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tv   Mobile Harvest  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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thus through production and services and for the last decade more so on services so i grew a culture has been neglected and as a result obviously we became more dependent on foreign imports turkey's finance minister insists the worst is over the government's promise to inject billions of dollars into state banks and support turkish exports giving them a turkey's main focus now is or reforming the economy in order to achieve the goal of the instructor it's necessary to introduce structural reforms. the impact of the economic downturn could be seen on istanbul skyline it's a city of stalled building sites for the past sixteen years present turn construction into a vehicle of growth new developments have gone after breakneck speed but with the leader of all in the cost of importing raw materials and surfacing all of the loaves have sought last year the u.s. double tariffs on turkish steel an element amid worsening relations the two
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countries are an odd so when increasing number of issues including turkey's growing ties with russia and plans to buy a russian missile defense system president said the u.s. tariffs were a big obstacle to turkish trade. rising prices were a major election issue for many turks the ruling party's popularity for so long built around strong growth and improved living standards now depends on creating a road to recovery the park al-jazeera istanbul. for school him from. her home.
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again in the democratic republic of congo the results of provincial elections have provoked supporters of the president to protest against his predecessor supporters of newly elected president felix or cicada are rejecting the victories of provincial governors supported by the former leader joseph kabila from solar ports . another election in the democratic republic of congo provisional governments are chosen by parliamentarians. and after what was a tense process former president joseph kabila square listen common front for congo the day it bad all but one province just taken by president felix she said kate is ruling union for democracy and social progress party you d.p.s.
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. now controls the national and provisional assemblies as well as the senate which leaves a new president in a weak position as he struggles to consolidate power and maneuver congress complex political terrain that's why he supporters in the capital kinshasa are angry this is a u.d.p. a stronghold for the party lost the governor's race here too they took to the streets protesting against the loss inequalities and music you fought between the president and he's paid this as. well and we are in a coalition the chief of this coalition should be the president of the republic no one else but it's not a fair coalition it's not balanced and these two dogs we are giving our party leader the president forty eight hours to cancel the gubernatorial election in kinshasa and pass i can. imagine former president kabila controlling the senate and now all the provinces why are we calling ourselves
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a coalition when others are controlling everything. we are no longer happy with this coalition between the president and former president kabila we don't see why we have to continue now realized he has no power as president of this country. she said katie has promised to make a break from an eighteen year iraq that was accusations of corruption mismanagement of public resources and human rights abuses he also has to deal with suspicions that his victory came through a backroom deal the will preserve influence of important ministries and security forces as well as appoint a prime minister fronted by the former president and his plantation on breaking away from the predecessor who still holds so much power it's going to be difficult cathy zoi al-jazeera. north korea's leader has been telling the ruling workers' party to deal a blow to hostile forces which are imposing sanctions south korea's president is
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heading for the white house donald trump so far failed in two summits to persuade the north to abandon nuclear missile development of zero zero but pride in seoul sets the scene for thursday's meeting in washington. the south koreans have managed to break the deadlock with their neighbors before but after the failed summit in the vietnamese capital hanoi in february when the u.s. appeared suddenly to change its demands at the negotiating table this is a different kind of obstacle the administration supposedly reportedly has demanded that north korea abandon everything in a one shot big deal. but just structurally that's impossible or this is a sort of odd that estimated donald trump because in hanoi he gave us short himself to be tough. maybe excessively tough i would say south korean president
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moon j.n. prepares to meet the u.s. president north korea's newly elected supremes people's assembly is gathering in pyongyang it could indorse leader kim jong un's new path of economic development instead of missing the new clear testing but to do that he needs at least partial lifting of economic sanctions which he'd hoped to get at the hanoi summit now president moon is likely to push the u.s. administration for some sanctions relief but he might be disappointed washington on their ocracy ease them in they could buy the hardliners. and the belief that sensuous i just beginning to bite and they might be right so for now we could be left in the same diplomatic limbo people occasionally get their hopes up expecting some huge breakthrough because we have to try to do that but until we see some
