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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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mackesy in the arab world now when you look at tunisia the president has a say but the parliament has a huge influence over the political life as he says good for democracy now in sudan the it's the youth who have shaped this whole movement but ultimately it's a military coup that is shaping of the reality where it turns out council led by the military establishment will this be seen as a good alternative or practical alternative for the sudanese would have to wait and see what would be the reaction on the streets and just one final question are there parallels here between. what's happening in sudan right now and what's happening in algeria. it's there's absolutely no down death that people are inspired by what they see and they saw the protest movement in algeria and during the era of president. it definitely boosted the momentum that we saw in sudan and i think the army realized that disconnect between
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a vibrant problem ocracy movement on the streets and a president who was determined to use force to come down on the protesters and they said it's about time to interfere and this is exactly what they did today was great to talk to you. let's take a moment to work to remind you of what happened just about what fifteen twenty minutes ago now when the vice president of sudan but i would also defense minister . to the airwaves of sudanese national television the supreme committee decided that to employ your men and what was not in the mind of the people and. little period of two years the full. power with representations. of the people to.
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pave the way for the sudanese people to live in dignity and here i declare in my capacity as the defense minister churman of the supreme committee to get rid of this the regime and to arrest the head of the regime in a safe place and. being the minister of defense the chairman of the committee to get rid of this regime and to rest the head of the regime in a safe place i also declare the formation of a military transitional council to supervise the to be a year of period. to cancel the constitution of sudan phone two thousand and five. to declare the state of emergency for three months and man one month. from ten the evening to food in the morning.
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airspace is closed for twenty four hours and all term result close until further notice. the president say the cabinet and the under-secretaries will be intitled to perform the work needed the governments of the governed the rates will be. the mayors and governors will do that and needed a job normally work will go as it is in the judiciary the constitutional. court and. to pull from all the military groups to join us in building the country to keep and maintain the life. of the citizens
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reinvent. the ration no attacks on property keeping. on around the general public all day will be always that we will. grind in all its. cease fire will be displayed on. suspect that say well soon as he added journalist on the line from ca to. assessing what's your reaction to what's happened here. clearly happened. is changing. in front of the. headquarters in close to. we
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hearing. officials have been arrested i myself witnessed the arrest. in front of the house i was there just a former. military personnel. along with many many people. in front of them also. celebrating. much. like this in separating the still having the same direction. will this move by the military be enough to satisfy the people who have been out on the streets for so long. can you come again so it will move by the military be enough to satisfy the protesters. i mean the
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first thing the first thing will. happen. i think the. more. i'm not sure because. of the arming according to. her. i think i think. i mean. but many many many. i think. some of.
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this announcement. for the moment this is a day of celebration at the moment is just a celebration is just a celebration. of . cheerfulness adam that live in khartoum. is a member of that if the resistance movement to helping to organize the process in sudan he joins us now live via skype from kenya this is a military takeover a coup will people on the ground accept it. so up to up to the hour i was happy and celebrating with my folks and talking about coming back and having this amazing party and everything and now i'm curious and we're all talking about going back to the street having it been of come out and talk about three months our
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emergency state of emergency and two years transition is not what we're fighting for this is exactly who are fighting he was the vice president are under here and he is their system that we're fighting where i'm fighting one person refining the system and to us this is a slap in the face and he's just back and right now we have the momentum of those millions of people in the street a lot of them still didn't hear the speech still don't know what's happening but we are actually definitely definitely going to go back and definitely going to use the same momentum that we had to fight him you know and he's a new enemy and now the big difference is we were fighting the national dalliance those were the people who are biting us to killing us and the army with that next ice and right now we're going to find out very soon if the army is going to stand with us if they're going to kill us are going to protect us like they were doing and we were hoping that the middle level officers and younger officers are the ones who are standing on our sides and we still think there are safe and we're going to
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fight back a this is definitely exactly what we don't want this is the same system we're biting and instead of going to be here we have in our he was the second man in our list and he still new power so this is nothing this is not only revolution we're not there and we're definitely back if so how do you how do you explain if that's the way that you feel how do you explain the scenes of jubilation that we're seeing at the moment on the streets of concert i mean i was i was just party and i was just up and of your members and they're like i have a thing school that was happening because something's got to be an act to the picture and send to them and they're like no way people still in here about people are still in the streets they still hear about your people it needs a while for them realize what happened every. he was expecting we all expected an arc not to all come out there were rumors in the street that he was arrested that he went out to see the statement but he got arrested by the middle level officers and all of that so everybody was excited that in all thought and we were all
