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transitional council that we have at the moment a military one is going to be what people want or if they are going to continue insisting on a civilian council. many things data as it was him or going to live in khartoum or jewish kuka is a kenya based member of good if not a resistance movement that's been helping to organize the process in sudan he's unhappy with the army's announcement and says that this is exactly what the people were fighting against. so up to up to the hour i was happy and celebrating with my folks and talking about coming back and having this amazing party and everything and now i'm curious and we're all talking about going back to the street having been out of come out and talk about three months of emergency or emergency and two years transition is not what we're fighting for this is exactly who were fighting he was the vice president under bashir and he is the system that we're fighting we weren't fighting one person refining the system and to us this is
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a slap in the face and he's just back and right now we have the momentum there's millions of people in the street a lot of them still didn't hear the speech still don't know what's happening but we are actually definitely definitely going to go back and definitely going to use the same momentum that we had to fight. and he's a new enemy and now the big difference is we were fighting the national intelligence those were the people who were fighting us and killing us and the army with that next ice and right now we're going to find out very soon if the army is going to stand with us if they're going to kill us aren't they going to protect us like they were doing and we were hoping that the middle level officers and younger officers are the ones who are standing on our sides and we still think they're on our side and we're going to fight back at this is definitely exactly what we don't want this is the same system we're fighting and instead of going to be here we have him in our he was the second man in our list and he's still an empowered so this is nothing this is not our of aleutian we're not there and we're definitely back in
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the streets. and not stopped by saddam's army and mounting the removal of russia just over an hour ago. the supreme committee decided to employ a man on what was not in the mind of the people and acts as ishmael period of two years the forces with the will to power with representation of the people to. pave the way for the sudanese people to live in dignity and here i declare in my capacity as the defense minister chairman of the supreme committee to get rid of this the regime and to arrest that head of the regime in a safe place i also declare the formation of
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a major train transitional council to supervise the to be a year of period. to cancel the constitution of sudan phone two thousand and five. to declare the state of emergency for three months. and one month. from ten the evening to food in the morning. air space is closed for twenty four hours and all term result closer to and further notice if you've just joined us we've been reporting for the past ninety minutes or so that sudan's omar al bashir has been ousted by the military in a coup ten hour from out of sarah's looking back at his thirty year rule. and all not a machine a man his career has been defined by rule he lets it down through various conflicts and during the break up of africa's knowledge of the country he was the last man to
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lead a united sudan i'll bet she came to power in a bloodless minute treats. in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine overthrowing a democratically elected government he ran the country as a military ruler for more than twenty five years where conflict was almost constant . two civil wars between the north and south cost the lives of one and a half million people. and the continuing conflict in the western region of darfur killed more than two hundred thousand people and force two million others to flee their homes a fragile peace took hold in two thousand and three and after two years of negotiations the rebels signed a peace deal with the government to end the civil war. that's agreement led to a referendum for independence in south sudan making it the world's newest country in twenty eleven. alba she was the only serving head of state to be indicted for
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war crimes international criminal court in the hague issued to arrest warrants charges stem from the war in darfur human rights groups say the charges are valid or always she has been charged with very serious crimes including the crimes of genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity these are all related to the country's very very abusive counterinsurgency campaign in daraa for over the last ten to fifteen years that has resulted in numerous numerous you know deaths up to you know hundreds of thousands in mass displacement despite arrest warrants and force al bashir has visited a number of countries in the region including syria. while the rest of the region have been experiencing an arab spring alba she had faced little political unrest until late twenty eight scene when the government decided to triple the price of bread. it triggered protests nationwide and calls for his
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resignation as they accuse him of mismanaging the economy sending food prices high and causing regular fuel shortages. all muddled by she would have served as president until the end of his time next year but now he'll be remembered as one of the last remaining african strong men brought down by a people's uprising. back now live to work out too much is there as morgan is there . what about the future for sudan now it's one of africa's biggest nations it's not exactly a poor country is it but the people are poor. yes adrian i have of the country's population for forty million live below the poverty line according to the world bank now the future of the country since you ask about it is not clear it's not clear what kind of steps the military would take in terms of bringing back the resources which people have said that the regimes thought from
