. they are not only showing you know i know. what i want to know i know watching. this truly was i want to say yes to. this year i decided. that if there's an. american. alvarado is one of many kind i want exiles who now regularly demonstrate outside their embassy in costa rica protesting against human rights abuses taking place
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back. down square expressions of dissent are going beyond the peaceful these men belong to a new armed insurgency group calling itself the guerrilla. a little. thing able to look at. the. see the gorilla began two thousand and nineteen with the killing of four point. three more interesting to. see.
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the gorillas told us that they would continue looking for financial backers for seeing a failure of the negotiations between north they got an opposition leaders that was set to take place in my now while the following day and then came back. to. the news trying. to get to work in costa rica. he. meatless that if. they appoint the ministers who. are going to decide so. they have gone to war. over the border some eight hundred miles from when i was we were taken to meet a group of young refugee activists huddled in the grounds of an abandoned branch.
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that. would be your. home i found. the others it. mustn't be more. than that but you have not said i'm going to but for good. it's what a book. i came across to be a pedal board. in not the most i had so. so. one of the refugees was a middle class student of medicine who was badly beaten during her detention. they said.
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oh yes i had a full sail. for. any formal. way up and. on second day of the government's talks with the opposition the police announced the release of one hundred political prisoners back to the homes. on our way back into any kind arwa we met our contact with the refugees again in the brain of. a cow on their name only get a lease that the dollar is
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a political event and. we headed to one of the addresses on the list. where you're on a. day like a in the summer a month to take your phone. to the prison or live here learned to sing. like a director right right right right. but i mean to stop or slow it the council. the whole deal get that they'd be at the right. they're going to be the. shopkeepers elizabeth and her husband danny had been detained for months when their children stayed with elizabeth's mom the couple had been accused of stockpiling weapons. simple as and i don't think. they i mean you michel men know. and see only
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a male i don't but i suspect you know where that is. a you don't live in the. bush because i don't interfere with your ninety. one the. right on three. what are the here are you. warm at that hour now you press them on anymore send. for say when they say here's a bomb. just then we'll mark up us we'll miss it that we're not there. at this junction with us i met them the oh. give me my cup so it. might be land. air think it will most don't need a march out of the shuttle of what the. police i was in the beginning i had been. for. that part of the name old age now listen you're
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a kilometer washed you are you know what if i like us being a supporter i charge. is a lonely but i kill a bit then he done me in mind you know the a mass. back at the hotel mind this we're waiting for us once again. the night the opportunity to interview the president it was time to secure footage and leave the country. later to march the sixteenth thousands of people marched for the release of all political prisoners in one small government react to force one of the students with making this film managed to send us basically of a seventeen year old student being detained by the police trying callus a police state. in late march twenty ninth the government agreed to release
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political prisoners and restore protests brunt's other opposition to moms including of course for an early general election or so far. fake news is a global virus but in indian politics it's becoming a cancer one of the up on stock the enemies that manipulate them into whatever the party just based on emotion can skew the perception of the under be the specific group if you're bombarded with fake news but that does start to flow to you as the world's largest democracy goes to the polls how vulnerable are expenses to militias disinformation. people and power investigates india fake news and agitprop on al-jazeera business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together a lifetime of emulation and stroke by stroke copying.
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selling reproductions can pay the bills but frustrate the artist. a pilgrimage to discover his hero and spy has an awakening that it's more rewarding to create than to imitate. dreaming of vincent a witness documentary on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the game this is live from joe coming up in the next sixty minutes a political transition underway ensued tens of thousands on the streets of cop two hundred reports the president omar al bashir has stepped down. i'm elizabeth.