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surprised to see that he's the one made that announcement and we're definitely not happy about this and will and i bet you in the next few hours when people start hearing about it and there's going to be parties and thankfully everybody still mistreats thinking that they're going to celebrate but the celebration is going to turn into a protest you think the. jubilation of a service people actually hear what's happened or turn to and go exactly exactly that's exactly what i'm hearing i'm getting right now are eating very very angry because i feel like i was just tricked how do you think the army will react if people if people show their anger on the streets of a later how do you think bill bell behaved. this will be that going to the test is going to happen week wait we're going to find out tonight i think the army will will the mid-level officers were the ones next to us and i feel that even if that makes us even the rapid response force which was one of the main force of this coup
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. the people were not attacking any of the protesters and they were defending them so we're hoping they're going to stay like that and we're going to stay on the side of the people and we still have a lot of hope and we think the mid-level officers will rebel and will stand next to us and because when they stood next to as they were actually going against on so we feel like they are still with the people who are still celebrating with us in the streets and when they use to in these people are angry against an excess the defense minister was was keen to point out but part of his intervention was due to the fact that. the president now under arrest wanted the army to turn on the people and fairing a massacre of syrian bloodshed he felt he needed to step in surely he wouldn't order his forces having prevented them attacking. protesters on the omar al bashir he wouldn't order his forces to do the same what he. but that's the life he did
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order he was the defense minister and he didn't order is forces to do this and now when he came out we have this freedom and liberation that we all are working under and it actually specifically asked for a different game change so that the the whole point is the whole movement is what it is it's like does the best which means let it fall that's all and for the freedom agenda regime is a very simple the liberation that states what we want and what we're fighting for and part of it is a transition but for your government that is the civilian democracy that's a look just tell me exactly what it is that you and the protesters on the street do want what the military says it's going to take power for two years while the constitution is written or while preparations are made for a fair elections what is it you want because going from revolution to democracy is
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is pretty hard at least the army here has a plan then we have a very specific plan that we put in place and that the transitional phase in democracy has been be well stay at the freedom and see it declare ration and we are very clear but we want a four year transitional period where professionals thinking of rats take over power for four years and get the country ready for or democracy and through that period we want an army that's a professional army that protects that not an army that rules and we're very specific about that and we're all united on that do you think you'll get that though if if the protests continue. yes we feel we're going to get that receipt we have we know we have millions of people in the street and we know that people are united under this declaration and are in this unusual leadership and it is to their region and we told the truth that we need a ship and we will continue our work
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a good judge group speaking to us via skype from kenya let's bring in once again i was in serious morgan who is in khartoum and was listening to that conversation what do you make of that about. well adrian as i said earlier that people in the streets are celebrating but there are people who are already speaking up on social media saying that they've not been protesting for this they do not want two years of military rule they definitely do not want the curfew that has that image has been imposed in the state of emergency the three month set of a magazine that has been declared by the has been announced by the defense minister and effectively now the head of the government. with no off still don't know if he's the president or not but he's effectively the one leaving the country so people also feel media are saying that they do not want this military council that will be taking over for the next two years some of them are already calling for people to continue protesting but outside on the streets people are celebrating it seems that for them the main concern was president bashir being there as president
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and now that his gone they're ready to look into the next phase especially since in his announcement the defense minister had said that he's going to form. an interim council that will be inclusive of all political leaders and political parties so they feel like there could be a chance that they will be represented and their voices heard something to see that they have been saying that is has not been happening during our president bashir is era why did it take the army so long to make this announcement having moved in to to seize power in the middle of the night almost in the very early hours and then kept people waiting until mid day to work to make that announcement. well apparently there has been a lot of consultations they were trying to come up with a name that would be. that would please not just the military commanders but also security forces as well as the police forces and the people on the streets as it
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seems right now it seems that the defense minister and vice president out of north was the name that they all came to agree upon but it's not clear yet if that would mean and to protest that there has been a curfew that is imposed from ten pm up until four am which effectively means that from today the sit in that has that we've been seeing for the past five days should come to an end if people are going to abide by the military directives and by the directives of the current transitional council but it's not clear if if they will actually follow that or not if they do not that would mean that they're not satisfied with what they have seen and what they've heard from the defense minister let's not forget that there's also there's been a lot of fragmentation between the security forces the national security forces and the military and the police each have different views so this could have been one of the reasons why there was a lot a lot of delay and a lot of consultations and so announcement was made and caring for the moment many thanks to speak now to world of peace abroad three who was at the protest in khartoum earlier is not