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them again this regime this military council that we have most of the members right now are part of the ruling party or part of the old regime the only missing figure we know at the moment is the former presidents and it's not clear if they will go after the people who were in the government before if they would bring about a new ministers and try to ask those ministers who were in power in the past to to bring back what they have stolen from the country so it's not clear how they will bring back the the money that has been taken from the country but we do know that for the next two years they say that they are going to try to serve the people they're going to work more sleep on political developments in trying to set the scene for for for for not not just not an economic development but for political development to try to pave way for a democratic elections so that people can effectively go on with their lives the constitution has been suspended so that cannot be used as a guideline or as a blueprint to or to what will be coming next so the future of south sudan right
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now is very much in the hands of that now of who is the defense minister and the head of the transitional council at the moment and the people around him it's not clear yet if this will go on as i said and so on the social media and several people we've been speaking to are not happy they're saying that this is not what we have been protesting for we do not want parts of the regime members back in the different style they want a new regime they want to new faces new leaders civilian leaders not military so it's not clear if this current council that is the transitional council will be going on for two years as well who are. some what will make of what's happened today in the car too. the only foreign government that has spoken the us even before the announcement was made was russia where they said that they will continue to deal with sudan and sudan's government regardless of who comes to power now the rest of the countries have been largely silent the e.u.
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the us the the united kingdom and norway issued statements before this announcement was made and they said that they wanted the government to the way to pave the way for a transitional period and to listen to the calls of the people and that anything that results in bloodshed the government will be held accountable so it's not clear exactly the tone of allies at the moment it's not clear if this transitional period that has been set and sort of grueling two hours ago if that's what they were talking about and if they're satisfied with what they've seen but most of the other countries especially african countries have been relatively silent the african union has not issued statements over the past five days even when the sit in started and when they've been announcements of people killed including military forces so sudan is going to have to wait and see over the coming few days who exactly is ok with the move and who's not ok with the move in terms of countries and allies many thanks indeed to morgan the live in khartoum let's bring in solomon who's a researcher at the african program at chatham house chatham house rather he joins
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us now live from london we were talking about sudan's allies just a few moments ago. is anyone regionally influencing what's going on in sudan at the moment either from the military side or from the side of the people who are protesting. i think this is has been largely a domestic response that we've seen and of course your footage in coverage over the last hours as it showed that in the last five days and it's a killer outside the military headquarters but but of course regional allies of very important and we had seen president former president now bashir. reaching out to several of those egypt being very important ally to the north of course there is at the moment a split between the gulf countries so you have united arab emirates and saudi
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arabia in one bloc and qatar in the other of course the g.c.c. crisis has been ongoing and bashir has tried to play pragmatic politics there he has tried to say that he he retains the support of the islamists to try employee and maintain support from doha while at the same time showing that this through the state of emergency the implemented over six weeks ago there was a militarized approach that was now taking place the security and stability of the country had been placed in the hands of the military and that this was to to reach out to the likes of egypt also to the emirates fees and the saudis for that for their backing and support so it's been a game of trying to play both sides and this is something that president bashir had been doing in juggling for his thirty years in power but one which i think had
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run out of steam. particular from the side of qatar i think and and also some of the other g.c.c. states i think there was little appetite in continuing to support his government and we will see now whether this new iteration under that the transition that has been and i. under the new leadership military leadership will be able to garner for their regional support and wider international support as well of course . but was talking about the international community the troika of the u.s. u.k. . and norway issuing a very strong statement calling for political transition and to respect the rights of protesters. fought for legitimate civilian government and. ask you a question that i've got i've put to several people in the last couple of hours about