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populist and a politically important state. as polls are open and the world's biggest democracy . after years holed up inside the ecuadorian embassy in london wiki leaks founder julian assange has been arrested by british police. to waste. the european union gives the u.k. another six months to leave the block the offer comes with. an in sport but also on a move a step closer to a place in the last for the european champions league boss of beating manchester united one nil in the first leg of the quarter final tally. we are continuing our live coverage of the fast moving developments in his what's happened so far we are waiting right now for an announcement from the army but it's
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understood that president omar al bashir has been relieved of his duties witnesses have seen military vehicles deployed to key words and bridges tens of thousands of people out on the streets celebrating in the capital khartoum but also reports that syria officials have been detained including the former vice president the former defense minister and the current head of the ruling party. the reports that khartoum airport has been closed. is in sudan's capital khartoum and he's with us now to take us through how all of this unfolded today started what some seven hours ago now after weeks of street protests. yes adrian more than four months of people protesting under streets demanding that president obama and bashir and his fifty year rule and step down now over the past six days we've seen people staging a sit in in front of the military headquarters demanding that the military take
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a stand and stand with the people who were on the streets for months and say that they want president ahmed bashir to step away they knew that if they want this revolution to win it's a succeed then they had to have the military on their side now this morning at five o'clock local time which is around three g.m.t. the military went to the most of the national most of the most of the stations radio stations and television stations cut all programs and said that they have an announcement to make and it will be coming shortly that was five or five hours ago that announcement is the yet to be made people are still waiting there are still consultations the top army commanders the top national security commanders and top police officials all are in a meeting in consultations and from what we understand they are trying to decide on a figure that will be basically agreed upon not just by the security forces whether it's the police military and national security but by the people on the streets as well the sudanese professional association which have been leading the protests since it began have been saying that they do not want a military personnel or did not want the interim government to be led by military
6:52 pm
personnel so it's not clear how the government or how the military council which is right now in a meeting with national security officers and police will be able to try to come up with a name that is not part of the military and that has not been in the political arena for the past thirty years during the title of this year's reign so who is in charge right now in syria what is the military doing out on the streets what is the mood among the people. well at the moment it seems like the military is in charge they have been stationed in most of the radio stations and television stations they're also in control of the airports and they are in control of most of the roads and the government facility buildings there outside there are a lot of military trucks on the streets most of the routes how they block by the military with the exception of a few routes that lead the protesters from where they are to the military headquarters these are specific groups that have been opened by the military not just today but over the past few days the way that the protesters go and stage this and in front of the military an army headquarters now they've been saying for the
6:53 pm
past five days that they do not want anybody dividing the country do not want the country to slide into chaos but they've also made it very clear that they do not want any loss of lives unfortunately that's not what happened more than twenty people have been killed over the past six days and the system is still continuing people of celebrate three more they've been carrying the flags they've been celebrating saying that the army has managed to stage a coup and now the army is in command and they're waiting for that statement but people are celebrating even before an announcement is made they're saying that they're very confident that their demand that they've been voicing for the past three months four months actually has been heard and that president i'm going to shoot thirty rule is finally over the people are celebrating here this is a military takeover will the people ultimately accept. it's not clear yet the professional association has a lot of followers a lot of people who've been listening to them over the past few months they have been listening to every single scheduled for protests that the sudanese
6:54 pm
professional association has been putting out of been listening to the demands and they've been saying that they do not want a military takeover that they want a transitional government formed that would eventually lead to elections where people can board and decide on their preferred presidential candidates but they've also been saying that they want that person to be a civilian it's not clear how the army which is right now in control and in a meeting with consultations will be able to agree for someone who is not from the military someone. no to lead the country off the been talked about including the opposition but a lot of the people in the street and dissidents professionalization i think that they don't want more of the opposition figures who are currently. present in sudan they're think that most of them have been part of the bashir government over the past. for their own self-interest according to these professional association and a lot of people on the streets they believe that even the opposition right now do not represent them so it's not clear how these people who are currently in consultation to the military the security and the police will be able to come up with a name that is satisfactory not just to them but to the thousands and thousands who