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a friend's house and joins us on the line and do you think the people who are out on the streets celebrating right now will be satisfied with what they've seen and heard from the defense minister or they're. going to say they're going to couldn't hear will people be satisfied with what's happened no no definitely they're going to. go to do this from going to church or now in in the north and a particle or a particle good out of the goodness of their or everyone is against it. why because i'm not happy that this this is another. him is also want to see. what is happening what do you think is going to happen now if you don't contribute to the ministry people did not leave. and how do you think
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the army will react if people continue to protest. but the can impose. continue to demonstrate i'm sure that. you feel a sense of a deflationary you feel let down yes definitely. ok the fisa goods to china face battery the who is at the protest in khartoum earlier. we are continuing our live coverage of the fast moving developments in sudan where the military says that it has taken power the defense minister made an announcement a short while ago. been. says the president omar al bashir has been arrested and is being held in quote
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a safe place he says government ministries will be disbanded and that a military council will run the country for a two year transitional period a three month state of emergency will come into force security will be tightened at a curfew will be imposed from ten pm until four am each day new elections will be held after the transitional period and a new constitution drawn up let's bring in serious national who has reported from and covered sudan extensively here at al-jazeera. you've been listening to the people we've been talking to for the past twenty minutes or so. what do you make this this sort of jubilation turning to anger or does it surprise you no no because of been watching some of the reactions from the activists all the ground and basically they are stable social media they're upset frustrated that they are
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been betrayed by the ministries tabish meant the most powerful the group which has been leading the pro-democracy movement which is the sudanese professional association has said one hour ago asking people to convert all the main streets until a civilian authority is formed to lead sudan for a transitional period they would never talk in or even visiting a military council to take over and i think. if and we're expecting them to come out any time now with an official reaction if they decide that they reject the last minute made by the army this is definitely going to further strange relations on the ground there were reports earlier of one person being killed today by a sniper. is that is this going to turn nasty do you think. if the protesters continue in the streets if they say no to the announcements made it will it will it will it will definitely now put the civilians for the first time against the military establishment and this could this could further destabilize
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the defense minister was trying to make it very clear that one of the reasons why he intervened and removed president bush is because he feared the threat of the situation turning violent of being bloodshed. will will he or his troops through to open fire on protesters he was other than his in his statement saying we will not allow any attempt to destabilize the country and this explains why he has imposed a state of emergency plus a curfew for two months and warning people not to raise arms against. against the government and asking people to be patient because of the strong stringent decisions which will be made by the ministries subbasement or by the mystery transitional council for the coming i mean when you listen to the beginning of his statement it was basically about i had to step in because enough is enough to further prevent any escalation of that would lead to more bloodshed on the
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streets but what came of that after that statement was very porter which was basically suspending based on suspending the parliament the government i'm setting up this military council i am the one who is going to take over there will have to talk to people ultimately but there's absolutely no doubt that what we're seeing in sudan is a military coup with a new transitional council a military council taking over for two years are they going to implement. the the the promises they make up we don't know we don't know the come come back after two years and say we will just continue in power and they did it the army did it incidentally the best they always come up with a statement saying that we will hand over power and sometimes they stay in power for for many decades remind us who this man is but a word of what i would have been emerging nine hundred eighty nine as one of the key players in the military coup that pave the way for model bashir to take over and ever since he's been one of his most trusted man and he climbed the political
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arena we've replaced one strongman with absolutely absolutely absolutely and he became his vice president and minister of defense in february when a sense that the noose was really tightening around his around him he decided he needed his most trusted man in power and he decided to bring i want back as minister of defense establishment stabbed him in the back exactly and i think he realized over the last few days that there needs to be the need to interfere i mean it was quite all of us because this is someone i want to bashir has spent all his life building a robust military establishment to defend him so any outcome would definitely have to come from within that establishment of the most powerful man now because he was vice president until a few hours ago and minister of defense he thought it's about time to he went to the presidential palace he arrested and he told him sorry you won't be able to
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leave the country anymore i am. replacing you i would howl how loyal is the army to him that if if they weren't particularly loyal to omar bashir it appears because they allowed this to happen how loyal are they to him being one of the key architects of the coup of the one nine hundred eighty nine has always been in the mr establishment client climbing the ladder of that establishment until becoming a general and i think through all those years it was quite obvious there has been able to build alliances within that and it's quite obvious now from the statement that he consulted with some allies before deciding today it is about time to launch the coup. how do we compare. this what's happened in sudan to what has happened in other countries is what's happening in libya algeria right now linked to to what's happened in sudan and to the arab spring to to what