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indications of change in ideology world view perceptions national interests of the stakeholders in the region will be stuck here for a while but as long as there aren't missiles being launched or warlike threats being made many in northeast asia will settle for that bright al-jazeera. time for sport piers andy thank you so much a gentle australian critic cameron bancroft says he contemplated quitting the game in the midst of his benefit cheating bancroft was one of three australian test players suspended for ball tampering is now out supply professional cricket again is making his debut for english county side during the twenty six year old was banned for the nine months after the incident in early twenty eight saying. we all might stakes their way and tell you or i would have to grow as a person given that meeting him and being honest with yourself about those mistakes
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you know silly have been and you know as as a person that something that on complete can before and i wouldn't have it any other way or bancroft was caught on camera using sandpaper to damage the ball during a test match against south africa roughing up one side of the ball can cause it to swing in the air giving an advantage to the bowler form australia captain steve smith and batsman david warner were also banned for their involvement a cricket australia investigation concluded that warner devised the plan and instructed bancroft to carry its outs across from at least one joins us live from durham where brian cross first game for the county has just got underway so is this a different the one we saw twelve months ago. yes a very different one and bancroft is actually batting at the moment he's cutting a relaxed figure at the crease and he was a relaxed figure as i'm sure came across that press conference very different contrite full of humility and analysis coming out of how you can still hear me but
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of course there was a very very difficult period for him over that twelve months he realized. that this is something that he will always be remembered for and i think coming to a place like this will help in some of the things he's done in twelve months he was talking about actually he's trying yoga teacher he was talking about some of the charity work that he's been doing and i think these things have helped him she just become a more grounded better person is not going to be easy for him but he does a very different figure and how do the people feel about same coming back not to play for them but capps in the county as well well the people we've spoken to this morning and surprisingly to me very positive about how their county has been struggling dice they have just as a very very good batsman have seen the why he's carried himself and conducted himself he looks very relaxed and i think this is a good place for him to come but out of the spotlight of a of a big in a big city i think by all plays to see what's going to be interesting of course is
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when he starts to play matches on wired other grounds he knows that he's going to get a lot of criticism and abuse from the public that is something that he's accustomed to now and i think he will just have to factor that into what he's playing week in week out and just is it likely they will play for australia again perhaps in the ashes against england later this year. he's got a chance with warren smith possibly as well i think you'll be a bit controversial for your typical for i'm not sure what message but without a doubt it might be best for them to move on but said if bancroft scores the runs that he's expected to i mean looks in a good place then of course it would perhaps be foolish for you to ignore him for the upcoming a very important series against england the one is joining is there from durham where camera bancroft making his debut for the county manchester united are in need of another european comeback if they are to stay alive in this season's
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champions league barcelona beating united one nail in manchester thanks to a luke shaw own goal the home same failed to record a single shot on target the second leg coming up at the nou camp next tuesday of course the peacekeeper formants away gives us hope and belief that we can do it. but we know we are playing against probably the favorites in the tournament with. and go into a new camp is going to be a challenge and it will be a greater achievement winning that one event this one held sue a one one draw in their first leg against i.x. christina eldar scoring a crucial away goal for you that was his one hundred twenty fifth champions league old of a near as with the equaliser in amsterdam and the governing body of australian rugby says it intends to terminate the contract of international player israel folau the thirty year old has posted anti gay comments on social media and have been warned about similar behavior in the past i was expected to represent
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australia at this year's world cup. the detroit pistons have claimed the final eastern conference playoff spots i want fifteen eighteen on victory over the new york knicks enough for them to finish eight in the standings the bad news for them well i've now got to take on number one seeds in the walking box that best of seven series starts on sunday. the end of its case signed off from the n.b.a. install a german finished with twenty points and ten rebounds in his final game for the dallas mavericks before heading off into retirement the fourth year of his being with a franchise for twenty one seasons winning the championship in swansea last. now chris davis was hit fifty three home runs in a single season that is now a distant memory the baltimore orioles player is on a record breaking run of the wrong sort the thirty three year old has just extended his hitler street to fifty pounds don't feel too sorry for him to learn at least
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seventy million dollars this year and is always contract guarantees him a further ninety million dollars after that it's. lovely work. enough that he really thinks that's it for the. news just about see it.