6:55 pm
have been fighting that is taking effect and over the past few days there are many thanks indeed zero zero zero morgan there live in khartoum let's take a look at omar al bashir whose leadership has been defiant by conflict and violence prodded taking over as leader he had a long career in the military and rose to the rank of colonel that position him to lead a bloodless coup in one hundred eighty nine and take power during the twenty one year civil war between the north and south in two thousand and three several ethnic groups in darfur launched a rebellion against his government accusing it of oppressing black africans the government backed crackdown on those ethnic groups led to more than three hundred thousand people being killed the international criminal court later put out a warrant for bush is arrest on charges of genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes all of which he denies but despite that he's never been tried by the court and he went on to win consecutive elections in twenty ten and twenty fifty
6:56 pm
al-jazeera. covered sudan extensively he joins us now live in the studio let's let's just show people watching sudanese television at the moment the logo that they've got which has been there for hours now they told everybody wait for an announcement the army is due to speak soon to to say something and that's what we've been seeing that is why if we don't heard from the military a part of these second time is to kill them time. to ensure all the arrangements are in place and to the law people. to those affiliated with i want to know if you look at those arrested so far people like him say the former defense minister ahmed hubbell the the chairman of the national congress one of the closest allies of. the one of the politics. of the political establishment that has been in power for the last thirty years there really aiming for the in a circle of a lot of pressure because it concerned about any attempt to stage it political
6:57 pm
comeback and i think the moment to ensure that they have the loyalty of the military base is the most powerful commanders on the ground the political elite there will come out and say in public what has happened over the last six hours because about to be managed to get into the presidential palace told our middle bashir your era is over i think they are trying to work out the details over transition and this explains why they are ticking quite some time to be able to reach out to the sudanese professional association the preprocessors of the opposition before coming out and telling the people make of the official announcement about you just a second news for to bring in saddam hussein on the streets in khartoum about two kilometers away from the army headquarters hassan thanks for being with the summer of zero tell me what's going on around her. i don't have time can you hear me it's a great hero hero and that's what's happening here and you know she was there once
6:58 pm
a little bit what's happening around you the house i'm. going to. ask and just tell me what's going on around you. what more go just tell me what's going on around you have. i found here you. will. more of our world will come back to the ash and then i will try house out again in a little while is this a direct result of people power people like us out on the streets of khartoum have they managed to split the military somehow is the military here united no they're not united we've seen security forces divided over the last few days about how to deal with the protest movement. forces for example affiliated with the national intelligence security agency has been present clamping down on the civilians while some junior officers within the military establishment have been protecting the
6:59 pm
protesters so you can see the chasm between the military establishment people on the streets are so. excited about this aftermath but just at the same time because they're saying that they're not going to accept any transition which is going to be led by the military establishment they want to see civilians taken over shaping sudan's transition to democracy but this isn't happening in isolation people are drawing parallels to what's currently going on in libya and in algeria. what does this mean for the for the the wider region i mean the newly independent south sudan for example who might be pulling the strings behind the scenes or at least seeking to influence what's going on in sudan at the moment saudi arabia for instance the united arab emirates there are loads of regional implications here in the sudanese conflict in two thousand and eleven when sudan signed it with was providing significant assistance of the libyan rebels that strain ties between sudan and
7:00 pm
saudi arabia and the united arab emirates in particular we've seen now what looks like an attempt by the saudis and the amenities to build new relations with. model bashir the regional implications are there the egyptians have been really concerned about the situation now in sudan because of the border dispute with with the sudan the south sudanese government will definitely closely monitor the situation because it is their independence in two thousand and eleven there were still issuers not finally resolved with the sudanese government but above all the sentiment that has been leased by the two thousand and eleven arab spring you can see it reverberating across the streets of sudan with thought it would be immune in two thousand and eleven twelve thirteen but people are saying enough is enough because sudan has always been beset by military dictatorships and by a lack of political reforms and this time they say we've given all of us here thirty years we've seen.


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