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happened in egypt and it's definitely an after. shock of the wave that started in two thousand and eleven in on syria you can at least see that the momentum by the people led to. to a solution within the framework of the constitution what do you have a civilian interim president. oh has announced yesterday or announced yesterday that the elections would be held on the fourth of july and he said that he is committed to hand over power to civilian authority from the perspective of the protest as it is you this is this is this is a win situation for form that incidentally is different to backlight in a way or another because now he's paving the way for another ministry. this meant to take to take over the best some sense of resemblance with egypt and libya where you know well another one because in both countries is we saw militarist song man take over the is the boss of the country and in egypt action which was we'll talk
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against stay with us but that's bring now bring in now david shinn a former deputy chief of mission at the u.s. embassy in sudan on the line from washington david good to have you with us what's your reaction to this player hello david can you hear me yes i do david what's your reaction to to what's happened in sudan today but this is clearly a combination of events sense december and i think it's certainly a partial victory at a minimum for the protesters and. president bashir is agreed to step down it remains to be seen however whether the terms presented by the military are going to be fully acceptable to the protesters as i understand that they're talking about a two year interim period of military rule and i think the protesters were
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urging an immediate turnover to civilian role this could cause a new problem unless they can negotiate something that is agreeable to both sides and we're already hearing that the protests sets to continue appears that for many people these new conditions are not acceptable how do you think this is going to play out. well i'm not surprised to hear that i think that they're really at this point for the sake of sudan have to be. additional negotiations between the protesters on the one hand in the military on the other they come up with a different agenda for seeing a transition to civilian government and certainly sharpening significantly the amount of time that the military is in control two years seems to be unnecessary how it was only one year in one thousand nine hundred five after the overthrow of
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the married government and even that people argued was a very long period of time and i think the only solution is to think in terms of the stability of sudan itself and come up with a with a plan that cuts this time away back on the face of it the vice president says. that this military transitional council will last two years as the two thousand and five constitution will be will be canceled all political prisoners will be immediate released and at the end of this transition period free and fair elections will be held in a new constitution written i mean it all seems pretty poolesville it's the it's the two year thing that worries you as it hit. it isn't and i think all of this could be kaleidoscope into a shorter period of time and there admittedly has to be a period of. security and stability whether someone is ensuring that things do not
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go out of control and immediate turn over to a civilian government would probably not guarantee that that two years to strikes me is not necessarily a long period of time. going from a revolution to democracy is not that easy and a military government is perfectly reasonable in the short. i think in the case with sudan it is proved that in one nine hundred eighty five they had free and fair elections after one year and those are among the best elections that ever took place and she then albeit they didn't occur throughout south sudan because you had still had civil war going on there but in the northern part of the country there were highly successful elections and i just don't understand why something like that can't be replicated and what is. now. wanted by the international criminal court on charges of genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes which of course he denies what will happen to him now do you think. that's
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going to be up to a combination of this in these people the middle of the sudanese military and the international criminal court itself and the members of the court i have no idea how that's going to play out at this point certainly over the short term and i think it makes sense of however that is handled it be done in a manner that contributes to the short term stability in sudan. david one final question how you talk about the stability of sudan itself how do you think events today's events will be being watched by. regional neighbors egypt saudi arabia the united arab emirates well i think all of these countries addition to the international community generally are paying very close attention to what's going on there this is a very critical problem proceed with the real issues that we are very recently and algeria with between stepping aside which i think probably contributed to what's
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happening on in khartoum. these are regardless of very perilous times for the entire region david good to see many thanks to you for being with us david shinn the former deputy chief mission at the u.s. embassy in moscow back to courtroom morgan is still with us you were telling us earlier that you could still you could hear the crowds outside the studio on the streets although we were talking to a couple people earlier saying that maybe the jubilation of earlier in the day could quite soon turn to anger. yes very much that that is a possibility because they can people have been think that they do not want not just president bashir but they don't want his whole government the defense minister howard now off is part of the ruling party he's part of the regime he was the vice president so he's still very much part of the regime that people have been protesting against for the past four months so it's not clear yet if in a few minutes or in