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. to what extent events and come to my linked towards happening right now in other countries in algeria in particular and maybe to to libya and if there are any parallels between what's happening khartoum today to what happened in egypt several years ago. there are parallels and i think people have been. able to draw those parallels of course the you know establishment of the military led transitions the the movement the protest movement being led largely by young people calling for change after you know the generation having a lapse than and then then needs their expectations their desires not being met so there are very many i think parallels that can be drawn across the region across
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the arab world looking at our jury and now a jury of course provides a precedence because it's happening simultaneously almost show these protests are going on have been going on side by side over the past months and of course a couple of days ago there we saw the announcement of a. military style or a or a continuation of a transition based on the previous government and that's something we're seeing in sudan as well but i think we should be hesitant about over comparisons these are very domestic and local issues in and of course based largely around the events occurring within the countries themselves and it's been. the kind of growth of the protests and the trigger the focal point of those protests over the last less than a week six days or so being count outside of the military headquarters in the protestors dumond's for the army to support them that has been the real turning
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point in what we're seeing now in the transition that's taking place and he's done so the army is supporting those people but it's not it's not supporting them in the way that they want it is it that they they they were asking for a two year military transitional council a three month state of emergency these protests go to stop. that's a that's an excellent question and i think that the this transitional arrangement has been announced under military command won't. they won't appease the majority of. people who are demanding a transition to a civilian led government a civilian led legitimate government and what we have seen is there is some of the nuance that was announced by the now of talking about the inclusion of
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broader base political forces talking about the release of political all political prisoners. and i think those those elements need to be fleshed out so that we understand what the transition is likely to look like what the you know how they will pave the way for reactions in the next two years what those elections will look like what the constitutional review process is likely to look like with the constitution having been dissolved so there are numerous questions but i think people who want to confirm before you know they are they are able to leave the protests and of course the sudanese professional association. has called in the last few hours for people to continue to sit outside of on the barracks and h.q. using garrisons not only a cartoon but around the country until we understand much better
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demond. the transition that is being implemented from this military high command what's your gut feeling here i mean the protests are arguing that bashir may have gone maybe under arrest but basically that. the regime is still more or less in place at least the military side of it i know that many of the shias. closest to those closest to him of also have been arrested but what i'm trying to say here is as the military suddenly to a new leaf other the good guys all the bad guys. i think there is a there's a there's a great deal of i guess political expediency here and expediency and being on the right side of historic moment and of course what we've seen over the last six days is the increase in the pressure from the streets that has been very visible and not only that we have seen that that pressure for change and or asking for the army
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support in that change has had a direct impact in terms of the middle ranking offices the sudanese army officers who came out onto the streets and protected civilians so i think this calculus and the split within the security forces that it caused has changed the political nature of of decision making at the very top from the form of a first vice president defense minister the national intelligence chiefs to go. from the militia leader the rapid support force leaders so these these you know high command. political figures political when politicized officials have had to come together which they've been doing over several hours to decide the future of the country and how they can go about providing stability providing security but ultimately all seem the protests now you ask me will that be enough i don't think
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that that a huge number of sudanese will be convinced there are positives of course they will be happy with the president bashir having been relieved of office they will be happy with the arrest of a number of his key allies but of course it wasn't very long ago just yesterday that. the foreman now defense minister and president had been off was talking about and also the chief of staff of the armed forces were talking about support of the government and support for the remaining the remainder of the government. for it to stay as it was empowered and also supporting the people at the same time so we're talking about very fluid situation one which is rapidly changing and which political calculations have had to be made in not in that time and it's unclear to us why we don't know how the decision has been taken to a point of the head of the transitional council.