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part of. india is in the midst of a high tech revolution with over one billion mobile phones. yet in a country where one in four current leader how can this technological boom be holidays to the common good. life challenges a digital to devise an easy to use for a struggling farm so. can we find a way to bring the two worlds together fly from smoke harvest on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist to love and getting to the truth as i would that's what his job to. teach it strongman is ruling with an eye and faced on the silence from his allies
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is deafening the us was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security and why our western leader is turning a blind eye when even the citizens have for inventing to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london man in cairo on al-jazeera. a political transition underway in sudan tens of thousands on the streets of khartoum as president on one of the bashir is reported to have stepped down. i'm sam is a dan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up after seven years hiding in
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ecuador's embassy in london police arrest founder julian assange. i'm elizabeth purana met india's most populous and politically important state of the british as polls are open and the world's biggest democracy. brigs its warning for britons and pays says the e.u. gives the u.k. another six months to leave. we're continuing our live coverage of the fast moving developments in sudan here's what has happened so far well waiting for an announcement by the army but it is understood president bush has been relieved of his duties witnesses have seen military vehicles deployed to key roads and bridges tens of thousands of people are
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out on the streets celebrating in the capital khartoum. senior officials have been detained including the former vice president a former defense minister current head of the ruling party and there are further of khartoum airport has been closed to morgan joins us now from the capital khartoum well take us through what exactly has unfolded today. well sami five o'clock local time around three g.m.t. the military walked into the national stations including the television and the national radio station and said that they had an important announcement to make and they will be making it shortly that was a five o'clock more than five hours ago people are still waiting for the statement but thousands of people around sudan have been taken making their way to the various army headquarters not just in the capital hot zone but around the country various states to say to celebrate they say that this is the end of the shias
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thirty year rule now let's remember that they've been staging a sit in for more than five days demanding that the army take a stand with the protesters people have been protesting for more than four months demanding that president obama to be sure and his thirty year rule and step down him and his government and the ruling party and hand over power to an interim independent counsel now what we do know is that the military is currently in consultations security forces police as well as the military commanders there in consultations to try to come up with a name that would please not just the military and security forces but also the thousands and thousands of people who have been on the streets for the past few months the sudanese professional association which was leading the protests and spearheading the cause of the protests in which people have been listening to are saying that they don't want the military to talk over they want civilian government in place and that would lead the country to elections no matter how long that would take but people are not sure and it's not clear if the army will be able to bring out a name or bring up a name that is not from the military and that has not been in the political arena
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for the past thirty years. so the situation here seems to be the country understands the president has been relieved of his juice who's celebrating the army appears to have taken over. but everyone's waiting who are they in consultation with only security figures or is there any kind of process of speaking to civilian leadership involved. while at the moment is just security figures our police our national security and the military daryn consultations it's not clear if they're trying to bring in a civilian in the middle or not the military doesn't seem very comfortable trying to bring in a new face that they are not familiar with somebody they have not dealt with there several names that have been suggested so far that we've been hearing about but it's not confirmed because as i said we are waiting for a statement official statement that we'll be able to exactly say who is in control but what we do know is that the military has blocked so main road they were in
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control of the airports and stopped flights temporarily but right now flights are back operational so the airport is functional they are still in control of the national television station as well as the radio station and they are also in control of most of the facilities and the government facilities which are which by and by that i mean ministries and now ruling party headquarters so right now it seems very much that the army is in control and that security forces are trying to target a very security forces including the police are trying to come up with a name that would appease everyone all right thanks so much have a morgan there. joining us on the phone is no while she's a protester was also a member of the curse mirror a movement against violence towards women in sudan good to have you with us as a woman do you see this as a sudanese you see this as a major turning point on all levels in your life.