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a few hours we'll see people chanting that they want and new regime even though this one is not even more than our all that listen our old so it's not clear if the jubilation and the celebrations that we're hearing outside right now will turn in a few hours into calls for a civilian interim council to lead the country for the next two years the sudanese professional association the most powerful association there has been leading the anti-government protests. they have said even before the announcement was made that they do not want the military to be in charge they don't want anyone from the same regime which was part of president bush's regime they don't want anybody from his party from his regime to be in charge of the interim our transition period but obviously with the defense minister i would have me off announcing that he would be in charge and his counsel be in charge this seems like very very much that most of the regime are still in place so it's not clear if the people outside will accept that or if they will accept and listen to the parts of speech where he said that in his in the independent council or in his transitional council there will be
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representations for all the people from sudan to be let's rewind for just a moment for the benefit of anyone who has joined us and. maybe isn't across sudanese politics and what is happening right now in sudan. take us back a few months few years how did we get to this point. well really you can pick any point and it could be the starting point but really i think that when it started really excited with south sudan's us secession on january in july twentieth level in south sudan to seed it from sudan with a lion's share of the oil fields in the country which was sudan's main source of revenue now we've seen antigovernment protests followed a year after that people demanding that present i want to share step down because they feel like the economy and inflation was too much for them to bear food prices food commodities started increasing in prices and fuel shortages started to appear in the markets and since then really they have been protests two thousand and
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twelve two thousand and fifteen two thousand and eighteen january and december so that could be one of the more significant turning points for president bashir is south sudan secession even during the past four months when people were protesting you could hear a lot of them saying that president on one of this you split the country that was once africa's largest country and they blamed him for that and his ruling party so obviously for them that was one of the reasons why president bashir had to go but really besides that people have been saying that for thirty years they've known no one else but president bashir they only know his government they feel like he's been lying to them and that he has not been managing the country well and of course have been accusing his government of corruption so really the deciding point could be anywhere but the most significant point will be in december twenty eighth when people came out to the streets and sort of protesting and has the have not stopped up until today a tree and what do you think the chances are that these protests despite the fact that the defense minister the vice president said that there would be
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a curfew in operation from ten nights until four in the morning do you think these process people are going to defy that curfew of the protests will continue. while the people already have tested the military over the past five days and they've realized that the military understand that for them to try to disperse the protesters then they'll have to use force and we're talking about tens and tens of thousands of people in front of the military headquarters adrian so to open fire it would mean a massacre and i'm not sure if the military at the moment is ready to rest when it's just at its early stages again like i said less than an hour old so it's not clear how much of a risk this military council that apparently will be leaving sudan for the next two years is ready to take and try to disperse the protesters using force as far as it seems at the moment they are celebrating it's not clear if they will listen again like i said so the parts of the speech of i would have no where he said that the interim council will be inclusive we will have a clear answer by around ten or eleven pm today local time if people continue to
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protest and it means that they are not happy with the announcement that has been made and they are not happy with the fact that the military council will be leading the country but if they do manage to disperse before ten o'clock it means that they are ready to see what this interim transitional period will bring about ok here for the moment as you were saying this regime has been in existence for about an hour now. is. the vice president and defense minister of sudan speaking on souvenirs national television about sixty minutes ago. the supreme committee decided to employ a man and what was not in the mind of other people and at so this little period of two years the full says will power with represent asian of the
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people to. pave the way for the sudanese people to live in dignity and here i declare in my capacity as the defense minister chairman of the super committee to get rid of this the regime and to arrest that head of the regime in a safe place i also declare the formation of a military transitional council to supervise the to be a year of period. to cancel the constitution of sudan for two thousand and five. to declare the state of emergency for three months and man in one month. from ten the evening to food in the morning. airspace is closed for twenty four hours and all term result close until further
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notice let's bring. in once again he's covered sudan extensively from the country itself and from here in doha is with me in the studio. as we said earlier on this hour we're waiting for this announcement for much of the day since the first thing this morning people on tenterhooks people were celebrating in the room is that omar al bashir had been arrested and then came the announcement and it's almost it's a big letdown for many many people here we're told surprised. well there were people were expecting that whoever takes over in sudan will talk to the people reassuring them that power is going to be handed over back to the civilians to starve own turns nation to these are the same the same basically what what what he thinks people want to hear is that right do you think there's any sincerity behind it well it's difficult i mean normally normally you
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would you would you would you would have someone saying to the people you have to take over let's agree about the modalities of a transition what i've been saying basically is that taking over as head of the military transitional council just a few days ago the opposition has been offering all floating the road maps for a transition to democracy and they were unanimous it has to be a civilian authority formed by people respected by the sudanese people not involved in the buzzing of public funds or the. repression of the people and they have to start a quick transition to democracy with new parliamentary elections you presidential elections but also drafting of a new constitution has to reshape or reinvent so that into a civilian authority but as david chin was saying just a few moments ago on al-jazeera. a transition like this is just too big you need some of the figure you need the army to keep order to make sure that