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whether or not this was you know a clear process with very little opposition or whether opposition from within meant that there were much longer delays the more expected a federally good to talk to many thanks indeed for being with us this is zero live from doha adrian finnegan here with coverage of events in khartoum. sudan where the military has announced that it is taken out of a power i will place president obama al bashir under house arrest indeed already has done so the army will be in charge of a transitional government for two years it says a state of emergency that was already in place will continue for a further three months earlier on thursday tens of thousands of people were out on the streets as reports of bush's removal from power began to surface and space
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suit will be shot for the day no flights in or out through will khartoum's airport until tomorrow let's listen in now to that statement by sudan's army announcing the removal of obama was shia around one and a half hours ago. the supreme committee decided to employ a man and what was not in the mind of other people and out says this little period of two years the full says will power with representation. of the people to. pave the way for the sudanese people to live in dignity and here i declare in my capacity as the defense minister chairman of the super
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committee to get rid of these the regime and to arrest them head of the regime in a safe place i also declare the formation of a military transitional council to supervise the to be a year of period. to cancel the constitution of sudan for two thousand and five. to declare the state of emergency for three months and man in one month. from ten the evening to food in the morning. airspace is closed for twenty four hours and all term closer to him further notice . something about what else is happening in the world the u.s. department of justice has charged wiki leaks founder julian assange with conspiracy
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to commit computer intrusion he's wanted in the u.s. after wiki leaks released hundreds of thousands of classified military documents and twenty ten earlier police in london dragged julian assange is from ecuador's embassy where he's spent the last seven years the ecuadorians evicted him for what they said were repeated violations of his political asylum he is currently appearing before a london course the u.s. government wants him extradited let's go live now to al-jazeera chalons who's outside that court worry what's happening. here the hearing began about. twenty minutes ago julian a sound was brought into the court room e was wearing all black with a black tie was disheveled there was then a wait of some minutes for his legal team to appear wally was waiting judy in the
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sand she was just sitting there reading a book the magistrate was getting a little bit irritated and said that if his lawyers were to take any longer he would austin's security to bring them into the court well they have appeared now and the airing has begun remember the jury in the sand is appearing here on two matters the first was he was originally arrested for some hours ago today is for essentially. skipping bail now that happened in twenty twelve when he was arrested on charges for extradite him to sweden to face sexual assault allegations there botts the metropolitan police have also said that after he was arrested today at the ecuadorian embassy he has been further arrested and that is because the united states wants him extradited to the u.s.
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to face various charges there or so we'll have to wait and see what the what happens in that courtroom but take us through rory what happened earlier today at the ecuadorian embassy why was he kicked out. well his relationship with his ecuadorian being souring for several years now he's been in that embassy for seven years. over that sign things have got worse and worse in march they cut off his internet access and said that he couldn't have any visitors anymore is essentially. become a bit of a beef between wiki leaks and julian assange and the ecuadorian president clinton marino and now wiki leaks has been releasing various angry tweets against the leadership of ecuador and ecuador says that it was wiki leaks
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that put out the enough papers now this was a atros of leaks they're basically revolved around. that ecuador's president corruptly benefited from in an offshore accounts in panama now the ecuador is a say that what the sound was doing was breaking that's how terms of his asylum but it seems like that these papers was the straw that broke the camel's back and finally made them decide they were going to hand him over to the british authorities many thanks indeed for a chance there reporting from a very noisy london. life for us now in washington d.c. where the u.s. department of justice has charged. with conspiracy to commit computer intrusion what's been the reaction to his his arrest in london today show.