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can you hear me. i was asking you about your thoughts of how much of a turning point you believe this to be. or and let's take a look there at all model bashir is the this ship has been defined by conflict and violence prior to take over as leader he had a long career in the military and rose to the rank of colonel that position that position rather to lead a bloodless coup in one thousand nine hundred nine and take power during the twenty one years civil war between the north and south in two thousand and three several ethnic groups in darfur launched a rebellion against his government accusing it of oppressing black africans the government backed crack down on those ethnic groups led to more than three hundred
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thousand people being killed the international criminal court later put out a warrant for al bashir is arrest on charges of genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes all of which he denies but despite that he's never been tried by the courts and he went on to win consecutive elections in two thousand and ten and two thousand and fifteen. has covered sudan extensively joins me now here in the studio good to have you with us how should how much appetite does the army have for power at this point where they seem to be in doubt negotiating with different fashions how to move forward with the transition and this is going to pose a challenge for the military establishment because the people don't don't want to see a military takeover and the military. running of the of the transition they would like to see a civilian taken over there are two offers here on the table the sudanese
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professional association along with the protesters they have offered a road map for an exit strategy in sudan but the army. says was through waiting for them to make that announcement could be trying to reach out to the opposition and to the protesters about who should take over and under what conditions is it a sign of lack of preparation for this period perhaps some infighting and confusion the fact that it's been now what seven eight hours almost and you know they may have done the coup but they haven't announced what's next indeed it's quite obvious that this was a last minute decision to move into the presidential palace tell president bashir you are out of power but van it's not going to end the crisis you need to control. the main areas interest into the capital you have to ensure that you have the loyalty of the difference between factions of your two porters and that the same time you have to send some reassurances to the civilians that this is just going to
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be a transition before the power is handed over to the civilians and i think this explains why we've seen those latest developments about the release of all put the political prisoners in sudan it could be an indication of the army is willing to tell the people you should trust us. how much and regional impact might this have how much regional involvement should we expect. that there already is in this some of the figures are seen as close to the u.a.e. and saudi arabia whose names are being floated as potential transitional figures well since nine hundred eighty nine sudan has been widely seen as a hub for the islamists because it was controlled by a governing coalition with many conservative conservative political parties and it has had always strained relations particular with neighboring egypt and sometimes after the arab spring with saudi arabia and the u.a.e. this will definitely create new police political realignments if it is junior army
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officers taking over. it is definitely going to reshape sudan's foreign policy and sudan's traditional relations with. its neighbors and with the gulf countries and we have to wait and see who is now taking over is it one of the key players in the military establishment or security forces is it the minister of defense. or is it the girls from the intelligence is of the junior army commanders we have to wait and see exactly who is behind the coup or right thank you so much hashim amla bottle of earth where we kill leaks founder julian assange is under arrest after seventy is hiding in ecuador's embassy in london police dragged him out after his asylum status was withdrawn for what i called all calls repeated violations sanjay's wanted in the u.s. after working leaks released hundreds of thousands of classified military documents . rory chalons brings us the latest now from london rory first of all take us
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through the sequence of events that led to him losing his asylum in the embassy. what a basically seems that over the last seven years the relationship between. and is ecuadorian hosts has been souring and over recent weeks and months it's got worse still so in march they revoked here internet access and said that he couldn't have any more visitors and the accusations from wiki leaks to the presidents of ecuador have been getting more and more strident it's taken on a personal note now the president's all of that could or basically said
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that. she. had violated the terms of his asylum and that essentially he had been too political he's mr marino said that while ecuador up held a generous conditions of his asylum mr assad's legally challenging three different instances the legality of the protocol. now what seems sort of broke the camel's back a is the paper's scandal which revolves around allegations of the ecuadorian president's corruptly benefited from an offshore accounts in panama and the ecuadorian say that it was wiki leaks that actually made all those documents public so that's essentially why the ecuadorians have finally said enough is enough and they've given him up to the british police or and so he's in the custody of british police what happens to him next is to get extradited.


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