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that it doesn't fall apart that with that we don't descend into chaos well this is our which means that the then the will have to negotiate the terms of any transition with the people and they have to have the people trust them when it comes to this do you think that having made this announcement having gone on television the vice president defense minister. and setting out all of these these pleas plans for the future the things that he in has to do think that that he would be open to negotiation if this proves if these protests continue do you think it's still up for discussion he said you should follow it should we expect a statement number two where he's going to write talk more about the details of the the makeup of the transition military transitional council and i think it will start to listen to the pieces so perhaps we should give him the benefit of the doubt yes but also we have to see what the opposition and the protesters say today if they are adamant they are determined they this has to be a civilian authority we're most likely going to see further instability in the
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country does the military's view of the future for sudan marry with that of the people you know because since one nine hundred fifty six sudan has been led by general aboud followed by you know normally followed by generals who are the help and then followed by. and they were all talking the talk about a brighter future for so that. it was a series of blunders two civil wars in the north between the north of the south in the sixty's and the eighty's war in darfur and the rest was a destroyed economy people have had enough of this and the only trust they were they might attribute to it will be to a civilian authority don't really need to see any of face take over but sooner or later someone has to break that cycle of incompetence if you like of mistakes why why why isn't it the man the man to do that what basically the reactions that you
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get all social media as we speak is that this is and i was always saying this is part of the establishment he has been one of the most trusted people. of a lot of bashir for the last thirty years i mean how they present to someone else people were it would have bought into this whole. narrative and number two it's a transition of two years two years is a long period and generally speaking people are really concerned when it comes to two years is say in two years you can outs maneuver the problem ocracy sentiments which is building it up you can use different tactics stick and the carrot to diffuse or to take the steam out of that momentum and then you might stay in power forever and don't ask you the nightmare question now as a man who's covered suzanne for as long as you have a sticking echo what do you think this this will resolve it all it all hinges on that second statement has what i think they also understand the army that they
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cannot afford to have this disconnect between a problem ocracy movement which invades the streets which is governessing of the nation and the government or an authority which is not responsive they will have to come to some middle ground any in any time soon because this could be in the benefit of sudan because you have people for people to trust you you have to appoint civilians very soon within the coming days and this civilly is will be tasked with the following task forming a national unity government drafting a new yorker's situation and by the end of the transition so there will have free parliamentary and presidential elections other than that it's just going to be under how does this play into what to watch what's going on elsewhere in the very same region in sudan's backyard in algeria the mode in libya.
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is these all these interlinked. they are because the sudanese were really inspired by the momentum which is building up in algeria and toppled. these beautifully and in his twenty year rule and just after those dramatic events in syria the momentum started to pick up in sudan pushing for what people hoped would be culminating in it in a orderly smooth transition for a civilian authority well they have managed to topple on one of the shia who is now . in jail arrested by the by the military coup leaders but i think this falls short of the expectations of the sudanese had only a few hours ago they were hoping that whoever is in control would share power with the civilians. as many thanks indeed i shall but other here in the
9:45 pm
studio with me as we've been reporting that sudan's omar bashir has been ousted by the military and a coup al-jazeera sort of looks back at his thirty year rule out of court almost a machine a man whose career has been defined by war he led sudan through various conflicts and during the breakup of africa's largest country he was the last man to lead a united sudan al bashir who came to power in a bloodless military coup in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine overthrowing a democratically elected government he ran the country as a military ruler for more than twenty five years where conflict was almost constant . two civil wars between the north and south cost the lives of one and a half million people. and the continuing conflict in the western region of darfur killed more than two hundred thousand people and fourth two million others to flee their homes
9:46 pm
a fragile peace took hold in two thousand and three and after two years of negotiations the rebels signed a peace deal with the government to end the civil war. that's agreement led to a referendum for independence in south sudan making it the world's newest country in twenty eleven. alba she was the only serving head of state to be indicted for war crimes international criminal court in the hague issued to arrest warrants charges stem from the war in darfur human rights groups say the charges are bonded or obvious she has been charged with very serious crimes include. the crimes of genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity these are all related to the country's very very abusive counter-insurgency campaign in dar for over the last ten to fifteen years that has resulted in numerous numerous deaths up to you know hundreds of thousands in mass displacement despite arrest warrants and forced al bashir has visited
9:47 pm