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well i think it's important first of all to give give you some of the context of this of this charge this is related to the enormous dump that was printed on wiki leaks and twenty ten chelsea manning leaks information from the department of defense that. hundreds of thousands of cables and video information and e-mails between diplomats which apparently showed the committing of war crimes by the u.s. in afghanistan and iraq the contravention of various diplomatic conventions by diplomats of the u.n. elsewhere but a whole host of information that we've all been using liberally ever since in order to report on what the u.s. is up to what they're not telling us. indeed the allegations of war crimes and criminality of the u.s. government. clearly julian assange has been on the u.s. government's radar for a very long time on the barack obama now and donald trump on this this indictment is confirmation of what i was always that the reason why he took refuge inside the
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ecuadorian embassy wasn't because he feared certain questions about charges that were leveled to him he would have a trojan sweden but for questions that prosecutors had for him and sweden he was concerned about being extradited to the u.s. where he faced perhaps cruel and unusual punishment given the u.s. his record on dealing with prisoners especially when it comes to the whistleblowers and things like well now it's appears looking at the indictments that the u.s. the trumpet ministration is trying to sidestep the criticism that if you prosecute then you have to prosecute everyone you have to prosecute the editor of the new york times you have to prosecute us you're broke a good mate we have to get all of us who use this classified information in the public interest in order to reveal the crimes of the united states what is alleging isn't either i don't charge him under the espionage act that charging him for hacking basically it's one charge of hacking computer intrusion and they allege and this was by the way this was filed in march of last year they allege that julian
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assange actively assisted chelsea manning in hacking into the department of defense computer so it's not about the publishing of information that he received that was in the public interest this is about actively engaging in criminality with chelsea manning in order to hack into the u.s. computer system that trying to use that to sidestep the first amendment freedom of the press humans so it's it's an interesting i mean it's interesting because there isn't actually much evidence in the documents for actual conspiracy they say that all about twenty ten sons agreed to assist manning in cracking a pulse were stored on the u.s. department of defense computers having already received tens of thousands of documents it doesn't give us any really any more information on how it. good manning allegedly in cracking up but then does going to detail about the encouraging of giving chelsea manning in order to get more information.
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look. that's really all i've got left was a solid replied curious level drug in my experience and following about manning did hack into computers and give more information to us so if that's the courage mental the help that he was giving giving chelsea manning that is psychologically encouraged to hack into the computers is pretty thin stuff but clearly this is an attempt to trump administration to sidestep all of the concerns that we all have as journalists and anyone who's interested in the public interest in publishing a journalist in a prosecutor for publishing information secret information in the public interest japanee thinks data should have pretenses there live in washington. polls closed in the first phase of the world's biggest election people in india have been cast in that. election. is seeking a second it was the first of seven phases to allow india's estimated nine hundred
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million registered voters to take. reports from new delhi. these people were among the first to vote arriving early at this polling station in the pradesh to cast their ballot in the first of india seven phase election ninety one parliamentary seats are being decided in twenty regions this first round. security personnel and kept the watch why nine hundred million registered voters there are many different concerns. our main issue is development so i will vote for development others have different priorities so. we hope that the next government will reduce unemployment and improve security moreover roads should be made and poverty be reduced corruption is also a major problem. among india's youth unemployment is at its highest in decades.
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the first issue for the us. there can be no big issues in the us jobs are the biggest. many of the b j p supporters or small traders and it said it's made it easier to do business and improve services for the poor and middle classes but opposition parties blame it for high youth unemployment exploiting divides in communities and the ongoing debt crisis facing farmers. opinion polls suggest the b j p is heading for a reduced majority. or do you worry that some analysts say many indian voters do not decide whom to vote for until the last minute the previous big. everybody was thinking. and there was a slogan for india shining but it put out. put out so you never know what is going on what i'm going to cut and is there. going to be. the main opposition congress is hoping to capitalize on this uncertainty by promising voters millions of new jobs as well as
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a guaranteed minimum income for the poorest twenty percent but it's uncertain if that's enough to persuade voters. this election is just getting started and there's still six more phases to come whether voters get to be deep enough to chance elect the opposition or coalition of regional parties takes power will be seen over the coming weeks as jamil al-jazeera new delhi. australia will head to the polls for a general election on may eighteenth scott morrison announced the dates just eight months after becoming prime minister all the divided conservative coalition government opinion polls suggest that opposition leader bill shorten will replace him unlike collimate to climate change and asylum seekers are expected to be major issues in the campaign in the bass country believe the smalling i visited the governor general here in timber and he accepted my advice for an election to be his .


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