a number of countries in the region including syria. while the rest of the region have been experiencing an arab spring al bashir had faced little political unrest until late twenty eighteen when the government decided to triple the price of bread. it triggered protests nationwide and calls for his resignation as they accuse him of mismanaging the economy sending food prices high and causing regular fuel shortages all muddled by she would have served as president until the end of his term next year but now he'll be remembered as one of the last remaining african strong men brought down by a people's uprising if you're just joining us hello this is al-jazeera live from doha there's been a coup in sudan it is nearly three pm in khartoum tens of thousands of people are out on the streets of the capital within the last ninety minutes the military
9:48 pm
confirms the president omar al bashir is the president more citing corruption lies and false promises the military is taking of its declared a three month state of emergency al-jazeera matheson reports. this could be the end of thirty years of one man's rule in sudan looks like tanks rolling through the capital cheered on by protesters demanding that president omar al bashir steps down. i declare being the minister of defense the chairman of the committee to get rid of this redeem and to the head of the regime in a safe place i also declare the formation of a military transitional council to supervise the to be a year of period. more than one hundred officials and close aides to president
9:49 pm
abbas here i said have been arrested an order is reported to have been given for political prisoners to be released because i don't know who. you know so it's a beautiful meeting nothing it's. already out in the street deliberating and you are in the car. women are singing and dancing everybody happy protests over rising bread prices began four months ago they quickly widened into demands for the president to step down president al bashir declared a state of emergency in february. but since saturday thousands of demonstrators have been camped outside the military's khartoum headquarters several people have been killed as security forces try to break up the demonstration five of the dead are reported to have been soldiers said to have been defending the protesters the military says it understands the demands for bashir to go it says it's also determined not to let saddam fall into chaos what happened in the last twenty four
9:50 pm
hours it was obvious that. people demand has increased the number of participants of the people into use as well there was more of a direction to the military in part of the leadership in particular and i think that put more pressure on the military institution as a whole for that to do so and i think they filled the heat and they have to make action but some protesters say they won't support a transitional government which involves the army others fear the government will collapse and sudan will descend into the chaos the army says it wants to avoid rob matheson. lived through sudan's capital cop through mount a serious he is the head but what's been the reaction to this. while adrian are people on the streets are celebrating but they've been celebrating even before the announcement was made. five o'clock local time three g.m.t. people where we came for the military to announce to make
9:51 pm
a statement on the state television when they basically went to most of the radio stations national radio stations and television said that they had an announcement to make so people have been celebrating since they heard those words that the army will be making an announcement now not everybody is celebrating on social media and most of the guests we've been speaking to as well have been saying that this is not what they've been protesting for they were not protesting to have the same people more or less still stay in power of the defense minister who made the announcement who's effectively now in control he was the former vice president he's part of the ruling party so not everybody is satisfied with the fact that for two years many people who have been part of the ruling party have been part of the regime will be still staying in power because one of the things that they've been saying during their protests and their calls for president i want to show to step down is that it's not only him that they're worried about and want to see gone it's him his ruling party and his regime so we are going to wait until later hours when they affect the curfew that has been announced by the defense minister which is set to
9:52 pm
start at eleven pm local time. we are going to wait and that will be an indicative of whether people are very happy with what happened and they're willing to listen to the defense minister specially the part where he said that his council his transitional council will include everyone or if people will continue with their thoughts and protest and demand a civilian transitional council it's still very much unclear yet how many people are actually with the announcement and how many people want to continue and see a civilian transitional government in place instead of a military government one of the the people we were speaking to a little earlier about pointed out to many of the people who are out on the streets of the moment they don't even know the details of this announcement yet so they appear to be happy but they don't know what the army has actually said. while back could be easy to believe that the only reason because the people have been flowing out to the main army headquarters since five o'clock local time they've been celebrating the been dancing and they've been waiting just for one
9:53 pm
word bashir out of sort of that's two words they've been waiting to just hear the words bashir out that's what they want to hear i think the very as the day goes by as the hours for aggress then go from hearing about the details and that's when like i said we will know who is with the announcement and who is against and want to see a different kind of transitional government in place but until then right now most of the people we have on the streets are celebrating they're very happy that after four months of protest after five days of sitting in front of the army headquarters after during which more than twenty people have been killed more than forty people killed in torso over the past four months and hundreds injured thousands arrested for them this week with bashir gone that is a very good payoff one thing that the defense minister said a little earlier on was that all political prisoners in sudan will be released immediately how many political prisoners are in sudan. well to be honest adrian the former government was not very honest of the harmony people they
9:54 pm
have been keeping in detention what we do know is that there were thousands and thousands of people but even before the announcement was made many prisoners from one of the main our prisons from corporate prison in hudson north were released that military went in there and open the doors and release the political prisoners and corporate prison it's not clear yet if there are more prisoners but many significant figures especially activists who came out over the past four months one of them being the sudanese professional association spokesman this was station that was spearheading because of the protests now their spokesman was arrested at the beginning of the process he has been released several of the activists have been really nice doctors who have been treating patients who are injured in the protests have been released so it seems like most of the people who have been arrested over the past four months have indeed been released but then again this regime has been here for thirty years there are other political prisoners even before the protest as it's not clear if those will be released as well the defense minister said that they will be released people are still waiting for that to happen but at the moment
9:55 pm
people are more concerned with the celebrations and waiting to see what the coming hours will bring and what about president omar bashir now deposed president obama share what we know of his whereabouts. according to the announcement made by the defense minister he is under arrest and in a safe place it's not clear what he means by safe place but let's remember that the president on what it was here former president ahmed rashid is was the only had of stayed to be indicted by the international criminal court for war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide in the west and region of darfur he is wanted by the international criminal court so it's not like he has a lot of options in terms of countries where he can seek refuge it's not clear yet if he has a specific country that has offered him century and it's not clear if he is in the country but since the defense minister says that he's under arrest and he's in a safe place odds are he's still in especially since the airport are closed and most of the borders correction all borders of sudan will be closed for the next
9:56 pm
twenty four hours so at the moment it seems like president bashir is in a safe place according to the defense minister it's not clear where that safe places but he is that family under arrest so we can call it house arrest and it's not clear if he will be handed over to the international criminal court or if he will be tried for his crimes here in the country because the defense minister also did say that he is going to hold the people who have been led to the country and has been who have been looting the country accountable for their crimes and we were war crimes would president. bashir be accused of committing as you say perhaps and rich in himself permanently. enriching himself at the expense of the people. well when the people are protesting they've accused his government of corruption and they said that he's responsible for a lot of the crimes that have been happening a lot of the conflict that have been happening the loss of lives the displacements so it's not clear if the defense minister announced that includes holding him accountable for that but then again let's remember the defense minister was part of
9:57 pm
this regime and he is part of the ruling party so it's not clear how harsh his government and his transitional council will be on president bashir and really we're going to have to wait for legal procedures and for him to be presented to court to know exactly what will be what will he be charged with and what kind of crimes he will be accused of at the moment you know that internationally he's been accused of work prime's crimes against humanity and genocide and are for during the or in the south of sudan a bit was in southern sudan before thousand answer session he's been accused of masterminding killing of civilians and there displacement as well it's not clear if i wouldn't know who will hold him accountable for that as well because it was again like i said the whole regime thing all of them are involved one way or another but at the moment we're going to have to wait until we feel we know from the transitional council where president bashir is being held if he will be pried and what charges will be brought against him so we're going to have this military transitional in council in place for two years the two thousand and five
9:58 pm
constitution will be canceled they'll be a three month state of emergency including a daily curfew from ten pm until four am all political prisoners will be released to be immediately preparations will be made for fair elections during that two year transitional council and the new constitution will be written shortly after what is the military's view of the future for sudan does that marry with what the people want. well at the moment beth what would have said is exactly what they've listed in their announcement that we cannot say that they're going to go by the constitution because as like you said as you said at the constitution no longer works here but people have been saying that they want a new regime they want new economic figures new technocratic government but one thing they've been repeating over and over again is that they do not want the military to be in control it's going to be very hard for them to try to get the power out of the military at this point especially since for the past five days
9:59 pm
they have been staging a sit in in front of the army headquarters demanding the army take a stand and voice whether they are with the protesters or with the government with the announcement from the defense minister effectively the military saying that they are not with president bashir but they're also not exactly saying that they are with the protesters especially since the protesters and the sudanese professional association which has been spearheading the calls for the protests and for the demand that have been made for the past four months have been saying that they do not want a military figure in charge they do not want the military to be involved they want the government to be a purely civilian government and that could be one of the reasons why there has been until a in the announcements we were expecting this announcement since five o'clock local time it was made around two o'clock local time so it's not clear yet if the fact that they were trying to come up with a name that would appease everyone including the people in the streets is one of the reasons why there was a delay but we're going to have to wait and see if what the interim transitional
10:00 pm
council that we have at the moment a military one is going to be what people want or if they are going to continue insisting on a civilian council. many things data as it was who lives in khartoum. is a kenya based member of good if not a resistance movement that's been helping to organize the process in sudan he's unhappy with the army's announcement and says that this is exactly what the people who are fighting against. so up to up to the hour i was happy and celebrating with my folks and talking about coming back and having this amazing party and everything and now i'm furious and we're all talking about going back to the street having been off come out and talk about three months of emergency or emergency and two years transition is not what we're fighting for this is exactly who were fighting he was the vice president under bashir and he is the system that we're fighting we were in fighting one person refining the system and two.


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